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Monte Markham collection

Monte Markham collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Monte Markham collection
Creator: Markham, Monte, 1935-
Inclusive Dates: 1967-2018, undated
Language(s): English
Extent: 15 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms4321
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Monte Markham is a television and film actor, director, and documentary producer. He received a Master of Fine Arts in Drama from the University of Georgia in 1960.

Scope and Content

This collection contains the papers of Monte Markham including movie posters, fan letters, photographs, printed ephemera, awards, and extensive notes and records of his production company Perpetual Motion Films.

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

Though the collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies are available upon request. Audiovisual research requests are dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

Preferred Citation

Monte Markham collection, ms4321, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Actors -- Photographs
Business cards.
Fan mail.
Motion picture actors and actresses.
Motion pictures -- Production and direction.
Perpetual Motion Films
Printed ephemera.
Television producers and directors -- United States.
Theatrical posters.
University of Georgia. Students
Western films.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Monte Markham papers

81Air American Association correspondence, 2010
3"Anno 2053" poster
82Tetsu Ayogi correspondence, 2002
101Baywatch episode #2004 scripts, 1991-07-1991-08
102Baywatch episode #2012 script, 1991-09
103Baywatch episode #2019 scripts, 1991-10
104Baywatch episode #2021 scripts, 1991-10
83Ray Bradbury "Leviathon 99" manuscripts and letters, 1971
84Ray Bradbury material, 1968-1991
Material for a one man show called "Monte Markham is Ray Bradbury is Monte Markham".
105Burke's Law script, 1995
85"Butter" production documents and Phil Kaufman photograph, 1974, 2018
86"The Civil Air Patrol's Coastal Patrol #3" information and source histories
87Norman Corwin matierals
88Norman Corwin's "Our Lady of the Freedoms and Some of Her Friends" script and letter
1"Defense Play" industry screening invitation
2"Defense Play" poster
7Dental veneers, 1984
These dental veneers were created by the makeup artist John Chambers for Monte Markham's role in "Sleuth". John Chambers receieved an honorary Oscar for his work on "Planet of the Apes" as well as an Intelligence Medal of Merit for his work with the CIA.
129Dental veneers instructions
106Diagnosis Murder script
Signed by Dick Van Dyke.
89Directors' Guild correspondence, 1986-1987, 1992
1"Dinner and Drinks" poster paste up
4Drawing of Monte Markham by Jim Nelson
4Drawing of Monte Markham by Jim Nelson
11Fan letters, 1997
12Fan letters, 1998
13Fan letters, 1999
14Fan letters, 2000
15Fan letters, 2001
16Fan letters, 2003
17Fan letters, 2004
18Fan letters, 2005
19Fan letters, 2006
110Fan letters, 2007
111Fan letters, 2008
112Fan letters, 2009
113Fan letters, 2010
114Fan letters, 2011
116-17Fan letters, undated
1Fellow of the Columbia River Maritime Museum award
810"Fringe" air date announcement mailing
4"Ginger in the Morning" photographs
107The Golden Girls episode #141 scripts, 1991
Signed by Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan.
108Grace Under Fire show #212 scripts, 1994-11-14
109-11Grace Under Fire show #216 scripts, 1995-01-11
1"The Great Ships" poster
811"Guns of the Magnificent Seven" photographs
5"Guns of the Magnificent Seven" posters
4"Guns of the Magnificent Seven" posters
1012Honey I Shrunk The Kids #220 script, 1999-01
1013Honey I Shrunk The Kids #222 script, 1999-02
4"Hour of the Gun" poster, 1967
5"Hour of the Gun" poster
1"In Defense of Taipei" production photograph
