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Seaborn Jones family papers

Seaborn Jones family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Seaborn Jones family papers
Creator: Jones family
Inclusive Dates: 1813-1966
Bulk Dates: 1840-1921
Language(s): English
Extent: 22.5 Linear Feet 44 boxes
Collection Number: ms3730
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

John James Jones (1824-1898) was born in Burke County, Georgia to Seaborn Henry Jones (1798-1859) and Margaret Walker Jones. He married Evaline Toombs (1829-1900) and had a son named Seaborn Henry Jones (1861-1921). John James Jones was a lawyer and legislator, he was a member of the United States House of Representatives from the 8th District of Georgia from 1859 until 1861 when he withdrew to serve in the Confederate Army during Civil War. His son Seaborn married Helen Gresham and had a son named John James Jones (1904-1988). Seaborn was also a lawyer and he and his father formed the firm John J. Jones & Son in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of biographical information, correspondence, legal papers, financial papers, writings, photographs, printed material and artifacts. The correspondence includes family, personal, business letters, and several Civil War Letters. There are also letters and notes from tenants who worked on the Jones' plantations, which included Ogeechee, Crab Apple, and Canaan. Legal matters consist of cases the firm handled, deeds, estate papers, fi fas, bonds for title, wills, contracts, and guardianship papers. The firm John J. Jones & Son served as counsel for the Central of Georgia Railway, and these lawsuits against the railroad often involved the killing of cows and pigs on the tracks. There is material about the Ideal Theatre built by Seaborn Jones in Waynesboro (GA) for a movie theater. Financial papers include bills and receipts from various stores and receipts from cotton sales. Writings include information on the history of Canaan plantation and a diary by John James Jones about his trip to Europe in 1926.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Seaborn Jones family papers, ms3730, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Burke County (Ga.)
Central of Georgia Railway.
Jones, John James, 1824-1898
Jones, John James, 1904-1988
Jones, Seaborn Henry, 1798-1859
Jones, Seaborn Henry, 1861-1921
Landlord and tenant -- Georgia.
Lawyers -- Georgia -- Waynesboro.
Legislators -- Georgia -- Burke county.
Theaters -- Georgia.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11Biographical information

2. Family Correspondence

12Family Correspondence, 1854-1893
13Family Correspondence, 1894-1899
14Family Correspondence, 1900-1928
15Family Correspondence, 1929-1937
16Family Correspondence, 1940-1942 April
17Family Correspondence, 1942 May-November
18Family Correspondence, 1943 January-April
19Family Correspondence, 1943 May-November
110Family Correspondence, 1966

3. Civil War Correspondence and Documents

21Civil War Correspondence and Documents, 1861-1866, 1881

4. Personal Correspondence

22Personal Correspondence, 1856-1890
23Personal Correspondence, 1891-1899
24Personal Correspondence, 1900-1912
25Personal Correspondence, 1913-1914
26Personal Correspondence, 1915-1929
27Personal Correspondence, 1933-1947
28Personal Correspondence - undated
29Personal Correspondence to Phil from "Sister", 1890-1897

