Cuyler "Ned" Brooks papers

Cuyler "Ned" Brooks papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Cuyler "Ned" Brooks papers
Creator: Brooks, Cuyler W., Jr.
Inclusive Dates: 1940-2015
Language(s): English
Extent: 22 Linear Feet 20 boxes, 2 oversized boxes
Collection Number: ms3951
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Cuyler Warnell "Ned" Brooks (1938-2015) was an editor, collector, and fan of science fiction. He worked for NASA as a wind tunnel engineer while collecting books and fanzines, and created his own publications. He was an active part of many science fiction fan organizations and kept robust correspondence over his lifetime, creating zines featuring the writing and reviews of his contacts. He also created crowd sourced indexes and book reviews, championed private presses, self published sci fi writers, and artists of the genre in his own publications. An avid collector of historic typewriters, a large part of the output of his zines were created using a typewriter and mimeograph machine.

Scope and Content

The collection contains correspondence and various files related to the production of multiple indexes and fanzines in the genre of science fiction and fantasy from the mid 1960s through 2015. Included are original zine art, writing submissions, sci fi book catalogs, photographs, and a small pencil portrait of Ned. Also included are miscellaneous fanzines from 1940-2015.

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Cuyler "Ned" Brooks papers, ms3951, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11-13Alphabetical - A-P, 1968-1974
21-5Alphabetical - Q-Z, 1968-1974
26-14Miscellaneous, 1967-2013
215Miscellaneous - undated
31-2Miscellaneous, 2014-2015
33-6 Collectors Bureau , 1964-1969
37Mail fraud issues
38-12It Comes In The Mail (ICITM) - A-H, 1974-1976
41-7It Comes In The Mail (ICITM) - I-Z, 1974-1976
48-11Chester Cuthbert, 1992-1997
51-5Chester Cuthbert, 1998-2007
58-10Email - invoices, 1998-2004
61-7Email - invoices, 1998-2004
68-10It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS), 2000-2002
71-12It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS), 2002-2010
81-5It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS), 2004-2010
1911Sharon Ann Towle, 1970-1973
1912Miscellaneous, 1960-1999
1913Miscellaneous, 2000-2016
201-2Alphabetical - S-Z

2. Production files

86It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) - art
87It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 6 - originals, 1989 November
88It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 8 - originals, 1991 September
89It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 9 - originals, 1992 October
810It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 10 - originals, 1993 October
811It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 11 - originals, 1994 January
812It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 13 - originals, 1994 October
813It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 14 - originals, 1995 July
814It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 15 - originals, 1996 January
815It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 16 - originals, 1996 September
816It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 17 - originals, 1997 February
817It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 18 - originals, 1997 August
818It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 18 - production copy
819It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 19 - originals
820It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 20 - originals, 1999 May
821It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 21 - originals, 2000 January
822It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 22 - originals, 2000 September
823It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 23 - originals, 2001 October
824It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 22,23 - production copy
825It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 24 - originals, 2002 October
826It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 25 - originals, 2003 November
827It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 26 - originals, 2004 December
828It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 27 - originals, 2005 December
829It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 28 - originals, 2006 October
91It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 29 - originals, 2007 November
92It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 30 - originals, 2008 November
93It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 31 - originals, 2009 November
94It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 32 - originals, 2010 November
95It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 33 - originals, 2011 November
96It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 34 - originals, 2012 November
97It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 35 - originals, 2013 November
98It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 36 - originals, 2014 November
99-21Correspondence for It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 9-16
101-11Correspondence for It Goes On The Shelf (IGOTS) 18-22
1012Collectors Bureau - lists, indexes
1013Collectors Bureau material - no.2, 3
1014Collectors Bureau material - no.5, 6, 7
1910Fadeaway, 2013-2015
111It Comes In The Mail (ICITM) - originals, 1972-1977
112It Comes In The Mail (ICITM) - cover art
113It Comes In The Mail (ICITM) - mailing lists
114 Spagyric Quest , 1970-1972
115 The New Newport News News , 1970
116 The New Port News , 1981-2011
117The New Port News - cover art, miscellaneous
118Slanapa - various originals
119Slanapa - Art, covers, miscellaneous
1110Slanapa - writing
211Slanapa - binder of various printouts, 1983-1985
1111Who is the Star Spangled Torquemada? - Slanapa, 2005-2011
1112Apazines - various titles
1113Art - miscellaneous
1114Purple Mouth Press - art
1115-17Purple Mouth Press - writing submissions
1118Purple Mouth Press - publications
1119Purple Mouth Press - production
1120Purple Mouth Press - Fortran printed list
212Purple Mouth Press - production
213Purple Mouth Press - copyright, ISBN
214Purple Mouth Press - Spagyric Quest of Beroalus Cosmopolita production - original art by Mae Strelkov
215Purple Mouth Press - Guinevere, Lancelot and Others production, 1986
216Purple Mouth Press - Bogey Beasts production
217Purple Mouth Press - The Hannes Bok Illustration Index production
218Purple Mouth Press - Island of the Moon production, 1998
Purple Mouth Press - Quest for the Star Stone production
2110Purple Mouth Press - The Quest for the Green Hills of Earth production
1121The Conspiracy
1122Convention art
1123Convention programs
1125Book promotions
12Book catalogs
131Collector's Bulletin - compilation correspondence
132New England Science Fiction Association - directory, 1968
1Piers Anthony's Index of Book Reviews in Science Fiction Magazines - bound photocopy, 1970
204It Lives in the Vault - galleys
205Cover art - It Comes In The Mail, It Goes On The Shelf
2Ventura II - cover art