1"Irene" poster signed by cast members
1"Irene" poster signed by cast members [copy]
6"J. B." photographs in the "Sunday Columbia Missourian", 1962
3Ladies Hermitage Association plaque, 1995 March 15
6"Leverage" contract, 2012
812"The Lisbon Hand" correspondence
1014The Loud House #243/244 scripts
4Makeup case
813Markham family history
5"The Martian Chronicles" poster signed by Ray Bradbury
814"Mayfield's Game" production materials and script, 2019
1015Melrose Place episode 1 script, 1994-06-22
1016Melrose Place episode 2 script, 1994-06-29
1017Melrose Place episode 25 script, 1994-01-25
1018Melrose Place episode 31 script, 1994-03-22
5"Midway" poster
1019Millennium Man (Project Overkill) script
1020Murder She Wrote #66302 script, 1990-10
1021Murder She Wrote #66306 script, 1990-11
1022Murder She Wrote #67919 script, 1993-03-1993-04
815-16"Neon City" direction script, 1990-1991
817-18"Neon City" original lined script, 1990-1991
3"Neon City" poster
819-20"Neon City" production schedules and storyboards, 1991
2"Neonski Grad" poster
"Neon City"
821"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" articles and photographs [copies]
4"One is a Lonely Number" poster
5"One is a Lonely Number" poster
822Palm Beach High School Class of 1953 60th Reunion program, 2013
2Palm Beach International Film Festival Chairman award, 1993
1Palm Beach International Film Festival plaque
6"Palm Beach Post" interview, 2002 May 19
1Photograph of Monte Markham
1023Piranha script, 1995
111Piranha script, 1995
120Printed ephemera
823Public Relations documents
824Public Relations photographs
6Public Relations negatives
4"Project X" poster
5"Project X" poster
839"The Rift" contract, 2015
2"A Sainted Devil" poster signed by Ruth Warrick
6"Same Time Next Year" souvenier program and interview, 1978
825"Second Hundred Years" letter, 2016
826Shock Cinema interview
112Star Trek: Deep Space Nine script, 1997
827Susan Carlton Smith's "Lake Town in a Drop of Water"
828Susan Carlton Smith memorabilia
829"Space Samurai" notes
5"A Streetcar Named Desire" drawing
118Arturo Toscanini sketch
113Two Guys Talkin' About Girls script, 1996
830University of Georgia speeches and appearances
831University of Georgia theatre roles and Sphinx Club reunion invitation
4"We Are Still Here" posters
121Brigid of Kildare Script
122Heartbreak House Script
123Pet Squad Script
124Leverage Episode #512 Script
125Leverage Episode #512 Script, 2012
126Coast Patrol 3 Script
127We Are Still Here Script
128Same Time Next Year Script
129The Anthem Sprinters Script Script
1210Forever and the Earth Script
1211Together Tonight Script, 1975
1212Last of Mrs. Cheney Script
1213The Commander Script
121411 Seconds Script
1215California Artists Radio Theater 25th Anniversary Show Script, 2010
1216Jack Holborn Part 1 Script
1217Jack Holborn Part 2 Script
1218Jack Holborn Part 3 Script
1219Jack Holborn Part 4 Script
1220Jack Holborn Part 5 Script
1221Jack Holborn Part 6 Script
1222-24Jack Holborn Automated Dialogue Replacement
1225Off the Wall Script, 1981
1226Rituals Script
1227Hotel Episode #17 Script
1228The Fall Guy License to Kill Part 1 Script
1229The Ghosts of Buckley Hall Parts 1 and 2 Script
1230Murder She Wrote Episode #60321 Script, 1985-1986
131The Mod Squad Script
132The Mary Tyler Moore Show Episodes #7007 Script
133Dan August Episode #6319 Script
134Caribe Episode #7504 Script
135The High Chaparral Episode #17210 Script, 1970
136Cannon Episode #9968 Script
137Lucan Episode #3220 Script
138The Manhunter Episode #0706 Script
139Bracken's World A Perfect Piece of Casting Script
1310Hogan's Heroes Episode #37784-155 Script, 1970
1311Funny Face Script
1312The Man From Shiloh Episode #31722 Script
1313Nancy Drew Episode #85081 Script
1314McNaughton's Daughter Episode #44106 Script
1315-18Nikki and Alexander Pilot Script, 1989
