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Bill Doss and Amy Hairston collection

Bill Doss and Amy Hairston collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Bill Doss and Amy Hairston collection
Creator: Doss, Bill, 1968-2012
Creator: Hairston Doss, Amy
Inclusive Dates: 1990-2012
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 box(es)
Collection Number: ms4412
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Elephant 6 Collective, or the Elephant 6 Recording Company is a music collective founded in Denver, Colorado by Robert Schneider, Bill Doss, Will Cullen Hart, Jeff Mangum, Jim McIntyre and Hilarie Sidney that later moved to Athens, Georgia. One of the collective's early bands, Synthetic Flying Machine, was formed by Will Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, and Jeff Mangum and released one album, Heaven Is For Kids. When Jeff Mangum left to concentrate on his other band Neutral Milk Hotel, Hart and Doss changed the band's name to Olivia Tremor Control.

Bill Doss (1968-2012) was an American musician responsible for co-founding the Elephant 6 Recording Company and was a central member of The Olivia Tremor Control. Doss married freelance photographer Amy Hairston. After the band's dissolution he began working with The Sunshine Fix and Apples in Stereo.

Amy Hairston Doss is a freelance photographer who met, and later married, Bill Doss while the two attended Louisiana Tech University.

Scope and Content

Collection includes photographs, artwork, posters, concert schedules, magazines, and band ephemera compiled by Bill Doss and Amy Hairston for groups included in the Elephant 6 Recording collective. Groups include Olivia Tremor Control, The Sunshine Fix, Apples in Stereo, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Also included is correspondence to and notes written by Bill Doss and Amy Hairston.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Bill Doss and Amy Hairston collection, ms4412, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Apples in Stereo (Musical group)
Bands (Music)
Elephant 6 Collective
Magazines (periodicals).
Olivia Tremor Control (Musical group)
Photograph albums
The Sunshine Fix

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Elephant 6 Recording Co. band papers

11-3The Sunshine Fix tour schedule
14Olivia Tremor Control tour schedule
15Saturday Looks Good to Me and The Sunshine Fix tour planning
16World as Myth tracksheets
17Neutral Milk Hotel flyer with press photo of Jess Magnum and Robert Schneider
18The Apples in Stereo flyer
19The Olivia Tremor Control flyers
110Photocopied posters
111The Sunshine Fix drawings by Bill Doss
112Olivia Tremor Control drawings by Bill Doss
113Illustration by Peter Erchick
114Olivia Tremor Control booklet
115Vincent Gallo concert booklet
116-17Concert expenses and prices
118Concert planning correspondence
119Correspondence, 2000-2005
120Notes and writing
121Olivia Tremor Control European Promo Trip, 1999
266Olivia Tremor Control and The Sunshine Fix CD inserts
267Lil' Bit and the Customatics flyer
269Olivia Tremor Control postcards
3The Sunshine Fix t-shirts
3The Olivia Tremor Control t-shirts
3Concert pins
3Concert badges
3Folding photograph albums

