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U.S. Women's Protest Movement archive

U.S. Women's Protest Movement archive

Descriptive Summary

Title: U.S. Women's Protest Movement archive
Creator: Draper, Lucy Hargrett
Inclusive Dates: 2017-2021
Language(s): English
Extent: 15 Linear Feet 24 boxes, 3 oversize folders, 1 item
Collection Number: ms4173
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

A collection of Women's March protest posters and ephemera from the marches held in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, D.C. in 2017-2021, #metoo movement, sexual harassment in the workplace, women's health and abortion, and planned parenthood.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

U.S. Women's Protest Movement archive, ms4173, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Protest movements.
Trump, Donald, 1946-
University of Georgia. Students
Women -- Georgia -- Atlanta.
Women in politics -- Georgia.
Women's rights -- Georgia.
Women's rights -- United States.

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This collection forms part of the Lucy Hargrett Draper Center and Archive for the Study of the Rights of Women in History and Law.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Women's March

11"Women's MARCH on Washington, January 21, 2017" Dog Tag, 2017
11"I'm With Her" Hillary Clinton Plastic ID Luggage Tag, 2017
11"Soviet Feminist Propaganda Poster-Down With Slavery" Magnet, 2017
11"Women Against Trump" set of 4 Magnets: "Another Woman Against Trump"; "Women United Against Trump"; "Love Trumps Hate"; "Love Trumps Hate", 2017
11Womens March on Washington 2017 Patch, 2017
15Photographs from Atlanta, Ga. March for Social Justice and Women, includes personal narratives from Chrisy Erickson Strum, Georgia Ayn Priester, and Julie Miller Torres, 2017
16Buttons, #stayoutraged, I Marched 01.21.2017 (And I Would Do It Again) #Riseup, Nasty Women Keep Fighting, Women's March On Washington 01.21.2017, Women's March On Washington, D.C. 1/21/2017, Anti Trump 2016 Vladimir Putin Baby Donald, Hear Our Voice, Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017, Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017
17Stickers, Nasty Women Keep Fighting, Dress Like A Woman, Nevertheless She Persisted, Resist with Lady Liberty, I Want To Apologize… poem by Rupi Kaur, Dress Like a Woman, A Woman's Place is in the Resistance, Destroy the Patriarchy not the Planet, I am Surrounded by Idiots, Nevertheless She Persisted, Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence, 2017
17Stickers, Pink Pussy Hat, Women's March, Don't Blame Me I Voted for Hillary, Trump Sucks, Tuck Frump, I Want to Impeach Trump, Putin Trump Make Russia Great Again, 2017
19Postcards, 2017
110Conde Nast Presents Rise Up!, 2017
112Scrapbook, March for Social Justice & Women, Atlanta, 2017
113Scrapbook, Women's March, Washington D.C. and other cities, 2017
114Scrapbook, Women's March-Sister Marches Worldwide, 2017
2T-shirt, Women's Rights Human Rights #Womenmarch, 2017
2T-shirt, Women's March On Atlanta, 2017
2T-shirt, Women's March Washington January 21, 2017
2T-shirt, Women's March Washington DC January 21, 2017
2T-shirt, United We Stand Together We March, January 21 , 2017
2T-shirt, And The WOMEN Shall Lead The Way, Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017