5. Business Correspondence

31Business Correspondence, 1847-1856
32Business Correspondence, 1857
33Business Correspondence, 1858 January-June
34Business Correspondence, 1858 July-1859
35Business Correspondence, 1860-1863
36Business Correspondence, 1864-1868
37Business Correspondence, 1869-1872
38Business Correspondence, 1873-1874 August
39Business Correspondence, 1874 September-December
310Business Correspondence, 1875-1878
311Business Correspondence, 1879
312Business Correspondence, 1880
313Business Correspondence, 1881-1884
41Business Correspondence, 1885-1889
42Business Correspondence, 1890 February-March
43Business Correspondence, 1890 April-July
44Business Correspondence, 1890 August-November
45Business Correspondence, 1891 January-August
46Business Correspondence, 1891 September-December
47Business Correspondence, 1892
48Business Correspondence, 1893 January-July
49Business Correspondence, 1893 August-December
410Business Correspondence, 1894 January-April
411Business Correspondence, 1894 May-December
51Business Correspondence, 1895
52Business Correspondence, 1896 January-June
53Business Correspondence, 1896 July
54Business Correspondence, 1896 August-December
55Business Correspondence, 1897 January-July
56Business Correspondence, 1897 August-December
57Business Correspondence, 1898 January-March
58Business Correspondence, 1898 April
59Business Correspondence, 1898 May
510Business Correspondence, 1898 June-December
511Business Correspondence, 1899 February-April
512Business Correspondence, 1899 May-October
61Business Correspondence, 1900
62Business Correspondence, 1901 January-March
63Business Correspondence, 1901 May-December
64Business Correspondence, 1902 January-September
65Business Correspondence, 1902 October-December
66Business Correspondence, 1903 January-February
67Business Correspondence, 1903 March-December
68Business Correspondence, 1904 January-April
69Business Correspondence, 1904 May-December
610Business Correspondence, 1905 January-May
611Business Correspondence, 1905 June-December
71Business Correspondence, 1906 January-August
72Business Correspondence, 1906 September-December
73Business Correspondence, 1907 January-March
74Business Correspondence, 1907 April-June
75Business Correspondence, 1907 July-December
76Business Correspondence, 1908
77Business Correspondence, 1909 January-July
78Business Correspondence, 1909 August-December
79Business Correspondence, 1910 January-June
710Business Correspondence, 1910 July-August
711Business Correspondence, 1910 September-December
81Business Correspondence, 1911 January-February
82Business Correspondence, 1911 March-May
83Business Correspondence, 1911 June
84Business Correspondence, 1911 July
85Business Correspondence, 1911 August-September
86Business Correspondence, 1911 October
87Business Correspondence, 1911 November-December
88Business Correspondence, 1912 January-February
89Business Correspondence, 1912 March-April
810Business Correspondence, 1912 May
91Business Correspondence, 1912 June
92Business Correspondence, 1912 July-August
93Business Correspondence, 1912 September
94Business Correspondence, 1912 October
95Business Correspondence, 1912 November
96Business Correspondence, 1912 December 2-17
97Business Correspondence, 1912 December 18-31
98Business Correspondence, 1913 January-February
99Business Correspondence, 1913 March-April
101Business Correspondence, 1913 May
102Business Correspondence, 1913 June
103Business Correspondence, 1913 July-August
104Business Correspondence, 1913 September
105Business Correspondence, 1913 October-November
106Business Correspondence, 1913 December
107Business Correspondence, 1914 January
108Business Correspondence, 1914 February
109Business Correspondence, 1914 March-April
1010Business Correspondence, 1914 May-June
1011Business Correspondence, 1914 July-September
111Business Correspondence, 1914 October-November
112Business Correspondence, 1914 December
113Business Correspondence, 1915 January-March
114Business Correspondence, 1915 April-May
115Business Correspondence, 1915 June-August
116Business Correspondence, 1915 September
117Business Correspondence, 1915 October
118Business Correspondence, 1915 November-December
119Business Correspondence, 1916 January-April
1110Business Correspondence, 1916 May-August
1111Business Correspondence, 1916 September-December
1112Business Correspondence, 1917 January-May
1113Business Correspondence, 1917 June-December
121Business Correspondence, 1918 January-June
122Business Correspondence, 1918 July
123Business Correspondence, 1918 August-October
124Business Correspondence, 1918 November-December
125Business Correspondence, 1919 January-June
126Business Correspondence, 1919 July-December
127Business Correspondence, 1920
128Business Correspondence, 1921 January-May
129Business Correspondence, 1921 June-December
1210Business Correspondence, 1923-1929
1211Business Correspondence, 1930-1946
1212Business Correspondence - undated
1213Business Correspondence (empty envelopes)
131American Red Cross re: Christmas Roll Call members, 1918-1919
132Braswell Furniture Co. vs. Central of Georgia Railway, 1917
133Central of Georgia Railway Co. vs. Washington Lumber Co., 1914-1915 September
134Central of Georgia Railway Co. vs. Washington Lumber Co., 1915 October-1919
135W.T. Chance vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1910-1913
136W.H. Chew, 1868-1897
137D.J. Coleman vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1905-1907
138D.S. Coleman vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1899
139B.L. Dame vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1913
1310Development Company of Cuba, 1910
1311J.D. Dixon vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1917
141Emory University (GA), 1891-1948
142J.L. Fielding vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1917
143U.B. Frost vs. Central of Georgia Railway, 1900
144General Supply Co. vs. J.T. Robinson, 1908
145George Gibbons estate, 1902-1903
146Henry Gilmore vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1918
147W.S. Godbee vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1899-1900
148Ben Grablowsky vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1918
149Highland Lake Club (NC), 1911-1913
1410Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1914 February-May
1411Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1914 June-July
1412Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1914 August-December
1413Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1915 January-April
1414Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1915 May-1917
151Insurance, 1877-1913
152Insurance, 1914-1924
153King and Manley vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1913
154Mary Lane vs. E.L. Hutchins, 1912
155Jacob Langenbach Jr. vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1911-1914
156Rosa McMaster, 1913
157Millen (GA) railroad encroachments, 1888-1891
158R.L. Miller vs. A.S. Perkins, 1912
159Susie A. Mock vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1910-1911
1510R.C. Neely vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1907-1909
1511A.V. Palmer, 1885-1890
161Politics, 1862-1905
162Politics, 1906-1911
163Politics, 1912-1925
164R.T. Rowell vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1911-1913
165George W. Simpkins vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1905
166C.W. Skinner vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1907-1909
167State vs. Ben Reynolds, 1910
168Tenants, 1858-1909
169Tenants, 1910-1916
1610Mrs. Willie C. Thompson vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1917-1920
1611Walter W. Watkins vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1900
1612W.A. Wilkins vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1893, 1897
1613Wilkins and Berrien vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1887-1888

