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Frankie Welch collection

Frankie Welch collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Frankie Welch collection
Creator: Welch, Frankie, 1924-2021
Inclusive Dates: 1963-1994
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms4503
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Frankie Welch (Mary Frances Barnett) (1924-2021) was a Washington, D.C. area textile designer, originally from Rome, Georgia. She designed and created scarves starting in the early 1960s. Working mainly out of Alexandria, Virgina, Welch designed more than 4,000 scarves for business, colleges, cities and individuals. Welch began her custom scarf designing in 1966 when Virginia Rusk, wife of then Secretary of State Dean Rusk, asked her to make a gift for visiting foreign dignitaries from the State Department.

Scope and Content

This collection contains scarves, handkerchiefs, garments, and canvas bags listed by name of organization, event, or individual, as well as sample textiles with designs, business records, and a scrapbook.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Frankie Welch collection, ms4503, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Business records.
Design drawings.
Fashion design.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Fabric sample designs

11101st Airborne Division - Fort Campbell, KY - Fabric
12Air Force Sergeants Association - Scarf Squares
13Adams, John - Pocket Scarfs
14American Freedom Train - Scarf
15American Revolution Bicentennial Administration - Scarf
16Army Wives are Special - Scarf Square
17International Azalea Festival, Norfolk, Virginia - Scarf, 1969
18Baltimore Museum of Art - Scarf
19Bankers Life of Nebraska - Scarf, 1980
110Banks for Cooperatives - Scarf
111Basil - Scarf
112WM. C. Battle - Scarf
113Benihana - Tie
114The Berkshire Theater Festival, Stockbridge, MA
115Berry College - Scarf
116Brenner - Scarf Square
117T. Brown Construction - Scarf
118TPC Buick Open - Scarf Square
119Calloway Wedding - Scarf Square, 1976 April 24
120U.S. Capital - Scarf
121Capital City Club - Scarf Square
122Christmas Washington National Cathedral - Pocket Scarf
123Christmas, Ambassador and Mrs. Glen Holden - Scarf Square, 1989
124Bill Clinton Inauguration - Scarf, 1993
125Decorating Den - Fabric
126Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Sorority - Scarf
127Democratic Party - Tie
128Department of the Army - Square Scarf
129Designs by Shirley - Square Scarf
130Dogwood Stable - Square Scarf
131Discover America - Scarves
132Dogwood Ball, Rome, GA - Scarf
133Donkeys - Square Scarf
134Duvall House Dinner Party - Scarf
135Eastern Star, Clifford Gratz - Scarf
136Elephant - Scarf, 1984
137Pavilion Exposition Native American Photo and Quote, 1974
138Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society - Tie, 1984
139Federalist - Scarf
140Fifty State Flowers - Scarfs
141The Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher House - Scarf
142Five Civilized Tribes Museum - Scarf
143Folger Shakespeare Library - Scarf, 1978
144The Folger Theatre, 15th Anniversary Season - Fabric, 1984-1985
145Betty Ford First Ladies Dress - Fabric, 1975
146Betty Ford Signature - Scarf and Fabric
147Francis Scott Key - Scarf Square
148Frankie Welch Signature - Scarf
149Frankie Welch of Virginia - Scarf
151Future Farmers of America - Scarf
152Futuros Para La Niñez (Futures for Children) - Scarf and Mini Tote Bag
153Georgetown University, School of Forestry Service - Scarf
154Georgetown School of International Affairs - Fabric
155George Washington Parkway Classic - Fabric
156Georgia Libraries Association - Scarfs
157Ghirardelli - Square Scarf
158Virginia's First Lady Katherine Godwin - Scarf
159Rube Goldberg - Scarf
160Gourmet Gala - Fabric Print, 1983
161Guantanamo Bay
162Hagley Museum, First Edition - Square Scarf
163[Harvard] - Scarf
164Hechts, Washington D.C. - Fabric
165Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Fabric
166Irish Georgian Society - Fabric
167Jaguar - Scarf
168Mrs. Marcus Jones - Fabric
169Lace Design, Architect, 1986
170Le Car - Bell Shape Fabric
171Les Dames d'Escoffier - Scarf Square
172President Lincoln, Abraham, 1975
173Pat and Homer Luther, 1990
174Member of Congress - Scarf
175Certified Personnel Consultant NAPC
176National Federation of Republican Women, Dallas Convention, 1989
177National Geographic - Tie
178Christmas Greetings - Scarf, 1969
179East River Nautical Flag - Scarf Square
180Northern Virginia Garden Clubs - Scarf
181Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - Scarf
182PGA Golf Tour for Japanese Embassy in Tokyo - Scarf
183PGA Tour - Scarf and Neck-Tie
184The Princeton Club of New York
185Princeton Forestral Village - Fabrics
186Frankie Welch Quilt Design - Scarf Squares
21President Ronald Reagan (Reagan - Bush) - Handkerchief, 1985
22President Ronald Reagan (Reagan - Bush) - Scarf and Tie
