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Hargrett Television Script Collection

Hargrett Television Script Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Hargrett Television Script Collection
Creator: Hargrett Library
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1989
Language(s): English
Extent: 60.2 Linear Feet 149 document boxes
Collection Number: ms3439
Repository: Hargrett Library

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Hargrett television script collection, ms3939, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Television scripts.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Accidental Family
12Adam-12: Air Drop
13Adam-12: Anatomy of a 415
14Adam-12: Badge Heavy
15Adam-12: The Beast
16Adam-12: The Chaser
17Adam-12: Clear With a Civilian
18Adam-12: Citizen Arrest - 484
19Adam-12: Dirt Duel
110Adam-12: Easy Rap
111Adam-12: A Fool and His Money
112Adam-12: Gifts and Long Letters
113Adam-12: Harry Nobody
114Adam-12: Hot Spell
115Adam-12: Keeping Tabs
116Adam-12: Killing Ground
117Adam-12: The Late Baby
118Adam-12: Lost and Found
21Adam-12: Night Watch
22Adam-12: O'Brien's Stand
23Adam-12: The Surprise
24Adam-12: Suspended
25Adam-12: Training Wheels
26Adam-12: Vendetta
2a1Affair in Trinidad
2a2Adventures in Paradise: The Beachcomber
2a3Adventures in Paradise: Once Around the Circuit
2a4Adventures in Paradise: One Little Pearl
2a5Adventures in Paradise: Treasure Hunt
2a7Alias Nora Hale
2a8All About Barbara
2a9All Ashore
31All the Conquerors
32All the Gods and Goddesses
33An Amazing Woman
34The Americans Are Coming!
41And a Season to Love
42Anderson & Co.
43Any Wednesday
44Apple-Pie Bed
45The Ardent Woodsman
52Armchair Detective: Night Train to Terror
53Arrest and Trial - My Friend and Enemy
54The Art and Practise of Doodling
55The Assignment
61The AstonishingCruise of Barney Harney
62Atomic Love
63The Bachelor
64Banacek: The Greatest Collection of them All
65Banacek: A Million the Hard Way
66Banacek: Project Phoenix
67Banacek: Ten Thousand Dollars a Page
71Banacek: To Steal a King
72Banacek: The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack
74Barnaby Jones: Echo of a Murderer
75Barnaby Jones: The Loose Connection
76Barnaby Jones: Murder by the Book
77Barnaby Jones: Murder-Go-Round
78Barnaby Jones: The Murdering Class
79Barnaby Jones: Perchance to Kill
81Barnaby Jones: Requiem for a Son
82Barnaby Jones: See Some Evil...Do Some Evil
83Barnaby Jones: Sing a Song of Murder
84Barnaby Jones: Sunday: Doomsday
85Barnaby Jones: To Catch a Dead Man
86The Basque
87The Bedroom
88A Bedtime Story
89Beg, Borrow...or Steal
91The Bet
92The Betsy
93Beyond the Call
94Big Joe, Little Joe
95Bilshan and the Thief
97The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
98Black Gunn
101Black Quarry
104The Bob Newhart Show: Bob and Emily and Howard and Carol and Jerry
106The Boomtown Band and Cattle Company
107Born on a Blue Note
111The Bounty Man
112The Bowmanville Break
113The Boys from Ruby Duck
114Bracken's World
115The Brady Bunch: Call Me Irresponsible
116Branded: The Assasins/Part Two
117Branded: The Bar Sinister
118Branded: Barbed Wire
119Branded: Call to Glory
1110Branded: Coward Steps Aside
1111Branded: Cowards Die Many Times...
121Branded: A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers
122Branded: Fill No Glass For Me/Part Two
123Branded: A Friend in Need
124Branded: The Ghost of Murrieta
125Branded: The Golden Fleece
126Branded: The Greatest Coward on Earth
127Branded: Headed For Doomsday
128Branded: I Killed Jason McCord
129Branded: Kellie
1210Branded: McCord's Way
1211Branded: Mightier than the Sword
1212Branded: The Mission/Part Three
131Branded: Now Join the Human Race
132Branded: One Little Indian
133Branded: One Way Out
134Branded: A Proud Town
135Branded: The Richest Man in Boot Hill
136Branded: Romany Roundup/Part Two
137Branded: Salute the Soldier Briefly
138Branded: Seward's Folly
139Branded: 10,000 for Durango
1310Branded: Very Few Heroes
1311Branded: Yellow for Courage
1313Broken Arrow: Bear Trap
1314Broken Lariat
142California Street
143Call to Danger: Deadly Target
144Campaigning in the Philippines
145Cannon: Bad Cats and Sudden Death
146Cannon: Bitter Legion
147Cannon: Catch Me if You Can
148Cannon: The Dead Samaritan
149Cannon: Deadly Heritage
1410Cannon: Death of a Stone Seahorse
1411Cannon: Duel in the Dessert
1412Cannon: Endangered Species
151Cannon: The Hard Rock Roller Coaster
152Cannon: Hear No Evil
153Cannon: A Long Way Down
154Cannon: Moving Target
155Cannon: Murder on the Rocks
156Cannon: Nobody Beats the House
157Cannon: The Predators
158Cannon: Press Pass to the Slammer
159Cannon: Prisoners
1510Cannon: The Rip-Off
1511Cannon: The Seventh Grave
1512Cannon: The Shadow Man
1513Cannon: Sky Above - Death Below
161Cannon: That was no Lady
162Cannon: To Ride a Tiger
163Cannon: Captain Hickum
164The Cara Williams Show: Paradise Freezes Over
165The Cara Williams Show: That Little Old Dressmaker, Me
166The Cara Williams Show: The Wedding Rehearsal
167Cargo to Capetown
168The Carnival Kid
169The Carol Burnett Show: a-c
171The Carol Burnett Show: d-j
172A Case of Need
173Catch My Soul
181Charley Olive
182Charlie C. Company
183The China Syndrome
191The China Syndrome
192The Chinese Visitor
194Christmas is a Miracle
195The C I A
196Class of '63
201The Clock Ticks On
202Coldsteele and Neon
203Combat: To All the Young Ravens
204Combat: A View From the Sky
205A Community of Two
206Condor's Nest
207Cool Million: Assault on Gavaloni
208Cool Million: The 1,000,000.00 Rubber Check
211Cool Million: Now You See Her, Now You Don't
212Cool Million: Cast/Sets
213The Cool Ones
21a2Coward of the County
21a3Craig and Joan
221The Crooked Hearts
222Cross My Heart
223Crossroads, U.S.A.
