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Geiger, Spearman, Gresham families papers

Geiger, Spearman, Gresham families papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Geiger, Spearman, Gresham families papers
Creator: Gresham, Emma Mary Spearman, 1868-1952
Creator: Spearman, Gabriel Toombs, 1838-1912
Creator: Spearman, Ann Elizabeth Geiger, 1845-1911
Creator: Gresham, William Jeptha, 1868-1930
Inclusive Dates: 1844-1996
Bulk Dates: 1920-1994
Language(s): English
Extent: 14.5 Linear Feet (29 boxes)
Collection Number: ms3940
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Gabriel Toombs Spearman (1838-1912), son of Gabriel Toombs and Martha Ledbetter Spearman, was married in 1867 to Ann Elizabeth "Annie" Geiger (1845-1911) daughter of Washington Whitfield and Mary Ann Hardy Geiger. The Spearmans lived in Social Circle (GA). Their daughter Emma Mary (1868-1952) was married in 1889 to William Jeptha Gresham (1868-1930), son of James Monroe and Martha Catherine Atkinson Gresham. Their children included Pauline "Polly" (Mrs. Julian Moore), Mary, and Frances "Prue" (Mrs. Robert Mitchell).

Scope and Content

The collection consists of biographical information, correspondence, financial papers, genealogy, writings, printed material, photographs, and artifacts. The major portion of the collection is genealogy research done by the Gresham sisters Pauline, Mary, and Frances.

Most of the correspondence is between family members and includes the following sections - 1844-1849 letters between Gabriel Toombs Spearman and his brother-in-law Matthew Whitfield; 1864-1865 letters to Annie Geiger from her friend Salina Perry describing effects of the war on her home; 1867-1903 letters between Annie Geiger and her sisters Esther and Mary which cover such subjects as fashion and dressmaking, babies, health, and gossip; 1866-1867 letters between Toombs Spearman and Annie Geiger in Micanopy, Florida before their marriage; 1888-1889 letters between Jeptha Gresham and Emma Spearman before their marriage; and 1860-1861 letters to Toombs Spearman at the University of Georgia from his father containing much about politics, Abraham Lincoln and the war.

There are writings by James Monroe Gresham about his Civil War experiences in the 42nd Regiment, Company H, including being a prisoner at Johnson Island (OH).

Organization and Arrangement

Organized into seven series: biographical information, correspondence, financial, genealogy, writings/artwork, printed materials, and photographs.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Geiger, Spearman, Gresham families papers, ms 3940, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, GA

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Subject Terms

Confederate States of America. Army. Georgia Infantry Regiment, 42nd. Company H.
Geiger family
Gresham family
Micanopy (Fla.)
Prisoners of war -- Ohio -- Johnson Island.
Social Circle (Ga.)
Spearman family

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical information

11Biographical Information
291Two pencils advertising W.B. Spearman's Gin in Social Circle, GA

2. Correspondence

12Gabriel Toombs Spearman & Matthew Whitfield, 1844-1849
13Correspondence, 1850-1859
14Correspondence, 1860
15Correspondence, 1861-1862
16Correspondence, 1864-1866
17Correspondence, 1866-1869
18Correspondence, 1867
19Correspondence, 1868
110Correspondence, 1869
111Correspondence, 1870
112Correspondence, 1871-1884
21Correspondence, 1887
22Correspondence, 1888 January- February
23Correspondence, 1888 March
24Correspondence, 1888 April- June
25Correspondence, 1888 July- August
26Transcriptions of letters of the Geigersisters- Esther, Annie & Emma, 1858-1888
27Correspondence, 1889 January- October
28Correspondence, 1889 November- 1901
29Correspondence, 1902
210Correspondence, 1903
31Correspondence, 1904-1912
32Correspondence, 1947-1961
33Correspondence, 1967-1996
34Correspondence, undated
35Empty envelopes

3. Financial papers

36Financial papers, 1846-1897
37Geiger family, 1859-1869
38Gresham family, 1908-1930
39Gresham family- Mary Gresham funeral, 1952
310Spearman family, 1850-1910
311Estate of John T. Fleming deeds and abstract of title Alachua County, FL, 1911-1929
312Deeds & land documents- Florida, 1853-1868
313Deeds- Georgia, 1883-1919
314Blueprints and plats of property in Morgan County (GA), 1912-1923

