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Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records

Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records
Creator: Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm (Jefferson, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1774-1969
Language(s): English
Extent: 13.5 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms4274
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm is an outdoor, agricultural museum that functions as an educational and interpretative facility in northeast Georgia. The farm is unique for its collection of intact historic buildings that exist in their original location and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Source: Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm website. (accessed 1/7/2020)

Scope and Content

This collection contains land grants, legal papers, farm records, photographs, correspondence, and artifacts documenting the history of the farm on which the Shields and Ethridge families ran from Colonial settlement through the 20th Century. Included are plats of the farm as it grew, photographs of daily operations, business receipts reflecting the changing times, and a variety of manuals and catalogs of farm implements as the farm became more mechanized. There are many identified photographs, mainly from the 1920s, recording family trips, farm operations, and portraits.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm records, ms4274, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Cotton farmers -- Georgia.
Ethridge, Ira Lanis, 1899-1970
Ethridge, Ira W., 1869-1945
Farm management -- Georgia.
Farms -- Georgia.
Georgia -- Agriculture -- Farms and farming.
Historic sites -- Georgia.
Jackson County (Ga.)
Ledgers (account books)
Livestock breeders -- Georgia.
Shields, J. Robert, 1827-1910
Shields, James, 1785-1863
Shields, Joseph, 1749-1818
Shields, Patrick, 1710-1770
Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm (Jefferson, Ga.)
Slave records -- Georgia.
Tenant farmers

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Shields family

11Military order - James Shields, 1819 May 28 Access Online
12Religious writing, 1836 May 29 Access Online
13Doodles on program, 1867 Access Online
14Itinerary for James Shields visits to court houses in North Georgia Access Online
15Recipes Access Online
16Paper cutouts Access Online
17Correspondence - Joseph McConnel to Joseph Shields regarding boundary dispute, 1802 November 13 Access Online
18Correspondence - David Batts to Robert Beavers regarding tobacco growing, 1803 March 11 Access Online
19Correspondence - William Jackson to James Shields, 1836 April 17 Access Online
110Correspondence - Mr. McConell to his sister regarding race horses and his travel plans, 1837 April 23 Access Online
111Correspondence - S. Watson to James Shields regarding ladies shoes, 1842 January 6 Access Online
112Correspondence - John G. Howse to James Shields, 1845 November 7 Access Online
113Correspondence - James Shields to siblings, 1848 July 16 Access Online
114Correspondence - Sarah Stamps to her uncle and aunt, 1856 June 28 Access Online
115Correspondence - Sarah Easly to Mary Shields, 1862 April 18 Access Online
116Correspondence - Clara Petty to Lizzie Griffin, 1891 April 1 Access Online
117Will - Joseph Williams, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1789 March 17 Access Online
118Character reference - Joseph Shields and wife, 1792 November 20 Access Online
119Petition - Richard Roe - William Bird and summons for Robert Beavers, Greene County, Georgia, 1798 November 20 Access Online
120Summons - Robert Beavers, Greene County, Georgia, 1799 February 15 Access Online
121Bond - Robert Johnson to Robert Beavers regarding building a bridge over the Oconee River, 1803 November 11 Access Online
122Authorization of appraisers for Robert Beavers' estate, 1805 January 28 Access Online
123Order - naming administrators of Patrick Shields estate, 1807 May 16 Access Online
124Statement - James Shields regarding Patrick Shields estate, 1808 November Access Online
125Guardianship order - Orphans of Patrick Shields to Joseph and James Shields, 1811 July 1 Access Online
126John Beavers claim for Polly Shields Beavers share of Patrick Shields estate, signed by Joseph and James Shields, 1811 Access Online
127Order - division of Patrick Shields estate for payment of debts, 1812 May 4 Access Online
128Inventory of James Shields' lot at Patrick Shields estate sale Access Online
129Contract to appraise Joseph Shields estate, 1818 May 4 Access Online
130Bill - Patrick Shields estate to Robert Smithwitch, Deed on verso - Richard Beavers and James Shields - Lot 258, 14th District, Early County, Georgia, 1818, 1821 Access Online
131Financial statement - estate of Joseph Shields, 1819 Access Online
132Judgement - James Shields against Hosea Camp, 1820 September 19 Access Online
133List - Enslaved people belonging to the estate of Joseph Beavers, 1827 September 23 Access Online
This list includes enslaved individuals named Mary, Old Hannah, Little Hannah, Jordan, Limbrick, Patience, Stephen, Betty and her youngster, Jack, Isaac, Betty's second, Ben, Sam, Little Amy, Polly, Jacob, Lessee, Charry, Mary, Lovey, George, Bill, Big Amy, Rosann, Abram, Mariah, and Allen.
