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Foxfire Fund, Inc. educational papers

Foxfire Fund, Inc. educational papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Foxfire Fund, Inc. educational papers
Creator: Foxfire Fund
Inclusive Dates: 1912-2015
Language(s): English
Extent: 16.25 Linear Feet (15 boxes, 1 flat box, 1 half Hollinger)
Collection Number: ms3982
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Foxfire was the product of a high school English teacher trying to make education more accessible for his students by initiating a series of interviews with local people to create a record of the rural stories and skills from the surrounding community of Rabun Gap, Georgia. The interviews were gathered into the form of a magazine which was named after the bioluminescent fungi found on rotting logs in the local forests, and Foxfire was born. The magazines were followed by a series of books and courses created to be shared through networks of schools by conferences and outreach. Research and teacher training was cultivated to bring the goals of a more locally integrated educational experience to the classroom. A museum and heritage center was also developed to share the history and demonstrate the mountain crafts of the Appalachian region.

For further information see the Foxfire article in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The Foxfire Fund, Inc. educational collection consists of administrative records, course and teacher development papers, research, articles, and printed material. Items include records relating to networks and conferences, planning papers covering core practices and course development, resources for teacher training, copies of Hands On magazine from 1977-1995, and books on progressive education from 1912-1932.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Foxfire Fund, Inc. educational papers, ms3982, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Education -- United States.
Education, Rural -- Georgia.
Educational change.
Foxfire Fund
Outdoor education -- Georgia.
Teacher's writings.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administration

11Steering committee minutes, 1992-1993
12Quarterly reports, 1992, 1992
13Meeting on the mountain, 1997
14Shannon County, 1998
15Forms - miscellaneous
16LSS - school improvement programs
17The Foxfire Approach
18Jumping ship
19Info - stuff, old
110Exemplary class letters
111Grants - Bryan 93, 1993
112Grants - Cannon
113Grant proposal - Pew - from teacher outreach, November 1990
114Project Write grant proposal
115Pacers documentation workbook
116Pacers documentation workbook files
117Pink book
118Foxfire data collection workbook
119Foxfire annual report, 1994
1207.02 articles and photos
1217.02 articles and photos
122FF 10.00 RCHS
123Gail, Mary Jane correspondence
124FF 10.02 HS courses
125RCHS futures project FF 10.02
126FF 10.03 George's courses
127Education task force FF 10.05
128Ms Z applications FF 10.05-Z
12910.06 Foxfire courses
130RCHS situation FF 10.07
131Add - mailing list
132FF approach and mission statement
133Bibliography - Foxfire approach
134Sample packet - Asheville, 1999
135FF interview permissions
136Active learner biographical info
137Oral history interviews, etc.
138Teaching by Heart - Foxfire interviews, 2004