23President Ronald Reagan (Reagan - Bush) Inauguration
24Nancy Reagan Tennis - Handkerchiefs
25Reiss Coal - TIe, 1979
26Republican Convention - Fabric
27Roadrunner - Tie and Handkerchief
28Rome, GA Landmarks - Handkerchief
29Rome, GA Clocktower and Wolves
210Rome Landmarks - Bandana Version
211Theodore Roosevelt - Canvas Scarf, 1975
212Rotary Club, Alexandria
213Royal Wedding, Lancaster Rose - Scarf Square, 1977
214San Francisco Cable Car Centennial - Fabric, 1973
215Republican Senatorial Trust - Fabric
216Shorter College, Rome, GA - Handkerchiefs
217Sinatra, Barbara Children's Center - Fabric
218Society of American Military Experiences - Scarf
219Society for the Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America - Scarf
220St. Andrews Society - Fabric, 1987
221St. Lazarus - Scarf and Fabric
222St. Stephens - Fabric
223Submarine Warfare Insignia - Scarf
224Tassel Door - Scarfs
225Welch House Tassel - Fabric
226Hodges and Lapeyre Wedding Tassels - Handkerchief
227Texas Hook 'em Horns - Scarf
228Thomas Mckinnon Anniversary - Fabric
229Timmons and Company Inc. - Tie Samples
230U.D.C. Georgia - Scarf
231U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Tie
232United States Air Force - Scarfs
233U.S.S. Constitution - Scarf
234U.S. Marine Corps Sergeants - Scarf
235U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1960 30th Anniversary - Scarf
236The United States Senate - Scarf and Tie
237University of Georgia Arches - Scarf
238University of Georgia, President Home Ceiling - Scarf
239University of Georgia - Scarf
240University of Richmond - Scarf
241United States Veterans Administration - Scarf
242Vienna-Falls Chorus - Fabric
243Virginia's Women's Meeting - Scarf
244Wallace Ranches - Scarf
245Washington Convention Center - Scarf
246Washington National Cathedral - Fabric, 1983
247Washington School for Secretaries - Scarf
248The Washington Star - Handkerchiefs
249Watergate - Handkerchief
250Westin Hotel - Scarf
251West Point Class of 1951 - Handkerchiefs
252West Point Class of 1952 - Scarf
253West Virginia Garden Club - Scarf, 1983
254The White House - Fabric
255White House Ceiling - Fabric
256William and Mary University - Scarf and Handkerchiefs
257Peggy Glynn Welch and James Page Williams Wedding - Scarf Square, 1974
258Harrison "Pete" Williams - Scarf
259Williamsburg - Scarf Square
260Winthrop University - Scarf and Small Tote Bag
31The Friends of the Historical Society of Wisconsin - Scarf and Fabric
32Merry Christmas, Wish with Wings - Bandana
33Women in Communications, Inc. - Tote Bag
34Holley Coors; Women of the Hemisphere - Fabric
35Yale - Tie
36Charlie Yarn - Tote Bag
37Lisa Flint and Douglas Yarn Wedding - Scarf Square, 1979
38Timely Textile, The Zodiac - Scarf
39Gourmet Gala - Apron, 1983
310Gourmet Gala - Apron
311St. Paul's Cathedral - Scarf
312St. Mary's County - Scarf
313Sea Shells for Christina Healy - Scarf Square
314Stratford Hall - Scarf
315Stuart Hall, Staunton, Virginia - Fabric
316St. Paul's Cathedral - Scarf Square, 1983
317Piedmont Hospital - Fabric
318San Antonio - Tie and Fabric, 1982
319Second Genesis Benefit - Scarf, 1987
320National Space Institute - Fabric
321Navy Supply Corps - Tie
322Pisces - Tote Bag, 1982
323Nirvana - Scarf Square
324Overseas Private Investment Corporation - Scarf
325Omni International - Tie, 1983
326Special Olympics, Northern Virginia - Scarf Square, 1985
327U.S.S. Nimitz - Scarf, 1983
328United States Department of State - Tote Bag, 1985
329United States Senate - Fabric
330Hermes-Paris - Fabric
331Wish Upon a Star - Scarf
332Detling Church, Kent, England - Scarf
333Pink Ladies Floyd Medical Center, Rome, GA - Scarf
334Veteran's Administration - Fabric, 1930
335Air Force Sergeants Association - Scarf
336Ceilings of the White House - Tie-Dye Scarf
337Duvall House, Alexandria, Virginia, American Key - Scarf
338White House - Fabric
339United States of America, Department of the Army - Scarf
340United States Army Berlin - Scarf
341Tournament Players Club, Buick Open - Scarf
342Veterans Administration - Scarf
343Shell Detail on 18th Century Furniture from the Diplomatic Rooms of the State - Fabric
344Concorde Bank - Handkerchief
345101st Airborne Division - Scarf
346Army National Guard - Scarf
34720th Anniversary Apollo 11 Landing - Fabric
348George Washington Parkway Classic - Scarf
349Childhelp U.S.A. - Scarf
350Oliver T. Carr - Ties, 1985
351Maple Leaves on Purple - Fabric
352Spiderweb - Scarf
353Nautical Theme - Scarf
354United States Custom Services - Scarf, 1989
355Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools - Scarf
356The Pittsburgh Conference - Scarf
357The World Financial Center Celebrates! - Scarf
358Horace Mann - Scarf
359Catholic Hospital - Scarf
360U.S. Army Berlin - Scarf
361The Boar's Head Inn and Sports Club - Scarf Square
362Race Course Association - Tie
363Rosefawn - Scarf
364Stockbridge, Massachusetts - Scarf
365National Geographic
366New Orleans - Scarf