2T-shirt, Our Solidarity With All Progressive Women of the World, A MILLION WOMEN, Washington, DC, 2017
2T-shirt, Anti-Women, Image of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney
4Mug, Nasty Woman is Code for Intelligent, Hard Working, Confident, Prepared and Experienced, 2017
4Mug, Women's March On Washington 1.21.17, 2017
4Mug, Women's March, 2017
5Daily News: Hear Them ROAR, 2017 January 22
5Newsday: Hear Them Roar, 2017 January 22
6Pussy Hat (Hand knitted), 2017
6Women's March on Washington, 2017
1Poster, Women's March 1.21.17, 2017
1Poster, Equality for All Women's March on Washington Saturday, January, 21, 2017
1Poster, Women's March on Washington Saturday, January 21, Women Unite, 2017
1Poster, "Justice for All; Dignity; Grassroots; Diversity; Global Responsibility; Equal Rights Are Human Rights; Hear Our Voices; Together Protect Lands, Communities, Family Choices; Spirit of Democracy; Religious Freedom; Environment; Science; LGBTQIR; Color; Women's March On Washington-Jan. 21, 2017; Be Present; Amplify; Love, 2017
1Poster, pink pussy hat "March Washington January 21, 2017 Hear Us", 2017
1Poster, I'm A Catty Suffragette, I scratch and fight the P'lice, So long as they withold the vote, My warfare will not cease, 2017
1Poster, Does Your Cat Know About the Feminist Movement?, 2017
1Poster, A Million Women, Washington, D.C., 2017
1Poster, A Woman's Place in the Resistance, 2017
1Poster, Women's March - Liberty's Alternative Inaugural, John Mavroudis, ZenPop , 2017
1Posters, We The People series, Shepard Fairey, 2017
1Poster, JUSTICE-Women's March On Washington, 2017
1Poster, Women's March, Redbubble, 2017
1Poster, Rights for Women, Redbubble, 2017
1Poster, The Clown Car Series: Trump 2016, The Shit Show, Kevin Bradley, 2017
1Poster, Statue of Liberty, Persist, 2017
1Poster, Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman's March on Washington, 2017
1Poster, Don't Worry Mexico: I Have The Best Peasants, all my American Taxpaying Slaves will Pay for my Wall, 2017
1Poster, Dress Like a Woman, 2017
1Poster, "Fearless Girl", image of bronze statue by Kristen Visbal, 2017
1Poster, One Voice of a Million Voices Stong, 2017
1Poster, Nevertheless, She Persisted, image of Queen Elizabeth I, 2017
1Poster, Nevertheless, She Persisted, images of Hillary Clinton, 2017
1Poster, The Abuse of Liberty, Che Hennessy, image of Statue of Liberty on cover of The New Yorker, 2017
1Poster, We The Reslient Have Been Here Before, 2017
1Poster, Women's March Liberty and Justice for All, 2017
1Poster, Feminist, Woman's symbol made up of words, 2017
1Poster, Femminismo, Salvatori, 2017
1Poster, National Suffrage Convention, Votes for Women, Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 1913, 2017
1Poster, image of World War II female factory worker, 2017
1Poster, Judith Slaying Holofernes, 2017
1Poster, Feminist Goddess, 2017
1Poster, Emperor Trump, 2017
1Poster, Nevertheless She Persisted, We the People series, Shepard Fairey, 2017
1Poster, Feminist the power girl association official, We the People series, Shepard Fairey, 2017
1Poster, Women's March on Washington, we stand with all women matter, 2017
1Poster, All Women are Created Equal, Women's March, 2017
2Poster, Woman Card Hillary for President, 2017