139Coordinators meeting assessments, November 1995
141Draft PERG '96
142PERG - Teachers report on their classroom experience, April 1998
143Final report to the rural challenge - '98, 1998
1401996 PERG rural challenge proposal, 1996
144ERIC report
145Urban Foxfire evaluation forms
146Info from outreach
152Info about school
153Smithsonian Advisory Council on Education
154SRC [Southern Regional Concil]
155NCREST [National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching]
156NCTE [National Council of Teachers of English]
157How to do Foxfire
1510Mellon - literacy paper revision
1511Meetings with coordinators
1512Letters to coordinators and network teachers
1513Network evaluations
1514Sizer's CFS - nine principles
15151989 courses and summer 1990, 1989-1990
1516Possible TO locations after Birmingham
1517Ann Lieberman's book chapter
1518ERG - Vick
1519Kappa Delta Pi
1520Distribution for course guides
1521ECS [Education Commission of the States]
1523Ayres - University of Illinois/Chicago
1524University of Georgia
1525Mississippi (State of)
1528College of New Rochelle - Joe Ryan
1529Emory University/Atlanta
1530University of South Florida
1531Kent State
1532UNC Asheville - Mars Hill?
1534Future initiatives - Ohio University
1536Descriptions of other teacher initiatives
1538Hands On letter to teachers
1539Penn - Puckett
1540Washington - University of
1541University of Alabama
1543Western Carolina
1546Carson Newman
1547Tennessee Department of Education
1548Idaho course, 1985-1986
1549Idaho - summer, 1985
1550Future initiatives - Cornell
1552Clendenin, Dudley
1553Shapiro - teachers and writers
1554Nachtigal, Paul
1555Bread Loaf - Clemson - Paul Cubeta, Dixie Goswami
1556UGA - Georgia
1557Georgia State - Fall, 1987
1558Georgia State University and GAEL
1559Georgia State - Spring, 1987
1560Georgia State network connection
1561Georgia College
1563Louisville, University of
1564Future initiatives - University of Kentucky - Lexington
1565BROSI - reprint
1566BROSI - contract
1567Berea - students here
1568Berea - PMSS - UK affiliation, flow charts, narrating
1569Berea - Appalachian Foundation initiative
1570Berea - Loyal Jones, etcetera
161Berea - summer, 1987
162Berea - course outlines, 1985
163Berea - lesson plans
164Berea - thank you notes
165NGA - summer, 1987
166Course plan - NGA (2) - summer, 1985
167Course plan - NGA (1) - summer, 1984
168Ideas for student projects
169Proposal for program
1610University of Alabama - summer, 1983
1611University of Alaska - summer course
1612Other types - Teacher workshops
1613Letters - teachers, conferences
1614Bays, Debbie
1615Course critiques - Dublin High School
1616Course planning notes
1617Mini grant application
1618Dream Academy
1619Participant's lists, 1999-2000
1620Evergreen Charter School
1621Exemplary Classrooms Awards Program
1622Network membership
1623Office processes
1624Level 1 - 2 policy and planning
1625Experience based teaching and learning
1626Yonkers, 2000
1627Building school-wide Foxfire alliances
1628Participant lists - Levels 1-2, 1999-2000
1629Writing to Learn - report, 1989-1990
1630Boiler room project
1631Facilitator job
1632Northshore program proposal, 1988-1989
1633Northshore program scrapbook
1634West Virginia issue
1635Level 1 update task force
1636Magazine - handbook

