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Mary Bondurant Warren family papers

Mary Bondurant Warren family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Mary Bondurant Warren family papers
Creator: Warren, Mary Bondurant
Inclusive Dates: 1841-2009
Language(s): English
Extent: 30 Linear Feet 19 boxes, 7 oversized boxes, 1 oversized folder, 3 rolls
Collection Number: ms4424
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Mary Bondurant Warren was a noted genealogist, writer, editor and publisher. She has written over two dozen genealogical resource books, many focusing on Georgia and other Southern states. She has functioned as the editor and publisher of Family Puzzlers, a weekly genealogy magazine, edited a newsletter, and was an active workshop speaker.

Scope and Content

This collection contains family photographs, correspondence, and artifacts mainly of the Moss and Bondurant families. It also contains proofs and copies of Mary B. Warren's writing, extensive land grant research, and negatives and photographs by Sarah H. Moss taken during the 1920s and early 1930s.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Mary Bondurant Warren family papers, ms4424, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Families -- Photographs
Family papers.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Bondurant, Moss Family

11Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1880-1890
12Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1891
13Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1892
14Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1893-1898
15Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1899
16Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1900-1902
17Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1903
18Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1904-1906
19Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1907
110Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1908
111Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1909
112Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1910
113Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1911
114Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1912-1913
115Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1914-1916
116Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1917-1918
117Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondence, 1919-1925
118-19Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Correspondents to
120Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Miscellaneous
121Emmet J. (E.J.) Bondurant I - Estate
122Moss-Bondurant Company - Correspondence
123Georgia Plow and Foundry Company - Correspondence
21-3Condolences on E.J. Bondurant's death, 1926
24Condolences - death of Mary Brannon Bondurant, 1922
25Condolences - death of Mary Bondurant, 1923
26Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1878-1891
27-8Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1892
29Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1893
210Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1894-1904
211Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1906-1910
212Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1911-1920
213Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence, 1921-1936
214Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence from Helen, Olivia Carlton
215Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence from J.C, Edna Wardlaw
216-20Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondents
221Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Correspondence with Dr. C.H. Cocke
222Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Will
31Martha S. "Birdie" Moss Bondurant - Miscellaneous
32Newspaper clippings
33Printed material
35Martha Strong Moss Birdie Bondurant - Photographs
36Mrs. E.J. Bondurant - Personal
37Martha S. Moss Bondurant - Notebooks, address book
38Birdie Bondurant - Memorial book, 1948
39Birdie Moss Bondurant - Miscellaneous
310Birdie M. Bondurant - Correspondence with Sandy Clower
311-13Birdie Bondurant and family - Photographs
314Birdie Bondurant and family - Slides, negatives, albums
315Birdie M. Bondurant - Writing
316Birdie M. Bondurant - Printed material, writing
317Birdie M. Bondurant - Travel
318Sally, Mary Catherine Weber - Photographs
41-2Birdie B. Clower - Estate
43Correspondence - death of Rufus Moss II, 1896
44Correspondence - death of Mary Jopling Bondurant, 1923
45John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1907-1920
46John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1921-1925
47John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1926-1928
48John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1929-1930
49John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1931-1932
410John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1933-1935
411John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1936-1942
412John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1943-1944
413John Parnell Bondurant - Correspondence, 1970
414John Parnell Bondurant II - Correspondents
415Major John Parnell Bondurant II, USAAF - Personal diary - WWII, CBI, 1942-1945
416John, Mary Claire Bondurant - Poetry, clippings
417Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence, 1926-1928
418Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence, 1929-1932
419Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence, 1936-1941
420Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence, 1951-1961
421Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence with Ruth Kendrick Saye
422Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence with Louise Stanford Chastain
423Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence with Wylly Folk St. John
424Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondence with Marie Louise von Creytz "Isi" Opderbecke
425Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Correspondents
426Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Miscellaneous correspondence
427Mary Claire Brannon Bondurant - Sympathy cards, 2001
5Birdie Bondurant - Housekeepers' Recipe book
5Birdie Bondurant - High school scrapbook, 1926
5Birdie, Sandy Clower - Guest books (2), 1978-1983
5Birdie Bondurant - Travel journals (3), 1940-1963
5Birdie Bondurant - Address book, 1970-1971
5Birdie Bondurant - Diary, 1937-1940
5Birdie Bondurant - Diary, 1965
5Birdie Bondurant - Appointment books, 1961-1975
61-3Mary Bondurant Warren - Writing scrapbooks
