William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. papers

William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. papers
Creator: Cawthon, William Lamar, Jr.
Inclusive Dates: 1814-2015
Language(s): English
Extent: 61.5 Linear Feet 65 boxes, 7 oversized boxes, 9 oversized folders, 18 volumes
Collection Number: ms4119
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. (1946-2016) was a lawyer and historian, researched and wrote extensively about Antebellum era Clinton, Georgia, the orignal 19th Century seat of Jones County, his family properties in Eufaula, Alabama,and was active in local preservation efforts. He also wrote extensively about Southern cultural issues including Southern culture, segregation, and Antebellum and Confederate ideals.

William Lamar Cawthon (1912-1997) was a Methodist minister, organist, and piano teacher. He and Evelyn Reynolds (1909-2001) are the parents of William Cawthon, Jr..

Scope and Content

This collection includes the historic research papers concerning Clinton and Jones County, Georgia, and other land records, legal papers, and printed material documenting the local history. Also included are extensive writing journals of both William Cawthon and William Cawthon, Jr., family correspondence, church records from William Cawthon's career, and other items of historic significance purchased through the estate of William Cawthon, Jr.

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William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. papers, ms4119, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

This collection makes up part of the William Lamar Cawthon, Jr. Collection of Southern Cultural Understanding.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Cawthon family