6. Legal Matters

171Docket of Cases, 1885-1919
173Mary Adkins indenture, 1873
174Adler and Newbour vs. Jones and Sturges, 1860
175John P. Allen vs. Benjamin Lane, 1858
176Augustus H. Anderson vs. Robert E. Thompson (Fi Fa), 1867
177Susan J. Anderson vs. Moses P. Grew, 1876
178John Attaway vs. John Trottee, 1863
179R.C. Attaway promisory note, 1889
1710S.H. Attaway vs. mrs. L.R. Carswell, 1885
1711Augusta and Savannah Railroad vs. Ida Inman and Sallie Thomas, 1891-1898
1712Augusta Southern Railroad, 1911
1713Bank of Augusta vs. Washington L. Kilpatrick and Thomas Jones, 1883
1714V.D. Barbot to C.W. Skinner rental agreement, 1915
1715James Barrett mortgage, 1878
1716James Barrett vs. Savannah Barrett, 1890
1717S.M.C. Barrett et al bond for title, 1900
1718J.W. Bates vs. Josiah Pollock
1719W.E. Baxter vs. C.B. Mulling, 1915
1720Caswell Bearfield vs. William Trowbridge, 1853
1721Thomas A. Becker power of attorney, 1894
1722Kate Belcher bond to dissolve garnishment, 1902
1723James Bell will, 1869
1724Simeon Bell vs. Betty Washington, 1906
1725blank legal forms
1726Thomas Bleux vs. James Pannell, 1868
1727Thomas H. Blount and Edward H. Blount, 1866-1879
1728Lydia Boardman vs. John L. Boyd, 1892
1729Robert Boyd and J.G. Anderson lumber contract, 1921
1730Nancy Brinson vs. J.H. Daniel, 1892
1731Amanda Brown indenture, 1879
181Needham Bullard vs. James V. Jones et al, 1868-1876
182Burke County (GA), 1899-1918
183Burke County (GA) oaths of constables, 1893-1900
184Burke County (GA) petitions
185Burke County (GA) petition for Benevolent Union Convention, 1913
186Burke County (GA) petition for Christian Aid Society, 1910
187Burke County (GA) petition for Waynesboro Gin Co., 1919
188Burke County (GA) subpoenas, 1893
189Burke County (GA) taxation, 1894-1919
1810Burke County (GA) voters, 1874-1927
1811Abraham Burke vs. John Attaway and Simon Wallace, 1868
1812Musgrove Burton to R.H. Burton power of attorney, 1898
1813Thomas J. Burton vs. William W. Hughes, 1867
1814John D. Butt and Bro. vs. Baldwin B. Miller, Jr., 1879
1815T.F. Buxton vs. Edwin Fulcher, 1916
1816E. Byne vs. John Attaway, 1870
1817E. Byne and F.B. Routzahn rental contract, 1887
1818Henry Byne vs. Amos W. Wiggins, 1870
1819Ringo Byne vs. Matthew Carswell, 1874
1820Peter Calhoun vs. Matthew Carswell, 1874
1821John W. Carswell vs. Augustus H. Anderson, 1869-1872
1822John W. Carswell vs. John Attaway, 1867
1823John W. Carswell vs. Edmund B. Gresham, 1872
1824John W. Carswell vs. John Hill et al, 1878
1825John W. Carswell will, 1879
191Linda R. Carswell vs. Mary Attaway estate, 1886
192Linda R. Carswell vs. Mary Attaway estate, 1887
193Linda R. Carswell vs. Mary Attaway estate, 1890-1891
194D.W. Cary and Augustus Anderson partnership agreement, 1914
195Adam T. Cason vs. Matthew Carswell, 1869-1874
196H.B. Cates vs. Charles Hughes, 1867
197Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1896-1914
198Central of Georgia Railway Co. agreement with Seaborn H. Jones, 1901
199A. Chance vs. Walker McCathern, 1885
1910L. Duncan Chance mortgages, 1888-1891
1911Ida Cherry guardianship of Spurgeon Lane, 1913-1914
1912Ethel G. Chew vs. Seaborn H. Jones, 1910
201J.A.O. Clark vs. James B. Mell et al, 1872
202S.E. Clark, deposition 1895, bond 1896
203Mary S. Cohen and Inez Gough rental agreement, 1918
204D.S. Coleman vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1898-1899
205Lewis R. Collins vs. John Trottee, 1862
206E.T. Comer and co. vs. R.J. Hillis, 1914
207H.M. Comer vs. Francis A. Jones, 1879
208H.M. Comer and co. vs. Dorcas Cowart, 1894
209Commercial Bank of Savannah vs. B.L. Cannady, 1918
2010Melrose Corker vs. L.R. Carswell, 1891
2011P.L. Corker and Seaborn H. Jones bond for title, 1914-1915
2012Mrs. George Cox and Waynesboro Swimming Pool Club rental agreement, 1916
2013M.E. D'Antignac levy for taxes, 1895-1896
2014Mary J. Daniel list of fifa compromises, 1884
2015Dent Bros. vs. Jack Hatcher, 1909
2016Deveney, Hood and Co. vs. R.H. Burton, 1898-1899
2017Salem Dutcher vs. Thomas Quinney, 1881
2018Thomas J. Felder vs. Alfred N. Hehre et al, 1897
2019John Flannery and Co. vs. various persons B-T, 1890
2020John Flannery and Co. vs. Jesse Abrams, 1889-1890
2021John Flannery and Co. vs. Eliza Baker, 1890
2022John Flannery and Co. vs. Lloyd J. Belt, 1895
2023John Flannery and Co. vs. George Darby, 1890
2024John Flannery and Co. vs. Emanuel Hart, 1890
2025John Flannery and Co. vs. Ed and Darkis Jones, 1890
2026John Flannery and Co. vs. Fin Jones, 1890
2027John Flannery and Co. vs. Webster Jones, 1890
2028John Flannery and Co. vs. Preston Lovett, 1890
2029John Flannery and Co. vs. Basil McCoy, 1890
2030John Flannery and Co. vs. Jack Mack, 1890
2031John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie, 1889
2032John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie, 1890
2033John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie, 1890
211John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie, 1891-1892
212John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie list and evidence documents (partial) [1-73]
213John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie evidence documents (partial) [74-129]
214John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie accounts and notes
215John Flannery and Co. vs. Eliza Martin , 1890
216John Flannery and Co. vs. Anthony Moore, 1890
217John Flannery and Co. vs. Affy Sherman, 1890
218John Flannery and Co. vs. Joe Swint, 1890
219John Flannery and Co. vs. Jake Walker, 1890
2110John Flannery and Co. vs. Enoch Way, 1890
2111John Flannery and Co. vs. Antoinette Whitehead, 1890
2112John Flannery and Co. vs. Andrew Williams, 1890
2113John Flannery and Co. vs. Bill Williams, 1890
2114John Flannery and Co. vs. Campbell Williams, 1890
2115John Flannery and Co. vs. Jake Young, 1890
2116John Flannery and Co. vs. Seab Young, 1890
2117Edwin Fulcher and S.H. Jones to Allen Reeves bond for title, 1903
2118J.L. Fulcher vs. Charlotte Byne, 1895-1896
2119V.M. Fulcher vs. Edwin Fulcher, 1887-1888
2120W.M. Fulcher vs. Abbe Nesbitt, 1912
221H.H. Gay, defendant in several lawsuits, 1918
222Edwin E. Glisson vs. M.M. Thompson, 1863
223Cuthbert L. Godbee application for homestead exemption, 1882-1883
224Cuthbert L. Godbee lawsuits, 1883-1884
225Hattie Golphin and Louis Cohen note and mortgage, 1887
226Samuel Goodwin mortgage deed to Augustus Murphee for slaves, steam mill, and land, 1860
227George M. Gordon vs. Martha Green et al, 1878
228Lizzie W. Gordon vs. M.T. Green et al, 1879
229Mildred Gray vs. George B. Hack, 1867
2210Moses Green vs. Augustus Anderson, John B. Lewis, taxes, 1867, 1868, 1875
