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Howard Finster collection

Howard Finster collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Howard Finster collection
Creator: High Museum of Art
Creator: Finster, Howard, 1916-
Inclusive Dates: 1900-1999
Language(s): English
Extent: 106 Linear Feet 84 oversized boxes
Collection Number: ms3356
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Reverend Howard Finster emerged from the rural Appalachian culture of northeast Alabama and northwest Georgia to become one of America's most important creative personalities in the last quarter of the twentieth century. He was a visionary artist in various visual media as well as a poet and a musician, and his creative output and cultural influence were enormous. Although he has been called "the Picasso of folk artists," his fusion of tradition and innovation makes the label "folk artist" questionable. He called himself a "stranger from another world" and a "man of visions," and described his brain as being "beyond the light of sun." Finster was not unique as a self-taught environmental and visual artist: many significant individuals in the South and beyond have created distinctive and inspired art works and environments. Yet well before his death he had produced a highly personal body of work, including thousands of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints; and recorded and written narratives and musical material--original songs and folk-style improvisations on homemade tapes as well as commercial LP and CD issues. He had been included in hundreds of exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale in 1984 and a major exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 1996. He had interacted and collaborated with artists, rock musicians, students, and teachers. His bibliography includes two major monographs, autobiographical books, and recordings, as well as hundreds of articles and entries in exhibition catalogs. Finster's most original and powerful contributions to art were his garden, the sculptural and architectural works within it such as his bicycle frame constructions and the World's Folk Art Church, and the powerful paintings of the 1970s and early 1980s. These latter works, rich in formal and poetic invention, are apocalyptic visions laced with humor and personal/universal imagery. In the last fifteen years of his life Finster continued to be featured in numerous exhibitions, the most important being his retrospective at the High Museum of Art. As his health declined he continued to make art, although the forms and images became more repetitious and less inventive. He and Pauline moved away from the Paradise Garden to a home in Summerville but returned regularly to the gallery/visitors' center that his family maintained, where he greeted visitors with banjo playing and songs and impromptu sermons and monologues. When he died in 2001 the garden was being maintained by his family and supporters, while important three-dimensional works, as well as paintings, had been placed in collections and museums. There is a permanent installation of his work at the High Museum. Howard Finster is now recognized as a major artist, rather than an interesting eccentric belonging to some hard-to-define subcategory of "outsider" or "folk" art. He ultimately forged an important body of work that lives up to the most frequently quoted inscription from his garden: "I took the pieces you threw away and put them together by night and day, washed by rain and dried by sun, a million pieces all in one."

For more information, see the article Howard Finster in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the paper records of Howard Finster, including correspondence, postcards, notebooks and various writings. The collection also contains the art related materials the High Museum did not imagine would be used in exhibits of his art. This includes unfinished works as well as such items as: paper on wood in many different shapes; plate with Gerald Ford on it; painted yellow gourd; 1 container of Minwax; an empty Kodak Camera box; various paint containers; brushes, knives and other art related items.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Howard Finster collection, 1900s.. MS 3356. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

Related collections held by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Artists -- Correspondence.
Artists' materials
Artists' writings.
Finster, Howard, 1916- -- Correspondence
Folk artists -- Georgia.
