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Jarnagin and Sams families papers

Jarnagin and Sams families papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Jarnagin and Sams families papers
Creator: Jarnagin, Milton Preston, II, 1881-1956
Creator: Jarnagin, Milton Preston, III, 1909-1988
Creator: Jarnagin, Agnes Venable Watkins
Creator: Griffeth, Janet Jarnagin, 1911-1996
Creator: Sams, Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Sams, 1915-1984
Creator: Burnet, Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1918-2002
Creator: McAllester, Samuel Jackson, Jr., 1914-1998
Creator: Sams, Walter Augustus, 1880-1961
Creator: Sams, Walter Augustus, Jr., 1909-1994
Creator: Jarnagin, Frank Watkins, 1879-1968
Creator: Evans, Martha Scott Jarnagin, 1877-1922
Creator: Rodman, Mary Bynum Jarnagin, 1883-1968
Dates: 1830-1995
Language(s): English
Extent: 35 box(es) (35 banker boxes, and 12 oversized folders)
Collection Number: ms4423
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

Collection includes correspondence, photographs, genealogical research, personal papers, and legal documents associated with the Jarnagin and Sams families.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Jarnagin and Sams families papers, ms4423, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Account books
Athens (Ga.)
Burnet, Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1918-2002
Coca-Cola Company
Court records.
Evans, Martha Scott Jarnagin, 1877-1922
Families -- Correspondence
Griffeth, Janet Jarnagin, 1911-1996
Jarnagin, Agnes Venable Watkins
Jarnagin, Frank Watkins, 1879-1968
Jarnagin, Milton Preston, 1826-1895
Jarnagin, Milton Preston, II, 1881-1956
Jarnagin, Milton Preston, III, 1909-1988
Legal documents.
Literature (writings)
McAllester, Samuel Jackson, Jr., 1914-1998
Rodman, Mary Bynum Jarnagin, 1883-1968
Sams, Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Sams, 1915-1984
Sams, Walter Augustus, 1880-1961
Sams, Walter Augustus, Jr., 1909-1994
University of Georgia -- Alumni and alumnae.
World War, 1939-1945.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing



