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Junior League of Athens records

Junior League of Athens records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Junior League of Athens records
Creator: Athens Junior Assembly
Creator: Junior League of Athens, Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1930s-2015
Language(s): English
Extent: 54 Linear Feet (52 boxes)
Collection Number: ms3906
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Junior Assembly of Athens, Georgia was established in 1935 by thirty-five women who wanted to help meet the needs of the community through volunteerism. Within ten years, the Assembly became Clarke County's chief source of charity, maternity and baby care. On October 28, 1980, the Assembly voted to join the Association of Junior Leagues International and became the Junior League of Athens. The organization continues to work toward developing the potential of women and improving the community through their actions and leadership. The purpose of the organization is exclusively educational and charitable and it welcomes women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to volunteerism.

Scope and Content

This collection holds the Junior League of Athens Board of Directors' records and other administrative materials. There are also materials that document the activities of the League's various councils and committees such as the Bargain-za and Follies Committees. The collection includes scrapbooks dating from 1959 through 1995 and 2007-2008 plus a large number of photographic images from the 1950s through 2012. In addition, the records pertaining to the Taylor-Grady House and Arnocroft should be of particular interest to those researching Historical Preservation and Environmental Design in Georgia.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 50 series that reflect the various committees and councils of the Junior League of Athens

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Junior League of Athens records, ms3906, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Clubs (associations)
Fund raising -- Georgia -- Athens.
Taylor-Grady House (Athens, Ga.)
Volunteers -- Georgia -- Athens.
Women -- Georgia -- Athens -- Societies and clubs.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Board of Directors


1.1 Minutes

General and Executive meetings/minutes, 1986-1987
Board of Directors meetings and minutes, etc. (includes committee Board briefs), 1988-1989
Committee Board briefs to the Board of Directors, 1988-1989
Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1988-1992
Executive Committee meetings/minutes, 1990s
General meetings/minutes, 1990s
Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1992-1993
Board of Directors manual (includes meeting, minutes, etc.), 1992-1995
Executive Committee meetings/minutes, 1993-1994
Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1993-1994
21-2Board of Directors manual (minutes, etc.), 1993-1994
23Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1993-1994
24General meeting minutes, 1993-1994
25-26Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1994-1996
227-28Board of Directors meetings, minutes, etc. (draft), 1996 April
229-30Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1996 May-August
31-11Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1996 September-1997 February
312Board of Directors annual meetings/minutes, 1997 May
313-24Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1997-1998
41-11Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1997-1999
412Board of Directors and general meetings/minutes, 1999-2000
413-15Committee meetings and events (to be included in the Board of Directors minutes), 1999-2000
416-18Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1999-2000
51-2Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 1999-2000
53Board of Directors annual meeting/minutes, 2000
54-6Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 2000-2001
57General meetings/minutes, 2000-2001
58Board of Directors meeting/minutes, 2000-2001
59Councils-various Committee goals, etc. (to be included in Board of Directors minutes), 2001-2002
510-14Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 2001-2003
515General meetings/minutes, 2003-2004
516-17Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 2003-2004
61-6Board of Directors meetings/minutes, 2004-2008

1.2 Board Members

67Correspondence: Amy H. Nicolson, President, 1984-1985
68President's folder (miscellaneous materials), 1992-1995
69Jane Begnaud-President, 1985-1986
610President's report, 1996-1997
611-12President's files/correspondence, 1997-1998
613Jody Corry-President, 1997-1998
614Board photograph with John Linder and others, 1998
615Vice President's annual reports, 1965-1982
616Recording Secretary, 1995-1996
617Joanna Hill-Recording Secretary (includes annual meeting information), 1998
618Recording Secretary (Board of Directors minutes), 1999
619Board/Council distribution list, 1998-1999
620-22Recording Secretary (contents of binder), 2005-2006
71Donation to Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC), 1995 November
72Property tax appeal, 1994-1997
73Schedule of tasks for Assistant Treasurer, 1997-1998
74Treasurer's report, 2001
75-6Treasurer, 2001-2002
77Adminstrative Coordinator-annual review checklist, 1996
78Helen Young-bylaws/parlimentary, 1997-1998

1.3 Corresponding Secretary

79-10Files (organizational records), 1978-1998
711Monthly reports, 1993-1994
712-13Files (organizational records), 1994-1995
714Board reports, 1995-1996
715-17Files (organizational records), 1996-1997
718Change of address, 1996-1998
719Attendance sheets, 1997-1998
720Transfer forms, 1997-1998
721Leave requests, 1997-1998
722Change in status information, 1997-1998
723Resignations, 1997-1998
724Transfer in, 1997-1998
725Ballots-group home vote, 1997-1998
726Pattie Thurston, 1997-1998
727-29Files (organizational records), 1998-1999
81-11Files (organizational records), 2000-2001
91-9Files (organizational records), 2001-2002
101Fund development Information, 2002-2004
102Notes from Maureen R. Buhr, 2002-2005
103Senior Active/Sustainer, 2004
104-5Files (organizational records), 2004-2005
106-13Corresponding Secretary (contents of binder), 2006-2009

