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James (Jim) Miller papers

James (Jim) Miller papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: James (Jim) Miller papers
Inclusive Dates: 1970-2018
Language(s): English
Extent: 62 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms4347
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

James B. Miller is a businessman who has been the head of 10 different companies, as well as Chairman for Berlin American Cos., Chairman of Prescott Automotive Group, Executive Chairman at Ameris Bancorp, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of LionMark Insurance Co. and Executive Chairman for Ameris Bank (both are subsidiaries of Ameris Bancorp) and Chairman at Trinity Apex Solutions, Inc. Mr. Miller serves on the board of several organizions including American Software, Inc., The Atlanta Opera, Inc., Buckhead Coalition, Inc. and The Florida State University College of Business and Member of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Inc.

In the past Mr. Miller held the position of Chairman of Fidelity National Capital, Inc., Chairman for Fidelity Bank (Atlanta, Georgia), Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Southern Corp. and President for Decatur Rotary Club.

James B. Miller received an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and a graduate degree from Vanderbilt Law School.

Scope and Content

This collection contains correspondence and administrative papers of a large range of civic and cultural organizations with which Mr. Miller was involved. Organizations include Vanderbilt University School of Law, DeKalb Rotary Club, Junior League of Atlanta, Georgians for Better Transportation, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Olympic Committiee, Atlanta Opera, Michael C. Carlos Museum. It also includes photographs and promotional items from Fidelity National Bank operations.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

James (Jim) Miller papers, ms4347, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Banks and banking -- Georgia.
Junior League of Atlanta
Opera -- Georgia -- Atlanta.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Personal

11-11Correspondence, 1982-1991
21-6Correspondence, 1992-1993
27-8Organizational memberships
210Bush for President
211Phil Gramm
212Liane Levetan, 2004 June 15-22
213Majette for Congress
214Majette luncheon - Petit Auberge, 2004 May 25
31Vanderbilt University law class
32Vanderbilt Atlanta-India Charitable Program
33Vanderbilt Alumni board meeting, 1999 October 8
34Vanderbilt - class reunion
35Vanderbilt - Distinguished Alumnus Award - JBM, 2008 April 17-18
36Vanderbilt Law School Annual Report of Donors, 2007
37-8Vanderbilt University School of Law
39Vanderbilt University (Lilly)
312-13Vanderbilt - National Council meetings, 2006-2009
503Florida High School reunions
504Curtis James' campaign - Dekalb County Commission/District 2
505Alan Campbell (Art work)
506-7Capital City Club
508Florida State University - Board of Governors
509Florida State University Business School

2. Civic organizations

41Stephens CEO Forum, 2016 September 19-21
42FIG Partners CEO Forum , 2016 September 19-20
43GBA Annual Meeting, 2017 June 18-21
44-6Georgia State University - College of Public and Urban Affairs, 1993-1998
47Georgia Business Coalition, 1994
48Atlanta School System
49Blue Ribbon Study Committee - State Assembly of Georgia
410Big Heart Award - Alana Shepherd
411-12Mr. DeKalb (Audrey Morgan) - Miller - Chair Sponsorship Committee, 1995
413Mr. DeKalb - American Heart Association, 1997
414Mr. DeKalb - Clyde Shepherd, Jr., 2002
51-2ORT - American Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training
53JBM - American ORT Community Achievement, 2000 September 12
54Rotary Youth - Atlanta
55Rotary, 1992-1993
56Decatur Rotary Club - Report to District Governor, 1993
62Decatur Rotary
63Rotary - On To Jekyll Committee
64Rotary - Membership Development Committee
65Rotary - Georgia Rotary Student Endowment
66Rotary - House Committee
67Rotary - International Youth Committee
68Rotary - Past Presidents Day Committee
69Rotary - Photography Committee
610New Members - Rotary
611Rotary - Fellowship Activities Committee
612Rotary Foundation Committee
613Rotary - Attendance Committee
614Rotary - Classification Committee
615Rotary - Constitution and Bylaws Committee
616Rotary - Community and Human Development Committee (also includes environmental protection)
617Rotary - weekly meetings/agendas
618Rotary board meetings, 1993-1994
619Rotary - Newsletters, district governor
620DeKalb Rotary Council
621Rotary - Charlie Eberhart - Presidential Award
622Rotary - Program Committee
623Rotary - Bulletin Committee
624Rotary - District Governor host
625Rotary - Roster Committee
626Rotary - Public Relations Committee
627Rotary Information Committee
628Rotary - Scholarship and Assistance Committee
629Rotary - Scrapbook and Spotlight Committee
630Rotary - Sergeant at Arms Committee
631Rotary - Vocational Awareness Committee (includes vocation at work)
632Rotary - World Community Service Committee
633Rotarian of the Year
634Rotary - District Assembly - Columbus, 1994 March 26
635Rotary - Teacher of the Year
636Rotary - Club Assembly, 1994 February 18
637Rotary - general correspondence
71-4Junior League of Atlanta
75Junior League of Atlanta meeting folders
76Fidelity Awards, Junior League, 2007 March 14
77Junior League of Atlanta Fidelity Bank Awards, 2010
78Junior League of DeKalb County
81-10Frazer Center
811Reach Gardens
812Cerebal Palsey Center of Atlanta, 1981
813Georgians for Better Transportation
91-5Georgians for Better Transportation - binders, 1986-1988
96Georgians for Better Transportation - legal, financial, 1981-1983
97Georgians for Better Transportation - tax info, 1988
98Georgians for Better Transportation - board correspondence, 1988-1990
99Georgians for Better Transportation , 1991-1993
910Georgians for Better Transportation - financial info, Savannah meeting
911-12Georgians for Better Transportation
913-14Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Regional Development Council General Aviation Task Force
101DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - DeKalb Delivers, 1989
102DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - DeKalb Chamber drive, 1991
103DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - speeches, 1991
104DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - Metro business forum
105DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - retreat and other pre '91 projects
106DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - 5 Year Strategic Plan, 1990
107-9DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
1010DeKalb Chamber of Commerce - binder, 1990-1991
1011DeKalb Convention and Visitors Bureau
1012-14Jim Miller [DeKalb County materials]
111-3DeKalb Delivers
114-5Membership lists
121Membership lists
5010-13Senior Connections
5014DeKalb Community Council on Aging
5015Aga Khan Foundation
511-3REACH, 1993-1999
514REACH/Frazer Center, 1999-2000
515USO Council of Georgia
516Caring Program for Children
517Cliff Valley School
518Council on Economic Education
519Shepherd Center Foundation
56Shepherd Center - Commemorative coin and print
2Mounted poster - City of Decatur, Georgia
1Framed pennant - USO, signed

