Protestant Radio and Television Center records

Protestant Radio and Television Center records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Protestant Radio and Television Center records
Creator: Protestant Radio and Television Center
Inclusive Dates: 1945-1995
Language(s): English
Extent: 65 Linear Feet 62 boxes, 3 oversized boxes, and 3 oversized folders
Collection Number: ms4011
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Protestant Radio and Television Center was founded in 1945 in Atlanta, Georgia through a collaboration between the Presbyterian Church, the United Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Episcopal Church. The center produced a number of religious radio and television programs, the most famous of which was "The Protestant Hour", a combination of hymns, choral music, and sermons by prominent church leaders. At its height, during the 1950s and '60s, nearly 600 radio stations across the United States as well as the armed forces network broadcasted "The Protestant Hour." In 1984, "The Protestant Hour" won a Peabody award for broadcasting excellence. The PRTVC was highly influential and successfully managed to bring religious programming into the mainstream.

Scope and Content

This collection contains administrative files, historical files, financial reports, and correspondence from the Protestant Radio and Television Center. Also contained are photographs and historical information about programs produced by the PRTVC such as "The Protestant Hour" and "Perspectives." The series included in this collection are: 1. Photographs, 2. Alphabetical Files, 3. Chronological Files, 4. History By Years, 5. Protestant Hour, 6. Channel One, 7. Perspectives, 8. General Files.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Protestant Radio and Television Center records, ms4011, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Photographs

5Photograph Index, undated
1Photographs, 1949-1955
2Photographs, 1955-1957
3Photographs, 1957-1959
4Photographs, 1959-1961
5Photographs, 1961-1963
6Photographs, 1963-1966, 1969-1970, undated
7Photographs, undated
8Negatives, 1949-1954
9Negatives, 1954-1956
10Negatives, 1956-1958
11Negatives, 1958-1964
12Negatives, 1965-1966,1969-1970, undated
13Negatives, undated
7Negatives, undated
141-33Photographs, 1953-1954
1434-127Photographs, 1955
14128-132Photographs, 1956
151-6Photographs , 1956
157-15Photographs, 1957
1516Miscellaneous TV Winner Photographs , 1957
1517-25Photographs, 1958
1526Indexed Negatives, 1959
1527-28Photographs, 1959
1529Trustees Photographs, 1960
1530-33Photographs, 1960
1534Campaign Workers' Dinner Photographs, 1960
1535Candler Choir, 1960
1536Steele Creek Church Photographs, 1960
1537Convocation, Dr. Laubach, 1960
1538-39Indexed Negatives, 1961
1540-42Photographs, 1961
1543Trustees Photographs, 1961
1544-45Indexed Negatives , 1962
1546-52Photographs, 1962
1553Trustees Meeting Photographs, 1962
1554-55Indexed Negatives, 1963
1556-57Photographs, 1963
1558Indexed Negatives, 1964
1559Photographs, 1964
1560Indexed Photographs, 1965
1561Photographs, 1965
1562Indexed Negatives, 1966
1563Photographs, 1966
1564"Sound of Youth" TV Series, 1966
1565Picture Catalog, 1966
1566Photographs, 1967
161Negatives and Contact Sheets, 1977
162Negatives and Contact Sheets , 1978
163"A" Photographs, undated
164-7Agnes Scott Photographs, undated
168Atl-Journal Interview Photographs, undated
169"B" Photographs, undated
1610William Banks Photographs, undated
1611William Barnhardt and Dr. Brogles Photographs, undated
1612Be Still and Know, undated
1613Blanche Reynolds Recording, Negatives, undated
1614Board Meeting- Church of Christ Rep, 1978
1615Board Meeting Luncheon/ Dedication Photographs, 1979, 1980
1616"C" Photographs, undated
1617Chapel Dedication Photos, 1955
1618Chaplains- National Assn. Military Photos, undated
1619Christian Council, Negatives, undated
1620Churches Photographs, undated
1621Colleges and Universitites Photographs, undated
1622Presbyterian College Photographs, undated
1623Construction Photographs, 1979-1980
1624Rev. Carol Matteson Cox, undated
1625"D" Photographs, undated
1626-29Denominational Groups, undated
1630Drama- Emory, Negatives, undated
1631"E" Photographs, undated
1632Charles O. Emmerich Photographs, undated
1633Emory Glee Club Photographs, undated
1634Episcopal Shots/ George Busbee Photographs, undated
1635"F" Photographs, undated
1636Fitieth Annual Celebration Scrapbook, 1995
1637Fortieth Annual Celebration Scrapbook, 1985
1638Forum Theater Cast and Others, Negatives, undated
1639Fred Waring Choral Workshop, 1953
1640"G" Photographs, undated
1641C. Goodfriend, Rudisill, Abernathy, Rusk, Fore, C. Bergstrom, Negatives, undated
1642"H" Photographs, undated
1643"I", "J" Photographs, undated
1644Jim Axel, Negatives, undated
1645Impressions, Louis Patrick Negatives, undated
1646Chaplain James A. Johnson, undated
1647E. Stanley Jones, undated
1648"L" Photographs, undated
1649Leadership Atlanta/ Will Kennedy Negatives, undated
1650Chaplain Guy Leonard, undated
1651Lord's Acre Pictures, undated
1652"M" Photographs, undated
1653Maps, undated
1654Dr. James McCain, undated
1655Milledgeville Story, 1962
1656Military Photographs, Slides, and Negatives, undated
1657"Minister and His Work" Flimstrip, undated
1658M-Squad Negatives, undated
1659"N" Photographs, undated
1660"O" Photographs, undated
1661"P" Photographs, undated
1662"Perspectives" Photographs, undated
1663"Perspectives" Show Guests Photographs, undated
1664Photographs by George Conklin, undated
1665Presbyterian P.H. Sermon Session Photographs, 1981
1666Miscellaneous Productions Photographs, undated
1667Program Production and Planning- Radio Production Shots, undated
1668PRTVC- Channel 1 , undated
1669PRTVC- Exterior, undated
1670PRTVC- Interior Operations, undated
1671PRTVC Old Photographs, undated
1672PRTVC- Organ , undated
1673PRTVC- Recording, undated
171PRTVC- Staff, undated
172PRTVC- Towers, undated
173PRTVC-TV, undated
174"Q", "R" Photographs, undated
175Redhead, undated
176Rock of Ages, Negatives, undated
177Rural Minister of the Year Awards, 1960
178"S" Photographs, undated
179Dr. Sells, undated
1710Rev. Bennett Sims, undated
1711Soundstage, Photos and Negatives, undated
1712Speaker Photographs, undated
1713Steimle, undated
1714"T" Photographs, undated
1715Talent Photographs, undated
1716"Tap Root" Filmstrip, undated
1717"Together With God", undated
1718Trinity School- Hansel and Gretel, Negatives, undated
1719Trucks and Trustees, Negatives, undated
1720Trustees, undated
1721UMC Protestant Hour, undated
1722"Upper Room", undated
1723"W" Photographs, undated
1724-32Photographs, undated
1733-34Negatives, undated
1Oversized, undated
1Mounted, undated
2Mounted, undated
18Mounted, undated
19Mounted , undated


201AARC, undated
222Annandale Village, 1985
203Central Presbyterian Columbia, undated
204Egleston Hospital, undated
205Film, undated
206Neighborhood Justice Center, undated
207North Georgia UMC, undated
208Perspectives, undated
209Production Shots, undated
2010PRTVC Historic, undated
2011PRTVC Staff and Equipment, undated
2012UMC TV Spots, undated
2013WRC, undated
2014-16Slides, undated
211-5Slides, undated
22Slides, undated
3Slides, undated
23Slides, undated
24Slides, undated

