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Savannah Tree Foundation records

Savannah Tree Foundation records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Savannah Tree Foundation records
Creator: Savannah Tree Foundation
Inclusive Dates: 1977-2017
Language(s): English
Extent: 19 Linear Feet (18 boxes, 1 oversize box, and 3 oversize folders)
Collection Number: ms4327
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Savannah Tree Foundation was founded in 1982 by Page Hungerpiller, Lynda Beam, and Suzie Williams to advocate for the canopy trees endangered by the city's growing infrastruture. The S.T.F. partners with other community organizations and local municipalities to raise awareness of Savannah's urban forest as a vital part of the city's environment and cultural heritage.

For more information, see the Savannah Tree Foundation's website.

Scope and Content

This collection contains the records of the Savannah Tree Foundation including meeting minutes; grant applications; correspondence; presentations; newspaper clippings; reports; and proposals, plans, maps, and photographs relating to planting projects.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into five series: 1. Administrative, 2. Financial, 3. Policy, 4. Projects, and 5. Publicity, by record type.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Savannah Tree Foundation records, ms4327, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Community organization.
Savannah (Ga.)
Urban forestry.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administrative

11Alliance for Community Trees meeting, 1998-2014
12-9Board of Directors meetings, 1983-2007
110-21Board of Directors meeting minutes, 1983-2005
122Board of Directors meeting notes, 1987-1988
124Donations correspondence, 1985
125SOTT and reports, 1994-2004
111Meetings Attended , 2006
112Tybee Garden Club
113BPF Legal Address
114Bacon Forest Park Contract and Meeting, 2002
115STF Special Engagements
116Drought PSA
117Ordinance, Small SD's
118Kathy Wolf Lecture, 2008
119GUFC Meeting Materials , 2006
1110Chatham Environmental Forum Resource Protection Council
1111Chatham County Commission Election Congrats Letter, 2008 November 6
1112CEMA - Debris Removal Meeting , 2006 December 14
171Savannah Tree Foundation early documents, 1983 - 1988, undated
172Trees Report questionnaire, 1991
173Advocacy Committee meeting notes, 2003 December 8
174Chatham County Tree Commission correspondence, 2008
175Accomplishments and annual reviews, 2009
176Strategic plan, 2007
177Strategic plan, 2010
178Work plan, 2000
179Work plan, 2001
1710Work plan, 2002
1711Work plan, 2003
1712Work plan, 2004
1713Work plan, 2005
1714Work plan, 2006
1715Work plan, 2006
1716Work plan, 2007
1717Work plan, 2009
1718Savannah Tree Foundation tax classification, 2011
1719Community service agency agreements, 2017

2. Financial

21-6Financial reports, 2000-2005
27State of the Trees (SOTT) memos to file
28SOTT presentation scripts
29SOTT presentations grant letter and lists sent
210SOTT III community presentation correspondence
211Presentation P. R.
212SOTT P bills and fulfill. info
213SOTT III grant app. - Urban and Community Forestry (U & CF) grant
214SOTT III final grant report - Urban and Community Forestry grant
215SOTT Tree City mailing
216SOTT III public presentation, 1998 March 3
217SOTT III briefing details
218SOTT III master copy questions
219SOTT faxable copy
22099 Urban and Community Forestry grant addendum
221Urban and Community Forestry grant application, 2000
222Urban and Community Forestry E. D. grant, 1999-2000
223Satellite II presentation
224Satellite study II drafts
225Satellite II publicity
226Urban and Community Forestry 01:28 Satellite Study , 2001
227Urban and Community Forestry 01:28 grant documents, 2001
228Tree planting comm.
229SOTT IV medic distribution information
230Website materials
231Website working doc.
