Alexander H. Stephens family papers

Alexander H. Stephens family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Alexander H. Stephens family papers
Creator: Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883
Inclusive Dates: 1818-1944
Bulk Dates: 1854-1883
Language(s): English
Extent: 23 Linear Feet 20 boxes, 3 oversize boxes, 5 oversize folders, 1 artifact
Collection Number: ms3823
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (1812-1883) was born near Crawfordville (Ga.) to Margaret Grier and Andrew Baskins Stephens. Liberty Hall in Crawfordville was his home. He was Vice President of the Confederacy during the Civil War, a United States Congressman, and died in office as Georgia Governor in 1883. John Alexander Stephens (1838-1887), nephew of Alexander H. Stephens, was a lawyer in Atlanta and son of John Lindsay Stephens. John Alexander Stephens was married to Mary Emma Simpson (1841?-1900), daughter of William Wingfield Simpson (1814-1887), owner of a plantation in Hancock County (Ga.). Linton Stephens was the half-brother of Alexander H. Stephens.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs, financial papers, and scrapbooks. The correspondence is divided into family and business with family letters mainly among Alexander H. Stephens, John A. Stephens and Linton Stephens. They discuss family matters, politics and legal cases. Included is a letter from Alexander H. Stephens describing his trip to Athens to take his entrance examination, in which he describes the university and town as well as the countryside between Athens and Washington, Georgia. Business correspondence includes letters from Herschel Johnson, Howell Cobb, Joseph E. Brown, and Joseph H. Lumpkin. There are also items relating to John Stephens' imprisonment at Johnson Island (OH) during the Civil War. Letters during wartime included lists the members of the Stephens Rifles, flag design proposals, petitions for military positions, and discussions on the release of a Union officer from Andersonville. There is a folder of 1851 correspondence concerning a possible duel between Thomas W. Thomas and James M. Smythe, and materials regarding the surveying of Michigan and Texas Territories. Printed material includes several speeches of Alexander H. Stephens. The scrapbooks contain newspapers clippings about Alexander H. Stephens. Included is a plantation account book of the Simpson plantation, in which are lists of enslaved people, a journal of daily farm work, printed rules for managing farms and slaves, and signed contracts with freedmen.

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Alexander H. Stephens family papers, ms3823, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11Family, 1854-1868
12Family, 1869
13Family, 1870
14Family, 1871
15Family, 1872
16Family, 1873
17Family, 1874 January-June
18Family, 1874 July-December
19Family, 1875 January-April
110Family, 1875 May-December
111Family, 1876-1878
112Family, 1879-1882
113Family, undated
111Alexander H. Stephens, 1838-1839
151Alexander H. Stephens, 1840-1849
152Alexander H. Stephens, 1850-1859
153-4Alexander H. Stephens, 1860-1869
155Alexander H. Stephens - petitions, military, 1861-1865
156Alexander H. Stephens - wartime, 1861-1865
157Alexander H. Stephens - from Grier family, 1862-1863
158Alexander H. Stephens - flag design proposals, 1861-1862
159Alexander H. Stephens - Union prisoner William Cable release petition, 1864
1510-11Alexander H. Stephens, 1870-1879
1512-14Alexander H. Stephens, 1880-1883
161Alexander H. Stephens, 1880-1883
162Alexander H. Stephens - General P.G.T. Beauregard, 1882
163-4Alexander H. Stephens - Linton Stephens
165-6Alexander H. Stephens - William G. Stephens
167Alexander H. Stephens - John L. Stephens
168-12Alexander H. Stephens - John A. Stephens
1613Alexander H. Stephens - Rebecca Stephens
1614Alexander H. Stephens - cousins
1615Alexander H. Stephens - invitations
112Alexander H. Stephens - Joe E. Brown, 1882-1883
113Alexander H. Stephens - Robert Toombs
1Alexander H. Stephens - Aaron G. Stephens describing Athens, 1828 August 6
3Alexander H. Stephens University of Georgia letter regarding sponsorship by Alonzo Church, 1829
3J.J. Abert letter to James McLelland with orders to leave Great Lakes survey to begin Texas Territory survey, 1844 November 21
114Linton Stephens - "A Oad to a Lizard"
115John A. Stephens - POW correspondence, army orders, 1862-1863
116M.E. Stephens
117Robert L. Avary - Janie Stephens Avary
118Alexander W. Stephens, 1893, 1932
119Arch Avary - Asa Candler, 1897
1616Margaret Grier Stephens - Linton Stephens, 1862
171-2Linton Stephens
173Mary W.S., Mrs. Linton Stephens
174William Grier Stephens
175Grier Stephens, 1839
176Aaron Grier Stephens
177-9John A. Stephens
1710-12M.E. Simpson Stephens
1713M.E. "Emma" Simpson - Ed Simpson
1714Emma and Belle Simpson
1715Ed Simpson
1716William Wingfield Simpson
1717Jane Simpson
1718Mary Stephens Reid - John A. Stephens, 1862
1719Alexander W. Stephens - M.E. Reid
1720Alexander W. Stephens - University of Georgia, 1891-1892
181-4Alexander W. Stephens - University of Georgia, 1891-1892
185-11Alexander W. Stephens
191-3Alexander W. Stephens
194M.E. Reid - Alexander W. Stephens
195Petitions regarding Alexander W. Stephens for Solicitor, 1898
196A.D. Candler - recommendations regarding Alexander W. Stephens, 1898
197-9Janie Stephens
1910Robert L. Avary
1911Mrs. Robert Stephens, 1902
1912Mrs. James M. Reid
1913John C. Reid
1914John L. Bird, 1852
1916Miscellaneous correspondence
1917Unidentified letter
51William Wingfield Simpson, 1861-1883
52Business, 1839-1844
53Business, 1845-1847
54Business, 1850-1856
55Business, 1857-1859
56Business re: proposed duel between Thomas W. Thomas and James M. Smythe, 1851
57Business, 1860
58Business, 1861
59Business, 1862
510Business, 1863
61Business, 1864
62Business, 1865-1866
63Business, 1867-1869
64Business, 1872-1873
65Business, 1874-1879
66Business, 1880-1884
67Business, 1906-1944
68Business re: publication of sketch of Alexander H. Stephens by Alexander W. Stephens, 1939-1940
69Business, undated
610Business empty envelopes, 1858-1864, undated