11William Lamar Cawthon
12School - printed material
16William Cawthon, Jr. - Study of Nativity paper, 1981
17William Cawthon, Jr. - school syllibi
18-10William Cawthon, Jr. - notes
111School - report cards - Evelyn Reynolds, 1926-1928
112Schoolwork - William Cawthon, 1930
113Pamphlet - Hon. Hugh G. Grant warns UGA Students of Race War in the US, 1956
114Poem - William Cawthon
115Integration survey
118Broadside - Working Bulletin, National Alliance
119Tickets, advertisements, ephemera
120Washington, DC - postcard book
31-7Correspondence - A.B., Madie Dell Cawthon
38Family business correspondence - Madie Dell Cawthon
39Farm business correspondence - Madie Dell Cawthon
310Postcards - Madie Dell Cawthon
311correspondence - Mrs. G.E. "Mama Blanche" Stone
312Postcards - Mrs. G.E. "Mama Blanche" Stone
313Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds
41-3Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds
44Correspondence copies, fragments - Evelyn Reynolds
45-12Correspondence - William Cawthon - Evelyn Reynolds Cawthon, 1939-1943
51-3Correspondence - William Cawthon - Evelyn Reynolds Cawthon, 1939-1943
54Wedding book - William Cawthon - Evelyn Reynolds Cawthon, 1940
55-9Correspondence - Rev. William, Evelyn Cawthon
510Farm business - Evelyn Cawthon
511Farm contracts - Evelyn Cawthon
512Cawthon offer to purchase 40 acres in front of house, 1973
513Cawthon farm (Laurel Oaks) - description of layout of farmstead
514Correspondence - William Cawthon
515-16Correspondence - William, Evelyn Cawthon - William Cawthon, Jr.
61-13Correspondence - William Cawthon, Jr.
614Correspondence - William Cawthon, Jr. in the Navy
615Correspondence - miscellaneous
71William Cawthon, Jr. - Jackson High School, Emory
72William Cawthon, Jr. - writing
73William Cawthon, Jr. - Integration Crisis of 1969-1970 - handwritten draft of letter to Bill Neville
74William Cawthon, Jr. - Integration Crisis of 1970 - letter to Bill Neville
75William Cawthon, Jr. - Integration Crisis of 1970 - letters
76William Cawthon, Jr. essays - Crisis of the South
77William Cawthon, Jr. - George Wallace and the South - essay in Southern Patriot, 1998
78William Cawthon, Jr. - Dr. Thomas paper
79William Cawthon, Jr. - school papers and records
710Graduation ceremonies
711William Cawthon, Jr. - schoolwork
712William Cawthon, Jr. - certificates, diplomas, Phi Gamma Delta pin
713William Cawthon - historical material
714William Cawthon - certificates, diploma, 1924-1930
715William Cawthon - certificates, 1944-1951
716Family history notes
717Lamar family
718E.K Lamar - Woodmen of the World beneficiary certificate, 1911
719E.K. Lamar - financial, receipts
720Cawthon family - business
721Appraisal - Cawthon property, 1971
722Eufaula - Cawthon history
723Genealogy - Wilson, Bates, Doster notes
724General ancestry
725Family history (copies)
726Angus Butler Cawthon - funeral book
727Printed material - A Viewbook of Wesleyan College, The Wesleyan, 1927-1930
728Printed materials - Alabaman, The Assemblian, 1929, 1933
729Items found in Cawthon family bible
730Cawthon family heritage book
731Correspondence - Marion Combs - William Cawthon, Jr.
732Correspondence - David Mitchell - William Cawthon, Jr., 2015
81Correspondence - Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation - William Cawthon, Jr.
82Correspondence - Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation - William Cawthon, Jr.
83Correspondence - Georgia Conservancy - William Cawthon, Jr.
84Correspondence - Historic Chattahoochee Commission - William Cawthon, Jr.
85Correspondence - Department of Natural Resources - William Cawthon, Jr.
86Printed material - Eufaula Pilgrimage
87Printed material - ephemera
88Printed material - song, story, jokes
89Photographs - William Cawthon, Evelyn Reynolds Cawthon
810Photographs - William Cawthon, Jr.
811-14Photographs - family
815Photographs, slides - family
816-19Photographs - portraits
820Photographs - architecture
91Photographs - cards, carte de visites
92Photographs - Southern, Confederate historic sites
93Photographs - UGA protests, 1990
94Photographs - negatives, contact sheets - gravestones
95Photographs - negatives
96Slides - homeplace
3Baby bootie, knit
11William Cawthon - diaries
11Farm books
13William Cawthon, Jr. - various journals
Includes rainfall records, planting design and landscaping at Laurel Oaks Plantation, gardening, history, travel and personal journals.
14William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 1999-2000
15William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 2001-2002
16William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 2004
17William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 2006-2007
18William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 2009
19William Cawthon, Jr. - unbound journals, 2012-2014
20William Cawthon, Jr. - subject journals, 2007-2015
Includes one planting journal and three travel journals.
20William Cawthon, Jr. - journals, 1977-1979
21William Cawthon, Jr. - journals, 1980-1982
22William Cawthon, Jr. - journals, 1982-1984
23William Cawthon, Jr. - journals, 1984-1987
1Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1986 July-1987 June
2Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1987 November-1988 May
3Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1988 May-1989 January
4Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1989 February-November
5Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1989 November-1990 December
6Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1991 January-1992 December
7Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1993 January-1991 January
8Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1994 January-1995 January
9Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1995 February-1995 September
10Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1995 December-1997 March
11Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1997 April-December
12Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1997 December-1998 February
13Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 1998 March-December
14Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2006 October-December
15Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2007
16Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2008
17Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2010
17aJournal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2011 January-June
18Journal of William Cawthon, Jr., 2011 July-2012 August
261Madie Dell Lamar - correspondence
262Evelyn Cawthon - business
263William, Evelyn Cawthon - wills
264William Cawthon, Jr. - church, school
265-6The Bluffer - Eufaula High School yearbook, 1927-1930
267La Revue - Birmingham Southern University yearbook, 1931
268Panorama - Madison County [Georgia] Schools yearbook, 1953
269Dedication of Admiral Thomas H. Moorer Middle School - Eufaula, Alabama, 1971
2610Loose papers from scrapbooks
2611Cawthon family letters - Uncle Simon Cawthon letter, 1890 November 6
2612Protest poster in favor of changing the Georgia state flag
4Scrapbooks - disbound
361William L. Cawthon, Jr. - High school, Emory, UGA
362William L. Cawthon, Jr. - writing - Segregation: Speech at Jackson High in support of
363William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Class Reunion
364William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Jackson High School Class of 1964 40th Reunion, 2004
365William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - correspondence, 1968-1969
366William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - correspondence, 1968-1970
367William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - journals, 1968-1970
368William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - photographs of Midway, Guam
369William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - V.A. records
3610William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Writing - Southern Boy in WestPac
3611William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Resume
3612William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Vitae, Curriculum
3613William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Information
3614William L. Cawthon, Jr. - employment
3615William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Jackson High School yearbooks, 1961-1962
3616William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Funeral memory book, 2016
3617William L. Cawthon, Jr. - political science paper, 1968
3618William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Bio, writing sketches
3619William L. Cawthon, Jr. - School notebooks, 1981-1982
3620William L. Cawthon, Jr. - notebooks (3)
3621William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation ideas
3622William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation proposal
3623William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation notes
3624William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation - copyright of thesis
3625William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation - Jones County Macon Telegraph
3626William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation - Jones County Historian services
3627William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation -Jones County research
3628William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Land of Our Own exhibit
371William L. Cawthon, Jr. - South As a Distinct Region paper, 1981
372William L. Cawthon, Jr. - writing - University of Georgia, 1981-1985
374William L. Cawthon, Jr. - dissertation - Clinton: County Seat on the Georgia Frontier, 1984
375-8William L. Cawthon, Jr. - horticulture notes
379Photograph album - William, Evelyn Cawthon
3710Photograph album - Evelyn Reynolds
3711Photograph album - Evelyn Reynolds - Female College, 1914-1915
3712Photographs - mounted portraits
3713Photographs - mounted
381Calling cards