2. Graphic materials

122The Sunshine Fix, Green Imagination video shoot photographs, 2003-2004
123Olivia Tremor Control polaroids
Includes polaroids of Olivia Tremor Control and friends.
124Collage of photographs by Amy Hairston
Includes photographs of promotional content on Yonah Street, Reece Street, and Peter Street house featuring Bill Doss, Amy Hairston, John Fernandes, Will Cullen Hart, and Peter Erchick.
125 Promotional content and rehearsals
126Performance photographs
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control and The Sunshine Fix at Yonah Street, photographs at the Peter Street house, "Age of the Sun" by the Sunshine Fix promos, photographs of Bill Doss for the Sunshine Fix, and Will Cullen Hart's album cover paintings.
127Promotional content and rehearsals, 1996
Includes photographs of Elf Power with Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart. Also included are rehearsal photographs with Eric Harris and Bill Doss at a garage on Miegs streets, and one of Olivia Tremor Control's first tours.
128Olivia Tremor Control on Peter St. Athens, GA, 1993-1995
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control at Peter St. Athens, GA as well as photographs of Bill Doss and Amy Hairston.
129Tour photographs, 1999
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control opening for R.E.M., fan photographs, and photographs for the 1st european tour with an emphasis on Birmingham, England.
130Recording sessions and studios
Includes photographs of a recording session with Olivia Tremor Control and Kahimi Karie and images of Bill Doss in the transduction studio.
131Recording sessions and studios
Inludes photographs of the Park Avenue basement recording studio and Dave B.
132Olivia Tremor Control photographs
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control and Jason Thrasher.
133Tour and collaboration photographs
Includes photographs of Will Wesbrook and Norway tour crowds, Kahimi Karie and Olivia Tremor Control, Silver Kabuki project, Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart, The Sunshine Fix "Age of Sun" photographs, a collage of photos from Park Avenue, and The Sunshine Fix in New Orleans, LS.
134-35Shows and photoshoots, 1996
Includes photographs of Sloss Furnaces shows, Jeff Magnum, Julian Koster, nighttime warm-ups and Olivia Tremor Control on tour in New York, NY.
136-37Olivia Tremor Control photoshoots, 1996
Olivia Tremor Control photoshoot with Bill Doss, Will Cullen Hart, John Fernandes, and Eric Harris.
138Olivia Tremor Control shows
Includes photographs of a show in Hoboken, NJ and Sweden.
139-40Olivia Tremor Control tour photographs
Includes photographs of Patrick in Hoboken, band members ing Williamsburg, NY, and photographs of The Sunshine Fix's 1st tour.
141-42The Sunshine Fix performance and outings
Includes photographs of The Sunshine Fix performing and hanging out at Canopy Studio in Athens, GA.
143-45The Sunshine Fix videography
Includes photographs of Papers Fall video shoot with the Sunshine Fix as well as infrared film for a collage and promo shots of The Sunshine Fix.
146R.E.M. photograph by Kevin Evans, circa 1985
147The Sunshine Fix performances
Includes photographs of The Sunshine fix performing at various venues.
148The Sunshine Fix in transit
Includes photographs of The Sunshine Fix band members traveling. Also included are several photographs of Sweden and Norway.
149Olivia Tremor Control performances, 1998-1999
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control performing at Atomic as well as their 1st european tour.
150Olivia Tremor Control performances, 1999
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control in London, at a Sloss Furnances show in Birmingham, Alabama as well as photographs of Amy Hairston.
151Atomic performances
152Group photographs, 1993
Includes photographs of Bill Doss, Jeff Magnum, and Will Cullen Hart in Athens, GA as well as Will Westbrook, John Fernandes's sister, and Cranberry Lifecycle.
153Louisiana Tech University and early recording sessions
Includes photographs of Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss.
154Early band photographs, 1992-1995
Includes photographs of Nuetral Milk Hotel members at Peters St., unidentified Athens, GA bands, and John Fernandes, Jeff Magnum, Will Cullen Hart, and Bill Doss in early college.
155Promotional photographs
Includes photographs for the Rolling Stones as well as behind the scences promotional content for The Sunshine Fix.
156Olivia Tremor Control and The Sunshine Fix
Includes photographs of performances, recording and touring in London, England as well as recording the first album in Robert Schneider's studio.
157Olivia Tremor Control promotional photographs, circa 1996
Includes photographs of Olivia Tremor Control for Four Coroners photoshoot, Neal C. and Bill Doss, ATP, first official photoshoot, and a Halloween performance at the 40 Watt.
158The Sunshine Fix performances and members, 1991-1994
Includes photographs of The Sunshine Fix touring and performing as well as images of Jeff Magnum, Scott Spillane and Will Cullen Hart on Halloween in 1991.
159The Sunshine Fix performing
Includes photographs of The Sunshine Fix practicing and performing at Yonah St., as well as promotional photographs and friends on the band.
160-61Halloween at the 40 Watt in Athens, GA
21Olivia Tremor Control album materials
Includes photographs of potential album art and paintings of Will Cullen Hart.
22Olivia Tremor Control and The Sunshine Fix promotional material
Includes photographs of headshots for The Olivia Tremor Control, images of The Sunshine Fix, and a 40 Watt album release.
23Olivia Tremor Control performances, 1993-1994
Includes photographs of California Troubadours, Reece Street performances, music tapes, and New York tour photos.
24Tour photographs with Keven Sweeney, 1998
25House party with local Athens, GA bands
Bands include Of Montreal and the Olivia Tremor Control.
26Olivia Tremor Control performances
Includes photographs of the Olivia Tremor Control performing at the 40 Watt, New York, NY, and Sweden.
27Bill Doss and Olivia Tremor Control
28Will Westbrook photographs, 1986-1990
29Olivia Tremor Control
210The Sunshine Fix on 1st tour by Trisha
211Olivia Tremor Control negatives, 1995
Includes photographs of Silver Kabuki and Olivia Tremor Control at Peters St., Athens, GA.
212Olivia Tremor Control negatives
Includes photographs of promotional content for The Sunshine Fix.
2134 Coroners and The Sunshine Fix negatives
Includes photographs of Will Cullen Hart's paintings, european tour, and 4 Coroners photoshoot.
214-15Olivia Tremor Control and The Sunshine Fix negatives
Includes photographs of the 1st Olivia Tremor Control tour, Bill Doss, John Fernandes, The Sunshine Fix with their first EP and studio photoshoot, Bill and The Sunshine Fix on Park Avenue, and Michael Stipe.
Includes photographs of Will Cullen Hart's paintings, album covers, Elephant 6 Recording postcards and a photoshoot.
Includes photographs from a photoshoot with Brian Poole as well as photographs of Olivia Tremor Control's second album.
1Elephant Six Collective band posters
2Elephant Six Collective band posters
3Concert cue cards
Used for flashcard orchestra.
4Bill Doss artwork
Potential alubum covers dating from Bill Doss's time at Louisiana Tech University.