2. Anti-Women's March

111Key ring, I am not anti-feminist. I am anti-stupidity, 2017
111Buttons, anti-Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren , 2017
111Buttons, anti-feminists, 2017
111Postcards, anti-feminist and Hillary Clinton, 2017
111Stickers, anti-Hillary Clinton, 2017
115Scrapbook, Women's March on Washington, 2017
3T-shirt, Feminism Is Patriarchy On A Slutwalk, 2017
3T-shirt, Typical Feminist, 2017
3T-shirt, Hillary for Prison 2016
3T-shirt, Don't Be Sexist, Bitches Hate That Shit!, 2017
3T-shirt, Prison For Hillary 2016 GUILTY Not Fit For President, 2016
4Mug, Proudly 'anti-choice' women, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, ME, 2017
10Mug, I Need Feminism Because…It's the BEST Way to Validate My Insecurities, 2018
10Mug, OBIMBO. Yes Hillary. Yes Nancy. Yes Michelle. Anything that the Feminists want, 2018
1Poster, Female Abortionist, 2017
1Poster, Hell No, Hillary Clinton, 2017
1Poster, Prison, Hillary Clinton, 2017

3. Atlanta Women's March (Power to the Polls)

12"Power to the Polls" Sticker State of Georgia with 3 raised fists, 2018
12Stickers (set of 3): Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhard and Frida Kahlo, 2018
12Bumpersticker, City of Las Vegas, NV with Women's Equality Symbols, 2018
12Bumpersticker, "1-21-18 We Will Be Heard", 2018
12Sticker sheet, "2018" with Women's March symbol of silhouettes of 3 women's profiles, 2018
12Sticker sheet, "Hear Our Vote! January 20, 2018", 2018
13Buttons, Feminist AF, Feminist, Girl Almighty, Her Story, Rebel, Girl Gang, Brave, Girls Support Girls, Repeal the Patriarchy, Make Waves, Resist, Women's March Las Vegas, 2018
13Button, #Takeaknee for justice, 2018
13Button, Women's Bill of Rights Georgia, 2002
14Card, behind every successful woman is herself, 2018
14Card, Boss looks like a lady, 2018
14Card, It's time for monumental change, 2018
14Postcard, In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America. This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!, 2018
14Postcard, 76 Bullets Entered Jamarion's Body #JusticeForJam 10 Things You Should Know About The Killing of Jamarion Robinson, 2018
14Postcard, Together We RISE The Women's March Behind the Scenes , 2018
14Postcard, M.O.B.B. UNITED (Moms Of Black Boys) For Social Change Who We Are, What We Do, What You Can Do, 2018
18Photographs, 2018
5Atlanta Journal-Constitution.Cover story: "Year After Inauguration, Women Dive Into Politics", 2018 January 21
5The Red & Black. Cover story: "Marching Onward: Businesswoman Kate Van Cantfort Hoste the 2017 and 2018 Athens Women's March", 2018 January 25
5The New York Times. Cover story: "A Year Later". See Articles, "United Against Trump, Women Take to the Streets", 2018 January 21
5USA Today.See Article, "Women's Rallying Cry: 'Real March' Yet to Come", 2018 January 22
5Atlanta Journal-Constitution Metro Section cover story: "Saturday is Anniversary Rally of Women's March", 2018 January 16
5The Washington Post. See article"Mother Breaks Senate Barrier, but Patriarchal Culture Endures in Many Ways", 2018 April 20
5"In Boko Haram's Birthplace, Feminism Rules: Nigerian Ideas of Love, Sex and Equality Reject Patriarchy", 2017 December 16
5The New York Times. Cover story: "Saudi Women Cheer in Stands", 2018 January 13
7Little Feminist 500 Piece JIGSAW PUZZLE, 2018
7Pussy Hat JOURNAL, 2018
7Act Now! Protest Cards, 2018
7Necktie, Women's March Las Vegas, 2018
7Mug, Women's March Power to the Polls Las Vegas, 2018
7Mug and dish, Girls Just Want to be CEO, 2018
7Magnet, Power to the Polls, 2018
81The Nation: "The Resistance Turns One" (Special Issue), 2018
82In These Times: "Join The New Populists: This Way to Victory", 2018
83People Magazine: "YEARBOOK 2017" Special Edition, 2018
84Teen Vogue: "Nevertheless We Resist", 2017
85TIME Magazine: "The Avengers: First They Marched, Now They're Running", 2018
86TIME Magazine: "I know what it's like to be knocked down-A conversation with Hillary Clinton", 2016
87TIME Magazine: "The Optimists", 2018
88TIME Magazine: "2018 The Year Ahead", 2018
89TIME Magazine: "The Year In Review" Special Issue, 2017
810TIME Magazine: "Women Changing the World" Special Edition, 2018
811Womankind, 2018