382Cabinet cards
383Photographs - William Cawthon family
384Photographs - William L. Cawthon, Jr.
385Photographs - William L. Cawthon, Jr. graduation
386Photographs - Trips
387Photographs - family, bound
388-10Photographs - family
3811Photographs - family, miscellaneous
3812Photographs - copies of family portraits
3813Photographs - copies of [notes]
3814Photographs - modern
3815Negatives - miscellaneous
6Framed photograph - Evelyn Cawthon
6Framed photographs - Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Reynolds (2)
6Framed photographs - Unidentified family portraits
391-6Correspondence - William L. Cawthon, Jr.
397-12Correspondence - William L. Cawthon, Jr. - parents
3913Correspondence - William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Anne Hamilton
3914Correspondence - William L. Cawthon, Jr. - business
3915Correspondence - William L. Cawthon, Jr. - topical
401Correspondence - Mrs. A.B. Cawthon
402Correspondence - Mr., Mrs. C.D. Reynolds
403Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds
404-6Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds - Bill Cawthon, 1938-1939
407-16Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds - Bill Cawthon, 1940
411-3Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds - Bill Cawthon, 1941
414Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds - Bill Cawthon, 1943-1946
415Correspondence - Evelyn Reynolds - Bill Cawthon (undated)
416Correspondence - Evelyn, William Cawthon
5Marriage certificate - William and Evelyn Cawthon, 1941 June 29
417Correspondence - Evelyn Cawthon
418-9William Cawthon - Emory notes
4110William Cawthon - music teaching, perfeormances
4111Musical programs
4112Evelyn Cawthon (Reynolds) memoir
411350th Wedding Anniversary of parents - planning
411450th Wedding Anniversary of parents
4115Cawthon - miscellaneous
4116Evelyn Cawthon - Power of attorney, will
4117Evelyn Cawthon - Estate
4118Evelyn Cawthon - Documents
4119Evelyn Cawthon - Service of remembrance
4120Evelyn Cawthon - 90th birthday
4121Evelyn Cawthon - Records of historic interest
4122William Lamar Cawthon - Obituary
4123William Lamar Cawthon - Memorial gifts
4124William Lamar Cawthon - Estate
4125Blanche Stone
4127C.D. Reynolds - Funeral book, death certificate, 1973
42William Cawthon - journals (6), 1988-1996
421C.D. Reynolds - property
422Evelyn Cawthon, Mary T. Reynolds - property
423Cawthon - farm business
425Account book
426Cawthon ledgers
427Cawthon family Bible records - photocopies
428Stone - Estate
429Bowen - Pennsylvania
4210Bowen - Bible records
4211Blount family history - Mary Blount's history
4212Blount homes in Surry and Sussex Counties
4213Blount connection with Erasmus
4216Blount, James H.
4217Mary Blount Green material
4218Blount, Harold of Denmark
431Mary Blount's tapes
432Bowen House - magazine articles
433Horatio Bowen - historical sketches
434Miscellaneous historical notes on Clinton
435Horatio Bowen - biographical sketches
436Horatio Bowen - documents from family Bible
437Family census records
438Annie Bowen Hamilton
439Bowen letters
4310Anecdotes - personal, family
4311Residences of family
4312Bowen - historical sketches
4313Funeral invitations - Bowen, 1853-1886
4314Bowen family letters, information
4315Bowen documents
4318Family history
4319Family research
4320Family history - oral (Cawthon)
4321Family history - land records
4322Custer project
4323Powell family research
4325Genealogical information
4327Family history - miscellaneous
4328Family history - Interview with Evelyn Cawthon
4329-30Family history - Interview with Hanna family
4331Research notes
441Research notes
442William Cawthon - Memoir
443William Cawthon - Funeral
444Rev. William L. Cawthon
445William Cawthon - Memoir for the funeral, North Georgia Conference
446Family history - Research, correspondence
447Family history - Oral
448Clinton genealogy
449Hanna book - Letters
4411Father Ryan
561William L. Cawthon, Jr. - miscellaneous
562William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Commendations
563William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Law School graduation ceremony
564William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Thesis - procedural
565William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Thesis - Handwritten originals
566William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Modern America seminar - Bartley
567William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Devorsey paper - first original
568William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Devorsey paper - Research materials
569William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban Hierarchy paper - Population data
5610William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban Hierarchy paper
5611William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban Hierarchy paper - Postal receipt data
5612William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban paper - Revised draft
5613William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban paper - Arguments
5614William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Urban paper - Notes
5615Heirlooms - inventory, papers
5617Blount family information
5619Southern history - General
5620Urban history
5621Cavalier & Yankee
5622Wyatt - Brown
5623Michael O'Brien
5624William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Historians' fallacies
5625William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Southern values
5626William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Inquisition Against the South - Monumental Dixie Rally, Birmingham
5627SCV stationary
5629William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Modern America seminar - Bartley
5630William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Genovese seminar
5631Madison's notes in 1787 Convention
5632South since Reconstruction
5633Confederate music
5634Confederate museums
5635Sunny Dixon
5636N.E. Georgians for the Flag - Response to UDC Senate vote
571New Orleans - Occupied City
572Battle of Marianna
573Maryland - Southern patriotism
574Modern America - Holmes
575William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Holmes - Book readings
576Gamble Funds campaign files
577Donald Davidson - Journal atricles, important
578Davidson correspondence
579Donald Davidson - Articles on race in American Review
5711William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Early Reconstruction
5712William L. Cawthon - Writing - Confederate Memorial Day article
5713William L. Cawthon - Writing - War for Southern Independence, Lives Lost chapter
5714Inquisition against "racism"
5715Speech codes
5716Richard B. Russell
5717Newspaper - Burritt
5718Indian influences including Tom's Path
5719Faust - Sacred Circle
5720William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Genovese - Mind of the Master Class
5721Paul Hayne, Hamilton Hayne
5722Congress - Address of Congressmen
5723William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Holmes - Book notes
5724Slave trade
5725William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Wealthholding - Rough draft
5726Journal articles
5727Henry W. Hilliard
5728Secession - Naylor book about downsizing the U.S.
5729Northeast Georgians - Letters, columns published in newspapers
5730Confederate widows
5732Preston Brooks Historical Society
5733William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Wealthholding paper - Copy turned into Dr. Thomas
5734William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Books to write - Southern Secession
5736Confederate monument inscriptions
5738Racism - origin of the word
5739Barboursville mansion
5740Confederate Seals
5741William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Alabama politics - Antebellum era
5742William L. Cawthon, Jr. - T.R.R. Cobb article
5743William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Wealth holding paper
5744Inquisistion of 2015 - Editorials, letters to the editor
5745Southern League - Wall Street Journal article
5747Southern parties
5748Southern National Party newsletter
5749Confederate flag issue - memorandums
5750Petigru biography
5751PBS - Civil War series
5752Descriptions of slavery
5753William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Notes
581Confederate Issues, 2001
582William Porcher Miles
583Preservation of Southern culture
584Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve - works
585Reading lists - Southern culture and heritage
586Remembrances of the Antebellum South
587Reading list
588-9William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Holmes - Book notes
5810William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Holmes - Journal articles
5812Racial integrity - pamphlets
5813William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence - essay
5814Bradford - Replies to Jaffa -Equality
5815In support of Segregation - Ervin
5816Richard Beale Davis - Intellectual Life in the Colonial South
5817Donald Davidson - Journal articles
5818Eugene Macolm
5819William L. Cawthon, Jr. - American history to 1865 - Lecture notes
5820William L. Cawthon, Jr. - European historiography
5821Slavery - Home economy
5822Student evaluations
5823William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Writing
5824Sons of Confederate Veterans memorial service
5825Articles - Genetics of race - copies
5826Chapter IV - Grissom
5827Flyers, ephemera
5828Printed material, correspondence
5829Athens, Georgia
5830Kennedy assasination
5831William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Spalding - Precis
5832William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Spalding - Book reviews
5833The South Foundation
5834Photographs - Culture of the South Association
5835Society of Southern Independent Historians
5836Confederate batlle flag issue - pamphlet
591Affirmative Action
592Handouts - Confederate flag issue
593Confederate flag issue - Anti
594Confederate flag issue - Pro