2. Networks

147NW 1.00 general
148NW 1.01 letter and responses
149NW 1.02.1 new network guideline
150NW 1.03.01 network indicators
151NW 1.03.2 coords' handbook - B Jones
152NW 1.06 affiliations, general
21NW 1.08 current demographics
22NW 1.09 teacher resource forms , 1992
23NW 1.10 network accountability
24Network agreements with hosts
25New networks - guidelines for forming
26Networks (basic info)
27NW 2.00 networks pending
28NW 2.00 Bank Street initiatives
210Durham - "Ed as Power"
211NW 2.01 Bernalillo
212NW 2.01 Chicago panel
213NW 2.01 - Machias
214NW 2.01 possibilities
215NW 2.02 Auburn AL initiative
216NW 2.03 Shawnee State U adult ed project
217NW 2.05 Univ. of Penn
218NW 2.05 West Philly
219NW 2.06 SCATT
220NW 2.07 Phyllis Scragg: S. Dakota
221NW 2.08 Dominguez Hills College
222NW 2.09 Chicago designs for change
223NW 2.11 Hawaii proposal
224NW 2.13 Southwest Virginia
225NW 2.15.0 Original prop/plans
226Sequoia network
227NW 2.15.4 Chicago
228NW 2.15.4 Cleveland
229NW 2.15.4 Columbus
230NW 2.15.4 D.C.
231NW 2.15.4 Louisville
232NW 2.15.4 NYC
233NW 2.15.4 Orlando
234NW 2.15.4 Seattle
235NW 2.15.4 West Philly
236NW 3.00 EKTN
237NW 3.01
238NW 3.01 KERA
239NW 3.01 KERA
241NW 3.04 affiliated institution
2423.07 Qtr. reports
243NW 3.08 newsletter, minutes, agenda
244NW 3.09 correspondence
245NW 3.10 Articles, photos
246NW 4.03 Resources, contacts
247NW 4.04 Readings, bibliographies
248NW 4.07 Newsletter
31NW 5.01 general
32NW 5.01 GSU early childhood project
33NW 5.01 GSU early childhood project paper
34NW 5.01 GSU early childhood masters program
35NW 5.01 Legal - UGA/GA plan
36NW 5.04 affiliated institution
37NW 5.04 affiliated institutions - file 2
38NW 5.04 UGA meeting 11/10/92, November 1992
39NW 5.07 Quarterly reports
310NW 5.08 Newsletter, minutes, agenda
311NW 5.09 Correspondence
312NW 6.02 Coordinator
313NW 6.03 Member list, map
314NW 6.04 Affiliated institution
315NW 6.08 Newsletter, minutes, agenda
316NW 6.09 Correspondence
317NW 6.10 Articles, photos
318NW 7.01 General
319NW 7.02 Coordinator
320NW 7.04 Affiliated institution
321NW 7.08 Newsletter, minutes, agenda
322NW 7.09 Correspondence
323NW 8.03 Member list, map
324NW 8.06 Grants/fundraising
325NW 8.07 Quarterly reports
326NW 8.08 Newsletter, minutes, agenda
327NW 9.01 General
328NW 9.04 Affiliated institution
329NW 9.07 Quarterly reports
330NW 9.08 Newsletter, minutes, agenda
331NW 9.09 Correspondence
332NW 9.10 Articles, photos
333NW 10.01 WVU palns, mission
324NW 10.02.1 M'Fire coord. crisis
335NW 10.03 WVU members list, map
336NW 10.04 WVU affiliation
337NW 10.04 legal status - M'Fire
338MountainFire file
339NW 10.05 WVU budgets
340NW 10.06 WVU grants
341NW 10.07 WVU reports
342NW 10.08 WVU newsletter, minutes
343NW 10.09 WVU correspondence
344NW 10.10 WVU publicity, photos
345NW 11.00 SMP - Foxfire
346NW 11.01 SMP plans, mission
347NW 11.03 SMP members list, map
348NW 11.04 SMP affiliation
349NW 11.07 SMP reports
350NW 11.08 SMP newsletters, minutes
351NW 11.09 SMP correspondence
352NW 11.10 SMP publicity, photos
353NW 12.00 Univ. of Louisville/Jeff. Co.
354NW 12.01 plans, mission
355NW 12.03 members list, map
356NW 12.04 Affiliation
41NW 12.06 Grants
42NW 12.07 Reports
43NW 12.08 newsletter, minutes
44NW 12.09 Correspondence
45NW 13.01 General
46NW 13.02 Coordinator
47NW 13.03 Members list, map
48NW 13.04 Affiliation
49NW 13.07 Reports
410NW 13.08 Newsletters, minutes
411NW 13.09 Correspondence
412NW 14.01 General
413NW 14.04 Affiliation
414NW 15.01 General
415Plans (Bristlecone)
416NW 15.04 Affiliation
417NW 15.06 Grants
418NW 15.07 Reports
419NW 15.08 Newsletters, minutes
420NW 15.09 Correspondence
421NW 16.01 North Carolina - general
422NW 16.04 Affiliation
423NW 16.07 Reports
424NW 16.08 Newsletters, minutes
425NW 17.09 Correspondence
42619.00 Emerald Necklace (Cleve) - 19.01 General
42719.08 Newsletters, minutes
42819.09 Correspondence
42919.10 Publicity, photos
430NW 19.11 Cleveland Ed. Fund
431NW 20.01 Indiana - General
432NW 20.04 Affiliation
433NW 20.08 Newsletters, minutes
434NW 20.09 Correspondence
435NW 21.09 Correspondence
436NW 23.00 Rhose Island .01 General
437NW 23.04 Affiliation
438NW 23.09 Correspondence
439NW 25.00 NewFire (New Hampshire)
440Eastern Kentucky Teachers Network quarterly report
441Bitterroot Members handbook