2211Susie Green vs. Delphus Green divorce, 1916
2212Adeline Gresham and John L. Boyd rental contract
2213J.J. Gresham and Simeon Bell rental agreement of plantation (rough draft only), 1907
2214Sarah A. Gresham/S. Adeline Gresham and J.M. Byne bond for title, 1907
2215Mrs. S.A. Gresham and J.E. Rowland, E.E. Ponder bonds for title, 1918
2216S. Guckenheimer and Sons vs. R.H. Burton, 1898
2217W. Hall and Co. vs. C.A. Jackson, 1907
2218Annabella F. Haralson vs. John J. Jones, 1880
2219N.A. Hardee's son and Co. vs. Matthew Carswell, 1872-1874
2220N.A. Hardee's son and Co. vs. Adam Cason, 1875-1876
231Mary Henderson vs. George W. Jones, 1892
232Herrington and Braswell vs. Joe Rackley, 1921
233F.J. Holcomb notary public documents, 1883
234Samuel L. Holley vs. Seaborn H. Jones, 1894
235C.H. Howard and Co. vs. James W. Barfield, 1896
236William H. Howard and Sons vs. George A. Green, 1876
237W.H. Howard and Sons vs. Amos Wiggins, 1880-1897
238Frank Hughes homestead of personalty petition, 1872
239C.W. Hurst vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1899
2310C.W. Hurst vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1913-1914
2311Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1914
2312Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1915-1917
2313Jessup and Hatch vs. John Trottee and Leonidas Evans, 1862
2314Helen G. Jones to John J. Jones rental agreement, 1929
2315James V. Jones vs. Needham Bullard, 1879
2316James W. Jones vs. Central Railroad and Banking Co., 1855
2317John J. Jones vs. John N. Carpenter, 1893
2318John J. Jones vs. Marcus Franklin, 1888
2319John J. Jones and John Hodges servant agreement, 1870
2320John J. Jones vs. Jane Holmes, 1866-1869
2321John J. Jones vs. Handsford D. Sapp, 1866
2322John J. Jones vs. Betsy Walker et al, 1881
2323John J. Jones apartment lease agreement (Atlanta, GA), 1946
2324Joseph B. Jones application for homestead exemption, 1877
2325Philip S. Jones vs. Ida S. Jones et al, 1891
2326Robert Jones vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1899
241Seaborn A. Jones vs. William H. and Benjamin Aycock, 1856
242Seaborn H. Jones and Ransom and Ada Bell articles of partnership and rental contracts, 1910-1916
243Seaborn H. Jones and E.H. Blount rental agreement for mill, 1917
244Seaborn H. Jones to Osborne Brown (tenant) rental agreement, 1916
245Seaborn H. Jones to Annie E. Brux bond for title, 1920
246Seaborn H. Jones and D.W. Cary re:pardon, 1914
247Seaborn H. Jones and Hugh H. Ellison bond for title, 1901
248Seaborn H. Jones and Sarah Jessup Fleming bond for title, 1919
249Seaborn H. Jones vs. Lizzie Hampton, 1907
2410Seaborn H. Jones vs. G.M. Prescott, 1898
2411Seaborn H. Jones to F.A. Quillian bond for title, 1912
2412Seaborn H. Jones vs. John R. White and A.P. Padgett
2413Seaborn H. Jones house, pool specifications, undated
2414Seaborn H. Jones labor contracts, 1911-1915
2415Seaborn H. Jones rental agreements, 1914-1918 and undated
2416Seaborn H. Jones and E.H. Blount rental agreements, 1913, 1916
2417Seaborn H. Jones to R.C. Neely Co. rental agreement, 1911
2418Seaborn H. Jones and W.H. Pace rental agreement, 1906
2419Seaborn H. Jones and J.H. Whitehead rental agreements, 1911-1913
2420Jacob Kaplan application for homestead of personalty, 1879
2421James H.T. Kilpatrick, 1857, 1859
2422Hannah A. Kirland vs. Howell Cobb Walker, 1877
2423Josephine Kirkland petition for divorce
2424James A. Lambert mortgage and fifa, 1897
2425Benjamin Lane agreement for tenancy at will, 1893
2426Fanny Lanier vs. Sam Doyle, 1879
2427Legal notes
2428Legislative Acts and Bills, 1911-1913
2429G.W. Lewis vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1898
2430W.E. Lewis vs. J.M. Woodward et al, 1908
251Walker McCathern, 1881, 1891
252John McCoy vs. S.S. Ashe, 1891-1892
253John M. McCullers vs. F.A. Jones, 1872
254T.J. McElmurry vs. M.M. Sullivan, 1883
255Eliza McLehan vs. Thomas M. Berrien, 1888
256William McNorvil and James Red oath re: value of land, 1794
257Lucinda Mack vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1899
258Alexander Mackenzie vs. Waynesboro Academy, 1852-1856
259J.H. Mackenzie to Emma Cates promissory note, 1890
2510J.H. Mackenzie vs. C.W. Hurst, 1891-1892
2511J.H. Mackenzie and Mary Thomas, 1885
2512May Mackenzie vs. John A. Redd, 1891
2513Methodist Episcopal Church (Waynesboro, GA) promissory notes and deed, 1869-1889, 1920
2514Robert H. Middleton vs. Mary H. Holmes et al, 1886-1887
2515Baldwin B. Miller vs. Thomas B. Cox and power of attorney, 1867, 1873
2516Charles J. Miller vs. Joseph B. Jones, 1884
2517James Miller vs. Job A. Gresham, 1888
2518John T. Miller vs. Thomas A. Ward, 1879-1886
2519Robert J. Miller vs. Southern Methodist Church, 1908
2520T.M. Murdock vs. C.L. Godbee, 1883
2521William C. Musgrove vs. Matthew Wallace, 1867
2522Angelo Myer vs. Martin Godbee, 1870
2523Smart Nesbit guardianship of Henry Watkins, 1892
2524Smart Nesbit and Amanda Brown indentures, mortgages, 1894-1903
2525Laura Oglesby vs. Augusta and Savannah Railroad Co., 1894-1895
2526James H. Oliver vs. Mary Hutchens, 1873
2527Joseph Oliver vs. William M. Herrington, 1868
261Andrew P. Padgett bond for titles, 1917
262E. Newton Palmer vs. Stephen A. Corker, 1881-1886
263John T. Palmer and Moses P. Green agreement to arbitrate boundary lines, 1872
264Mary E. Palmer petition for guardianship, 1898
265Herman H. Perry oath of judge-Burke County (GA), 1893
266Herman H. Perry vs. B.H. Dunn, 1899-1900
267Joseph D. Perry vs. John H. Cobb, 1858
268Francis M. Phillips vs. Charles A. Ward et al, 1867
269John Phillips vs. Elisha Watkins, 1867
2610C. Helen Plane to W.F. Plane bond for title, 1917
2611Charles A. Platt vs. James B. Hayne et al, 1860
2612Esther A. Porter vs. Ocean Steamship Co., 1915
2613Post office (Waynesboro, GA) re: lease of building, 1929
2614R.L. Poston and Flanigan Harness Co. bankruptcy, 1909
2615Green B. Powell and Mary Jane Green marriage settlement, 1869
2616William F. and Charles J. Provost cotton press invention, 1844
2617Caroline M. Redd bond for title, 1886
2618James M. Reynolds vs. Samuel and Sylvanus Littlefield, 1864
2619Roberts, Johnson, and Rand vs. J.M. Edenfield, 1902
2620C.D. Robinson vs. C.L. Godbee, 1883-1886
2621J.A. Rodgers vs. E.L. Joiner, 1898
2622Luther Roll vs. James M. Crop, 1863
2623John A. Rosier vs. Richard Rogers, Isaac Freeman, 1867
2624C.A. Rowland vs. Samuel Rollins, 1884
2625James H. Royal vs. Thomas Bleux, Henry Blount, Thomas A. Ward, William Bennett, 1866-1885
2626E.E. Salter vs. Thomas C. Collins, 1890
2627Robert Scruggs and Ada Scruggs divorce, 1902