595William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Speeches - Georgia flag, before Northside Kiwanas Club
596Georgia flag - changes
597Confederate flag issue
598Cawthon writings - Georgia flag
599Attacks upon Confederate symbols
5910William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Southern culture editorial
5911Confederate States - Exodus of confederates after the war
5912Confederate veterans
5913Confederate widows
5914Contemporary Georgia - Anti-Southern nature of the course
5915Agricultural history
5916Confederate flag issue - Letters to the editor
5917History of the Confederate flag
5918Confederate flag issue - Articles
5919Confederate flag - Letters concerning efforts to preserve
5920Confederate flags - images
5921Atlanta Journal/Constitution Southern writers' articles during Olympics
5922Confederate flag issue
5923Southern Party of Georgia
5925Justification of Secession
5926Alabama history - Transactions of the Alabama Historical Society
5927Antebellum Trail
5928Dissertation - Journal articles
5929Local history books regarding Clinton dissertation
5930Christy Snipes
5932John Knox for Governor
5933John Knox
5934Martin Luther King holiday
5935Northern views of Blacks
5936William Bartram
5937Picturesque America
5938Forsyth County march
5939Fourteenth Amendment
5940Repeal of Fourteeth, Fifteenth Amendment
5941Frank Connor editorials
5942Rally to save the Georgia flag
5943William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Speeches - War for our Survival as a People
5944-45Miscellaneous flag material
5946Janas - Confederate battle flag thesis
5947Photographs - Flag protests
5948Flag protest bumper stickers
5949Confederate flag issue - South Carolina
5950Georgia flag pamphlet - later version
5951Printed material - South
5952Photographs - Southern houses, monuments
601Flag protest material
602William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Southern Party
603William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dixie, U.S.A. response
604William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Speeches - Modern History Profession is Anti-Southern
605Attacks upon Stone Mountain
606William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Holmes - Novich - That Noble Dream
607SCV resolution in favor of the Georgia flag
608Racial issues - Advocacy of segregation
609William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Clocks - Clinton
6010Lears - Anti-Modernism and the Transformation of American Culture
6011William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Speeches - T.R.R. Cobb secession speech, comments
6012William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Racial issue - The future
6013Racial issues - Problems of Blacks
6014Augusta - Jane Evans Wilson
6015Phinizy Spalding
6016Racial political issues
6018Talks on slavery
6018-19William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Spalding - Notes on books
6020William L. Cawthon, Jr. - PBS series on the war
6021William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Sons of Confederate Veterans - letters
6022William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Modern America - Dr. Holmes
6023Shelby Foote
6024William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Genovese
6025Confederate POW Society
6026William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Historiography paper
6027William L. Cawthon, Jr. - South as its Own Nation - update
6028William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Southern League - South as it Own Nation
6029William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation introduction
6030William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Letter - Culture of the South Association
6031William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Dissertation text
6032William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Journal techniques
6033William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Journal
6034William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Journal excerpts
6035William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Journal index
6036William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Journals - Rough or loose
6037William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Historical Geography journal, articles
6039William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Middle Period seminar
6040Secessionist movements, efforts
6041Defense of segregation
6042Pledge of Allegiance
6043National identity
6044Politics - Governor's row - Georgia
6045Politics, Southern
6046William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Original CSA - Culture of the South Association
6047William L. Cawthon, Jr. - University of Georgia
6048William L. Cawthon, Jr. - George Wallace
611A. Rutledge - Peace in Our Heart
612Confederate flag issues - originals
613Georgia flag - Rally to preserve
614William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Georgia flag - Senate debate
615William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Georgia flag - Suit against
616Jim Giles
617Gone With the Wind
618Great Seal of the Confederacy
619Lewis Grizzard
6110Northeast Georgians for the Flag & Southern Heritage - Publicity
6111Northeast Georgians for the Flag - Radio advertising
6112Northeast Georgians for the Flag & Southern Heritage - Stationery
6113North - South debate
6114Southern articles on abolitionism
6115Southern character
6116Confederate flag - Liberal/leftist position
6117Confederate flag issue - Napier article
6118Confederate flag issue - Originals
6120Southern League - George Will editorial
6121Bowers view of Reconstruction
6123Reconstruction - Southern Essays - Richard M. Weaver
6124War for Southern Independence - Reasons North wanted to keep the South
6125William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Arguments for Southern nationalism
6126Anti-Southern bigotry
6127William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Reconstruction
6128Attacks upon symbols of the Old South
6129Confederate battle flag issue - Mississippi
6130Southern character, values - Joseph Sobran
6131Stone Mountain
6132Georgia flag - Barnes' treachery, campaign against him
6133History of the Confederacy
6134Abraham Lincoln
6135William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Lawrence Goodwyn, populist
6136Confederate history
6137"Miss Alberta" Martin
6138South - Blacks and religion
6139Slavery - Free Black ownership of slaves
6140Slavery in the North
6141Black Confederates
6142Cartoons - Con - The Big Chicken
6143Georgia flag - Notice to fraternities for march
6144Georgia flag
6145Change of Georgia flag
6146Confederate flag
6147William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Children of Pride
6149Articles about the South, related issues
6150Jefferson Davis bicentennial
6151Religion in the Antebellum South
6152Lee ceremony - Livingston article
6153Selma to Montgomery voting rights march
621Civil rights issues - Selma and King
622Confederate battle flag - Arguments in support
623Culture of the South Association - Public relations
624Culture of the South Association - Pandora page
625Culture of the South Association - Posters
626Culture of the South Association - Publicity
627William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Confederate Memorial Day - Eufaula Tribune, first editorial
628Secessionist sentiment in 1840s Eufaula
629William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Modern America seminar - Bartley, readings
6210Donald Davidson
6211Book reviews
6212Culture of the South Association - Fleming talk - Advertising
6213Southern League - Information sheets
6214University of Georgia - Southern Partisan article
6215Anti-Southern nature of colleges and universities
6216William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Notes on Matusow
62Georgia state flags
5William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Sons of Confederate Veterans ancestor chart
6William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - white service hat and neckerchief
7William L. Cawthon, Jr. - U.S. Navy - Vietnam service medals
7William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Sons of Confederate Veterans - pins
7Commemorative coin - Confederate Memorial Circle, 2015
7Commemorative medals - Jefferson Davis
7Southern political pins - modern
7Watch pendant, chains - Lamar family
7Watch, chain, UGA Glee Club charm - marked with intials M.A.B.
7Keepsake - Private James Lamar (World War I)
7Buckles - Bowen family
7Silver plated decorative handle - initials M.D.L
7Powder horn - inscribed D. (?), No. 5, 1847
7Bible - Miss Mary M. Blount
63Photograph, Tintype - Will, Cornelia Cawthon and friends
63Photographs, reproductions - Portraits of Bowen family members
63Photographs, tintypes - unidentified portraits
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of woman
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of two girls
63Photograph, cased image (1/2 case) - Portrait of man
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of woman
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of woman
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of Mary Blount Slade
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of Irene Pope Gordon
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of woman
63Photograph, cased image - Portrait of man
64Tureen and lid - Inscribed - Horatia Bowen
65Laced pedestal bowl (damaged) - Inscribed - Horatia Bowen
8J. Foy Lamar - diploma - Massey Practical Business College & School of Shorthand, 1911
8William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Diploma, Emory University - Bachelor of Arts, 1968
8William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Diploma, University of Georgia - Juris Doctor, 1976
8William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Certificate, Georgia Bar Asociation, 1977