367Manhattan Motors Jaguar Car - Scarf and Napkin
368Ted Stevens - Handkerchief
369Clinton Presidency - Scarf
370North Texas State University - Fabric Sample
371The Wilderness Society - Fabric
372Furman University - Fabric
373Moore Cadillac Richmond - Fabric
374KWTV Oklahoma City Channel 9 - Fabric
375Kitty Rotruck - Scarf
376Kappa Kappa Gamma - Scarf
377June Fete - Fabric
378Jelly Bean - Miniature Canvas Bag
379Jane Yarn Wedding - Handkerchiefs
380International Fine Arts College - Handkerchief, 1985
381International Republican Cooperation Fund - Handkerchief Proofs
382Atlanta Insurance Women's Club - Scarf and Fabric
383Indianapolis Life - Handkerchief
384India Benoit, Inc. - Miniature Canvas Totes
385Houston Museum of Natural History - Scarf and Handkerchief
386Omer L. Hirst, Virginia - Scarf
387Higbee Signature - Fabric and Scarf
388Hexagon Second Genesis Benefit - Handkerchief
389Martha Griffin - Handkerchiefs, 1983
390Great Lakes Aircraft Company - Scarf
391Great Dane Trailers, Inc. - Scarfs
392Tree Species - Scarf
393Certified Professional Secretaries - Scarf
41Why Not? Alexandria, Virginia - Fabric and Handkerchief
42Higbee's Come to a Party! - Fabric
43Alpha Delta Kappa - Scarf
44Cherokee Alphabet
45Cherokee Alphabet
46Cherokee Alphabet
47Cherokee Alphabet
48Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Fabric, 1991
49Unknown Scarfs
410Unknown Fabric Swatches
1Metropolitan Police, Boys and Girls Clubs D.C. - Small Tote Bag
11st Methodist Church, Celebrating 30 Years in Happy Marriage in a Happy Home - Small Tote Bag
150th Presidential Inaugural, Reagan Bush - Small Tote Bag, 1985
1Wintergreen - Small Tote Bag
1Swan Coach House - Small Tote Bag
1The Pioneers' Museum, Colorado Springs - Small Tote Bag
1Jelly Beans - Small Tote Bag
1Rome Area History Museum - Small Tote Bag
1Great Seal of the U.S. - Small Tote Bag
1Great Seal of the U.S. (alternate design) - Small Tote Bag
1Chemonics - Small Tote Bag
1National Federation of Republican Women, Dallas, Texas - Small Tote Bag, 1984
1University of Georgia Presidents Club - Small Tote Bag
1Early American Quilt Design - Small Tote Bag
1Quilt of Early American Design c. 1840 - Small Tote Bag
1Early American Quilt Design - Small Tote Bag
1Great Seal of the U.S. (Yellow) - Small Tote Bag
1Great Seal of the U.S. (Yellow alternate design) - Small Tote Bag
1Red Cross - Small Tote Bag
1Elizabeth Taylor Warner - Small Tote Bag
2Senator Edward M. Kennedy, "Sail Against the Wind" - Tote Bag, 1980
2Kemper Open - Tote Bag
2Roanoke Voyages - Tote Bag
2GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) - Tote Bag
2Senator Edward M. Kennedy, "Sail Against the Wind" - Tote Bag, 1980
2Early Churches of Rome, Georgia - Tote Bag
2Rome, Georgia - Tote Bag
2Queens College, City University of New York - Tote Bag
2Virginia Association of REALTORS - Tote Bag
2American Film Institute - Tote Bag
2The White House, The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural - Tote Bag, 1989
2The White House - Tote Bag
2The White House (alternate colors) - Tote Bag
2Lucky Barry - Tote Bag
2The Altomar Collection - Tote Bag
2Bronco Billy's Texas Two-Step Beer Bag - Tote Bag, 1984
2Metropolitan Police, Boys and Girls Clubs D.C. - Tote Bag
2American Diabetes Association - Tote Bag
2The Money Bag, Bank of Virginia - Tote Bag
2Lyndon B. Johnson - Tote Bag
2Myth Conceptions - Tote Bag
2Central Fidelity Bank - Tote Bag
2Virginia Association of REALTORS - Tote Bag
2TPC (Tournament Players Club) Buick Open - Tote Bag
2Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society Centennial - Tote Bag, 1985
2Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia - Tote Bag
2Joint Chiefs of Staff - Tote Bag
2PGA (Professional Golfers' Association of America) Tour - Tote Bag
2AFSA (Air Force Sergeants Association) - Tote Bag
2Southern Conference of Attorneys General - Tote Bag
2Southern Conference of Attorneys General (Blue) - Tote Bag
2The Watergate Health Club - Tote Bag
2Alpha Delta Kappa - Tote Bag
2Washington D.C. - Tote Bag
2Holly Coors / NYOTA (National Year of the Americas) - Tote Bag
3Design Drawings and Mock Ups
4Cherokee Alphabet Fabric Scraps
4Frankie Welch Promotional Signs
5Large Fabric Designs (8)
71Discontinued Screens - American Family Life Assurance #842-1
72Discontinued Screens - AFSA (Air Force Sergeants Association) #901-1
73Discontinued Screens - University of Alabama #781
74Discontinued Screens - FIDIC (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers) #961-2
75Discontinued Screens - ACEC (American Consulting Engineers Council) #1015-2
76Discontinued Screens - American Family Insurance #940-1
77Discontinued Screens - American Freedom Train #0-2599
78Discontinued Screens - ARBA (American Revolution Bicentennial) #0-2604
79Discontinued Screens - Alexandria Jr. Woman's Club #2751
710Discontinued Screens - ARTBA (American Road and Transportation Builders Association) #942-2
711Discontinued Screens - American Trucker's Association #2742