2. Administrative records

2.1 General

1014News clippings/photocopies, 1930s-1991
1015Retrospective (Junior Ladies' Garden Club scrapbook model), 1947
111Parliamentarian report, 1969-1970
112News clippings, 1960s-2000
113News clippings, Early 1970s
114Personnel-League Secretary, 1981-1985
115Board retreat-Lake Burton, 1984
116News clippings, 1984, 1995
117League management, 1985
118IRS-Non Profit status, 1987
119Bylaws, 1990s
1110Birkma and Associates (personality/leadership styles), 1990s
1111Bylaws and Parliamentary procedures, 1990s
1112Agreement between Junior League and agency/committee, 1990s
1113Stationary, 1990s-2000s
1114Junior League of Athens booklet, 1991-1992
1115Candidates handbook, 1991-1992
1116Workshop papers, 1992
1117Cluster meeting (original graphics), 1990s
1118Junior League forms, 1990s
1119How to: information, 1990s
1120Corporate solicitations, 1993-1994
1121-22Advisory planning/bylaws, 1993-1996
1123Albany Flood Contact Flood Fund, 1994
1124Bulletin Board System (BBS) training, 1994-1995
1125Board retreat (Leadership), 1994-1995
1126Junior League information, 1994-1995
1127World Group-online interactive software user's guide, 1995
1128Advocacy handbook, 1995
1129Janet Kloepfer-Cluster meeting, 1995 October
1130Yearbook information, 1995
1131One Write Plus information, 1995-1996
1132Leadership retreat, 1996
1133Proposed bylaw changes, 1996 April
1134Dues Association, 1997-1998
1135Committee budgets, 1997-1999
1136Leadership/Board retreats, 1997-1998
1137Board packets, 1998-1999
1138Leadership/Governance training, 1998-1999
1139-40Reports, 1998-1999
121Reports, 1998-1999
122Computer, 1998-2001
123Examples for newsletter (other organizations newsletters), 1998-2000
124Goals and objectives, 1998-1999
125News release, 1998-1999
126Dues information/letters, 1998-1999
127Goals and objectives, 1998-1999
128Budget, 1998-2000
129Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Fall Leadership meeting, 1999
1210Yearbook information, 1999
1211Joint Board training with Jane Peck, 1999
1212League links, 1999
1213Calendar of events, 1999-2000
1214Leadership training materials, 1999-2010
1215Transitional meetings, 1999-2001
1216Operating budget, 1999-2001
1217Transitional meetings-Leadership positions, 2000
1218Original forms, 2000s
1219Director: job description/information, 2000s
1220Administrative Coordinator-job description, 2000s
1221Junior League of Athens letterhead paper, 2000s
1222Postcards and invitations to various events, 2000-2002
1223Donations, 2001
1224Blank League forms, 2001
1225Website (, 2001-2002
1226Correspondence, 2001
1227Board/Council retreat (Lyndon House), 2001-2002
1228"What the Junior League of Athens means to me?" contest, 2002
1229Leadership Academy (Laura Brown) Committee, 2002-2003
1230Board retreat/League rental of Fire Hall number 2, 2003
1231Community disbursements, 2003
1232Corporate authorization resolution, 2006
1233General information, 2006-2007
1234Hollypalooza, etc. (other Junior Leagues), 2007
1235Year in review, 2008-2009
1236Leadership retreat (Athens First Bank and Trust), 2009 August 22
1237Year in review, 2009-2012
1238Future planning-Leadership retreat, 2010
1239Board of Directors slating process, 2010-2011
1240Past Presidents' Luncheon, 2010-2012
1241Corrections to job descriptions, 1987-1988

2.2 Annual Reports

1242-47The Junior League of Athens, Georgia, Inc. (loose contents of booklets), 1982-1988
131-13The Junior League of Athens, Georgia, Inc. (loose contents of booklets), 1988-2003
13The Athens Junior Assembly (unfoldered booklets), 1969-1970
13The Junior League of Athens, Georgia (unfoldered booklets), 2005-2014