2. Clinton - Jones County, Georgia

121Clinton: A County Seat on the Georgia Frontier - thesis, 1984
122Alexander House preservation
21Environmental Law Seminar project material - Clinton
22Archaeological Evaluation
24Correspondence to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
25Georgia Department of Transportation files
26Federal Highway Administration
27Hawthorn case - District Court's opinion
28Informal Informational Hearing
210Planning documents
211Professional evaluations of Clinton
212Public hearings
215Right of Way
217Correspondence regarding highway relocation
218Correspondence to Mr. Lamb
219Highway - miscellaneous
220Notes on the highway
221Highway relocation
222Preliminary case report
223Preliminary case report - appendix B
224Preliminary case report - appendix C
225A reply to a preliminary case report
226Clinton history
227Clinton, Jones County history
228Historical Guide to Clinton, Georgia
229Historical material
230Nomination forms to National Register and National Historic Landmark
231Peripheral sites - maps and outlines
232Will - Stephen Clowers
233Will - Peter Clowers
234Land records - miscellaneous, 1819-1831
97History - Clinton, Georgia
98Historical - miscellaneous
99Transcript of interview - Mrs. Valentine Barron Blair, 1980
910Hand lettered card - Clinton, Georgia, 1903
911Land deeds and indentures - Henry Harris to Wiley Williams, 1816
1Land deeds and indentures - Isham Reese to John Harman, 1814
1Land deeds and indentures - Henry Russel to Phillip Burrow, 1816
1Land deeds and indentures - James Roper to Henry Dance, 1816
1Land deeds and indentures - Stephen Vintrop to William Sims Williams, 1827
1Land deeds and indentures - Henry Griggs to Green Griggs and Thomas Reid, 1827
1Land deeds and indentures - Zadock Sanders to Moses Gunn, 1828
1Land deeds and indentures - Henry Candler to George Dillingham, 1829
1Land deeds and indentures - John Moore to John Pitts, 1829
1Land deeds and indentures - Sheriff Thomas Livingston to Henry Feagan, 1832
1Land deeds and indentures - Ridgeway Hogan to Henry Feagan, 1832
1Land deeds and indentures - A.M. Hatch to Pleasant Heath, 1832
1Land deeds and indentures - Isam Ethridge to Peter Soulter, 1839
1Land deeds and indentures - A. Turbiville to Sterling Smith, 1845
2Survey plat - Edmund Dumas, 1869
2Survey Plat - James P. Green, 1873
2Town plans - Clinton
2Reproduction photographs
3Chattel mortgages - W.J. Wood to Sam Gibson, Needham Bragg, John D. Roberts, 1894
3Chattel mortgages - C. Gray to Mayer and Watts, 1895
3Chattel mortgages - Charles Rivers to J.W. Smith, 1895
4Estate documents - John Spurlin to the heirs of Elizabeth King, 1821
4Estate documents - John Gibson to Roger Harkins, John Tolley, William Clark, 1824
4Estate documents - Charlton Hightower, 1826
4Estate documents - Thomas Jenkins, 1842
5Legal documents - John Childus v. Willis Whatley and Edward (?), 1821
5Legal documents - Horatio Bowen v. Daniel Hunt, 1821
5Legal documents - John Miers v. James Brantley, 1827
5Legal documents - Joseph Reese v. Solomon Chapman, 1826
5Legal documents - Jospeh Depass and his wife Ann Depass v. Samuel Cook and his wife Sarah Cook, 1827
5Legal documents - Griswold and Popes v. Joseph J. Cooper, 1838
5Legal documents - Sarah Toombs v. James P. Green regarding FiFa valuation, 1873
5Legal documents - Watson and Adams Company v. D.H. Slocomb, 1891
5Legal documents - Ross and Anderson v. Charley Cook, W.J. Stripling, 1892
5Legal documents - D.J. Baer v. J.A. Meeks, W.S. Vincent, 1892
5Legal documents - C.P. Stubbs v. Oliver Billingsea, 1894
5Legal documents - Solomon and Riley v. W.G. Pippin, 1894
5Legal documents - Abbot Buggy Company v. John Creigh, 1895
5Legal documents - Jackson Roberts v. Cortez Morris, 1895
5Legal documents - L.O. Benton and Company v. Ann Hayes, 1897
6Aerial photographs - farm land, 1938 April 26
6Map of Clinton, Georgia - traced from aerial photograph
6Map - Walter F. George Reservoir - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1970
2613Clinton Foundation - memorandums
2614Clinton Foundation - minutes
2615Clinton Foundation - minutes, original notes
2615Clinton Foundation - minutes, agendas
2617Clinton Foundation
2618Clinton Foundation - merger or dissolution
2619Old Clinton Historical Society - incorporation, merger. tax status
2620-22Old Clinton Historical Society - administrative
2623Campaign plan
2624Old Clinton Historical Society - finance and planning committee
271Piggly Wiggly Southern Foundation application
272Evaluations of Clinton and Jones County
273McCarthy-Pope house restoration
274McCarthy-Pope house restoration - selecting an architect
275National Trust summer intern project, 1974
276Conservation plan originals
277Clower house purchase
278HABS survey - Clinton
279Structures: synopsis of
2710Highway - public hearing
2711Appendices to 106 reply
2712Jones County Major Thoroughfare Plan, 1970
2713Tours of Homes - Clinton
2714Brochures for events - Clinton
2715Clippings, publicity, articles
2716Old Clinton Days, War Days - publicity
2717Photographs of Clinton
2718Clinton - bibliography
2719Rattler - current
2720 Rattler , 1979 August
2721Clinton genealogy
2722Interview with Mrs. Blair
2723-24William Cawthon, Jr. - Old Clinton Historical Society - correspondence
2725William Cawthon, Jr. - writing regarding Clinton
2726William Cawthon, Jr. - Clinton notes
2727William Cawthon, Jr. - Clinton Speech
2728 A Day in Old Clinton
2729William Cawthon, Jr. - preservation notes
2730William Cawthon, Jr. - rural preservation
2731Symposium - Clinton
2732Page of Antebellum plantation journal, 1859 December
2733William Cawthon - writing
4412Winder - Nomination, final forms
4413Deeds - 1940 and after - photocopies
4414Land Grants, Surveys (Including Land Lottery) - photcopies
4415Tax Digest research at Archives
4416Clinton - Comparative data
4417Typed newspaper articles, advertisements
4418Black and Slave population
4419Census data - Plantation Economy and Society
4420The Arts (history)
4421Georgia History abstracts
4422Historical society newsletters
4423Books, coming - New Georgia Guide
4424Endangered Structure project
4425Slave census records - notes
4427Mrs. W.P. Pickett - newspaper clippings
4428Congressional representation
4429Percent of population by race - Georgia, Alabama
4430Size of slaveholdings
4431Georgia Argarama project
4432Benjamin Hawkins - Inventory of estate
4435Morris - Middlebrook
4436Family census records
4439Genealogical research guides
4440Jefferson Hall - National Register information
4441Jefferson Hall - Copies of photographs
4442Farm size
4443Agriculture - Value of farmland
4444Morris relatives, Vinson, Singleton
4445Wallpaper, scenic
4446Economic statistics
4448Education - Jones County
4449Doctors and Lawyers
4450Clinton Foundation - Publicity
4451Clinton, Jones County material from early books
4452Criminal Law and Jails
4453Clinton Info (General)
4454Inferior Court minute books - photocopies
4455Families, Jones County
4457Historical material - given by, for museum
4458An Intimate Family History - photocopies
451War between the states in Clinton
452Military records
453Tours of Homes
454Georgia applications
455Historical methodology course - UGA
456Houses of Clinton
457Clinton maps - copies
458"New England in Georgia"
459Jesse Bunkley trial
4510Speech on frontier Clinton
4512Clinton Foundation - mail
4513Clinton Foundation - Lashley house
4514Clinton Foundation - Consultant material
4515Jones County houses
4516Clinton Foundation - National Trust newsletter
4517Census - Clinton
4518Clinton Foundation - Administrative secretary