2. Alphabetical Files


251Abingdon Press- M.K. Dean, undated
252Abindon Press- Cassette Releases, undated
253Abingdon Press- Classics Contract, undated
254African University Development, undated
255Alston and Bird, undated
256-8Angel Awards, 1990, 1992
259APCO Signs, undated
2510AFRTS Radio Pilot Programs Budget, undated
2511Annuity Agreement and Information, undated
2512Applications , 1995
2513William De Arteago, RE: Research of Fr. Sam Shoemaker, 1994
2514Atlanta Journal Constitiution PRTV Article, December 11, 1993
2515Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting, undated
2516Atlanta Lifetime Roofing, undated
2517Avant Garde, undated
2518Jim Axel (WAGA), undated


2519Rev. Dr. Douglass M. Bailey, Calvary Church, Memphis, TN, 1995
2520Mike Brown- UMC Series, 1991
2521Bill Bengtson, undated
2522Brian Bauknight-UMC Speaker, 1991-1992
2523David H. Barnhardt, undated
2524Dr. Hal Brady, FUMC, Dallas, TX, undated
2525Dr. D. W. Brooks, undated
2526Roger L. Burgess, United Methodist Communications, undated
2527Dr. Thomas Butts, undated


2528Center for Radio Information, undated
2529Center for Disease Control, undated
2530Camp Gibson, 1989
2531Don Campbell, Janitoral Agreement, 1991
2532Candler School of Theology, undated
2533Dr. William R. Cannon, undated
2534Cape Dixson, undated
2535Capital HI Q, undated
2536Laura Carson, Audition Material, 1995
2537President Jimmy Carter, undated
2538Certificate of Appreciation, undated
2539Chaplin's Tape Library, undated
2540Chace, Dr. William M., Emory University President, 1994
2541Christian Council of Metropolitan Atlanta, undated
2542Class Reunion, undated
2543Clifton Corridor, undated
2544Clifton Road Widening, undated
2545Cobb County Symposium, undated
2546Dr. Stephen J. Cornils, 1991
2547Colson Chorale Take-Sheets, 1987
2548-49Columbia Forum, 1986, 1988
2550Columbia Theological Seminary, undated
2551Congratulation Letters- Awards, 1983
2552Columbus College Slide Show, undated
2553Council of Bishop Report, undated
2554Courier Printing, undated
2555Country Music/ Sacred Theology, undated
2556Cumberland Presbyterian Church, undated
2557Cally Curtis, undated

Council of Bishops, UMC



Bishop Paul A Duffey UMC


Dekalb County Tax Assessors


Dekalb County Appraisal


Dickerson, Charles- Will Beq.


Dust and Ashes- Music Group


Glenn Draper- Methodist Protestant Hour


261ELCA- Southeastern Synod, undated
262Elmo Ellis, 1993
263Emory Campus Maps, undated
264Dean James T. Laney- Emory University, undated
265Emory University, undated
266Employee Handbooks, undated
267Episcopal Radio- TV Foundation, Inc. , undated
268Dr. Roberto Escamilla Jefferson UMC- San Antonio TX, undated



Station Plaques 50th Anniversary


Guest List- 50th Anniversary Material


Fortieth Anniversary Information


50th Anniversary Peachtree Road


Faddis, Jo Equipment Donation


Federal Communications Commission


FCC Proposal


Bishop H. Ellis Finger


Flynt Studios


John Fellers


Fellowship Recorded Hymnals


Field Hymnal


Field Worship Guide (Camera Ready)


Furman Pastoral School


Furman Paid


Furman Outstanding Balance Due


Furman Pastor's School Cassettes


Furman Pastor's School


Furman Pastor's School Releases


Celebrating Music Release Letters


2634Gaines Statement, undated
2635Dr. Paul Leslie Garber, undated
2636-42GAB Institute, 1980, 1984, 1988-1991, 1995
2643Georgia Association For Pastoral Care, undated
2644General Corresopondence, 1995
2645Ms. Virginia Godfrey, undated
2646Bishop Robert E. Goodrich, Jr. Cassette Tapes, undated
2647Gold Medal Publicity, International Film and TV Festival, 1983
2648James R. Gunn, undated


2649Dr. J. Wallace Hamilton, undated
2650Hamilton's Cassettes-Seminaries, undated
2651Hamilton's Album, undated
2652Harrington, W. Frank, Senior Minister Peachtree Presbyterian Church, undated
2653Don Heald Letters, 1994
2654William Horlock, 1994
2655Hispanic Radio Rev. Aida L. Beltran-Gaetan, undated
2656-57Historical, 1993, 1995
2658-60WWH Correspondence , 1991-1993
2661-64Historical File, 1989-1992
271Howard Hanger Trio Contracts , undated
272Bob Holmes Book, 1988
273Howell, David B., Publisher Lectionary Homiletics, 1994
274Mallonee Hubbard UMC Series, 1992
275Robert Hupka, 1992


276Stevenson, Shockley, Stevenson Inc., Insurance on Boiler, 1996
277Workers Compensation, 1996
278Commercial Pkg. , undated
279IRS Audit, 1992
2710Independent Presbyterian Church, undated
2711PRTVC Interchange, undated
2712International Film and TV Festival , undated
2713Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, undated


2714Resources Foundation Fundraising , undated
2715Kevin Jeter, undated
2716-49Joint Communication Committee, 1989-1996
2750UMC Church Relations/ Promo Budget, 1993-1996
2751SEJ Missional Fund Application, 1991
2752Job Numbers, 1989
2753Rev. Louise Stowe Johns, undated
2754James L. Johnson, undated
2755Bishop Jones 50th Anniversary Address, 1995
2756Boisfeuillet Jones, undated
2758Junaluska, undated
2759Junaluska Singers, 1979-1990


2760Miscellaneous, undated
2761Bishop Lloyd Knox, undated


2762Lake Junaluska Assembly, 1994-1995
276350th Anniversary Logo, 1995
2764Harold Lawrence- Rodger Dodger Series, undated
2765Logos , undated
2766Agreement- Lutherans/ MS Kits, undated
2767Bishop Clay Lee, 1991-1995
2768Dr. Robert E. Lee, 1956, 1960-1963


2769McCartney, Dr. Richard, 1995
2770Bishop Joel D. McDavid, 1980-1981
2771MacFarland Co. Mailing Lists, undated
2772Mr. Julius McCurdy, 1961-1985
2773Miss Janie McCutchen, 1960-1992
2774Rev. Melton McNeill- District Superintendent, 1976-1980


2775Management Audit, 1995
2776Map- Atlanta Metro, undated
2777Marketing- PRTVC, undated
2778Mechanical License Agreements, undated
2779Dr. Noah D. Meadows, Jr. , undated
2780Joel N. Martinez, undated
2781Media Center Memo Concering Joint Production, undated
2782Methodist Center, Inc. , undated
2783Methodist Protestant Hour Cassettes, undated
2784Christian Media Center Prospectus, undated
2785Methodist World Conference, 1986
2786North Georgia Conference, 1994-1995
2787Millsaps College, undated
2788George W. Bashore, undated
2789Woodrow Hearn and Bevel Jones, undated
2790William W. Morris, undated
2791Bishop Roy Nichols, undated
2792Sharon Z. Rader, undated
2793Bishop Sano UMC Speaker, 1995
2794Speaker Selection UMC Series, 1995
2795Methodist Bishops, undated
2796Methodist Publications, undated
2797SEJ College of Bishops, undated
281Medisphere-Proposals, undated
282Medisphere-Script, undated
283Dr. L. David Miller, undated
284Jim Moore- UMC Protestant Hour, undated
285Music Library, 1995
286Music Library- Protestant Hour, undated
287Sam Morris, undated
288Myrtle Beach Campground Ministry, 1977