232Urban and Community Forestry grant application, 2002
233Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (SINERR) grant, 2002
234International Paper Company Foundation grant application , March 2003
235International Paper Company Foundation grant, 2004
236International Paper Company Foundation
237International Paper Company Foundation grant, 2004
238National Tree Trust (NTT) grant application, 2004
239The Savannah Community Foundation grant application , 2004
240The Savannah Community Foundation - 2000 Club, 2005
241National Tree Trust Seeds grant, 2005
31SOTT III correspondence/memos
32SOTT III implementation notes
33-5SOTT III interviews and notes
36SOTT III press
37SOTT III grant application Savannah Presbytery, 1996 April
38SOTT III writing drafts and revisions, May 1998
39State of the Trees, 1997
310-12SOTT transparencies
313For SOTT P overheads
314SOTT III city correspondence
315STF Organizational Assessment National Tree Trust Grant, 1995
316Board Retreat - Grant - Tree Trust, 1995
31794-95 UFC contract: Georgia Forestry, 1994
318UCF Final Report, 1994-1995
319Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program Grant, 1994-1995
320Hunter Army Airfield Study
321A Study of Tree Cover Changes in Chatham County, Georgia, From 1973 to 1992
322Executive Summary
323U & CF Grant Watson Study, SOTT II, Tree Ord. Revision, 1993
324Grant contract with Georgia Forestry Commission, 1993
325Budget Inserts: Watson Study
326UCF Grant: Watson Grant Application
327Watson: File Notes
328Watson Study slides
329Contract with Charles Watson, 1993
330UCF Grant: Final Report, Equipment, and Progress Reports, 1993
331Tree Ordinance - Request for copies , 1995-1996
332Satellite Study - Press
333UCF Grant: News coverage/press, 1993
334List of report receipents
335Attendees to report briefings
336Press: State of the Trees, 1992
337State of the Trees: Survey
338State of the Trees: Breakfast, 1992
1113Savannah Tree Foundation
1114Deborah Williams E. 32nd St // Lincoln St
1115Thomas Square, 2013 October 6
111625th Anniversary
1117International Paper Guidebook Notes + CD
1118IP Grant: Guidebook (Planning & Project Mgmt.), 2009
1119Bamboo Farm Tree Nursery Proposal , 2008
1120Revolving Tree Fund
1121May Howard - Made in the Shade Grant , 2007
1122Candler Oak - Maintenance Costs
1123Candler Oak - Maintenance Bills
1124Candler Oak - Insurance
1125Candler Oak - Grant
1126U + CF Funding , 2006
1127USDA Forestry Budget (Recommendations/Advocacy) , 2009
1128U.S. Forestry Budget Issue , 2005
1129Wilshire, 2013 November
1130DAMES, 2012
1131Tree Gator
1720Savannah Tree Foundation assessment report and strategic planning, 1995
1721Transportation Improvement Program funding, 2006
1823West Bay Street cost analysis and correspondence, 2014
1824Westlake reforestation budget, 2010

3. Policy

340Chatham County ordinances
1Chatham County ordinances
341Ordinance research, 1977-1981
342-44Savannah city ordinances
345Tree Ordinance Committee
347Ardsley Park tree removal, 1993-1998
349Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) Open Space Committee
41Issue - Tree Lighting, 1989
42Memos to file and notes - Tree Lighting
43Parade and Public Assembly Ordinance
44Theus Park
45Victory Apartments
46Victory Drive Home Depot
47Waters Avenue easements
48Waters Avenue: Correspondence
49Waters Avenue memo to file
410Roads - Waters Avenue
411-12Waters Avenue
413-15Waters Avenue easements , 1992-1994
416MPC Zoning revision
417Candler Oak proposed easement
1132Candler Oak Property Ownership
1133Candler Oak - Easement Encroachment , 1999
1134Candler Oak - Easement Appraisal
1135President Street Trees
1136President Street Property , 2008 September
1137Enterprise Zone
1138Casey Basin South Policy, 2003-2005
1140Grow Station - Bamboo Farm
1141Johnny Mercer Zoning Issue , 2008 July
1142Press Contacts
1143SPLOST, 2006
1144Appropriations , 2007
1722Savannah master tree plan, 1988
1723Ordinance Task Force work plan, 1993
1724Tree ordinance narrative, 1994, undated
1725Chatham County Tree Authority Committee report, 1994
1726Tree Advisory Committee papers, 1993 - 1994
1727Homebuilders Association ordinance, 1994 - 1995
1728Ordinance Task Force correspondence, 1994 - 1995
1729Ordinance approval process, 1994 - 1995
1730Tree ordinance draft, 1994 - 1995
1731Chatham County land-disturbing activities ordinance, 1995
1732Metropolitan Planning Committee tree ordinance workshop, 1995
1733Chatham County ordinance, 1995
1734Chatham County tree ordinance review, 1996 - 1997
1735Chatham County ordinance, 1997 February
1736Chatham County ordinance review, 1997
1737Chatham County land-clearing and tree protection activities manual, 1997
1738County ordinance inspector position, 2004
1739City of Savannah ordinances, 2004 - 2005, undated
1740Chatham County historic preservation ordinance, 2005
1741Chatham County tree ordinance revisions, 2008
1742Tybee ordinance, 2015

4. Projects

418Ardsley Park Reforestation plan
419Armstrong property site review, 2006
420Bamboo Farm, 2003
421Bikeway/Greenway, 1999
23Bikeway/Greenway charts
24Bikeway/Greenway maps
422Bikeway/Greenway combined, 1996-1998
423-24Greenway, 1997-1998
425Bikeway, 1997
426Liability re: recreation , 1996
427Previous work on billboards
428Bonaventure Oak Tree
429City tree inventory, 2000
430Savannah park and tree plans, 1999
431Savannah park and tree, 1998
432Park and Tree Commission minutes, 2001
433Savannah Park and Tree Master Plan, 1988
434County correspondence - general, 2002
435Advocacy - County tree budget, 1996-1997
436Country tree inventory, 1998
437-38Daffin Park Master Plan, 1993-1997
439Daffin Park: press releases/news, 1998
440Daffin Park: original park plan
441-42Daffin Park history
448DOT I-16/37th Street landscaping plan
449Eisenhower Fire Station
450Family Dollar
451Garden Homes replacement, 2001-2004
452Garden Homes
453GFC Urban Forestry position
454Greenspace/Landscaping Plan
455G-8 Encampment, 2004
456Landmark District Reforestation Plan
457Oatland Island
458Parking lot Kmart - Victory Drive, 2003
51Model Urban Forest parking lot retrofit, 2001
52Parking lot retrofit
53City and county park information
54Park master plans
55City park - plantings
56Southside Park plans
57Follies - Art
58Follies - Art photographs
59Placentia Canal vs trees
510Port Wentworth Steering Committee
511Rollings Oak Candler Hospital
512Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (SKIO) Forest Management
29Physical Master Plan Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
513Savannah Walk
514Sweet Gum Task Force
515Stormwater Utility
517Stormwater county engineering
518Target - Sandfly
519ISTEA road projects
520Oak at Skidaway and 36th
521Coffee Bluff/Felt Avenue
522Coffee Bluff/Davietta St.