4519Clower house, Clinton - photographs
4521Agriculture, general - Southern Cultivator
4522Agricultural societies
4523Historic district ordinances, proposed
4524Historic district zoning reference material
4525Jones County historic buildings survey
4527Clinton descendants list
4529Wealth information
4530Milledgeville and Macon newspapers - Clinton
4531Daniel Pratt information
4532Clinton census research
4533Sherwoods Gazetteers
4534Clinton - historical notes
4535Clinton Female Seminary
4536Pope collection
4537 New England in Georgia
4538National Register nomination sheets, related information
4539Historic Publicity
4540-41Clinton Rattler
461Minutes of Old Clinton Historical Society meetings
462Messages from the President
464Map of Clinton
465McCarthy-Pope House fundraising
466CF fundraising
467Historic District zoning
468Newspaper publicity - Jones County News
469Piedmont Heritage Council
4610Live-In-A-Landmark Council conference
4612Tavern license
4613Tax acts
4614Jones County Courthouse research
4615American History since Civil War
4617Post Office records
4618National Historic Landmarks Program material
4619National Historic Landmark outline
4620Historic preservation information
4621Stephens Thomas - Ross Crane Historic District
4622Negatives of sketches
4623Reiter plan
4624W.W. Barron house
4625Houses - Antebellum
4626Brick kitchen
4627Old Clinton Historic Society - miscellaneous
4628Telamon Cuyler - notes
4629Cuyler collection - genealogical information
4630Cuyler correspondence in Telamon Cuyler collection - notes
4631Select references to Algernon Hamilton's Confederate coat - notes
4632Cuyler - Margaret Mitchell correspondence - notes
4633Telamon Cuyler's guest book - photocopy
4634Algernon Hamilton
4635Margaret Mitchell
4636Jesse Bunkley trial
472McCarthy-Pope house
473Mercer's involvement with Clinton
474Clinton Foundation - stationary
475Internships - general
476Clinton Foundation - Trust summer internship proposal
477Deed records prior to 1820
478Deeds - 1820s - photocopies
479Deeds - 1830s - photocopies
4711Census 1790
4712Census - occupation by wealth category
4713Clocks - Asaph Hall
4714Griswold cotton gin factory
4715Clinton - aerial photographs
4716Jane Thigpen - poetry
4717Griswold information
4718Bowen place
4719Johnson letters
4720Algernon Hamilton
4721C.F. correspondence
4722History of Clinton - info and leads
4723Old Clinton Historical Society updates
4724Lamar connection - Antebellum plantation journal - copies
4725McGirk letters
4726Cotton gin industry
4727Jones County - historical sketch
4728Clinton thesis - extra pages
4729Courthouse square and courthouse
4732Biographical sketches of Clinton people
4733The Silent Mansion - poem
4734Clinton - general information
4736Historical material
4738Clinton maps - copies
4741Samuel Griswold
4742Clinton thesis - requests for information
4743Outline - Clinton
4745An Historical Sketch of Clinton - proofs
4746Georgia Tax Digests
4747Old Clinton Historical Society - Georgia Historical Quarterly notices
4748Antebellum Reminiscences of the South
4749Cotton production
4750Thomas R. R. Cobb
4751Architecture - historic
4752Character of planters
4753Planters - Frederick Law Ohnmstead excerpts
4754Farm acreage
481McCarthy-Pope house - history
482Lester house
483Land description and values
484National Register - compliance
485Historic preservation activities or books
486Open space - research in Law School
487Committee structure
488C.F. budget
489Finance committee
4810Foundation material
4812Contracts - Clinton
4813C.F. board of trustees
4814Interview of Mrs. W.P. Pickett, 1986
4815Old Clinton Historical Society - reports
4816Plantations of the South - brochures
4817Clinton - family histories
4818Fundraising lists
4821Clinton correspondence - letters received
4822Deed information - from Joanie Mintz
4823Taxes paid
4824Texas relationships
4825Confederate encampment, 1984
4826Elections - OCHS
4827Clinton - preservation philosophy and planning
4828Current Clinton business
4829People, information
4831Daniel Pratt
4832Reminiscences, anecdotes, information - Clinton
4833Populations - comparisons
4834Pope letters from the Georgia Archives
4836New Englanders in Georgia
4837Oral History
4838Dorothy Blount Lamar address to pioneer citizens of Clinton
4839History of Jones County index
4841Map photographs
4843Fundraising campaign sheets
4844Fundraising advice
4845C.F. expenses
4846Genealogical requests
4847Land acquisition
4848Lynn's original study including repair maps
4849William Cawthon, Dean Combs correction of study
4850Hancock County - Southern Cultivator
4851Clinton article for Georgia Backroads Magazine
4852Clinton - letters promoting from William Cawthon, Jr.
491-2Old Clinton Historical Society - Research, writing
493Old Clinton Historical Society - Correspondence
494-5Clinton - Highway widening
496Clinton - Reply to preliminary case report - Highway widening
497Clinton - Jefferson Hall
498Clinton - Tanyard master plan proposals
499Clinton - Foundation, OCHS publicity
4910-13Clinton - Sociology papers
4914Clinton - Sociology papers - multimedia
5Clinton cemetery - Sociology papers - multimedia
501Photographs - Clinton houses
502Photographs - Clinton houses, miscellaneous
503Photographs - Clinton dedication, celebration
504Photographs - Clinton locations
505Photographs - Clinton, McCarthy-Pope house
506Photographs - Bowen house
507Photographs - Clinton Courthouse, Masonic Lodge members, 1912
Men are identified on seperate sheet of paper and are members of Lodge 430, F&M
508Photographs - Jones County houses
509Photographs - Bartow County houses
5010Photographs - Houses in Georgia
5011-12Photographs - Houses, plantations in Georgia
5013Photographs - Houses, unidentified
5014Negatives - Clinton, miscellaneous
5015Photographs - Red Fox Run, Athens home of William Cawthon, Jr.
511Photograph Album - Clinton
512Clinton - plans, history
513William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Notes, Environmental Law Seminar project - Clinton
514William L. Cawthon, Jr. - Handwritten drafts of letters - Clinton
515Old Clinton Historical Society - National Register of Historic Places
516William Faulkner
517Fundraising - Ability to give
518Academy reports
519S.H. Griswold article transcripts
5110National Historic Landmarks - outline
5111Clinton - miscellaneous historical material
5113Scale of required gifts
5114Photographs - to take at Clinton
5115Cemetery report
5116Rural preservation - Historic Preservation Fund of North Carolina
5117Clocks - Particularly Asaph Hall
5118Georgia Life Magazine article
5119Rural preservation
5120Shady Dale - Description of, reminiscent of Clinton
5122Anne Hamilton Bowen
5123Student papers on Clinton, 1980
5124Alfred Iverson
5125Important people, relationships
5126Sparta, Georgia - Terrell
5127Georgia Historical Quarterly article
5128Georgia Trust - General
5129Inventories of estates - Frontier years
5130Clinton correspondence
5131Georgia Trust - Legal study
5132National Trust for Historic Preservation
5A Day in Old Clinton - poster
5Clinton Methodist Church - print by Val Barron Blair, 1974
5Photograph, mounted - Pope-Bowen house, J.K. Buckley, 1978
5Photograph, mounted - Lockett-Hamilton house, J.K. Buckley, 1977
5Highway widening plans, including signage
5Overhead projection slides - Urban Hierarchy paper
5Reward posters - Bowen family items
6219Materials from W.W. Barron house, Clinton
6220Miscellaneous documents, photographs
8A Day in Old Clinton - posters
8Clinton - town plats
9Site plan - Clinton, lot 52 , 1983
9Site plans, maps - Old Clinton, Old Clinton Cemetery - Lynn Wolff, 1977
9Clinton plats