1319The Second Hundred Years Episode #3401 Script
1320The Second Hundred Years Episode #3402 Script, 1967
1321The Second Hundred Years Episode #3404 Script
1322The Second Hundred Years Episode #3407 Script
1323The Second Hundred Years Episode #3408 Script
1324The Second Hundred Years Episode #3410 Script
1325The Second Hundred Years Episode #3411 Script, 1967
1326The Second Hundred Years Episode #3412 Script
1327The Second Hundred Years Episode #3414 Script
1328The Second Hundred Years Episode #3417 Script
1329The Second Hundred Years Episode #3419 Script
1330The Second Hundred Years Episode #3420 Script, 1967
1331The Second Hundred Years Episode #3421 Script
1332The Second Hundred Years Episode #3422 Script
1333The Second Hundred Years Episode #3425 Script
1334The Second Hundred Years Episode #3426 Script
1335The Second Hundred Years Episode #3427 Script, 1967
1336The Second Hundred Years Episode #3428 Script
1337The Second Hundred Years Episode #3430 Script
1338The Second Hundred Years Episode #3431 Script
1339The Second Hundred Years Episode #3432 Script
1340The Second Hundred Years Episode #3433 Script, 1967
1341The Second Hundred Years Episode #3434 Script
1342The Second Hundred Years Episode #3437 Script
1343The Second Hundred Years Episode #3438 Script
1344The Second Hundred Years Episode #3439 Script
141The Second Hundred Years Pickups and Promos, 1967
142The Second Hundred Years Proposal for Second Season
143The Second Hundred Years Episode #3053 Script
144The Second Hundred Years Episode #1 Serendipity Script
145-8Together Tonight Script, 2011
149For Reasons of State Script
1410So She Might Live Script, 2017
1411Edge of Isolation Script
1412Whitworld Script
1413Almost Perfect Script
1414Yahoo Sketchy Space Jam Script
1415Get Married or Die Script, 2016
1416 Handyman Music Video
1417Daddy Issues Script
1418The Rift Script
1419The Dark Foe Script
1420Our Lady of the Freedoms, and Some of Her Friends Script, 2010
1421Liliom Script
1422The Red Script
1423Reborn Script
1424The 11th Green Script
1425Life Partners Script, 2013
1426-27Fringe Season 4 Script
1428Drop Out Father Script
1429Hotel Script
1430Hot Pursuit Script, 1986
151-2Skycrane Script
153The Third Hand Script
154Airport 77 Script
155The Law and Tombstone Script, 1966
156Project X Script
157Reachout Script
158Fantasy Island Script
159Jake Speed Script
1510The Birds Script
1511Irene Script
1512110 in the Shade Script, 1984
1513110 in the Shade Score
1514Sugar Script
1515Sugar Score
1516Call Me Madam Score
1517Call Me Madam Script, 1986
1518Defense of Taipei Script
1519Jacques Brel Is... Contract and Correspondence
1520Jacques Brel Is... Script, 1986
1521Jacques Brel Is... Script Stage Manger's Script
1522Jacques Brel Is... Score
1523Jacques Brel Is... Vocal Selections
1524Lincoln Portrait Score
1525The Shaman Script, 1985
1526The Shaman Prospectus
1527Volpone or the Fox Script
1528Major Barbara Script
1529Twelfth Night Script
161J.B. Script
162Heloise Script
163Harvey Script
164Death of a Salesman Script
165The Taming of the Shrew Script
166The Beggar's Opera Script
167Dirty Work at the Crossroads Script
168Present Laughter Script
169Out of the Frying Pan Script
1610Look Homeward Angel Script
1611Send Me No Flowers Script
1612Make a Million Script
1613Alone Together Script
1614Right You Are Script
1615Under the Yum Yum Tree Script
1616-17The Tree People Script
1618Henry IV Part 1 Script
1619Hamlet Script
1620The Alchemist Script
1621A Midsummer Nights Dream Script
1622Much Ado About Nothing Script
1623The Night of the Iguana Script
1624The Country Wife Script Script
1625As You Like It Script
1626-27Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3017 Script, 1968
1628Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3814 Script
1629Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3808 Script