134Subpoena - James Shields, 1830 March 15 Access Online
135Power of Attorney - John Butt, Jr. for William Jackson, Union County, 1836 October 2 Access Online
136Agreement - James Shields and Moses H. Potts, 1838 September 26 Access Online
137Order to Appear - James Shields, Middleton Pitt Access Online
138Subpoena - James Shields, Middleton Pitts, 1843 August 8 Access Online
139Power of Attorney - James Shields to John Flannigan for sale of Baker County property, 1845 November 8 Access Online
140Petition and subpoena - James Shields, Peter McMillan for debts, 1847 February Access Online
141Petition for a public road, Jackson County, 1897 Access Online
142Contract - Joseph Shields and John McConnel Access Online
143Account record - Joseph Shields with James Smith Company, 1774-1775 Access Online
144Account record - Joseph Shields with James Daugherty, 1774 Access Online
145Account record - Joseph Shields with Valentine Geiger, 1774 Access Online
146Note - to James Shields promising payment, 1820 March 15 Access Online
147Note - Charles Baron to James Shields, 1824 April 9 Access Online
148Note - James Rosamond to James Shields for the hire of a horse, note on verso of accounts, 1811, 1842 Access Online
149Note - James Shields to Mr. Davis for calico, 1838 September 6 Access Online
150Work order for road work given by Joseph H. Adams, 1840 August 13 Access Online
151Note - James Lindsey request for corn to James Shields, 1841 December 4 Access Online
152Note - John G. Howse to James Shields, 1845 August 16 Access Online
153Tax assessment estimate form - Charity Shields, 1863 December 7 Access Online
154Cotton record - John Roberts Access Online
155Account record - James Shields with Harris and Jones, 1809-1810 Access Online
156Account record - Thomas Freeman, 1823-1830 Access Online
157Invoice - James Shields, James Lindsey Access Online
158Account record - James Shields, Thomas Freeman Access Online
159Chattel mortgage - Willis Gunnels to Joseph Shields for 2 enslaved people, 1799 November 20 Access Online
Names of enslaved individuals in this deed are Leah and her child Sophia.
160Appraisal - For enslaved people belonging to the Patrick Shields estate, 1811 January 1 Access Online
161Invoice - for hire of enslaved people belonging to Patrick Shields heirs, 1813 January 1 Access Online
162Receipt - James Shields to George Shields for enslaved woman named Hannah, 1818 May 14 Access Online
163Contract - Charity Shields with freed women and children (2 copies), 1865 August 10 Access Online
This contract names the freed people as Sophia, a 65 year old woman; Jarva, a 43 year old woman and her 4 year old daughter Elvira; and Dicy and her boys, 4 year old Samuel, 3 year old John, and 9 month old James.