812BBC History. Cover story: "Victory for the Suffragettes? Did Their Militant Campaign Win the Vote in 1918? 100 Years Votes for Women", 2018
813All About History. Cover story: "Suffragette Celebration: How Women Won the Vote", 2018
814Rolling Stone. Cover story: "Gal Gadot: The Triumph of a Badass Wonder Woman", 2018
815ABA Journal: "Suing For Equal Pay", 2018
816Ms:Cover stories: "Smash the Patriarchy: The Antidote to Misogyny is a Strong Feminist Movement", 2018
817New York. Cover story: "My 16-Year-Old Turned to Me After the Election and He said, 'America Doesn't Want a Smart, Qualified Woman in Office'. By Friday I Was Running. A Record Number of Women Seeking Office for the First Time. And Their Effect on Politics Could Rival That of the Tea Party", 2018
818Smithsonian. Cover story: "A New Vision of Norman Rockwell's America", 2018
9Pouch, Feminist (front) A Person Who Believes In The Social, Political, And Economic Equality of the Sexes (back), 2018
9Tote bag, Feminist; A Person Who Believes In The Social, Political, And Economic Equality of the Sexes , 2018
9T-shirt, Feminism Means Equality! That's It!, 2018
9Pencil case, The Future Is Female, 2018
9Tote bag, Women's March Power to the Polls Fabulous Las Vegas , 2018
9T-shirt, Women's March Las Vegas, 2018
9T-shirt, Women's March Atlanta, 2018
9T-shirt, Black Lives Matter, 2018
9T-shirt, MLK 50 Commemoration, 2018
1Poster, 2018 GA Power In Marching #TimesUp, Me Too, Quality & Justice For All Women To The Power Polls, 2018
1Poster, Women's Rights Are Human Rights, 2018
1Poster, Fed Up Get Up Vote!, 2018
1Poster, My Body is not Public Property March for Women's Lives, 2004
1Poster, Smile, Trump You're In For A Spanking In November (side 1), We Are All Dreamers (side 2), 2018
1Poster, NAACP Lift Every Voice and Vote (side 1); NAACP (side 2), 2018
1Poster, Abortion On Demand and Without Apology, 2018
1Poster, My Healthcare Needs are not Slutty, 2018
1Poster, The Real Shithole #TrumpPenceMustGo, 2018
1Poster, $130K Won't Shut Us Up (side 1), Time's Up (side 2), 2018
1Poster, Cancel This S#it Show, 2018
1Poster, Women Are The Wall And Trump Will Pay!, 2018
1Poster, It's Imperative! Black Women's Health Imperative, 2018
1Poster, Women Against the Bully in Chief, 2018
1Poster, Women's Rights are Human Rights, 2018
1Poster, Vote 2018 Flip them Blue, 2018
1Poster, No Trespassing My Body is not Public Property, 2018
1Poster, Grow a Pair The Future is Female, 2018
1Poster, Women of Color Moving Forward, 2018
1Poster, Trust Georgia's Women, 2018
1Poster, I'm with Her, 2018
1Poster, This is what Democracy Looks Like, 2018
1Poster, Grab 'em by the Midterms, 2018
1Poster, Stand Against Sexism Racism Occupation & War Fight for Liberation, 2018
1Poster, Strong Women Make Waves, 2018
2Poster, Smart Strong Unstoppable Women, 2018
2Poster, Elect Women Now, 2018
2Poster, No Human is Illegal, 2018
2Poster, Liar Trump + Liar Perdue We Cannot Wait to Say "Bye Felicia" to You!, 2018
2Poster, We Need a Leader Not a Tweeter, 2018
3Poster, Sex Offenders Can't Live in Government Housing #metoo #powertothepolls, 2018
3Poster, The Trump Jobs Plan, 2018
3Poster, America is Black Latina Native Asian LGBT Immigrant Muslim Disabled Jewish, 2018
3Poster, White Women Need to do Better, 2018
MLBYes, We Can!, 2018
111Postcards, stickers
112Stickers, magnets, patch
includes Rosie the Riveter, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Princess Leia, "What good can a girl do? A world of good!"
includes Resist; Nevertheless, she persisted; We are the resistance, Fight like a girl; Tour de Force
114Protest graphics - Mothers Against Hate
115Photographs - March for our Lives, Atlanta, 2018 March 24
116Button - March for our Lives
117Periodical - New York Magazine - David Hogg, 2018
118Photographs - Stacey Abrams at Power to the Polls, Atlanta, 2018
119Campaign mailings, stickers - Stacey Abrams
1110Periodical - Time, The South Issue - Stacey Abrams, 2018 August
4Yard sign - Stacey Abrams
12Badge reel - Rosie the Riveter
12Earrings - Wonder Woman
12Pendant - Wonder Woman
12Pins (2) - Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It!
12Feminotes sticky notes - Rosie the Riveter
12Pez candy dispenser - Wonder Woman
12T-Shirt - Persisterhood
13Periodicals - Magazines, 2018