712Discontinued Screens - Appleseed Ridge Girl Scout Council #4186
713Discontinued Screens - Associated General Contractors Hawaii '80 #937-3
714Discontinued Screens - Associated General Contractors #838-2
715Discontinued Screens - AT&T #802
716Discontinued Screens - Bankers Life (Maui 1980) #908-3
717Discontinued Screens - Basil Restaurant #979-2
718Discontinued Screens - Begg Real Estate #956-1
719Discontinued Screens - Bendix #1000-1
720Discontinued Screens - Benedictine #929-4
721Discontinued Screens - Berkshire Playhouse #800
722Discontinued Screens - Bicentennial 13-Colony #2413-2 and #2413-6
723Discontinued Screens - Bert Lance for Governor
724Discontinued Screens - Blount #998-2
725Discontinued Screens - Bridge Club #2684
726Discontinued Screens - Bozell & Jacobs #796
727Discontinued Screens - Burke & Herbert Bank #11-503
728Discontinued Screens - Business and Professional Women's Clubs #11-505
729Discontinued Screens - American Cancer Society (Valley) #994-1
730Discontinued Screens - Camp Greystone FWK 31-1, 1984 May 22
731Discontinued Screens - Capital City Club, Atlanta FWK 8-2, 1983
732Discontinued Screens - Central Bank for Cooperatives FWK 18-1
733Discontinued Screens - CPS (Certified Professional Secretaries) #975-1
734Discontinued Screens - Challenge FWK 45-2, 1985
735Discontinued Screens - Cheshire #2756
736Discontinued Screens - Cherokee Alphabet #0-2664 and #2234
737Discontinued Screens - Chi-Chi's FWK 2-12, 1983
738Discontinued Screens - The Citadel #2523
739Discontinued Screens - Clyde's #2716
740Discontinued Screens - Colonial Parking #824-3
741Discontinued Screens - Columbia, MD. #2789
742Discontinued Screens - COMSAT #932-2
743Discontinued Screens - Continental Quilting Congress #863-1
744Discontinued Screens - Custom House #2623-2
745Discontinued Screens - Coast Guard #2691
746Discontinued Screens - Dalton #806
747Discontinued Screens - DARCOM (U.S. Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command) #2693
748Discontinued Screens - Degesch #2715
749Discontinued Screens - Delta Sigma Theta #2744
750Discontinued Screens - Delta Kappa Gamma #2721
751Discontinued Screens - Department of Agriculture FWK 21-1, 1983
752Discontinued Screens - Discover America #0-2549
753Discontinued Screens - Delaware ARBA #0-2588-3
754Discontinued Screens - Dolls #954-2
755Discontinued Screens - Eastern Orthopaedic Association #976-1
756Discontinued Screens - Eastern Star #0-2625
757Discontinued Screens - Executive Jet Aviation
758Discontinued Screens - Folger Garden Maze #818-2, 1978
759Discontinued Screens - Folger "X" Shakespeare Library #817-1, 1978
760Discontinued Screens - Betty Ford #0-2605
761Discontinued Screens - National 4-H Clover Clubs #947-1
762Discontinued Screens - Five Civilized Tribes #0-2530
763Discontinued Screens - 50 State Flowers #0-881
764Discontinued Screens - Foremost McKesson (Timely Textiles) #11-502
765Discontinued Screens - The Foundry #0-2641
766Discontinued Screens - Furman University
767Discontinued Screens - FFA (Future Farmers of America) #2760
768Discontinued Screens - FHA (Future Homemakers of America) #797
769Discontinued Screens - Garden Club of Georgia #836-1
770Discontinued Screens - Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs FWK 32-1, 1984
771Discontinued Screens - GHEA (Georgia Home Ec. Association) (Timely Textiles) #501
772Discontinued Screens - Georgetown University School of Foreign Service #969-3
773Discontinued Screens - Great Dane Trailers #2783
774Discontinued Screens - Great Lakes Aircraft Company #2738
775Discontinued Screens - Greek Alphabet #799
776Discontinued Screens - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba FWK 10-1, 1983
777Discontinued Screens - Gum Drop Square #804
778Discontinued Screens - Hagley Museum
779Discontinued Screens - Hazel #959-1 and #960-1
780Discontinued Screens - Hexagon Benefit for Second Genesis #935-1
781Discontinued Screens - Virginia Home Economics #0-2659
782Discontinued Screens - Hooff Realtors #2792
783Discontinued Screens - Houston Museum of Natural Science #2765
784Discontinued Screens - Hyatt Regency #2752
785Discontinued Screens - Indianapolis Life #902-1
786Discontinued Screens - International Oceanography #0-2526-2
787Discontinued Screens - International Toastmistresses Clubs #2733
788Discontinued Screens - Indian Jewelry #0-2663-1
789Discontinued Screens - Insurance #5038
790Discontinued Screens - Irish Georgian Society #900-1
791Discontinued Screens - Pan American Medical Women (Caduceus) #1004-2
792Discontinued Screens - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts #2596
793Discontinued Screens - Paula Stringer Realty #835-1
794Discontinued Screens - Peanuts #2696
795Discontinued Screens - PGA Tour #2674
796Discontinued Screens - PGA / TPC FWK 36-2, 1984
797Discontinued Screens - Piedmont Hospital #958-1
798Discontinued Screens - PIA (Printing Industries of America) #2780