224Cut Off
225Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
226Daisy on Monday
231Daniel Boone: The Accused
232Daniel Boone: The Allies
233Daniel Boone: An Angel Cried
234Daniel Boone: The Bait
235Daniel Boone: Be Thankful For the Fickleness of Women
236Daniel Boone: Before the Tall Man
237Daniel Boone: Benvenuto... Who?
241Daniel Boone: Bickford's Bridge
242Daniel Boone: Bitter Mission
243Daniel Boone: The Blackbirder
244Daniel Boone: Bringing Up Josh
245Daniel Boone: The Cache
246Daniel Boone: Cain's Birthday/Part Two
247Daniel Boone: Copperhead Izzy
248Daniel Boone: The Dandy
251Daniel Boone: Delo Jones
252Daniel Boone: The Desperate Raid
253Daniel Boone: Empire of the Lost
254Daniel Boone: Faith's Way
255Daniel Boone: The Fallow Land
256Daniel Boone: Flag of Truce
257Daniel Boone: The Fleeting Nuns
258Daniel Boone: For a Few Rifles
259Daniel Boone: The Grand Alliance
261Daniel Boone: Hannah Comes Home
262Daniel Boone: The High Cumberland
263Daniel Boone: The Homecoming
264Daniel Boone: Jonah
265Daniel Boone: The Landlords
266Daniel Boone: Mamma Cooper
267Daniel Boone: The Man
268Daniel Boone: A Man Before His Time
271-2Daniel Boone: A Matter of Vengeance
273Daniel Boone: Minnow For a Shark
274Daniel Boone: The Necklace
275Daniel Boone: Noblesse Oblige
276Daniel Boone: The Patriot
277Daniel Boone: Perilous Passage
278Daniel Boone: The Pinch of Salt
279Daniel Boone: The Plague That Came to Ford's Run
281Daniel Boone: The Printing Press
282Daniel Boone: The Quietists
283Daniel Boone: Readin', Ritin', and Revolt
284Daniel Boone: The Road to Freedom
285Daniel Boone: Run For the Money
286Daniel Boone: Secret Code
287Daniel Boone: The Spanish Horse
288Daniel Boone: The Sunshine Patriots
291Daniel Boone: The Survey
292Daniel Boone: Sweet Molly Malone
293Daniel Boone: The Symbol
294Daniel Boone: The Terrible Tarbots
295Daniel Boone: Three Score and Ten
296Daniel Boone: To Slay a Giant
297Daniel Boone: A Touch of Charity
301Daniel Boone: The Traitor
302Daniel Boone: The Trek
303Daniel Boone: Trial by Terror
304Daniel Boone: The Valley of the Sun
305Daniel Boone: A Very Small Rifle
306Dante Shocko
307Dark Angel
308Daughters of Joshua Cabe
309The Day the West Went Wild
311Deadly Honeymoon
312The Desperate and the Damned
313The Devil's Daughter
314Diamond in the Rouge
321Diamonds Are Forever
323Dirty Sally: A Horse of a Different Color
324Divorce AMERICAN Style
325Doctor; Doctor
326Dr. Kildare: The Administrator
327Dr. Kildare: An Ancient Office
331Dr. Kildare: The Bed I've Made
332Dr. Kildare: Behold the Great Man
333Dr. Kildare: Charlie Wade Makes Lots of Shade
334Dr. Kildare: The Child Between
335Dr. Kildare: The Horizontal Hero
336Dr. Kildare: The Horn of Plenty
337Dr. Kildare: A Life for a Life
338Dr. Kildare: Love and the Grand Duchess
341Dr. Kildare: The Mask of Makers
342Dr. Kildare: Never Too Old for the Circus
343Dr. Kildare: A Sometimes Distant Spring
344Dog With the Red Tail Light
345The Dollar Cigar
346Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready
347A Door Will Open
348Double Bet
349Double Exposure
351Downstairs at Ramsey's
352A Dream of Kings
353The Drift
354Earl Murdoch's Girl
355Earthquake II
356The Edge of the Law
357The Eldest of the Eldest Son
361Elisha Cooper: Climb an Angry Mountain
362Empire: Walk Like a King
363Enemy Under My Foxhole
364Escape: Render Safe
365The European Eye
366Every Man Needs One
367An Exile
368The Ex People
3610The Fabulous Dr. Fable: Destroying Angel
3611Family Flight
371The Family Rico
372The Christmas Story
373Favorite Story TV: Lodging for a Night
374The FBI: The Betrayal
375The FBI: Dark Christmas
376The FBI: Desperate Journey
377The FBI: The Detonator
378The FBI: The Disinherited
379The FBI: The Double Play
3710The FBI: Edge of Desperation
3711The FBI: End of a Nightmare
381The FBI: The Engineer
382The FBI: The Fatal Showdown
383The FBI: The Franklin Papers
384The FBI: A Game of Chess
385The FBI: A Gathering of Sharks
386The FBI: The Gopher
387The FBI: Holiday with Terror
388The FBI: The Jug-Maker
389The FBI: The Killing Truth
3810The FBI: The Loner
3811The FBI: The Loper Gambit
391The FBI: Night of the Long Knives
392The FBI: The Outcast
393The FBI: A Piece of the Action
394The FBI: The Rap Taker
395The FBI: Rules of the Game
396The FBI: The Runner
397The FBI: Sweet Evil
398The FBI: The Wedding Gift
399Female Artillery
401The Fifth Estate
402The Fifth Position
405First Kiss
406The First Team
407First to Fight
411First to Fight
412Fish: Fire
413The Fitzpatricks: Runaway
414The Fitzpatricks: Weekend Pass
415The Five Hundred Pound Jerk
416Flight of a Fledgling
417For the Honor of Baltimore
418Fourteen Hours
421Freak Show
422The Fugitives
423Full Boogie
424Fun With Fables
425Funny Face: Will the Real Sandy Stockton Please Give Up?