164Tax receipt - Joseph Shields , 1792 July 2 Access Online
165Tax receipt - Joseph Shields, 1802 Access Online
166Tax receipt - Joseph Shields, 1807-1808 Access Online
167Tax receipt - Joseph Shields, 1819 Access Online
168Tax receipt - James Shields, executor for Joseph Shields, administrator for Patrick Shields, 1820 Access Online
169Tax receipt - James Shields, 1826 Access Online
170Tax receipt - James Shields, 1828 Access Online
171Tax receipt - James Shields, 1835 Access Online
172Tax receipt - James Shields, 1839 Access Online
173Promissory note - Reuben Beavers - Zacharia Cox Access Online
174Promissory note - Travis Nichols, 1808 Access Online
175Promissory note - Thomas Thurmond - James Shields, 1811 December 21 Access Online
176Promissory note - James and Joseph Shields - Dempsey Perkinson, 1814 January 1 Access Online
177Promissory notes - James and George Shields, Polly Shields, Joshua Marten, 1817 Access Online
178Promissory note - Live Lowery (guardian for John Ragains, minor), 1822 June 14 Access Online
179Promissory notes - Eliza Cox, Sarah McEhlamson, 1824 Access Online
180Promissory notes - Horatio Webb, Elijah Lay, William Potter, Elijah Oliver, 1826 Access Online
181Promissory notes - H. Webb (2), Charles Baron, 1828 Access Online
182Promissory note - George Shields - Moses Pitts, 1838 December 4 Access Online
183Note - Joshua Cumming to Joshua Cox regarding Dyer debt, 1840 October 13 Access Online
184Promissory note - James Shields - George Cowan, 1842 January 22 Access Online
185Promissory notes - Randolph Harrison, James Shields to Cowan and Orr, W. Barrett, 1842 Access Online
186Promissory note - James Shields, 1847 January Access Online
187Promissory notes - John Roberts to Joseph Shields, H. Randolph and Co., J.C. Stanley, unknown, 1849 Access Online
188Receipt - Joseph Shields account with John Wilson and Company, 1785 December 23 Access Online
189Receipt - Joseph Shields - postage, 1798 July 8 Access Online
190Receipt - Joseph Shields - Thomas Shields, 1807 September 27 Access Online
191Receipts - Elijah Ragdale, James Shields, 1807 Access Online
192Receipt - John Millen to Patrick Shields estate, 1809 February 7 Access Online
193Receipt - Thomas Thurmond - Polly Shields, 1811 February 21 Access Online
194Receipt - James Shields - George Shields, 1811 June 22 Access Online
195Receipt - George Shields, 1811 August Access Online
196Receipt - James Shields, administrator for Patrick Shields estate, 1811 October 15 Access Online
197Receipt - John McElhanon, 1811 December 30 Access Online
198Receipt - William Potts - Patrick Shields estate, 1812 May 5 Access Online
199Receipts - William Ezell, James Shields, 1812 Access Online
1100Receipts - John, Sally, James, George Shields, 1815-1816 Access Online
1101Receipts - James Shields, 1818 Access Online
1102Receipts, promissory note - James Shields, 1820 Access Online
1103Receipts, promissory note - James Shields, administrator of Patrick Shields estate, 1821 Access Online
1104Receipt - James Shields, 1822 Access Online
1105Receipts - James Shields, administrator of Patrick Shields estate, 1823 Access Online
1106Receipts, promissory note - James Shields, 1824 Access Online
1107Receipt - James Shields, 1825 Access Online
1108Receipts - James Shields, 1826 Access Online
1109Receipts - James Shields, M.C. Hall - Thomas Truman, 1828 Access Online
1110Receipt - James Shields, 1829 Access Online
1111Receipts - James Shields, 1830 Access Online
1112Receipts - James Shields, 1831 Access Online
1113Receipts, promissory note - James Shields, 1834 Access Online
1114Receipt - James Shields, 1835 Access Online
1115Receipt - James Shields, 1836 Access Online
1116Receipt - James Shields, 1838 Access Online
1117Receipt - James Shields, 1839 Access Online
1118Receipt - John Roberts, 1840 Access Online
1119Receipt - James Shields, 1841 Access Online
1120Receipt - James Shields, 1843 Access Online
1121Receipts - James Shields, 1844 Access Online
1122Receipts, promissory note - James Shields, 1845 Access Online
1123Account receipt - James Shields from Lindsey for smith work, 1846 Access Online
1124Receipt - James Shields from W. Harris, 1848 Access Online
1125Receipt - James Shields, 1850 Access Online
1126Receipt - James Shields, 1853 Access Online
1127Receipt - James Shields from J.R. and S.C. Matthews for cotton, 1855 Access Online
1128Receipt - James Shields, 1856 Access Online
1129Receipt - James Shields - James Millican for his horse Henry for spring 1856, 1857 Access Online
1130Promissory note - W.D. Shields, 1890 Access Online
1131Receipt - John Bowen, teacher Access Online
1132Receipts - James, Polly, Nancy Shields Access Online
1133Notes, fragments Access Online
1134Plat - Thomas Gilbert, Washington County, Georgia, 1784 Access Online
1135Indenture - Joseph Shields, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 1800 June 6 Access Online
1136Indenture - James Shields, Richard Beavers - John Lambert, Jackson County, Georgia, 1822 October 31 Access Online
1137Indenture - George W. Tuggle - Henry Brooks, Early County, 1832 October 18 Access Online
1138Indenture - James Shields - Andrew Wages - Union County, Georgia, 1836 November 19 Access Online
1139Indenture - Joseph Shields to James Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1858 December 7 Access Online
1140Plat - Robert Shields - Jackson County, Georgia Access Online
This plat is the same property as is listed in the 1858 indenture between Joseph and James Shields.