523Eisenhower/Abercorn intersection widening
524Hodgson widening
525Issues - Johnny Mercer overpass
526Roads and tree issues - Hodgson trees, 1999
527Tree lights for Savannah's oaks
529Correspondence - lighting of trees
530Wood and Partners
531Correspondence: Wood and Partners
532Bacon Park: Truman Parkway, 1995, 1996
533Bacon Park Forest: Press, 1995, 1996
534BPF Env. Evaluation - Corps of Engineers, 1995
535Bacon Park Cleanup I
536Bacon Park Cleanup II
537BPF GFC Tree Survey, 1995
538BPF - Memos, 1995-1996
538Bacon Correspondence, 1994-1996
539BPF - Open Space Management Plans
540Bacon Park Speeches, 1995
541Bacon Park Forest: City Council Proceedings, 1994
542Timber Valuation: Bacon Park, 1993
543Soccer Complex: Correspondence, 1994
544Bacon Park Soccer Complex: STF Memos, 1993, 1994
545Sports Council Facilities Study
546Coastal Georgia Soccer Association
547Background Info: Soccer Complex
548Bacon Park Forest: Maps
22Bacon Park Tree Survey
549Oral History
550BPF Notes on Sources of History
551Bacon Park & CC History
552Urban Forest Diaster Preparedness, 1997-1998
553Disaster/Storm plan
554-55Urban Forest Disaster Preparedness Workshop, 1997
556Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Natural Disaster Planning
557Mid-Atlantic Disaster Planning Conf., 1997 November 17
558Urban Forest Disaster Preparedness, 1997-1998
559MPC Advisory Comm. , 1995
560-62MPC Tree Advisory Task Force, 1993-1995
563Press: Tree Task Force, 1994
61Tree Task Force: Recommendations
62City Task Force on Trees, 1992-1993
63Trails of Trees, 2004
65St. S Publicity
66St. S Appraisals/Feedback
67St. S CEU's
68St. S Financials
69St. S Planning
61020th anniversary notes, December 2002
611Reid Ewing, 2003
612Conference Press
613Georgia Urban Forest Council, 1995, 2000
614Bonaventure Laurel Oak, 2000
615-16BPF Current Advocacy with some history
617BPF Correspondence, 1997-1999
618Bacon Park Memos and Correspondence, 2000
619White Bluff Road: Correspondence, 1993
620217 Office Furniture
622Bacon Park Forest master plan
624Robert & Co. Interim Master Plan, 1998
62520th Birthday
626BPF Future - Ideas
627BPF Planning
628Ideas/Dreams for BPF
629Robert & Co. Prelim Design & Final Master Plan sections, 1999
630BPF - Visitors
631BPF Kiosk
632BPF Kiosk Design
633UCF Grant Contract and Application, 1995-1996
634Bacon Park Forest National Public Lands Day, 2008
635National Public Lands Day
636NPLD Planning
637BPF - Graffiti, 2007
638BPF Workday, 2006 October 14
639BPF Workdays, 2005
640BPF Forestkeepers Day, 2006 October 14
641BPF Workday Planning, 2006
642BPF Workday plot sign to laminate
643BPF Workday Savannah Electric
644BPF Workday Bartlett Tree Experts, 2006 March 4
645Bacon Park Forest National Night Out, 2005
646Dr. Coder Visit, 2004
647Bacon Park Forest Notes, 1999-2004
648BPF Neighborhood Assoc. & CCC doc., 2007
649Terrace Heights Neighborhood Association
650Trail Clearing , 2009
651-52Forest Stewardship Plan
653BPF Master Plan Summaries, Robert & Co.
654BPF Distinctive Forest Areas Map CC's
655BPF Site Analysis Summary, Wood & Partners
656Executive Summary
657A Phase One Site Analysis and Base Map for Bacon Park Preliminary Draft
658A Phase One Site Analysis and Base Map for Bacon Park
659Bacon Park Report Draft
660Site Visit, 1996 June
661Ivy Removal
662Bacon Forest Park negatives
663Bacon Forest Park photographs, 2001 May 8
664Bacon Forest Park slides
665Volunteer Instructions SWB , 1998
666SWB labels
667SWB Supervisors List, 1998
668SWB Resolution
669SWB T-shirts
670Tree Watering Memos and Corresp.
671SWB - Memos/Corresp.
672SWB sign-up
673Mighty 8th Assessment, July 2000
674Mighty 8th Planting Volunteer List & Info.