799Discontinued Screens - Quilting #0-2635-1, #0-2635-2, and #0-2635-3
7100Discontinued Screens - Radford College #825-2
7101Discontinued Screens - Reagan / Bush Inaugural #992-2
7102Discontinued Screens - Reagan / Bush Inaugural Tie #991-1
7103Discontinued Screens - American Railroad Association #1038
7104Discontinued Screens - Richmond University #2791
7105Discontinued Screens - Road Runner #5207-1 and #2661
7106Discontinued Screens - RMA (Robert Morris Associates) #903-1
7107Discontinued Screens - Theodore Roosevelt #0-2607
7108Discontinued Screens - Rome, GA (Chieftains Museum) #822-1
7109Discontinued Screens - Blanka Rosenstiel #1031
7110Discontinued Screens - Runnels Drilling #0-2573
7111Discontinued Screens - Sailing Flags #0-2634
7112Discontinued Screens - St. Luke's Episcopal Church #857-1
7113Discontinued Screens - Saints and Sinners #862-1
7114Discontinued Screens - Agnes Scott College #946-1
7115Discontinued Screens - Salem Academy and College (Timely Textiles) #500
7116Discontinued Screens - Sea Island Golf Club #924-1
7117Discontinued Screens - American Short Line Railroad Association (Pattern 1) #911-2, 1979
7118Discontinued Screens - American Short Line (Pattern 2) #955-2, 1980
7119Discontinued Screens - Simmons College #784
7120Discontinued Screens - Sikorsky #847-1
7121Discontinued Screens - Silverliners #953-2
7122Discontinued Screens - Society of American Military Engineers #853-1
7123Discontinued Screens - SFMA (Southern Furniture Manufacturers Association) #913-1
7124Discontinued Screens - Squash Blossom #5206-2
7125Discontinued Screens - State Department #811
7126Discontinued Screens - Stuart Hall FWK 30-1, 1984
7127Discontinued Screens - Stockbridge, Massachusetts #792
7128Discontinued Screens - Strategic Air Command #504-11
7129Discontinued Screens - Tennis-Denim #0-2076
7130Discontinued Screens - Texas Dental Association #848-1
7131Discontinued Screens - Textile Museum #967-3
7132Discontinued Screens - Theodore Roosevelt FWK 1-2, 1983 February
7133Discontinued Screens - Thunderbird #0-2657
7134Discontinued Screens - Time / Life #934-3
7135Discontinued Screens - New Time / Life Pattern #968-1
7136Discontinued Screens - Trees #0-2655
7137Discontinued Screens - Tobacco Institute #816 and FWK 15-1
7138Discontinued Screens - Unifirst Bank #943-1
7139Discontinued Screens - Union Warren Savings Bank #814
7140Discontinued Screens - United Fresh Fruit "Fresh Approach" #926-1
7141Discontinued Screens - United Fresh Fruit #927-1
7142Discontinued Screens - United VA Bank #803
7143Discontinued Screens - United Way #0-2598
7144Discontinued Screens - University of Georgia #832-2
7145Discontinued Screens - U.S. Savings Bonds #2785
7146Discontinued Screens - U.S.S. Nimitz FWK 7-2
7147Discontinued Screens - VADA #807
7148Discontinued Screens - VAEHE #2777
7149Discontinued Screens - University of Virginia #2732
7150Discontinued Screens - VEA (Virginia Education Association) #0-2586-2
7151Discontinued Screens - Virginia Women's Meeting #2741
7152Discontinued Screens - VA Nurses Association FWK 27-1, 1983
7153Discontinued Screens - VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) #2692
7154Discontinued Screens - WABCO #2747
7155Discontinued Screens - Wash with the Stars #0-2633
7156Discontinued Screens - George Washington #0-2603
7157Discontinued Screens - Washington College FWK 20-1, 1983
7158Discontinued Screens - Washington Convention Center FWK 6-1, 1983
7159Discontinued Screens - Washington and Lee University #801
7160Discontinued Screens - Washington Star #931-4
7161Discontinued Screens - Wayne State University #837-1
7162Discontinued Screens - West Point Class of '49 #858-3
7163Discontinued Screens - West Point Class of '51 #995-3
7164Discontinued Screens - West Point Class of '42
7165Discontinued Screens - West Point Wedding (for Jane Yarn) #928-1
7166Discontinued Screens - West Virginia Garden Club FWK 26-2
7167Discontinued Screens - Wintergreen Scarf #997-2 and Tie #996-2
7168Discontinued Screens - Williamsburg
7169Discontinued Screens - Wolf Trap #809
7170Discontinued Screens - Women's National Bank #2790
7171Discontinued Screens - Zonta International #983-1
81Current Screens - Genie Welch Wedding Scarf #850-1
82Current Screens - Georgia College RC 800-2, 1984
83Current Screens - Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs FWK 32-1
84Current Screens - Golden Door FWK 41-1, 1985
85Current Screens - Harlequin #915-2, 1983
86Current Screens - Hecht's FWK 47-1, 1985
87Current Screens - Holly Coors / NYOTA (National Year of the Americas) FWK 54-4, 1987
88Current Screens - Islam 14 #1033
89Current Screens - Jaguar RC 817-5, 1987
810Current Screens - Kenmore #978-1
811Current Screens - Lace FWK 51-1, 1986
812Current Screens - Lancaster Rose #2795
813Current Screens - Mac Vaugh FWK 55-3, 1987
814Current Screens - The Madison Hotel RC 804-1, 1984
815Current Screens - Members of Congress #2654-3
816Current Screens - Mississippi Pattern FWK 29-1, 1984