2628Henry Sharpe, et al vs. Augustus Lewis, et al brief of evidence, 1860
2629Edmund Shaw vs. Matthew A. Carswell, 1874
2630Shewmake vs. J.K. Kinnman, 1897
2631Morris Slattery vs. W.T. Blackwell and M.B. Gray, 1895
2632Slave documents, 1844-186? and undated
2633Michael H. Smith vs. Savannah Usher, 1897
2634William H. Stark power of attorney, 1870
2635State vs. various persons, 1879, 1902-1903
2636State vs. W.P. Jones forgery charge, 1892-1893
2637State vs. Jack Wiley, 1883
271R.R. Stone to R.C. Neely mortgage, 1897
272J.R. Stoner vs. W.T. Blackwell and M.B. Gray, 1896-1897
273Albert H. Story vs. Henry Byne, 1869
274William Sturges vs. James A. Dixon and Anthony Buford, 1862-1880
275William Sturges vs. W. Hodges, 1880
276Mary S. Taylor lawsuits against and appointment of trustee, 1885-1886
277Robert E.J. Thompson vs. John C. Hill, 1862
278H.E. Thorn vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1898
279William R. Trowbridge lien on Presbyterian parsonage, 1896
2710Howell Cobb Walker to Stephen A. Corker mortgage, 1876
2711Moses Walker vs. Dixon and Buford, Mills and James Brinson, Thomas H. Blount, 1866, 1870, 1875
2712William Walker vs. Moses Walker et al, 1857
2713Mrs. F.E. Wall vs. Claudius R. Wall, 1898
2714Thomas A. Ward lawsuits by James M. Reynolds and James Brinson, 1868, 1872
2715Eliza Warnock vs. William Bennett et al, George Holton et al, 1868
2716Silas Washington exemption, 1894
2717J.B. White and Co. vs. J.A. Joyner, 1897-1898
2718Amos G. Whitehead lawsuits, bond for title, 1859, 1880, 1898
2719Wilcox and Hardwick vs. Carson C. Heath, 1884
2720Wilkins and Berrien vs. Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1888
2721Berry Williams vs. Matthew A. Carswell, 1874
2722Frank Williams vs. Matthew A. Carswell, 1874
2723Berry G. Winter lawsuits against, 1889-1890
2724George N. Wyman vs. John A. Rackley, 1862
281Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Abner Arrington to T. Simmons Clark, 1887
282Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Bass family to William E. Jones, Elijah Outlaw Bass, J.C. Tinley; Julian Zachry to S.A. Gresham, 1899-1910
283Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), J.W.H. Bell to Louis R. Collins, 1874
284Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Joseph W.H. Bell to William A. Wilkins, 1875
285Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn J. Bell to William A. Wilkins, 1874
286Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Simeon Bell to Robert H. Burton, 1906
287Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Simeon Bell to A.J. Syms, 1879
288Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Simeon Bell to Betty Washington, 1904
289Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Annie E. Burton et al to James V. Burton, 1919
2810Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Fanny L. Burton to trustees of Red Hill Baptist Church, 1918
2811Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Robert H. Burton to Hattie G. Burton, 1909
2812Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Robert H. Burton to Musgrove Burton, 1909
2813Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William S. Burton to Annie E. Burton and Susie B. Cates, 1919
2814Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), J.M. Byne/J. Allen Franklin, 1920
2815Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), E.E. Chance to Seaborn H. Jones, 1907
2816Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Louis Cohen to Hattie Golphin, 1891
2817Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Lewis R. Collins to Martha T. Green, 1877
2818Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Palmer L. Corker to W.H. Cole et al, 1898
2819Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), George Cowart to Henry Jenkins, 1875, 1905-1906
2820Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Mary T.J. Cox/Eva T. Jones/Seaborn H. Jones, 1899
2821Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Mary T.J. Cox to Waynesboro Country Club, 1916
2822Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Mrs. C.M. Dowell and Ruth Thomas to Seaborn H. Jones, 1914
2823Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Charlotte Elliott to Smart Nesbit, 1889
2824Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), J. Allen Franklin to J.M. Byne, 1920
2825Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Louisa Franklin to J. Allen Franklin, 1920
2826Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Anarintha E. Garlick to Mary Ann Mackenzie, 1871
2827Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Edgar S. Garlick to Mary Ann Mackenzie, 1872
2828Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Simeon A. Gray to Mary Ann Mackenzie, 1874
2829Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), G.A. Green to Martha T. Green, 1883
2830Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Walter Green et al to Sarah Gresham, 1906
2831Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Emmett B. Gresham to Mary G. Milledge, 1916
2832Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), John J. Gresham to S. Adeline and Hattie Gresham, 1889
2833Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Haven Chapel M.E. Church to Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1914
2834Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Mrs. W.C. Hillhouse to Seaborn H. Jones, 1914
2835Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William Hudson to Smart Nesbit, 1873
2836Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William Hudson to Amanda Brown, 1877
2837Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William Hudson to Charlotte Elliott, 1878
2838Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Charles W. Hurst to Ann L. Ward, 1889
2839Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Allen W. Jones to Sarah J. Burton, 1893
2840Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Eva T. Jones to Seaborn H. Jones; Eva T. Jones to Mary T.J. Cox, 1899
2841Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Inez Wilkins Jones to Charles H. Thomas, 1911
2842Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), James W. Jones to Seaborn H. Jones re: mill dam, 1856
2843Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), John J. Jones to Margaret, Mary, and Sarah Jones, 1862
2844Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), John J. Jones to William A. Wilkins, 1895
291Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to Fairbelle Bargeron, 1909
292Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to E.H. Blount and J.L. Boyd, 1916
293Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to Elizabeth Cates Chandler, 1903
294Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to P.L. Corker, 1914
295Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to Julia Davis, 1910
296Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to S. Adeline Gresham, 1907
297Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to John J. Jones re: mill canal, 1859
298Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to Seaborn A. Jones, 1850
299Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones to John E. Reed, 1917
2910Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones/Ruth Thomas, 1914-1915
2911Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), James H.T. Kilpatrick to Wright Murphree, 1835
2912Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Hannah A. Kirkland to Howell Cobb Walker, 1876
2913Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Henry Lewis to Jefferson Roberts, 1845
2914Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), James Hope Mackenzie to Louis Cohen, 1888
2915Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Mary Ann Mackenzie to John J. Gresham, 1874
2916Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Harry G. Maloney to J. Miller Byne, 1919
2917Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Grace M. Neely to J. Miller Byne, 1914, 1916
2918Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Smart Nesbit to Abbie Nesbit, 1907
2919Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Smart Nesbit to Rosa, Clifford, and Gertrude Nesbit, 1890
2920Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Jane O'Brien to L.J. Belt, 1890
2921Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Rachel Pierce to Mary G. Milledge, 1907-1909
2922Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Weston Pierce to Mary G. Milledge, 1910-1911
2923Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Onie B. Rackley to Seaborn H. Jones, 1921
2924Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Angie P. Reynolds to Empire Land Co., 1916
2925Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Eliza Roberson to Hannah Lipsey, 1879
2926Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William Jefferson Rouse to Theodore Mallinson, 1903
2927Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Robert A. Rowland to Martha T. Green, 1875
2928Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William M. Royal to John D. Benson, 1875
2929Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Nathaniel Scale to J.J. Wilcox et al, 1863
2930Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), J. Henry Sloan to J.J. Murphree, 1895-1896
2931Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), George Sturges to Hattie Golphin, 1885
2932Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), George Sturges to Georgia A. Sturges, 1885
2933Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Georgia A. Sturges to J. Hope Mackenzie, 1887
2934Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Albert Syms to Simeon Bell, 1879
2935Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Ruth M. Thomas et al to Seaborn H. Jones, 1914
2936Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Eugene F. Verdery to Roland Steiner and bond for title, 1875, 1878
2937Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Martha Wall to Fannie Wall, 1892
2938Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Betty Washington to Simeon Bell, 1899
2939Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), William A. Wilkins to John Carswell, 1878
2940Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), Berry Winter to John Flannery Co., 1890
2941Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), plats and field notes, B-L
2942Deeds-Burke Co. (GA), plats and field notes, M-W and unknown
2943Deeds-Emanuel Co. (GA), George Dekel to John Findley, 1825
2944Deeds-Emanuel Co. (GA), Lighon Kirkland to Abraham Jones, 1835
2945Deeds-Fulton Co. (GA), Bessie Dancy/Seaborn H. Jones, 1911-1914
2946Deeds-Richmond Co. (GA), W.S. Gardner to Seaborn H. Jones, 1917-1918
2947Deeds-Richmond Co. (GA), Louis Sylvester to C.V. McAuliffe and bond for titles, 1915, 1917
2948Deeds-Richmond Co. (GA), abstract of title, 1847-1915
2949Deeds; extracts, notes, land calculations
301Estates, A-Z
302Estates - Burke Co. (GA), James Anderson Sr., 1854-1856
303Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Elijah Attaway, 1875
304Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Mary V. Attaway, 1874
305Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Augustus C. Baldwin, 1851-1854
306Estates - Richmond Co. (GA), John A. Barnes, 1864
307Estates - Burke Co. (GA), F.V. Burdell, 1858
308Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Sarah J. Burton, 1918
309Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Sarah V. Burton will, 1896
3010Estates - Burke Co. (GA), William Byne, 1891
3011Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Martha T. Green, 1900-1905
3012Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Moses P. Green, 1876
3013Estates - Bibb Co. (GA), John J. Gresham, 1891
3014Estates - Burke Co. (GA), John Jones Gresham, 1910
3015Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Margaret H. Gresham, 1889-1897
3016Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Margaret H. Gresham et al, 1889
3017Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Sarah M. Gresham, 1888-1897
3018Estates - Burke Co. (GA), John Hatcher, 1907-1909
3019Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Matthew Hutchins, 1865-1872
3020Estates - unknown county, J.S. Inman and Mourning W. Inman
3021Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Abraham Jones, 1848-1850
3022Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Eva T. Jones, 1900-1902
3023Estates - Burke Co. (GA), James W. Jones, 1877
3024Estates - Burke Co. (GA), John Jones, 1813
3025Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn Augustus Jones, 1856-1867
3026Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones, 1819-1862, 1909
3027Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Seaborn H. Jones, 1922
3028Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Thomas Jones, 1881
3029Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Alexander J. Lawson, 1863
3030Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Mary E. Lester - partial will, 1910
3031Estates - Burke Co. (GA), Moses Walker, 1877
441Estates, Batt Jones list of lands, 1854