1141Indenture - Elijah W. Martin to Joseph R. Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1876 January 12 Access Online
1142Plat - Joseph R. Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1876 Access Online
1143Indenture - Joseph R. Shields - Emory H. Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1897 December 7 Access Online
1144Plat - Robert Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1897 Access Online
This plat describes land as is listed in the indenture from Joseph R. to Emory H. Shields.
1145Indenture - J. R. Shields - Susan E. Ethridge - Jackson County, Georgia, 1908 October 26 Access Online
1146Plat - J. R. Shields, Sr. - Jackson County, Georgia, 1899 Access Online
1147Plat - Levi Martin - Jackson County, Georgia, 1900 June 18 Access Online
1148Assessment of property including land, livestock and enslaved people - Joseph Shields Access Online
This document lists the names of 16 enslaved people. Some names that can be read include Sophia, Dark, Javy, Ty, Jack, Leah, Ann, Mack, Grant, and Grace.
1149Notes - Shields property Access Online
1150Plat - Home tract of Robert Shields - 143 acres Access Online
1151Plat - Part of Robert Shields land Access Online
1152List - Early County land lottery purchasers Access Online
61Land grant - Elam Greazill - Franklin County, Georgia, 1785 Access Online
62Land grant - Thomas Gilbert - Franklin County, Georgia, 1785 Access Online
63Land grant - John Myrick, Jr. - Franklin County, Georgia, 1794 Access Online
64Copy of 1785 land grant - Thomas Gilbert - Washington County, Georgia, 1800 Access Online
65Indenture - George Keith to Patrick Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1802 Access Online
66Will - Robert Beavers, 1805 Access Online
67Indenture - Mathew Wiley to James Shields - Jackson County, 1807 Access Online
68Indenture - Thomas Thurmond to Walton Harris, 1811 Access Online
69Power of Attorney - James Shields to John G Howse, 1844 Access Online
610Resolution - Pennsylvania House of Representatives regarding the mourning period for Speaker William A. C. Lawrence - Speaker E. W. Davis, 1861 January 17 Access Online
611Plat - property of J. Robert Shields - Jackson County, Georgia, 1899 Access Online

2. Ethridge family

1153German currency - 100,000 Mark Reichsbanknote, 1923 Access Online
1154Convention program - Northeast Georgia C. E. Union, 1924 Access Online
1155Family trip journal, 1937 Access Online
1156American Red Cross War Fund contribution list - Bachelor's School District, 1943 Access Online
1157American Red Cross War Fund contribution list - Bachelor's School District, 1944 Access Online
1158Jury summons - I. L. Ethridge, 1945 Access Online
1159Red Cross decals, 1945 Access Online
1160Correspondence - Lanis Ethridge - Civic Improvement Club, Jefferson, Georgia, 1947-1948 Access Online
1161Program - Master Conservation Field Day, Winder, Georgia, 1948 May 12 Access Online
1162Lions Club decals, 1952 Access Online
1163Administrative records - Jefferson Christian Church, 1954-1957 Access Online
1164Lions Club meeting invitations, 1966 Access Online
1165Unity Lodge no.36 membership cards, 1966-1968 Access Online
1165Membership cards - Unity Lodge no.36 - Lanis Ethridge, 1966-1968 Access Online
1166Membership cards - Georgia School Boards Association - Lanis Ethridge, 1966-1969 Access Online
1167Administrative records - Jefferson Lions Club Access Online
1168Church bulletins Access Online
1169Business correspondence, 1900-1909 Access Online
1170Business correspondence, 1919 Access Online
1171Business correspondence, 1920-1929 Access Online
1172Business correspondence, 1930-1939 Access Online