4. Genealogy

281-2Genealogy ledgers (2) with indexes- Mary Gresham
283Genealogy ledger- Frances Gresham Mitchell
42Adams family
43Aiken family
44Allen family- research correspondence
45Allen family- research notes
46Andrews/ Lancaster
47Archer family
48Atkinson family- research correspondence, 1949-1963
49Atkinson family- research correspondence, 1964-1996 & nd
410Atkinson family- Coat of Arms
411Atkinson family- family history
412Atkinson family- family history
413Atkinson family- family history & charts
51Atkinson family- research notes- typed
52Atkinson family- research notes- handwritten
53Atkinson family- wills
54Atkinson/ Watkins families
56Bankston family
57Barrett family
58Bateman family
59Beckham family
510Beville family
511Bolton/ Boltin families
512Bostwick family
513Bottoms family
514Boyd family
515Brown family
516Byne family
62Cade family
63Callaway family
64Carpenter family
65Carroll family
66Chaffin family- research correspondence, 1954-1985
67Chaffin family- research notes
68Chaffin family- research notes
69Chaffin/ Bird families
610Chaffin/ Montgomery families
611Clarke family
612Coleman family
613Colquitt family
614Crutchfield/ Lambert families
615Cunningham family
616Cureton/ Heath/ Kinard/ Houston families
618Daniel family
619Davis family
71Deason family
72Dell/ Maxwell/ Barrow families
73Dickinson family
74Dismukes family- research correspondence, 1955-1959
75Dismukes family- research correspondence, 1960-1985 & nd
76Dismukes family- research notes
77Dorsett family
78Drewery family
710Echols/ Eckles families
711Ellis family
713Fussel family
82Geiger family- research correspondence, 1930-1986
83Geiger family- research correspondence, 1987-1996 & nd
84Geiger family- Bible record
85Geiger family- charts
86Geiger family- Coat of Arms
87Geiger family- will transcriptions
88Geiger family- research notes- typed
89Geiger family- research notes- handwritten
810Geiger/ Kaigler
811Gibbs family
812Graham family
813Green family- research correspondence, 1974-1988 & nd
814Green family- research notes
91Gresham family- research correspondence, 1917-1949
92Gresham family- research correspondence, 1950-1959
93Gresham family- research correspondence, 1960-1967
94Gresham family- research correspondence, 1968-1969
95Gresham family- research correspondence, 1970-1971
96Gresham family- research correspondence, 1972
97Gresham family- research correspondence, 1973
98Gresham family- research correspondence, 1974
99Gresham family- research correspondence, 1975-1979
910Gresham family- research correspondence, 1980-1982
911Gresham family- research correspondence, 1983-1987
101Gresham family- research correspondence, 1988-1989
102Gresham family- research correspondence, 1990-1995 & nd
103Gresham family- cemetery & Bible records
104Gresham family- census records
105Gresham family- charts
106Gresham family- Coat of Arms
107Gresham family- land lottery records
108Gresham family- marriage records
109Gresham family- military service research
1010Gresham family- wills
1011Gresham family- by name A-Z
1012Gresham family- Edmund Gresham
1013Gresham family- John Gresham
1014Gresham family- Littleberry Gresham
1015Gresham family- Moses Gresham
1016Gresham family- William Gresham
111Gresham family- Alabama research
112Gresham family- England research
113Gresham family- Georgia research by county
114Gresham family- Kentucky research
116Gresham family- Virginia research
117Gresham family- Virginia research by county
118Gresham family- research notes typed
119Gresham family- research notes handwritten
1110Gresham family- research notes on index cards
121Gresham family- research notebook
122Gresham family- research notebook
123Gresham family- research notebook by Mary Gresham
124Gresham family- research notebook- George Gresham of Wilkes Co. & his descendants
125Gresham family- Gresham by Sally Eugenia Brown
126Gresham family- Gresham family of Wilkes County, GA by Owen G. Gresham
127Gresham family- The Gresham family by Thomas Gresham
128Gresham family- My branch of the family of Gresham by Troy E. Gresham
129Gresham family- Gresham Chronicles by Edwin Fletcher James
1210Gresham family- Gresham by Alexander T. Strange
1211Gresham family- "Gresham- Any way you spell it" newsletter, 1984-1988
1212Gresham/ Halbert families
1213Gresham/ Lumpkin families
1214Grier family
1215Gunn family
132Hackney family
133Haile family
134Hardy family
135Harris family
136Hartsfield family
137Heard family
138Heath family
139Henderson family- research correspondence
1310Henderson family- research notes
1311Hester family
1312Hiley family
1313Hillhouse family
1314Hubbard family
1315Hurst family
1316Hurst/ Montgomery families
1317Ivey family
1318Janes family
1319Jenkins/ Crawford/ Robert families
1320Jennings family
1321Johnston/ Johnson families
1322Jones family
1323Jordan family
142King family
144Lane family
145Launius family
146Ledbetter family- research correspondence
147Ledbetter family
148Lewis family
1410McCoy/ O'Neal families
1411McDaniel family
1412McGehee family
1413McIntosh family
1414McKinney family
1415Malcom family
1416Malone family
1417Manley family
1418Marshall family
1419Martin family
1420Matthews/ Mathews families
1421Maxwell family
1422May family
1423Milner family
1424Mitchell family
1425Moore family- research correspondence
1426Moore family- research notes
1427Morff/ Murff families
151Murchison family- research correspondence
152Murchison family- research notes
153Myrick family