2366Agnes W. Venable Watkins to Francis Nathaniel Watkins, 1830
81Watkins family correspondence (photocopies), 1830-1867
2358Mary Denny Muhlenberg Hopkins to Isabella Barr Denny Florence (copy), 1842
82Correspondence, 1842-1848
83Correspondence, 1850-1859
84Correspondence, 1860-1869
85Agnes Watkins to cousin George, 1864
86Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1865-1895
911Milton P. Jarnagin miscellaneous correspondence, 1866-1879
87Cousin George Petersburg correspondence (photocopy), 1867
2365George Venable to Agnes Venable Watkins (photocopies), 1867
810Martha Watkins correspondence, 1867-1902
88Correspondence, 1870-1879
89Hetty Shields Jarnagin, 1873
811Hettie Jarnagin and Martha Jarnagin postcards, 1878
812J. Hull to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1875-1884
1921J.F. Cochran life insurance correspondence, 1878-1917
1922Correspondence, 1879
819Mrs. Agnes V. W. Jarnagin postcards, 1879
820Milton P. Jarnagin to family correspondence, 1879-1895
813Correspondence, 1880-1884
814Judge Milton Jarnagin case correspondence, 1880-1883
816Woolen Mill correspondence, 1881-1885
95Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek correspondence, 1881-1886
815Milton P. Jarnagin real estate correspondence, 1882-1894
1923R. Dudley Frayser to Milton P. Jarnagin postcards, 1882-1886
1924Union and Planters Bank of Memphis, Tennessee correspondence, 1882-1887
1926R. Dudley Frayser to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1882-1894
837Glenmore correspondence, 1882-1891
817Milton P. Jarnagin postcards, 1883-1899
1925Merritt family life insurance correspondence, 1883-1887
1927Postcards, 1884-1906
22109Dr. C.M. Greve to Mrs. C.M. Greve, 1884
818Agnes W. Jarnagin correspondence, 1885-1895
821Correspondence, 1885-1886
1928Milton P. Jarnagin hernia correspondence, 1885-1992
1929Union and Planters Bank of Memphis, Tennessee postcards, 1886
1930Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1887-1895
822Milton P. Jarnagin and Dillion Kans, 1883-1884
91A. Watkins to Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1883-1890
823Judge Milton Jarnagin case correspondence, 1884-1886
824John D. Murrell to Milton P. Jarnagin Bayou Goula, 1885-1895
825Zinc Ore correspondence, 1884-1892
826Milton P. Jarnagin and Dillion Kans, 1885-1886
827Milton P. Jarnagin East Tennessee politics correspondence, 1886-1893
828Correspondence, 1887-1889
829Judge Milton P. Jarnagin Tally-Ho and Glenmore Plantation correspondence, 1887
830Milton P. Jarnagin and Dillion Kans, 1887-1894
22107Dr. C.M. Greve to Mrs. Jeanette Greve postcards, 1887
2370Harriet Otis Smith correspondence, 1887-1889
96Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek correspondence, 1887-1891
831Woolen Mill correspondence, 1888
832Woolen Mill correspondence, 1888-1901
833Judge Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1888-1893
2142Greve family correspondence (photocopies), 1888-1943
834Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1889-1895
835Milton P. Jarnagin and Dillion Kans
836Correspondence, 1890-1899
838Woolen Mills correspondence, 1890-1904
839Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1890-1904
840Family correspondence, 1891-1893
841Harriet S. Jarnagin correspondence, 1892
92Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1892-1893
842Family correspondence, 1893
93Zinc Ore correspondence, 1893-1907
94Family correspondence, 1893-1896
843Judge Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1894-1895
844Correspondence, 1896-1905
97Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek correspondence, 1894-1895
98Agnes W. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1895-1897
99Hetty S. Jarnagin to Agnes Watkins Jarnagin, 1895
910Agnes W. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1898
912Harriet S. Jarnagin correspondence, 1899-1909
913Mary Bynum Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1900
914Martha Scott Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1900
915Milton P. Jarnagin friend correspondence, 1900
916Mary Bynum Jarnagin to Martha Scott J. Evans, 1893
917Agnes Watkins Jarnagin to Frank Watkins Jarnagin, 1896-1897
918Milton P. Jarnagin miscellaneous correspondence, 1876-1895
919Agnes Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1883-1888
920Fred H. Quincy to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1892
921Agnes Watkins Jarnagin correspondence, 1869-1896
101J.B. Mosley to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1891
203Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek Woolen Mill correspondence, 1891-1895
204Howell E. Jackson to Milton P. Jarnagin on labor unions, 1892
2010John F. Cochran to Agnes Jarnagin, 1891
21106Death of Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1892-1895
22108Anna Dorothy Greve to Dr. C.M. Greve, 1892-1899
102Land sale negotiations with Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1895
103Cousin George at Petersburg, Virginia, 1865-1868
104Milton P. Jarnagin to Agnes V. Watkins, 1870-1878
105Agnes V. Watkins to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1870-1872
106Clara Cunningham to Agnes Venable Watkins, 1856-1894
107Sarah E. Merritt Life Insurance correspondence, 1883-1889
108Henry Croft to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1883-1886
109Howell E. Jackson to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1884-1895
2735Jarnagin sibling correspondence, 1884-1987
1010Henry Croft to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1888-1894
1011Woolen Mills correspondence, 1894-1895
1012Milton P. Jarnagin sympathy telegrams, 1895
1013Agnes W. Jarnagin correspondence, 1895-1908
1014Glenmore correspondence, 1894-1896
1015Milton P. Jarnagin sympathies, 1895
1016Woolen Mill correspondence, 1896-1898
1932Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1895
1931Frank Watkins Jarnagin correspondence, 1896
1933Harriet S. Jarnagin correspondence, 1896
1934Harriet S. Jarnagin to Martha Scott Jarnagin, 1896
1935Harriet S. Jarnagin to Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1896
201Agnes W. Jarnagin to Frank Watkins Jarnagin, 1897-1898
1017Milton P. Jarnagin business correspondence, 1896-1898
1018Family correspondence, 1897-1903
202Martha Scott Jarnagin to Frank W. Jarnagin, 1898
1019Milton P. Jarnagin miscellaneous correspondence, 1890-1896
1020Milton P. Jarnagin miscellaneous correspondence, 1897-1904
1021Baker Kimel University letter on Milton P. Jarnagin II's progress, 1898
205Minerva Murrell Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1899
206Martha Scott Watkins to Mrs. Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1899
209Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1899-1900
22110Julia Marguerite F. Greve, 1899
207Frank W. Jarnagin miscellaneous correspondence, 1900
1022Family correspondence, 1900-1910
2011John F. Cochran life insurance correspondence, 1901
1023Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1901
1024Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1902
1025Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1902
1026Dorothy Greve to Dr. C. M. Greve, 1903
1027Milton P. Jarnagin Jr. and Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1903-1905
1028Dorothy Greve to Dr. C. M. Greve, 1904-1905
111Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1903
112Dorothy Jarnagin at University of Tennessee
113Milton P. Jarnagin II to Dorothy Greve, 1903
114Milton P. Jarnagin II to Dorothy Greve, 1903
115Milton P. Jarnagin II to Dorothy Greve, 1903
116Thomas H. Allen to Dorothy Greve, 1903-1906
117Mrs. Martha J. Evans after the loss of her baby, 1903
118Thomas Evans to Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1903
119Agnes W. Jarnagin on execution of Milton P. Jarnagin's will, 1903
1115Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1903
1116Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1903
134Frank W. Jarnagin and Milton P. Jarnagin, Jr. business correspondence, 1903-1909
2812Milton P. Jarnagin II to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1110Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1904
1111Dorothy Greve at University of Tennessee, 1904
1112Dorothy Greve miscellaneous correspondence, 1904
1113Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to Mrs. C. M. Greve, 1904
1114Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to Dr. C. M. Greve, 1904
1117Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1118Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1119Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1120Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1121Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, 1904
1122Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1904
1123Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1904
1124Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1904
1125Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1904
121Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, October-December 1904
122Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1903-1904
123Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, March-May 1905
124Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, May-July 1905
125Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, January-March 1905
126Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, April-May 1905
127Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, January-March 1905
128Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, June-September 1905
129Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, October-December 1905
1210Dorothy Greve miscellaneous correspondence, 1905
1211Paul B. Mayfield to Dorothy Greve, 1905-1906
1212Dorothy Greve miscellaneous correspondence, 1906
1213Correspondence, 1906-1908
1214Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, January-March 1906
1215Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, March-May 1906
1216Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, May-July 1906
1217Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, July-October 1906
1218Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, October-December 1906
1219Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, January-March 1906
1220Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, April-June 1906
131Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, June-November 1906
132Dorothy Greve to Milton P. Jarnagin, November-December 1906
208J.B. Mosley to Mrs. Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1906
2012Postcards, 1907-1908
2013Correspondence, 1907-1910
133Samuel J. McAllester to Dorothy Greve, June-December 1907
135Agnes W. Jarnagin on Harriet Jarnagin's death, 1907-1908
136Samuel J. McAllester postcards, 1907-1908
137Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, January-February 1907
138Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, March-April 1907
139Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, May-June 1907
1310Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, July-August 1907
1311Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, September-October 1907
1312Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, November-December 1907
1313Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, January-March 1907
1314Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, April-June 1907
1315Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, July 1907
1316Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, August 1907
1317Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, September-October 1907
1318Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, November-December 1907
1319Dorothy Greve correspondence, 1907
2014Martha Scott Evans correspondence, 1908
1320Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, January-March 1908
1321Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, March-July 1908
1322Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, July-September 1908
141Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, January-March 1908
142Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, April-July 1908
143Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin, August-December 1908
144Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve wedding correspondence, August-September 1908
145Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve correspondence, April-June 1908
146Milton P. Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve, August-December 1908
147Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, 1908
148Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, October-December 1908
2015Postcards, 1909-1950
2626Harriet Cone Greve and Frances Luttrell Powers, 1909-1937
149Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, January-March 1909
1410Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, August-December 1909
1411Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin postcards, 1909-1928
1412Dorothy Greve Jarnagin telegrams, 1908
1413Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, 1909
1414Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, January-July 1910
1415Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, August-October 1910
1416Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, November-December 1910
1417Correspondence, 1910
1418Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, January-March 1911
1419Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, April-June 1911
1420Dorothy Greve correspondence, 1911
2017Dr. Cochran to Frank W. Jarnagin, 1912
1421Dorothy Greve Jarnagin book editor correspondence, 1912-1925
1422Correspondence, 1912-1915
1423Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve, 1915-1925
1424Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to Mrs. C.M. Greve, 1915
1425Correspondence, 1915-1919
1426Frank W. Jarnagin life insurance policy correspondence, 1917
1427Correspondence, 1920-1929
1428Janet Jarnagin correspondence, 1923-1930
2734Janet Jarnagin Griffeth wedding correspondence, 1923-1977
1429Janet Jarnagin correspondence, 1925-1947
1430Dr. C.M. Greve to Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, June-August 1925
151Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to C.M. Greve
152Harriet Jarnagin to Agnes Jarnagin (photocopies), 1926
153Dorothy Greve Jarnagin book editor correspondence, 1926-1928
154Milton P. Jarnagin III to Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, June-July 1928
155Milton P. Jarnagin III to Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, July 1928
156Correspondence, 1930-1939
1516Walter A. Sams, Jr. military correspondence, 1930-1942
1534Janet Griffeth to Dorothy Jarnagin, 1930-1940
157Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, September-October 1931
158Milton P. Jarnagin III to Dorothy Jarnagin, September-October 1931
159Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, November-December 1931
1510Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, 1931
1511Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, January-March 1932
1512Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, March-June 1932
1513Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, June-August 1932
1514Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, January-February 1932
1515Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, March-September 1932
1517Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, October-December 1932
1518Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, 1932-1933
165Agnes Watkins Jarnagin correspondence, 1932-1934
166 Walter and Jack to Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1932-1940
1617Mrs. Agnes W. Sams miscellaneous correspondence, 1932-1955
1519Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, March-December 1933
1520Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, January-February 1933
1521Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, March-June 1933
1522Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, July-December 1933
1523Correspondence, 1933-1937
1524Tennessee Valley Authority correspondence, 1933
1536Agnes W. Jarnagin postcards, 1933-1940
162Agnes Watkins Sams correspondence, 1933-1934
1525Janet Jarnagin marriage announcement correspondence, 1934
1526Dorothy Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin III, January-August 1934
1527Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford correspondence, 1934
1528Dorothy Jarnagin to Dorothy "Beaner" Jarnagin, 1934-1937
1529Dorothy Jarnagin to family (copies), 1934-1936
1530Dorothy Jarnagin to Harriet Jarnagin and Fan, 1934-1937
1531Milton P. Jarnagin III Oxford telegrams, 1934-1936
1532Milton P. Jarnagin Oxford correspondence, 1934-1936
1533Dorothy "Beaner" Jarnagin to family, 1934-1937
1535Walter A. Sams, Jr. to Agnes Jarnagin, 1934-1937
161Agnes Jarnagin correspondence, 1935-1937
163Agnes W. Jarnagin correspondence, 1932-1934
164Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams correspondence, 1935
167Walter A. Sams to Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1935-1943
168Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams telegrams, 1935-1940
169Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams telegrams
1610Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. M.P. Jarnagin, 1936-1937
1611Dorothy Jarnagin to family, 1936-1938
1612Dorothy Jarnagin letters home from Germany, 1938-1939
1613Dorothy Jarnagin to Dorothy, Agnes, and Milton P. Jarnagin, 1938-1939
1614Janet Jarnaginto Mrs. M. P. Jarnagin, 1938
1615Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. M.P. Jarnagin, 1939
1616Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1940
1618Dorothy Jarnagin to Dorothy, Agnes, and Milton P. Jarnagin, 1940-1941
1619Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1940-1942
1620Correspondence, 1940-1945
1621Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1940-1943
171Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1941
1622Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1942-1943
1623Walter A. Sams telegraphs, 1942-1946
1624Walter A. Sams, Jr. military correspondence, 1942-1947
1625Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence , 1943-1946
172Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1942
173Mrs. Agnes Sams correspondence from friends, 1942-1981
174Dorothy Greve Jarnagin correspondence (carbon copies), 1943-1947
175Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1943-1944
176Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1943
177Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1944
178Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1944-1947
179Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1945
1710Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1945-1947
1711Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1946
1712Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1947
1713Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence, 1947-1949
1714Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence, 1947-1950
1715Harriet Shields Jarnagin to Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1948
1716Dorothy Greve Jarnagin correspondence (carbon copies), 1948-1953
1717Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1948-1951
1718Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1948
1719Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1950
1720Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin
1721Correspondence, 1950-1952
2016Postcards, 1951-1961
1722Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence, 1950-1953
1723Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. telegrams, 1951
1724Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin postcards, 1952-1953
1725Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1952
1726Harriet Greve to Dorothy Greve, 1952-1954
1727Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1953
1728Correspondence, 1953
1729Dorothy Greve Jarnagin correspondence (carbon copies), 1954-1956
1730Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence, 1954-1959
181Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin, 1954
182Correspondence, 1954
183Dorothy Greve Jarnagin correspondence , January-November 1955
184Harriet Greve to Dorothy Greve, 1955
185Harriet Greve to Dorothy Greve, 1956
186Correspondence, 1956
187Condolence letters to Dorothy Jarnagin, 1956
188Condolence letters to Dorothy Jarnagin, 1956
189Condolence letters to Dorothy Jarnagin, 1956
1810Dorothy Jarnagin Burnet financial correspondence, 1956-1975
1811Dorothy Jarnagin to Sam McAllester, 1956-1957
1812Correspondence, 1957
1813Condolence letters to Dorothy Jarnagin, 1957
1814Harriet Greve to Dorothy Greve, 1957-1958
1815Correspondence, 1958
1816Correspondence, 1959
288Burnets in Freiburg, Germany to Griffeths, 1959-1961
2811Burnets in Freiburg, Germany to the Griffeths postcards, 1959-1967
1817Milton P. Jarnagin Jr. to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr., 1960-1967
1818Correspondence, 1960-1963
1819Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr., 1960-1977
1820Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Samuel J. McAllester, 1960-1962
1821Mrs. Sams McAllester correspondence , 1961
289Burnets in Freiburg, Germany to the Griffeths, 1962-1967
1822Agnes W. Sams correspondence, 1963
1823Agnes W. Sams correspondence, 1963
1824Agnes W. Sams correspondence, 1963
1825Agnes W. Sams correspondence, 1963
1826Agnes W. Sams correspondence, 1963
1827Mrs. Walter A. Sams condolences, 1963
1828Mrs. Walter A. Sams condolences, 1963
1829Mrs. Walter A. Sams condolence telegrams, 1963
191Family history research correspondence, 1963-2002
192Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1963-1964
2371Mrs. Walter A. Sams genealogical correspondence, 1963-1980
193Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1964-1965
164Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1965-1966
1918Dorothy Sams to Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr., January-July 1965
1919Dorothy Sams to Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr., August-December 1965
1920Milton Sams to Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr., February-November 1965
195Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1968-1969
2330Walter A. Sams Coca-Cola correspondence, 1968-1969
196Correspondence, 1971
197Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1971
198Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1972
199Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1973
1910Milton P. Jarnagin II to Mrs. Walter A. Sams, 1974-1975
1911Correspondence, 1978
1913Elk Valley Coal correspondence, 1980-1981
2327Walter A. Sams, Jr. United Investment Council correspondence, 1981
1914Elk Valley Coal correspondence, 1982
1915Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence, 1980-1983
1916Dorothy Jarnagin to Mrs. Janet J. Griffeth, 1983
1917Robert Jackson correspondence, 1987
2018Milton P. Jarnagin correspondence
2019Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek Woolen Mill correspondence
2020Walter A. Sams III to Mrs. Agnes W. Sams
2021Mrs. Agnes W. Sams, Jr. miscellaneous correspondence
2022Janet Jarnagin to Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin
2023Frank W. Jarnagin to Agnes W. Jarnagin
2024Mrs. Agnes Sams correspondence with friends
2025Milton P. Jarnagin to Agnes W. Jarnagin
2026Agnes Jarnagin to Milton P. Jarnagin
2027Agnes Watkins Jarnagin correspondence
2028Frank Nathaniel Watkins to Agnes V. Watkins
2029Mary Bynum Jarnagin correspondence
2030Mrs. Martha Scott Evans correspondence
2031Janet Jarnagin to family correspondence
2032Jack to Agnes Jarnagin
2033Dorothy Greve Jarnagin to Dorothy G. Jarnagin
1634Dorothy Greve Jarnagin letter to future self
2035Children's letters and cards
2036Trip diary and letter from Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
2037Mrs. Dorothy J. Burnet correspondence (photocopies)
2038Mrs. Willet Kempton to Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr.
2039Henry Croft to Milton P. Jarnagin
2040Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. correspondence
2041Miscellaneous postcards
2042Miscellaneous correspondence
2043Janet Jarnagin to Mr. and Mrs. Milton P. Jarnagin
2178Undated military correspondence
22111Dr. C.M. Greve to his daughter Dorothy
22112Dr. C.M. Greve to his daughters Dorothy, Harriet, and Jeanette
783Birmingham Coal company letter
2810Burnets in Freiburg, Germany to the Griffeths, undated