3. Taylor-Grady House

141Improvements, 1966-1997
142Work done by Mathis Construction Company, 1968-1970
143Restoration, 1968-1993
144-5Files, 1969-1971
146Repairs/damages, 1969-1987
147-8News clippings and articles, 1969-1989
149National Trust membership information, 1969-1990
1410Improvements, 1969-1994
1411Public Relations campaign, 1970s
1412Miscellaneous records, 1970-1982
1413Downstairs bathroom wallpaper border, 1970s
1414Rug pads, 1970s
1415Fabric/wallpaper swatches for Groom's Bedroom, 1970s
1416Fabric/wallpaper swatches for Bride's Bedroom and Bath, 1970s
1417Historical preservation-articles, 1970s-1980s
1418Repairs and services list, 1970s-1990s
1419Taylor-Grady Committee minutes/notes, 1971-1979
1420Taylor-Grady Board minutes and event bookings for house, 1971-1980
1421Articles, 1971-1988
1422News Clippings, 1971-1997
1423Landscaping, 1974-1991
1424National Trust membership information, 1975-1988
1425Miscellaneous, 1977-1987
1426Contracts with Junior Ladies Garden Club, 1979
1427Packets and event guides, 1980s
1428Tour Director-job description, 1980s
1429House budget, 1980s
1430Event reminders, 1980s-1990s
1431Taylor-Grady Committee, 1981-1982
1432Caretakers, 1981-1982
1433Taylor-Grady Committee (contents of binder), 1981-1984
151-2Taylor-Grady House materials (contents of binder), 1981-1988
153Sigma Nu damages, 1982 January
154Fine Arts appraisals, 1982
155Correspondence, 1982-1983
156Taylor-Grady Committee, 1982-1983
157Rentals-yearly comparisons, 1982-1990
158Minutes-Taylor-Grady/Town and Gown Theatre, 1983 September 16
159Taylor-Grady Board (Becky Cavan-Chairman), 1983-1984
1510Correspondence with Caretakers, 1983-1984
1511Redecorating, 1983-1985
1512National Trust membership information, 1983-1997
1513Kitchen, 1984
1514-15Contents of binder, 1984-1985
1516Redecorating/correspondence, 1984-1989
1517Six missing silver trays, 1985
1518Fine Arts appraisals, 1985
1519Caretakers, 1985 June 13
1520Renovation Contract/bills, 1985-1987
1521Decorating (Kimbrough/McCall), 1985-1987
1522Yearly tour comparison, 1985-1988
1523Lawn/grounds maintenance, 1985-1997
1524Campaign booklet, 1986-1987
1525Resident Managers, 1986-1987
1526Work estimates, 1986-1992
1527Photo session rentals, 1987
1528Landscaping ideas, 1987
1529Grounds lighting, 1987
1530-31Taylor-Grady House materials (contents of binder), 1987-1988
1532Public Service announcements, 1987-1988
1533Historical data on Athens, Georgia (includes information on Taylor-Grady House), 1987-1988
161Concerts at Taylor-Grady, 1987-1988
162Visitors' register, 1987-1989
163Fund raising, 1987-1996
164McClean's furniture refinishing, 1988
165Historic Preservation Conference, 1988
166Elevator information, 1988
167Groom's bathroom, 1988
168Table pad information, 1988
169Resident managers, 1988
1610Current alarm system, 1988-1992
1611Groom's bedroom, 1988-1989
1612Hardwood floor estimates, 1988-1996
1613Notes regarding Taylor-Grady brochures/booklets, 1989
1614Frame repair (Libby Hatmaker), 1989
1615Resident Managers' bathroom repair, 1989
1616Decorating plan for second floor area (William Frank McCall, Jr.), 1989
1617Guest register, 1989-1990
1618Interior Design overview (William Frank Mccall, Jr.), 1989-1990
1619Redecorating plan-upstairs (William Frank McCall, Jr.), 1989-1990
1620Redecorating upstairs and Ballroom sofas, 1989-1990
1621Fine Arts inventories, 1989-1992
1622Information and contact packets, 1990s
1623Taylor-Grady House listings-brochures, 1990s
1624Taylor-Grady House information (directions, catering, entertainment, etc.), 1990s
1625Clean up and rental, 1990s
1626Event information/fee correspondence, 1990s
1627Kitchen inventory sheets, 1990-1992
1628Guest register, 1990-1992
1629Fine Arts inventories, 1991
1630-32Contents of binder, 1990-1992
1633Handicap access information, 1993
1634Contracts/correspondence, 1993
1635Contracts, 1993-1994
1636Wedding contract dispute, 1993-1994
171Taylor-Grady Committee, 1992
172General correspondence, 1993-1996
173Rental contract/Taylor-Grady dispute, 1993-1994
174Elevator inspection , 1993-2002
175Tool inventory, 1994
176Improvements/maintenance, 1994-1995
177Miscellaneous, 1994-1996
178Guest register, 1994-1997
179Taylor-Grady Committee-downstairs renovation, 1995-1996
1710Taylor-Grady Committee, 1995-1996
1711Taylor-Grady Committee issues, 1995-1996
1712Phone service, 1995-2001
1713Historical organizations and resources in Georgia, 1996
1714Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board annual report, 1996
1715Olympics, 1996
1716Olympic rental contracts, 1996
1717Solid waste, 1996
1718Taylor-Grady Committee, 1996-1997
1719National Trust membership information, 1996-1997
1720Business after hours, 1996-1998
1721Taylor-Grady tours, 1996-1999
1722-23Miscellaneous, 1996-2001
1724Rack Card distribution, 1997
1725Repairs/damages, 1997
1726Historical organizations and resources in Georgia, 1997
1727Income statements, 1997-1998
1728Miscellaneous advertising, 1997-1998
1729Taylor-Grady House issues, 1997-1998
1730Publication Listings for Grady-Taylor House, 1997-2001
1731Heartland advertising, 1997-2001
1732Fire inspection, 1997-2001
1733 Athens magazine , 1997-2003
1734Athens Historic House Museum Association, 1998
1735Taylor-Grady House rental contract, 1998
1736Junior League of Athens (JLA) Committees calendar for use of Taylor-Grady House, 1998
1737Taylor-Grady House lease with Athens-Clarke County, 1998
1738Taylor-Grady House income, 1998-1999
1739Internship, 1998-1999
1740Historic properties, 1998-2000
1741Taylor-Grady House articles, 1995-2009
181Athens Historic House Museum Association, 1999-2001
189Taylor-Grady House issues, 1999-2001
1810Online calendar (how to access), 2000s
1811Athens Convention and Visitor Bureau (ACVB) Advisory Board meeting, 2000s
1812Self-guided tour of Taylor-Grady House, 2000s
1813Self-guided tour (originals), 2000s
1814Historic Homes Tours brochures, 2000s
1815SPLOST funds for Taylor-Grady House upkeep, 2000
1816Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation, 2000
1817Tour and Travel Committee (includes Taylor-Grady House) , 2000-2001
1818Athens Magazine advertising, 2000-2001
1819Calendar of events, 2000-2001
1820Past rental contracts (blank and self-guided tour), 2000-2001
1821Wedding co-op advertising, 2000-2001
1822Grady-Taylor House, 2000-2001
1823National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2000-2003
1824Athens Banner Herald advertising, 2001
1825Office furnishings and supplies, 2001
1826Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 January
1827Taylor-Grady House, 2001 January
1828Calendars, 2001 February
1829Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 March
1830Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 April
1831Refunds-deposits/rentals/tours, 2001 April
1832Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 May
1833Tours, 2001 May
1834Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 June
1835Refunds-deposits/rentals/tours, 2001 June
1836Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 July
1837Refunds-deposits/rentals/tours, 2001 July
1838Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 August
1839Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 September
1840Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 October
191-2Refunds-deposits/rentals/tours, 2001 October-November
193-4Calendars/rental contracts, 2001 November-December
195Taylor-Grady House issues, 2001-2002
196Tour and Travel Committee (includes Taylor-Grady House), 2001-2002
197Personnel issues, 2001-2003
198Original forms, 2001-2004
199Local Awareness Committee, 2001-2004
1910Miscellaneous, 2001-2005
1911Bridal advertising, 2002-2003
1912Athens Wedding Professionals, 2003
1913Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) , 2003
1914Director's file, 2003-2004
1915Lease, 2003-2004
1916Birthday/congratulations cards, 2003
1917Athens Historic House Museum Association, 2003
1918Taylor-Grady issues, 2003-2004
1919Calendar (contents of binder), 2003-2004
1920SPLOST project information, 2003 February 2
1921Lawn care, 2003
1922Athens Wedding Professionals: Taylor-Grady House membership book (contents of binder), 2005
1923Rental contracts , 2005
1924Contents of binder, 2005-2006
1925Contact information for Taylor-Grady Committee, 2006
1926Taylor-Grady Committee transition meetings, 2006-2007
1927Taylor-Grady Committee meeting minutes, 2006 September-October
1928Completed surveys, 2006
1929Events surveys, 2006
1930Taylor-Grady Committee general information/Placement Fair, 2007
1931General information/Placement Fair, 2007
1932Director resumes, 2007 May
1933Table cloths, 2007
1934Advertisements , 2007
4444-45Historic Properties (Taylor-Grady and Arnocroft houses), 1999-2001
4446Georgia travel guides (include information about Taylor-Grady and Arnocroft houses), 1988, 2002
52Taylor-Grady House posters, article and architectural drawings, 1970s-2000s