64-6Mary Bondurant Warren - Bondurant family research
67-8Mary Bondurant Warren - Jackson Street Cemetery research
69Mary Bondurant Warren - Scrapbook, college photographs, Adventure Camp brochure
610Mary Bondurant Warren - Awards, certificates
611Mary Bondurant Warren - Radioscope techniques school, 1952
612-13Printed material - Oak Ridge Institute
614Printed material - Radioactive Materials
615Printed material - Bamboo Survey - Georgia Tech, 1953
616Printed material - Reports on the Effects of Electricity, Radiation on the Human Body
617Printed material - Atomic Bomb studies
111Frank Stanton Bondurant
112Gertrude Maude Stanton - Correspondence, 1927
113Frank Ware Bondurant - Correspondence, 1898-1917
114John Parnell Bondurant I - Correspondence
115Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Jopling Bondurant - Correspondence, 1841-1890
116Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Jopling Bondurant - Correspondence, 1891-1897
117Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Jopling Bondurant - Photographs
118Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Jopling Bondurant - Miscellaneous
119Dr. William Ware Jopling - Correspondence
1110James Rufus "Jimmy" Jopling - Correspondence, 1886-1913
1111Mollie Jane Phelps Jopling - Correspondence, 1881-1929
1112May Jopling Hairson - Correspondence, photograph
1113Rev. Robert Ware Jopling - Correspondence, 1923-1933
1114Samuel Emmet Jopling - Correspondence
1115Sue Willie Jopling Marshall - Correspondence
1116William Henry Bascom "Bas" Jopling - Correspondence, 1889
1117Frances Alice Bell "Fannie" Jopling Lazenby - Correspondence
1118Annie Sue Marshall
1119Virginia Evelyn "Jennie" Brice - Correspondence, photographs
1120Julia Jopling, Charlottesville, Virginia - Cabinet card
1121A.F. and Mary Ward Pope - Correspondence, photograph
1122William Dickinson Luckie, Sr.
1123Eliza Buckner - Cabinet card
1124William D. Luckie, Jr. - - Correspondence, photographs
1125Cousin Sue Luckie of Birmingham - Portrait photograph
1126Elizabeth Luckie Moss - Photographs, clippings
1127Moss family
1128J. Speed Moss - Correspondence
1129Sarah Arabella Moss, Mrs. Thomas C. Newton - Photograph
1130John Dortch Moss I
1131Eliza Buckner Moss "Sister Lil" - Photographs, clippings
1132R.L. Moss II - Photograph, clipping
1133John D. Moss II - Photographs, clipping
1134Julia Pope Moss - Teachers' Complete Pocket Record - photocopy
1135Rufus L. Moss I
1136Mary A. "Minnie" Moss
1137Thomas Moss - Correspondence, 1891
1138Sarah Hunter Moss - Correspondence
1139Sarah Hunter Moss - Photographs
1140Elizabeth Moss Bondurant, Mrs. Dwight Warren Ryther, Jr. - Correspondence
1141Ryther family - Correspondence
1142Elizabeth "Sis" Moss, Mrs. Henry H. Harris - Correspondence
1143Rufus Moss IV
1144Susan Moss, Mrs. Julian Clement
1145John D. "Sonny" Moss III
1146Kelly E. Moss
1147Cabinet cards, carte de visite - Augusta, Georgia
1148Cabinet cards - Virginia
1149Mounted photograph - Abandonded home
1150A word of Appreciation of the Teacher Training and Industrial Institute - Athens, Georgia - brochure, 1923
121Judith Moss, Mrs. Ralph Harlow
122W.L. Moss - Expeditions
123W.L. Moss - Birdie Bondurant - Correspondence
124Marguerite W. Moss - Correspondence
125Marguerite E. Moss, Mrs. J.T. Heery - Correspondence
126W. Lorenzo Moss II
127Elizabeth Moss, Mrs. Charles Schmidt
128UGA Class of 1897 - 40th Anniversary gathering invitation, 1937
129Ribbons - Pioneer Reel Co., Demosthenian, 1889
151Bondurant & Jopling v. W.B. Lowe - regarding Augusta-Chattanooga Railroad - Legal documents, 1884-1888
152Bondurant & Jopling v. W.B. Lowe - regarding Augusta-Chattanooga Railroad - Statements, 1884-1887
153Bondurant & Jopling v. W.B. Lowe - regarding Augusta-Chattanooga Railroad - Correspondence, 1884-1888
154Bondurant & Jopling v. W.B. Lowe - regarding Augusta-Chattanooga Railroad - Notes
155J.P. Bondurant - Legal documents, indentures
156J.P. Bondurant - Business, financial
157J.P. Bondurant - Real estate, North Carolina
158John Bondurant - Photographed as a boy by Sarah H. Moss
159Estates - R.L. Moss, Sarah H. Moss, Martha Birdie Bondurant
1510Will - Birdie B. Clower
1511Arctic Circle trip memory book - Birdie Bondurant, 1963
1512Memory book - Birdie Bondurant - Athens High School, 1923-1924
1513Mary B. Warren - Personal
16Photocopied pages from family Bibles
16Bible - belonging to Mrs. E.J. Bondurant
16Bible - belonging to Dwight Warren Ryther
16Bible - belonging to J.P. Bondurant I
16Pictorial Bible - belonging to Timothy Brice
16Bible - belonging to R.L. Moss
17Bible - belonging to Birdie B. Clower
17Bible - belonging to Julia Pope Moss
17Bible - belonging to Charles A. Widle
17Bible - belonging to Martha Strong Moss
18Bibles (2) - belonging to Martha M. Birdie Bondurant
18Bible - belonging to Mary Claire Brannon, Mrs. J.P. Bondurant II
18Bible - belonging to Virginia Evelyn Brice, Mrs. J.M. Brannon
18Bible - belonging to Mollie J. Bondurant
18Bible - belonging to J.P. Bondurant
19130-131W.L. Moss - Photographic negatives
19132Negative - Long Peak Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Aunt Sarah in front of a tent, 1927
19133Tin Type - Portrait of a woman
19134silhouette portrait of a child
19135Photograph of graves of Charles Strong, a son of the Revolution and Sarah Thompson Strong
19136Rufus LaFayette Moss, Sr. - Carte de Visite
19137Julia Pope Moss - Carte de Visite
19138William D. Luckie, Jr. - Carte de Visite
19139Mrs. W.D. Luckie - Carte de Visite
19140Elizabeth Luckie Moss - Carte de Visite
19141Sarah Golding - Carte de Visite
19142William Dickinson Luckie - Cased tintype
19143Slides of Bellingrath Gardens, Spring, 1960
1Julia P. Moss "Aunt Jule" - portrait photograph
1Mary Bondurant Warren - GHRAB Archives lifetime achievement award
1Mary Bondurant Warren - Article in Athens Banner Herald & Daily News, 1969
4Bible belonging to R.L. Moss I - includes birth and death information about enslaved individuals
4Scrapbook - clippings from 1917-1918 concerning the war
5Mary Bondurant Warren - Portrait drawing
5First Methodist Church - printed pages of church history
5First Methodist Church - includes watercolored images
5Mounted reproduction map of Oglethorpe County, Georgia - with marked locations of family homes, graves, business
5Scrapbook - E.J. Bondurant, includes clippings, school ribbons
6Mounted photograph - Room at Moss-Side - wedding presents
2Rolled plats - Hillcrest and Waverly Court house locations, 1950
3Engineering drawings - Girder and truss designs - by Bondurant, 1933