Unfinished works of art.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Baggie of 25 Postcards
12Baggie of 25 Postcards
13Baggie of 25 Postcards
14Baggie of 25 Postcards
15Baggie of 25 Postcards
16Baggie of 25 Postcards
17Baggie of 25 Postcards
18Baggie of 25 Postcards
19Baggie of 25 Postcards
110Baggie of 25 Postcards
111Baggie of 25 Postcards
112Baggie of 25 Postcards
113Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
114Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
115Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
116Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
117Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
118Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
119Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
120Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
121Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
122Baggie of 25 Greeting Cards
123Baggie of 22 Greeting Cards, 1 Postcard
21Biographical Data
22Membership Certificate
23Correspondence: Letters
24Correspondence: Cards
25Correspondence, 1948 February-October
26Correspondence, 1943-1944, 1947
27Correspondence, 1948 December 8-21
28Correspondence, 1948 December 22-31
29Correspondence, 1949 January-March
210Correspondence, 1949 April-July-1950 April-October
211Correspondence, 1980-1981
212Correspondence, 1967, 1970-1978
213Correspondence, 1985 January-August
214Correspondence, 1983-1984
215Correspondence, 1985 September-December
216Correspondence, 1986 January-March
217Correspondence, 1982
218Correspondence, 1986 April-June
219Correspondence, 1986 July-September
220Correspondence, 1986 October-December
221Correspondence, 1987 January-October
222Correspondence, 1987 November-December
223Writings; Notebooks - undated
224Writings; Notebooks - undated
225Writings - undated
226Writings - undated
227Writings, 1947, 1950-1956, 1966, 1970, 1973, 1980-1982
228Notes by Finster and Others
229Writings by Others, with Notes by Howard Finster
230Song Lyric Notebook
231Bibliography, Last Entry 1984
31Plastic Milton Bradley Colortone Container
32Plastic Milton Bradley Colortone Container
33Metal Can Arista Powder Paint
34Cardboard Box w/ Unused Garment Tags
35Blue Bell Mason Jar w/ Little Containers
36Baby Food Jar w/ Half Moon Pieces
37Baby Food Jar w/ Metal Fragments
38Tin Can w/ Paint Brushes/Nails/Dried Paint
39Tin Can w/ Assorted Items (Meat Can)
310Cut-off Coca-Cola 2 Ltr. w/ Painting & Sign./Filled
311Baby Food Jar w/ Larger Half-Moon Pieces
41Nescafe Jar Filled w/ Blue ShavingsNescafe Jar Filled w/ Blue Shavings
42Bottle of Liquitex Glass Polymer Medium
43Olive Jar w/ Plastic Craft Eyes
44"Florida" Marmalade Jar Filled with Staples, Nails, Metal Pieces/Plastic Toys
45Baby Food Jar w/ Gold Glitter
46Mason Jar w/ Lid Filled w/ Plastic Toothpicks & Plastic Shavings-Multicolored
47Glass Jar Filled w/ Bottlecaps
48Glass Jar Filled w/ Bottlecaps
49Can Arista Powder Paint
410Can Arista Powder Paint
411Container of Silver Glitter
412Can Filled w/ Magnet, Nails, Container of Thumbtacks
413"Juice" Bottle Filled w/ Purple Shavings
414Glass Jar Filled w/ Sewings Pieces? Beads, Wire Metal Ornaments & Wire/ Plastic Beads
51Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
52Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
53Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
54Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
55Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
56Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
57Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
58Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
59Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
510Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
511Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
512Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
513Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
514Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
515Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
516Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
517Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
518Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
519Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
520Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
521Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
522Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
523Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
524Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
525Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
526Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
527Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
528Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
529Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
530Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
531Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
532Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
533Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
534Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
535Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
536Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
537Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
538Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
539Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
540Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
541Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
542Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
543Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
544Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
545Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
546Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
547Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
548Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
549Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
550Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
551Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
552Cut Out For Folk Art Church Detailing
553Stencil For Folk Art Church
554Stencil For Folk Art Church
555Stencil For Folk Art Church
5561 Cent Symbol Cut Out
61Large Bag of Blue Lame & Blue Sequined Fabric Scraps
62Bag Gold Lame Fabric Scraps
63Bag Silver Lame Faric Scraps
64Bag Misc. Fabric Scraps
66Tracing Wheel
67Knitting Needle Case
68Embroidered Lame Samples
69Embroidered Lame Samples
610Embroidered Lame Samples
611Piece of Cardboard Which Held Lame Samples
612Piece of Cardboard Which Held Lame Samples
613Piece of Cardboard Which Held Lame Samples
71Metal Utility Knife
72Metal Utility Knife
73Real Pair of Scissors
759/16" & 1/2" Socket Wrench
77Tire Pressure Gauge
78Box with Magnet and Nails
79Hammer Handle
81Baggie of 5 Unopened Make-up Brush Packs
82Baggie of 8 Paintbrushes ans 2 Dirty Knives
83King B Box Filled w/ 203 Wooden Discount Tokens
84King B Box Empty (Goes w/ Small Cans etc.)