4. Arnocroft

1935Arnocroft notes (Friend house), 1980s
1936Appraisal of fine and decorative art, 1991, 1995
1937Legal documents, 1994
1938-39Arnocroft Long Range Planning Committee, 1994-1995
1940Eugenia Friend House (Arnocroft) report on condition/renovation, 1994, 2001
1941Arnocroft issues, 1995
1942Aroncroft Committee , 1995-1996
1943Arnocroft information, 1995-1998
1944Arnocroft House issues, 1995-2002
1945Arnocroft Committee, 1996-1998
1946Arnocroft/Taylor-Grady exempt properties (materials relating to tax exemption), 1997
1947Renovations, 2001
1948Arnocroft donations, 2001-2001
1949Junior directions special issue: Arnocroft, 2003 April

5. Child Watch

201Court Appointed Special Advocates for children (CASA) program, 1990s
202"Women, hunger and poverty" (brain storming), 1990s
203'Who is Brandon Williams?" script, 1994
204Child Watch (R.E.M.) donation, 1997
205Athens Child Watch Initiative, 1997-1998
206Children's organizations and programs, 1998-1999
207Child Watch, 1999-2001
208-9Athens Child Watch, 1999-2000
2010Child Watch Initiative, 1999-2000
2011Child Watch Coalition, 1999-2001
2012Athens Child Watch, 2001
2013Child Watch Initiative, 2002

6. Community Service

2014Community Service Awards-nomination forms, 1994-1995
2015Community Service Award, 1995
2016Volunteer of the Year/Community Service Award reception, 1995 April 23
2017Community Service Awards-Volunteer of the Year responses, 1995-1996
2018Community Service Committee, 1995-1998
2019Volunteer/Community Service Awards, 1996-1997
2020Community Service Award/Volunteer of the Year, 1996
2021Community Service Award, 1997
2022Volunteer of the Year, 1997
2023Community Service Committee, 1997-1998
2024Community Service Volunteer of the Year, 1998
2025Community Service Committee and Done in a Day, 1999-2000
2026Community Service Committee , 1999-2000
2027-28Community Partners Luncheon, 2000
2029Community Partner (flyers/forms), 2000-2001
2030Community Service/Development, 2000-2001
2031Granny House opening ceremony, 2000
2032Granny House (informational material), 2000-2001
2033Community Service-Vonnie Allen, Chair, 2001-2002
2034Community Partners sponsorship opportunities, 2002
2035Community Service Committee, 2002-2003
2036Community Service Awards, 2005
2037Community disbursements, 2005-2006
211Community Service Awards, 2006
212Lifetime Achievement Award, 2007
213Volunteer of the Year-nomination forms, 2007
214Teen Volunteer of the Year-nomination forms, 2007
215Community Service Awards, 2007
216-7Community Service Awards, 2008-2009
218Community Service Awards-Community Advisory Board Luncheon, 2010
219-10Community Project proposal forms, 2010-2012
2111Community Service Award applications, 2011
2112Community Service Awards, 2011
2113Teen Volunteer of the Year-nomination forms, 2012
2114Volunteer of the Year-nomination forms, 2012
2115Lifetime Achievement-nomination forms, 2012
2116-17Community Service Awards, 2012-2013
2117-20Community Advisory Board (CAB), 1994-1997, 2007-2008
2121Community Advisory Board (CAB) luncheon, 2009

7. Public Affairs

2122-25Public Affairs Committee, 1994-2001
2126Public Affairs-informational materials, 2002

8. Puppets

2127Hansel and Gretel puppet show program, 1962
2128"Jason and the Golden Fleece" script, 1966-1967
2129Puppet show (contents of binder), 1975-1980
2130"Kids on the Block"-school children's responses to day troupe (from various schools), 1990-1991
2131'Kids on the Block" script, 1990s
2132"Kids on the Block" day troupe, 1992-1993
2133Puppets Committee, 1995-1996
2134Puppets "Kids on the Block" (article), 1997-1998
2135-37Puppets Committee, 1999-2001
32Puppet Clinic: production of "Hansel and Gretel" (scrapbook), 1961-1962
33Hansel and Gretel puppets (container one), 1960s
34Hansel and Gretel puppets (container two), 1960s
35Three Little Pigs puppets

9. Community Research/Project Development (CRPD)

221Evaluation and community research, 1969-1979
222Application selection guidelines, 1990s
223Athens-Clarke 3:00 Project proposal, 1994-1995
224Community Research/Project Development issues, 1995
225Community Research/Project Development, 1995-1996
226Community Research/Project Development, 1997
227-8Georgia Youth Advocate Program (GYAP), 1997-1998
229Community Research/Project Development (CRPD), 1998-1999
2210-11Community mini-grant applications, 1999-2000
2212Community Research/Project Development (CRPD) Committee mini-grants, 2000
2213Community Research/Project Development (CRPD), 2000-2001
2214Community Research/Project Development (CRPD) mini grants, 2000-2001
2215Community Research/Project Development Committee, 2001-2002
2216Community Research/Project Development mini grants, 2001-2002
2217-18Community Research/Project Development (CRPD), 2002
231Community Research/Project Development (CRPD), 2002
232Community Research/Project Development (CRPD) mini-grant, 2002-2003
233Community Research/Project Development (CRPD) Committee, 2002-2003
234Community Research/Project Development meetings/information, 2002-2005
235Community Research/Project Development funraising research, 2002-2004
236Community Research/Project Development Committee, 2006-2007
237Community Research/Project Development CRPD Committee, 2007-2008
238Community Research/Project Development Committee, 2008-2009
239-10Mini-grant application, 2009-2010

10. Fund Development

2311Fund Development, 1990-1991
2312Fund Development ideas and information, 1991
2313Fund Development survey, 1993-1994
2314Fund Development community agenda, 1994-1995
2315-16fund Development Committee, 1995
2317-18Fund Development, 1996-1998
2319Fund Development Committee vote, 1998-1999
2320Fund Development, 1999-2002
2321Contracts, 2001-2002
2322Fund Development Committee, 2002-2003

11. Future Planning

241Future Planning Committee, 1998-2000
242Future Planning goals and objectives, 1998-2000
243Future Planning Committee agenda, 1999-2006
244Future Planning, 2002-2003

12. Hospitality

245Hospitality and special events, 1999-2000
246Preview Party/special events, 2000
247Hospitality Committee, 2001
248Hospitality Committee transitional meetings, 2002-2003

