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Sanders and Alston families papers

Sanders and Alston families papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Sanders and Alston families papers
Creator: Alston, Macky
Inclusive Dates: 1873-1971
Language(s): English
Extent: 3 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms4467
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Macky Alston is a documentary filmmaker from Auburn, Alabama. Mr. Alston is the son of Wallace M. Alston Jr. of Decatur, Georgia and Alice Alston of Monroe, Georgia. His grandfather Wallace McPherson Alston served as the third president of Agnes Scott College from 1951 to 1973.

Scope and Content

Collection includes photographs of the Alston, Sanders, Dunseith, and Tharpe families as well as the Sanders family correspondence, receipts, and deeds. The majority of the collection is photographs of Madelaine Dunseith Alston and Wallace Alston and their children Wallace M. Alston, Jr. and Mary Alston. Also included are the McClatchey and Cook families.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Sanders and Alston families papers, ms4467, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Deeds -- Georgia.
Families -- Correspondence
Families -- Photographs

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Photographs

11Sarah Blanche McNall, 1873
12Mary "Sweetie" McPherson, 1880
13Maude McNall Dunseith, 1898-1917
14David and Maude McNall, 1899-1906
15David A. Dunseith, 1899-1915
16David Dunseith, Samuel Dunseith, Cassie McNall, and Sarah Jane Hunter, 1900
17Margaret McNall, 1902
18Maude Dunseith in New Orleans, 1904
19David Dunseith, Sarah Jane Hunter, and McNall family in Pennsylvania, 1905
110Dunseith and McNall families, 1905
111David Dunseith, Maude Dunseith, Cassie McNall, and Sarah Jane Hunter, 1905
112Mary "Sweetie" McPherson Alston and Robert and Wallace Alston, 1907
113Madelaine Dunseith and Sarah Jane Hunter, 1907
114Madelaine Dunseith, Maude Dunseith, and Blanche McNall, 1908
115David Dunseith, Maude Dunseith, and Madelaine Dunseith, 1908
116Maude Dunseith, Madelaine Dunseith, and Blanch McNall, 1908
117Cassie McNall and Madelaine Dunseith, 1910
118Madelaine Dunseith and Jane Dunseith, 1910-1926
119Frances Matilda Cook Sanders, 1912
120David Dunseith, Cassie McNall and others, 1920
121Jane Dunseith, 1920-1964
122Reagan Holley Sanders, 1921
123Jane, Madelaine, and David Dunseith, 1924-1927
124Maude Dunseith and Sarah Jane Hunter, 1925
125Dunseith family at Silver Lake, 1925
126William McNall and Maude, Madelaine, and Jane Dunseith, 1927
127William McNall and David, Maude, Madelaine, and Jane H. Dunseith, 1928
128Madelaine Dunseith Alston and Wallace Alston, 1930-1961
129Hazel and Dorothy Dunseith, July 13th, 1933
130Cookie Wesleyan Sanders, 1933-1935
131Dunseith family, August 5th, 1935
132Frances Matilda Cook "Cookie" Sanders in Jewel, Georgia, 1935
133Wallace Alston, Jr., 1935-1961
134Jane H. Dunseith and Alston Wallace, Jr., 1936
135Wallace Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr., 1936-1962
136Madelaine Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr., 1941
137Reagan Holley Sanders, U.S. Army basic training and ceremony, 1942
138Football on unidentified U.S. Army base, 1942
139Reagan Holley Sander's friends, 1942-1945
140Madelaine Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr., 1943-1957
141Alice Cookie Sanders and Charles Sanders, 1944
142Charles Fieldon Sanders, 1944
143Alice Sanders, 1945
144Reagan Holley Sanders, 1944-1945
145Mortimer Tharpe Sanders, Jr., 1948
146Mary Alston, 1955-1971
147Mary "Sweetie" Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr., 1955
148Alice Sanders Alston, September 2nd, 1959
149Madelaine Dunseith and Jane H. Dunseith, 1960
150Mary Alston and John Parrish, 1963-1971
151Family dogs, 1965-1970
152Madelaine Dunseith Alston, 1971
153Mary Alston and Elizabeth Alston, 1971
154Cassie Jane Crawford McNall
155Blanche McNall, Mrs. Sewell, Edna Stecker, Jane and David Dunseith at Hendersonville, North Carolina
156Maude McNall Dunseith
157Maude McNall and family
158Maude McNall, Madelaine Alston, Oliver and William Proudfit
159William Wilson McNall
160William McNall, David, Madelaine, and Josephine Dunseith
161Samuel J. Dunseith
162David A. Dunseith
163David Dunseith and Maude Dunseith
164Jane H. Dunseith
165Jane H. Dunseith and Wallace Alston, Jr.
166Madelaine Alston
167Madelaine Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr.
168Madelaine Alston and Mary Alston
169Madelaine Alston and Maude McNall Dunseith
170Augustus Alston
171Mary Wallace McPherson
172Wallace McPherson
173Mary "Sweetie" McPherson Alston
174Mary "Sweetie" McPherson Alston and Wallace Alston
21Wallace McPherson Alston
22Wallace Alston, Wallace Alston, Jr., and Mary Alston
23Wallace Alston and Wallace Alston, Jr.
24Wallace Alston, Madelaine Alston, and Mary Alston
25Wallace Alston, Jr.
26Wallace Alston, Jr. and Mary Alston
27Wallace Alston, Jr. and Alice Alston
28Alice Sanders Alston
29Mary Alston
210Mary Alston and John Parrish
211Reagan Holley Sanders and Margaret Melton Sanders
212Reagan Holley Sanders, Margaret M. Sanders and family
213Margaret Melton Sanders
214Margaret Melton Sanders and family
215Susie Cooper
216Alston and Dunseith families unidentified women
217Alston and Dunseith families unidentified women with children
218Alston and Dunseith families unidentified men
219Alston and Dunseith families unidentified children
220Alston and Dunseith families unidentified group
221Tharpe and Sanders families unidentified children
222Tharpe and Sanders families unidentified groups
223Military base, unidentified
224M.T. Sanders Furniture Store in Commerce, Georgia
225House and buildings
228Landscape photographs
241Churches served as student before ordination
31Photo album - Mae Sanders McClatchey family
32Photo album - Julia McClatchey Cook, Gene Cook family
33Homer R. McClatchey Sr., Mae Sanders McClatchey family
34Wiley Jarrett McClatchey
35Devereaux Fore, Susan Adalaide Reynolds McClatchey
36Dr. Aristides, Nancy Jane Charlotte Lindley Reynolds
37McClatchey family