85Painted Cup w/ Foamy Pad, Gold Glitter, Swift Premium Potted Meat Can Filled w/ Gold Glitter
86Bag of Aquarium Grass
87Bag of Aquarium Grass
88Bag of Aquarium Grass
89Bag of Aquarium Grass
810Baggie of 4 Playing Cards and 1 Baseball Card
811Baggie of 24 Packages of Miniature Can Labels, 4 Packages of Miniature Cans, 1 Package of Miniature Jars and Lids
812Baggie of 51 Bottle Caps
91Antelope Horn w/ Cymbals Attached
92Baggie, Red Toy Monkey, Chair Leg, Bendy Toy Snake
93Baggie, Toy Detective Badge, Octagon Shaped Container, Round Decorative Plastic Ring
94Hanging Spring Scale-Langley Fisherman's
95Baggie, 2 Porous Sanding Stones
101Mirror in Heart-Shaped Frame
102Lamp Base
103Broken "Lollies" Jar Filled w/ Leaves Shards & Fragments of Glass
104Aftershave Bottle in Shape of Car
105Cachet Perfume Bottle
106Empty Peanut Jar-No Lid
107Circuit Cover
108Log Cabin Shaped Aftershave Bottle
109Shaped Glass Piece
1010Sealed Beaker Tube From Laboratory
1011Coffee Can Filled w/ Mirror Fragments
1012Portable Mirror-Holds Batteries
101317 Glass & Mirror Fragments
10142 Laminated Plexi-glass Strips w/ Sequin Star & Sunburst Sealed b/w the Two Strips
1015Cardboard Box w/ Plastic Bowl Inside Filled w/ Tiny Glass Fragments and a Few Nails
1016Coffee Can Filled w/ Small Tooled Mirror
11Type Pieces/Boxes Assorted, Pink Bowl, 40 Watt Light Bulb Box, Trays, Spacers & Line Spacers
121Letter Cut Out
122Letter Cut-out
123Letter Cut-out
124Letter Cut-out
125Letter Cut-out
126Letter Cut-out
127Letter Cut-out
128Letter Cut-out
129Letter Cut-out
1210Letter Cut-out
1211Letter Cut-out
1212Letter Cut-out
1213Letter Cut-out
1214Letter Cut-out
1215Letter Cut-out
1216Letter Cut-out
1217Letter Cut-out
1218Letter Cut-out
1219Letter Cut-out
1220Letter Cut-out
1221Letter Cut-out
1222Letter Cut-out
1223Letter Cut-out
1224Letter Cut-out
1225Letter Cut-out
1226Painted Box- Probably Made by Finster
1227Antenna Rotator Box Filled w/ Bike Parts/Assorted Valves/Sales Receipts
1228Handlebar for a Bike
131Bag of Business Cards
132Box List of Names, Addresses, Misc. Writings
133Cordial Cherries Box-Papers Folded Into Rectangles, Writings
134King B Box Labeled "Addresses Orders"
135Envelopes- List of Add., Names, Phone numbers
136Envelope of Notes and Little Bits
137Envelope of Poems
138Envelope of Misc. Little Notes
139Envelope- Published Rel. Articles by Finster
1310Envelope- Misc. Writing
1311Large Envelope- Religious Writing
1312Back of Spiral Notebook-List of Visions
1313Piece of Cardboard-"To Pack For California"
1314Posterboard- Religious Writing and Howard Receiving Gov's Award on Back
1315Manila Folder- Music, Misc. Writings
14126 3" Dog Bone Letters in Box
142Pink Checkerboard Lunchbox with 43 Animals/Shapes/Symbols/Plants Inside
143Sign, "Told About Feelings"
144Metal Tea Cannister with 30 Animals/Shapes/Symbols/Plants Inside
151Plate with Gerald Ford portrait
152Plate with Jimmy Carter portrait
1532 Photocopies of "Finsters at Leehi" Drawing
15410 Prints "Howard Does Pencil Art While in Hopsital for Surgery"
15513 Prints "If You Believe in Flowers You Believe in God"
156"Paradise Garden Is a Workshop for Pastors"
157(1 orig.)(1 photocopy) "Howard in Philadelphia"
1583 prints-"Howard Finster the Mouthpiece of Another World"
1594 prints (1 handcolored) "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"
15104 Prints-"Can God Push Back the End of Time 1000 Years"
1511Poem- "Howard Finster Draws and Composes"
1512"The Scrapbook of All Times"
1513Color Transparency for Print "Rapture"
1514Torn Paper Fragment from Another Scrapbook
15157 Photocopies
161Package Kester Aluminum Solder
1623 Spools Standard Acid Core Solder
163Unopened Box Plaster of Paris
164Unopened Box Permoplast Modeling Clay
1654 3/4" x 10" x 9 3/8" Container Filled with "Melted Pot Fragments", Wire, & Dirt
166Bottle Allen Soldering Liquid
