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Don Gillespie archive

Don Gillespie archive

Descriptive Summary

Title: Don Gillespie archive
Creator: Gillespie, Don Chance, 1936-2019
Inclusive Dates: 1890-2014
Language(s): English
Extent: 3 box(es)
Collection Number: ms4448
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Don Gillespie (1936-2019) worked for C.F. Peters Corporation as an editor where he cultivated relationships with many prominent 20th century American composers, including William Albright, David Amram, Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Chou Wen-Chung, George Crumb, William Duckworth, Morton Feldman, Lou Harrison, Alan Hovhaness, Roger Reynolds, Christian Wolff, Charles Wuorien, and many others.

Scope and Content

Collection includes Don Gillespie's research, correspondence, concert programs, and photographs on 20th century composers. Also included is Gillespie's notes and research on Thomas F. Ward for his book "The Search for Thomas F. Ward, Teacher of Frederick Delius".

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Don Gillespie archive, ms4448, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Albright, William, 1944-1998
Amram, David, 1930-
Babbitt, Milton Byron, 1916-2011
Becker, John J., 1886-1961
Cage, John Milton, Jr., 1912-1992
Conductors (Music)
Crumb, George Henry, 1929-
Delius, Frederick, 1862-1934
Duckworth, William, 1943-2012
Feldman, Morton, 1926-1987
Gillespie, Don Chance, 1936-2019
Harrison, Lou Silver, 1917-2003
Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000
Literature (writings)
Reynolds, Roger, 1934-
Ward, Thomas F., 1856-1912
Wen-chung, Chou, 1923-2019
Wolff, Christian, 1934-
Wuorinen, Charles Peter, 1938-2020