675Mighty 8th Review by Risher, 1998
71Mighty 8th Water/Maintenance Agreements
72Mighty 8th Planting Press
73Mighty 8th Planting Application
74Mighty 8th Heritage Museum
218th Air Force Heritage Museum maps
75Mighty 8th Planting Correspondence
76Mighty 8th Press
77Memorial Access Rd Pl. Application
78Memorial Medical Tree Planting Access Road
28Memorial Medical Center Landscaping plans
79Memorial Access Rd Planting Press, 1997
710Truman Planting Application
216Truman Parkway map
711Truman/Delesseps sign-ups
712Truman: invitation
713Truman/Delesseps Thank-yous
714Truman/Delesseps Press
715Truman/Delesseps Meetings
716Truman/Delesseps Memos
717Truman/Delesseps Correspondence
718Truman/Delesseps Org./Volunteers
719Arbor Day - Page's Tree, 1996
720Arbor Day - Georgetown, 1996
721Georgetown Review Condition
722Georgetown Tree Planting Condition Reports
723Georgetown El. School Planting
724Correspondence: Plantings Georgetown, 1995-1996
725Georgetown Student Thank Yous
726Lake Mayer Review
27Lake Mayer Tree Planting Plans
727Lake Mayer SBA Contract, 1995
728Lake Mayer Planting, February 1995
729White Bluff Tree Planting Planned, 1995
730Hunter Planting: Project Notes, 1994
26Hunter Army Airfield Landscape plan
731Arbor Day Planting: Details, 1994
732White Bluff Soil Tests
733White Bluff Road/Tree Condition Memos
734White Bluff Rd.- Holland Drainage- Tree Replacement, 2003
735White Bluff Rosters, 1993
736White Bluff Photo, 1993
737White Bluff Road Evaluation, February 1993
738White Bluff Rd./Organization, 1993
739Arbor Day , 1989
740Stell Park, January 1989
741CTC Trees So. Side Fire, 2000
742STF Corresp. IP & Risher Willard, 1999-2000
743CTC Corresp./Memos
744CTC Meetings/Corresp.
745CTC Publicity
746Coalition Application, 1995
747GCT Application, 1995
748Board of Directors
749Mulching- SW Bypass, 2001
750SWB Organization
214Southwest Bypass Tree Planting maps
751SWB Details & Contacts
752SWB Publicity
753SWB Calendar
754SWB Invitation
755Lake Mayer P.R.
756Lake Mayer Reviews Memos
757Volunteer info. Lake Mayer, 1999
758Sign Ups Lake Mayer Pl.
759Labels - Planting Lake Mayer, 1999
760Lake Mayer Planting Application
761Planting Day
762Volunteer Packets/Supervisors
763Lake Mayer- t-shirts
764Lake Mayer Mulching
765Lake Mayer- Planning
766Morning News Ad
767Lake Mayer - Invites
768Lake Mayer Invites - Orginal Proofs
769Tr Pl Lake M. Proclamation
770IP Tree Supply
771IP Tree Supply
772Wilshire Blvd.- FEMA, 2005 March 12
773Scott Stell Tr. Pl. , 2005
774E. Broad St. School Planting, 2005 February 5
775Shorty Cooper/Guy Minick Eis. Planting
776Wilshire Canal - FMA Planting, 2004 February 28
777SKIO trees Deer Protection
778SKIO Tree Planting Volunteers
779Skidaway Tree Planting
81SKIO Tree Planting Press
82Scott Stell Park watering & mulching & holes & plan, 2000
83Scott Stell Press & PR, 2000
84Scott Stell Park - signs, invitations, & t-shirts, 2000
85Scott Stell Sign-ups, Responses
86Scott Stell Planting
212Scott Stell Planting maps
87Scott Stell photographs
1Scott Stell photographs
88Scott Stell negatives
89Scott Stell Park International Paper, 2000
810Air National Guard Tree Planting, 2001 February 3
811SSU Volunteers
811-13SSU Planting
814SSU photographs
815SSU negatives
816Islands Y plastic lanscape material
817YMCA Tree Planting
818Soccer Complex, 2002 February 23
213Soccer Complex Concession and Restroom Facilities Planting Plan
210Proposed Soccer Complex maps
819Whitemarsh Tree Planting, 2002 November 9
219Whitemarsh Island Schools Tree Planting Plan for S.T.F.
820Baker St. - FEMA Planting, 2002 December 14
821Baker St. - FEMA Planting photographs, 2002 December 14
822Trees - Turf
823Whitemarsh volunteers
824Tybee Mulching
825Tybee Planting, 2003
827Project Learning Tree
828Waters Ave. 8,000 Waters, 2011
218Waters Avenue Project maps
829Storm Water Drainage System Impact Assessment, 2006 April 20
830I-Trees Savannah, 2009
831Project Learning Tree
832N. A. Tree Ords.
