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Defenders of Wild Cumberland records

Defenders of Wild Cumberland records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Defenders of Wild Cumberland records
Creator: Wright, Hal
Inclusive Dates: 1965-2010
Bulk Dates: 1996-2004
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet 11 Boxes
Collection Number: ms4441
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Defenders of Wild Cumberland was incorporated by attorneys Hal Wright and Skipper StipeMaas in 1996 as an "organization committed to monitoring, promoting, and protecting the Wilderness and biodiversity of Cumberland Island." The organization filed for dissolution in 2003.

Scope and Content

This collection contains research, litigation files, organizational correspondence and notes regarding cases and issues that effected wildlife, wilderness areas, and the environment of Cumberland Island. It includes subjects ranging from feral horses, hogs and deer to property issues with Plum Orchard and Greyfield Ltd., driving on the beach, permits, fire management, and National Seashore designation.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Defenders of Wild Cumberland records, ms4441, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Cumberland Island (Ga.)
Natural resources conservation areas -- Georgia.
Wildlife research.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11DWC Organization - Business
12Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
13Planning process, 1995
14Goals, 1995
15History, 1995
16Population numbers, 1995
17Bibliography, 1995
18Management Plan packets
19Emory University Law Clinic
110Jack Kingston
111Superintendent Art Frederick, 1999
112Grover Henderson
113O'Leary - Vehicle use
114Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center
115Mullet Wrapper
116Cumberland Island Museum newsletter
117Musgrove Conference - Sapelo Foundation
118Wilderness Watch
119The Wilderness Society
120W.J. Bunkley
121Maps, pictures
122Cumberland Island, Georgia - map prepared for Lucy C. Carnegie estate, 1965
123Superintendent Denis Davis, 1996-1999
124Cumberland Island Historic Foundation, Inc.
125National Park Service - Island meetings
126Cumberland Island management practices
127Cumberland Island - Little Cumberland Island
128Notes, correspondence - Cumberland - NPS
130Cumberland Island - Park boundaries and jurisdiction
131Cumberland issues
132Retained rights - Shepherd Clinic - Doc Jenkins
133National Park Service VIP (Volunteer in Park) - Defamation on blog
134CARA - Conservation & Reinvestment Act
136Cumberland Island - Current
137Rhett Lawrence
139National Park Service documents
140Public comments - General
141National Park Service correspondence
142Cumberland Preservation Act
144Access to North End
21Defenders of Wild Cumberland
22Defenders of Wild Cumberland - Incorporation, 1996
23Defenders of Wild Cumberland - Board of Driectors meeting, 2000
24DWC newsletter
25C. Robert "Bob" Shoop
26Wall Street Journal - Turner Environmental Law Clinic/DWC
27Creative Loafing
28The Year in Review, 1999
29Town Creek
211Turner Foundation proposal, 2000
212The Home Depot
213Conservation Alliance - Perception Kayak
214Grant proposal - Turner Foundation - Cumberland
215Turner Foundation grant - DWC, 1998
217Turner Foundation - Progress report, proposal, 2000-2001
218Dissolution of DWC, 2003
219Funding and Support - Cumberland
221Island Monthly News - Ruckdeschel, 2001
223Ruckdeschel and National Park Service
224Ownership History and Nature - Legal Battles Over Cumberland Island
225Correspondence, notes
228Interview notes - Hal Wright with Kerry Gathers
229Cumberland Island real estate transaction - Tract 5N
230-32Cumberland Island National Seashore - Retained rights
31Sapelo Foundation grant proposal, 1999
