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Southern Center for Human Rights collection

Southern Center for Human Rights collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Southern Center for Human Rights collection
Creator: Southern Center for Human Rights
Inclusive Dates: 1973-2001
Language(s): English
Extent: 14.75 Linear Feet 30 boxes
Collection Number: ms3277
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

"The Southern Center for Human Rights was founded in 1976 in response to the Supreme Court's reinstatement of the death penalty that year and to the horrendous conditions in Southern prisons and jails... Today, alongside litigation, SCHR is sharpening its use of media advocacy, taking leadership in coalition building, engaging in legislative education, and learning how to organize the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the criminal justice system." -- "History." Southern Center for Human Rights. (Retrieved November 24, 2009)

Scope and Content

The collection consists of transcripts of case proceedings, court documents, evidentiary documents, memoranda, correspondence, affidavits, legal notes, copies of legislation, newsletters, and newspaper articles. The collection consists primarily of files concerning the defense of Georgia death row inmates which reflect the legal efforts of the Southern Center for Human Rights. Also included are documents relating to the Center's efforts to advocate the reform of Habeas Corpus legislation, subject files consisting of newspaper articles on the death penalty and criminal justice, and research files concerning racial discrimination in jury selection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Southern Center for Human Rights collection, ms3277, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Amadeo, Tony
Capital punishment -- Georgia.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Court records.
Death row inmates -- Georgia.
Discrimination in criminal justice administration -- Georgia.
Dungee, George Elder
Finney, Eddie
Horton, Jimmy Lee
Legal documents.
Moore, Carzell
Southern Center for Human Rights -- Records and correspondence
Westbrook, Johnny Mack

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Case Files, 1978-2001

1.1 Jimmy Lee Horton

11Horton Indictment, Statement, 1980-1981
12Transcript of trial proceedings- Commitment Hearing, 1980
14Transcript of trial proceedings, Volume 3, 1981
15Transcript of trial proceedings, Volume 4, 1981
16Transcript of trial proceedings, Volume 5, 1981
17Trial Transcript Digest, 1981
21Transcript of closing arguments, 1981
22Transcript of closing arguments in State VS. Pless Brown, 1982
23Correspondence, 1983-1992
24Memoranda, handwritten notes, invoices, 1984-1993
25Transcript of Writ of Habeas Corpus, Stay of Execution, 1984
26Affidavits for State Habeas proceedings, memorandum, 1984
27Court Orders, 1987-1988
31Pleadings in Georgia Supreme Court- Affidavit in support of Motion to Proceed on Appeal, Application for Certificate of Probable Cause, Brief in Opposition, 1986-1988
32Pleadings in U.S. District Court Middle District of Georgia- Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Memorandum of Law in support of Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus , 1988
33Pleadings in U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit- Memoranda, Applications for appeals, Briefs, Judgements, and case synopsis, 1990-1992
34Pleadings in U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit- Record Excerpts, 1990
35Pleadings in U.S. Supreme Court- Petition for Writ of Certiorari and related correspondence, 1987
36Pleadings in U.S. Supreme Court- Petition for Writ of Certiorari, Opposition to Petition for Writ of Certiorari, and related correspondence , 1991-1992
37Pleadings in Bibb County Superior Court- Court Orders and correspondence, 1993
41Horton prison records and indictments, including Arthur Fryer records, 1970-1981
42Interviews, lists of involved persons, memoranda, 1992
43Transcript of Joseph Briley deposition, 1989
44Transcript of Joseph Briley deposition and handwritten legal notes, 1989
45Transcript of Joseph Briley deposition and hearing, and Post-hearing Brief, 1989
46Petitioner's Exhibits- Joseph Briley jury strikes, 1989
47Transcript of Georgia VS. Samuel Gibson, Challenge to the Array of Traverse Jury, 1975
51Transcript of jury selection in State of Georgia VS. Charlie Young, 1975
52Transcript of State of Georgia VS. Charlie Young, Motions, 1976
53Transcript of State VS. Derwin Young, Capital punishment Voir Dire questions, 1976
54Transcript of State VS. Johnny Mack Westbrook, Trial proceedings, 1977
55Transcript of State VS. Mary B. Jackson, Challenge to Array of Traverse Jury, 1977
56Transcript of State VS. Vernon "Red" Walker, Juror Questionaire, 1977
61Transcript of State VS. Tony Hill Curtis trial proceedings, 1979
62Transcript of State VS. Robert Wallace, Special Plea of Insanity, 1979
63Transcript of Robert Lewis Wallace Competency Hearing, 1980
64Transcript of Johnny Frank Evans- Pretrial Motions, 1984
65Transcript of Amadeo VS. Kemp- Order of the Court, 1985