833Eastside Islands tour
834Georgia Coastal Green Subdiv. Program
835Impact Stories
836Project correspondence
837Project proposals
838Savannah - The Forest City? program
839Summer camp tree stories
840-42Tree planting surveys
1Master Tree List and Master Street Tree Plan
25Bourne Avenue Relocation Maps
211Savannah Landcover Change poster
215Southwest Elementary map
217Victory Apartments maps
843Arbor Day photographs
844Arbor Day presentation slides
845Award negatives
846Award photographs
847Candler Oak photographs, 1985 September 5, undated
848Candler Oak negatives, 1985 September 5
849Candler Oak slides
850East Broad Street and New Savannah High Schools negatives
851Georgetown Elementary School tree planting slides
852Georgia Forestry Commission presentation
853Georgia Urban Forest Council conference photographs
854Johnny Mercer Road tree damage negatives
855Johnny Mercer Road tree damage photographs
856Lake Mayer tree planting before negatives
857Lake Mayer tree planting before photographs, 1999 November 13
858Lake Mayer tree planting negatives
859Lake Mayer tree planting photographs, 1999 November 13
860Lake Mayer tree planting photographs, undated
91Lake Mayer tree planting slides
92Majestic Oak photographs
93Memorial Medical Center tree planting photographs
94Memorial Medical Center tree planting negatives
95National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force photographs
96National Urban Forest conference photographs
97Olive Garden tree damage negatives
98Olive Garden tree damage photographs
99Presentation and workshop negatives
910Presentation and workshop photographs
911Savannah - The Forest City? slides
912Soccer complex photographs, March 1997
913Southwest Bypass tree planting negatives
914-18Southwest Bypass tree planting photographs
919Southwest Fest before negatives
920Southwest Fest before photographs
921Stormwater reforestation tree planting, 2004
922Tree damage photographs
923Tree damage slides
924Tree planting negatives, 1993, undated
925-28Tree planting photographs, 1994, 2002, undated
929-30Tree planting slides
931Truman Parkway tree planting negatives
932Truman Parkway tree planting photographs
933Wilshire Boulevard tree planting photographs
1145Mulching Memos
1146Mulching at Scott Stell
1147Mulching Islands Mothers
1148Prune/Mulch Materials Originals
1149Workshop Pooler , 2008 November 17 - 2009 January 1
1150Tybee Prune/Mulch Workshop , 2007
1151Prune/Mulch Workshop Shorty Cooper , 2006 September 15
1152Tybee P/M Workshop, 2006 June 2
1153Certificate Sample
1154Prune/Mulch Guide - Originals
1155Chatham County P+M Workshop, 2009
1156Pruning and Mulching Guidelines
1157Prune/Mulch Workshop Landscape Businesses
1158Pruning/Mulching Workshop Offers
1159Pruning/Mulching, November 2005
1160Prune/Mulch Offer Municipalities , 2004 July
1161Pruning/Mulching Workshop , 2003
1162Prune/Mulch Handout/Display Materials
1163Pruning + Mulching Workshop, 2000
1164Prune/Mulch Workshop, 1997 November 14
1165Daffin Centennial
1166Trail of Trees (Tim Womick), 2011
1167Vegetation Management
1168Parkersburg Tree
1170Non Native Invasives: Ivy
1171Trustees Garden Cl Co-Sponsorship , 2004
1172Forest Management Invasives
121Bonaventure Cemetery
122GA Water Coalition
123Fort Pulaski GMP, 2008
124Bonnie Raitt "Green Highway" Concert , 2007
125FFS Scott Shell Park, 2009 February 2
126Veterans Pkwy
127Tree Supply
128GPS - Handheld Units Info, 2008
1210Savannah Mall & Trees (Tree Topping Issue)
1211National Trails Day
1212Tree Walk (originals + some copies)
1213Sustainable Fellwood (Project with Melaver, Inc. + Partners)
1214Tree Introductions
1215Wood + Partners (Site Analysis & Base Maps) , 1996
1216Wilshire Canal Drainage Improvements: Chatham County (map)
1217SOTT I
1221Forest Stewards: Program Forms & Copies
1222Forest Stewards Session I: Patrick Grant
1223Forest Stewards Session II: Jerry Holcomb
1224Forest Stewards Session III: Shannon Baughman
1225Forest Stewards Session IV: Dennis Goldbaugh
1227Forest Stewards Session V: Daniel Westcot
1228Forest Stewards Session VI: Denise Grabowski
1229Forest Stewards Session VII: Bill Haws
1230Forest Stewards: Certified Forest Steward Info
1231Forest Stewards Misc. & Attendance