2. Mary Bondurant Warren - Writing

71-2Proof - Madison County, Georgia Censuses - 1820-60, 1986
73Proof - South Carolina Newspapers, The South Carolina Gazette, 1760, 1988
74-5Proof - South Carolina Immigrants, 1760-1770, 1988
76-7Proof - Georgia Marriages, 1811-1820, 1988
78Proof - Georgians, 1989
79Proof - Halifax County, Virginia Colonial Poll and Tithables Lists, 1991
710-11Proof - Virginia District Courts, 1789-1809, 1991
712Master - Washington County, Georgia Land Warrants, 1784-1787, 1992
713-15Proof - Georgia Revolutionary Bounty Land Records, 1992
716Proof - Citizens and Immigrants - South Carolina, 1768, 1994
81-2Proof - Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia, Volume 2, 1987
83Proof - Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia, Volume 2 - Index, 1988
84Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1761-1767, 1992
85Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1768-1771, 2003
86Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1772-1773, 2004
87Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1774-1777, 2006
88Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1778-1779, 2007
89-10Proof - Georgia Governor and Council Journal, 1780, 2009
811Proof - The Bondurants of America, 2009
812Proof - The Bondurants of America, Ann Tanner's Ancestors, 2009
813Proof - The Strouds
9The Georgia Genealogist, no. 1-52 - Masters
10The Carolina Genealogist, no. 1-52 - Masters
1514Mary B. Warren - Articles
1515Mary B. Warren - Marriage book - reprint copy
1516Proof - South Carolina Jury Lists, 1718-1783, 1977
1517-19Proof - Georgia Landowners' Memorials, 1758-1776, 1988
6Proof - David M. Chaney, Allied Families and Descendants, 1971
6Proof - David Morgan book - copy
7Proofs, Masters - Family Puzzlers