1.2 Carzell Moore

71Transcript of pleadings, memoranda, witness list and contacts list, 1994-1995
72Race exhibits, Execution by State exhibit, 1995
73Motions- Includes memoranda, correspondence, and legal notes, 1995
74Transcript of Hearing in Monroe Superior Court. Includes Motions and Addendum to Subpoena, 1995
75Evidence- Analysis of death penalty cases by Michael Radlet. Also includes correspondence and Michael Radlet vita., 1995
76Evidence- Affidavit of Dr. Theodore Berstein, correspondence, 1995
77Evidence- Articles on Electrocution by Dr. Theodore Berstein, 1973-1994
78Evidence- Affidavit of Dr. Harold Hillman, 1995
79Transcript of proceedings held in Butts County Superior Court, 2001
81Transcript of Evidence, Parts 1 and 2- proceedings held in Butts County Superior Court, 2001
91Transcript of Evidence, Part 3- proceedings held in Butts County Superior Court, 2001
92Notes for Oral Argument on Execution, 2001
93Electrocution Order, Monroe County Superior Court, 2001
94Judge's Report of Interim Review, 2001
95Record on Interim Review, 2001
96Ex Parte Brief regarding Denial of Funds, 2001
97Application for Interim Appeal in Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
98Response on Behalf of the State by the Attorney General, 2001
99Interim Appeal memoranda and correspondence, 2001
101Interim Appeal Motions and Orders, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
102Brief on behalf of Carzell Moore, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
103Reply Brief on behalf of Carzell Moore, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
104Reply Brief on behalf of the Appellee by the Attorney General, 2001
105Legislative History of Electrocution- Transcript of H.B. 1282, Senate Floor debates, Affidavit of Mary Shellman, 2000
106Copies of Georgia Law on electrocution, 1995
107Execution Case Law- Copies of Georgia cases, 1999-2001
108Case Law- Electrocution background and fact sheets, 2001
109Georgia Case Law- Order of Electrocution in State of Georgia VS. Timothy Dawson, 2001
111Case Law- Timothy Dawson Appellant's Brief, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
112Case Law- Timothy Dawson Reply Brief, Brief by the Attorney General, and Brief by the District Attorney, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
113Case Law- Briefs of Amici Curiae, State VS. Timothy Dawson, Georgia Supreme Court, 2001
114Case Law- Briefs, motions, and correspondence related to Rev. Ann Clay Adams, et al. VS. Georgia Department of Corrections, 2001
115Case Law- State Cases of Cruel and Unusual Punishment noting cases from 1915-1999
121Case Law- Federal Cases of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, copies of case citations from 1968, 2001
122Case Law- U.S. Supreme Court Death Penalty cases, copies of case citations from 1878-1993

1.3 Tony Amadeo

123Amadeo Federal Record (copies), 1984-1987
124Transcript of Amadeo hearing, 1985
125Copy of Certiorari Petition, U.S. Supreme Court, 1987
131Exhibits, 1978-1988
132Oral Argument notes, 1989
133Appointment of Counsel Appeal, Georgia Supreme Court, 1989
134Counsel Appeal Briefs, 1989
135Transcripts of Pretrial Hearings, 1989-1990
136Briefs of Amicus Curiae, 1990
137Contract and Plea Agreement, Putnam County Superior Court, 1990
138Correspondence, 1987-1991
141Memoranda, 1988-1990
142Handwritten legal notes, 1988-1990
143Copy of Case Action Summary, State of Alabama VS. Amadeo, 1991
144Photograph and negatives, unknown, 1991
145Judge Duke Investigation, includes correspondence and memoranda, 1988-1990
146Judge Duke Investigation, includes affidavits and notes on witnesses, 1990
147Transcript of testimony of Ronald Dilahay in the Eastern District Court of Kentucky, 1987