2622Jeanette Sterling Smith Greve, 1870-1930
2472Anna Dorothea Greve, 1886
24102Seven Silly Sisters, Dobbs photograph, 1897
241Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1898-1957
242Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, undated
249Chattanooga High School division B class, 1900
2467Glenmore photographs, 1900-1973
247Samuel McAllester, 1901
2410Chattanooga High School division B class, 1901
248Chattanooga High School graduating class of 1902 featuring Harriet Greve (photocopy), 1902
2479Greve family photographs, 1903
261Dorothy Greve Jarnagin photograph album, 1903-1914
2464Jarnagin family at Glenmore negatives, 1908
2466Glenmore photographs, 1908
2485Agnes Watkins Jarnagin, 1908
246Milton Preston Jarnagin III, 1909-1920
2458Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. photographs, 1910-1950
2744Dorothy Greve Jarnagin diary, 1912
2486Eleanor Jarnagin Evans, 1913
2610Jarnagin family at Glenmore, 1913
2511Buddy and Eleanor Evans at Glenmore, 1913
2461Frank W. Jarnagin photographs, 1915
24103Walter A. Sams and Albert Sams, 1915
2634William Francis Griffeth and George Lamar Griffeth, 1916
243Dorothy Greve Jarnagin and children, 1918
2488Milton P. Jarnagin, 1918-1957
2627Harriet Greve at Lake Sunapee, 1919
2562Agnes Jarnagin and Mary Elizabeth Nix photograph, 1923
2414Dorothy Jarnagin and Agnes Jarnagin, 1924
2470Agnes Jarnagin and Dorothy Jarnagin at Rockaway Beach, New York, 1924
2448Lake George photographs, 1925
2629Jarnagins at Athens Y Camp photographs, 1925-1931
2628Janet Sterling Jarnagin, 1928-1939
2483Jeanette S. Greve, 1930
2522Friends of Agnes J. Sams and Walter A. Sams, Jr. identified , 1930-1939
2623Jeanette Sterling Greve Gatlinburg photographs, 1930
2624Jeanette Sterling Greve Gatlinburg negatives, 1930
2434Gatlinburg trip photographs, 1930
2435Gatlinburg trip photographs, 1930
2418Walter A. Sams, Jr. at Fork Knox, 1931
2433England Trip photographs, identified, 1931-1932
2456Agnes Jarnagin photographs, 1931-1940
244Dorothy Greve Jarnagin and three daughters, 1932-1941
2620European trip, 1932
2621European trip negatives, 1932
2633Janet Jarnagin, 1932
2487Milton P. Jarnagin at Pebble Hill Plantation photographs, 1935
24104Alla Dobbs Sams and Walter A. Sams at St. Simons Island, 1935
2475May Cobb Hunnicutt, 1936
265Jarnagin and Sams families photograph album, 1936-1938
2635Katherine Jester Griffeth, 1938
2427Walter A. Sams, Jr. and Agnes Jarnagin at Virginia Beach, 1940
2428Family pets, 1940-1968
2455Agnes Jarnagin and Walter A. Sams wedding photographs, 1940
2523Friends of Agnes J. Sams and Walter A. Sams, Jr. identified , 1940-1949
2561Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams and Walter A. Sams photographs, 1940-1971
2444Family house, 1941-1966
2417Jarnagin, Sams, Griffeth and Burnet families group photograph, 1946
2556Allab Dobbs Sams, Dorothy Jarnagin Sams and other photograph, 1947
2558Betty Watson, Agnes Jarnagin Sams, Maude Word and Bunny Cox photograph, 1947
2442House on St. Simons, 1948
2491Milton P. Jarnagin and Walter A. Sams III photograph, 1949
257Walter Sams's negatives, 1949
2638S.S. America Cruise photographs, 1949
2Milton P. Jarnagin, Dorothy Greve Sams and Walter Sams III, 1949
2425Sea Island Cottage vacation photographs, 1950-1973
2431Family cars, 1950
2524Friends of Agnes J. Sams and Walter A. Sams, Jr. identified , 1950-1977
2415Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin portrait presentation banquet photographs, 1951
2510Jacksonville negatives, 1951
2493Milton P. Jarnagin, Governor Marvin Griffin, Richard Kleburg and Walter Forbes, 1955
256Mrs. Walter A. Sams negatives, 1955
2516Party negatives, 1955
2454Farm animals, 1956
2517Christmas Eve negatives, 1956
255Walter A. Sams, Jr. negatives, 1957
2443House on 655 Milledge Circle, Athens, GA, 1958
2512Easter negatives, 1960
2450Christmas decoration photographs, 1961-1970
2518Christmas negatives, 1961
2424Sea Island Cottage vacation photographs, 1962
2438Gatlinburg trip photographs, 1963-1968
2439Gatlinburg trip negatives, 1963
269Frank and Mary Jarnagin at Glenmore, 1963
2432Stegman Coliseum photograph, 1964
2511Sea Island trip negatives, 1964
2430"Tom's" plane, 1967
2498Sarge Rodman and Robert Kennedy photograph, 1967
2463Glenmore negatives, 1968
2612Jarnagin, Evans, and Sams families at Glenmore, 1968
2462Glenmore card photographs, 1972
2514Gatlinburg negatives, 1972
2440Gatlinburg trip photographs, 1973
258House and kitchen negatives, 1973
2513Sea Island trip negatives, 1973
2446Family house (photocopies), 1974
2447Dollhouse negatives, 1974
2550Walter A. Sams, Jr. Caspar W. Weinberger and others, 1974
2568Milton P. Jarnagin III, 1976
245Dorothy "Beaner" Jarnagin trip photographs
2411School photo, Janet Jarnagin and Agnes Jarnagin
2412Janet Jarnagin, undated
2413Alpha Omicron Pi group photo, Dorothy Greve and Harriet Greve
2416Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin portrait presentation at the Saddle and Sirloin club photographs, undated
2419Mr. Walter A. Sams at Coca Cola headquarters photograph, undated
2420Jarnagin and Sams families photograph, undated
2421Walter A. Sams, Jr., Agnes J. Sams, Walter A. Sams III and Dorothy Greve Sams
2422Sea Island Cottage vacation negatives, undated
2423Ashantilly photographs, undated
2426Sea Island Cottage vacation photographs, undated
2429Family horses, undated
2436Gatlinburg and Great Smokey Mountains trip photographs, undated
2437Gatlinburg and Great Smokey Mountains trip negatives, undated
2441Oxford, England photographs, undated
2445Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin's house Athens, GA, undated
2449Library photographs, undated
2451Flora photographs, undated
2452Cavalier Hotel photographs, undated
2453North Carolina Mountains photographs, undated
2457Agnes Jarnagin photographs, undated
2459Walter A. Sams, Jr. photographs, undated
2460Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. and Agnes Jarnagin Sams, undated
2465Jarnagin family at Glenmore photographs, undated
2468Dorothy Greve and Milton Jarnagin, undated
2469Milton P. Jarnagin, Jr. and Milton P. Jarnagin III, undated
2471Harriet C. Greve, undated
2473Milton P. Jarnagin III, undated
2474Dorothy Greve and Harriet Greve
2476Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Sams, Dorothy Sams, and Walter Sams, undated
2477P.C. Smith home photograph, undated
2478Ralph Osborn, undated
2480Mrs. Charles M. Greve, undated
2481Charles M. Greve, undated
2482Joachim Greve, undated
2484Jeanette Sterling Greve, undated
2489Jarnagin and Evans families photograph
2490Milton P. Jarnagin and Walter A. Sams photograph
2492Milton Jarnagin and Mr. Winston photograph
2494Walter A. Sams, John Wilkens and Julius Bishop photograph
2495Milton P. Jarnagin III and his nurse at Glenmore
2496Francis Nathaniel Watkins
2497Nell Northcutt
2499Sams Watkins horse stables, Bishop Park and YMCA property photograph
24100Milton Jarnagin and Walter A. Sams at Walter's stables photograph
24101Walter A. Sams, Sr.
24105Alla Dobbs Sams and Mrs. Ralph Northcutt
24106Alla Dobbs Sams and Walter A. Sams
254Mr. Walter A. Sams negatives
259House negatives
2515Glenmore negatives
2519Cartes de visites, unidentified
2520Cabinet card portraits, unidentified
2521Miscellaneous photographs
2525Friends of Agnes J. Sams and Walter A. Sams, Jr. identified, undated
2527-33Military in Asia negatives, unidentified
2534Float festival photographs
2535Landscape photographs
2536Children's photographs, unidentified
2537Women's photographs, unidentified
2538Men's photographs, unidentified
2539Children's group photographs, unidentified
2540-43Group photographs, unidentified
2544Architecture, unidentified
2545Women's portraits, unidentified
2546Men's portraits, unidentified
2547Child portraits, unidentified
2548Walter A. Sams headstone photograph
2549James Theo Lewis
2551Circleville, Ohio family house photograph
2552Alla Dobbs Sams, Harriet Greve, Dorothy Greve Jarnagin group photograph
2553Alla Dobbs Sam, Walter Sams and Albert Sams
2554Albert Sams
2555Sams family photograph
2557Dobbs and Sams families photograph
2559Sams family photograph
2560Agnes Jarnagin Sams, Walter A. Sams, Jr. and Milton Sams
2563Walter A. Sams vacation photos
2564Sally Sams and Robert Chambers
2565Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin photographs
2566Alla Dobbs Sams
2567Alla Dobbs Sams and son
261Milton P. Jarnagin portrait
262Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams portrait
263Dorothy Greve Jarnagin photograph album
264Family photograph album
266Family slides
2613Milton Preson Jarnagin I tin type
2614Smith family tin types, unidentified
2615Greve family photographs, unidentified
2616Mary Burnet, Katie Griffeth and Betsy Burnet
2617Betsy Burnet and Mary Burnet at the Oz House, Atlanta, Georgia
2618George Lamar Griffeth
2619Minerva Ross Murrell tin type
2625Harriet Cone Greve
2630Miscellaneous photographs by Dorothy Jarnagin
2631Dorothy Greve Jarnagin photograph album
2632Harriet Cone Greve
2636Miscellaneous, unidentified
2637Home Place Plantation, Louisiana
2639Athens YWCO photographs and negatives
2640Aerial surveys, Research Drive, Athens, GA
2641Walter A. Sams Coca-Cola Bottling Co. photographs
2642Board of the First National Bank of Athens
2643Milton P. Jarnagin friends, unidentified
1Unidentified woman
1Reverend G.M. Springer
1Dobbs family
1William Toms
1Unidentified child
1Drawing of Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
1Unidentified portrait drawings
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
2Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Sams
2Walter A. Sams, Jr.
2Agnes W. Jarnagin and Walter A. Sams, Jr.
3Tin Types, identified
3Opalotypes, identified