7. Financial Papers

311Accounts, John James Jones, 1862-1887
312Accounts, Evalina Toombs, 1849-1856
313American Red Cross, Christmas Roll Call donations, 1919
314Burke County (GA) Board of Commissioners Roads and Revenue payments to paupers, 1892-1898
315Burke Co. (GA) clerk fees, 1893-1921
316Case settlement costs, 1848-1853
317Case settlement costs, 1854-1921
318Central of Georgia Railway Co. salary paid to John J. Jones and Son, 1891-1893
319Church finances (Burke Co., GA), 1857-1913
3110Contractors, 1898, 1907
3111Contractors - W.P. Bartlett, 1929
3112Contractors - Bell and Little, 1901
3113Contractors - J.B. Mobley, Ideal Theater (Waynesboro, GA), 1914-1915
3114Contractors - Rounds and Hagler, 1897
3115Crop Mortgages, 1897, 1902
3116Crop Mortgages and landlord's lien, Sam Garner, 1901
3117Crop Mortgages, Emmett C. Lanier, 1895-1896
3118Crop Mortgages, Henry, Nathan, and Willie Malone, 1910
3119Estates A-Z
3120Estates - William Jones, 1862-1863
321John Flannery and Co. vs. J.H. Mackenzie evidence documents (partial) [#16-129 and unnumbered]
322Horses, mules, and cows bills of sale and receipts, 1857-1920
323Hotels A-Z, 1889-1912
324Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA), 1914-1915
325Juror payments (Burke Co., GA), 1898
326Laborers and Tenants pay for work done, 1852-1927
327Laborers and Tenants pay from McCatharine and Co., 1879-1880
328Lumber - loads hauled, 1907
329Medical Bills A-G
3210Medical Bills H-M
3211Medical Bills O-W
3212Medical Bills, Ferdinand V. Burdell, 1850-1854
331Organizations - dues, A-Z
332Organizations - dues, Sturges Council No. 260 Royal Arcanum, 1884-1893
333Organizations - dues, United War Work Campaign, 1918
334Promissory Notes A-H
335Promissory Notes J-Y and unsigned
336Promissory Notes, John James Jones, 1854-1893
337Promissory Notes, Seaborn A. Jones, 1855
338Promissory Notes, Seaborn H. Jones, 1844-1859
339Promissory Notes, Seaborn H. Jones, 1900-1921
3310Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1847
3311Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1849
3312Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1850-1851
3313Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1852
3314Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1853
3315Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1854
3316Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1855-1856
3317Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1857
3318Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1858
3319Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1859
341Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1860-1869
342Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1873-1896
343Receipts and Bills, John James Jones, 1898
344Receipts and Bills, John James Jones and John Flannery Co., 1893-1896
345Receipts and Bills, John James Jones and John Flannery Co., 1896-1898
346Receipts and Bills, Seaborn Augustus Jones, 1836-1856
347Receipts and Bills, Seaborn H. Jones, 1837-1859
348Receipts and Bills, Seaborn H. Jones cotton sales, 1856-1858
349Receipts and Bills, Seaborn H. Jones, 1892-1921
3410Schools tuition and teaching, 1834-1912
3411Store/Company bills - A
3412Store/Company bills - B
3413Store/Company bills - C
3414Store/Company bills - D
3415Store/Company bills - E
3416Store/Company bills - F
3417Store/Company bills - G
351Store/Company bills - H
352Store/Company bills - J-L
353Store/Company bills, Wm. E. Jones Co. (Waynesboro, GA) cotton sales, 1902-1907
354Store/Company bills, Wm. E. Jones Co. (Waynesboro, GA) merchandise sales, 1902-1907
355Store/Company bills - Ma
356Store/Company bills - Mc
357Store/Company bills - Me-Mo
358Store/Company bills - Mu
359Store/Company bills - N
3510Store/Company bills, R.C. Neely Co. (Waynesboro, GA) bills and statements, 1902-1916
361Store/Company bills, R.C. Neely Co. (Waynesboro, GA) cotton sales, 1901-1914
362Store/Company bills, R.C. Neely Co. (Waynesboro, GA) department store bills, 1898-1910
363Store/Company bills, R.C. Neely Co. (Waynesboro, GA) department store bills, 1911-1919
364Store/Company bills - O
365Store/Company bills - P
366Store/Company bills - R
367Store/Company bills - S
368Store/Company bills, Charles W. Skinner (Waynesboro, GA) merchandise and cotton sales, 1901-1921
369Store/Company bills, Q.C. Sonner and Co. (Saluda, NC) statements, 1913-1920
3610Store/Company bills - T-V
3611Store/Company bills - W-Y
371Store/Company bills, J.B. White and Co. (Augusta, GA), 1878-1927
372Store/Company bills, J.H. Whitehead (Waynesboro, GA) merchandise sales, 1906-1927
373Store/Company bills, J.H. Whitehead (Waynesboro, GA) cotton sales, 1910-1921
374Store/Company bills, Wilkins and Jones (Waynesboro, GA) merchandise and cotton sales, 1898-1904
375Store/Company bills, Wilkins, Neely, and Jones, 1886-1893
376Subscriptions A-Z
377Subscriptions and publication of legal ads "True Citizen", 1883-1916
378Taxes, 1843-1901
379Taxes, 1902-1927
3710Waynesboro (GA) Court House contract and accounts, 1856-1898
3711Various accounts, 1840-1943
381Land Survey Field Notes, 1853-1854
382Plantation Accounts: Ogeechee, Crab Apple, Waynesboro Place, Home, 1865-1867
383Account Book, 1870
384Bank Account, John J. Jones, 1873-1875
385Memoranda Book, John J. Jones, 1878-1880
386Account Book, tenants, 1890-1894
387Bank Account, Seaborn H. Jones, 1891-1894
388Account Book, John J. Jones and Son, 1894-1898
389Account Book, tenants, 1899-1903
3810Account Book, rent, 1903-1906
3811Account Book, tenants, 1904-1905
3812Account Book, Seaborn H. Jones tenants, 1906-1910
3813Account Book, lumber accounts, 1907
3814Account Book, Seaborn H. Jones rent, 1910-1915
3815Account Book, Seaborn H. Jones tenant wages, 1911
3816Account Book, cotton sales, 1911
3817Account Book, lumber accounts, 1916
3818Account Book, John R. Sturges and John J. Jones, receipts, cases, legal notes, receipts 1852, cases 1855-1893
3819Account Book, John J. Jones, 1884-1888
3820Account Book, cases, tenants, cases 1897-1902, tenants 1902
3821Account Book, store purchases, 1898
3822Account Book, tenants-rent, 1900-1902
3823Cotton Accounts, undated
391Account Books, court cases, 1884-1885
392Account Books, Seaborn Augustus Jones estate, 1856-1865
393Account Books, Seaborn H. Jones lumber accounts, 1917-1918
394Account Books, Seaborn H. Jones lumber accounts, 1918
395Account Books, Seaborn H. Jones store purchases, 1899-1903
396Account Books, tenant and store accounts, 1897-1903