817Current Screens - Moore Cadillac FWK 35-3, 1984
818Current Screens - National Automobile Dealer's Association RC 812-1
819Current Screens - NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) RC 801-1
820Current Screens - National Rural Letter Carriers Association #1035
821Current Screens - OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) FWK 56-4, 1987
822Newspaper Clippings and Scraps
823"Let Frankie Welch Design a Scarf for You" Binder, Folder 1
824"Let Frankie Welch Design a Scarf for You" Binder, Folder 2
91City of Alexandria, Virginia - Scarves
92AAHPERD (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Design) - Tie
93American Builders - Scarf Square
94The American Horticultural Society - Scarf
95Auto-Train - Scarf
96Begg International, 35th Anniversary - Fabric
97Bird - Scarf Square
98Black Dots - Scarves
99The Bodine's Motor Yacht Lindeza, Around the World Odyssey - Fabric, 1991
910Bonnet - Fabric
911Sandy Liddy Bourne - Fabric
912BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust Company) - Fabric
913Butterflies - Scarf
914Cabaret - Fabric
915Rosalyn Carter, Woman of the Year, Woman's National Democratic Club - Scarves, 1977
916CBS Special Event - Scarf and Tie
917Cherokee Alphabet - Tie
918Cherokee Basket Weave - Scarves and Scarf Squares
919Childhelp East, Gregory K. Rooks - Scarf
920Children on Roller Coaster - Scarf
921DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Centennial Celebration - Fabric
922Detling Church, Kent - Fabric
923Discover America - Scarf
924Dolphins - Scarf
925Drayton Hall - Scarf Square
926Eagle - Scarves
92780th Anniversary of the Gift of the Trees - Fabric
92882nd Airborne Division - Scarf
929El Tumi - Scarf
930The Federalist, The Ship's Scarf - Fabric
93152nd Presidential Inaugural - Fabric
932First Lady's Luncheon - Scarf
933Fisher Island - Fabric
934Flowers - Scarves
935Georgetown est. 1751 - Scarf
936John Glenn - Fabrics and Scarf Square, 1984
937Sarah Goettsche and Scott Fletcher, To Celebrate Their Marriage - Fabric, 1989 May 13
938Grocery Manufacturers Association - Scarf
939Hansel, 117th Kentucky Derby - Fabric, 1991
940Hearts - Scarf
941IHE - Scarf Square
942Industrial College of the Armed Forces - Scarf
943In Focus - Scarf Squares
944Judson College - Scarf
945President Abraham Lincoln - Scarf
946Lucky Leaf - Tie
947Warren G. Magnuson - Scarf
948McCormick Spices - Tie
949Mental Health Association - Scarf
950Mills College - Scarf Square
951Monsanto - Scarf
952MEND (Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament) - Fabric
953MPSR - Fabric
954National Cathedral, Washington D.C. - Fabric
955National Cherry Blossom Festival - Scarf
956National Grain and Feed Association - Scarf
957National Press Club - Scarves and Tie
958The National Student Marketing Service - Scarf
959National Treasures FW & CO - Scarf
960National War College - Scarves
961Nautical Flags - Tie
962George Nigh - Scarf
963Richard Nixon, Forward Together - Scarves
101Old Executive Office - Scarf Square
102Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem - Scarf
103Park Hyatt - Ties
104Pegasus - Scarves
105PNB - Scarf
106Presidential Inauguration - Tie, 1997
107Ramsey Group - Fabric
108Christina Rather and Andrew Maddox, To Celebrate Their Marriage - Fabric, 1989 May 20
109Republican National Committee - Scarves and Tie
1010Republican Women of Capitol Hill, 25th Anniversary - Fabric
1011Retrospect - Scarves
1012River Rats - Tie
1013Sailor - Scarves and Scarf Square
1014Santo Domingo, Navajo, and Zuni Jewelry - Scarves
1015Sea Pines Plantation - Scarf
1016Second Genesis Benefit, "Help Save Our Children!" - Fabric, 1987 April 9
1017Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of History and Technology - Scarf
1018SPSJ - Scarf
1019State Department of the U.S., Shell Details - Fabrics
1020Tie Dye - Scarf
1021Time Life Books - Scarf
1022"To Celebrate Their Marriage" - Fabrics
1023Tryon Palace, New Bern, North Carolina - Fabric
1024Turtle Pattern - Scarves and Scarf Square
1025U.S. Military Academy - Tie
1026Universitas Carolin Merid - Scarf, 1801
1027University of Georgia - Ties
1028UGA G's (FW 14) - Scarf
1029University of Missouri - Fabric
1030University of South Carolina - Fabrics
1031The Vienna-Falls Chorus - Fabric
1032Vines - Scarves
1033President George Washington - Scarf
1034Washington D.C. - Fabric
1035Washington Harbour - Fabric and Scarf Square
1036The Cancer Institute of the Washington Hospital Center - Fabric
1037Frankie Welch of Virginia (Red, White, Blue) (FW 61) - Scarves
1038Welch House - Fabrics and Scarf Square
1039West Point Class of '45 - Tie
1040West Point Class of '58 - Scarf Square
1041White House - Tie
1042The White House, The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural - Fabric, 1989
1043Winter Clothes - Scarf Square
1044Women in Military Service for America Memorial - Scarf Square
1045World Bank - Scarf
1046WTOP-TV 9, a CBS Affiliate - Scarf
1047Unknown Scarves