3. Conferences

442CO 1.00 Coalition of Essential Schools (Brown U.)
443CO 1.00 Coalition of Essential Schools
444CO 2.00 League of Professional Schools
445League collaboration working documents
446League of Professional Schools
447CO 3.00 Teach for America
448CO 4.00 NCREST
449CO 4.01 "Be the Thing"
450CO 6.00 GPEE
451CO 7.00 Natl Board for Prof'. Teaching Standards
452CO 8.00 IndianaPLUS
453ABC-Plus (Indianaplus)
51CO 9.00 Four Seasons, Orig.
52CO 9.00 Corresp., communic.
53CO 9.00.01 Four Seasons, 1994
54CO 9.02 Four Seasons '93, 1993
55CO 9.00.02 Readings, resources
56CO 9.00.03 Connect, collect, and reflect
57CO 9.01 Sites/participants
58CO 11.00 Kentucky DOE
59CO 12.00 RC 4 yr. olds at risk
510CO 14.00 Clarke County schools
511CO 15.00 IDE
512CO 16.00 ICTR
513CO 18.00 Coords respns pre serv, etc.
514CO 19.00 GSU Early childhood masters project
516Annenberg - preliminary
517New Annenberg Rural Challenge
518Southern Annenberg Rural Challenge
519Annenberg nominations
520Annenberg Conference
521Annenberg notes and meeting, 1997
522Appalachian Studies Conference
523Appalachian Studies
525Eastern Network Conference Evaluations, 1993
526Eastern Network Conference Field Trip Evaluations, 1993
527ICI - May '92, May 1992
529Kindergerten Caucus Jan. 21 95, January 1995
530National Faculty
532NC list
533Urban Foxfire 8/11-14, August 1994
534Urban Conference April 20-23, April 1995
535Foxfire National Conference
536Evaluations - 1998 National Conference, 1998
537Registration packet - 2000 national conference, 2000
538Foxfire National Conference evaluations - session 1
539Foxfire National Conference evaluations - session 2
540Foxfire National Conference evaluations - session 3
541Foxfire National Conference evaluations - session 4
1637Appalachian Studies Conference

4. Core Practices

61Core practices
62Core practice analysis
63Core practice discussions
64Core practice discussion responses
65Core practices teacher experiences
67Follow-up task force
68Core practice editing project
69Foxfire core practices - Decision-making Framework
610Foxfire core practices - Decision-making Framework
611Foxfire core practices - Decision-making Framework
1638Core practices discussions

5. Courses

612Foxfire information packet
613Course Guides general
614CG 1.00 General
615CG 1.01 Lists
616CG 3.00 Appalachian Literature - drafts
617CG 3.00 Appalachian Literature
618CG 3.00 Appalachian Literature - George Brosi
619CG 3.00 Appalachian Literature
620CG 3.00 Appalachian Literature - preface
621CG 5.00 Draft - video guide
622Video courseguide draft
623CG - Course guides - video, radio, misc.
624CG - Course guides - video, radio, misc.
625CG 5.00 Video
626CG 6.00 Radio
627CG 7.00 Foxfire I pending
628Reading lists/ Stan Stiner
629Children's book Stan Stiner
631Sample syllabus Sharon Teets
632Student survey
632Foxfire - class and projects
635Foxfire music class
636Kimsey/Eaton - FF school... making
637Loges - Eek... frogs
639Adult learners
640College level, July 1995
641Summer '93 offerings
642Doing what we know/ Bobby
643Shannon Co. proposal (South Dakota)
644Thayer H.S.
645Course approval process
646Idaho - BTN
648NJ - Earthstar
649Pine Ridge - SD
650Urban Foxfire
651Urban FF newsletter
71Level one criteria
72Level one update
73Level one update, June 1997
74Level one coursebook meeting
75Level one course requirements
76Level oneLevel one Alabama
77Level one course criteria
78Level one course descriptions
79Research findings Level one
710Syllabus - FF level one
712Snohomish district level one
713Summer level one courses, 1995
714Level 1 and 2 participants, 1998
715Teacher Reader - Level one
716Level one course planning notebook 2
717Level one course planning notebook 2
718Level one course planning notebook 2
719Level one course planning notebook 3
720Level one coursebook
721Level one - Northwest Middle School
722Level one - Northwest Middle School
723Level one - Northwest Middle School
724Level Two criteria