426Fury at Firecreek
427Gambling Man
428The General
431The Gift of Terror
432The Ginger Trip
433The Gloved Hand
434Good of His Soul
435The Grasshopper
436The Greatest Show on Earth: Corscians Don't Cry
437The Greatest Show on Earth: No Middle Ground for Harry Kyle
438The Greatest Show on Earth: A Place to Belong
439The Great Mouthpiece
441The Guardians
442The Gucci Bag
444Gun Job
445Gun for a Brother
451Gunsmoke: Arizona Midnight
452Gunsmoke: Kimbrough
453Gunsmoke: Talbot
454Gunsmoke: Tatum
455Hangin' Crazy Benny
456Hank: My Fair Co-Ed
457The Happiest Day
458Hard Knocks
459Hawaii Five-0: Chain of Events
4510Hawaii Five-0: Journey Out of Limbo
4511Hawaii No!
462Hawkins on Murder
463Headin' for Heaven
464Head of the House
465The Heart is a Rebel
466The Heaven Train
467The Heist
471The Hell Rider
472The Hereafter
473Here Come the Brides: A Jew Named Sullivan
474Here We Go Again: The Basketball Tickets
475Here We Go Again: Bedfellows Make Strange Politics
476Here We Go Again: Class of '77
477Here We Go Again: A Date With Judy
478Here We Go Again: It's Magic?
479Here We Go Again: My Sister's Keeper
4710Here We Go Again: Sunday Soggy Sunday
4711Here We Go Again: The Tax Man Cometh
4712Here We Go Again: The Times They are a Changin'
481Here We Go Again: There's a Boy In My Rumaki
482Here We Go Again: When You're Second, You Try Harder
483Hernandez Night Crawler
484High Drivin' Rain
485High Trap
486The Holdup
487The Holy Spot
488Home for the Holidays
491The Honkers
492Honeymoon Suite I & II
49a1Honor Thy Father
49a2Hotbed or Hothead or Trip-Up
501A Howling in the Woods
502The Hunter and the Horns
503The Hunting Party
504I Am the Zodiac Killer
505I Ride Alone
511I Ride Alone
512I-68 Conspiracy
513The Impatient Heart
514The Impermanent Death
515In - Dead - Ernest
521In the Land of Morning
522Instant Army
523The Interview
524Ironside: All About Andrea
525Ironside: All Honorable Men
526Ironside: Another Shell Game
527Ironside: The Best Laid Plans
531Ironside: The Caller
532Ironside: Camera...Action...Murder...!
533Ironside: Cause for Alarm
534Ironside: Close to the Heart
535Ironside: The Countdown
536Ironside: The Deadly Gamesmen
537Ironside: Dogs of Battle
538Ironside: Five Days in the Death of SGT. Brown
539Ironside: A Game Showdown
5310Ironside: The Ghost of the Dancing Doll
5311Ironside: Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?
5312Ironside: Love Me in December
541Ironside: Nightmare Trip
542Ironside: Ollinger's Last Case
543Ironside: Pomp and Circumstance
544Ironside: Programmed for Panice
545Ironside: Shadow Soldier
546Ironside: A Special Person
547Ironside: The Ten-Speed Connection
548Ironside: Mr. Whitetree and Friends
549Ironside: Who'll Cry for My Baby
5410The Iroquois Kid
5411Is Peace at Dawn?
551The Islanders: Deadly Peacock
552It Happened In a Pawn Shop
553Jack of Diamonds
554The Jackson Five
555The Jaguar Affair
557Jessica, LTD.