1173Business correspondence, 1940-1949 Access Online
1174Personal correspondence, 1942-1944 Access Online
1175Business correspondence, 1950-1959 Access Online
1176Business correspondence, 1960-1969 Access Online
1177Notes, 1955 Access Online
21Andrew Forbes Distillery correspondence, 1909 Access Online
22Georgia Power Company correspondence, 1928 Access Online
23Government programs on cotton and wheat farming, 1940-1949 Access Online
24 Georgia Market Bulletin , 1941
25Office files, 1941-1944 Access Online
26Russell-Heckle Seed Company catalog, 1942 Access Online
27Sears-Roebuck catalog orders, 1942 Access Online
28Sears-Roebuck correspondence, 1949-1959 Access Online
29Correspondence regarding road paving, 1953-1956 Access Online
210Commerce Telephone Company, 1953, 1957 Access Online
211USDA correspondence regarding cotton, 1955, 1957 Access Online
212USDA - Commodity Credit Corporation - producers loan statements, 1955-1959 Access Online
213F. S. Royster Guano, 1957-1968 Access Online
214Pamphlet - The Search for a Better Bale of Cotton - National Cotton Council, 1957 Access Online
215Monroe Oil and Fertilizer Company, 1958-1960 Access Online
216Ethridge Farm stationary Access Online
217State of Georgia businessman's meeting notice Access Online
218Blotter - Botanic Blood Balm advertisement Access Online
219Gainesville-Midland Railroad, 1927 Access Online
220AAA Farm Program flyer, 1938 Access Online
221Tenant correspondence, 1900-1909 Access Online
222Charlie Wilhite parole record, 1941 Access Online
223Robert Shields employment release, 1943 Access Online
224Medical bill - Ruth Jackson, 1944 Access Online
225Sharecropping records, 1946 Access Online
226Correspondence - I. L. Ethridge to Jack Jones regarding his return, 1956 Access Online
227Correspondence - I. L. Ethridge to Manita "Totsie" Jackson regarding her return, 1957-1958 Access Online
228Social Security forms, 1959-1966 Access Online
229Notes - workers' rations, labor Access Online
230Ledger - gin book, 1903 Access Online
231Ledger - wheat and oats, 1914 Access Online
232Ledger - farm, 1933-1937 Access Online
233Ledger - guano, road work, 1936-1937 Access Online
234Ledger - cotton sold, 1937-1942 Access Online
235Ledger - cotton A-book, 1934-1938 Access Online
236Ledger - fertilizer, 1938 Access Online
237Ledger - hull, 1939-1940 Access Online
238Ledger - fodder, 1940 Access Online
239Guest book - Ethridge reunion, 1942 July 9 Access Online
240Notebooks Access Online
241Banking - checks, deposits, 1900-1915 Access Online
242Banking, 1920-1923 Access Online
243Banking - Citizens Bank and Trust, 1920-1929 Access Online
244Banking - First National Bank of Jefferson, 1930-1939 Access Online
245Financial summary - I. W. and I. L. Ethridge, 1945 Access Online
246First National Bank of Jefferson - checks, 1950 Access Online
247First National Bank of Jefferson - deposits, 1955-1969 Access Online
31Summary list of bonds held, 1953 Access Online
32Insurance - Woodruff Hardware Company no.3, 1924 Access Online
33IRS - correspondence regarding cotton ginning, 1938-1940 Access Online
34County taxes - notes, receipts, 1966-1969 Access Online
35Oil receipts, 1924 Access Online
36Woodruff Hardware receipts, 1924-1925 Access Online
37Georgia Power bills, 1929-1930
38C.H. Legg store receipts, 1943-1944
39Ethridge Building - Jefferson, 1945-1968 Access Online
310Grocery bills, receipts
311I. W. Ethridge - promissory notes, sharecropping, 1930-1938 Access Online
312Farm finance notes, 1945-1947 Access Online
313Farm bills, receipts, 1890-1899 Access Online
314Farm bills, receipts, 1900-1909