2150Spencer Jarnagin history
2162Family genealogical research photographs and guide, 2001
2164Family genealogy notes
2165Genealogical history research
2344Sams family paper plaque, undated
2345Sams family history, undated
2348Jarnagin family tree (incomplete), undated
2349Genealogical research, undated
2350Genealogical research by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, undated
2351Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams genealogical ancestor charts
2352Milton P. Jarnagin biographical information
2353Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams genealogical ancestor charts
2354Jarnagin pedigree charts
2355Jarnagin hand-drawn pedigree chart
2356William Jennings Sr. descendants list
2364Jarnagin family bible (photocopies), 1818-1872
2367Agnes W. Jarnagin Sams The National Society of Colonial Dames of America ancestor documentation
2369Jarnagin and Sams families history
2363Watkins Mill history (photocopies), 1840-1860
271Jefferson County Chapter Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities Glenmore annual report, 1971-1976
272Glenmore Historic House Museum flyer
274Glenmore house restoration funds, 1970-1975
275Glenmore restoration correspondence, 1975-1978
276Colonial Dames genealogy correspondence, 1962-1965
277Jeanette Sterling Greve Daughters of the American Revolution correspondence, 1892-1896
278Jeanette S. Greve Daughters of the American Revolution documentation
2714Notes on family tradition made after Milton P. Jarnagin III's birth, 1909
2715Harriet Cone Greve and Dorothy Greve Jarnagin Mayflower descendants correspondence, 1836-1965
2716Harriet Cone Greve and Dorothy Greve Jarnagin Mayflower descendants research
2717Palmer C. Smith memorial
2718Mayflower descendants research
2719Colonial Dames ancestry papers for Maxine Dobbs
2720Walter A. Sams III family history
2721Genealogical research, Parlette family
2722Genealogical research, Aldin family
2723Genealogical research, Bledsoe family
2724Genealogical research, Wright family
2725Genealogical research, Ozburn family
2726Genealogical research, Dobbs family
2727Genealogical research, Gay family
2728-29Genealogical research, Sams family
2730Genealogical research, Jarnagin family
2731Glenmore mansion research
2732Springer, Benedict and Sams families crests
2745Genealogical research, Watkins family
2746Genealogical research, Venable family
2747Mrs. Walter A. Sams genealogy research correspondence , 1962-1969
2748Watkins and Smith families dendrogram
281Venable and Watkins family research
282Monument to Nathaniel and Elizabeth Venable program, 1939
283Jarnagin family research
284Cabells family research
291Harriet Greve, locks of hair, 1974
292Dorothy Greve, locks of hair, 1925
293-4Locks of hair
5Jarnagin family genealogy charts
11Jarnagin family dendrograms and genealogical charts