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Thomas Ward, Brooklyn Churches Orphanage research notes
12Thomas Ward, Brooklyn Churches Orphanage photographs
13Thomas Ward, Brooklyn Churches Orphanage postcard, 1913
14Thomas Ward, Belmont Abbey, NC research notes
15Thomas Ward, Belmont Abbey, NC research correspondence, 1986-1991
16Thomas Ward, St. Leos research correspondence, 1987-1992
17Thomas Ward, St. Leos research notes
18Thomas Ward, St. Leos photographs
19Thomas Ward, St. James exhibit research correspondence
110Thomas Ward, St. James exhibit research notes
111Thomas Ward, Shreveport, Louisiana research correspondence, 1987-1988
112Thomas Ward, Shreveport, Louisiana research notes
113Thomas Ward, Shreveport, Louisiana photographs
114Thomas Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana research correspondence, 1986-1987
115Thomas Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana research notes
116Thomas Ward, Texas correspondence, 1988-1991
117Thomas Ward, Texas research notes
118Thomas Ward, musical studies research notes
119Certificate of baptism for Mary and Cecelia Ward, 1957, 1960
120Thomas Ward, census research notes
121Thomas Ward, death and baptism research correspondence, 1986-1987
122Certificate of baptism for John Ward, 1857
123Certificate of baptism for Maria Ward, 1858
124Thomas Ward, death and baptism research notes
125Thomas Ward, Sister Mary Albert research correspondence, 1985-1996
126Thomas Ward, Sister Mary Albert research notes
127Thomas Ward, Vital Sanks research correspondence, 1991-1992
128Thomas Ward, Vital Sanks research notes and photograph
129Thomas Ward, miscellaneous corrrespondence, 1986-1994
130Thomas Ward, miscellaneous research notes
131Thomas Ward, book correspondence, 1985-1987
132Thomas Ward, book correspondence, 1988-1989
133Thomas Ward, book correspondence, 1990-1991
134Thomas Ward, book correspondence, 1992-1993
135Thomas Ward, book correspondence, 1994-1996
136Thomas Ward, book correspondence
137Thomas Ward, research postcards, 1987-1988
138Correspondence with Norman Loretz, 1988
139Norman Loretz, research notes
140Research timeline
141Thomas Ward, research outline
142Ledger cover copies with annotations, 1882-1888
143Cash book cover copies with annotations, 1887-1891
144Servants timebook cover copies, 1871-1889
145-48Thomas Ward research photographs
149Thomas Ward research negatives
150Thomas Ward research slides
151Percy Grainger, research correspondence, 1977-1980
152Percy Grainger, research correspondence, 1982-1985
153Percy Grainger, research correspondence, 1986-1988
154Percy Grainger, research correspondence, 1989-1997
155Percy Grainger, research correspondence, 2014
156Percy Grainger, research correspondence
157Percy Grainger correspondence, 1949
158Percy Grainger, research notes
159Photocopies of Percy Grainger's correspondence, 1937-1983
160Percy Grainger biography by Charles Amirkhanian
161Percy Grainger memorials
162Percy Grainger concert programs, 1942-1950
163Percy Grainger photographs
21John Becker, research correspondence, 1959-1973
22John Becker, research correspondence, 1973-1981
23John Becker, research notes
24John Becker biography by Don Gillespie
25John Becker photographs
26George Crumb correspondence, 1971-1986
27George Crumb correspondence, 1987-1999
28George Crumb correspondence, 2000-2012
29George Crumb correspondence
210George Crumb research notes
211George Crumb photographs
212George Crumb negatives
213John Cage correspondence, 1961-1998
214John Cage "An Alphabet" script
215John Cage biography by Beth Anderson, 1983
216John Cage photographs
217Gustav Mahler program notes for Mahler Sixth
218William Russell correspondence, 1984-1997
219William Russell photocopied correspondence, 1985-1990
220William Russell composition notes
221William Russell photographs
222William Russell postcard, 1990
223Alan Hovhaness correspondence, 1978-2000
224Alan Hovhaness interview
225Alan Hovhaness photographs
226Ross Lee Finney correspondence, 1987-1995
227Ross Lee Finney correspondence
228Battle of the Banks and Property Taxes by Gretchen L. Finney
229Gyula Csapo music epistemology notes
230Milton Babbitt correspondence
231Milton Babbitt photographs
232Alvin Curran correspondence, 1985
233Karl Rasmussen correspondence, 1975-1998
234Karl Rasmussen correspondence
235Leo Ornstein correspondence, 1988
236Leo Ornstein photographs
237Alan Stout correspondence, 1970-1984
238Robert Moran correspondence, 1989-2000
239Henry Cowell correspondence, 1958-1995
240Vincent Plush correspondence, 1982-1985
241Peter Garland correspondence, 1989
242James Tenney remembrance
243-44Peter Garland articles
245Lou Harrison correspondence, 1984-1989
246Lou Harrison photocopied correspondence, 1963-1991
247Lou Harrison correspondence
248Lou Harrison eulogy and memoir
249Lou Harrison photographs
250Ronald Stevenson correspondence, 1986-1991
251Ronald Stevenson photographs
252Conlon Nancarrow correspondence, 1960-1982
253Conlon Nancarrow correspondence, 1983-1993
254Conlon Nancarrow correspondence
255Conlon Nancarrow photographs
256Richard Wagner letter to G. E. Anders, 1841
257Don Gillespie Archive to Walter Hinrichsen correspondence, 1996
258Letter from Edward Grieg, 1906
259Morton Feldman letter, 1975
260Morton Feldman, research correspondence, 2000-2002
261Morton Feldman photographs
262Charles Ives letter to John Becker, 1931
263György Sándor Ligeti letter
264Miscellaneous composer correspondence, 1959-2005
265Miscellaneous composer correspondence, 1959-1993
266Miscellaneous composer correspondence
267Miscellaneous composer research notes
268Toshiro Mayuzumi remembrance by Don Gillespie
269The Operas of Neely Bruce as American Opera by Neely Bruce, 1985
270Interview with Stephen Fisher, 2001
271Concert in the Baptist Church program featuring Charles E. Ives, 1890
272-80Concert programs, 1959
31Don Gillespie concert correspondence, 1959-1966
32Hugh Hodgson correspondence, 1936-1969
33University of Georgia concert programs, 1956-1966
34Student recital and program draft, 1955
35Student recital and program, 1957
36Edward Grieg photographs
37David Amram photographs
38Leonard Bernstein photographs
39Robert Hall Lewis, George Crumb, Ross Lee Finney, Milton Babbitt, and Chou Wen-Chung photograph
310William Duckworth photographs
311Dr. Johannes Petschuil photograph
312John Cage and Laurie Steel photograph
313John Cage and Lou Harrison photographs
314Don Gillespie, John Cage, and Johannes Petschuil photograph
315William and Mindy Duckworth, Lou Harrison, and Don Gillespie photograph
316C.F. Peters Corp. photographs
317Don Gillespie photograph, 1993
318Bill Colvig photograph
319Charles Wuorien photograph
320Don Gillespie, Peter Gena, John Cage, John Paynter, DR Davies, and Alan Stout photograph, 1982
321Richard and John Contiguglia photograph
322William S. Newman and Roger Hannay photograph, 1995
323Don Gillespie and Conlon Nancarrow photograph
324Nam June Paik and Don Gillespie photograph, 1993
325Charles Ives photograph, 1938
326Dolly Parton photograph
327Walter Hinrichsen and Hans Joachim Hinrichsen photograph, 1927
328Birthday part at Charles Wuorien's house photographs, 1997
329Chou Wen-Chung, Ge Gan-ru, Chen Yi, Zhou Lang, and Margaret Leng Tan photograph
330Grieg symposium photographs
331Frederick Delius grave photographs
332Cotswold photographs
333Sheepscombe photographs
334Felix Aprahamian photographs
335Pamela Tucker photographs
336-39Don Gillespie miscellaneous research photographs
340Slides, 1992
1Bitter Creek poster, 1954
2Charles Ives Centennial festival-conference poster, 1974