1232Forest Steward Program
1233Forest Steward Educators
1234IP Book Lists
1235Mulching May Howard , 2006 August 6
1236Magnolia Park (FEMA Planting), 2006 February 4
1237Hunter Army Airfield Planting
1238Hunter Tree Planting, 2006 November 4
1239Port Wentworth Planting
1240Tybee Tree Planting, 2007 October 27
1241The Marshes Skidaway Island , 2013
1242SSU, 2013-2015
1243Hunter , 2016-2017
1244CSX Tree Planting (Basemore Park), 2010 November 13
1245CSX Tree Planting , 2010 November 13
1246Future Tree Plantings Memos: Maintenance Landscape Plan
1247Past Planting Partners
1248 Utility Marking Colors
1249Tree Planting Survey Blank Forms
1250Tree Planting Poster (Handout)
1251Supervisor Packet SWB Sample
1252Planting Memos
1253Tree Planting Signs (current, potential)
1254Tree Planting General Correspondence , 1995
1255Planting Review Memos
1256Evaluation Notes (gen)
1257Grow Station Resources
1258Tree Planting Map/Summary
1259CEU Credits/25th
1260Farmer's Market, 2012 August 18
1261NPLD Westlake, 2011 September 24
1262Work Day Partner GA. Conservancy, Hands on Savannah, April 16
1263Congregations in Service , 2011 April 9
1264Forest Keeper Host Kids
1265ALT. Students Workday, 2011 March 16
1266E. Broad Street School Mulching, 2011 February 19
1267ForestKeepers (BPF) , 2010 April 10
1268ForestKeeper (Westlake), 2011 May 14
1269ForestKeeper Events , 2011
1270ForestKeeper (Magnolia Park), October 13
1271BPF ForestKeeper Workday, 2011 March 12
1272ForestKeeper (Congregations in Service), October 30 - 31
1273ForestKeepers 2nd Saturday (Magnolia Park) , November 7
1274ForestKeepers 2nd Saturday (NPLD @ BPF), October 10
1275ForestKeeper (Candler Oak), 2010 September 11
131ForestKeeper , September 12
132ForestKeeper First Saturdays, January 3
133First Saturdays
134ForestKeepers Lists , 2009
135ForestKeepers , 2010 January 9
136ForestKeepers (Pooler), December 12
137ForestKeepers (Hunter Mulching), May 8
138Gulfstream, November 9
139Forsyth Park Fort Development
1310Tree Construction, 2009
1311Trees + Construction
1312Nurseries - Retail & Wholesale
1313FEMA Tree Planting , 2008 March 1
1314Tybee Island McNeal Property (Early 2009 proceedings), 2009
1315NPLD at Fort Pulaski, 2008 September 27
1316NPLD - Ft.Pulaski, September 27
1318Poder Site
1319Pooler Tree Planting
1320LEAVES, 2016 January
1321Trees of Savannah (Remer Lane, Stewart Forbes) , 1978
1322Forest Steward Training Manual
1323Bacon Forest Park General Information
1324Bacon Forest Park Pictures
1325Bacon Forest Park Pictures (continuation)
1326Celebrate Tybee - Booth, Tree Planting , 2007 October 12
1327Tybee, January 14
1328Tybee Water/Energy Fair, 2012 February 11
1329Bamboo Farm Fall Fest, 2009 October 24
1330Bamboo Farm Fall Festival, 2007 October 27
1331Kid's Day , 2007
1332Kids Day, 2007
1333Tree Tours (To Be Developed)
133425th Anniversary
133525th Anniversary Misc.
133625th Anniversary: Program
133725th Anniversary: Invitations
1338Savannah Tree Anniversary Foundation Silver Celebration
1339Earth Day, 2003 April 12
1340Earth Day Youth Info, 2004
1341Earth Day Display etc., 2004
1342Earth Day, Charles Ellis , 2004
1343Earth Day, 2005-2006
1344Earth Day, 2007
1345Earth Day - April 18th 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., 2009
1346Earth Day, 2010
1347Earth Day, 2012
1348Earth Day Materials
1349Earth Day, Forsyth Plc., April 22
1350Arbor Day Bike Tour, 2012
1351Forsyth Tree Walk Landings GDN CL, 2009 March 23
1352Tree Walk
1353Tree Walk Committee, 2001
1354Tree Walk, 2001
1355Tree Walk , 2001 November 7
1356Tree Walk NACAA, 2002 July 27
1357Tree Walk, 2004
1358Tree Walk, 2006 May 24
1359Tree Walk, 2006 December 1
1360Tree Walk, 2008 April 8
1361Tree Walk Forsyth Old Materials
1362Tree Walk - Materials Copies
1363Forsyth Tree Walks (Garden Expo)
1364Old Walks, Forsyth Walk
1365Girl Scouts Tree Walk, 2009 April 18
1366Tree Walk (Explored), 1987
1367Tree Walk Brochures oth. org.
1368Tree Walk - Formation
1369Tree Walk, 2000
1370Tree Walk GUFC
1371Wilmington Isl. Gdn Cl., 2006 March 9
1372Savannah Tree Foundation
1373ACT Poster Contest, 2009
141Lamarville-Westlake Community Park Tree Planting, 2009 March 7
142Westlake/Lamarville T.P.