Notebooks and diaries

2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook A, circa 1912
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook C
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook D
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook E
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook F, 1914
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook G
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook H, 1914-1930
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook I, 1917-1920
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook J, 1920-1921
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook K, 1917-1918
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook L Mardee Gray's Fortune
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook N, 1921-1923
2Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook O, 1926-1928
3Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook R, 1941
3Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook Q, 1928-1933
31Dorothy Greve diary, 1898-1899
32Dorothy G. Jarnagin pocket diary, 1926
33Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1884
34Dorothy Greve Jarnagin diary, 1928-1932
35Jeanette S. Greve diary
36Harriet C. Greve trip diary, 1932
37Emily Letitia Murrell diary, 1850
38Incomplete diary, 1902
39Writing diary, 1952
310Miscellaneous diary
311Household accounts book, 1910
312Household accounts book, 1910
313Household accounts book, 1911-1914
314Household accounts book, 1914-1925
315Household accounts book, 1929
316Household accounts book, 1930
317Household accounts book, 1938-1940
318Household accounts notes, 1909
41Kate Sophie Murrell autograph book, 1855-1857
42Jarnagin notebook, 1883-1887
43Jarnagin account booklet, 1889
44Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek account booklet, 1890-1894
45Mrs. Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Mossy Creek bank account booklet, 1895-1903
46Mary Bynum Jarnagin address book, 1897-1908
47Dorothy Greve Jarnagin summer diary I, 1901
48Dorothy Greve Jarnagin summer diary I and II, 1901
49Incomplete diary [likely Dorothy Greve Jarnagin], 1902
410Dorothy Greve Jarnagin diary, 1903
411Dorothy Greve Jarnagin diary, 1903-1904
412Milton Preston Jarnagin II Alpha Epsilon banquet and autograph book, 1904
413Dorothy Greve Jarnagin pocket diary, 1926
414Dorothy Greve Jarnagin diary, 1928-1932
415Harriet C. Greve Europe trip diary, 1932
416Agnes W. Jarnagin diary, 1934-1935
417Agnes W. Jarnagin diary and daily reminder book, 1934
418Jarnagin family address book
419Jeanette S. Greve diary
420Em Murrell diary
421Daily diary
422Laundry planning book
423Jarnagin composition book
424Milton and Dorothy Jarnagin's wedding planning notebook
425Agnes Watkins Jarnagin notebook
426Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook
427Household accounts book, 1909
428Household accounts book, 1910
429Household accounts book, 1910
430Milton P. Jarnagin diary, 1878
431Writing diary, 1952
51Household accounts and diary
52Household accounts book, 1911-1914
53Household accounts book, 1914-1925
54Household accounts book, 1930
55Household accounts book, 1938-1940
56Expense booklet, 1929
57Women's dormitory accounts book, 1929-1930
58School notebook, 1940
59Dorothy Greve notebook, 1919-1920
510Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook
511Miscellaneous diary
512Miscellaneous notebook
513Miscellaneous notebook
514Harriet S. Jarnagin grocery notebook, 1904
519Dorothy Greve writing notebook
520Dorothy Greve writing notebook
627Engagements booklet
628Autograph booklet, 1927
780Reminiscence bivouac shelter in Knoxville, Tennessee
7100Jeanette Sterling Greve notebook and diary, 1919-1928
7136Milton P. Jarnagin notebook, 1868-1876
2053Dorothy Greve Jarnagin writing notebook
2054Dorothy Greve Jarnagin writing notebook
216Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin national bank pocket notebook
2111Phi Kappa Phi journal, 1949
2123Memorandum booklet, 1875
2124Jarnagin memorandum booklet, 1889
2125Milton P. Jarnagin memorandum booklet, 1894
2128Mrs. Milton Jarnagin accounts booklet
2129Mrs. Milton Jarnagin account booklet, 1896
2130Memorandum booklet, 1888
2131Daily schedule, December 1953
2173Milton P. Jarnagin journal on Makinac Island trip, 1880
2210Miscellaneous notebook
2211Agnes Jarnagin composition book
2222Dorothy Greve Jarnagin notebook, 1941
2235Dorothy Greve diary notes, 1900-1901
2741Milton P. Jarnagin pocket notebook, 1866
285Unattributed diary, 1909
2742Jarnagin farm income booklet, 1935-1950
286Unattributed diary, 1939
2739Janet Griffeth trip diary, 1988-1990
2740Janet Griffeth trip diary, 1983-1985


515The Gardenia Bush by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
516The Bird House, unpublished short story by Agnes Watkins Sams
517Tilled Edens, unpublished short stories
518Tilled Edens drafts and notes
61Dorothy Greve Jarnagin papers on Athens history
62Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
63Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
64Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
65Janet Jarnagin writings
66Agnes Jarnagin writings
67Milton P. Jarnagin writings
69Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
610Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
611Dorothy Greve Jarnagin short stories
612Dorothy Jarnagin grade school writings, 1923-1930
630Milton P. Jarnagin "Reminiscences of the War", 1891
2047Milton P. Jarnagin writings
2151Jeanette Sterling Greve poems
2154Harriet Greve childhood writings
2174Janet Jarnagin notes on poetry
2175Miscellaneous handwritten poetry
2176Miscellaneous writings
21108L.C. short story
21109Poems and short stories
21111Jarnagin poetry
223Miscellaneous writings
224Day Dreams by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1903
225Jeanette Sterling Greve poems
227Gypsy Fortune synopsis by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
2212Agnes Jarnagin school writings, 1923-1936
2221Translation of two sermons of Adolphe Monad
2290Mardee Gray's Choice by Dorothy Jarnagin book cover
2291Gypsy Fortunes by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin book cover