13. Marketing

249Marketing Committee, 1999-2000
2410Marketing Committee chair/co-chair, 2001-2002
2411Marketing Committee, 2002-2003
1Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1959-1961
2Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1961-1962
3Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1962-1963
4Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1964-1965
5Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1965-1966
6Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1966-1967
7Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1968-1969
8Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1969-1970
9Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1967-1968
10Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1968-1969
11Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1969-1970
12Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1970-1971
13Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1971-1972
14Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1972-1973
15Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1973-1974
16Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1974-1975
17Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1975-1976
18Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1975-1976
19Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1977-1978
20Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1978-1979
21Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1979-1980
22Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1980-1981
23Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1981-1982
24Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1982-1983
25Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1983-1984
26Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1984-1985
27Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1985-1986
28Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1986-1987
29Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1990-1991
30Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 1994-1995
31Junior League of Athens scrapbook, 2007-2008

14. The Marketplace

2412Business cards, magazine advertisement and flyers, 1992-2006
2413Merchants and meetings, 2000
2414Event venue/ticketing, 2003
2415Special events, 2004
2416Junior League of Athens shifts/booth, 2004
2417Preview party/auction, 2004
2418Marketing, 2004
2419Sponsorship, 2004
2420Vendor book, 2004
2421Marketplace items, 2004
2422The Marketplace, 2004 November 11-13
2423-25Merchant application, 2004
2426The Marketplace Committee/agenda, 2004
2427Merchant relations, 2004
2428Merchant application, 2004
2429-31The Marketplace, 2004-2006
251Vendors/sponsors, 2004-2005
252The Marketplace Committee-agenda, 2005
253The Marketplace, 2005
254Merchant applications, 2005
255Event venue/ticketing, 2005
256Marketing, 2005
257Preview Party/auction, 2005
258Merchant relations, 2005
259-10Merchant applications
2511Merchant information, 2005
2514Junior League of Athens shifts/booths, 2005
2513Merchant list, 2005
2514Sponsorship, 2005
2515Special events, 2005
2516Merchant feedback forms, 2005
2517Merchant relations/special events, 2006
2518Merchant lunches, 2006
2519Vendor feedback, 2006
2520Waitlist/reguests for information, 2006
2521Miscellaneous, 2006-2008
2522-23The Marketplace: examples from other Junior Leagues, 2006-2007
2524Evaluations/merchant list, 2007
2525The Marketplace tickets, 2007
2526The Marketplace checkin, 2007
2527The Marketplace information, 2009
2528-30The Marketplace (contents of binder), 2009-2010
261-2Merchant applications, 2010

15. Membership

263Letters of intent, 1990
264Pictoral guide, 1989-1990
265Membership diversification, 1990s
266Membership Council reports, 1990s
267Blank forms, 1990s
268Sponsors' handbook, 1991
269Admissions applications, 1991-1992
2610Candidate's handbook, 1991
2611Sponsors' handbook, 11
2612Member records (deleted), 1993
2613Transfer out/active/provisional/sustainer, 1993-1994
2614Transfer in/active/sustainer/provisional, 1993
2615Resignations, 1993-1994
2616Membership Council, 1994
2617Membership status, 1994
2619Membership directory, 1994-1995
2620Membership directory, 1994-1995
2621League Ware: membership datasystem, 1995
2622Resignations, 1995-1996
2623Transfer in, 1995-1996
2624Transfer out, 1995-1996
2625Leave requests, 1995-1996
2626Membership development, 1995-1996
2627Status change, 1995-1996
2628Membership Council reports, 1995-1996
2629Reinstatements, 1995-1996
2630Membership Council meeting minutes, 1996-1997
2631Membership information-forms, 1997
2632Membership Council reports, 1997
2633Membership directory, 1997-1998
2634Membership Council minutes and other information, 1997-1998
271Admissions, 1991-1992
272Changes in members (to roster/placement), 1995-1996
273Proposer's handbook, 1997-1998
274LeagueWare membership records, 1997-1998
275-6Membership development, 1997-1999
277Membership profiles/evaluation, 1999-2000
278Membership, 1999-2000
279Letters of intent, 1999-2000
2710Membership evaluation, 1999-2000
2711Membership Development Committee, 1999-2001
2712Transfers, 2000
2713Membership Council meeting minutes, 2000
2714Membership Development Committee, 2001
2715Membership Council meeting minutes, 2001-2002
2716Sponsors-originals, 2002
2717Personal profile system, 2002
2718Membership information, 2002
2719Proposals for sponsors, 2002-2003
2720Membership Development Committee, 2002-2003
2721Candidate information sessions, 2002
2722Letters of intent and deferrals, 2003
2723Dues Association-rosters, 2003-2004
2724Letters of intent, 2005
2725Membership, other organization, 2005-2006
2726Returned mail (update in database), 2006
2727Membership, other organizations, 2006-2007

16. Training

2728Training goals/objectives, 1991-1997
2729-31Training Committee, 1999
2732Training/Education Committee, 2002-2003
2733-34Training Committee Chair handbook (contents of binder), 2010-2011

17. Olympics

2735Olympics Committee, 1995-1996

18. 60th Anniversary

2736-3760th Anniversary , 1995-1996
2738Historical highlights (transparencies, etc.)

19. Placement

281Placement reports, 1969-1979
282Placement-volunteers evaluation forms (blank), 1980s
283Placements, 1980s
284Placement Committee, 1988-1989
285Placement job description (blank) forms for agency/committee, 1990s
286Member records/placement (blank forms), 1990s
287Placements-information and comments, 1993-1996
288Placement records, 1994-1995
289Possible placements, 1989-1990
2810-11Placement Committee (contents of binder), 1995-1996
2812Placement packet examples , 1995-1998
2813Placement Committee, 1995-1996
2814-15Placement, 1996-1997
2816Placement, Councils, Board, 1997
2817Placement survey/interview (blank) forms, 1997
2818Placement interviews/advisor (blank) forms, 1997-1998
2819Placement Fair (original forms), 1998-1999
2820-21Placement Committee, 1999-2001
2822Committee placements-information, 2000
2823Placement manual, 2001-2002
2824Membership/Placement, 2001-2003
2825Placement issues, 2001-2003
2826Placement Committee, 2002-2003
2827Contact and Placement, 2002-2003
2828Bylaws, job descriptions, Placement manual, 2003-2004
2829Placement policies, 2009-2011
291-2Members Placement cards, 1960s-1980s
294Placement Reports, 1978-1979
295Placement opportunities, 1978-1987
296Placement opportunities-brochures, 1980-1988
297Placement assignments and advisors, 1986-1987
298Junior League of Athens Placement advisor forms (blank), 1986
299-12Placement Committee, 1986-1988
2913Placement opportunities-brochures, 1988-1998
2914Members Placement cards-transfers, 1980s
2915-17Members Placement cards, 1980s-1990s
301-7Members Placement cards, 1980s-1990s