6. Teacher Development

725Foxfire teachers national directory, 1995-1996
726Foxfire coursebook
727Foxfire Teachers Reader - Considering Reflection
728Foxfire Teachers Reader - Considering Creativity
729Foxfire Teachers Reader - Considering Assessment
730Foxfire Papers - bound, v.1, no. 1-6, 1999
731Teacher Reflection packet
732Foxfire through project approach
733Foxfire Facilitator Sourcebook
734Edits for Facilitator Sourcebook
735Facilitator Sourcebook drafts
736Facilitator Sourcebook drafts
737Facilitator Sourcebook revisions
738Facilitators handbook task force
739Teachers report on their classroom experiences
81Foxfire and Teacher Prep
82Building schoolwide Foxfire alliances
83In Search of the Golden It
84Working Towards Consensus master copy
85Learning in a Forest master copy
86Extreme Experiences and Asking the Unaskable master copy
87The Dilemmas of Planning master copy
88Building Strong Connections master copy
89In Search of Common Ground
810Teacher Stands Out
811Qualities of a Good Teacher
812Memorable Teaching Exp.
813Teacher journals - CZ
814Teacher Reader Playbook
815Teacher Change
816Good Students
818Becoming a Facilitator
819Teachers and Writers Collab.
820Dancing with the Monster
821Teacher education at Univ. of Louisville
822New Jersey Department of Education - professional development
823Teacher development - misc.
824Special focus sessions - general, 1993
826Diplomas - women LTI
827CW 5.03-1 LTI follow-up
828CW 5.03-2 LTI development
829CW 5.03-3 TLC info
830Leadership Training Institute, July 1991
831LTI responses, 1991
832LTI James' eval forms
833LTI - '92, 1992
834LTI - Parts. for 1992, 1992
8351992 Eval. forms - LTI, 1992
836LTI mailing
837LTI summary , 1994
838CW 5.04 Summer '93 reports, follow-up, 1993
839Whole school charts, April 1997
840REAL Enterprises
841Coordinators retreat, January 1994
1639Book analysis assignments - EKTN, 1988-1989
1640Adult learner experience, 1996
1641All About Pets - course
1642GATE video project - Boise, Idaho, 1990-1991
1643Alternative assessment
1644Carson-Newman College - Education 505
1645Notes taken in training
171Cooperative learning
172Amy Demorest - program feedback
173Taste of Foxfire
174-5Leadership Training Institute, 1994

7. Outreach Articles

843OA 10.01 Lyn's T/O piece
844OA 10.03 Articles about T/O
845OA 10.03
846OA 10.11 DeYoung's EKTN/KERA ch.
847Demo Teacher Ed
848The Foxfire Phenomenon
849Foxfire publicity
850Foxfire publicity
91Publishing file
92Smith, Hilton interview
93Profile book
95Project REAL
96Whole languages
97Requested materials
98Assessment- Fairtest
99Articles 1
910Articles 2
911Articles 3
912Articles 4
913Articles 5
914Search info - articles
915Selected articles to send
916Responses from Ellen Jampole
917Teacher Leadership - Foxfire projects article