3. Personal

133Portrait sketch
134Biographical - miscellaneous
136Typewriter collection
137Atlanta Wesleyan Alumni
1Scrapbooks (2)
206Photographs - friends, identified
207Photographs - Ned's house
208Photographs - DSC 14, 35
209Photographs - Mae Strelkov
2010-11Photographs - miscellaneous cons
2012Photographs - photo album, 1980-1981
2013-15Photographs - photo album
2017Slides - Australia
2018Photo album - cons - identified
2019Scrapbook - articles, zines
2020Scrapbook - with writing

4. Ephemera

141Advertisements, 1963-2009
142Old Fan's 2000 Almanac, 2000
143-4Anthologies, 1958-2006
145APA contributions, 1965-1985
146Bibliographies, undated, 1975-1978
147Bulletins, undated, 1968-1976
1413Directories, 1973-1978
1414D.U.F.F., 1974-2012
155Rosters, 1965-1967
157T.A.F.F., 1955-2013
2111Fanzine index, 1952 December
2112Writing - various authors
2114Fanzine contributing authors list
2115Tolkien buttons
2116Art - Gerry Collins, 1978
2117Writing - Laura Mundo Marxer - Flying Saucer Information Center

5. Miscellaneous fanzines

Arranged alphabetically by fanzine title.
1592am-2001 Light Years From Home, 1968-1988
1510Aardvark-Agent Provocative, 1944-2006
1511Ah, Yes-ArgoNote, 1972-2003
1512Ariel-Axe, 1954-1992
1513Bab-Binnacle, 1970-2008
1514Bite It!-BW, 1950-2013
161C6-Clerk's Journal, 1940-2011
162Closeup-Convertible Bus, 1966-2003
163Correlate-Dataphile, 1952-1999
164DCTC-Don't Go Columbus, 1963-2012
165Dragon Path-Edge, 1961-2001
166Eh Bien-Existentialism's a Cruel Business, 1958-1997
167Faans 2: The Script-Fantabulous Crud, 1948-1988
168Fantastic Cornflu-Fladnag, 1960-2004
169Flickers 'n' Frames-George, 1957-1996
1610George Schithers'-Gothic Sunshine, 1965-2007
1611Graffiti-Hauppauge Procrustean, 1957-2002
1612Heartworm-Hog on Ice, 1969-2015
171Holland SF-Hypo, 1964-2004
172I Am Not a Number!-Inquisitor, 1960-2006
173Invasion of the Bambiods-Just Another Dream Going By, 1964-2013
174Kaleidoscope-Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans, 1965-2013
175Letterfounder-Lusitania, 1952-2014
176Madame Frog's Catalogue of the Occult-Minac-Mania, 1968-2014
177Mini Mag-Mumak, 1962-1988
178Name-Nyxbag Bi-eraly, 1948-2013
179Oblique-Out-burst, 1959-2009
1710Out of Reitsch?-Penny Paradox, 1964-2014
1711Pepsi-coma-Phoenix, 1966-2007
199Pieces-Purple Procrastinator, 1962-1995
181QS&WU Sunday Supplement-Ragnarok, 1950-1999
182Rainbow-Resounding Haldeman Stories, 1957-1995
183"Revised" Collector's Portfolio of The Bambioid-Rowrbrazzle Quarterly, 1955-2000
184Royal Swiss Navy Gazette-SFanzine Review, 1957-2003
185Shattered Like Clockwork Orange-Slide, 1967-2001
186Slower Than Infinity-Space Varmits Comix, 1962-2006
187Spangler-Starworlds, 1953-1991
188Static, Flutter, & Pop-Strawberry Funnies, 1970-2001
189Struthiomimus-This, 1958-2001
1810Tholian Registry-Trail of Four Cities, 1962-2002
191Trained Cormorants of Gifu-Two Magicians, 1970-2012
192U&U-Utopia, 1957-1986
193V-Voyage, 1959-2014
194Walking Tour of Pickman's Boston-Why Your Life Sucks, 1966-2015
195Wide World of Wendy the Warped-Wyrd, 1961-2006
196York Science Fiction club presents...-Zymurgy, 1973-1995
2118 A Handbook of the [Current] Middle Ages , 1968
2119Miscellaneous mailings
2120Scientifiction - No.45, 46, 49, 2015-2016
2121The Fearsome Island - Albert Kinross

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