32Sapelo Foundation progress report, 1999
33Sapelo Foundation, 2001
34Sapelo Island Foundation
35-9Press clippings
310Fax cover sheets
312Cumberland Island management policies
313Transportation management plan
314Condemnation of lands for public uses
315National Park Service scientific collecting permits - Ruck, Shoop
316Fire management
317National Park Service permits
318Special Use permits
319Cumberland Island carrying capacity
320Georgia Rose property
321Personal watercraft
322Management plans - General
323Cumberland FOIA - Construction, retained rights
324-26NPS - Case incident records, 1978-2000
327Access - Plum Orchard and the Settlement - Minimum requirements determination
328Cumberland Island Wilderness - Boundary Adjustment Act, 2001
329Senate Bill 1462-2003 - Cherry stemming CUIS
41CUIS - Bobcats
42Chimneys at Stafford
43Report of the Coastal Marsh Hammocks Advisory Council, 2002
44Cumberland Island exotic plant survey, 2005
45Chinese Tallow tree
46Environment - Gopher tortoises
47UGA Hog-Horse management plan
48Deer, horses study
49Telephone service - TDS, 2001
410Alberty/Henderson house project
411Cumberland Island wilderness planning chronology
412Cumberland Preservation Act correspondence
413Wilderness planning meeting, 1998 April
414Correspondence, notes with National Park Service
415Wilderness planning meeting, 1998 December
417Wilderness management planning process, 1997-1998
418Cumberland Island - The Wilderness
419"Potential" Wilderness
420Wilderness management
421Wilderness management - Law reviews
422Wilderness management plan - Retained rights
423Wilderness Management Act v. Historic Preservation
424National Park Service strategic plan, 1997
425National Park Service management policios, 2001
426Wilderness preservation & management - NPS Res. Manual 41
427Wilderness management - Cumberland issues
428Cumberland Island Enabling Legislation
429Cumberland Island - NEPA
430Disposal of dredge materials on Cumberland Island National Seashore - Permit application, 1996
431Statement for Management, Basic Operations Statement - Cumberland Island National Seashore, 1990
51Wilderness Management Plan - Draft, Appendix I
52Notes - Wildlife Management Plan
53General Management Plan - Cumberland Island National Seashore, 1984
54Land Protection Plan - Cumberland Island National Seashore, 1985
55National Park Service - National Seashore Environmental Impact Study, 1980
56Cumberland Island National Seashore - Environmental Imapct Statement, v.1, 2000
57Cumberland Island National Seashore - Environmental Imapct Statement, v.2, 2000
58Comments on draft EIS, 2001
59Cumberland Island National Seashore - Retained rights
510Cumberland Island National Seashore Committee
511H.R. 4713, 1981
512-13Pleading file - Defenders v. Babbitt, et al
514Wilderness Watch & Peer v. Mainella, U.S. Interior - 11th Circuit, 2004
515Orders - Wilderness Watch, et al v. Mainella, NPS, and Greyfield - regarding Driving in wilderness, 2003
61Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Notes, correspondence
62Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Documents regarding
63Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Memorandum opinion
64Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Points and Authorities in support for a motion for prelimininary injunction
65Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Points and Authorities in support for a motion for prelimininary injunction
66Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Answer of defendant, Greyfield Inn Corp.
67Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Appellants' brief, 2003
68Wilderness Watch v. Mainella - Litigation
69The Agreement - Comments by Wilderness Watch
610Draft environmental assessment - Special Use Permit - Greyfield Ltd.