167Unopened Package of Tube of Elmers Cement
17131 Bottles of Various Sizes w/ Ink
17212 Containers of Paint, Wet and Dry
173Tube of Speedball Black Ink
174"Suave Set" Jar of Red Paint
175"Jiff" Jar of Paint
176Container of Ink (Black for I-tek #10-918
181Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
182Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
183Baggie of Cardboard Cut Outs
184Baggie of Wood Cut Out
185Baggie of Wood Cut Out
186Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
187Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
188Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
189Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1810Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1811Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1812Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1813Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1814Baggie of Wood Cut Outs
1815Baggie of Wood Cut Out
1816Baggie of Paper Cut Outs
1817Baggie of "Elfs"
1818Envelope of Cut Out Pictures from Box 24
191King B Box w Polished 20 Stones Inside Inscription on Cover "Stones from Rocky MT Boulder Colorado"
192Long Stemmed Gourd
193Painted Yellow Gourd
1943 Drawer Fonts
195Block of Pig
196Block #7 ("Howard Finster Art")
197Block #3 ("Howard Finster Art")
201Container of Minwax
202Tasters Choice Jar Marked "Fly-Wheel Taps" Filled with Nuts and Washers
203Metal Rotary Saw Blade
204Round Holder with Nine Rotary Saw Blades Inside of Various Sizes
2056 Fragments of Sandpaper
2063 Lengths of Wood w/ Burnt Design Circles & Flowers
207Mitre (?)
208Speed Square (?)
209Manila Envelope Holding Round Metal Piece, "Mirro Matic" Purpose Unclear
2010Unopened Package of Jig Saw Blades
2011Can of "Madelaine Smith Decoupage Finish"
2012Jar "Old Gold Vinyl Wood Stain"
2013Cardboard Box (No Lid) Filled w/ Unopened Boxes of Break Points Etc
211Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid and Color Solvent
212Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid and Color Solvent
213Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid and Color Solvent
214Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid and Color Solvent
215Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid
216Jar w/ Black Screw On Lid
2174 Bottles Shoe Dye and Coloring
2189 Bottles of Glass Stain
2199 Containers of Enamel Paint
2110Bottle VI-Daylin Liquid Vitamin Supplement
2111Canister of "Higgins Vegetable Glue"
2112Can of "Whimsy Dip" Thinner
2113Can of Color Glaze
2114Bottle of Corrector Liquid
21154 Thin Round Containers in Box & Baggies, Possibly Enamel Paint ("Blue" Sealed w/ Electrical Tape, 1 inside Bag, "Black" Sealed, "Red" in Bag)
221Medicine Dropper-Used For Ink & Paint?
222Box with No Top and the Letters "ABCD" Carved into the Sides
22315 Blocks of Wood in Varying Sizes
224Print Block-"Sale Price" w/ Arrow
2252 Print Blocks w/ Dollar Sign
226Print Block w/ Cent Sign
227Print Block 1/2
228Print Block "Sale Price"
229Print Block "Sale"
2210Solid Block
231Items Related to Howard F. Exhibits
232Religious Notifications Etc
233Bus Schedules, miscellaneous
234Childrens Notebooks, Letters, & Items Related to Kenneth Wilson
235Items from Trip to Lehigh University
236Items from Chapel Hill Trip
237Copies of Articles from Newspapers
238Items from Trip to Tennessee
239Items from Trip to National Museum of American Art
241Box of Letters from Recording Company
241Personal Letters
242Letter & Numerous Copies from Jeff Roberts Publishing Company
243Letters from Recording Companies
2442 Invitations
252Colored Sand in Bottle
253Wooden Holder
254Baggie, 14 Plastic Stencils and Decal of Oriental Flower Arrangement
255Baggie, Wooden Cut Outs
261American Eagle Decal
2627 Dial-a-cassette refills
263Box of Cut-outs
2647 Posters
265"Faithful Greetings"
266Kodak Camera Box
27155 Vinyl Records