20. Koffee Klinic

308-9Koffee Klinic, 1954-1955, 1960-1995
3010Koffee Klinic contracts, 1993, 1996-1997
3011Koffee Klinic agreement, 1995
3012Koffee Klinic Committee, 1995-1996
3013Koffee Klinic, 1996-1997
3014-15Koffee Klinic (contents of binder), 1997-1998

21. Sincerely Athens

311-2Sincerely Athens, 1993-1996

22. Facilities

313-4Facilities , 2000-2003

23. Angel Award

315Angel Award nominees, 1997
316Angel Award nominations, 1997-1998
317Angel Award income, 1998

24. Social

318-9Social Committee, 1977-1985

25. A Blooming Workshop

3110A Blooming Workshop: cultivating your volunteer garden, 1991 May 8
3111Organizational information, 1991

26. Bargain-za

3112Salestax form, 1990s
3113Pricing guide, 1991
3114Bargain-za: a thrift sale extravaganza, 1994
3115Bargain-za Committee, 1994-1995
3116Bargain-za, 1995-1996
3117Bargain-za information, 1995-1998
3118Bargain-za Committee, 1996-1997
3119Bargain-za Committee, 1999-2000
3120Booklets, 2000
3121Bargain-za Committee, 2000-2002
3122Sherri Goggin-chair, 2001-2002
3123Bargain-za Committee, 2002-2003
3124Bargain-za (contents of binder), 2007-2009
3125-26Bargain-za quota sheets, 2010
3127-29Bargain-za (contents of binder), 2010-2011
3130Oonagh Benson-Bargain-za chair, 2010-2011
3131Chair/annual plan, 2010-2011
3132Bargain-za (contents of binder), 2011

27. Festival of Trees (FOT)

321Festival of Trees supporters and designers, 1998
322Festival of Trees (scrapbook), 1998
323Festival of Trees Committee, 1998
324Informational materials, 1998-1999
325Feedback, 1998-1999
326-8Festival of Trees (contents of binder), 1998-2001
328-9Festival of Trees Committee (includes sponsorship agreements), 1999
3210Informational packet, 1999
3211Preview-party raffle, 1999
3212Informational materials, 1999
3213Informational materials, 1999-2000
3214-16Festival of Trees (contents of binder), 1999-2000
3217-18Informational/Board member materials (contents of binder), 1999-2001
3219Informational materials, 1999-2001
331-2Information/Board member binder, 1999-2001
333Informational materials, 1999-2001
334LAMAR artwork, 1999
335Planning for festival, 1999
336Athens Clarke County Downtown Christmas parade, 1999
337Informational materials, 1999, 2001
338Festival of Trees Committee, 2000
339-10Informational materials, 2000
3311Informational materials, 2000-2001
3312-13Informational materials, 2000-2002
3314Festival of Trees Committee, 2002-2003
3315Telephone book Yellow Pages-phone listings, 2000
3316Evaluations, 2001
3317-19Informational materials, 2001
3318Informational packets, 2003
3319Informational materials, 2003

28. Scavenger Hunt

3320Clues, 1990s

30. Hope Haven School

3321Informational materials, 1969-1992

31. Nominating

341Nominating Committee, 1972-1979
342Job Descriptions, 1988-1989
343Straw ballots, 1994-1995
344Nominating Committee-general information, 1994-1995
345Nominating Committee-blank forms, 1994-1995
346Willingness to serve forms, 1995-1996
347Willingness to serve in Leadership roles, 1995-1996
348Nominating Committee straw ballot, 1995-1996
349Membership Development Committee straw ballot, 1995-1996
3410Slates for officers, 1995-1996
3411Board of Directors straw ballot, 1995-1996
3412Final ballot, 1996-1997
3413Executive ballot biographies/straw ballots, 1996-1997
3414Willingness to serve Leadership roles, 1996-1997
3415Completed ballots/Nominating Committee presents, 1996-1998
3416Tammy Lindsay: Nominating Chair, 1997-1998
3417Nominating Committee presents: the final slate, 1997-1998
3418Pre-straw ballot and willingness to serve, 1997-1998
3419Nominating Committee: the final slate for officers, 1998-1999
3420Final straw ballots, 1998-1999
3421Results of straw ballots, 1999
3422Willingness to serve, 1999-2000
3423Straw ballot, 2002-2003
3413Executive ballot biographies/straw ballots, 1996-1997
3414Willingness to serve Leadership roles, 1996-1997
3415Nominating Committee presents/completed ballots, 1996-1998
3416Tammy Lindsay, 1997-1998
3417Nominating Committee presents: the final slate, 1997-1998
3418Pre-straw ballots and willingness to serve (forms), 1997-1998
3419Final slate for officers, 1998-1999
3420Final straw ballots, 1998-1999
3421Nominating Committee, 1999
3422Willingness to serve , 1999-2000
3423Nominating Committee (informational materials), 2002-2003

32. Decorator's Show House

351Donor forms and contracts, 1987
352Contracts, 1988-1989
353Contracts, 1988-1989
354Decorator Liaison Coommittee, 1988-1989
355Ticket Chairman, 1988-1989
356Desserts, 1989
357Informational materials, 1989
358House Operations Committee, 1989
359Ad sales for catalogue, 1989
3510Decorator's Showhouse Committee, 1989
3511-13Decorator's Show House (contents of binder), 1989

33. Ways and Means

3514Ways and Means Committee "Potpourri", 1978
3515Files, 1987-1988
3516Ways and Means Committee, 1987-1991
3516Fall food sale
3517-18Ways and Means Research Committee, 1991-1992

34. Bake/Flower sale

3519Informational materials, 1988
3520Final report, 1988
3521Fall Bake sale, 1990
3522Flower and Bake Sale, 1990 April 13