289-10NABS-WACC, 1989
2811NABS-Breakfast Seminar, 1991
2812NABS-WACC Detriot Meeting, 1988
2813NABS Breakfast Seminars, 1990
2814NABS, 1992
2815National Council of Churches, 1979-1984
2816National Public Radio, undated
2817Newsberry College, 1968-1982
2818Nealie's Correspondence File, 1990
2819-25Newsletters, 1983-1984, 1988-1989, 1992-1995
2826New Protestant Hour Contributions (Newsletter), 1992-1993
2827Interchange Newsletter, 1980-1987


2828David Obar (Magnedyne, Inc.), 1978
2829Madalyn Murrary O'Hair, undated
2830Jack Oetgen, 1993-1994


2831Miscellaneous, undated
2832Rev. Joon-Sik Park, 1994-1995
2833Rev. Reynell Parkins, 1992-1993
2834-35Peabody Awards, 1985, 1990
2836Photos, undated
2837Personnel List, 1968-1992
2838Personnel Termination Analysis, 1968
2839Perspective Materials, undated
2840Perspectives Distribution, undated
2841Perspectives Minutes, 1981-1986
2842Piedmont College, undated
2843M. E. Pierson, undated
2844Pitney Bowes Contract, 1992-1993
2845Plaques to Georgia Stations, 1990
2846PRTVC Protestant Hour Info, 1994-1995
2847Dr. Reginald Ponder, Exe. Sec. SEJ, 1986-1989
2848Postage Meter Machine Information, 1993
2849Producers' Meeting- Protestant Hour, 1992
2850Protestant Hour Denomination Contracts, Agreements, Misc Info, undated
2851Producer Meeting, 1994
2852Producer's Dinner , 1994
2853Test Marketing, 1994
2854Protestant Hour Air Dates, 1994
2855Protestant Hour Ads, 1993-1994
2856Budget- Protestant Hour, 1992
2857Protestant Hour Budget Presentation , 1992
2858Protestant Hour Report to Fall Meeting , 1992
2859Protestant Hour Report Sorted Stations Originals, 1993
2860Protestant Hour Music Library, 1993
2861Music- Protestant Hour, undated
2862UMC Protestant Hour, 1994
2863Promo, 1995
2864Marketing Out Reach, undated
2865-66Protestant Hour Budget, 1993-1994
2867Protestant Hour: How to Get the PH on the Air in Your Community, undated
2868Protestant Hour Report, 1992-1993
2869Protestant Hour Station Listeners, 1994
2870Protestant Hour Testimonies, 1993
2871Calendar- Protestant Hour Production, 1993-1994
291PRTVC Tour Information, undated
292Protestant Radio and TV Center Major Productions, undated
293Rev. Charles Poole, undated
294James Powell, undated
295Project Equality- PCUSA, 1992-1994
296PRTVC Floor Plans, undated
297Public Broadcasting Services, undated


298Dr. John A. Redhead, Jr., undated
299Porter Remington Bach Choir, undated
2910Radio Information Center Contract Radioscan- Maurise Webster, undated
2911Dr. Walker L. Railey, undated
2912Caroline Leiding Rakestraw, Deceased, 1912-1993
2913Ralph Rivers, undated
2914Rev. Hill Carter Riddle, undated
2915Reigner Library (Eleanor Godfrey), undated
2916Carol Roddenberry, undated
2917Susan V. Russel Estate Trust Termination, undated
2918Releases for Model, undated


2919St. Mark's Furniture Loan, 1988
2920Oliver Sale, undated
2921Dr. Tex Samples, 1992
2922Salvation Army, undated
2923Programmer's Shopping List, undated
2924Dr. Herchel Sheets, undated
2925-28Sandcastles, 1987,1988,1991,1992
2929Sandcastle-International, undated
2930Sandcastle International By-Laws, undated
2931Sandcastles' International Stationary, undated
2932Salvation Army WWOL, undated
2933Salvation Army Correspondence, undated
2934Salvation Army Contract, undated
2935-36Salvation Army, 1968,1988
2937Shallowford Presby. Church, undated
2938Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharp, Jr. , undated
2939Schlicker Organ, undated
2940Dr. Timothy A. Schmidt, undated
2941Schmidt Contract, undated
2942John A. Sibley, undated
2943Simpsonwood, undated
2944Sonic Solutions- Digital Editing, undated
2945Preparing for Church Membership Slide Presentation, undated
2946Bealy Smith, undated
2947Solicitation Letter and Thank You Letters, 1991
2948Hal L. Smith, undated
2949Sound Stage Rental, undated
2950Southern Seminary-Atlanta, Dr. Carl Ficken, undated
2951Southgate, Virgiana- Will Beq., undated
2952Stereo Tape Survey, undated
2953Southeastern Jurisdictional Association for Native American Ministries, undated
2954Gordon Goodgame SEJ, undated
2955SEJ Administrative Council Materials, undated
2956Conference Council Directors, undated
2957SEJ Administration Staff and Agencies , undated
2958SEJ Association of Christian Communication, 1992
2959SEJ Television Committee, undated
2960-62SEJ Protestant Hour Commission, 1993, 1994, 1995
2963SEJ Selection Committee, 1991
2964SEJ Speaker Promotion, 1995
2966-69SEJ Administrative Council, 1988, 1990-1991
2970SEJ Finances, undated
2971SEJ Conference, 1992
2972-74SEJ Communication Commisssion , 1989, 1990-1991
2975SEJ Media Proposals, undated
2976SEJ Slide Presentation Script, 1993
301-2SEJ Administrative Council, 1992
303Southeastern Jurisdiction UMC, undated
304-9ELCA Southeastern Synod, 1982, 1994
3010Solicitations , 1993
3011Speaker Release Forms, undated
3012Billie Cheney Speed, Religion Editor- Atlanta Journal, undated
3013Shirley Whipple Struchen, undated
3014Staff Memos, undated
3015Station Adds and Drops, undated
3016Edmund Steimls Cassette Project, 1983
3017Muriel M. Stone- Will Bequest, undated
3018Studio Proposal, undated
3019Sudio Rental Rates, 1994-1995


3020Talent Release Forms, undated
3021Louisville Protestant Hour Station, undated
3022Senator Herman Talmadge, undated
3023Teachings of Jesus Contract, undated
3024Testimonies, 1995
3025Protestant Hour Test Marketing Program, undated
3026Texas Conference Presentation, undated
3027John West Thatcher, 1992
3028"There Are No Teenagers at the Table" Article by E.J. Guetschow, undated
3029Robert B. Tippett, undated
3030TRI-Tech Roofing and Coating Contract, 1995
3031Abbott Turner Conference Center, undated
3032Traveling Tracks, undated
3033Trinity United Methodist Church, undated
3034TV Pilot , 1989-1990
3035Ted Turner, undated
3036Low Power TV Project, undated


3037Upper Room Cassettes- UMC General Board of Discipleship, 1995
3038-39Union Theological Seminary Library, undated
3040United Methodist Agency Addresses, undated
3041-42United Methodist Communications, undated, 1995
3043UM Protestant Hour Press Releases, undated
3044-47The Upper Room, undated


3048Vespers Quote , 1989
3049-56Villa International Atlanta, 1970, 1978, 1982
3057Vision Interfaith Satellite Network, undated
391Villa International, undated
392-3Villa International Land Sale, 1993-1995


394Miscellaneous, undated
395Margaret Weeks, undated
396Wesley Woods, undated
397Fred Westbrook- Rental Information, undated
398Dr. DeForrest Wiksten Plymouth Park UMC- Irving, TX, undated
399Woody Wilson's Writing/Composition, 1994
3910Woody Wilson Memos, 1994
3911-12Woody Wilson, 1994
3913Woody Wilson's Material, 1994
3914Rodney Wilmoth, 1987-1988
3915WSB Micellaneous Correspondence, 1962-1967
3916Dean Jim Waits-Candler School of Theology- Emory University, 1978-1984
3917Sidney A. Wien, 1961
3918Rev. Theodore Wolff, 1983
3919Keith M. Wulff- Content Analysis, Research of Protestant Hour Sermons, 1945-1989
3920Children's Workshops, 1987
3921Workshop Materials- Carol Jones, 1987
3922Workshops (Dramatics), 1987