3. Church files - William Cawthon

912History - Methodist Churches
913White Oak Methodist Church, Eufaula, Alabama
914Church Register - White Oak Methodist Church, 1899-1926
915Church Register - White Oak Methodist Church, 1926-1945
916Rally Day
917Chistian Workers' School
918Trafco - Television, Radio and Film Commission
919Commission on Education - Church School, 1971-1972
920General Conference - Atlanta, 1972
924Julliard, 1941
925Photographs, megatives
101Weddings at Smyrna
102Jackson Methodist Church - Jackson, Georgia
103Church programs - miscellaneous
104Youth Programs
105Appreciation scrapbook - Smyrna United Methodist Church, 1978
106Fred Shelnutt articles
107Life situations
108Incomplete sermons used in Danielsville charge
109-10Sermon material
10Sermon writing notebooks
11Sermon notebooks
11Piano lesson notebooks
11Church business notbeooks
121Simeon Stylites
122Church bulletins
123William Cawthon - writing
124Faith in Christ
125Evening (Revival)
126What Methodists Believe
127Sermons from Grace Pulpit
128Sermons - Sockman
129Prayer meeting talks
1211Miscellaneous bulletins
1212Bulletins, 1969-1970
1213Bulletins and Messengers, 1970-1971
1214-15Bulletins, 1971-1973
1216Bulletins and Messengers, 1973-1974
1217-18Bulletins and Reminders, 1974-1976
1219Bulletins, 1976-1977
1220Bulletins and Reminders, 1977-1978
1221Bulletins, handwritten notes
2Photo Album - White Oak Methodist Church, 1953
281William Cawthon - preacher's license, 1947
282Commission on Finance
283Lay speaking
285Letters - copies
286Minutes, official board, 1957-1958
287Mental health
289Pentecost - sermon starters and scripture
2811Sermons on life situations - psalms
2812Palm Sunday
2816Other religions
2817National Life
2818New Years (Covenent Sunday)
2819Ministry Sunday
2820Membership Sunday
2823Holy Week and Good Friday
2824Loyalty Sunday
2825Labor Sunday
2826Laymen's Day
2828Kingdom of God
2830Jesus Christ
2831Installation - pledge
2832Holy Spirit
2834Proclaiming the Gospel - Mark - from Christmas to Easter
2835Home and Family
291Missionary - epiphany
293Easter day
295Expansion Day - missionary
296Funeral talks
298Father's Day
299Easter and Eastertide
2912Dickens - The Life of Our Lord
2915Committee on church property
2916Christmas program - And Mary Pondered
2917Christmas for Christ
2918Christian social relations
2919Choristers' Guild bulletins
2920Stewardship and Finance
2921Revival material
2922Local publicity
2923Planning conference
2924Pickett, Bishop J. Wascom
2925Golden Cross
2927Newsletter - Jackson, 1960-1964
2929WCON radio meditations
2930Danielsville Methodist Church bulletins
2931Rural Life
2934Ten Commandments
2935Self denial
2940Printed material
2941Handbook for Emergencies, 1958
2942Bulletins from other churches
301Reformation Sunday
302Morning - revival
303Post revival
304Revivial series in Luke - The Beauty of the Gospel
305Audio visuals
306Blueprints of church property
308Sermon notes
309The Ecumenical Movement
3011World Order Sunday - United Nations
3013Installation service
3014Recreation, contests
3015Methodist Men
3016Hospitals and Homes
3017Junior choir
3019Lay speaking
3020-26Bulletins - Avondale Methodist Church, 1953-1960
3027-30Bulletins - Jackson Methodist Church, 1960-1964
3031-34Bulletins - Clarkesville Methodist Church, 1964-1968
31Sermon writing notebooks
5133Assembly Yearbook, 1939
5134U.N. Seminar, 1966
5135China, 1966
5136William Cawthon - ephemera
521-2Church - Administrative
523Church - Financial
524White Oak Church - newsletters
525Church bulletins - First Baptist Church - Eufaula, Alabama, 1940-1945
526Church bulletins - Avondale Methodist Church, 1955
527Church bulletins - Clarkesville Methodist Church, 1966-1968
528Church bulletins - White Oak United Methodist Church, 1964-1994
529Church bulletins - Various
5210White Oak Church information
5211Photographs - Church, choir
5212Church music
5213William Cawthon - notebooks
5214History of Ramah Baptist Church - Barbour County, Alabama
6221Marriage counseling, sex knowledge materials