35. Cookbooks

361A Cook's Tour of Athens (cookbook), 1963
362Annual reports, 1964-1979
363Cookbooks from other Junior Leagues (information about), 1980s
364Received mail, 1989-1991
365Cookbook information: ideas, marketing and seminars, 1990-1992
366Viability of cookbook production as an on-going Ways and Means project, 1991
367Fund development, 1992
368Informational materials, 1993-1994
369Favorite Recipes Press (re: cookbooks), 1993-1994
3610Creating a cookbook-proposal (FRP), 1999
3635FTP-Cookbook Development Committee, 1999
3612Beyond the hedges (cookbook), 2007
3613Beyond the hedges cookbook order form, 2007
3614Cookbook Committee, 2009-2010
3615Cookbook vendor relations, 2010-2011
3616Cookbook Committee, 2011

47. Public Relations/community involvement

4410Assembly and Public Relations, 1970-1980
4411Publicity photos/articles, 1994-1995
4412Public Relations-Student Awards of Excellence, 1995 April 20
4413Public Relations-forms and correspondence, 1995-1997
4414Public Relations-Student Awards of Excellence, 1996
4415Public Relations-advertising/promotional material, 1990s
4416Publicity Relations-Student Awards of Excellence, 1997
4417St. Mary's Hospital contract with Junior Assembly, Clarke County, 1948 September 24
4418Eye and Ear Clinic (contents of binder), 1959-1978
4419Women's Exchange (contents of binder), 1968-1975
4420The Children's Mental Health Clinic (Rutland Center), 1969-1972
4421Correspondence, 1970-1993
4422Rutland Center annual report, 1973-1974
4423Fine Arts Committee (content of binder), 1977-1979
4424UGA Bicentennial events, 1982-1985
4425Simon Michael Building contracts, 1974-1989
4426A is for Athens (newsclipping and coloring books), 1969, 1985, 2001
4427Athens Heart Clinic-Simon Michael Building, 1990s
4428Athens Child Abuse Council Board meetings, 1992
4429Athens Clarke County Family Connection Partnership meeting, 1996 July 11
4430Community disbursements-Angel Awards, 1997
4431Georgia Youth Advocate Program, 1997
4432Angel letters, 1998
4433Meetings and Conventions (M and C Subcommittee-Athens, Georgia), 1998-1999
4434Georgia Children's Chorus, 1999
4435Midnight Passage into the Millennium, 1999
4436Princess Dresses Project, 1999
4437Classic City Tours, 1999, 2001
4438Georgia Museum of Art, 1999-2000
4439Athens Regional Medical Center Foundation, 2000
4440Athens Ben Epps Airport Master Plan, 2002-2003
4441Community partners, 2007-2008
4442Georgia Children's Chorus, 2008-2009
4443Fall event (concert, silent auction), 2013

36. State Public Affairs

3617-18State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), 1996-1997

37. Sustainers

3619Sustainer representative, 1979-1980
3620Sustainer tips, 1989-1990
3621Sustainer survey results, 1995
3622Sustainer Committee, 1995
3623Sustainer Committee, 1995
3624Sustainers Committee updates, 1997-2012
3625Sustainer luncheon, 1997-1998

38. Provisionals

3626Provisional course agenda, 1983-1986
3627Provisional education, 1985-1986
3628Provisional education evaluations, 1986
3629Provisional course (agendas, etc), 1986
371Provisional education, 1988
372-3Provisional training, 1988-1993
374Provisional education (evaluations, admissions, etc), 1989-1990
375Provisional education (meetings, new members, etc.), 1989-1990
376Provisional education materials, 1989-1992
377Provisional fees, 1990s
378-10Provisional education
3711Provisional meeting minutes, 1990 January 16
3712Provisional meeting, 1990-1991
3713Evaluations, 1991
3714Provisional class, 1994-1995
371Provisional Project: "An afternoon with old friends" honoring the Junior League of Athens 60th anniversary (invitation), 1995 April 22
3716Provisional trainer, 1995-1996
3717Provisionals/members, 1996-1997
3718"Members under construction: Provisional workbook", 1997-1998
3719"Members under construction: Provisional workbook", 1997-1998
3720Provisional informational materials (contents of binder), 20
3721Provisional members acceptance correspondence, 1999-2000
3722Provisionals-miscellaneous, 2000
3723Provisional class agenda, 2000-2001
3724Provisional training, 2000-2001
3725Provisional class , 2000-2001
3726Provisional class-Beth Tatum, Trainer, 2001-2002
3727Provisional class (member information), 2001-2002
3728Provisional class, 2002
3729Provisional meeting, 2002
3730Provisionals (contents of binder), 2004-2005
3731Provisional dues, 2005-2006
3732Provisionals-paid dues, 2006
3733"Making every moment count!" (Provisional member guide), 2014-2015

39. Strategic Planning

381Correspondence and questionnaire, 1995
382Strategic Planning Team (committee), 1995
383Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair, 1995-1996
384-5Strategic Planning Committee (contents of binder), 1995-1996
386Strategic Planning notebook, 1995-1996
387Strategic Planning Committee (informational materials), 1995-1998
388Strategic Planning Committee (examples), 1995-2004
389Strategic Planning Committee, 1996-1997
3810Strategic Planning (contents of binder), 1996-2000
3811Strategic Planning Committee, 1997-1998
3812Strategic Committee-Community Partner Program, 2000-2003
3813-14Strategic Plan, 2000-2006
3815Example of a Strategic Plan, 2000-2007
3816Strategic Planning Committee (informational materials), 2000-2009
3817Strategic priorities-annual plan, 2009-2011

40. Finance Council

3818Finance Council, 1996-1997
3819Fnance Council (informational materials), 1997-1998
3820Finance Council (informational materials), 1998
3821Finance Council (informational materials), 1998-1999
3822Finance Council (informational materials), 1999
3823Finance Council-corporate sponsorships, 1999-2000
3824Finance Council, 1991-1992
3825Finance Council reports (blank), 1990s
3826Finance Council-community disbursements, 1994
3827Community disbursements-finance, 1994-2006
3828Finance Council, 1995-1996
3829-30Finance Council minutes, 1988-1994
391Vote on dues increase, 2001-2002
392-3Finance Council (informational materials), 2003-2007

