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Jubilee Partners records

Jubilee Partners records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Jubilee Partners records
Creator: Jubilee Partners
Inclusive Dates: 1979-2000
Language(s): English
Extent: 39 Linear Feet 39 boxes, 1 oversized folder
Collection Number: ms3830
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Jubilee Partners is an ecumenical Christian service community founded in 1979 and located in rural northeast Georgia. They offer hospitality to refugees and other immigrants who have left their homes because of violence and persecution, and have hosted around 4000 people from 35 different countries.

Scope and Content

This collection contains administrative correspondence and files, publications regarding immigrants, refugees, tax protest, nuclear protest, and organized visits and talks. Subjects include the Walk-In-Peace, Habitat for Humanity, and Fellowship of Reconciliation activities that Jubilee Partners has been involved in. It also documents the tax protest and 1989 jailing of Don Mosley and Max Rice.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, box, folder], Jubilee Partners records, ms3830, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Conditions Governing Use

Portions of this collection are restricted until January 2034 and May 2072 due to concerns regarding privacy and HIPAA.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records
Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.). Executive Committee
Habitat for Humanity International, Inc
Nonprofit organizations.
Refugee families
Social work with refugees
Tax protests and appeals

Related Collections in Other Repositories

Though the collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies are available upon request. Audiovisual research requests are dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