3. Cultural organizations

122Atlanta Medical Heritage
123Atlanta Medical Heritage - minutes
124Atlanta History Center
125Atlanta Botanical Garden, 1993
126-8Goodwood Museum and Gardens
129Goodwood - insurance
131-2Olympic Committee, 1990-1992
133-4Olympic Steering Committee
135DeKalb Olympic Task Force
136DeKalb Olympics
137ACOG - Olympics
141Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, 1992
142-3ACOG Board of Directors - binder, 1991
144Atlanta Opera - events, 2016
145Atlanta Opera - dinner purchased by JBM (Romeo and Juliet)
146Atlanta Opera - Israel, Budapest, Prague
147-9Atlanta Opera
151-9[Michael C.] Carlos Museum
1510Carlos Museum - Jim Miller
1511Carlos Task Force, 2005
1512Carlos Museum - agenda
1513Carlos Museum - The Baker Award, 2007
161Carlos Museum - strategic plan, 1994
162Carlos Museum - board reports - fundraising
163Michael C. Carlos Museum - JBM - Chairman of the Board, 1996-1997
164Carlos Museum - financial, 1996
165Michael C. Carlos, 1997
166Carlos Museum - committees/roster
167Carlos Museum - foundation and corporate prospects
168Carlos Museum - board meeting, 1996 November 18
169Carlos Museum - board meeting binder, 2000
1610-15Carlos Museum - board meeting folders
171-3Carlos Museum - board meeting folders
174-5Carlos Museum - director search committee
176Carlos Museum - strategic plan, 1994
177-8Michael C. Carlos Museum
5110-11Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
5112-15Carlos Museum Board of Directors, 1999-2000
521-7Carlos Museum Board of Directors, 2000-2002
528Atlanta Opera
529Dekalb Historical Society
2Mounted poster - African American Cultural Arts Festival, 1994

4. Fidelity National Bank

5210Printed material - events
5211Photographs - Employee picnic, 1997
5212Photographs - Customer picnic, 1998
5213Photographs - Customer, employee picnic, 1998
531Photographs - Branch openings
532-3Photographs - Customer, employee picnics, 2001
534Photographs - Fidelity Family Christmas Tree, 1988
535Photographs - Scottdale Child Development Center, Flat Shoals, College Heights Schools
536Photographs - Donations Showcase, 1986
537Photographs - Clark Harrison portrait
538Photographs - Hoopla, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1999
539Photographs - Picnic, 2000
5310Photographs - Customer picnic, 2000
5311Photographs - Employee picnic, 2000
5312Photographs - Events, 1988
541-2Photographs - Events, 1991-1992
543-4Photographs - Events, 1995
545-9Photographs - Events
5410Photographs - Summer party, 1977
551Photographs - Events (unidentified)
552-3Photographs - Bank branch audits
554Photographs - Lion of the Quarter
555Flyers - "The Mane Thing", 1993-2001
556-9Printed material - Promotional
5510Stationery, envelopes
5512Shareholder reports, 1992-2005
5513-14Annual reports, 1996-2007
56Photo album - Employee picnic, 1995
56Photo album - Community projects
56Photo album - Picnic, 1985
56Promotional ephemera
Includes hat, mug, pens, buttons, signs, keychains, pneumatic tube canister and newspaper.
60Slides - Employees, branches, events
1Fidelity National Christmas tree poster
1Mounted photographs - directors, founder
1Scrapbooks (2) - Tributes from Flat Shoals School
1Mounted photographs - Jim, Lib Anderson