558The Jewel
559Jigsaw: Bradley Affair
561Jigsaw: Finder's Fee
563Jigsaw: In Case of Emergency, Notify Clint Eastwood
564Jigsaw: A Knock at the Wrong Door
565Jigsaw: The Landscape of Hell
566Jigsaw: A Shield on Fire
567Jigsaw: Three to Get Ready
568Jigsaw: To Stalk the Night
569Jingo Sonata
562Jigsaw: Hard Time
5610The Joe Kapp Show
5611John and the Missus
571JR. (All His Geese Are Swans)
572The Judge and Jake Wyler
573The Julie Andrews Hour
58The Julie Andrews Hour
59The Julie Andrews Hour
59Just the Family and Friends
59aThe July Watch
59aJust What the Doctor Ordered
601The Karen Valentine Show
602Keep It In the Family
603Kelly Green
604The Key to Success
605The Kill
607King Fisher's Road
608The Kite
609Kung Fu: Blood Brother
611Lady Sings the Blues
612Lancer: Black Angel
613Lancer: The Black McGloins
614Lancer: Blind Man's Bluff
615Lancer: Blood Rock
616Lancer: Blue Skies For Willie Sharpe
617Lancer: The Buscaderos
618Lancer: Child of Rock and Sunlight
619Lancer: Cut the Wolf Loose
621Lancer: The Devil's Blessing
622Lancer: Dream of Falcons
623Lancer: The Escape
624Lancer: The Experiment
625Lancer: The Fixit Man
626-7Lancer: The Gifts
628Lancer: Glory
629Lancer: Good-Bye, Lizzie
6210Lancer: The Great Humbug
631Lancer: The High Riders
632Lancer: Jelly
633Lancer: Jelly Hoskin's American Dream
634Lancer: Julie
635Lancer: Juniper's Camp
636Lancer: The Kid
637Lancer: The Knot
638Lancer: Lamp in the Wilderness
639Lancer: Last Train for Charlie Poe
641Lancer: The Lawman
642Lancer: Legacy
643Lancer: Lifeline
644Lancer: The Lion and the Lambs
645Lancer: The Lorelei
646Lancer: Man Without a Gun
647Lancer: The Measure of a Man
648Lancer: A Person Unknown
649Lancer: The Rivals
6410Lancer: Scarecrow at Hacket's
651Lancer: Shadow of a Dead Man
652Lancer: Splinter Group
653Lancer: Warburton's Edge
654Lancer: The Wedding
655Lancer: Welcome to Genesis
656Lancer: Yesterday's Vengeance
657Lancer: Zee
658Lassie: C.H.A.P.
659Lassie: Circle of Life
6510Lassie: Desperate Moments
6511Lassie: The Dream Builder
6512Lassie: The Dream Seeker
661Lassie: The Flying Grandpa
662Lassie: For Those Who Follow
663Lassie: The Golden Eagle
664Lassie: Horsenappers
665Lassie: Johnny Piper
666Lassie: A Joyous Sound
667Lassie: The Legend of the Coyote
668Lassie: Mid-Air Mercy
669Lassie: Path of Courage
671Lassie: Peace is Our Profession
672Lassie: The Scarecrow
673Lassie: A Taste of Freedom
674Lassie: Tell it to the Birds
675Lassie: Vigil of the Stork
676Lassie: The Visitor
677The Last 30 Minutes
678The Lawless Country
679Learn to Dance
682The Letters
683Lieutenant Schuster's Wife
684Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley
685Life or Death: Hold Down
686Life or Death: LOST
687The Lilac Bush
688Lineup: Ann Brennizer Case
689The List of Adrian Messenger
6810Little Fauss and Big Halsy
6811The Little House: Survival
691The Little People: And Then I Wrote
692The Little People: The Bestest Doctor in the Whole Wide World
693The Little People: The Birthday Boy
694The Little People: Break a Leg
695The Little People: Honest Sean Drives Again
696The Little People: Kicking the Habit
697The Little People: Little Boy Flu
698The Little People: The Love Bite Will Bug You
699The Little People: The Lovers
6910The Little People: Malpractice Makes Perfect
6911The Little People: The Man Who Came to Luau
6912The Little People: Man's Best Friend - His Allergy
6913The Little People: The Matchmaker
701The Little People: My Son, the Strange One
702The Little People: Puni B. DeMille
703The Little People: Sean Meets Double X-7
704The Little People: Sean's Midas Touch
705The Little People: The Sound of Music
706The Little People: Splish, Splash, I was Taking a Nap
707The Little People: The Stork is Alive in Hawaii
708The Little People: TV or Not TV
709The Little People: Take it Off - Take it All Off
7010The Little People: Tonsils for Two
7011The Little People: The Vet Set
7012Live and Let Die
711Live My Own Life
712Lonesome Traveler
713The Longest Night
714The Long, Hot Summer: Bitter Harvest
715The Long, Hot Summer: The Desperate Innocent
716The Long, Hot Summer: From This Day Forward
721The Lords Share
722Lost Flight
723Lotsa Luck
724Love, American Style: Love and Mr. and Ms.
725Love, American Style: Love and the Baby Derby
726Love, American Style: Love and the Country Girl
727Love, American Style: Love and the Favorite Family
728Love, American Style: Love and the Hairy Excuse
729Love, American Style: Love and the Legend
7210Love, American Style: Love and the Hand Maiden
7211Love, American Style: Love and the Happy Family
7212Love, American Style: Love and the Little Black Box
731Love, American Style: Love and the Mail Room
732Love, American Style: Love and the Perfect Wife
733Love, American Style: Love and the Postal Meeter
734Love, American Style: Love and the Senuous Twin
735Love, American Style: Love and the Super Lover
736Love, American Style: Love and the Unbearable Fiance
737Love, American Style: Love and the With it Philosophy
738Love, American Style: Love and the Woman in White
739The Lovin' Man, Jesus
7310Lucifer Harkness in Concert
7311Lucky Tommy Jordan
7312M* F* Todd
741Madigan: The Harlem Beat
742Madigan: The Lisbon Beat
743Madigan: The London Beat
744Madigan: The Manhattan Beat
745Madigan: The Naples Beat
746Madigan: The Park Avenue Beat
747Magic Carpet
748Magic Mongo
749Magic Sentence
751The Magician
752The Magician: Hail to the Queen
753The Magician: The Illusion of Black Gold
754The Magician: Lightning On a Dry Day
755The Magician: Man on Fire
756The Magician: The Man Who Lost Himself
757The Magician: Nightmare in Steel
758The Magician: The Old Kill Game
759The Magician: Ovation for Murder
761The Magician: Rip-Off
762The Magician: Shattered Image
763The Magician: The Stone Secret
764The Magician: Tooth of the Serpent