Legal documents

643Milton P. Jarnagin Trustees records, 1890-1896
644Milton P. Jarnagin renter's documents, 1862-1872
645Mossy Creek and State of Tennessee Charter of Incorporation, 1890
71George Peak levee bonds, 1861
72State of Tennessee county count transcript, 1890
73Southern Life Insurance Company board agreements, 1874
74Bank of West Tennessee vs. Marr brothers, 1869
78Harriet Otis Smith affidavit, 1941
713Milton P. Jarnagin drug store property lease, 1892
714State of Tennessee Certificate of Redemption, Milton P. Jarnagin, 1878
726Geneva Rock Cold Spring Creamery Co. by-laws
729Testimony of Synod of Nashville against mob law by Thomas Hooke McCallie, 1965
730Four Mile Law summary by Milton P. Jarnagin
731Frank M. Smith vs. W.C. Jarnagin legal brief, 1892
757The Silco Marble Mining company, 1859
758Office of liquidating board of levee commissioners levee bond, 1867
771Smith and Jarnagin legal brief, 1892
7101Milton P. Jarnagin payments on Clifton Plantation, 1888
7102Susan K. Jones guardianship decision by superior court
7104Guardianship of Susan K. Jones, 1883
7105Guardianship of Susan K. Jones correspondence, 1882-1884
7113State of Tennessee certificate of redemption, Milton P. Jarnagin, 1880
7117Article of Agreement between Milton P. Jarnagin and A. Jarnagin, 1878
7118Indenture between Agnes W. Jarnagin and the Salina Cement Plaster Company, 1890
7119Agreement between Agnes W. Jarnagin and the Salina Cement Plaster Company, 1895
7120State of Tennessee Charter of Incorporation with Mossy Creek Creamery, 1883
7125Insertions for Jarnagin contract
7127Milton P. Jarnagin instrument of protest, 1872
7128Milton P. Jarnagin affidavit, 1868
7129Murrell affidavit for Clifton Plantation, 1860
7131Shippy and Jarnagin affidavits, 1881
7132John, Richard I., and Milton P. Jarnagin land sale, 1868
7133Dow and Mette legal brief, 1871
7134State of Tennessee county of Shelby vs. M. Yates, 1883
7135Election Laws by Milton P. Jarnagin
7137Emanuel Brown and Milton P. Jarnagin contract, 1889
2126Student and Faculty petition against Mossy Creek
2132Article of Partnership for Jarnagin and Limmon, 1901
2133Deed of houses, Milton P. Jarnagin to J.S. and WRR Co.
2134Seaton indenture to Mrs. Agnes W. Jarnagin, 1907
2136Milton P. Jarnagin power of attorney, 1910
2139Jarnagin, Johnston and Shepherd loan, 1871
2143Mrs. Agnes W. Jarnagin letters of administration, 1909
2148Mrs. Agnes W. Jarnagin indenture, 1896
2157Tennessee Deed of Grant, 1879
2160Mossy Creek Woolen Mill insurance policies, 1897-1899
2168Dorothy Greve Jarnagin McAllester will
2169Milton P. Jarnagin will
2179Walter A. Sams, Jr. affidavit
2180Milton P. Jarnagin Certificate of Redemption, 1876
2181Oscar Wooldridge bill of sale to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1880
2182W.C. Morris Warrant of Distress, 1874
2183Patton A. Bradford and John D. Murrell purchase agreement, 1848
2184Walker vs. Campell Wallace et. al. house sale agreement, 1872
2185Frank W. Royster and Milton P. Jarnagin house sale contract, 1868
2186The Sligo Mining and Marble Company and Kennedy and Curry purchase agreement
2187Elk Valley Coal and Iron Company vs. Walter H. Crouchley final decree, 1894
2188George A. Rumsey and H.B. Wetzell attorney contract, 1888
2189Peck, Wetzell, and Rumsey power of attorney, 1899
2190Elk Valley Coal and Iron Company and John Peter grant purchase agreement, 1890
2191Elk Valley Coal and Iron Company and John Peter grant purchase agreement draft, 1890
2192Milton P. Jarnagin Elk Valley station resolution, 1890
2193Milton P. Jarnagin, Mrs. Thomas M. Evans, and Mrs. Mary Bynum Jarnagin Rodman legal contract, 1912
2194Frank W. Jarnagin and Wes-Tex Pipe Coating Company lease, 1959
2195Breyfogle and Jarnagin land contract, 1892
2197House Bill No. 569 Memorandum, 1896
2198Milton P. Jarnagin II auction booklet, 1904
2223Elk Valley court chancery legal documents, 1981-1984
2227Receipt for loan from Milton P. Jarnagin, 1865-1871
2228State of Tennessee legal notice, 1883-1884
2229Outline of M. Cooney vs Frances Baird legal dispute
2230State of Tennessee taxing district document, 1887
2231State of Tennessee Milton P. Jarnagin Certificate of Redemption, 1880
2233Milton P. Jarnagin legal case summaries
2234Milton P. Jarnagin legal case summaries
2269Milton P. Jarnagin and East Tennessee Hedge Co. agreement, 1886
2275Chancery court bill complaint for the state of Tennessee, 1883
2368Spencer Jarnagin and Susan Jarnagin Bill copy, 1831
2357Glenmore property sale documentation, 1994
2360Warranty Deed for Norman, Evans, Jarnagin, Burnet, Griffeth, and Rodman, 1969
2326Agnes J. Sams general power of attorney (copy), 1983
2331First National Bank of Athens resolution, 1980
2336Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company legal agreement, 1922
2361Agreement between Rodman, Jarnagin, Norman, and Evans, 1967
2State of Tennessee and The Kentucky, Tennessee and Carolinas Railroad Company charter of incorporation, 1890
279Carl Matthias Greve agreement, 1847
31Jarnagin and Sams families papers restricted
Boxes 30 and 31 restricted until 2047. Contact the head of Hargrett Library for more information.