3923John Ylvisaker, Release for Use of Music, 1995

3. Chronological Files


4. History By Years

346General Report- Broadcasting and Film Commission, 1951
347Report-Suggested Equipment and Personnel for Production of 16 mm Motion Pictures, 1951
349Early Policies and Goals of PRTVC, 1951
3410Policy on Gatherings, 1951
3411Hymn Written for the Center- "O God Whose Voice Is In the Wind", 1951
3412A Report On Programs, 1952
3416Building- Equipment, 1952
3417Pending- Division Center, 1952
3424Ground Breaking Ceremony, 1953
3425Methodist Fund Raising Campaign for Martha and Arthur J. Moore Studio, 1953
3426Church Officer's Guide and Notebook, 1953
3430Dedication Plans, 1954
3431Birthday Gift Publicity, 1954
3433Memorial Book- Proposed- Malon Courts, 1955
3434Minister's Manifesto, 1955
3435The Episcopal Church and the PRTVC, 1955
3436Enlargement Program, 1955
3437Memorials, 1955
351Enlargement Program, 1955
352Dedication, 1955
353Methodist, 1955
354Originals of Thank You Letters, 1955
357Organizational Policy, 1956
358TV Building Accont, Henry H. Jordan Inc., 1956
3511The Contibution of the Protestant Radio and Television Center to Christian Education, 1957
3512Episcopal Gifts to PRTVC, 1957
3513Dedication, 1957
3514-15Dedication Programs, 1949,1955,1957, 1960
3516John M. Outler Address- "What Price Privilege", 1957
3517Awards Appreciation- Samples, 1957
3518Ad Interim Committe on Mass Communications, 1957
3521Building- Alexander Portrait, 1958
3524Television Station Correspondence, RE: Video Tape, 1959
3527Patrons, 1960
3528Yearbook of Religious Broadcasting, 1961
363Upper Room Radio TV Parish Report, 1961
366Solicitation Through 1962 (Forming of Patron's List), 1962
367The History of The Baptist Hour, 1962
3610Mr. Charles H. Crutchfield, 1963
3611Meeting of Editors, 1963
3614History of Center, 1964
3621Workshop-Fort Gordon, 1967
3622Proposed Study of PRTVC- William E. Callahan, 1966-1967
3623Salvation Army, 1959-1967
3624-25Patrons Working Papers, 1967
372Long Range Planning Committee, 1968
373Relgious Radio Programs Recommended to Radio Station, 1968
377Solicitation Letter, 1969
378Photo- Burgis, Mrs. J. F. , 1969
379Carolyn Flynt , 1969
3710The Protestant Hour , 1969
3711History, 1945-1969
3714Luncheon Invitations, 1970
3715Information and Development Department Proposal and Info Public Relations, 1970
3716Recognition Dinner- Presby Photo, 1970
3717Huie, Bill- "What's It All About", 1970
3719Publicity PRTVC- Newspaper Articles, Etc., 1965-1971
3721Photos- Executive Committee, Adam's Presentation, 1973
3722Photos-Extras From Arnold Luncheon, 1973
3723Arnold, Dr. Ernest J. Resignation, 1973
3724Arnold Luncheon, 1973
3725Arnold, Biographical Sketch, 1973
3726Personnel Committee, 1973
3727Searching for President, 1973
3728Historical Files, 1975
3729History File, 1976
3730PRTVC Press Releases (Public Relations), 1974,1976
3732History File, 1977
3733-34Appreciation Dinner, 1977
3735Forum Theatre, 1977
3736Guest Book, 1972-1974, 1977
3737History By Years, 1978
3738Press Releases, 1978
3739-4030th Anniversary News Article, 1979
3741PRTVC Staff, 1979
3742Protestant Hour Press Release, 1980
3743History Files, 1980
3745History Files, 1982
3746History of Center, 1983
3747History, 1984
381-2History, 1985
383PRTVC Historical Time Line, 1985
38440th Anniversary Guest List, 1985
385Foundations-Historical, undated
38640th Anniversary Committee, 1985
38840th Anniversary Response, 1985
389-1140th Anniversary, 1985
3812October Trustees Luncheon, 1986
3813Trustees Award Program, 1986
3814History, 1986
3815Awards Luncheon, 1987
3816History, 1987
3817History, 1988
2Governor's Proclamation, 1995
2Georgia House of Representatives Commendation of PRTVC, 1995
2Mayor of Atlanta's Proclamation, 1995

5. Protestant Hour

3925Schedule of Protestant Hour, 1955-1968
3927How to Get PH on Air, 1964
392825-Minute Protestant Hour Program, 1960-1965
3929PH Printer's Proofs, 1965-1966
3930PH Crisis Series, 1968
3931Bishop Robert E. Goodrich, Jr. Sermons Cassette Catalog, 1953-1969
3932Production Work for the Protestant Hour by PRTVC, 1969
3933Minutes- Protestant Hour Meeting at Stone Mountain- Atlanta, 1969
3934-35Protestant Hour Minutes, 1969
3936Protestant Hour Call Meeting Minutes, 1969
3937PH Schedule, 1969-1970
3938PH Minutes, 1971

Cost Information

3939Price Lists for Comparison- PH, 1950-1961
3940Cost Information, 1953-1961
3941Costs, 1954-1960
3942Costs, 1960-1962
3943Prices for Review, 1962-1965
3944Duplication- National Tape Service, Inc. , 1965
3945Tape vs. Disc, 1965-1967
3946PH Cost Study, 1961-1968
3947PH Meeting Financial Information, 1969
3948PH Cost Concerns, 1970

BFC Relationship

3949BFC Relationship to the PH, 1962-1963
3950BFC Protestant Hour Placement, 1969-1971

Protestant Hour Committee

401PH Committee Meeting, Crisis and Miscellaneous, 1949, 1974-1975
402PH Committee, 1965
403Report of Task Force on Communications, 1969
404PH Committee Meeting Minutes, 1970
405PH Committee Members and Officers, 1970
406Special Committee, 1970
407PH Committee, 1972
408PH Committee Officers, 1960-1973
409PH Committee, 1973
4010PH Edited Scripts, 1974
4011Interjurisdictional PH Participation , 1975-1976
4013United Church of Christ , 1978


4015Foreign Testimonials, 1957-1961
4017Armed Forces- Foreign Testimonials, 1957-1963
4020Prob of Grief Selected Testimonials, 1959-1965
4021Testamonials- Steimle, 1960-1965
4022Special Fan Mail, 1965-1966
4024Be Still and Know Testimonies, 1964-1967
4026Correspondence About Visits to Center, 1965-1967
4027Armed Forces Cassette Kit and Tapes Testimonials, 1967-1968
4028Crisis Series Letters, 1968
4029"Letter to Billy Jones" Testamonials, 1969
4030"Happy to Be on Mailing List" Letters, 1969
4031Special Testimonials, 1969
4034Be Still and Know Fan Mail, 1969
4035Selected Testimonials for Visual Displays, 1960-1969
4036Cassette Recorder Kits Testamonials, 1967-1969
4037Methodist Series Testamonials, 1969
4038PH Request Samples, 1970
4043Newsletter Samples and 35th Anniversary Book Bids, 1980
4044Special Series, 1980
4045History of SEJ TV Task Force, 1977-1980
4046PH Financial , 1974-1980

Station Contact

4047PH Adds and Drops, 1972-1978
4048Station List, 1975
4049Stations Airing PH for 35, 25, 15 years, 1980