1.4 George Dungee

148Record of pleadings in U.S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia, 1984-1985
149Briefs, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985
151Briefs- Carl Isaacs and George Dungee VS. Zant, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia, 1985
152Briefs- Georgia Supreme Court, including related briefs for Coleman VS. State of Georgia , 1986
153Transcript of Pleadings, Volume 1, 1986-1987
161Transcript of Pleadings, Volume 1-2, 1986-1987
162Dungee Medical Records, 1986
163Appeal of WSB-TV, briefs, correspondence, and legal notes, 1987-1988

1.5 Johnny Mack Westbrook

171Transcript of Hearing, Volume 1, State of Georgia VS. Johnny Mack Westbrook, 1985

1.6 Eddie William Finney

172Transcript of Hearing, Volume 1, State of Georgia VS. Eddie William Finney, 1983

2. Legislation, 1982-1996

181Letters in Opposition to S.2216 Habeas Corpus Act of 1982, Report in Apposition to S.653 by the American Bar Association, 1982
182Testimony and Letters in Opposition to S.238, 1985
183Copy of H.R.1333, 1987
184Memoranda and fact sheets on the Racial Justice Act, copies of H.B.4442, Racial Justice Act Briefing Book, 1988-1992
185Racial Justice Act Action Kit, 1990
186Copies of legislation related to Habeas Corpus reform and Racial Justice Act, 1989
187Memoranda and copies of House legislation regarding Habeas Corpus reform and the Racial Justice Act, 1990
191House Hearings on Death Penalty, Copies of statements before the House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, 1990
192Transcript of Senate Judiciary Hearing proceedings, Hearing on Habeas Corpus reform, 1990
193Testimony and statements from Senate Judiciary Hearings, correspondence, 1990
194Memoranda and copies of legislation regarding the Comprehensive Violent Crime Act of 1991, 1991
195Summary of the Comprehensiv Violent Crime Act of 1991 , 1991
196Testimony and statements from Senate Judiciary Hearings on Habeas Corpus reform, 1991
197Transcript of Racial Discrimination in Capital Sentencing hearing, 1991
201Racial Justice Act hearings in the House of Representatives. Includes memoranda and correspondence, 1991
202Correspondence and memoranda related to lobbying efforts to save Habeas Corpus, 1991-1992
203Correspondence of Stephen Bright, Director of the Southern Center for Human Rights, 1991-1993
204Lobbying efforts by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Legal Defense and Education Fund- includes memoranda, correspondence, and transcripts of the House Judiciary Committee, 1992-1993
205Lobbying efforts to restrict Habeas Corpus by State Attorneys General, includes correspondence and memoranda, 1990-1994
206Memoranda and correspondence regarding Provisions to Appointment of Counsel legislation, 1993-1994
207Written Statements before the House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights. Includes correspondence and drafts of provisions related to Senator Biden proposals on Habeas Corpus reform, 1993
211Memoranda and correspondence regarding House Judiciary hearings on Habeas Corpus reform, includes drafts of provisions related to Senator Biden proposals on Habeas Corpus, 1993
212Analysis of Habeas Corpus reform legislation, includes memoranda and newsletters, 1993-1994
213Fact sheets on Funding for Death Penalty Resource Centers, 1991-1993
214Law Review articles on Habeas Corpus reform, 1990-1992
215Articles on Habeas Corpus reform, 1991-1993
216Articles, correspondence and memoranda on the Racial Justice Act, 1994-1996