3. Printed materials

218Terrastock magazine, September 1995
219Magnet magazine, January 1997
220Terrastock magazine, April 1997
221Keyboard magazine, April 1997
222Puncture magazine, 1998
223Terrastock magazine, April 1997
224Stomp and Stammer magazine, December 1997
225Rolling Stone magazine, 1998-04-02
226Rolling Stone magazine, 1998-04-16
227Terrastock magazine, April 17-19 1998
228Rolling Stone magazine, 1998-04-30
229CMJ magazine, March 1998
230Benno magazine, 1998
231Puncture magazine, 1998
232Rolling Stone magazine, 1999-03-18
233Raygun magazine, March 1999
234Magnet magazine, April-May 1999
235Smug magazine, June-July 1999
236Stomp and Stammer magazine, July 1999
237Resonance magazine, 1999
238Bibel magazine, 1999
239Tape Op magazine, May-June 2000
240Stomp and Stammer magazine, September 2000
241Creative Loafing magazine, September 2000
242Tape Op magazine, November-December 2000
243Skyway magazine, 2000
244Resonance magazine, 2000
245Resonance magazine, 2000
246'Sup magazine, 2001
247The Wire magazine, January 2001
248Mojo magazine, January 2001
249Tape Op magazine, January-February 2001
250Tape Op magazine, March-April 2001
251Us Weekly magazine, December 2001
252Slamm magazine, December 2001
253Magnet magazine, March-April 2002
254No Depression magazine, March-April 2002
255Stomp and Stammer magazine, June 2002
256Athens magazine, 2002
257Magnet magazine, September-October 2003
258Magnet magazine, February-March 2004
259Stomp and Stammer magazine, July 2004
260Spin magazine, August 2004
261The Next Wave magazine
262Sound Collector magazine
263Elephant 6 Recording Co. booklet
264Lollipop festival booklet
265Claude Gassian Une Anne booklet
268Ancienne Belgique booklet

4. Artifacts

1Record player
2Dream machine attachment
1The Sunshine Fix concert backdrops