315Farm bills, receipts, 1910-1919
316Farm bills, receipts, 1920-1929
317Farm bills, receipts, 1930-1939
318Farm bills, receipts, 1940-1949
319Farm bills, receipts, 1950-1959
320Farm bills, receipts, 1960-1969
321Road construction receipts - J.P. and W.A. Adams, 1901-1902
322Receipts - Hoschton Bottling Works, 1909-1910
323Miscellaneous receipts, notes
324Farm construction, 1945-1969 Access Online
325Harmony Grove Mills receipts, 1953-1956
326Accounting, adding machine prints
327Warehouse receipts, 1940, 1958 Access Online
328Georgia Chemical Works promissory notebook, empty, 1910-1919
329Pet Dairy - delivery tickets, 1952
330Bull registrations Access Online
331Pasture maintenance receipts, 1958-1968
332Wheat production, 1957-1965
333Davis-Washington Company - timber tally sheets, 1963-1964 Access Online
334Delta Pine 14 cotton advertisement, 1943
335Tree farming information, 1960
336Parts list - Case 20x28 thresher, 1916-1928
337Manual - International 8-16-H.P. Kerosene tractor, 1918-1922
338Manual - Case grain threshers, 1936
339Manual - McCormick-Deering Farmall F-30 tractor (Big Bertha), 1941
340Parts list - Root engine powered XA duster units, 1945
341Manual - Briggs and Stratton engines, 1946
342Manual - McCormick-Deering No. 52-R harvester threshers, 1948
343Manual - McCormick-Deering No. 42 harvester-thresher
41Manual - DuPont brush and weed control
42Manual - Mcormick C-254 cultivator, 1954
43Manual - McCormick C-280 runner planter (Super C), 1954
44Instructions - Alemite Model 7137 volume buckets, 1955
45Manual - McCormick C-280 runner planter, 1956
46Manual - McCormick-Deering N.A-96 combination planter
47Manual - Drive and throw-out unit for McCormick planters and fertilizers used with Farmall Super-C tractors
48Manual - starting and lighting attachments for Farmall and International tractors
49Manual - McCormick-Deering Farmall cultivators A-136, A-139, A-437
410Manual - McCormick-Deering No. 10-A tractor disk harrow
411Manual - Special attachments for Farmall and International tractors
412Manual - No. A-44 and AV-44 fertilizer attachments
413Manual - Pneumatic "Lift-All" for Farmall tractors
414Manual - Farmall A and AV tractors, 1947
415Manual - Wood's rotary mower, 1967
416Manual - McCormick Farmall 200 tractor
417Manual - John Deere disk tillers, 1938
418Parts catalog -International Harvester power take-off drives
419Parts list - needed for Cameron tramper
420Bulletins, catalog - Lummus Cotton Gin Company, 1951
421Advertisement brochure - Kelly duplex grinding mill
422Advertising brochure - International Agricultural Corporation, 1928
423Advertising brochure - Caldwell Tanks and Towers, 1931
424Advertisement - Howe Scale Company, 1935
425Advertisement - Hamilton Telescopic Suction Pipe
426Advertising brochures - mixers
427Manual - Fairbanks portable platform scale
428Catalogs - Delta Tools, 1938, 1939
429Receipts - carriage parts, shoeing Access Online
430Pamphlets - Dodge Brothers Lubricants, Stewart Carburetors, Willard Batteries
431Book of Information - Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles, 1919
432Installation instructions - Guarantee Liquid Measure Company gasoline and oil measures , 1924
433AAA Driver Rating Manual, 1931
434Vehicle registration [blank], 1937
435Accessories catalog - Chevrolet, 1937
436Manual - Ford cars
437Manual - Pontiac cars, radio station markers booklet, 1940
438Manual - Ford F-Series trucks, 1951
439Manual - Buick Owners Guide, 1953
440Vehicle maintenance, 1941-1944
441AAA membership application
442Receipts - Athens Truck and Trailer, 1954-1956 Access Online
443AAA service station directories, 1939, 1941