765The Magician: The Vanishing Lady
767A Man Against Himself
768The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Cotton Candy Affair
771The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Decoy Affair
772The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Giuoco Piano Affair
773The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: An Old-Fashioned Affair
774A Man in the Wilderness
775A Man Named Jolly
776Mannix: All the Dead Were Strangers
777Mannix: Broken Mirror
778Mannix: A Button for General D
779Mannix: Carol Lockwood, Past Tense
781Mannix: The Crimson Hale
782Mannix: Cry Silence
783Mannix: The Danford File
784Mannix: Deadly Affair
785Mannix: Deathsong
786Mannix: The Faces of Murder
787Mannix: Flash Point
788Mannix: Fly, Little One
789Mannix: A Game of Shadows
7810Mannix: The Girl From Nowhere
7811Mannix: Harvest of Death
7812Mannix: The Inside Man
791Mannix: Light and Shadow
792Mannix: Lost Sunday
793Mannix: The Man Who Wasn't There
794Mannix: Mask for a Charade
795Mannix: A Matter of Principle
796Mannix: The Open Web
797Mannix: One Step to Midnight
798Mannix: Out of the Night
799Mannix: Portrait of a Hero
7910Mannix: A Problem of Innocence
7911Mannix: A Puzzle for One
801Mannix: Search for One
802Mannix: See No Evil
803Mannix: To Kill a Memory
804Mannix: To Quote a Dead Man
805Mannix: The Upside Down Penny
807Man Without A Gun: The Day the West Went Wild
808Man Without A Gun: The Hines Story
809The Man With the Golden Gun
811Man With the Pointed Toes
812Marcus Welby, M.D.: Catch a Ring That Isn't There
813Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Day After Forever
814Marcus Welby, M.D.: Dinner of Herbs
815Marcus Welby, M.D.: Don and Denise
816Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Fragile Possession
817Marcus Welby, M.D.: Gemini Descending
818Marcus Welby, M.D.: He Could Sell Iceboxes to Eskimos
819Marcus Welby, M.D.: Heartbeat for Yesterday
8110Marcus Welby, M.D.: In Sickness and in Health
8111Marcus Welby, M.D.: Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick
8112Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Joyful Song
821Marcus Welby, M.D.: Love is When They Say They Need You
822Marcus Welby, M.D.: A More Exciting Case
823Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Necessary End
824Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Other Martin Loring
825Marcus Welby, M.D.: Please Don't Send Flowers
826Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Problem With Charlie
827Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Tall Tree
828Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Tortise Dance
829Marcus Welby, M.D.: Unto the Next Generation
8210Marcus Welby, M.D.: We'll Walk Out of Here Together
8211Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Wednesday Game
8212Marcus Welby, M.D.: Who Are You, Arthur Kolinski
8213Marcus Welby, M.D.: With a Shout, Not a Whimper
831Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Working Heart
832Mark of the Whip
833Marriageable Male
834Marriage on the Rocks
835Mary Miller
836The Mary Tyler Moore Show: But Seriously, Folks
837The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter
838The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Father's Day
839The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Have I Found a Guy For You!
8310The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Farmer Ted and the News
8311The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Georgette Story
841The Mary Tyler Moore Show: It Was Fascination, I Know
842The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Lou's First Date
843The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Lou's Place
844The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady
845The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Murray Faces Life
846The Mary Tyler Moore Show: My Brother's Keeper
847The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Operation: Lou
848The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Put on a Happy Face
849The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Remembrance of Things Past
8410The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Rhoda Morgenstern: Minn. To N.Y.
8411The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Romeo and Mary
8412The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Son Of 'But Seriously, Folks
8413The Mary Tyler Moore Show: What Do You Say When Your Boss Says I Love You
851The Mary Tyler Moore Show: What Is Mary Richards Really Like?
852The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Who's In Charge Here?
853McCloud: The Saracen Horse
854McCloud: Showdown at the End of the World
855MC Milan and Wife: Blues for Sally "M"
856MC Milan and Wife: Cop of the Year
857MC Milan and Wife: The Fine Art of Staying Alive
858MC Milan and Wife: For Love or Death
859MC Milan and Wife: Seance for a Dead Men
8510MC Milan and Wife: Two Dollars of Trouble to Win
861MC Milan and Wife: The Ungraven Image
862The Medex
863Meet the World
864Medical Center: Between Two Fires
865Medical Center: Condemned
866Medical Center: Cycle of Peril
867Medical Center: Doctor and Mister Harper
868Medical Center: End of the Line
869Medical Center: The Fallen
871Medical Center: Fatal Memory
872Medical Center: A Game for One Player
873Medical Center: The Gladiator
874Medical Center: The Guilty
875Medical Center: Impact
876Medical Center: The Judgement
877Medical Center: A Life at Stake
878Medical Center: Night Cry
879Medical Center: No Margin for Error
8710Medical Center: No Sanctuary
8711Medical Center: No Way Out
8712Medical Center: The Outcast
881Medical Center: Pressure Point
882Medical Center: The Secret
883Medical Center: Time of Darkness
884Medical Center: Tio Taco M.D.