2. Writings

21Writings, 1851-1871, undated Access Online
22Letters to the editor by Alexander W. Stephens, 1905-1906
23Sketches of Alexander H. Stephens by Alexander W. Stephens - typed versions
24Law Library of Linton Stephens - typed list
25Report of latter part of speech by Alexander H. Stephens at Dalton, 1860
26Re: Margaret Grier Stephens and Matilda Lindsay Stephens
27"The Can-Non" by Dr. Pill Garlick
28Arguement by J. A. Stewart in opposition to state sovereignty doctrine, 1868
29Medical reports - re: daily condition of Alexander H. Stephens, 1876 March 14-May 24
102Alexander W. Stephens - law school notebook
1110-11Alexander H. Stephens - personal accounts, transcribed letters with edits
1112Alexander H. Stephens - notes, transcriptions
1113Alexander H. Stephens - notebook
1114Alexander H. Stephens - writing
1115Alexander W. Stephens - journal
1116Written comments on Case and Comment article about Alexander H. Stephens
1918Alexander H. Stephens - notes, business cards
1919John L. Bird
1920Writing - miscellaneous
1921Linton Stephens - Memorial, 1872

3. Printed Materials

71re: Alexander H. Stephens
72Speech - "On the President's message... concerning Texas and New Mexico", 1850 August 9
73Speech - "...bill to prevent frauds upon the Treasury of the United States" , 1853 January 13
74Speech - delivered before the Georgia Legislature, 1864 March 16
75"Study of the Law" by Alexander H. Stephens letter to a class of Liberty Hall law students, 1871 May 17
76"Address of the Hon Alexander H. Stephens before the Literary Societies of the University of Georgia", 1873 August 4
77"Address on Alexander H. Stephens by Alexander W. Stephens", 1928 February 11
78"Sketch of Alexander H. Stephens" by Alexander W. Stephens, 1940
79"Alexander H. Stephens" by Henry D. Capers, 1908 May 12
710Catalog of literary books belonging to Alexander H. Stephens
711Program - unveiling the statue of Alexander H. Stephens in Washington, D.C. , 1927 December 8
712"Address delivered by John A. Stephens... before the O. M. Mitchell Post, G.A.R." , 1886 February 26
713"Reminiscences of an old Georgia Lawyer" by Garnett Andrews, 1870
714World atlas (some pages missing) with drawings and writings by Linton Stephens
715Clippings, 1859-1883
716Miscellaneous items
718Speech by Alexander H. Stephens at Anthon School, 1875
719Postcards - Alexander H. Stephens home
720Alexander H. Stephens - obituary, memorials
721Political materials
722Pamphlets, advertisements
723Robert Stephens - Hunter's School, 1896-1897
103-4Alexander W. Stephens - law books (2)
1117Alexander H. Stephens - railroad passes, 1881
1118Alexander W. Stephens - educational materials
1119In Memory of Alexander H. Stephens by I.W. Avery - complimentary copies for Janie and Alexander W. Stephens, 1883
1120Pandora - signed by Alexander W. Stephens, 1894
1121Robert L. Avary - Kappa Alpha
1122Illustrations from Little Aleck, 1932
1123Clippings - recipes, household
1Linton Stephens - Phrenological chart
1College of Music of Cincinnati - advertisement
1Broadside - Speech of Tom Hardwick at Hamilton, Georgia - Georgia's Fiscal Problem, 1932
1Supplement - Chronical and Sentinel-Extra - Letter from the Hon. B.H. Hill
2Supplement - The Daily Sun - Speech of Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, 1872 December 22
2Supplement - Atlanta Constitution- Speech of Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, 1872 December 22
2Gazette-Supplement - The Weekly News, Savannah, Georgia - Stephen's Speech, 1882 September 8
2Roll call of the Democratic and Know-Nothing and the American party Senators and Representatives
2Broadside - The Metric System
2Broadside - Straight Democrat ticket and Address by Rutger B. Miller to the Voters of Oneida, 1872
2Supplement - Senator Conklin's Speech on the XVth Amendment
1922E.A. Stephens - railroad pass, 1840
1923Alexander W. Stephens - clippings, poems
1924Alexander W. Stephens - law, office advertisements
1925Sample ballots - city and state elections, 1896-1898
1926Lucy Cobb Day Alumni Reunion - program, 1895
1927Broadsides - miscellaneous
1929Alexander H. Stephens - business, signature cards
1930 Tariff of the Confederate States of America , 1861
1931 Address of the Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, Theme - The Letters of Junis , 1873 August 4
201Recipes - receipts
202Alexander H. Stephens Memorial State Park
3Newspapers and clippings

4. Photographs

717Alexander W. Stephens, House - 149 W. Peachtree
21Robert L. Avary - Law School class in front of Ivy Building, 1890
22Alexander H. Stephens - group - presented to Judge Alex Stephens by Sara Stephens, 1928
1124Alexander H. Stephens - photographs and negatives
1125Alexander H. and Linton Stephens
1126Alexander H. Stephens memorial
1127Robert L. Avary - Kappa Alpha group, "Juvenile Curiousity" group, 1890
1128Family - some identified
1129KKK parade - negatives