Analysis and Surveys

4050Radio and TV Survey Ltd, 1962
4051Surveys- Radio, 1962
4052Audience Research, 1966
4053Study of Church Attendance and Related Factors, 1967
4054-55PH Audience Research , 1962-1969
4056Station Analysis, 1969
4057Mail Response Survey- LCA, 1971
4058Survey Cards Sent to Stations Not Sure Whether They Are Carrying PH, 1972
4059Station Format Poll, 1979
4060PH Analysis and Radio Survey, 1968-1980
4061Audience Response to Religious Drama, undated


411Dick Sutcliffe Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1959-1962
413Spanish Protestant Hour Radio Program, 1971
414Nelson Price, Chairman- PH Committee, 1970-1972
415Radio Executive Message to Churches , 1972
416Memos Sent to Program Directors of Radio Stations that Carry PH, 1972-1974
417Delinquent Tape Return, 1974-1979
418Caroline Rakestraw Correspondence, 1969-1978
419Howard Coleman PRT- LCA, 1973-1978
4110Dr. Everett C. Parker, United Church of Christ- NY, 1976-1980
4111Bill Winslow, United Church of Christ, 1978-1980
4112Samples of Response to 35th Anniversary PH Series, 1980
4113Cassette Order File Anniversary Series, 1980-1981
4114Permanent Mailing List, undated
4115PH Past Materials, 1957-1982
4116-17United Methodist PH Program Scripts, 1983
4119UMC Protestant Hour, 1984
4120Methodist Cassette Ministry , 1946-1984
4123PH Promotion, 1986
4127Cassette Catalog Information, 1983-1986
4128Trustee Letters, 1986
4129Episcopal Radio- TV Foundation, Inc, 1986
4133-35PH TV, 1985-1987
421UMC Protestant Hour, 1987
422UMC Protestant Hour Scripts, 1987
423Cobb County Symposium Cassette Order Forms, 1971-1987
424Cobb County Symposium Signed Release Forms, 1972-1987
425Columbia Forum Cassette Order Forms, 1983-1987
426Stationery Materials Ideas, 1985-1987
427PH Expansion Campaign, 1987
428Furman Pastor's School, 1987
429CSTN, 1987
4210Essentials of Evangelism , 1987
4211Promotion , 1987
4216Cassette Catalog, 1988


42171975-1977, 1986-1988
4218-25Methodist Series, 1979, 1982-1988
4226Lloyd Perkins, 1980
431-2Catch the Spirit, 1985-1988
433UMC Protestant Hour, 1988
434Furman Pastor School, 1976-1988
435Columbia Seminary- Signed Release Forms, 1970-1988
436Cars Leased From Transystems, 1988
437Daily Christian Advocate, 1988
438Committee on Communications, Inc, 1988
439Sattelite Downlink, 1988
4310SEJ Episcopal Election, 1988
4311Promotion, 1988
4312Format, 1988
4313PH Speakers Signed Release Forms, 1966-1989
4315United Methodist Series of the Protestant Hour, 1989
4316Signed Release Forms, 1979-1990
4317Patron Data, 1988-1990
4319Protestant Hour Content, 1990
4320UMC PH Scripts, 1990
4321-22Cassette Order Forms for PH, 1981-1990
4323Methodist Series, 1991
4324Furman Pastor's School Cassette Order Forms, 1972-1991
441Presbyterian PH Sermons , 1991
442Presbyterian Series Extra Copies, 1991
444PH UMC Press Releases, 1991-1992
445Bauknight Series, 1992
446CFA- SEJ , 1989-1992
447Total Quality Awareness Workshop for SEJ Admin Council, 1994
44850th Anniversary, 1995
44950th Anniversary RSVP's and Attendence, 1995
4410Press Releases, 1995
441150th Anniversary Cassettes, 1995
4412Cassette Order Form References, undated
4413Letter/ Response Templates , undated
4414UMC Advocate Editors, undated
4415Photographs of Bishops, undated
4416PH Logo, undated
4417Rating Sheets for UMC Selection Process, undated
4418PH Production Suggestions, undated
4419Miscellaneous, undated
581-2Episcopal Series, 1958-1963
583-5United Lutheran Series - Dr. Edmund Steimle, 1957-1964
586-9Methodist Series - Dr. Robert E. Goodrich, Jr.and Dr. A Purnell Bailey, 1957-1963
5810-14United Presbyterian USA Series, 1957-1963
591Protestant Hour Correspondence

6. Channel One

4420Channel One Financials, 1977
4421Unaudited Financial Statements, 1977
4422Channel One Productions Completed, 1977
4423Channel One, Inc. , 1965-1977
4424Channel One Meeting, 1972
4425Finances, 1963-1972
4426Minutes, 1964
4427-29Financial Statements, 1978, 1981
4430CT Cassette- Recorder Kit, 1976-1978
4431Production, 1980-1982

7. Perspectives

4432Jimmy Carter, 1981-1984
4433Copying Materials, undated
4434Correspondence, 1986
4435Copyright Cerificates, 1983
4436Copyright Information, 1983
4437Department of the Navy, 1984
4438Letters and Articles, 1983-1985
4439Potential Clients, 1980-1982
4440+41Perspectives, 1981-1985
4442Form Letters, undated
4443Perspectives Artwork and Brochure , 1983
4444Current Video Orders, undated
4445Perspective Program List, undated
4446-50Budget, 1981-1984
4451Perspectives and Protestant Hour- Business Reply, undated
4452Correspondence, 1981-1986
4453Committee Meeting, 1984
4454Episode Guests, 1981-1982
4455LCA Guests, 1981
4456New Perspectives Logo, 1983
4457Meeting, 1983
4458Promotion, 1981-1982
4459-60Minutes, 1982
4461News Release, 1983-1985
4462PCUS Guests, 1981-1982
4463-64Producers, 1984-1985
4465Perspectives Lists, 1985