Personal papers

1Agnes Jarnagin college scrapbook, 1930-1933
1Alla Dobbs scrapbook, July 1898
1Jarnagin family scrapbook
68Dorothy Greve Jarnagin budget
613Milton P. Jarnagin school report cards, 1924-1925
614Agnes Jarnagin school report cards, 1922-1929
615Dorothy Jarnagin school report cards, 1923-1935
616Janet Jarnagin school report cards, 1917-1933
617Dorothy Jarnagin school certificates, 1926-1931
618Janet Jarnagin school certificates, 1925-1928
619Milton Preston Jarnagin III, 1922-1925
620Frank Watkins Jarnagin school report cards, 1892-1896
621Milton Preston Jarnagin II school report cards, 1895-1900
622Milton Preston Jarnagin II schoolwork, 1896
623Frank Watkins Jarnagin school exams, 1896
624Miscellaneous school work, 1889
525Miscellaneous school work
626Milton P. Jarnagin agriculture notes, 1904
629Sam J. McAllester Sr. thesis, 1905
631Joke scrapbook
632Walter A. Sams, Jr. report of physical examination, 1939
633Walter A. Sams Augustus, Jr. military records, 1943-1947
634Walter A. Sams, Jr. military documents, 1940-1947
635Walter A. Sams, Jr. United States Army Command and General Staff School Diploma, 1944
636Army extension courses certificate of completion for Walter A. Sams, Jr., 1934
637Walter A. Sams, Jr. handwritten notes
642Milton P. Jarnagin speech, 1945
638Palmer C. Smith memorial, 1900
725American Kennel Club Stud Book, registration and pedigree for Merry Feathers, 1940
738Milton P. Jarnagin II handwritten lecture
739The Treasures of the Uffizi lecture
753Albert and Walter A. Sams report cards, 1921-1922
754Frank and Martha Jarnagin report cards, 1893
755Agnes Watkins Jarnagin sketches and rhymes
756Dorothy Greve Jarnagin childhood letter
759Fourth english examination by C. G. Evans, 1900
766Dorothy Greve instructions for popularity
769Woman's silhouette by F. Ward
770Athens City Schools Walter A. Sams seventh grade certificate, 1922
772Biographical sketch of S. Jarnagin, 1852
796Lecture notes
7116Miscellaneous notes
7121Agnes Jarnagin event invitations, 1933-1934
7122Agnes Jarnagin event invitations, 1935-1940
7123Agnes Jarnagin event invitations
7124Walter A. Sams event invitations
767Jeanette Smith and Dr. Charles M. Greve wedding invitation, 1883
768Cherry Greve and George Lyford wedding invitation
773St. Albans German Club fall invitation, 1900
775The Sophomore Cotillion Club dancing invitation , 1902
786Frank N. Watkins practice of law announcement, 1841
787Randolph-Macon Academy certificate of distinction, Milton Preston Jarnagin, 1900
788University of Knoxville certificate of distinction, Milton Preston Jarnagin, 1896-1897
7115Drawings of Dorothy, Agnes, and Janet Jarnagin (photocopies)
728University of Georgia experiment station report
2049Samuel J. McAllester notes
2050The Volunteer committee on statistics sheets
2051Baby books
2052Dorothy Greve McAllester memorial book
2048Sam J. McAllester memorial resolutions, 1957
2045Milton P. Jarnagin II memorium script, 1956
2046Milton P. Jarnagin II biographical sketch, 1956
2044Mrs. Agnes Sams, Jr. note to local post
215Pocket booklets
217Sarah Jane Sams and John Finley Caldwell wedding invitation, 1945
218Sigma Nu formal invitations
2135The Volunteer questionnaire , 1902
2144Children's drawings
2145Milton P. Jarnagin report cards
2146Agnes Jarnagin report cards, 1931-1934
2149Harriet Greve at the University of Tennessee notes
21105Miscellaneous sketches
21110Child's handmade alphabet book
21112Junior history notes
2153Dorothy Greve University of Tennessee report card, 1901
2155Dorothy Greve Jarnagin accounts of meeting Sam. J. McAllester, 1930-1950
2161Holly and Christmas Decorations by Dorothy Greve Jarnagin, 1928
2170Anti convulsive clinic paperwork for Dorothy Jarnagin Burnet, 1955
2171Walter Forbes speech at University of Georgia on Milton P. Jarnagin II
2172Milton Jarnagin schedule, 1949
2177Marriage and party invitations to Dorothy Greve Jarnagin
2199Mrs. Janet Griffeth event invitations, 1885-1890
21100Sigma Alpha Epsilon Annual formal invitation, 1904
2137University of Tennessee certificate of scholarship for Harriet S. Greve, 1904
2138Walter A. Sams III hall monitor certificate, 1963
214Sam J. McAllester legal documents and licenses
2140Statement of recollection on Jarnagin family lunch
2141Trip to Knoxville itinerary, 1926
2159University of Tennessee class of 1905 reunion planning, 1905
2167Milton P. Jarnagin telegrams and funeral registry, 1956
222Book review by Harriet Greve, 1921
2226Glenmore notes
2240Agnes Jarnagin sketch
2241Unattributed sketches
2242Unattributed sketch book, 1878-1880
2249Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin Sams, Jr. wedding book
2250Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin Sams, Jr. wedding congratulations, 1940
2251University of Georgia sorority chapter members and pledges
2252The University of Georgia Botanical Garden membership card for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sams, Jr., 1983
2253Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams, Jr. Sandy Creek Nature Center membership card, 1983
2256Miscellaneous notes
2272Milton's funeral notes
2276Janet Jarnagin Christmas goodwill contract, 1932
2279Dorothy "Beaner" Jarnagin wedding preparation booklet, 1940
2280Bible and Prayer Union member card for Mrs. M.P. Jarnagin, 1890-1891
2292Milton P. Jarnagin Jr. research mathematician job performance
2293Agnes Jarnagin Sams member subscriptions and donations, 1980-1984
2294Jarnagin family vacation itinerary, 1932
22101Walter Augustus Sams III biographical information
22104Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. medical reports, 1975
22105Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. medical reports, 1960-1975
22106Anna Dorothy Greve handmade childhood cards
2224Mr. Walter A. Sams presidential inaugural commemorative, 1977
2225Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. inaugural committee invitation to the inauguration of Jimmy Carter, 1977
226 Dorothy Greve Jarnagin publication agreements, 1923-1927
228Dorothy Greve Jarnagin autobiographies
2213Capital City Club membership booklet, 1981-1982
229Janet Sterling Jarnagin University of Georgia transcripts, 1932
221Athens High School commencement speech by Milton P. Jarnagin III, 1925
2236Agnes Jarnagin Sams Phi Mu fraternity member card
2237DL retired civil servant pass Milton P. Jarnagin, Jr., 1979
2238Mrs. Walter A. Sams United Nations Association membership card, 1972
2239Milton P. Jarnagin III certificate of registration, 1932
2265Jarnagin family table tallies
2296Miscellaneous notes
2264Garden Council of Athens flower show ribbons
231John F. Cochran insurance claim, 1917
232J. F. Cochran Aetna insurance policy, 1883-1893
233McSpadden and Lipscomb insurance policy for Milton P. Jarnagin, 1904
234The National Bank of McKeesport, PA Hetty S. Jarnagin booklet, 1907
235Milton P. Jarnagin english grades
236Dorothy G. McAllester unofficial estate appraisal
237Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin Sams, jewelry appraisal, 1984
238University of Tennessee Hetty S. Jarnagin certificate of vaccination, 1901
239Walter A. Sams, Jr. supplemental mileage ration
2310Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. Amateur Trapshooting Association life membership, 1937
2311Mrs. Thomas M. Evans printing plate
2314Walter A. Sams Athens Naval Officers Club coupon book, 1940
2315Agnes Jarnagin Sams death certificate, 1984
2316Walter Augustus Sams, Sr. death certificate, 1961
2317Agnes Jarnagin Sams passports, 1962-1971
2318Walter Augustus Sams, Jr. passports, 1962-1971
2319Milton Preston Jarnagin passport, 1928-1934
2320Dorothy Greve McAllester passports, 1932-1959
2321Milton Preston Jarnagin III passport, 1934
2322Joint Tech-Georgia development fund conference guest list, 1974
2325Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin Pacific Telecoin stock, 1946-1948
2341Agnes Watkins Jarnagin Sams memorial, 1984
2359Milton P. Jarnagin and Dorothy Greve marriage certificate, 1908
3Jarnagin and Sams families diplomas and certificates
7Milton P. Jarnagin's house, handrawn plats
8The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Milton Preston Jarnagin membership certification, 1937
8State of Georgia, Milton P. Jarnagin, Lieutenant Colonel, Aide De Camp, Governor's Staff certificate, 1947
9The United States of America, John D. Murrell certificate of land sale, 1837-1838
2733Dorothy Jarnagin and George Griffeth bridal gift list, 1936
2710Agnes Jarnagin short story, age 11
2712Circleville, Our Home by Mrs. Jeanette Greve
2736Kind thoughts calendar
2737Agnes Jarnagin sketch
2738Handmade score cards
2743Janet Jarnagin Athens High School writing scrap book
287P.C. Smith library catalogue, 1880