5. Financial and Legal

210Deed, Receipts, Contract, 1806-1877
210Contract between Alexander H. Stephens and Archibald Speights
211Plantation account book - William Wingfield Simpson-owner, S. R. Oliphant-manager, Hancock County (Ga.), 1861-1869 Access Online
The plantation book lists the names of 61 enslaved people present in 1861. Also included is an 1868 contract with 15 freedmen, named Carson Kindrick, Joe Walker, William Walker, John Miller, Daniel Roberts, Jordan Williams, Richmond Simpson, Jack Hardwick, Jackson Little, Henry Watkins, James Thomas, Adolphus Brindley, Burrell Kindrick, William Rowland, and Frank Brindley.
212John A. Stephens, Assistant Assessor's Pocket Record, 1865
212John A. Stephen's docket, 1870
121Land grant - Archibald Graham, Henry County, 15th District, Lot 103, 1824
122Land grant - Henry Joyce, Henry County, 15th District, Lot 105, 1824
123Land grant - John Williams, Henry County, 15th District, Lot 234, 1824
124Land grant -William Bailey, Henry County, 15th District, Lot 122, 1829
125Thomas Wynne, Jr. v. R.Q. Dickinson - Taliaferro County Inferior Court, 1839
126Alexander H. Stephens - cases returned record book, 1837-1841
127Alexander H. Stephens - receipts, settlements, 1854-1856
128Alexander H. Stephens - doctor's account, 1863
129Alexander H. Stephens named executor for John Fagan, 1874
1210John A. Avary, executor for Alexander H. Stephens - credits by amounts paid, 1883
1211W.W. Simpson - Penitentiary Company 3 - prisoner invoices, receipts, correspondence, 1878-1879
1212W.W. Simpson - Penitentiary Company 3 - invoices, receipts, 1878
1213-14W.W. Simpson - Guardian of DuBose minors - receipts, invoices, 1873-1881
1215W.W. Simpson - Guardian of DuBose minors - legal, 1869-1883
1216W.W. Simpson - invoices, receipts
1217W.W. Simpson - plantation ledger, 1862-1876
1218Irene Stephens - invoices, receipts, 1888-1889
1219Irene Stephens - canceled checks, 1888-1889
1220Irene Stephens - rent, 1888-1889
1221Alexander W. Stephens - receipts
1222Mary E. Stephens - rent receipts, lease
1223Mary E. Stephens - business, insurance
1224Robert L. and Janie S. Avary - business
1225Janie S. Avary - insurance
1226George R. Gilmer, Robert L. Avary - wills, 1859, 1902
1227Robert A. and Emma Belle Stephens - deed, 1903
1228Alexander W. Stephens - business, insurance
1229Alexander W. Stephens - The Collector and Commercial Lawyer advertisement
1230Alexander W. Stephens - election, 1907-1908
3Agreement to survey final townships in Michigan Territory prior to statehood - Abner Van Ness, 1837 July 22
3Petition for payment - Abner Van Ness, 1839-1848
3List of expenses for surveying - Abner Van Ness, 1837-1838
41Simpson family deeds, 1818-1869
This folder includes the 1821 will of Lovica Simpson regarding seven enslaved people by the names of Old Peter and his wife Aggy, Young Peter, Bryant, Isham, Caroline, and Sapha.