281Honeytone Recorder
283Pocket Knife
284Various Art Materials
291Bills, Receipts, Pay stubs
301Posters, Papers, and Booklets
311Wooden Alphabet Cutouts (incomplete set)
31210 clock cutouts
322Steno Pads
323Spiral Notebooks
324Pocket Calendars
325Memo Pads
331Various Art Materials (unopened)
334Newspapers and Clippings
341Correspondence, 1980's-1990's
342Roadrunner Toys
351Various Art Materials
352Various Art Supplies
35337 Cassettes
354Typewriter Ribbon
355Christmas Decor
361Newspapers Articles and Clippings
362Paint Brush
363Letters and Sheels from Florida
371Religous Books, Directories, Hymns, and Songs
372German Book "Taschabuch Der Anatomie"
392How to Books
393Owners Manuals
394Coloring Books
397Travel Info, Catalogues, and Flyers
401Wooden shape Cutouts
4033 Ring Binders
404Spiral Notebooks
421Empty Envelopes
432Stroh's Goblet
433Reinforcement Holes
434Alarm Clock
435Art Supplies
451Plastic Art Material
452Miscellaneous Papers
453Santa Leg
454Metal Bread Tin
45528 Gallery Cards
4562 Posters
457News Papers
461Scrap metal (Lids, washers, fixtures, Hooks, and Hangers)
471Numerous Signs
482Tag Attachers
4832 Coke Bottles
484Ink and Paint
4816 license plates
485paper scraps
495Paint tubes
4992 Nuts
502Craft Supplies
503Wooden Shapes
511Dummy album cover
512Pasteboard- "size of book without edge pattern of view"
513Pasteboard- "view cover pattern Howard Finster (signature)"
515Color printouts
521Envelope- "Flower petal cut-outs of woman"
522Empty bottles
523Snake toy
524Small pocketknife
525Toy tank and soldiers
526Pink ruler
527Drummer boy Christmas ornament
528Clarinet mouthpiece and toy clarinets
529Soda case
5210Spice canchurch with letter
5211Noise maker
5212Rouse slug clipper
5213Vice to hold printing plate
5214Key for press
5215Plastic scalloped ruler
531Sewing ads
533Ad cards- Rexall Drugstore
534Posters- Lehigh U. Art Galleries
535Washington film festival poster
536Pages (5) from portfolio of Caroline Foulds Ortogua
541Paper box of odds and ends
544Canister labeled "Seamont Mold Patterns"
545Green pasteboard box- animals
551Jar of shapes
552Jar of odds and ends
553Jar of long fasteis and sticky squares
554Jar of hanging buds
555Jar of bingo numbers
556Jar of yellow strips
562Leather case- lighters, matches, tickets, writing utensils, toiletries, scissors, etc.
575Pamphlets, newspapers, clippings
577New Testament
581Glass oil lamp
591Box of newspapers
60Evelyn Broome's papers
61Paradise Project binders
621Concrete jar
622"Baby with Bottle"
623Metal cut-out of flower
624"Howard in 1950" photo assemblage
625Drawing under glass- "A Real Almanac by Hazeltine"
626"Plans for table drawing under glass"
63Paint can face/assemblage
641Painted metal cone
642Painted concrete sphere
651"Prancing horse"
652-3Portrait of a man
66Plywood molds
67Twelve matted works of art on paper
68Sixteen matted works of art on paper
69Metal bird cut-outs
70Five cement sculptures
711"Creatures want the best..." woodblock print
712Youth of Jesus
72Cardinal painting/Mike Finster
731Miniature tools display
732Painted scrap wood
74"Howard at Easel"
75Mole trap
761Miniature chariot
762Light fixture
763Assemblage gears
77Cypress knee
781Rocky the Flying Squirrel stamp
782Fulton stamp set
784Case of rubber stamps
791Metal lion cut-out
792Sierra Finster
80Matted works of art on paper (40)
81Wooden table
821Assemblage paint drip sculpture
822Hanging wall display art
823Untitled paint drip assemblage
83Cardboard fragments with Howard's artwork numbering system: 9,000-10,000 & 12,000 series
84American flag/Air Force hat
1HMA 1994.332.34 Portrait of John Baeder/Paper Cutout
2HMA 1994.332.35 Portrait of Jane Braddock/Paper Cutout
3HMA 1994.334.111 Check Stub Under Plexi; HMA 1994.334.12 Torn Envelope Under Plexi; HMA 1994.334.15 "Trion" Clipping Under Glass; Contains 4 Additional Non-Numbered Photos Under Glass.