41. Member surveys/self assessments

394Annual questionnaire, 1988-1989
395Membership survey (original forms), 1990s
396Organizational self assessment (OSA) Committee, 1990s
397Organizational Self Assessment (OSA) tables, 1990s
398Organizational Self Assessment (OSA) results, 1990s
399"Previews on Parade" catalogue sales questionnaire, 1990s
3910Membership surveys, 1991-1992
3911Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA) survey, 1992-1993
3912Member survey, 1993
3913Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA) Committee, 1994
3914Organizational Self-Assessment survey, 1994
3915Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA) talley, 1996
3916Membership surveys, 1997
3917Membership surveys, 1998-2003
3918ODI (Organizational Development Institute), 2000
3919Membership evaluations, 2000-2002

42. Arrangements

401Arrangements Committee (organizational notes), 1985-1987
402-3Arrangements Committee (contents of binder), 1988-1990
404Arrangment: ideas, invitations, menus, 1990
405Arrangements notebook and report, 1987-1988
406Arrangement information, 1992-1993
407Arrangements Committee, 1992-1993
408Arrangements Committee, 1994
409-11Arrangements (contents of binder), 1993-1994
4012-14Arrangements (contents of binder), 1994-1995
4015-16Arrangements (contents of binder), 1996-1997
4017Arrangements-various events, 2003

43. Follies

411Junior Assembly Follies yearbook, 1947
412"Inside the USA" Follies , 1953
413"Red stockings revue" Follies, 1958
414"Paint the town pink!" Follies, 1967
415Follies contract, 1967
416"Up and away" Follies, 1970
417Follies (contents of binder), 1970
418Advertising Committee-Follies "Splash", 1977
419"Splash" Follies, 1977
4110"Dazzle" Follies, 1985
4111"Hello Follies" Follies, 1985
4112Merchant tracking sheets, 1990-1993
4113-15Follies and Directions advertising sales, 1991-1992
4116Prelilminary outline for 1992 Follies, 1991
4117Follies advertising agreements, 1992
4118Follies Committee (list of performers), 1992
4119Original sponsorship agreements-underwriters, 1992
4120Budget tracking sheet (blank), 1992
4121Babysitters, graphics and budgets, 1992
4122Auditions and Rehearsals Committee report, 1992
4123Follies Committee, 1992
4124-25Various committee reports
4126Productions forms, 1992
4127"Lights, camera, Athens" (press releases), 1992
4128"Lights, camera, Athens!" report of Chairman, 1992
4129'Lights, camera, Athens!" (tickets), 1992
421Script, 1992
422Informational materials, 1992
423"Lights, camera, Athens!" (contents of binder), 1992
424-5"Lights, camera, Athens!" scrapbook (contents of binder), 1992
426-7"Lights, Camera, Athens!" Follies, 1992
428Tickets/Ushers Committee report, 1992
429Expenses and various committee responsibilities, 1992
4210Publicity, 1992-1993
4211Underwriters-copies of letters and contracts, 1992
4212Production for Follies 1992-sponsorship commitment, 1993-1994
4213Publicity, 1992
4214Rehearsals, schedules, merchants and program, 1992
4215-16Brochure mockup, 1992
36"Paint the town pink" scrapbook, 1967

44. Community Council

431Community Council reports-blank form, 1990s
432-3Committee reports, 996-1997
434Community Council informational materials, 1997-1998
435-6Meetings, minutes, etc. (contents of binder), 1998-1999
437Community Council (contents of binder), 1998-1999
438-9Committee reports, 1999-2001
4310Community Council minutes/"The connector", 2001-2002
4311Meetings, information on committees, 2009

45. Communications Council

4312-13Reports, 1995-1997
4314-15Meetings, 1997-1999
4316Meetings, articles, correspondence, 1999-2001

46. Publications

4317Directions advertising agreement, 1989-1990
4318Directions advertisers/advertising agreements, 1990
4319Directions advertising agreements, 1990
4320Reporter contracts, 1990
4321Junior directions guidelines, 1990s
4322Directions contracts, 1991
4323Directions blank, original forms, 1991-1992
4324Directions copies of contracts, 1992
4325Directions advertising, 1993
4326-27Directions advertising agreement, 1993
4328Directions advertising agreements/contacts (contents of binder), 1993-1994
441Directions mailing list, 1994 Winter
442Junior directions informational materials, 1994-1995
443Junior directions financial issues, 1996
444Directions advertising rates, 1996-1997
445Junior directions bulk mail, 1998
446Junior directions (information about), 1999-2000
447Other Junior League publications (include notations), 2000
448Junior directions budget, Council minutes, Board minutes (contents of binder), 2003-2006
449Junior directions articles (Ben Rice interview questions), 2006

48. Photographs/slides/negatives

451Cross-reference guide to Athens Junior Assembly scrapbooks (contents of binder), 1950s
452Super Saturday Training Committee packet (includes photographs), 1990
453-4Junior League of Athens photographs (contents of binder), 1992-1993
455Junior League of Athens photographs of Arnocroft buffet (contents of binder), 1995
456Junior League of Athens photographs (contents of binder), 1990s
457Junior League of Athens photographs (contents of binder), 1995-1996
458Bargain-za photographs (contents of binder), 1995-1999
459Junior League of Athens photographs (contents of binder), 1996
4510-11Junior League of Athens photograph album-book 1 (contents of binder), 1999-2000
4512-13Junior League of Athens photograph album-book 2 (contents of binder), 1999-2000
4513-14Junior League of Athens photograph album (contents of binder), 2000s
4515Oversized photographs, 1970s-1990s
4516Athens Junior Assembly-IDs for photograph in Svc Hall, 1994
4517Photocopies of ID'd photographs, 1980s-2000s
46Assorted photographs, 1970s-2000s
47Assorted photographs and slides, 1970s-2000s
48Festival of Trees photograph album, 2000
48Assorted negatives and slides, 1970s-2000s
52Oversized photographs, 1960s-2012

49. Plaques/certificates

49Junior League plaques and certificates, 1975-2000s
50Junior League plaques and certificates, 1968-2006

50. Artifacts

51Mugs, cups and koozies
51Tote bags
51Large banner for Athens-Clarke County Child Watch Initiative, 1990s