143Vallambrosa Plantation Pud , 2008
146DAR, April 11
147White Bluff Evolution 01
148Tree Identification Signs
149Tree Planting Survey
1410Heritage Trees
1411Greenbriar Tree Planting , 2009 February 21
1412American Forests Conference (Sustainable Tree Ordinances), 2008
1413GUFC Stormwater Management Seminar in Statesboro , 2008 June 26
1414American Forests Conference (GIS Mapping & Community Planning), 2008
1415Mother Matilda Beasley Park Issue
1416Construction Issues
1417Certified Arborist
1418Broughton Street Trees
1419Broughton Street Trees
1420BPF Pix
1421Robert & Co. Prelim Design & Final Master Plan sections , 1999
1422BPF Summary - Site Analysis Copies
1423Congregations in Service , 2010 October 9-10
1424NUCFAC Urban Forest/Tourism Study
1425Goodbye Magnolia - Monterey Square , 2012 August 8
1426Tourism Leadership Council Mulching , 2012 August 21
1427Arbor Day Project Bethesda , 2010
1428Whitefield/Actress/Keep Chatham Beautiful, 2014 November 1
1429Harbersham. DNA , 2014-2015 March
1430Mighty 8th Planted , 2015 March 24
1431Garrison, 2015 September 26
1432SKIO-Marex , 2016 March
1433Kroger Mall Blvd. - Neighborhood Walmart at Wilshire , 2013
1434STF Tree Inventory Valuation
1435Communitree Projects , 2010-2011
1436Communitrees Potentials
1437Carol Moore - itree
1438Parking Lot Retrofit
1439Forsyth Park Fort
1440Channel 16 PSA for Chatham County , August 7
1441Invasive Species BFP
1442Bacon Forest Park Trail System
1443Sewer Line BPF
1444Conservation Plan BPF
1445Forest Management
1446BPF - Brochure
1447BPF Robert Co Master Plan
1448Forest Stewardship Plan GFC, 1998
1449Bacon Pk. Forest Brochure
1450BPF - Map Handout
1451BPF - Trail Consultant
1452BPF Trail Proposal/Corresp.
1454BPF Trail Development Plan, 2008
1455Plant Inventory
1456YMCA-Fenceline , 2012 October 12
1457Parks, Leisure Services
1458Chevrolet/Geo Environmental
1459Thunderbolt Cezaroni Park
1460Detroit Garden Club, April 23
1461Ellis Earth Day, April 21
1462Arbor Day W. Brd. St. Y Tree Planting, 2012
1463Fresh Air Home, May 8
1464Lake Mayer Tree Evaluations , 2008 December 6
1465Soccer Compl.
1466Trees in Historic Savannah Kay Cobb, 1976
1467Trees of Forsyth Park Remer Lane, Stewart Forbes, 1978
151Candler Oak - Cuttings Request/Policy
152Candler Oak - Parking Lot/Drainage
153Candler Oak
154Candler Oak - Maintenance Sheets, 1997-2000
155Candler Oak - Limb Removal, 1999
156C.O. Overview, 1982-1988
157C.O. Maintenance Notes, 1985-1987
158Candler Oak Weeding
159Candler Oak - Creative Coast Initiative, 2007
1510Phythothora Analysis Bartlette , 2000
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1512Candler Oak - UGA Designation, 2006
1513Candler Oak - Facts
1514Candler Oak Research for Sign
1516Old C.Oak photo
1517Candler Oak - Pictures
1518Candler Oak - Landscape Plan - Not Done
1519Candler Oak - Limb
1520CO Cable + Prune, 2015
1521Candler Oak Maint. , 2007-2008
1522Candler Oak Correspondence, 1984-2000
1523Candler Oak Seed Collecting
1524CANDLER OAK - Asphalt Proposal , 1985
1525Candler Oak Photo, 1998 September
1526Candler Oak Babies Projects
1527Candler Oak - National Register Designation
1528Candler Oak - GUFC Designation, 2001
1529Greenbriar Mulching, 2012 October 16
1530FFS: National Trails Day at BPF, 2009 June 6
1531West Broad St. Y Planting - Neighborhoods, October 20
1532Savannah Arts Academy Tree Planting , 2021 October 6
1533Bartlett Arbor Day , 2009
1534Annual Report , 1999
1535Annual Report , 2000
1536Annual Report , 2001
1537Annual Report, 2003
1538Annual Report, 2004
1539Annual Report , 2009
1540Annual Report , 2010
1541Bamboo Farmers Fall Festival, 2008 October 25
1542Parkersburg Garden Club , 2009 March 9
1543Landings Garden Club, 2009 March 23
1544Green Thumb Garden Club Present , 2008-2009
1545Pooler Garden Club, 2008 September 10
1546Garden Club of Savannah, 2008 October 20
1547Greenfest at Trustees Garden, 2008
1548Landings Landscape Expo, 2009 March 22
1549Garden Expo Attendance List, 2003
1550Garden Expo - Contract, 2003-2004
1551Garden Expo, 2005
1552GUFC Tree Cons. Construction Wrkshop
1743Chatham urban transportation study, 2000 - 2004
1744Transportation amenities plan, 2004, undated
1745Transportation connecting Savannah, 2004 - 2005
1746Chatham urban transportation study amenities, 2003 - 2006
1747Canopied roadways summary, 2002
1748Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting comments, 2012 - 2013
1749Documentation of trees in Forsyth Park, 2014, undated
1750Fencing estimates for Candler Oak, 2009
1751Historic and natural resources working group, 2012
1752May Howard Elementary correspondence and planning, 2015
1753Mother Matilda Beasley Park project, 2007 - 2008
1754Placentia Canal general memos and notes, 2010
1755Thunderbolt billboards, 2008
1756Tree task force, 1993 - 1994
1757Trees and traffic calming research, 2008
1758Cramer Avenue drainage project, 2006