885Medical Center: The Torn Man
886Medical Center: Vision of Doom
887Medical Center: The Vortex
888Medical Center: A Wall of Science
891Michaelangelo, and Me
892Michener Project
893The Mick
894Mickey: The Big Jump
895Mickey: The Case of the Slippery Slipsy
896Mickey: The Elephant Mickey Won't Forget
897Mickey: For the Love of Grandpa Toddie
898Mickey: Good Night, Whoever You Are
899Mickey: Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone
8910Mickey: Honest Injun
8911Mickey: How to Raise Children Without Really Trying
8912Mickey: Luncheon at Mickey's
901Mickey: Mickey Crashes the Movies
902Mickey: Nobody Buys Retail
903Mickey: One More Kiss
904Mickey: So Long, Ling
905Mickey: Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed
906Mickey: The Way the Fortune Cookie Crumbles
908The Million Dollar Kidnapping
909Miss Mabel
9010Mission Impossible: Boomerang
9011Mission Impossible: Break
9012Mission Impossible: The Carrier
911Mission Impossible: Cocaine
912Mission Impossible: Crack-Up
913Mission Impossible: The Deal
914Mission Impossible: The Fighter
915Mission Impossible: The Fountain
916Mission Impossible: Hit
917Mission Impossible: Imitation
921Mission Impossible: Incarnate
922Mission Impossible: Kidnap
923Mission Impossible: Leona
924Mission Impossible: The Money Machine
925Mission Impossible: Movie
926Mission Impossible: Orpheus
927Mission Impossible: The Pendulum
928Mission Impossible: The Puppet
931Mission Impossible: The Question
932Mission Impossible: Speed
933Mission Impossible: Two Thousand
934Mission Impossible: Ultimatum
935Mission Impossible: Underground
936Mission Impossible: The Western
937The Mod Squad: And Once For My Baby
941The Mod Squad: Another Final Game
942The Mod Squad: Belinda- The End of Little Miss Bubble Gum
943The Mod Squad: Can You Hear Me Out There?
944The Mod Squad: Child of a Child
945The Mod Squad: The Connection
946The Mod Squad: Corbey
947The Mod Squad: Crime Club
948The Mod Squad: Cry Uncle
949The Mod Squad: Death in High Places
9410The Mod Squad: Eyes of the Beholder
9411The Mod Squad: The Fur Coat of Death
951The Mod Squad: Good Times are Just Memories
952The Mod Squad: Kristie
952The Mod Squad: The Night Holds Terror
953The Mod Squad: Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death
954The Mod Squad: Run, Lincoln, Run!
955The Mod Squad: Sanctuary
956The Mod Squad: Scion of Death
957The Mod Squad: Taps. Play it Louder
958The Mod Squad: The Thunder Makers
959The Mod Squad: The Twain
9510The Mod Squad: Yesterday's Ashes
961The Monogamist
964Most Wanted: The Dealer in Lives
965Most Wanted: The Death Dealer
966Most Wanted: The Fixer
967Most Wanted: The Insider
971Most Wanted: Ms. Murder
972Most Wanted: The Slaver
973Most Wanted: The Spellbinder
974Most Wanted: The Torch
975Most Wanted: The Two-Dollar Kidnapper
981Most Wanted: Urban Guerilla
982Most Wanted: The Watergate Killer
983Murder Goes Dancing
984My Brother's Keeper
985My Face for the World to See
986My Father, the King
987My Friend Flicka: The Calvary Horse
988My Friend Flicka: The Stranger
989Mystery Theatre: A Little Bit Like Murder
9810Mystery Theatre: Night Life
9811Mystery Theatre: The Nightmare Step
991Mystery Theatre: A Prowler in the Heart
992Mystery Theatre: The Suicide Club
993Naked is the Flesh
994National Honeymoon
995Never Trust a Lady
996The New Bill Cosby Show
1001The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Bernie's House
1002The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Big Brother is Watching You
1003The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Blood is Thicker Than Oatmeal
1004The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Chef Mike
1005The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Dick and the Baby
1006The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Former Mr. Preston
1011The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Game
1012The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Guess Who's Coming to Seder?
1013The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Headaches
1014The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Jailbird
1015The New Dick Van Dyke Show: My Friend, The Public Enemy- Part 1 & 2
1016The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Needle
1017The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Old Dick and Jenny
1018The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Power of the Bleep
101a1The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Sobriety Test
101a2The New Dick Van Dyke Show: The Tenth Honeymoon
101a3The New Dick Van Dyke Show: This is the Big Time, Baby
101a4The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Who Do You Want to Be?
101a5The New Dick Van Dyke Show: Will Baby Make Three
101a6The New Dick Van Dyke Show: (Teaser)
101a7The New Dick Van Dyke Show: You Gotta Have Class
1021The New Majority
1023Night of Terror
1025No Apples in Eden
1031No Drums, No Bugles
1032No Place to Run
1033Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian
1034Norman . . . Is That You?
1035Northwest Frontier
1036The Odd Couple: Don't Believe in Roomers
1037The Odd Couple: Felix's First Commercial
1038The Odd Couple: The First Baby
1039The Odd Couple: Gloria, Hallelujah
10310The Odd Couple: The Hustler
10311The Odd Couple: I'm Dying of Unger
1041The Odd Couple: In a Pyg's Malion
1042The Odd Couple: Let's Make a Deal
1043The Odd Couple: The Murray Who Came to Dinner
1044The Odd Couple: My Strife in Court
1045The Odd Couple: Myrna's Debut
1046The Odd Couple: The Odd Couples
1047The Odd Couple: The Odd Father
1048The Odd Couple: The Odd Monks
1049The Odd Couple: The Oddyssey Couple
10410The Odd Couple: Oscar's Birthday
10411The Odd Couple: Password
10412The Odd Couple: Schizocleania
10413The Odd Couple: Sometimes a Great Ocean
1051Of Good and Evil
1052Of Men and Women: The Interview
1053Old Eight-Eighty
1054The Old Man's Bride
1055One Just Man
1056The One-Man Group
10571066 'The Story of a Year'
1058On Guard!
1061Our Shadows Have Echoes
1062The Out Crowd
1063The Out-of-Towners
1064Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Charlie Gave Me Your Number
1065Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Final Semester
1066Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Five Will Get You Six
1067Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: The First Day of Your Life
1068Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: A Girl Named Tham
1069Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Hour of Judgement
10610Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Journey Through Limbo
10611Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Libel is a Dirty Word
10612Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Lines From an Angry Book
1071Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Love Child
1072Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: An Often and Familiar Ghost
1073Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: A Piece of God
1074Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Requiem for Young Lovers
1075Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Seed of Doubt
1076Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Sigh No More, Lady
1077Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Sometimes Tough is Good
1078Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Starting Over Again
1079Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: They've Got to Blame Somebody
10710Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: The Trouble With Ralph
10711Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Who Saw Him Die?