444Record books for car maintenance, 1962-1964
445Miscellaneous tags
446Cotton bale pins (4) - Internal Revenue, 1933-1936
447Cotton bale tags (4) - I. W. Ethridge and Son
448Strayer-Upton Arithmatics Lower Grades - school book, 1929
6Farm ledger, 1934-1944 Access Online
6Farm ledger, 1945-1967 Access Online
1Farm ledger [broken binding], 1919-1933 Access Online
2Farm ledger, 1943-1969
3Gin book, 1917-1919 Access Online
3Gin book, 1926-1927 Access Online
3Gin book, 1928-1931 Access Online
4Gin book [disbound], 1951-1956
5Gin book - large, 1937-1951 Access Online Access Online
1Blueprint - wiring diagram for Westinghouse controller Access Online

3. Photographs

51Photographs (1-14) Access Online
Photographs include Ira W., Ira Lanis, and Susan Ethridge with their dog Spot; a Fort Myers, Florida trip; and Ira Lanis with groups of men at a beach, in the mountains, and on a bridge.
52Photographs (15-23) Access Online
Photographs include family portraits; Lucile, Francis, and Antoinette; Ira W. Ethridge and his 1946 black Buick; a view of burnt down homes; and family at Cousin Cammie's home in Tahoka, Texas.
53Photographs (24-33) Access Online
Photographs include single images of family groups; school and church groups; trips to Tybee Island.
54Photographs (34-50) Access Online
Photographs include family groups at Toccoa Falls, 1932; Savannah and Florida trip of 1917; and Palo Duro, Texas.
55Photographs (51-78) Access Online
Photographs include cotton operations; trip pictures from New Orleans and Miami; and Atlanta in 1917.
56Photographs (79-100) Access Online
Photographs include a steam engine; Terrora Dam; Ira W. and Lanis Ethridge with groups; and unidentified individuals on the farm.
57Photographs (101-117) Access Online
Photographs include Lanis Ethridge with family groups around the black Buick; a group with Bertie, Ira, Maude at Rock College; Lookout Mountain trip; portrait of Viola Ethridge Williamson; and a Tampa beach trip.
58Photographs (118-140) Access Online
Photographs include individuals and family groups at the farm, house, cemetery; Barton Maddox portrait, 1894.
59Photographs (141-153) Access Online
Photographs include group pictures of the Hardigree family; Susan and Ira W. Ethridge; group of identified women; and Ortho Thomas and J. K. Calloway residences.
510Photographs (154-174) Access Online
Photographs include Ira W. and Susuan Ethridge with groups; a trip to Stone Mountain; Lanis Ethridge with groups of men; Martha Carter; a child identified as Cammie's girl.
511Photographs (175-187) Access Online
Photographs include Ethridge family groups; portraits of children Ralph Lind, Blanch and Lizzie Fowler, and Lizzie McElhannon; Clifford Skiles with wagon.
512Photographs (188-210) Access Online
Photographs include funeral negatives; Lanis Ethridge and Essie Lee Shields; and several unidentified portrait cards.
513Photographs (211-216) Access Online
Photographs include portrait cards of Viola Ethridge Williams; unidentified groups and individuals.
514Photographs (217-221) Access Online
Photographs include portrait cards of Miss Sallie Shields and several unidentified people.
515Photographs (222-232) Access Online
Photographs include a tintype of an unidentified man; portraits of Ira W. Ethridge, groups and individuals including toddler Evelyn; and a school group.
516Photographs (233-238) Access Online
Photographs include mounted photographs of the Ethridge home and farm; unidentified groups; and a group at Snellville Academy.
517Photographs (239-244), 1914-1915 Access Online
Photographs include mounted images of Ira W. Ethridge and threshing machine operations.