7Unknown Ties (16)
7Clemson University - Tote Bag
7Single Diamond Basketweave for Barbara Bush - Small Tote Bag
7Volunteers - Tote Bag
7The Army and Navy Club, Washington D.C. - Tote Bag
7Jeffersonian Wine Grape Growers Society - Small Tote Bag
7American Institute of Architects - Small Tote Bag
7The Royal Wedding, London, England - Small Tote Bag, 1981 July 29
7Nancy Reagan - Small Tote Bag
7Nancy Reagan - Small Tote Bag
7Republican National Convention (Red) - Small Tote Bag, 1984
7Republican National Convention (Blue) - Small Tote Bag, 1984
7University of Georgia - Tote Bag
7Royal Academy of Arts, London - Tote Bag
7Rome, GA - Dinner Plate
8Time Life Books - Dress
8American Trucker's Association - Dress
8Duvall House Dinner Party - Dress
8United States Senate - Dress
8Member of Congress - Dress
8Republican National Convention - Dress, 1968 August 5
8Cherokee Alphabet - Dress
8Cherokee Alphabet - Pants
8Nancy Reagan - Dress
8Coldwell Banker - T-Shirt
8Cherokee Alphabet - Mini Dress
8McDonald's - Dress
8World Bank - Dress
8Unknown Dresses (2)
9Duplicate Ties (10)
9Duplicate Scarves and Fabrics (143)
9Duplicate Betty Ford Scarves (9)
9Duplicate Cherokee Alphabet Scarves (9)
10Duplicate Tote Bags (12)

2. Designs and business

411AAHPERD (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Design)
412Alpha Delta Kappa
414American Institute of Architects
415American Film Institute
416American Water Works Association
417AGC (Associated General Contractors of America)
418Retrospective, The Athenaeum, 1987
419Berry College
420Bess Abell Enterprises, 1983
421BOMA International, 1987
422Buick Open, 1987
423Campbell Museum
424Oliver T. Carr
425Carter Peanuts Governor
426Peanuts President Jimmy Carter
427Rosalyn Carter, Woman of the Year, Woman's National Democratic Club, 1977
428CEDAM International
429CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) 50th Anniversary
430Charlottesville, Virginia
431The Cloisters Hotel
432Clemson University
433Commodore Cruise Line, Ltd.
434Commodore Cruise Line
435Council of Indian Affairs
436Arlene Dahl
437Dallas Sesquicentennial
438DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
440Delta Air Lines
441Delta Kappa Gamma
442Delta Zeta
443Designs by Shirley
444Dogwood Stable
445Duvall House
446EIA / PAC
447Elephants, 1984
448Episcopal High School
449Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society
450Federal Home Loan Bank Board
451The Federalist
452Five Civilized Tribes Museum, 1987
453Floyd Medical Center
454Folger Library
455Folger Theater, 1984
456Betty Ford First Ladies Dress
457Gerald R. Ford Museum, 1982
458Fragrance Bag, 1983
459Free Enterprise, General Federation of Women's Club
460Futuros para la Niñez
461Frankie Welch of Virginia 20th Anniversary
462Georgetown University
463Sarah Goettsch
464Gourmet Gala, 1983
465Grocery Manufacturers Association
466Hansel (horse) Kentucky Derby, Lazy Lane Farms, Allbritton, 1991
467Heath Candy
469Houston Museum of National History
470Hubert Humphrey
51Indianapolis Life
53Jelly Beans
54Jelly Beans
55University of Kansas, 1986
56Kemper Open
57Kemper Open / Toni Mathis, 1985
58Kennedy for President
59Frances Scott Key
510Les Dames d'Escoffier
511Madeira School
512Miss United Teenager
513MEND (Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament)
514Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union
515National Cherry Blossom
516Cherry Blossom
517National Council of Administrative Women in Education
518NCAWE (National Council of Administrative Women in Education)
519National Geographic
521Navy Supply Corps
522Navy Supply Corps
524Northern Virginia People
525Old Executive Office
526Old Scarf Designs
528The Pilot
529Princeton Forrestal Village
530Cherry Blossom Poppy
531Reagan / Bush Umbrella
532The Nancy Reagan Tennis Benefit, 1986
533Red Lion Inn
534Retired Officers Association
535Roanoke Voyages
536Charles Robb
537Rome High School, Class of '41, 40th Reunion, 1981
538Rome Necktie
539Rome, Georgia, 1983
540Early Churches of Rome, Georgia
542St. Paul's Church, 1983
543St. Paul's Cathedral, London
544Scarlet Fox
545Senatorial Trust
546Shannon & Luchs
547Shenandoah College & Conservatory of Music
548Mari Shibata / Evelyn Yagyu
549Small Savers
550Social Security Administration, 1986
551Society of American Military Engineers
552Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy
553Southern Methodist University, 1986
554Southern Regional Conference of Attorneys General
555Southwest Securities
556St. Andrews Society
557St. Anne's Episcopal Church, 1985
558St. Stephens
560Timmons and Company, Toni Sidley, 1984
561J.L. Todd Auction Company
562Tobacco Institute, 1986
563Triangles Design
564Tuna Research Foundation
565U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation
566United Way
567Unknown Designs
569U.S.S. Nimitz, 1983
570U.S. Department of State, 1985
571U.S. Senate, 1983
572U.S.M.A. '49 (West Point)
62Julia M. Walsh & Sons. Inc.