42Wilkes County land surveys, 1819-1841
5Henry Baker - Warren County indenture and accounts, 1849-1851
203Alexander H. Stephens - plantation book, 1872 Access Online
204Alexander H. Stephens - account books, 1872-1880
205Alexander H. Stephens - account book, documents, 1879
206-7Alexander H. Stephens - business, legal
208Alexander H. Stephens - land titles, 1839-1843
209Alexander H. Stephens - government documents, 1866-1882
2010John L. Stephens - invoice, 1850-1853
2011James A. Stephens - receipts
2012John A. Stephens - notebook, wallet with railroad passes, documents, 1883-1886
2013John A. Stephens - account books, 1871-1884
2014John A. Stephens - signature cards
2015William W. Simspon - receipts, 1818-1840
2016Williamson Bird - list from sale of property, 1843
2017Stephens family - estate documents, 1883-1900
2018Alexander W. Stephens - plantations in Taliaferro, Wilkes and Washington property Access Online
2019John Ferguson v. Sarah Taylor - Lincoln County, 1834-1842
2020Henry Baker - deeds, invoices, receipts
2021George Palmer - legal, land documents, 1875-1882
2022Richard Roe v. John Doe - Lincoln County, 1840-1843
2023Lincoln County - deeds, 1834-1845
2024Lincoln County - legal documents, 1836-1842
2025Deeds, legal documents, miscellaneous, 1837-1875
2026Notes paid - miscellaneous

6. Scrapbooks

31Alexander H. Stephens, 1873-1874
32Alexander H. Stephens, 1880-1881
33Alexander H. Stephens, 1881-1883
41Alexander H. Stephens, 1881-1882
42Alexander H. Stephens, 1861-1870
1Alexander H. Stephens, 1851-1867
1Alexander H. Stephens, 1857
1Alexander H. Stephens, 1866-1867
1Alexander H. Stephens, 1877
1Alexander H. Stephens, 1878-1880
101Alexander W. Stephens - campaign scrapbook, 1909-1910
2Alexander W. Stephens - campaign book, by county, 1893-1894
2Stephens family clippings
2Miscellaneous prints, advertisements

7. Artifacts and ephemera

8Alexander H. Stephens Committe ribbons
8Cards left at New Years reception at mansion - A.H. Stephens, Governor, 1882 January
8Business and calling cards
8John A. Stephens - empty envelopes
8Alexander W. Stephens - empty envelopes
8Various empty envelopes, wallets (2)
9Campaign cards, business cards, ribbons, souvenirs, stamps
1231Alexander H. Stephens - committee ribbons
1232Alexander H. Stephens - hair, 1883 March 4
1233Hand painted Christmas card - Mable Appleton, 1882
1234Hand painted card to Alexander H. Stephens - Mary Floyd
1235Fanny Avary - composition book - Decatur Academy, 1868-1874
1236John A. Stephens - school work, penmanship
1237Susan F. Avary - memorial card, 1899
1238Unknown architectural sketch
1239John A. Stephens - hair
13Alexander H. Stephens - empty envelopes
14Fraternal organization sash and apron
1Liberty Hall arch - drawing by James B. Knox, Union Point, Georgia
1John A. Stephens - small trunk

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