8. General Files

By Year

471Charter- PRTVC, 1949
472John Redhead, 1954
473Ed Steimle Sermons, 1958
474Wallace Hamilton, 1958
476National Council of Churches, 1959-1960
477American Bible Society- New York, NY, 1960
478-10National Council of Churches , 1962-1964
4711Extra Minutes- PH Meeting, 1964
4712Quotes for 520 Prints, 1964
4713National Council of Churches, 1965
4714-15Trustees, 1964-1965
4716Workshop- Candler Preaching , 1965
4717Establishment, 1965
4718Trustees Nominated and Nominating Committees , 1961-1966
4719-20Workshop- Candler Preaching, 1966
4721Miscellaneous, 1966
4722Toward a Destiny of Excellence Scripts, 1966-1967
4723Millsaps College Film (With Production Still), 1966-1967
4724Trust Company of Georgia, 1963-1967
4725Workshop- Candler Preaching, 1967
4727Finances , 1967-1968
4728Report to Long Range Planning Committee, 1968
4729United Presbyterian Church, USA, Protestant Hour, 1968
4730Brochure Chaplain's Tape Library, 1968
4731Auditor's Report, 1968
4732-33Printed Material About Center, 1953-1969
4734Photos Used in Displays, 1969
4735From Where We Stand, 1969
4736Proposed By-Laws, 1969
4737Methodist Series , 1970
481Presbyterian U.S. Protestant Hour, 1970
482Channel One Expansion , 1971
483Channel One Financial , 1971
484Episcopal Series, 1971
485Correspondence- PRTVC Trustees and Executive Committee, 1971
486Task Force, 1971-1972
487Restructure Resolution, 1972
488Reports and Correspondence- PRTVC Trustees, 1972
489Appreciation Note- Ernest J. Arnold, 1973
4810Business Plan for PRTVC, 1973
4811Trustees, 1963-1973
4812Prior Trustees, 1968-1974
4813Official Mail Ballot- Presidential Election , 1974
4814Operating Statistics , 1976-1977
4815-19CETA, 1976-1977
4820-22Comprehensive Planning Committee, 1978
4823Purchase Orders, 1979
4824SOLINET, 1979
4825Speaker Releases- SOLINET, 1979
4826South Carolina Baptist Convention Film- Bold Commitment, 1979
4827Chaplain's Tape Library, 1979
4828Annual Report , 1979
483035th Anniversary, 1980
4831Purchase Orders, 1980-1981
4832Nominations, 1981
4833Legal Documents, 1949-1981
4834Inventory, 1981-1983
4835Purchase Orders, 1982-1983
4836Women's Inter-Seminary Conference, 1983
4837Film and Video Equipment Inventory, 1983
4838-39Methodist Festival Choir, 1983-1984
4840-41Southeastern Synod, LCA, 1984
4842Pension Plan, 1970, 1977-1984
4843United Methodist Media Campaign Packet, 1981-1984
4844Job Orders, 1979-1984
4845Evangelism and the Kingdom of God, Fred Westbrook, 1984
4846Cobb County Symposium , 1971-1972, 1981-1985
4847-49Media Awareness Workshop, 1984-1985
4850Lutheran Speakers, 1945-1985
4851Cassette Distribution Monthly Report, 1983-1985
4853Barbara Lundblad, 1984-1985
491-5Lutheran Sermon Requests, 1985-1986
496Powell and Company Insurance, 1985-1986
497Muriel Stone Bequest, 1986
498Barclaymerican/ Financial, Inc. , 1986
499Lutheran Series Correspondence, 1986
4910United Methodist Series Correspondence, 1986
4912Percentage of Revenue by Denominations, 1950-1988
4913-14Lutheran Requests , 1988
4915Financial Summary , 1986-1989
4916Annual Report, 1990
4917-19Budget, 1979-1991
4920-21Retirement Committee, 1972-1991
4922Methodist Protestant Hour, 1990-1991
4923-24Presbyterian Series Sermon Requests, 1991
4925Budget Comparison to Actual, 1992
4926Episcopal Protestant Hour Contract, 1992
4927Development Committee, 1992
4928-31Program Requests, 1992
4932Budget , 1992-1993
501Producers Correspondence , 1993-1995
502Protestant Hour Budget , 1995
503-4Tapes- 50th Anniversary Music Orders , 1995
505Program Requests, 1995
506PH Christmas Disc/ Cassette Releases: Permission for Use of Selected Performer's Work, 1995
507Gifts to be Listed in Computer, 1995
50850th Anniversary, 1995
509-10Book Requests, 1995
5011-1250th Anniversary Special Programming, 1995
5013-14Past Sermons, 1997-1998
5015Strategic Plan Finances, 1998
5016Trustees Insurance, 1998-1999
5017Educational Programs, 1999
5018PH, 1999
5019Board Meeting, 1999


5020Advertising, undated
5021Advisory Committee- Office of Information, undated
5022Dr. J.M. Alexander, undated
5023American Scenic Company, Inc., undated
5024-25Ann Gillies, undated
5026Annandale Slide Show, undated
4547Armed Forces- Testimonies on Cassette Kits and Tapes, 1970
4548Armed Forces- Chap Lonergan, U.S. Navy Theology Lecture Project, 1971
4549Armed Forces- U.S. Navy Cassette Project, 1971
4550Armed Forces- CDR. Guy M. Leonard, CHC USN, Chasleston, South Carolina, 1967-1972
4551Armed Forces- Chaplain (Maj) James Johnson, U.S. Army, 1969-1974
4552Armed Forces- Statement, Personal Meditation Tapes, undated
5027-28Dr. Ernest J. Arnold, undated
5029Artists- Graphics, undated
5030Art of Christmas, undated
5031Artist, Photographer- John Keen, undated

Atlanta Association for Retarded Children

461"A Study of Georgia's Services for the Mentally Retarded" Vol. One, 1972
462"A Study of Georgia's Services for the Mentally Retarded" Vol. 2, 1972
463Retarded Children's Fund Drive- Radio and TV Announcements, 1973
464"A Study of Georgia's Criminal Justice System As It Relates to the Mentally Retarded", 1973
465Project Rescue Progress Report, 1974
466Fiscal Year Budget and Planning Report, 1975
467Annual Report, 1974-1975
468Developmental Disabilities Planning and Coordinating, 1975
469Fund Campaign, 1975
4610Programs Pending, 1975
4611"News and Views" Newsletter, 1974-1976
4612Public Relations, 1974-1976
4613Financial Statement, 1975-1976
4614-18"Handling the Mentally Retarded Offender", 1976
4619Information Binder, undated
4620Leaflets, undated
4621Project Change II, undated
4622Developmental Disablilities Council , undated
4623Police Education, undated
4624Special Olympics, undated
4625"A Survey of Existing Services for the Mentally Retarded in Metro Atlanta", undated
4626Printed Material , undated
5032Audio Cassette Catalog, undated

Banners of Faith

4553Meeting, 1966
4554Program Release Dates, 1965-1967
4556Denominational Names to Executive Director, 1968
4557Correspondence, 1968
4558Chaplains Workshop, 1969
4559Photos- Chaplains' Comm. Clinic, 1970
4560Correspondence, 1970
4561Armed Forces TV STations, 1970
4562Contracts, 1965-1971
4563AFRTS- Review Board, 1968-1971
4564Information, 1971
4565Testamonies, 1971-1972
4566AFRTS Review, 1972
4567Correspondence- Denominations, 1973
4568Chaplain Board- "How to Produce a Video Tape" , 1974
4569Information, 1971-1974
4570Chaplain Alfred Saegar- Executive Director Armed Forces Chaplains Board Correspondence, 1974-1976
4571-72Correspondence, 1974-1977
4573Recommendation for Recording, 1978
4574Correspondence, 1966, 1978, 1984
4575Endorsing Agency, undated
4576Armed Forces Chaplains Board Approved Denominations, undated
5033Board Members, undated
5034Board Members' Profiles, undated
5035Board Trustees/ Executive Committee- Meetings Schedule, undated
5036Board Records, undated
5037Boy Scouts P.S.A. , undated
5038Brochure Ideas, undated
5039Building, undated
5040Building- Heating and Air, undated
511By Laws, undated
512Cassette and Album Deals, undated
513-4Cassette Catalog, undated
515Cassette Inventory and Monthly Sales, undated
516Cassette Lables, undated
517Cassette Lable Masters Miscellaneous, undated
518Cassette Sales- Denominations, undated
519Catalog Info. , undated
5110Central Atlanta Churches, undated
5111-14Channel One, undated