4. Estate purchased materials

1"Mammy" clothespin holder
241Various pins - MacArthur, Red Cross, Victory
242ROA (Radio Orphan Annie) decoder badges, 1938-1940
243Church, Lodge reversable ribbons
244Mickey Mouse, Little Orphan Annie playing cards
245Menu - Topsy's
Features a "Mammy" themed logo.
246Announcement - Rev. E.D. White
"Pastor, builder, and Evangelist Rev. E.D. White, pastor of New Zion Baptist Church, Macon, Ga., Trinity Baptist Church, Fort Valley, Ga., New Zion Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Fl. - 756 Ocmulgee St., Macon, Ga. - Phone 2907-R"
247Photograph - African American [school] dance
248Photograph - Ballard Hudson Senior High School, class of, 1970
Located in Macon, Georgia.
25Iron shackles - large pair
25Iron shackles - small pair
3Doll hat - straw and mesh
3Branding iron - small, figure 6 or 9
3Tin pocket coin donation bank - Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church
3Tin box - Benne Wafers
Features a "Mammy" themed logo.
3Tin dancing toy - Tombo the Alabama Coon Jigger, Ferdinand Strauss Corporation, 1910-1918
32Pierced coins
33Iron shackles (2 pair)
4Illustrated map of the United States, 1934
410 Year service pin - Bibb Manufacturing Company
4Small ceramic outhouse sculpture with blackface figures
4Mammy's Minder - wooden grocery list
4Dixie Date Book - Historic and Picturesque Confederacy
351Autograph book - Mary Haverstick, 1878
352Annual report - Board of Public Education, Bibb County, Georgia, 1956-1957
353Printed material - Macon, Georgia
includes traffic code book, 1958; License and Tax Ordinance book, 1953; Grand Theatre program, 1925; Picture of Macon booklet, 1898.
7Poster - Carhart and Curd - Carriage and Wagon Wood Work of Every Kind - Macon, Georgia (laminated)
7Newspaper - Southern Presbyterian, Milledgeville, vol.IV, no.1, 1850 August 29
5214Alabama state sales tax token
5215U.S. Army songbook, 1918
5216Georgia State Guard patches
5217Stereograph - Cotton is King, Plantation Scene
5218County Unit Amendment - brochure, 1952
5219March on Washington National Conference Delegate ticket
Ticket is for A.L. Thomas of Macon, Georgia
5220KKK robe order form
5Pay voucher - John Morton, 1866
Includes expenses for pay, food, and clothing for First Lieutenant John Morton and his private servant George Parker in Jasper, Florida.
6217School essay on the topic of the Solid South
6218Minutes - Polk County [Georgia] Baptist Association, 1935

5. Eufaula - Barbour County, Alabama

354E.P. Clark - personal
355Carrilu Clark - teacher's certificates, 1921-1942
356E.P. Clark - business
357E.P., Carrilu Clark - deeds, settlement, 1944-1971
358Deeds - W.L. Boone - Barbour County, Alabama, 1950, 1960
359Deeds - Margie Griffin - Barbour County, Alabama
3510Deed - J.S. Hatfield - Barbour County, Alabama, 1941
3511Deeds - W.A. Stokes - Barbour County, Alabama, 1943, 1945
3512Deed - Julia Brannon Wilkerson - Barbour County, Alabama
5221-22Photographs - Frogmore
5223Frogmore - Value, estimate
5224Frogmore - Proposed sale
5225Hunting lease
5226Hunting rights
5227Hunting lease - The Laurel Oaks
5228Laurel Oaks - Row crop lease agreement with Kendall Cooper
5229Cathy at the Laurel Oaks
531-7Photographs - Laurel Oaks, Eufaula
538Laurel Oaks - farm
539William L. Cawthon, Jr. - The Laurel Oaks, Eufaula, Alabama
5310-14Photographs - Alexander house
541Alexander house - miscellaneous
542Alexander house - documents, photocopies
543Alexander house - Notes, copies
545Alexander house - Thoughts on preservation in natural setting
546Alexander house - Preservation letters
547Alexander house - Preservation of materials
548Alexander property - Repurchase
549Alexander house and plantation preservation, restoration
5410Alexander house - Trailer
5411Alexander & I
5412Real estate sale - Alexander
5413Alexander house - Essays
5414Alexander house - Restoration
5415Alexander house - Photographs
5416Transcript of interview of Col. Moses Alexander
5417Alexander house - Preservation
5418Alexander family
5419Moses Alexander - Memorial record sketch
5420Alexander house - Restoration, lake front development
5421Alexander house - Deed records
5422Alexander house - Lease
5423Alexander house - Expenses
5424Surber correspondence
5425Alexander house - Corps of Engineers
5426Alexander house - Purchase
5427Alexander house - Covenants
5428Alexander house - Restoration
5429Alexander house - General materials
5430Alexander house - Work, including installing trailer
5431Alexander house
6222Alexander House - Land transactions, 1839-1919
6223Alexander House - History, writing
6224Alexander House - House ideas, hardware orders
6225Photographs, reproductions - Alexander family
5432Ballowe house
5433-34Bluff City Inn
551Prattville history
552Chinaberry tree
553History of the Architecture of the Chattahoochee Valley
554Barbour County, Alabama
555A.B. Cawthon - Farm conservation plan
556Barbour County plantation houses
557Eufaula - reminiscences of Thomas Jackson
558Eufaula information
559Rhodes diary - Eufaula, Alabama - excerpts
5510Asphalt plant - information
5511Asphalt plant case - Court cases
5514Telephone numbers
5515Summaries of harm/impact of asphalt plant
5516Superfos letter
5518Conservation notes
5519Asphalt case - ADEM letters
5520Asphalt case
5521Asphalt case - maps
5522Letters to Mayor Jaxon
5523Photographs - Houses in Eufaula
5524Photographs - Houses, plantations in Alabama
5525Photographs - Houses in Alabama
5526Photographs - Plants, houses, miscellaneous
5527Photographs - Botanical
5528Photographs - Rodney, Mississippi
5529Photographs - Mississippi
5530Confederate soldiers of Barbour County
5532Barbour County - Citations to Barbour County histories
5533Barbour County history - Xeroxes
5Plat survey - Alexander house property, 2020

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