3. Land Grant Research

1210-11John P. Bondurant - Research files
1212John P. Bondurant - Research notebooks
1213John Jack
1214Charles Dougherty
1216Bryan Ward
1217William Tidwell
1218Andrew Sturgis
1219John Pope
1220Mark Phillips
1221John Patton
1222Cedar Creek
1223Barbers Creek
1224McNuts Creek
1225Metes & Bounds
1227John Appling
1231John Cunningham
1232Charles Daugherty
1233William Few
1234Ignatius Few
1236Barnard Kelley
1237Jesse Lane
1238Horatio Marbury
1240William Mitchell
1241Asa Morgan
1242John Hinson
1243Hugh Neisler
1245Trail Creek
1246Sandy Creek
1247Middle Oconee
1248North Oconee
131-2Land Grant research notebooks
133-5Land Grant research - files
136Land Grant research - Notebook 11 - Talbot-Wooten
137-8Land Grant research - Notebook 12 - Aikin-Cunningham
139-10Land Grant research - Notebook 14 - Hammond-Hunter
1311-12Land Grant research - Notebook 15 - Jackson-Lumpkin
1313Land Grant research - Notebook 16 - Matthews-Morris
1314-15Land Grant research - Notebook 18 - Leroy-Trawick
141Plat research
142-3Plat research - North, Middle Oconee
144-5Plat research - Libby-Hancock
146Plat research - Lane-Morgan
147-8Plat research - Moore-Shackleford
149-10Plat research - no.5 - Academy-Nisbit
1411-12Plat research - no.6 - Dougherty-Fenney
1413-14Plat research - no.7 - Few-Griffith
1415-16Plat research - no.8 - Haney-Knox
1Land grant research - document photocopies
2Land grant research - rolled map and document photocopies
3Land grant research - rolled map and document photocopies
1Land grant research - notes and plats (2)
1Land grant research - rolled map and document photocopies

4. Artifacts

5Woven grass basket
5Silver cup and spoon, engraved MCB, 1933 February 5
Includes felt bag marked W.A. Capps Co. Jewelers, Athens, GA.
5Birdie Bondurant - Freshman Camp Award, 1967
5GENOLHAC T-Shirt, 1993
5American Protective League badge - E.J. Bondurant, Captain
5Carved wooden crucifix
5Small flag of Bedford County, Virginia, 2004
5Mary Bondurant Warren - Fabric with design and print of children's pictures
5Mary Bondurant Warren - Marbled paper and fabric
5Mary Bondurant Warren - Sheer fabrics with designs in batik, marbling, dye (7)
6Mary Bondurant Warren - Award from Athens Historical Society, 2001