Chaplain's Material

451Air Force Contract, 1954
452Chaplain Training Conference, 1962
453Air Force- Prices, 1963
454Air Force- Contract, 1963
455Air Force Hymnal- Correspondence, 1963
456Armed Forces- Be Still and Know Statement, 1966
457Armed Forces- Upper Room Radio Parish Statement, 1966
458The Speaking Scriptures (Catholic Tape), 1967
459AF Testamonials and Requests, 1967
4510Air Force Headquarters- Washington D.C., 1967-1968
4511Navy Lead Program, 1968
4512Information- Armed Forces, 1957-1968
4513Armed Forces- U.S. Army Chaplain Board Ft. Meade, 1969-1970
4514Correspondence- Chaplains, 1970
4515U.S. Navy- Lead Program- Musical Tapes for Ed Hemphill, 1970
4516Experimental Workshop- Director, FBM, Personal Information Program, 1970
4517U.S. Navy Stereo Entertainment Project , 1969-1971
4518Army Chaplain BD. Religious Models Program, Ft. Campbell, 1971-1972
4519Ft. Campbell Workshop, 1972
4520Armed Forces, 1962-1972
4521Religious Models Program, 1971-1972
4522Committee on Chaplains- North Georgia Conference, 1967-1972
4523Ft. Campbell Program, 1973
4524Revised Catalogue , 1973
4525Chaplains Communication Workshop- Ft. Meade, 1973
4526Models for 70's, 1972-1973
4527Correspondence- Armed Forces, 1971-1973
4528U.S. Army Chaplains Board- Chaplain (Col.) Don Beale, 1972-1974
4529Chaplains' Board- Chapel and Film, 1974
4530Chaplain's Board, 1974
4531Chaplain's Board (Ft. Meade)- Chapel and Film Work File, 1974
4533-34Chaplains Board- Memorial Music Cassette , 1974-1975
4535U.S. Chaplains Chapel, 1974-1975
4536U.S. Army Chaplains' Board- Ft. Wadsworth, New York , 1976
4537Ft. Gordon, Georgia Bicentennial Program, 1976
4538U.S. Army Chaplain Board- William E. Forman, 1975-1980
4539Correspondence Chaplains, 1979-1980
4540Chaplaincy- Professional Quarterly for Clergy, 1980
4541Armed Forces- Marine Corps Devotional Field Book, 1983
4542Lead Hymnal Book , undated
4543Armed Forces- The PH Statement, undated
4544Photo- Chaplains Hats and Coats, undated
4545Chaplain Photos, undated
4546Handbook for Communication Skills Workshop, undated
5115-18Chaplin's Tape Library, undated
5119Clients, undated
5120Clifton Road, undated
5120Clifton Road, undated
5121Columbia Forum- Releases, undated
5122Columbia Forum- Dr. Martin E. Marty, undated
5123-29Columbia Forum, 1979-1985
5130Corpus Christi Tape Duplication, undated
5131-34Correspondence, undated
5135-36Correspondence- Trustees , 1973, 1978
5137Correspondence- Ernest J. Arnold, undated
5138Correspondence- CTL , undated
5139Correspondence- Charlie Daley, undated
5140Correspondence- Arthur B. Edge, III, undated
5141Correspondence- E.H. Edwards, undated
5142Correspondence- William M. Elliot, Jr., undated
5143Correspondence- Louis H. Evans, undated
5144Correspondence- R.B. Fagan, undated
5145Correspondence- James K. Fancher, undated
5146Correspondence- Dr. W.D. Farmer, undated
5148Correspondence- Mr. J. Burton Frierson, undated
5149Correspondence- Sarah B. Gambrell, undated
5150Correspondence- James R. Gunn, undated
5151Correspondence- L.G. Haugen, undated
5152Correspondence- Peter B. Hendrix, undated
5154Correspondence- Mrs. Joseph H. Howey, undated
5155Correspondence- Bob Hupka, undated
5156Correspondence- Mary L. Hurt, undated
5157Correspondence- R.R. Isenhour, undated
5158Correspondence-Mrs. W.H. James (Mattie May), undated
5159Correspondence- B.W. Kinnaird, undated
5160Correspondence- Erskine Love, undated
5161Correspondence- J.C. Love, Jr. , undated
5162Correspondence- William R. McCollum, undated
5163Correspondence- George L. Ross, Jr. , undated
5165Correspondence- Edwin L. Sterne, undated
5166Correspondence- "U", undated
5167Correspondence- "V", undated
5168Daily Log and Job Reports, undated
5169Deeds and Platts, undated
5170Display Materials from Board Meeting, undated
5171Kermit Edney, undated
5172Educational Materials, undated
5173Egleston, undated
5175Emory Proposal, undated
5176Emory Ministers' Week/ Furman Pastors' School, undated
5177Emory Ministers' Week, 1979-1983, undated
521Employee Handbook, undated
522Engineering Papers- Editing Charts, Specifications for Recording, etc. , undated
523Envisioning Statement, undated
524-5Episcopal Protestant Hour, undated
3Facilities Blueprints
526Family Life Ministries, undated
527Family Strength, undated
528Lawson Faulkner, undated
529Federal Communications Commission , undated
5210Finances, undated
56Finances, 1949-1999
5211-12Furman Pastors' School , 1973-1985, undated
5213-14Georgia Baptist Children's Home, undated
5215Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes, undated
5216Georgia Student Finance , undated
5217Dr. Richard R. Gilbert, undated
5218Glenn Memorial Cassette, undated
5219Government Bidders List, undated
5220Green Pastures, undated
5221Susan Greenley, undated
5222-23Habitat for Humanity, undated
2Handling the Mentally Retarded Offender Storyboard, undated
5224John Herbert Orr, undated
5225Dr. Bluford B. Hestir, undated
5226History- Dates, undated
5227Info Brochure, undated
5228Insurance: Miscellaneous, undated
5229Robert Jeamby, undated
5230Annie Tate Jenkins, undated
5231Jewish Family Services, undated
5232Job Descriptions, undated
5233-34Job Order Master List, undated
5235Bill Jones/ Viewpoint/ Video Training, undated
5236Joyce Expediting Service, undated
5237Keynote Address- LCA Management, undated
5238Peter G. Kontos, undated
5239Rev. Julian Lake, undated
5240Leaflets, undated
5241Lease Agreements, undated
5242Life and Teaching of Jesus- First Semester, undated
5243The Lord's Day Alliance of the US, undated
5244Long Range Planning, undated
5245Lutheran Protestant Hour, undated
5246Mailing List, undated
5247Management Techniques, undated
5248Map, undated
5249Marketing Audio, undated
5250Marine Instrumental Cassette Insert, undated
5251Linda McAllister, undated
5252Meeting Attendence- Executive Committee, undated
531-2Meetings and Minutes , undated
533Mere Christianity, undated
534Methodist Cassette Order Forms, undated
535Metro Fair Housing, undated
536Miscellaneous, undated
537Miscellaneous Releases, undated
538Bud Moore, undated
539Navy Submarine Video Project, undated
5310Newsletters, undated
5311Norrell, undated
5312Not a Number Scripts, undated
5313NPR Distribution, undated
5314Oetgen Insurance, undated
5315Old By-Laws, undated
5316Old Control Room , undated
5317Past Trustees- Mr. Jim Axel, undated
5318Past Trustees- Rev. Joseph W. Alley, undated
5319Past Trustees- William H. Barnhardt, undated
5320Past Trustees- Dr. Robert Brisbane, undated
5321Past Trustees- Rev. Robert E. Burns, undated
5322Past Trustees- C.O. Emmerich, undated
5323Past Trustees- Rev. Donald Fauble, undated
5324-25Past Trustees- Dr. Harry A. Fifield, undated
5326Past Trustees, undated
5327-29Perspectives, 1982-1983, undated
5330Perspectives- Newspaper Articles- Jimmy Carter, 1984
5331Perspectives- Program List, undated
5332Perspectives- Script Requests, undated
5333Perspectives- SEJ, undated
5334Perspectives Shooting , 1982
5335Perspectives- Station Contacts, undated
5336-37Perspectives- Station List, 1983, undated
5338-39Perspectives- Taping, 1984,undated
5340Perspectives- UMC Guests, undated
5341Protestant Hour, undated
5342PH Classics Series Research, undated
5343Phi Mu Slide, undated
5344Photo- Correspondence From Trustees, undated
5345Photo- Bill Mann, undated
5346Photo- Salvation Army Hat and Bible, undated
5347Photo- VIA- Presby, US women, undated
5348Wesley Woods Health Center, undated
5349Potential Clients, undated
5350Presbyterian Cassette Order Forms, undated
5351"Preparing for Church Membership" Script, undated
5352-55Printed Material, undated
541Printed Material, undated
542Procedure Manual , undated
543Production Reports, undated
544Protestant Hour Contracts- Extended, undated
545PRTVC Newsletters, undated
546Publicity, undated
547Publishers, undated
548Release Forms, undated
549PRTVC Promo, undated
5410Retirement Committee, undated
5411Reputation Testimonials, undated
5412Retarded Citizens- Atlanta, undated
5413Dr. J. McDowell Richards, undated
5414Dr. Harry V. Richardson, undated
5415Harlow M. Russell, undated
5416Salvation Army- Wonderful Word of Life, undated
5417-18Sandcastles International , undated
5419Scarritt College, undated
5420Dr. James W. Sells, undated
5421Sermons and Pictures, undated
5422Seventh Day Adventist Church, undated
5423South Carolina- UMC Film, undated
5424Speaker Release- Cobb County Symposium, undated
5425Speaker Release- Protestant Hour, undated
5426Speaker Releases- What's Happening, undated
5427Spratlin and Harrington Ins. General Info, undated
5428Station Info. , undated
5429Staff- Dr. G. Ross Freeman, undated
5430-31Staff- Dr. Arthur Vann Gibson, undated
5432Staff- Mr. Robert Glazier- Trustee, undated
5433Staff- Dr. Clayton Griswold, undated
5434Staff-Dr. Thomas Grier Long, undated
5435Staff- Harvey L. Huntley, undated
5436Staff- Dr. C. Benton Kline, Jr., Trustee, undated
5437Staff- Dr. James R. McCain, undated
5438Staff- Dr. Paul M. McCain, Trustee, undated
5439Staff- Dr. McCain Memo, undated
5440Staff- Mrs. Leighton McCutcheon, undated
5441Staff- Rev. Lawrence W. McMaster, undated
5442Staff- Aubrey Mauney, undated
5443Staff- J. Quinter Miller, undated
5444Staff- Dr. Everett G. Mitchell, undated
5445Staff- Bishop Arthur J. Moore, undated
5446Staff- Rev. Everett C. Parker, undated
5447Staff- Dr. Lester Rumble, undated
5448Staff- Dr. Donald Schriver, undated
5449Staff- Dr. Harry C. Spencer, undated
5450Staff- Dr. Murray S. Stedman, undated
5451Staff- Kathy Steinbruegge, Trustee, undated
5452Staff- Rev. Gray Temple, Jr., Trustee, undated
5453Staff- Rev. Martin R. Tilson, Trustee, undated
5454Staff- Lee Roy Ussery, undated
551Staff- Dr. Hubert Vance Taylor, Trustee, undated
552Staff- Dorothea Wagner, undated
553Staff- Dr. Henry Waights, Jr. , undated
554Staff- Bishop John Moore Walker, undated
555Staff- Wilson Wearn, undated
556Staff- Paul Webb, Jr. , undated
557Staff- Mrs. Theodore Wedel, undated
558Staff- Priscilla West- ESA Account, undated
559Staff- Wayne R. Whitelock, undated
5510Staff- Judge Geo. P. Whitman, Sr. , undated
5511Staff- Benjamin B. Williams, undated
5512Staff- Robert E. Williams, undated
5513Staff- William E. Wolfe, Relay Productions, Inc. , undated
5514Staff- Virgil Wolff, undated
5515Staff- Dr. Raymond D. Wood, undated
5516Staff- Rev. L. E. Woodward, Synod of Florida, undated
5517Staff- Frances M. Young, Trustee, undated
5518Edmund Steimle Sermans, undated
5519Studio Organ, undated
5520"Successful Selling Seminar" Combo Project, undated
5521Richard T. Sutcliffe, undated
5522Tape Duplication- Problems, undated
5523Talent- Atlanta, undated
5524Talent- Audio or Video Talent, undated
5525Talent- Dallas, undated
5526-29Teachings of Jesus- David Abernathy, undated
5530Teachings of Jesus- Distribution Analysis, undated
5531Teachings of Jesus- Funding Proposals, undated
5532Teachings of Jesus- Marketing, undated
5533Teachings of Jesus- Orders, undated
5534Teachings of Jesus- Preview Copies, undated
5535Teachings of Jesus- Seabury Press, undated
5536Teachings of Jesus- Study Guide, undated
5537Teachings of Jesus- Test, undated
5538Thank You Notes and Letters, undated
5539Trav. Cassette Dupes, undated
5540Dr. Herman L. Turner News Articles and Clippings, undated
5541Raymond Turpin, undated
5542Type Setting, undated
5543United Methodist, undated
5544Upper Room, undated
5545U.R. Family Week, undated
5546VIA Hospitality House- E.F. Peterson III, undated
5547Villa International, undated
5548Walker- Walthour Memorial Organ, undated
5549Worship Hymnal Printing, undated
5550Video Tape Associates, undated
5551YWCA Slide Show, undated
5552YWCA, undated