4HMA 1994.7 Self Portrait
5HMA 1994.334.13.1 and HMA 1994.334.13.2/2 Wallet-Sized Photos Under Glass; HMA 1994.334.14 Round Photo Under Glass, Person In Coffin; HMA 1994.334.16/ Collage of 7 Family Photos Under Glass; Includes an Additional 3 Unnumbered Photos Under Glass and A Stack of 3 Glass Squares.
6HMA 1994.334.71 Polaroid Collage Under Glass/Weany Roast Party
7Assorted Posters About Howard Finster
8HMA 1994.332.198 White Boot Silhouette/Wood Cut Out
9HMA 1994.332.57 "Beth Arient Illinoise" Paper Cutout
10HMA 1994.332.32 Combat Boot/Paper Cutout
11HMA 1994.334.70 Purchase Offer From 1981 Slide Lecture at U of Colorado
12HMA 1994.332.1 Portrait of a Young Man/Da Vinci/Plexiglass Cutout
13HMA 1994.332.204 Portrait of Henry Ford (Full Figure)/Wooden Cutout
14Santa Cutout
15HMA 1994.332.126 Female Figure Grabbing Top of Tower/Paper Cutout
16HMA 1994.332.36 Indian with Headdress/Paper Cutout
17HMA 1994.332.44 Paper Angel Cutout
18HMA 1994.332.195 Gas Lamp/Wooden Cutout Unpainted
19HMA 1994.332.203 Cutout of a Cross Within House Shaped Cutout/ Wood
20HMA 1994.332.196 Black Limo/Wood Cutout
21HMA 1994.332.71a,b Two Angel Fragments/Paper Cutouts
22HMA 1994.332.39 Messenger Angel/Paper Cutout
23HMA 1994.332.31 Portrait of a Man Gesturing with Right Hand/Paper Cutout
24HMA 1994.332.193 Cat Cutout/Wood
25HMA 1994.332.30 Portrait of a Man with Bowtie/Paper Cutout
26HMA 1994.332.2(?) Angel Cutout/Paper
27HMA 1994.332.194 Standing Woman Cut Out
28HMA 1994.332.37 Portrait of a Woman Cutout/Paper; HMA 1994.334.220 Get Well Card From Paul Warhola/Paint and Ink on Paper; HMA 1994.332.15 and HMA 1994.332.15 Two Women Cutouts/Plastic; HMA 1994.332.69 John Smith Pemberton Cutout/Paper; HMA 1994.334.238 Drawing of Elephant/Ink on Paper
29HMA 1994.334.49 Howard Finster's B.B. Gun
30Drawings, Cutouts, Works on Paper
85HMA 1994.332.37 Portrait of a Woman Profile/Cutout
85HMA 1994.304.2 Howard Finster Print of Tree and Himself/Black Ink on Paper
85HMA 1994.332.67 Beth Coffelt Cutout/Paper
85HMA 1994.332.68 Jane Stern Cutout/Paper
85HMA 1994.332.41 Albert H. Batts Cutout/Carboard
85HMA 1994.332.122 Howard Finster/Negative Polaroid
85HMA 1994.332.144 Flower Cutout/Cardboard
85HMA 1994.332.62 Cutout/Paper
85HMA 1994.332.122 Photograph of Howard Finster by Deriick Piercell, 1988
86Newspaper Clippings, Newsletters That Howard Saved
86HMA 1994.280 2 Angels Cutout/Paper
86HMA 1994.332.89 Black Footed Ferret, Knight Animal Weasel Family Great Plain Cutout/Paper
86HMA 1994.332.64 Windy Brown Cutout/Paper
86HMA 1994.332.86 Giraffe Cutout/Cardboard
86HMA 1994.332.40a Michael Stern Cutout/Paper
86HMA 1994.332.58 Wedding Portrait of Clara Bryant Ford Cutout/Paper
31HMA 1994.334.173 Clock
32HMA 1994.333.251.6 Three Trays of Metal Type (6pt, 10pt, and 22pt)
33HMA 1994.333.254.2 Line-O-Scribe Type Blocks
34HMA 1994.333.251.9 Tray of Metal Type
35HMA 1994.333.255 Line-O-Scribe Press