8. Research

918RS 1.00 AERA
919RS 1. Appalachian Foundation
920RS 1. Appalshop
921RS 1.00 Cities in Schools
922RS 1.00 Coalition of ESS Schools
923RS 1.00 Country Teacher
924RS 1.00 Highlander Center
925RS 1.00 League of Professional Schools
927RS 1. REAL
928RS 1.00 Roadside Theater
929RS 1. School/Community connections
930RS 1.00 Southern Regional Council
931RS 1.00 Teachers' Network (Harvard)
932Teachers and writers
933RS 1.00 UGA Education Initiative
934RS 3.01 Language Arts
935RS 3.01-2 Drama
101RS 3.02 Art
102RS 3.03 Social Studies
103S/S Paper
1043.03 Social Studies
105RS 3.03 continued
106RS 3.03 Social Studies
107RS 3.04 Math
108RS 3.04 Math
109RS 3.04 Math
1010RS 3.05 Science
1011RS 3.05 Science
1012RS 3.07 BICEP
1013RS 3.08 Humanities
1014RS 3.11
1015RS 3.11 Grubb Remediation Voc (adults)
1016RS 3.11-1 Grubb - Integrating Voc/Ac Ed
1017RS 10.0 Publication samples
101810.00 Publication samples
101910.00 Education materials
1020RS 10.00 Dissemination
1021RS 10.01 Copyright Information
1022RS 11.00
1024Cross-organizational research
10256/23/00 Version research book chapter, June 2000
1026Research - Reflective FF Teacher
1027Research meeting - FF Center, January 1998
1028Cross organizational research forum
1029Cross organizational research forum
1030Cross organizational research forum
111Frequencies by ethnicity
112Frequencies for teachers
113Frequencies by locale
114Frequencies not split
11611/14-16 Annenberg research, November 1997
117Annenberg/Foxfire info
118Rough drafts of interviews
1110Research results - Annenberg
1111Research results - Annenberg
1112Studies of Eductaional Reform, April 1996
1113School at the Center research meeting
1114School at the Center research meeting, December 1998
1115School at the Center research meeting, December 1998
1116RP 4.02 Readings, resources
1117RP 4.02 Taking Charge of Change
1118RP 4.03 Interesting Individuals
1119Suggested readings
1120Oprah Winfrey reply
1121The Buckeye
1122Educational change groups
1123NOUN - Vermont
1124Bobby Ann Starnes publications
1125Guilford Gazette
1126Various publications
1127Focus on Education
1128Sustainable small schools
1129John Dewey articles
1130Why Should Schools be Learning Communities?
1131What is a Restructured School - Fred Newman
1132Networks and Reform in American Education - Ann Lieberman
1133Sustainable small schools article
1134Parents' Guide to Alternatives in Education
1135On Schooling
1136Educational reform
1137Bread Loaf Rural Teacher Network
1138The Galef Institute
1139Center for Teacher Formation
1141S.D. Program for Rural School and Community Renewal
1142Cannery Project
1143National Writing Project
176Research materials
177Song Making, Song Maker, 1990

9. Manuscripts

1144HM 1.00 Teachers Handbook
1145HM 3.00 Kathy H. Elementary handbook
1146HO 1.03 Copyright
1147HO 3.01 Foxfire final project, 1989
1148HO 3.02 Restructuring Schools - Bob Rothberg
1149Articles for Hands On
121Articles for Hands On
122Articles for Hands On
123Tranistions - Judy Bryson
1242 drafts by Carl Glickman
125Foxfire for the Future - research paper
126ERIC - abstracts
127Hands On - ideas
128AL Inst book from SOH - incomplete, July 2000
178Student publishing
179Layout ideas - issue 8
1710Tapestry - A Place for Everyone, 1990
1711Tapestry - A Journal of Discovery
1712Time Changes - St. Francis School
1713Time Changes - cover designs, intro, dedications
1714Time Changes - first layout rejected by students
1715Time Changes - stories, sayings, jump rope chants
1716Time Changes - printed copy
1717-18Student work - interviews, 1987-1988
1719Student work - book reports, 1989
1720Student work, 1990
1721Foxfire final project - Becky Campbell Miller - NGC, 1989

10. Printed Material

129Nameless Newsletter, v. 1 no. 1-3, September 1977-January 1978
1210Hands On, 1979-1985
1211Hands On, 1985-1988
1212Hands On, 1988-1990
1213Hands On, 1990-1991
1214Hands On, 1991-1992
1215Hands On, 1993-1995
1216Hands On - Teacher Reader, 1995
1217Hands On - workshop report, 1980
1218Hands On conference issue 48, 1994
1219The Foxfire Magazine, 1998
1220Little Black Book - Documents related to progressive education, 1912-1941
1221Documents related to progressive education, 1912-1941
1222Dare the School Build a New Social Order?, 1932
1223Progressive Education, 1931
1224Training of Teachers for the New Education, 1929
1225A Modern School, 1916
1226Interest and Effort in Education, 1913
131The Active Learner, 1996-1998
132The Active Learner, 1999-2002
14Lessons of a Century
1722Short Story Collection - DC Public Schools, 1990
1724Related programming materials