Printed materials

639Roster of officers enlisted reservists, 309th cavalry
640Veterans administration booklets, 1945
641Direct commission in the Officers Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States booklet, 1948
79Memorial service book for Grace Arrington Kempton and John Thompson Guice, Jr., 1941
710Grace Arrington Kempton and John Thompson Guice, Jr. memorial service, 1973
716George Hemphill, Sr. obituary and funeral program, 1977
721The Atlanta Music Club and The Atlanta Philharmonic Society All Star concert series program, 1934
722Look-Look-Look Barbeque by Izzy and Bona flyer, 1946
723Junior Exhibition of Carson-Newman College Contest for Woodruff Metal flyer
724Tax collector tax returns flyer, 1881
727Fred Harris Lee's Summit, Mammoth, Jacks and Jennets flyer
732Patria flyer, 1896
733The Red Letter of Instructions on the Cure for Asthma booklet
734Society of Chamber Music program, 1896
735Mr. M. Boekbinder instrument tuning advertisement
736Auld and Conger slate blackboards advertisement
737Milton P. Jarnagin II University of Tennessee annual commencement , 1995
740Chattanooga Lookout Mountain Railway Co. brochure
741Mountain Rose medicine booklet, 1893
742Salem Academy commencement, 1889
74311th Annual Meeting of the East Tennessee Farmers' Convention, 1886
744Eseeola Inn fourth season booklet, 1894
745Eighteenth Annual Little International Livestock Show flyer, 1938
746Creamery promotes wealth circular, 1894
747The Florida Steam Heater advertisement
748The Philadelphia Lawn Mowers advertisement booklet, 1885
749Premium List, Rules and Regulations of the Chestnut Grove Fair, 1887
750The Standard Spray Pump advertisement booklet
751University of Tennessee campus updates booklet, 1892
752University of Tennessee Department of Law Announcement, 1892-1893
760School of Library Training Pratt Institute program, 1896-1897
761The University of Tennessee memorial research center and hospital dedication program, 1956
762University of Georgia schedule of recitations, 1910-1911
763To the people of Jefferson County newspaper notice
764Emory University graduating exercises program, 1945
765Exposition Press Inc. author report, 1956
774Office of Peoples Insurance company stockholders letter, 1888
776Alka-Seltzer advertisement booklet
777Mrs. Sallie Massie Whitehead memorium, 1899
778Bagster Bibles advertisement
779The Young Men's Christian Association invitation
781University of Georgia Women Honor Students Dinner program, 1936
782Kate Murrell death announcement, 1888
784Diamond Wall Finish Co. sample brochure
785The University Theater presents the Thalian Blackfriars program, 1933-1934
789Georgia Home Insurance Company advert
790Mrs. Florine Finley Elder funeral program, 1965
791City National Bank of Knoxville, Tennessee pamphlets
792Wisconsin Dairy School banquet flyer, 1904
793The Community Concert Association Kneisel, Alden, Turner program
794Dance of the Dragons, Adams' Hall Ames flyer, 1905
795University Theater, Thalian Blackfriar program, 1935-1936
797Morocco Government exhibit flyer, 1904
798W.E. Hathaway, M.D. Occultist and Aurist flyer
799Mrs. Kate C. Cardozo obituary, 1882
7106Field Day of the Athletic Association, Pantops Academy booklet, 1894
7107Ward Seminary fundraising letter, 1891
7108Livestock Feeding Practices flyer, 1950
7110The University Theatre booklet, 1947-1948
7111First Presbyterian Church program, 1980
7112Little River and Little Pigeon River Country region summary
211Coca-Cola bottler's association metric converter scale
212The University Theater Thalian-Blackfriar booklet, 1935-1936
213The University Theater Thalian-Blackfriar booklet, 1936-1937
219First Presbyterian Church Athens, Georgia program, 1820
2110Camp LeConte for Boys "Coontown Court" Minstrel program, 1930
2112Georgia Press Institute program, 1934
2113Iowa State College class of 1905 commencement program
2114University of Tennessee alumni annual dinner program, 1926
2115Episcopal High School commencement program, 1964
2116University of Georgia Alumni Day program, 1935
2117The Mary Ann Lipscomb Elementary School Lucy Cobb Institute commencement program, 1923-1926
2118University of Georgia Honors Day program, 1936
2119First Baptist Church Athens, Georgia dedication program, 1951
2120Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin portrait presentation schedule, 1951-1953
2121Athens High School graduation exercises, 1923-1932
2122University of Georgia commencement exercises, 1929-1938
2127Sunday school teachers' class and guide book, 1883
2147Improving Readiness by William Stanton Forbes
2163Glenmore Victorian mansion brochure and directions
2166University of Georgia Alumni Day program, 1954
2196Farewell and Reception Dance program for Milton P. Jarnagin II, 1905
21101Jimmy, Be Careful! by Lillian Mortimer Denison's select plays booklet, 1931
21102Tobacco Road with John Barton program, 1938
21103Gone with the Wind program
21104Deering Harvester Company advert, 1990
2214Jefferson County Chapter of Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiques annual report, 1970-1971
2215The Presidents Club of the University of Georgia reception and dinner program, 1974
2216Book and Magazine Guild bookworm club flyer
2217Ladies Garden Club, Athens, GA booklet, 1941
2218Registered walking stallion Allen's Best Chance flyer
2219The University Theater Thalian-Blackfriars, 1935-1936
2220The Twenty-Eighth Annual Little International Livestock Show, 1951
2232Athens Coca-Cola bottling company press story
2243The Clearwater Beach Hotel brochures
2244Sea Island Resort, Sea Island, Georgia brochure
2245Charter Oak Wire Gauze Oven advertisement
2247First Presbyterian Church Athens, Georgia one-hundred and fiftieth anniversary commemorative service, 1970
2248Mossy Creek bank stock holders notice
2254Grand Hotel Du Pavillion advertisement
2255Office Vanderbilt insurance company resolution notice, 1890
2257Synodical Committee donation requests
2259Schedule of steamships from Germany to abroad, 1896
2260United States Department of Agriculture monthly list of publications, 1905
2261Kinematographish phonographische vorfuhrungen flyer
2262The Writer's Monthly pamphlet
2263Grand Hotel Du Nord expense sheet, 1896
2266Bible and Prayer union flyer
2267200 year reference calendars by the International Tailoring Co., 1776-1976
2268Cadek Conservatory of Music recital by Harriet Otis Smith, 1906
2271City of Rome plan saloon and cabins for anchor line streamer
2273The College of Music of Cincinnati recital, 1902-1903
2274Bartholomew English and Classical School commencement, 1888
2277M.M. Allen Haupt - Agentur Bremen deck plan
2278Georgia State College of Agriculture annual alumni banquet program, 1932
2281Synodical Evangelistic Work Church donation requests
2282Rome Foundry and Machine works advertisement - Rome, Georgia
2283McCanless' Baling Press advertisement - Cartersville, Georgia
2284Wright Land Level Co. product advertisement
2285Howard Hydraulic Cement booklet - Bartow County, Georgia
2286The Southern Home Building and Loan Association informational booklet - Atlanta, Georgia
2287The Southern Home Building and Loan Association financial statement - Atlanta, Georgia, 1891-1893
2289Red and Black spring dance pictorial supplement
2295Presbyterian Board of Temperance and Moral Welfare articles
2297Piedmont Driving Club handbook, 1978-1979
2298Piedmont Driving Club handbook, 1982-1983
2299Presbyterian Church program, 1961
22100First National Bank of Athens, GA bank notes newsletter, 1972
22102Fusion Society newsletter
22103Athens Banner Herald seventy-fifth anniversary of the National Bank of Athens newsletter, 1941
2312Beesley's souvenir of St. Michael's church booklet, 1928
2313S.S. America Midwinter Cruise passenger list booklet, 1949
2346Emory Medical School commencement booklet, 1945
2362Welcome to Glenmore brochure
4Sams' Realty plats
6Union Railway in Chattanooga, Tennessee by E.R. Wittman
8A Limited Edition Reproduction of the Inaugural Address of President John F. Kennedy, 1961
10Sams' Realty plats
12Sams' Realty topographical maps
2711Circleville, Ohio pamphlet


75Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek business papers, 1890-1895
76France Luttrell Powers estate book, 1961
77Frances Luttrell Powers estate papers, 1961
711Milton P. Jarnagin Mossy Creek grocery list, 1895
712Agnes W. Jarnagin Mossy Creek estate, 1895
715Dillion Town Company Kansas shares, Milton P. Jarnagin, 1886
717American Zinc Company of Tennessee earnings, 1837
718Walter A. Sams, Jr. shareholder appreciation declaration
719Jefferson Creamery shares, 1894
720Mrs. Walter Sams, Jr. jewelry appraisal, 1980
7103Milton P. Jarnagin railroad company shares, 1856-1857
7109The South Salem Land Company shares, unsigned
7114National Bank of McKeesport, Mrs. Martha J. Evans Christmas savings tickets, 1912
7126Mossy Creek Woolen Mills business transactions itemized list, 1896
7130Annual statement for Knoxville Ice Company ice manufactured, 1889
2152Jarnagin family receipts, 1884-1901
2156Letter on royalties, 1880
2158B. Rocco estate notes
2288Certificate of Fifty Merits to Milton P. Jarnagin, 1890
2329Dorothy G. Jarnagin income and disbursements, 1959
2332Coca-Cola Bottling Company value appraisal, 1976
2333Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company financial statements, 1934
2334Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company subsidiary list, 1979
2335Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company balance sheets, 1973
2337Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company vending contracts and sales, 1966-1967
2338Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company vending contracts and sales, 1962-1963
2339Mr. Walter A. Sams property appraisal, 1967
2342Homes Invoices for Walter and Agnes Sams, 1950-1952
2343Sams family land sale agreement with Gainsville Stone Company and associated plats, 1969
2347Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Company valuation report, 1984
2246The Executive Committee of Commercial Interests of the state of Louisiana
2258Office of the Monetary Trust financial forecast, 1895
2270Lik-A-Pas mileage coupons pamphlet
2323The National Bank of Athens shares, 1936-1978
2324The First National Bank of Athens trustees balance, 1969
2328Athens History Village Ltd. financial statements, 1975
2340Mr. Walter A. Sams, Jr. War Department finance forms, 1943-1944
1Confederate States of America bond coupons, 1861
4S.K. labor savings payroll register books, undated
8The First National Bank of Athens, Georgia resolution honoring Walter Augustus Sams, Jr., 1975