10712Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Why is a Crooked Letter
10713Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Words of Summer
10714The Partridge Family: But the Memory Lingers On
1081Pattern for Espionage
1082The People vs. Johnston
1083Pepito's Treasure
1084Personal Appearance
1085Pete 'N' Tillie
1086The Petty Girl
1087Piers Simon & Company
1088The Plastic Garden
1091Play it Again, Sam
1092The Playhouse
1093CBS Playhouse 90: The Lie
1094Playing Doctor
109a1The Police Story
109a2Poor Devil
109a3Portrait: A Man Named John
1101Prairie Madness
1102Probe: Moonrock
1103Probe: Operation Iceman
1104Probe Three: The Gold Machine
1105Probe Three: One of Our Probes is Missing
1106The Profane Comedy
1107Project 100,000
1108Protect Her Honor
1109The Psychiatrist
1111The Purser
1112Radar Patrol vs. Spy King
1113Rafferty: Death Out of a Blue Sky
1114Rafferty: The Price of Pain
1115Rafferty: Will to Live
1116The Raid on Villa Joyosa
1117Randolph Scott #9
1122Red Garters
1123The Red Rose
1124Report to the Commissioner
1126The Revengers
1127La Revolucion
1131Ride Hard for Vengeance
1132River of the Sun
1133The Robert Young Show: Rumor On the Campus
1134Rolling Man
1135The Rookies: The Bear That Didn't Get Up
1136The Rookies: Blood Brother
1137The Rookies: A Bloody Shade of Blue
1138The Rookies: The Commitment
1139The Rookies: Concrete Valley, Neon Sky
11310The Rookies: Covenant With Death
11311The Rookies: Dead, Like a Lost Dream
11312The Rookies: A Deadly Velocity
11313The Rookies: Death; Please Report to Surgery
1141The Rookies: Dinasaur's Metamorphosis
1142The Rookies: Dirge for Sunday
1143The Rookies: Easy Money
1144The Rookies: A Farewell Tree From Marly
1145The Rookies: The Good Die Young
1146The Rookies: Point of Impact
1147The Rookies: Prayers Unanswered, Prayers Unheard
1148The Rookies:The Rabbits on the Runway
1149The Rookies:The Snow Job
11410The Rookies:Tarnished Idol
11411The Rookies: Time is the Fire
11412The Rookies: No Taste of Terror
1151The Rookies: Tribute to a Veteran
1152The Rookies: A Very Special Piece of Ground
1153The Rookies: The Wheel of Death
1154Room 222: Bleep
1155Room 222: Elizabeth Brown is Falling
1156Room 222: Fifteen Years and What Do You Get
1157Room 222: A Hairy Escape
1158Room 222: The Hand That Feeds
1159Room 222: Hands Across the Sea
11510Room 222: I Wonder if January Fifteenth Will Ever Come Again?
11511Room 222: The Imposter
11512Room 222: Life, Thrust and Drag
11513Room 222: A Little Flyer On the Market
11514Room 222: Man, If You're So Smart --
11515Room 222: Mr. Wrong
11516Room 222: Nagle Means Never Gaving to Honor Your Guarantee
1161Room 222: The Nichols Girl
1162Room 222: The Noon Goon
1163Room 222: Pardon Me - Your Apathy Is Showing
1164Room 222: Showstring Catch
1165Room 222: Right of Others
1166Room 222: Some of My Best
1167Room 222: Someone Special
1168Room 222: To Go With The Bubbles
1169Room 222: Walt Whitman Goes Bananas
11610Room 222: You Don't Know Me, He Said
11612Run Caesar, Run
1171Sacco and Vanzetti
1172Sam MacLain, Private Eye
1173The Sandpiper
1174The Sandy Duncan Show: Dream a Little Recurring Dream of Me
1175The Saracen Blade
1176The Savage Canary
1178Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole
1181Science Gives a New S.O.S.
1182Scratch My Back
1183Seafox and the Scubakids
1184SearchSearch: The Bullet
1185SearchSearch: The Consortium
1186SearchSearch: Flight to Nowhere
1187SearchSearch: In Search of Midas
1188SearchSearch: Let us Prey
1189SearchSearch: Live Men Tell Tales
11810SearchSearch: The Packagers
11811SearchSearch: Suffer My Child
1191The Secret
1192The Secret Seven
1195Shadow of Truth
1196Shadows On the Bridge
1197Shady Baby
1202Short Walk to Daylight
1204The Silent Gun
1206Sixth Sense
1209So In Love
12010So Many Things Happen
1212Sparrow at the Window
1213The Spell
1214The Spirit is Willing
1215Spirit of the Wolf
1217Star Trek: Day of the Dove
1218Star Trek: That Which Survives
1221Star Trek: The Way to Eden
1231Star Trek: Station M
1232The Stranger
1233Stranger At Clipper Bay
1234A Stranger in Town
1235The Strangers in 7A
1236Street School
1237The Street With No Name
1241The Streets of San Francisco: Act of Duty
1242The Streets of San Francisco: The Albatross
1243The Streets of San Francisco: Before I Die
1244The Streets of San Francisco: Beyond Vengeance
1245The Streets of San Francisco: Bitter Wine
1246The Streets of San Francisco: The Bullet
1247The Streets of San Francisco: A Collection of Eagles
1248The Streets of San Francisco: Deathwatch
1249The Streets of San Francisco: Forty-Five Minutes From Home
1251The Streets of San Francisco: The House of Hyde Street
1252The Streets of San Francisco: In the Midst of Strangers
1253The Streets of San Francisco: The Jury Is Out
1254The Streets of San Francisco: Legion of the Lost
1255The Streets of San Francisco: A Room With a View
1256The Streets of San Francisco: The Set-Up
1257The Streets of San Francisco: Shattered Image
1258The Streets of San Francisco: The Takers
1259The Streets of San Francisco: The Thirty-Year Pin
12510The Streets of San Francisco: Timelock
12511The Streets of San Francisco: Tower Beyond Tragedy
1261The Streets of San Francisco: Trail of the Serpent
1262The Streets of San Francisco: A Trout in the Mild
1263The Streets of San Francisco: The Unicorn
1264The Streets of San Francisco: Whose Little Boy Are You?