2020 Addition

571Deering Conference, Henry Cox, Theology of Hope, 1964
572-3The Back to God Hour, Reformed Church, Joel Nederhood, 1974-1975
574Words of Hope, Reformed Church, William C. Brownson, Jr., Programs 22 and 30, 1980-1981
575-15Revival Time, Armed Forces Radio, 1979-1985
5716Gutzke, 2 talks, Job 1307, 1959
5717"This is the South" Interview, Job 1294, 1959
5718-27Banners of Faith
5728-29"Handling the Mentally Retarded Offender", 1976
5730Mennonite Broadcasts, Inc., Production Scripts, Minute Disco 6, Side 2, Spots 1-10, 1966
5731Fesperman #4, Holland, Ampex 601
5732-40The Upper Room, Cassette Edition, 1983-1984
5741Things to do on Sunday, Mehtodist Radio Spots, 1965
5743Conv. Family Worship, Upper Room, Discs A-B
5744HBP Patient Information, Slide Program, 1974
5745Perspectives, James A. Wharton, "The Good Book"
5746Pilgrimage, ABC, I've Got a Question, Altizer
5747"The Problem of Grief," Sermon by John A. Redhead, Jr.
5748Cobb County Symposium, 1980
5749Berry College Speech Choir, Best Takes, Job 2099
5750Griffith Lip Sync, "The First Fifty Years"
5751PRTVC - AARC Slide Narration, 1978
5752The Training of a Minister - Transcript
5753It Wonders Me - Transcript
5754National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation - PSAs
5755Multi-Media Presentation on the Proposed New Confession - Transcript
5756Lifestyle - What it is, Who needs it, Where do you get one? - Transcript
5758Happy Birthday, You're 65 - Transcript
5759Protestant Hour Schedules, 1957-1968
592Board of Trustees - Correspondence, 1979-1981
593Be Still & Know Meditation Programs: Production and Correspondence, 1979-1981
594-5Be Still & Know Meditation Invoices - Stations A-Z, 1975-1977
596FILMS - Instructions & Procedures, 1976
597Handling the Mentally Retarded Offender, 1976
598Teaching and Group Discussion Material
599Pioneer Press, Inc. Flat Masters 2nd Edition: Page Proofs
5910The Life and Teaching of Jesus: Television Course, 1960-1961
5911-12King College - correspondence and scripts, 1965
5913Presbyterian Church Synod of North Carolina - TV Spots, 1965-1966
601Natividad - American Bible Society Christmas Program, 1960
602Job Orders, 1965
604Sheet Music
605Bookkeeping, 1974-1977
606Purchase Orders, 1976-1978
607Salvation Army Invoices, 1977
608Chattanooga and the Federal Lines - prints
609-13Transcripts with Barcodes
611-2Sunday School of the Air - correspondence, 1953-1960
613Sunday School of the Air - radio stations lists, 1953-1963
614-6Sunday School of the Air - transcripts, 1954-1955
617-9Sunday School of the Air - transcripts, 1959-1963
621-3Sunday School of the Air - transcripts, 1964-1967
624Tomorrow, After Dawn - Robert Huldschiner, 1961-1962

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