5. Negatives and Photographs by Sarah H. Moss

191M.S. Moss in Tallulah Gorge
192Samuel P. Harris
193Lucy Stanton and house
194Annie Laura Eve Blackshear
195M.J. Franklin
196M.C. Bondurant, 1933
197-8Women who have played a part in the life of Athens
199Clarke County Schools, 1925
1910Cherokee Corner, 1925
1911Burwell Pope's home, Pope's Station, Oglethorpe County, Georgia - Taken for John Pope, Austin, Texas, 1925
1912Here and There - Made at home of Maude Jones, High Shoals, 1926
1919Moss family and friends, Camp Kearny, Tallulah River (photographs)
1920First Baptist Church - Year it opened, 1921
1921Hide and Seek
1922Barrow School
1924Moss-Side, Mosses and friends, 1922-1923
1925Moss-Side, 1934
1926Highlands, Birdie Moss Bondurant
1927Ice Storm, window diary series, 1932
1928Moss-Side and friends
1929Julia Pope Moss - Photographic proof
1930Sonny Moss
1931Julia P. Moss - Birthday pictures, 1923
1932Mary Bondurant d/o Emmet and Birdie, 1921-1923
1933Birdie (Moss) Bondurant
1934Peggy and Bill (Dr. and Mrs. W.L. Moss) and Athens, 1922
1935Marguerite Eleanor Moss (later Heery), Bulah and Dorcas Ann - Miss-Side, 1931
1936Catherine Moss, daughter of William Byrd Moss, now Wood.
1937Marjorie Brown King (Mrs. Benjamin King), Mammy (Rosa Smith), Mammy's daughter "Babe", 1925
1938Friends - Lizze Scott, Easter Sunday, boy with violin, 1926
1939City of Athens - snapshots around town
1940Home of Crawford W. Long on Chase Street
1941Distinguished visitors
1942Negatives of my Kodak prints "Southern Historic Series" copied in miniature on ivory by Lucy M. Stanton, 1927
1943Men who have played a roll in Athens
1944Churches, 1921
1945Santa visits Athens, Oconee cemetery with wreaths, Louise H. Geurin, Carolyn, Robin, 1926-1927
1946Snapshots around town, Oconee Street bridge, Sparks circus, 1924-1925
1947Atlanta Federation Woman's Clubs bicentennial barbeque and "Barney", 1923
1948Formal opening Athens General Hospital, 1921
1949Crawford W. Long memorial series, 1921
1950Athens Factory, 1924
1951Mrs. Winifred Sackville Stoner lectures, spring, 1922
1952John D. Moss cotton warehouse series, 1921
1953Farm scenes
1954T.C. Newton's house, Washington, DC, Endless Caverns, 1923
1955Mary Craig (Madam Butterfly), Henri(?) Scott (Mephostopheles), Miss Walerson (opera accompanist) at Mitchell's Bridge, 1927 July 18
1956Crawford Long Monuments, Confederate In Memoriam, 1924
1957Lucy Stanton's studio, Mrs. Williams, 1924 May
1958DAR antique ex. benefit, Mrs. Jas. Sexton
1959Mrs. E.C. McEvey, Louise and children, 1924
1960Distinguished visitors, 1922-1923
1961Athens friends and other citizens
1962Mrs. Wilie Stanton Forbes, Stanton Forbes
1963Mrs. A.S. Parker's garden party, 1922
1964Margaret Elizabeth Parker, 2nd birthday and Sonny
1965Alice van Lue Carrick Skinner series, 1922
1966Methodist Department picnic, 1921
1967Moss Bonded Warehouse, 1924 January
1968Mrs. Katie Jester Griffith, 1921 May 30
1969Memorial Day, 1921
1970Taken for Mr. Fred Birchmore, his class, 1st Methodist Church, 1921 December 11
1972Mrs. Charles E. Wadle, Charles C. Coco, W.L. Moss - Highlands, North Carolina, 1924
1973Honolulu, New Orleans, 1931
1974Here and There - Asheville, 1926 August
1975Gainesville, Georgia, 1924 April
1976Oconee Hill Cemetery Nav(?) - in memoriam, 1924-1925
1977Memorial Day Salute - Oconee Hill Cemetery, 1923
1978Snapshots around town, 1923
1979Tree that owns itself
1980Friends at Moss Side, 1924-1925
1981Elizabeth Moss Harris, Mary Emily Harris and nurse - Asheville, 1936 December
1982Moss Side - Sarah Moss, Sarah Collins, Laddie
1983Moss Side - Still life and otherwise, Willie Doster Futch asleep, Goldfish
1985Circus - Barnum & Bailey & Ringling
1986Marvin Underwoods, Atlanta
1987180 Capitol Ave., Atlants - Bettie Gregg, Elizabeth J. Gregg, 1922 June 30
1988Louise and Alfred Brown, 1924 January
1989Athens Compress fire, 1927 June
1990Manila, Phillipines, 1930 October 30
1991Susan Moss - taken for Mr. O.M. Royster, 1929 April
19926 Ponce de Leon, the St. Julious - Miss Ada Woolfolk and Elizabeth, Moss Side, 1923 October
1993In Rocky Mountain National Park, 1927
1994Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Hardeman, Mrs. Adele Dix in Little, 1923 March
1995Mrs. ver Noy - taken for her electrically equipped kitchen and butler's pantry, 1922
1996Bettie Parker, 1924 January
1997Berry School, 1926 March
1998Margaret, Sarah, Lavinia Harris, 2 kinds of stone steps, 1927 April
19100Vaucluse house (photographs)
19101"Mrs. Wheeler", S.S. Malolo
19102Ship Atlanta
19103Taken 5 days after Gainesville, Georgia tornado (photographs and negatives), 1936 March 6
19104School girls - Lucy Cobb?
19105Moss properties? - Rentals (photographs and negatives)
19106Crawford W. Long lot, Oconee Hill Cemetery
19107Girls Y Camp near Tallulah Falls, Georgia, 1922
19124Langston-Smyth house, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 1933
19125Cotton Seed Oil Mill, Summer, 1922
19126"Woodlawn", William H Crawford house, 1933 March 2
19127Sanford Field before stadium (photograph)
19128Helen and Rev. John Mell, son Carlton, nurse? in Tallulah Gorge (photograph)
19129Ordinary judge Nicholson, Oglethorpe County Courthouse talking to old Uncle Henry Smith, 1933