2. Papers

229James R. Sanders correspondence, 1847-1888
230James R. Sanders to his father, October 4th, 1880
231Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Tharpe Sanders, 1935-1946
232Mr. Charles Sanders postcards, 1941
233Reagan Holley Sanders postcard, 1942
234Shaw to Reagan Holley Sanders, September-November 1945
235State of Georgia Green County Deed for James Ryal, Peter Northern, Thomas P. James and James R. Sanders, 1855
236State of Georgia Green County application to the ordinary for John G. Holtsclaw on the estate of Richard Raden, sale to James R. Sanders, 1863
237Maude McNall Dunseith - Will (copy), 1946
238Sanders family receipts, 1839-1881
239First Baptist Church of Commerce, Georgia letter to Circle Members, January 10, 1934
240Child's handmade Thanksgiving booklet
242Copies of family Bible pages with lists of births, deaths, marriages
38Clipping - Columbus society page
39Will - Mae Sanders McClatchey, 1978
310Correspondence - Homer McClatchey to Mae McClatchey, 1909, 1912
311Correspondence - Homer McClatchey, 1912-1933
312Correspondence - Mae McClatchey
313Julia McClatchey
314Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1942 September-November
315Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1943 October, undated
316Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1944 January 10
317Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 March-April
318Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 May
319Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 June
320Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 July
321Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 August
322Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 September-October
323Correspondence - Thelma McClatchey to Homer McClatchey Jr., 1945 September-October
324Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to parents, 1945 May-September
325Correspondence - Homer McClatchey Jr. to Mr. & Mrs. J. Calvin Cook, 1945 March 5
326Correspondence - William D. Cook to his wife, 1945 May 19
327Correspondence - William D. Cook to Thelma McClatchey, 1945 May-August
328Correspondence - Charles W. Cook to Mrs. J.C. Cook, 1945 July 10
329Correspondence - Thelma McClatchey
330Homer McClatchey Jr. - U.S. Navy separation papers
3Sanders family Bible