157Overby family
159Patterson family
1510Pendergrass family
1511Perry family
1512Phillips family- research correspondence, 1920-1975
1513Phillips family- research correspondence, 1977-1978
1514Phillips family- research correspondence, 1979-1994 & nd
1515Phillips family- research notes typed
1516Phillips family- research notes handwritten
161Phillips family- notebook Mary Gresham papers with index (2 copies)
162Phillips family- notebook- research by county (GA)
163Phillips family- "Phillips Family Finder", volume 7, 1992 Spring
164Piles/ Pyles families
165Poe family- research correspondence, 1954-1959
166Poe family- research correspondence, 1960-1993
167Poe family- research notes
168Ponder family
169Powell family
1610Preston family
1611Pyron family
1613Randall family
172Sanders family
173Shockley family
174Shuptrine/ Sheptrine families
175Sims family
176Snellings family
177Spearman family- research correspondence, 1934-1958
178Spearman family- research correspondence, 1960-1979
179Spearman family- research correspondence, 1981-1994 & nd
1710Spearman family- Bible records
1711Spearman family- Coat of Arms
1712Spearman family- research notes typed
1713Spearman family- research notes handwritten
1714Spearman family- xerox copies of original documents
1715Spearman family- "Ancestors of our Maples and Adams families" by Iris Maples Lockey
1716Spencer family
1717Stribling/ Stripling families
181Strother family- research correspondence, 1930-1977
182Strother family- research correspondence, 1980-1991 & nd
183Strother family- research notes
184Stroud family- research correspondence
185Stroud family- research correspondence, 1973-1983 & nd
186Stroud family- research notes typed
187Stroud family- research notes handwritten
189Tatom/ Stovall/ Zellars families
1810Taylor family
1811Thomas family
1812Thompson family
1813Thornton/ Pollard families
1814Toombs family
191Trammell family- research corrrespondence, 1955-1964
192Trammell family- research corrrespondence, 1965-1979 & nd
193Trammell family- cemetery and Bible records
194Trammell family- census records
195Trammell family- charts
196Trammell family- landgrants and lotteries
197Trammell family- marriage records
198Trammell family- Revolutionary War records (copies only)
199Trammell family- wills
1910Trammell family by name A-Z
1911Trammell family- Virginia research
1912Trammell family- research notes typed
201Trammell family- research notes handwritten
202Trammell family- "Family of Daniel, Elisha and Francis Moore Trammell" by Vaughan West Murff, 1958
203Turner family
204Van Selis/ Van Selus family
205Vann family
207Walker family
208Warren family
209Weaver family
2010Wethington family
2011White family
2012Wingfield family
2013Wright family
2014Wyche family
2015Yarborough family
211Alabama research
212Florida research
213Florida research, census
214Florida research, count records- Alachua County
215Florida research, marriages- Alachua County
216Florida research, wills- Alachua County
217Georgia research
218Georgia research, cemetery records
219Georgia research, census
2110Georgia research, church records
2111Georgia research, marriages
2112Georgia research, Revolutionary War records
2113Georgia research, tax digest- Oglethorpe County, 1795-1799
221Georgia research, wills
222Georgia research, Walton County
223Georgia research, Wilkes County
224North Carolina research
225North Carolina research, maps
226South Carolina research
227Tennessee research, census- Campbell County
228Texas research, census, 1850
229Virginia research- Albemarle County
2210Virginia research- Amherst County
2211Virginia research- Caroline County
2212Virginia research- Essex County
2213Virginia research- Henry County
2214Virginia research, marriages
2215Virginia research, military records
2216Virginia research, wills, 1632-1800
2217Virginia research, notes by Augusta Fothergill
231Research correspondence by name of correspondent A-Z
232Research correspondence, France "Prue" Gresham Mitchell to her family, 1971-1973 & nd
233Research correspondence, Sherrie Walton, 1976-1989 & nd
234Research correspondence, Ouida H. White, 1953 & nd
235Research correspondence, Institute of American Genealogy, 1947-1950
236Research correspondence, requests for copies of veteran records, 1958-1976
237General research, Edward Pleasants Valentine papers
238General research, list of books owned by Mary Gresham and Polly Moore
239General research, list of marriages conducted by Moses Waddel, 1795-1835
2310General research, notebook- Frances "Prue" Gresham Mitchell
2311General research, notebooks- Mary Gresham
2312General research, notebooks- Pauline "Polly" Gresham Moore
241Colonial Dames, Abraham Venable Chapter- Gainesville Florida
242Colonial Dames, applications for membership- Mary Gresham
243Colonial Dames, applications for membership and certificate- Pauline Gresham Moore
244Colonial Dames, applications for membership- arranged alphabetically by name of ancestor
245Colonial Dames, Mary Gresham Memorial book donations to Gainesville (FL), Public Library, 1977-1982
246Daughters of the American revolution (DAR), correspondence, 1930-1994
247Daughters of the American revolution (DAR), applications for membership, Mary Gresham
248Daughters of the American revolution (DAR), applications for membership- arranged alphabeticaly by name of ancestor
249Daughters of the American revolution (DAR), lists of soldiers
2410Daughters of the American revolution (DAR), genealogical forms