271-14Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1979-1980
2715-25Administrative correspondence, A-R - Don Mosley, 1980-1981
2726-38Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1984-1985
281-15Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1985-1986
2815-29Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1986-1987
2830-34Administrative correspondence, A-E - Don Mosley, 1988-1989
291-19Administrative correspondence, F-Z - Don Mosley, 1988-1989
2920-25Administrative correspondence, miscellaneous - Don Mosley, 1988-1989
2926-28Personal correspondence, while incarcerated - Don Mosley, 1989 January-March
301-18Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1989-1990
3019-36Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1990-1991
3037-48Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1991-1992
3049-52Administrative correspondence, A-E - Don Mosley, 1992-1993
311-8Administrative correspondence, F-Z - Don Mosley, 1992-1993
319-20Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1994-1995
3121-32Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1995-1996
3133-38Administrative correspondence, A-J - Don Mosley, 1996-1997
321-6Administrative correspondence, K-Z - Don Mosley, 1996-1997
327-18Administrative correspondence, A-Z - Don Mosley, 1997-1998
3219Correspondence, Nancy - Old
3220-21Correspondence, Josie, 1992-1995
3222-23Volunteers who came, 1985-1986
331Fellowship of Reconciliation - Ethical investments, 1984
332Fellowship of Reconciliation - Triennial Council, 1984
333Fellowship of Reconciliation - Executive Committee, 1984
334Fellowship of Reconciliation - Peace Ship, 1984
335Fellowship of Reconciliation - Search Committee for Executive Secretary, 1984
336Fellowship of Reconciliation - Executive Committee, 1984-1985
337Fellowship of Reconciliation - IFOR, 1984-1985
338Fellowship of Reconciliation - Task Force on Latin America, 1983-1985
339Fellowship of Reconciliation - Current business, 1985
3310Fellowship of Reconciliation - EC/PC/FC, 1985 December
3311Fellowship of Reconciliation - Non-violence seminars, 1985
3312Fellowship of Reconciliation - National Council - Including electoral matters, 1985
3313Fellowship of Reconciliation - Disarmament program, 1985
3314Fellowship of Reconciliation - Staff relations committee report, 1983-1986
3315Fellowship of Reconciliation - Financial statements, 1984-1986
3316Fellowship of Reconciliation - Grievances, etc., 1985-1986
3317Fellowship of Reconciliation - Staff relations committee, 1985-1986
3318Fellowship of Reconciliation , 1985-1986
3319Fellowship of Reconciliation - US - USSR reconciliation program, 1985-1986
3320Fellowship of Reconciliation - Staff reorganization, 1985-1986
3321Fellowship of Reconciliation - Interim executive secretary, 1986
3322Fellowship of Reconciliation - National Council, 1985-1986
3323Fellowship of Reconciliation - Sanchez trip/rehab
3324Fellowship of Reconciliation , 1986
3325Fellowship of Reconciliation - Personnel committee, staff relations committee, 1986-1987
3326Fellowship of Reconciliation - Development committee, 1986
3327Fellowship of Reconciliation , 1986-1987
3328Fellowship of Reconciliation - Shadowcliff campaign, 1984-1985
341Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1980-1981
342Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1981-1982
343Fellowship of Reconciliation - Tax resistance, 1981-1983
344Fellowship of Reconciliation - War tax resistance campaign, 1982-1984
345Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1987-1989
346-8Fellowship of Reconciliation , 1989 March
349Fellowship of Reconciliation - Tax Protest, 1989
3410Fellowship of Reconciliation - Prison mementos, 1989
3411Fellowship of Reconciliation - Delegation notes, reports, 1990-1993
3412Fellowship of Reconciliation - Ex-Yugo tel/fax, notes, 1992
3413Fellowship of Reconciliation - Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, 1992-1993
3414-15Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1992-1997
3416Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1997-1998
3417Athens Observer, Banner Herald - Max & Don jail, 1989 January-February
351Walk in Peace - Case studies
352Walk In Peace - Joe
353Walk In Peace - Walk-a-thon kit - extra pages
354Walk In Peace - Walk-a-thon
355Walk In Peace - Meeting notes
356Walk In Peace - Administrative costs, contributions
357Walk In Peace - Walk-a-thon contacts, addresses
358Walk-a-thon master
359Sante Fe document
3510People Magazine, 1988
3511Presbyterian survey response
3512"Guns or the Gospel" - Presbyterian survey, 1987 November
3513Articles - including Brian Wilson, Lopez art, 1988-1989
3514Resource lists - Originals and copies
3515Walk In Peace - Slideshow script, reservations
3517Prostheses, old and new
3518Walk In Peace - Originals, masters
3519Walk In Peace - Mailing lists
3520Walk In Peace - MHP
3521Walk In Peace - La Madre
3522Walk In Peace - Mary Knoll-Nicholas
3523Old versions, Walk In Peace - Slide show script
3524Walk In Peace - Video reservations
3525Walk In Peace - Completed Walk-a-thons
352617.7 million
3527Walk In Peace - Form letters
3528Walk In Peace - Banner Herald News, Athens, 1987 February-March
3529Athens Observer - Making of Walk In Peace video , 1988