1265The Streets of San Francisco: The Year of the Locusts
1266Summertime Holiday
1269Superstar: Cops Who Sleep Together
12610Sweet November
1271Take the Firefly
1272Taming of the Shrewd
1274Tarzan: Eyes of the Lost
1275The Ted Bessell Show
1276Temperatures Rising: The Accident Con
1277Temperatures Rising: The Appointment
1278Temperatures Rising: Black is Beautiful
1279Temperatures Rising: Creepy-Peepy
12710Temperatures Rising: Diagnosis: Who Knows?
1281Temperatures Rising: Ellen's Flip Side
1282Temperatures Rising: Good Luck, Lefkowitz
1283Temperatures Rising: Gorilla My Dreams
1284Temperatures Rising: How to Cure a Doctor of Money
1285Temperatures Rising: It Don't Mean a Ping If You Ain't Got That Pong
1286Temperatures Rising: Lights, Camera, Action
1287Temperatures Rising: The Muscle and the Medic
1288Temperatures Rising: My Doctor, The Patient
1289Temperatures Rising: The New Head Nurse
12810Temperatures Rising: Operation Fastball
12811Temperatures Rising: Panic in the Sheets
12812Temperatures Rising: RX: Christmas
12813Temperatures Rising: RX: Love
12814Temperatures Rising: RX: Nose Job
12815Temperatures Rising: Scalpel. . .Sponge. . .Typewriter
12816Temperatures Rising: The Spy
12817Temperatures Rising: Super Doc
1291Temperatures Rising: Tenor Loving Care
1292Temperatures Rising: Witchcraft, Washington Style
1293The New Temperatures Rising Show: The Misguided Appendecotmy
1294The New Temperatures Rising Show: The Strike
1295Temple Houston: Enough Rope
1298Terror in the Sky
1299Terror On the Beach
1301Thanksgiving Day
1302The Funny Red Rain
1303Then Came Bronson
1305Theophilius Wallop
1306They All Had Voices Like Diamonds
1307Thicker Than Water: In a Pickle
1311The Thief of Bagdad
1312This Way to Freedom
1313A Time for Dying
1314Time for Each Other
1315A Time to Stay - A Time to Go
1321To Kill a Dragon
1322Too Old For Dolls
1323Torch Song
1324A Touch of Grace: The Accident
1325A Touch of Grace: The Apartment
1326A Touch of Grace: The Commercial
1327A Touch of Grace: The Driving Lesson
1328A Touch of Grace: The Engagement
1329A Touch of Grace: The Lodge
13210A Touch of Grace: Lover's Quarrel
13211A Touch of Grace: Pregnant Conversation
13212A Touch of Grace: Saturday Night At the Movies
13213A Touch of Grace: The Working Girl
1331Trader Horne
1332The Traitors in the Lake
1333The Trestle
1334Turnip's Blood
1335The 12th of Never
1336Two Grand
1337The Two of Us
1338Two's a Crowd
1339The Ultimate Thrill
13310The Unbroken Promise
1341The Untouchables
1342Valdez Horses
1343The Victim
1344The Viking Caper
1345The Virginian: Brother Thaddeus
1346The Virginian: That Woman at Shiloh
1347Viva O'Rourke
1348Vrooder's Hooch
1352Waitin' For the Robert E. Lee
1353A Walk With Love and Death
1354The Waltons
1355War and Love Israeli Style
1356Warfield - AKA - Call to Danger
1357Wedding Day
1358The Wedding of Kitty O'Dare
1359Weekend Murder
13510The Weekend Nun
1361The Well at Ras Daga
1362We're Running Out of Heroes
1363Wendy and Me: Call Me, Or I'll Call You
1364Wendy and Me: Danny, The Married Bachelor
1365Wendy and Me: Happiness is a Thing Called Misery
1366Wendy and Me: George Burns While Rome Fiddles
1367Wendy and Me: It Takes Two to Tangle
1368Wendy and Me: Room at the Bottom
1369Wendy and Me: Wendy's Five-Thousand Dollar Chair
13610Wendy and Me: Wendy Sails in the Sunset
13611Wendy and Me: Wendy's Secret Wedding
1371What a Way to Go!
1372What Will They Think of Your Mother?
1373When Love is a Dirty Word!
1374Where Angels Go -- Trouble Follows
1375Where Does It Hurt?
1381Why Did I Ever Leave Horses?!
1382The Wild Rovers
1383Will Barry Savageman Go Down in History?
1384Will Eddoes
1392Winter A-Go-Go
1393Women in Chains
1394A World of Our Own
1395The Yankee Pirate
1396Yours For a Dream
1397The Young Giants: Moment of Decision
1398The Young Lawyers
1401Your Money or Your Wife
1402The Young Prosecutors
1403You're Only Young Twice
1404Yours For a Dream
1405Zsa Zsa's Bathroom
141Miscellaneous Treatments, Budgets, Story outlines, etc.
142Miscellaneous Treatments, Budgets, Story outlines, etc.
143Miscellaneous Treatments, Budgets, Story outlines, etc.