1630Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3801 Script
1631Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3805 Script
1632Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3818 Script
1633Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3823 Script
1634Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3828 Script
171Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3813 Script
172Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3829 Script
173Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3825 Script
174Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3827 Script
175Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3830 Script
176Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3817 Script
177Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3800 Script
178Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Episode #3821 Script
179Quincy Episode #45501 Script, 1976
1710The Name of the Game Episode #31249 Script
1711The Bold Ones: The Lawyers Episode #31502 Script
1712Murder, She Wrote Episode #63314 Script
1713Cold Case Episode #3T7164 Script
1714Bay Watch Episode #8604 Script
1715Bay Watch Episode #8605 Script
1716Sarge Episode #33005 Script
1717Ellery Queen Episode #31341 Script
1718The Six Million Dollar Man Episode #41224 Script
1719The Six Million Dollar Man Episode #43012 Script
1720-21Death of the Sheik Script, 2009
1722Arsenic and Old Lace Script
1723Look Back in Anger UGA Script
1724The Tempest UGA Script
1725Picnic Script
1726Peter Gynt Script
1727Richard III Script
1728Dark of the Moon Script
1729The Devil's Disciple Script
1730Love for Life Script
1731The Last of Mrs. Cheney Script
181Hamlet Script
182Shakespeare's Tragic Heroes Script
183Hamlet The Folger Library Script
184Julius Caesar Script
185The New Perry Mason Prospectus Script, 1973
186-7The New Perry Mason The Case of the Violent Valley Script
188-9The New Perry Mason The Case of the Horoscope Homicide Script
1810The New Perry Mason The Case of the Angry Architect Script
1811The New Perry Mason The Case of the Prodigal Prophet Script
1812The New Perry Mason The Case of the Furious Father Script
1813The New Perry Mason The Case of the Failed Justice Script
1814The New Perry Mason The Case of the Murdered Murderer Script
1815The New Perry Mason The Case of the Ominous Oath Script
1816The New Perry Mason The Case of the Frenzied Feminist Script
1817-18The New Perry Mason The Case of the Cagey Cager Script
1819The New Perry Mason The Case of the Telltale Trunk Script
1820The New Perry Mason The Case of the Wistful Widower Script
1821The New Perry Mason The Case of the Spurious Spouse Script
1822The New Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly DeedsScript
1823Love, American Style Those Poor Crusaders' Wives Script, 1969
1824Love, American Style Love and the Pen Pals Script
1825Love, American Style Love and the Married Bachelor Script
1826The Young Rebels Episode #3415 Script
1827What Really Happened to the Class of '65? Episode #49233 Script
1828Hawaii Five-O Episode #0320 Script, 1972
1829Hawaii Five-O Episode #0359 Script
1830Hawaii Five-O Episode #0419 Script
1831The New Dick Van Dyke Show Episode #7112 Script
1832The Quest Episode #181007 Script
1833Here Comes the Bride Episode #3714 Script
1834My Friend Tony Episode #0014 Script
1835The Invisible Man Episode #43922 Script, 1975
1836Captain Kangaroo Episode #6378 Script
191Shame Shame on the Bixby Boys Script
192-3Ginger in the Morning Script
194Visions Script
195Midway Script, 1975
196Guns of the Magnificent Seven Script
197Relentless Script
198Death Takes a Holiday Script
199One is a Lonely Number Script
1910The Astronaut Script, 1971
1911Hustling Script
1912-13Barnaby Jones Episode #7020 Script
1914Sex Tax Script
1915Music High Script, 2011
1916Beach Bar Script
1917Inventory of scripts - with some notes