611Greyfield Special Use Permit - Vehicular touring in wilderness, 2002
612Greyfield Limited
613Federal Advisory Committee Act - FACA
614Agreement, comments - Ruckdeschel
615Press - Greyfield purchase, agreement
616Greyfield tract
617Draft EA on proposed land swap between Greyfield Ltd. and NPS, 2003
618The agreement - Comments on withdrawal
619Greyfield N. tract - Purchase, reserved rights agreements
620Greyfield purchase and Cumberland wilderness
621The Agreement - Greyfield purchase
622The Agreement withdrawal, 1999
623Greyfield - financial
71-2Plum Orchard
73Plum Orchard litigation - Memorandum of Agreement
74Gift of Plum Orchard
75Plum Orchard litigation - Motion to dismiss
76Plum Orchard litigation - Motion for Attorneys' fees
77Plum Orchard lawsuit - Pleadings - Rhett Lawrence's file (duplicates)
78Billing and administrative - Cumberland
79Plum Orchard property - Request for proposals
710Plum Orchard press release, 1992 February
711Notes - Cumberland - National Park Service
712Plum Orchard litigation
713Plum Orchard - Preliminaries and MOA
714Plum Orchard - Preliminaries to litigation
71560 Day Notice letter - ESA - Cumberland
716DWC board meeting, 2000
717Litigation, strategy - Cumberland issues
718Caretta Caretta research project
719Legal research cases - Caretta Caretta
720DWC v. NPS - Depredation of Sea Turtles - Planning, preliminary notes, 2000
721Loggerhead Turtle v. County Council of Volusia County, Florida
72260 Day notice letter - Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) v. NPS, 2000
723Petition to NMFS to reclassify Northern and Florida panhandle sub populations of Caretta Caretta as distinct populations and endangered under sea, 2002
724Environment - Endangered species - Caretta Caretta recovery plan
725Caretta Caretta - Miscellaneous
726Peter Pritchard
728Loggerhead nesting reports - Cumberland Island
729Sea Turtle nesting - 2001 season - Georgia, NPS
81Cumberland Island Loggerhead Turtles
82Sea Turtles
84Sea Turtle nest monitoring
85Sea Turtle management
86-7Sea Turtles - Exhibits
88Caretta Caretta - Civil action, 2001
89Caretta Caretta - Litigation
810Cumberland Island endangered species
811Ecology of unmanaged deer herds
812Georgia Outdoor News - NPS - White tailed deer
813Expenses - Georgia Outdoor News
814CUIS - Whitetail deer
91Deer studies, reports
92Ossabaw Hogs Committee - Caretta Caretta - TEDS
93Feral Hogs - Management, 2009
94Correspondence - NPS - Feral hog management, 2009
95Feral hog population control - Environmental assessments, 2000-2003
96Environment Wildlife - Feral hogs
97EA - Protection of Caretta Caretta from hogs, 1992
98Humane Society comments on hunts
99Hog control MOU and Outfall, 1992
910Hog control project request, 1993
911General information - Other parks
912Georgia Conservancy hog report
913Public comments
915Management plans
916-18Feral hogs - Research, reports
919Feral animal paper
920Feral animals on Cumberland - A project of Defenders of Wild Cumberland, 2000 November
921Cumberland Island feral animals
922CUIS - Management, planning, impacts of horses
923Budgets - Project planning
924Horse counts - Results
925Wild horse and burro analysis
926National Park Syatem - Liability for horses
927DWC - Horse stuff
928Feral horse - technical experts
929Feral horses
101Feral horses - Research, reports
102Feral horses - Papers
103Scoping process, 1995
104Scoping comments - No action-don't remove
105Scoping comments - Manage-control-adopt
106Scoping comments - Remove
107Comments - Pro-Removal
108Comments - Reduce, manage herd
109Comments - No action
1010EA, alternatives, mailing list
1011EA compliance with other government agencies
1012EA - Public hearings - Brunswick and Fernandina
1013EA comment summaries
1014Comments - FWS (remove)
1015Comments - HSUS (manage)
1016Correspondence to National Park Service from public
1017Correspondence with Georgia Conservancy - Hillrie Quin
1018General - Response to complaints
1019EA meeting with island residents
1020Opinion survey forms
1021Cumberland Island fire management
1022Fire management plan - CUIS, 2004
1023CUIS - Willow Pond fire FOIA request
1024-28CUIS - Willow Pond fire FOIA materials
111Scoping meeting comments, 1998
112Trip folder
113Aff'd by OCGA 12-2-1 (90 day hearing rule)
114Origins of beach driving dispute
119Beach driving panel
1110Beach driving - Correspondence
1111Beach driving - Litigation
1112Beach driving - Wright v. Georgia Shore Protection Committee - Motion for Graves, et al for attorney fees, 2000
1113Factual and Procedural setting
1114Beach driving - Petition for hearing on rules - Public Interest Review
1115Beach driving - Round 2
1116Beach driving - Round 2 - Litigation
1117Margaret Graves
1118Beach driving - Authorizations
1119Beach driving - Research
1120Beach driving - Briefs
1121Cumberland Island beach driving permit