4. Women's March (Women's Wave)

1111Photographs - Women's March, Atlanta, 2019 January 19
1112Pins - Women's March
1113Campaign materials, photographs - Elizabeth Warren
12T-Shirts (4) - Women's March
12Coffee mugs (2)
12Acrylic block - International Women's Day, 2018
12Painted rock - "We rise by lifting others"
12Magnet - Ruth Bader Ginsberg
12Christmas ornament- Ruth Bader Ginsberg
14Periodicals - Magazines, 2019
20Periodicals - Newspapers

5. Me Too, Time's Up Movement, 2017-2021

1114Buttons - New York Times - Me Too
1115Postcards, graphics, stickers - Me Too
1116Transcript - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. William H. Cosby Jr., 2020-2021
12Pins, magnets - Me Too
12Necklace - "#Me Too"
12T-Shirts (2) - Me Too
4Poster - "Bill Cosby - Guilty as Charged"
15Periodicals - Magazines
16Periodicals - Magazines
2Bound New York Times articles - Women's Rights
20Periodicals - Newspapers
21Periodicals - Newspapers
22Periodicals - Newspapers

6. End Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Workplace

2Dog tag necklace - "Wolves in Business Suits"
2Pin - "No Means No"
2Mirror - "Sexual Harassment is not a Political Issue"
2Necklace - "No Grope Zone"
2T-Shirts (9)
2Tote bags (3)
1117Report - Sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 2021 August 3
1118Stickers - Sexual Harassment
1119Postcards - Sexual Harassment
1120Buttons - Sexual Harassment
17Coffee mugs (2)
4Informational posters, laminated (10) - Printed
4Art poster - "The Irritating Gentleman" by Berthold Woltze
4Informational poster, laminated - Printed
18Periodicals - Magazines
23Periodicals - Newspapers

7. Women's March (Women Rising)

1121Sticker - Women Rising - Women's March on Steamboat Springs, 2020
1122Photograph - Biden-Harris yard sign - Panhandle Slim, 2020
1123Campaign mailing - Biden-Harris - Democratic Party of Georgia, 2020
1124Campaign mailing - Biden-Harris - Republican Party of Georgia, 2020
1125Campaign mailing - Rev. Raphael Warnock - Democratic Party of Georgia, 2020
1126Campaign mailing - Amy McGrath, 2020
17Pin - "Women Rising"
14Periodicals - Magazines
24Periodicals - Newspapers

8. Women's March (Bans Off Our Bodies)

1127Stickers (3) - Planned Parenthood
1128Sticker - "Trump-Pence must go!"
1129Stickers (4) - Abortion rights
1130Photographs - Pro-Choice rally, Georgia State Capitol, 2019 May 21
1131Photographs - Women's March, Atlanta, 2021 October 2
1132Photographs - Women's March, Atlanta, 2021 October 2
1133Photographs - Women's March, Atlanta, 2021 October 2
1134Proceedings - Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health - U.S. Supreme Court, 2021
1135Opinion of the Court - Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health - U.S. Supreme Court, 2021
1136Judges' concurring and dissenting opinions - Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health - U.S. Supreme Court
1137Proceedings - Whole Woman's Health v. Austin Reave Jackson - U.S. Supreme Court, 2021
1138Judges' concurring and dissenting opinions - Whole Woman's Health v. Austin Reave Jackson - U.S. Supreme Court
17Pins (7) - Abortion rights
17Coat hanger with sticker - "Never again!"
17Tote bag - "In this together" - Planned Parenthood
17Bandana - Planned Parenthood
17Plastic button - Planned Parenthood
17Koozies (2) - Planned Parenthood
17Sunglasses - Planned Parenthood
17T-Shirt - "War on Women"
3Posters (3) - Printed
3Protest posters (17) - Hand made
4Posters (12) - Printed
4Posters - Printed, round
includes Keep Abortion Legal, RU 486 Now, Stop the War on Women
19Periodicals - Magazines
24Periodicals - Newspapers