5. Writings and Artwork

2411Autograph book- Annie Geiger [Spearman], 1866-1885
2412"Partial history of Co. H 42nd Regiment" by James Monroe Gresham
2413"Short sketches of battles around Atlanta in 1864" by James Monroe Gresham
2414"Short sketches of prison life on Johnson Island, Ohio" by James Monroe Gresham
2415Reunion of Co. H 42nd Rgt.- battles, deaths, wounded
2416Reunion of Co. H, 42nd Rgt., undated
2417by Gabriel Toombs Spearman
2418"Self Control" by George T. Spearman, 1884
2419Sabbath School addresses by unknown author, 1870 & nd
2420Social Circle Debating Club speeches, 1878 & nd
2421"The trouble of a school girl- a soliloquy" by unkwown author
251"Adventure of a pen point" by Walter Gresham, 1905
252Re: Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
253"Christmas" speech by Mary Gresham as National Defense Chairman, 1966
254"I am a tired American" by Alan C. McIntosh, 1965
255County Line Elementary School Teacher of the Year application by Joyce M. Spiler, 1989
256Re: Carolyn Cahill Beardsley (includes photograph and eulogy), 1992 & nd
258Recipes/ remedies
259Sheet music- Washington's March, Buonaparte's March- handwritten, possibly by Gebriel Toombs Spearman
2510by unknown authors
2511painting on tile, artist name illegible
2512Political cartoons by unknown artist
2513Sketches of house and woman by unknown artist

6. Printed materials

2514Printed material
2515Geiger family, "The Geigers of South Carolina" by Percy Geiger
2516Gresham family
2517Gresham family, "Gresham family" by Augusta Gresham Bagwell (with letter from author 1924)
2518Gresham family, "The Gresham family..." by Thomas Gresham, 1923
2519Spearman family
2520Colonial Dames, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
2521Social Circle Methodist Church (GA)
261Geiger family Bible
262Annie Geiger Spearman family Bible
293Calling cards and copper engraving plate

7. Photographs

272Gresham family
273Moore family
274Spearman family
275Joyce Moore Spiler family
276Archer, Florida- Fleming family and Archer Dramatic Club
277Cemeteries- Atkinson & Chaffin & Spearman