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Robert Schneider collection of Elephant 6 Recording Co. records

Robert Schneider collection of Elephant 6 Recording Co. records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Schneider collection of Elephant 6 Recording Co. records
Creator: Schneider, Robert, 1971-
Inclusive Dates: circa 1990s
Language(s): English
Extent: 13 Linear Feet 7 bankers boxes, 5 oversized boxes, 3 rolls, 5 oversized folders, 8 items.
Collection Number: ms4387
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Elephant 6 Collective, or the Elephant 6 Recording Company is a music collective founded in Denver, Colorado by Robert Schneider, Bill Doss, Will Cullen Hart, Jeff Mangum, Jim McIntyre and Hilarie Sidney that later moved to Athens, Georgia.

Robert P. Schneider (1971-) is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band the Apples in Stereo. In addition, Schneider founded the Elephant 6 Recording collective with childhood friends Bill Doss, Will Cullen Hart and Jeff Mangum. He has also collaborated on several albums with other bands in the collective including Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control.

Scope and Content

Collection includes photographs, slides, and negatives of Elephant 6 Recording Company members with special attention given to The Apples in Stereo. Photographs document performances, tours, vacations, and personal events. Also included is travel itineraries, tour finances, set lists, posters, song lyric notes, fan mail, drawings, band t-shirts, venue badges, buttons, painted concert backdrops and performance wear for The Apples in Stereo Travelers in Space and Time tour.

Administrative Information

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Subject Terms

Apples in Stereo (Musical group)
Band music -- Georgia -- Athens.
Elephant 6 Collective
Olivia Tremor Control (Musical group)
Schneider, Robert, 1971-