2. Perpetual Motion Films records

121-24"Air America" production books, 1999-2000
91"Air Combat" photographs
125"Air Combat" production book
92"Air Combat II" production agreement, 1992-1993
93American Federation of Radio and Television Artists contracts
94"Amistad" agreement, 2000
126"Amistad" production book, 2000
95"Biography" production agreements, 1994
127-28"Biography" production books, 1994
838"Biography" and "The Great Ships" slides
"Dreadnauts", "Sailing Ships", and "Pocahontas".
69-10Business cards
21"China's Great Dam" production book, 1999-2000
22-8"Chinatown" production books, 1999-2000
29-12"China's Great Dam" and "Chinatown" production books, 1999
213-15"Defending America" production books, 2002
31"Defending America" production book, 2002
611Development trips and meetings, 2002
96"Fly Past" contract, 2000
32-4"Fly Past" production books, 2000
832"The Great Ships: Amphibious Assault Ships" photographs
Pendleton, Oceanside, CA
833"The Great Ships: The Power Racers" photographs
Key West Harbor - Bill Bohmfalk (owner) and Fabio Buzzi (owner and racer)
834"The Great Ships: The Power Racers" photographs
Key West Harbor - Al Copeland (owner/driver), Fabio Buzzi, and various Power Racers
835"The Great Ships: The Submersibles" photographs
97"The Great Ships" production agreements, 1995-1997
35-15"The Great Ships" production books, 1995-1999
836"The Great Ships" slides
Replica of "The Bounty", Kendall Whaling Museum, and Nantucket.
837"The Great Ships" slides
"PT Boats", "Battleships", and "Submersibles".
316"The Great Ships II" production book, 1996
317"The Great Ships III" production books
41"The Great Ships III" production books, 1997
42"The Great Ships III" scout schedule, 1997
43"The Great Ships III" shoot schedule, 1997
44"The Great Ships III and IV" production book, 1997
45-6"The Great Ships IV" production books, 1997
47-11"The Great Ships V" production books, 1997-1998
412"The Imperial Japanese Navy" production book, 2003
98"The Killer Storm" contracts, 1997-1999
923"The Killer Storm" photographs and slides
Gloucester, MA; Florida Keys; Long Island, NY: Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing; and archival stills of the 1928 hurricane from the Belle Glade, FL library.
413-15"The Killer Storm" production books, 1998
51-3"The Killer Storm" production books, 1998
54"Masters of War" production book, 1994
921-22Miscellaneous production slides
Klaire Markham's stills of "Air America" - Fresno, CA; "The Chinese in America" - Stockton, CA; Vancouver, Canada; Katy, Texas; and New York; and "The Killer Storm" - Long Island, NY: 106th Air National Guard Rescue Wing.
99Perpetual Motion contracts and payments, 1999-2000
"Air America", "Aboard the Eagle", "Chinatown", "The Killer Storm", "Sail 2000", and "Three Gorges: The Great Dam".
910Perpetual Motion contracts and payments, 1998-2000
"Aboard the Eagle", "China's Great Dam", "Chinatown", and "Sail 2000".
911Pertual Motion Films development projects
913-14Perpetual Motion Pictures Limited vs. Nonfiction Films, Inc. documents
55-7"Red Flag" production books
58-12"The Royal Navy" production books, 2001
513-15"The Russian Navy" production books, 2004-2006
61"The Russian Navy" production book, 2004-2005
62"Sail 2000" production book, 2000
612-13Scouts and filming itineraries , 1999
915"Search and Rescue" contracts, 1999-2000
919-20"Search and Rescue" photographs
Klaire Markham's stills from Greenland and Aspen.
63-6"Search and Rescue" production books, 2000
916Synergy dissolution letter, 2002
917Tokyo-Soda planning contract, 2002
918"Trial Under Fire" , 2001
67-8"War Games" production books, 2001