8. Writings and Sketches

402"Canaan" plantation history
403Diary, John J. Jones trip to Europe, 1926
404Emory University (GA) alumni and fraternity speeches
405Ideal Theatre (Waynesboro, GA)
406Legal notes
407Memoranda book of Thomas A. Byne (includes estate of Robert Wall, astronomy notes, and poetry), 1839, 1864
408Memoranda book of John James Jones re: legal cases, 1896
4010Politics - Burke Co. (GA)
411School notes on evolution, 1924
412School notes on French by Helen Gresham (includes letter by Mary Gresham Milledge), 1896
413"Sohrab and Rustum" - a play, "Our School Building" by John J. Jones
414John R. Sturges - address to the jury
415John R. Sturges remarks on his death, 1862
416Floor plans, plantation layout
443Floor plan, proposed house for S.H. Jones, undated
444Blueprints, Ideal Theatre-Interior, dining room molding-residence of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jones, 1948
445Blueprints, Millen (GA) railroad encroachments, 1888
446Pattern for Plaque, Courthouse renovation, 1898

9. Scrapbook

417Letters and newspaper clippings of John Milledge (State of Georgia Librarian), 1891-1894

10. Printed Material

418Various subjects
419"American Legion of Honor" constitution and laws, 1879
4110American Red Cross War Fund, 1917
4111Re: Army, 1886, 1904
4112Election ballots (Burke Co., GA), 1884-1916
4113Insurance policies, 1879-1924
4114Knights of Honor certificate - Robert Phelps, 1889
4115Legal Matters, Burke Co. (GA) Superior Court cases, 1890, 1896-1897
421Legal Matters, Savannah (GA) and Augusta (GA) Supreme Court cases, 1857-1861, 1901
422Legal Matters, Waynesboro (GA) ordinances, 1888, 1892, 1901
423Newspaper clippings
424Politics, 1911-1912
425"The Quarterly Law Review" (VA), 1859
426Railroads, 1900-1914
427Rotary Club (Waynesboro, GA) "The Spoke", 1939
428Schools, 1904, 1955
429Schools, Emory University (GA), 1921-1928
4210State/Company advertisements
4211Store/Company advertisements, Atlanta (GA)
4212Store/Company advertisements, Augusta (GA)
4213Store/Company advertisements, Savannah (GA)
4214Store/Company advertisements, North Carolina
4215Theatres, 1926
4216Travel, 1926
4217Washington Monument (DC) certifcate re: funds to build monument
4218Young Men's Christian Association, undated
447Broadside of Letter to the Editor of "Griffin News" by Peterson Thweatt
448Burke Co. (GA) bond blank form, 1887

11. Photographs

449Silent movie - "The Man of the Hour", 1914

12. Artifacts

431Kaiser helmet
432Landscape painting by unidentified artist
433Dairy thermometer