3530Walk In Peace - Miscellaneous clippings
3531Atlanta Journal - Walk In Peace, 1987
3532Atlanta Journal - "Central America Born Again"
3533Walk In Peace - Press releases, form letters
3534Athens Banner Herald - Walk In Peace , 1987
3535Walk In Peace - Newsletter in Spanish, 1987
3536Co-Madres update
3537Five Loaves Mission group - "Nicaragua - An Evengelical Perspective"
3538New York Times - Nicaragua article, Kinser, 1988
3539Sojourner - "Walk In Peace"
3540Newspaper articles - Walk In Peace
3541Nicaragua, Central America - Miscellaneous media
3542Nicaragua - Contra victims
3543The Other Side - Walk In Peace - "A Plea for Healing"
3544Witness for Peace - "Civilian victims..."
3545Nicaragua resources
3546Walk-a-thon master
3547Walk In Peace - Video promo
3548Walk In Peace benefit, 1988
3549Copy of trip report
3550Vets for Peace, Inc.
3551"A Time to Heal" - Masters
3552A Time to Heal - notebook
3553La Madresita
3556Mitch - Honduras
3557Hurricane Mitch - MCC
3558Mitch - Nicaragua
3559Inter-religious task force on El Savador, Central America
3561Hurricane articles
3563Walk In Peace, 1988-1989
3564Walk-a-thon - Current, 1989
361-2Walk In Peace, 1988-1989
363IV - Nicaragua
364Infotrac file on Nicaragua - Atlanta Public Library
365Batahola Norte - Key contacts
366Miscellaneous Nicaraguan programs
367CK Glenn, 1992 September 1
368Walk In Peace finances - program correspondence, 1992-1995
369NIC-US Friendship Office
3610Nica photos
3613Correspondence re Madre, CC, Tim Nonn, etc.
3614Walk In Peace - Slideshow script
3615Walk In Peace - Correspondence, 1992-1993
3616Walk In Peace - Tucson
3617VII Nicaragua - Walk In Peace - Airlift
3618Volunteers who came in, 1987
3619Volunteers who were here, 1988
3620Volunteers - Summer, 1989
3621Volunteers - Winter, Spring, 1989
3622Volunteers - Fall, 1989
3623Volunteers, 1990 January
3624Volunteers - Summer, 1990
3625Volunteers - Fall, 1990
3626Volunteer academics - Projects
3627Networking - Refugees
3628Clarence Jordan - Scripts, 1988, 1992
3629John Bratten bequest
3630FOIA reports
3631Empire Telephone Company
3632Telephone, phone tax, 1984-1988
3633Financial, miscellaneous, 1983-1985
3634JP financial reports
3635Don & Max - IRS - Master
3636IRS statement
372Episcopal Grant
373Housing suggestions - Central America
374Methodist proposal, 1985 November
375CA delegation, 1993
376Newsletters, 1988
377Trident to Lite - Tracks campaign
378Torture Centre - Toronto
379Surveys, reports of peace organizations
3710Sanctuary meeting
3711Office jobs
3712Mailing list requests
3713Local people willing to help in various ways
3714Administrative, communication
3715Groups current
3716Four Communities
3718Groups - Summer, 1987
3719Grant writing
3721FOR - Iraq
3722Family reunification
3723Directories - Including JP listing
3724Communications within JP
3725Cash - Jubilee
3726[Refugees - Central America]
3727Borgman, Caleb
3728Communication with board, extra minutes
3730Ano - Border proposal
3731Earl Martin - Hans options, etc.
3732Richardo Torres
3733Bruderhof Conference - JP visit to PA Hofs, 1994
3734Shalom REBA Conference, 1993,1996
3735Kate McNeal Olivares, 1999 March
3736Ano program
3737Nuclear Train - Van tracking
3738JP program history, miscellaneous
3739Media - Don's files
3740Ministry of Health proposal
3742Hazardous materials information
3743Evangelism in Central America
3744New programs c/o Max - Ideas, correspondence, 1991
3745Refugio del Rio Grande construction
3746Newsletter graphics, photographs
3747Peace Corps
3748Maps, miscellaneous information
3750World Service Authority
3751U.S. Congress
3752Hartwell nuclear talk
3753Broad River paper mill
3754Arnold Park
3755Ano bus
3756Lutheran grant
381Needing more attention
383Sample letters
384"Resist not evil..."
386-7Habitat for Humanity, 1992-1996
388-9Habitat for Humanity, 1997-1998
3810Nicaragua trip, 1985 September
3812Solar publications
3814Solar materials
3816Solar equipment
3817Water heater
3818Democary - Empire - Chapter 8.1
3819Book, miscellaneous
3822"With Our Own Eyes" - Promotion
3823"With Our Own Eyes" - General, 1998
3824Outlines, chronologies
3825Joyce Hollyday
3826Carter Center consultation
3827Carter, 1991
3828Jimmy Carter materials - Correspondence
1Book outline on large sheet
391-3Don's talks
394Speaking trip I, 1985
395Speaking trip II, 1985
396Montreat Youth Conference on Peace, August 1982
397Notes, miscellaneous
398Speaking trip, 1987
399"I Have a Dream" Celebration, 1982
3910Coalition of Conscience march on Washington, August 1983
3911Camp Calvin
3912Montreat conference, October 1989
3913Don Mosley speaking - Spring, 1987
3914Seabeck F.O.R. conference, July 1991
3915Speaking trip, April-May 1987
3916Lutheran conference - "Christians in a Nuclear Age" - Rev. Breuer, 1984 September
3917Don Eyler - WV - Aldexson Broaddus College, 1984
3918Speaking tours, 1985
3919Western Carolina University, November 1983
3920Kirkridge, 1990
3921Kirkridge retreat, 1982
3924-25Sojourners article
3926Koinonia sample document
3927Magazine articles by Don
3928Compassion of a discipline-leader
3928Vision of a discipline-leader - Courage to see
3930Wake Forest leadership seminar, 1987
3931Isaiah sermons
3932Sojourners article on Ano - Mid-May deadline