1759DeLesseps/La Roche Avenue corridor improvement project, 2013
1760Johnny Mercer Drive widening , 2012
1761La Roche Avenue correspondence, 2005
1762Middleground Road widening , 2002
1763President Street trees, 2012 - 2013
181Skidaway Road improvements, 2002, 2012
182Stephenson Avenue widening, 1996 - 1998, 2002
183Stephenson Avenue landowners communication, 2002
184Stephenson Avenue reforestation, 2001 - 2004
185Stephenson Avenue reforestation, 2005
186Stephenson Avenue reforestation , 2006
187Stephenson Avenue meeting correspondence, 2007
188Truman Parkway linear park study, undated
189Truman Parkway project, 1978
1810Truman Parkway planning and data, 1991 - 1999
1811Truman Parkway project, 1993, 2010, 2012
1812Victory Drive/Ogeechee Road widening , 1994 - 1995, 2000 - 2001
1813Victory Drive scenic byway research and correspondence, 2001 - 2005
1814Victory Drive scenic byway worksheets, application, and manual, 2004 - 2005
1815Victory Drive planning, 2001 - 2006
1816Victory Drive/Truman Parkway widening, 2002 - 2006
1817Victory Drive widening, 2006
1818Victory Drive resurfacing, 2006
1819Victory Drive conservation meeting, 2007
1820Victory Drive Thunderbolt palm replacement, 2007
1821Victory Drive corridor study, 2012 - 2014
1822Waters Avenue tree issues, 2005
1825Westlake contract, 2010
1826A Historical Sketch of the White Bluff Road, undated
1827White Bluff Road and Savannah Technical College intersection , 2000
1828White Bluff Road/Coffee Bluff Road widening, 1996, 1998, 2006 - 2007
1829White Bluff Road median intersection correspondence, 2012
1830Whitfield Avenue widening project, 1996, 2003 - 2006
1831Wormsloe Plantation road improvement project, 1989, 2011 - 2012

5. Publicity

935Annual letters
936Annual reports
937Article and speech drafts
940Chatham County Tree History - Judge Solomon
1Newspaper clippings
3Newspaper clippings
4Newspaper clippings
101-10Newspaper clippings and publicity
1014-15Printed material
1016-17Printed webpages
1018State of the Trees reports
1019Tree Canopy Assessment publicity
1020Tree "Letters to the Editor"
1021Tree Protection and Replacement essay and clippings, 1976, 1978
1553SMA Conference, 2009 October 3-7
1554Partners in Community Forestry Conference , 2009
1555GUFC Conference , 2009
1556GUFC, May 17
1557Partners in Community Forestry Conference Atlanta, November 18-20
1558GUFC Conference Augusta, GA, 2008 October 29-31
1559American Forests Conference (Education/Student Tools), 2008
1560Savannah's Forestry
1562Watering Trees PSA
1563Destination: Sav'h Foward Survey & Responses
1564Tim Womick - Tree Dedication, 2011 February 19
1565Project for Public Spaces (Fred Kent at Trustees Garden), 2009 February 5-6
1566C.O. Landowner Correspondence
1567Tybee DPW
1568Pooler City Council Presentation, 2008 October 6
1569Nature & The Network Conference - Orlando, FL, 2008
1570Interdepartment Communications Issues
1571Johnny Mercer Intersection Tree Issue , April 8
1572State of The Trees II Press Coverage
1573P. Allen Smith , April 29
1574Melaver Abercorn Commons , April 27
1575Bonaventure Centennial , 2007 July
1576Tree Climb
1577City of Savannah Education
1578Taking Root DVD Screening Summer, 2009
1579Fred Kent , 2009
1580ACT Brown Bag Lunch Webinar (Neighborwoods Month Presentation), 2008 August 14
1581Presentation Offers
1582GUFC Conference Presentation
1583Forsyth Farmer's Market Outreach, 2012 December 8
1584Prof. Women's Group Presentation, 2012 November 6
1585MPC - Buffer Variance Presentation, 2008 August 12
1586Presentation - WDSR for GC, 2010 October 26
1587Wilshire Neighborhood. Association - Presentation, 2010 January 13
1588Sav'y Sunrise Rotary Club Presentation , 2008 May 15
1589Presentations Given, 2004
1589Presentation Given, 2005
1591Presentation Offers , 2009
1592Savannah Original Urban Forest Presentation, 2007 May
1593Tree Care Presentation (NOTES & DRAFTS for PowerPoint)
1594How to Take Care of Trees Brochure
1595Brochure "How Take Care ..."
1596Spring, 1992
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1622Spg. Newsletter , 2005
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1624Spring Newsletter , 2006
1626Fall Newsletter (Research and Drafts), 2006
1627Newsletter Spring, 2007
1628Newsletter Advertising, 2007 August
1629Fall Newsletter , 2007
1630Newsletter Summer , 2008
1631Newsletter Winter , 2009
1632Press , 2009
1633Press, 2011
1634Press, 2012
1635Press, 2012
1636Press, 2013
1637News, 2014
1638Press, 2015
1639Press, 2016
1640Press, 2017
1642Candler Oak - Publicity
1643Candler Oak - Brochure
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1860Georgia Urban Forestry Award to Melaver, 2006
1844Alexander Calder Award, 1995
1848The Geo Award for Environmental Excellence application, 1992
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1854WSAV article on roadway amenities, 2003
1861Certificate of Merit from the Wilmington Park Garden Club, 1986