518Photographs (245-246) Access Online
Photographs include mounted images of the gin building.
519Photographs (247-249) Access Online
Photographs include mounted images of a baseball game; group of men on Lookout Mountain; Robert Shields in Confederate Uniform.
520Photographs (250-251) Access Online
Photographs include mounted images of a Sunday school picnic.
521Photographs (252-259) Access Online
Photographs include five baby and child portraits; Ira and Susan Ella Ethridge portrait; Uncle Wash Betts in Masonic uniform portrait card; and the gin building.
522Photographs (260-263) Access Online
Photographs include mounted images of the gin building.
523Photographs (264-275) Access Online
Photographs include Ira W. and Lanis Ethridge with groups in various places; groups in a corn field and pine woods; 1924 barbeques for tenants and hands.
524Photographs (276-285) Access Online
Photographs include portrait cards of Ira W. and Susan Ella Shields Ethridge; H. Shields in Army uniform; Lanis Ethridge, Lanis and Jimmi Jackson sitting in a Maxwell car; family group on a porch; Buck, Got, and Charlie with a car in snow.
525Photographs (286-290) Access Online
Photographs incude a 1918 scrapbook page with images of a camp at Atlantic Beach, Jester's Mill, and "Jewel's Chillun" Jewel Anderson's students at Bachelor's Academy; 1916 and 1924 image of Bachelor's Academy; 1923 Galalee Christian Church; 1917 Shields-Ethridge house.
526Photographs (291-308) Access Online
Photographs include Ruby and the Ethridge family, Howard children, Dwight, Beth, Cliff, Tim; Ira W. and Susan Ella Ethridge with Viola.
527Photographs (309-314) Access Online
Photographs include Shields-Ethridge house in snow; portraits of Lanis Ethridge, Ira W., Susan, and Lanis on the front porch; group of women on a fence.
528Photographs (315-337) Access Online
Photographs include Ruby Shields and the kitchen; groups on the Shields-Ethridge house front porch; 1920s beach trip pictures; Ira W. and Susan Ethridge with black Buick; Lanis Ethridge, 1958; child on tractor, 1962.
529Photographs (338-341) Access Online
Photographs include Colonial Williamsburg trip image taken by Isabelle Stovall of Frances Melvin, Joyce Ethridge, Frances Smith [cropped]; Got and Ira W. Ethridge, Scott Ethridge in buggy; children on steps of Bachelor's Academy, 1920s.
530Photographs (342-344) Access Online
Photographs included are three images of the Bachelor's Academy groups, 1918, 1920, undated; Arcade Sunday School group, 1917; and Martin Institute group.
531Photographs (345-347) Access Online
Photographs include two different family groups in front of the Shields-Etheridge home; Aunt Ella and Lanis Ethridge.
532Photographs (348-351) Access Online
Photographs include men at a drug store counter; two images of groups inside and outside Martin Institute; Mr. Ira and wrkers in the cotton gin.
533Photographs (352-355) Access Online
Photographs include school bus and children from Bachelor's Academy; 4 negatives of Bachelor's Academy building, 1950; Bachelor's Academy with group, 1914; flowers at Mrs. E. S. Ethridge's funeral, Jefferson Christian Church, 1930.
534Photographs (356-364) Access Online
Photographs include Mag Chandler with baby, 1915; threshing grain, feeding pigs, 1917; cotton gin operations, 1918-1920.
535Photographs (365-366) Access Online
Photographs include a glass plate negative portrait of Ira W. Ethridge and boy; Ira W. Ethridge with farm workers and tractor.
536Photographs (367-382) Access Online
Photographs include Bachelor's Academy building, barn; images from trip to Texas (see related journal in box 1, folder 155).
537Photographs (382-384) Access Online
Photographs include Lanis Ethridge and workers in cotton gin; group at May and Cicero Chandler's home including Herman Pattman; Aunt Ella and Lanis.
538Photographs (385-403) Access Online
Photographs include Ira W. and Lanis Etheridge at beach, farm in various groups; farm buildings; Shields-Ethridge house in snow; group with Susan and Ira W. Ethridge.
539Tags, envelopes Access Online