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11The Apples in Stereo 1st tour photographs, 1994
12The Apples in Stereo 2nd Tour, Seattle, WA photographs, 1994
13The Apples in Stereo 2nd tour photographs, 1994
14The Apples in Stereo 2nd tour, Yoyo-a-Gogo photographs, 1994
15The Apples in Stereo Los Angeles, California photographs, 1994
16The Apples in Stereo Denver, Colorado tour photographs, 1994
17The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1994
18The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1994
19The Apples in Stereo Mixing Rich, New York photographs, 1994
110The Apples in Stereo cats photographs, 1994
111The Apples in Stereo, California photographs, 1994
112Tidal Wave Video Brooklyn photographs, 1994
113The Apples in Stereo, New York city, Joel E. photographs, 1994
114The Apples in Stereo, east coast, Joel Richardson photographs, 1994-1995
115The Apples in Stereo west coast photographs, 1994-1995
116The Apples in Stereo east New York city to Cambridge photographs, 1995
117Flaming Lips photographs, 1995
118Flaming Lips photographs, 1995
119Flaming Lips photographs, 1995
120The Apples in Stereo in Chicago photographs, 1995
121The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1995
122The Apples in Stereo and Flaming Lips photographs, 1995
123The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1995-1996
124The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1995-1996
125Tidal Wave video, Marin and Sonoma, elephant seals, and Hilarie and Robert in Indianapolis slides, 1995
126Medford, Oregon photographs, 1996
127Olivia Tremor Control Pet Sounds photographs, 1996
128The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1996
129-33The Apples in Stereo in Japan photographs, 1996
134Elephant seals in California photographs, 1996
135The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1996
136West coast trip photographs, 1996
137Apples in Stereo promotional photographs, 1996
138California trip photographs, 1996
139Apples in Stereo at Ogden by Patrick photographs, 1996
140Apples in Stereo - West Coast photographs
141Olivia Tremor Control and The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1996
21The Apples in Stereo by Patrick R. photographs, 1996
22-5The Apples in Stereo in Japan, 1996
26West Coast photographs, 1996
27The Apples in Stereo practice, 1996
28The Apples in Stereo, Pet Sounds photographs, 1996
29Miscellaneous photographs, 1996
210California coast photographs, 1996-1997
211The Apples in Stereo photographs, 1997
212Miscellaneous photographs, 1997
213The Apples in Stereo, Washington, D.C. photographs, 1998
214The Apples in Stereo photographs, 2004
215Elephant 6 member photographs, 2004
216The Apples in Stereo, New York photographs, 2005
217The Apples in Stereo, New York photographs, 2005
218The Apples in Stereo, New York photographs, 2005
219Elephant 6 miscellaneous photographs
220The High Water Marks performing photographs
221The Apples in Stereo performing photographs
222The Apples in Stereo photographs
223The High Water Marks performing photographs
224The Apples in Stereo mastering Fun Trick Noisemaker photographs
225The Apples in Stereo photographs
226-27The Apples in Stereo performing photographs
228The Apples in Stereo Tone Soul Studio photographs
229The Apples in Stereo Fun Trick Noise sessions photographs
230The Apples in Stereo miscellaneous photographs
231Miscellaneous photographs
31Robert Schneider and Hilarie Sidney photographs
32Miscellaneous photographs
33Apples in Stereo passport pictures
34Robert Schneider and Hilarie Sidney trip photographs
35-7Miscellaneous negatives
38The Apples in Stereo member photographs
39The Apples in Stereo promotional photographs
310The Apples in Stereo performing photographs
311The Apples in Stereo first show photographs
312Robert Schneider recording photographs
313The Apples in Stereo performing photographs
314The Apples in Stereo members miscellaneous photographs
315Robert Schneider trip photographs
316The Apples in Stereo, Massachusetts
317The Apples in Stereo band photographs
318Schneider family photographs
319Hilarie Sidney and Robert Schneider vacation photographs
320Elephant 6 band member photographs
321Robert Schneider vacation photographs
322Hilarie Sidney and Robert Schneider wedding photographs
323Robert P. Schneider family photographs
324The Apples in Stereo Tone Soul Evol. session photographs
325Apples in Stereo promotional negatives
326Logan Street apartment Athens, GA photographs
327Secret Square mastering photographs
328Great Falls, Virginia photographs
329Sebadoh photographs
330Lily's photographs
331-35Miscellaneous photographs
336Miscellaneous polaroids
337Correspondence, 1993-2000
338Correspondence, undated
339The Apples in Stereo stickers
340The Apples in Stereo small flyers
341The Apples in Stereo Travelers in Space and Time tour performance wear croquis and fabric swatches, 2011
342The Apples in Stereo Travelers in Space and Time performance wear swatches
343Elephant 6 photographs by Sean Davidson
344The Apples in Stereo Pet Sounds studio stamps
345Sheet music notes
41Elephant 6 Recording Co. customer satisfaction survey
42-3Hilarie Sidney's notebook
44Music writing notebook
45The Apples in Stereo travel itinerary, 1996-2010
46The Apples in Stereo European tour itinerary, 2007
47The Apples in Stereo tour finances, 2001-2003
48Composition for two hemispheres by Robert P. Schneider
49Marbles by Robert P. Schneider lyrics and summary
410The Apples in Stereo Powerpuff Girls music video planning and call sheet, 2000
411The Apples in Stereo posters
412The Apples in Stereo flyer copies
413Miscellaneous photocopied band posters
414Drawings and sketches
415Drawings and sketches (xerox copies)
416Notes and song lyrics
417Big Sound Music Industry summit and showcase program, 2009
418Georgia Museum of Art Elephant 6 exhibit postcard, 2014
419Georgia Museum of Art Elephant 6 exhibit program
420ATHICA Elephant 6 exhibit postcard, 2014
421The Apples in Stereo cassette tape labels
422All Tomorrow's Parties Weekend 2 program, 2007
423The Love Guru by Mike Myers and Gresham Gordy script, 2007
424Poster idea scraps
425Set lists and playlists
426Elephant 6 Recording Co. "Setting the Standard" record label plan
427-30Printed materials
51-14Printed materials
6The Apples in Stereo photograph album
6The Apples in Stereo photograph album
7Elephant 6 Recording Co. t-shirt
7The Apples in Stereo t-shirts (6)
7Robert Schneider melodica
7Festival, concert, and stage passes (27)
7Elephant 6, The Minders, and Ulysses buttons
7Handmade copy of Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt
Created and used by Olivia Tremor Control during the recording of "Dusk at Cubist Castle".
1Band posters
Bands or artists include The Apples in Stereo, Air-Sea Dolphins, Dope Body, Elekibass, Laminated Cats, Olivia Tremor Control, Robert Schneider, R. Stevie Moore, Sloshy, and Ulysses.
2The Apples in Stereo posters
3Band posters
Bands or artists include The Apples in Stereo, The Flaming Lips, and Elephant 6 Recording Co.
4Elephant 6 album cover mock-ups
Includes album cover mock-ups for Fun Trick Noisemaker and Tone Soul Evolution by The Apples in Stereo and The Minders album draft.
5Elephant 6 Recording Company art
4Robert Schneider performance wear, sequined jacket
5Aluminum transcription discs
6Painted concert backdrop
7Painted concert backdrop
8Painted concert backdrop