3. Subject Files, 1976-2001

217Abuse and Violence newspaper articles, 1990-1991
218Advocates of the Death Penalty , 1981-2000
219Age and Capital Punishment, 1985-2000
221Appeals in Death Penalty Cases, 1982-2000
222Attorneys in Death Penalty Cases, 1992
223Celebration of Death (newspaper articles), 1979-1989
225Congressional Hearings, 1991
226Conditions on Death Row, 1982-1994
227Cost of the Death Penalty, 1982-1997
228Crime Bills Involving Death Penalty, 1991-1992
229Criminal Justice articles, 1988-1998
2210Debates on the Death Penalty, 1982-1996
2211Editorials Against the Death Penalty, 1979-1990
2212Editorials Against the Death Penalty, 1991-2000
231Executions, 1982-1989
232Executions, 1990-2000
233Federal Death Penalty Cases, 1989-2001
234Foreign Countries on the Death Penalty, 1981-2000
235General Newspaper Coverage of the Death Penalty, 1978-2000
236Georgia State Flag articles including copy of Zell Miller's State of the State Address, 1993-2000
237Georgia Death Penalty Statistics, 1983-2000
238Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center, 1980-1995
241Good Behavior of Death Row Inmates, 1987
242Gun Control, 1990
243Habeas Corpus Reform, 1988-1996
244Innocent Person, 1979-2000
245Innocent Person Sentenced to Death, 1978-2000
246Judges in Death Penalty Cases, 1983-2000
247Judicial Override, 1986
248Jury Mistakes and Corruption, 1995-2000
249Last Words of Death Row Inmates, 1987-1995
2410Lawyers and the Need for Them in Death Penalty Cases, 1982-1998
2412Length of Death Penalty Trials, 1988
2413Lynching, 1995
2414Macon Telegraph Series on the Death Penalty, 1995
2415Means of Execution, 1990-2001
2416Mental Health Issues, 1981-2000
251Military Death Penalty, 1983
252Mississippi Jail Deaths, 1993
253Newspaper Circulation Figures and Statistics, 1985-1986
254Opposition to the Death Penalty, 1978-2000
255Pace of Executions and the Size of Death Row, 1981-1999
256Parole of Convicts, 1989-2000
257Pleas in Death Penalty Cases, 1990
258Politics and the Death Penalty , 1993-1998
259Race and the Death Penalty , 1984-1988
2511Religious Sentiment and the Death Penalty, 1983-2000
2512Restoration of the Death Penalty, 1989-1997
2513Sex Scandal at Georgia Women's Prison, 1992-1993
261Unemployment as a Factor in Death Penalty Cases, 1991
262Victim's Rights, 1981-1998
263Women in Death Penalty Cases, 1989-1999

4. Research Files on Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection, 1979-2001

264Investigation of Jury Strikes in Jimmy Lee Horton Case- includes affidavits, memoranda, interview notes, lists of involved persons, and court orders, 1981-1993
265Investigation of Jury Strikes in Jimmy Lee Horton Case- includes correspondence, memoranda, affidavits, interview notes, and Transcript of Horton Trial Digest, 1993
266Investigation of Jury Strikes in Jimmy Lee Horton Case- Transcript of Federal hearings including the deposition of Joseph Briley and George Lawrence, Jr., 1989
267Transcript of Hearing, Jimmy Lee Horton VS. Walter Zant, Warden, 1989
268Exhibits for Jimmy Lee Horton VS. Walter Zant, 1989
269Peremptory Strike Investigation- Includes correspondence, memoranda, copies of prosecutor's strikes, jury strike statistics, and handwritten legal notes, from occurrences 1960s-1970s, 1988
271Baldwin County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1975-1988
272Bibb County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1977-1981
273Greene County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1974-1987
274Gwinnet County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1983
275Jasper County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1974-1981
276Jones County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1973-1985
277Putnam County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1985
278Wilkinson County Jury Strike Worksheets, 1974-1981
279Documents regarding witnesses who assisted Joseph Briley in jury selection- includes memoranda, depositions, interviews, and handwritten legal notes, 1989
2710Jury Strike Analysis of cases with Joseph Briley, 1974-1981
2711Documents regarding the use of peremptory challenges by the prosecution in Willis VS. Zant- includes court order, stipulation of jury strike statistics, and a copy of case synopsis, 1985
2712Transcript of Donald W. Huskins deposition, 1989
2713Transcript of Columbus Johnson deposition- includes handwritten legal notes, 1989
281Transcript of the deposition of Dr. Joseph Katz, Volume 1, 1983
282Transcript of the deposition of Dr. Joseph Katz, Volume 2, 1983
283Transcript of Katz' deposition, exhibits, correspondence and legal notes, 1989
284Transcript of Katz' deposition, exhibits, correspondence and legal notes, 1989
285Transcript of George Lawrence deposition, memoranda, 1989-1990
286Transcript of Gary L. Liberson deposition, 1989
291Transcript of Mack Hall deposition, 1989
292Transcript and copies of Troy Stovall deposition, 1989
293John W. Hightower case- includes transcripts of jury selection, affidavits, maps of Morgan County and Madison, Georgia, 1988-1989
294Transcript of trial proceedings, The State VS. John W. Hightower, 1988
301Copies of Challenge to Array of Traverse Jury, State VS. Mary B. Jackson, 1977
302Copies of Court Orders, Amadeo VS. Kemp, 1984-1985
303Copies of Jury Selection Standards, circa 1990