63The Westin Hotel, 1985
64West Virginia Garden Club Inc., 1983
65White House
66White House, 1985
68Winthrop College
69Winthrop College, 1985
610Winthrop College
611Wisconsin, 1984
612Wish with Wings, 1987
613Women in Communications
615Charlie Yarn
616Jane Yarn Wedding
617Zaremba Development, Marsh Island, 1985
618Zodiac Pattern
619Unknown Animal Scarf Designs
620Unknown Pattern
621Frankie Welch Designs Logo
624Frankie Welch Gilpin House Booklet
625Frankie Welch Postcards and Invitations
626Frankie Welch Design Pamphlets
627Frankie Welch Design Adverts
825Frankie Welch Company Guidelines
6Frankie Welch Scrapbook
111Alexandria Bicentennial Commission
112City of Alexandria, Virginia
113American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural Committee, 1989
116Bankers Life of Nebraska
118Jimmy Carter
119Cherokee Nation
1110Christmas Tree
1111Clemson University
1112The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia, 1982
1114Department of Defense, Paula Metcalf
111680th Anniversary of the Gift of the Trees
1117El Tumi
1118Flower Design Process
1119Betty Ford
1120Betty Ford's Original Pattern of Dress in Smithsonian
1121National 4-H Clover Clubs
1122The "Frankie" Hostess Dress, 1962
1123Governor Godwin of Virginia
1124Governor and Mrs. Mills E. Godwin
1125Gum Drop Square
1126HH Logo, 1904
1127Hubert H. Humphrey
1128Francis Scott Key Park Foundation, Star Spangled Banner Celebration
1129President Abraham Lincoln
1130National Federation of Republican Women, Dallas Convention, 1984
1131Nixon Inauguration
1132Presidential Series, George Washington
1133Reagan / Bush Inaugural
1134Republican National Committee
1135Rotary Club of Alexandria
1137Theodore Roosevelt
1138Time / Life Books
1139Turtle Pattern
1140University of Maryland
1141Washington D.C.
1142White House Ceiling and Dining Room
1143Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
1144Frankie Badges
1145Frankie's Wrapping Example
1146Frankie Natural Spray Cologne
1147Frankie "After the Game" Recipe Booklet
1148Shopping Bags
1149Your Custom Frankie Welch Design
1150Business / Native American Interests
1151Business Advertising and Events
1152Business Guidelines and Fashion
1153Teaching Fashion
121Frankie Welch Collections Inventory, 1984-1985
122Frankie Welch Collections Inventory, 1987
123Various Business Connections with Cards
124Awards and Commemoration
125Miscellaneous History and Background
126Business Correspondence
127Personal Correspondence
128Questionnaire for "Everything My Father Told Me About Business"
129Last Will and Testament of William C. Welch
1210Printed Materials
1219Photograph - Discover America at the White House
1220Photograph - Duval House
1221Photograph - Justice Sandra O'Connor
7Photograph - Betty Ford and Jerry Ford - Signed
7Photograph - Design Room of Frankie Welch
7Outfit Sketches (2)
7Photograph - from Sophia E. Fleischer - Framed
7Photographs - Discover America Dress (2)
7Frankie Welch Designs Scrapbook
7Mock Indian Jewelry (5)
131Slides - Early Years of Bill and Frankie Welch
132Slides - Family View
133Slides - First Ladies
134Slides - Frankie's Dresses
135Slides - Interior Design
136Slides - Models
137Slides - Packaging
138Slides - People with Scarves
139Slides - Point System
1310Slides - Scarves
1311Slides - Shop
1312Slides - Silk Scarves
1313Slides - Supima: America's Luxury Cottons
1314Slides - Frankie Welch Book
1315Slides - Frankie Welch Herself