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Eberhart (Eberhardt) family papers

Eberhart (Eberhardt) family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Eberhart (Eberhardt) family papers
Creator: Eberhart family
Creator: Eberhardt family
Inclusive Dates: 1852-1871
Language(s): English
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet 1 box
Collection Number: ms3264
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Jacob and Elizabeth Wynn Eberhart of Madison County, Georgia had six children, 5 sons - George (1828-1864), Edward P. (1835-1905), Isaac (1837-1863), Harrison (1838-1863), Jacob Betsy (Bee) (1841-1910), all of whom served in the Confederate service during the Civil War, with only two surviving [Edward P. and Jacob B.]. One daughter, Adeline (1834-1934) married Dr. Milton Pope Deadwyler of Elberton, Ga. in 1852. Before the war, Harrison and George had moved to 7 Leagues, Texas and consequently served in the 17th Texas Cavalry and 4th Arkansas. The other brothers were in the 37th and 9th Georgia. The family name was spelled Eberhardt by the families of Jacob B. and Adeline.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence between the brothers and sister, one photograph, probably of Jacob B. and wife Martha Goolsby Eberhart, most written during the Civil War, documenting their activities, troop news and related pain and suffering of the loss of three brothers. A few earlier letters from Texas tell of the living conditions in that area before the war.

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Eberhart (Eberhardt) family papers, ms3264, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Confederate States of America. Army. Arkansas Infantry Regiment, 4th
Confederate States of America. Army. Georgia Infantry Regiment, 37th
Confederate States of America. Army. Georgia Infantry Regiment, 9th
Confederate States of America. Army. Texas Cavalry Regiment, 17th
Deadwyler, Adeline Eberhardt
Deadwyler, Milton Pope
Eberhardt, Jacob Betsy (Bee)
Eberhart, Edward P.
Eberhart, Elizabeth Wynn
Eberhart, George
Eberhart, Harrison
Eberhart, Isaac
Eberhart, Jacob
Eberhart, Martha Goolsby
Elberton (Ga.) -- History.
Madison County (Ga.)
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Letters, 1852-1859
George to Adelaide in Point Peter, 1852 July 9
tells of wedding in Ruckersville & staying the night in a tavern
Lizzie to Addie Deadwyler, 1856 April 9
about getting a hat made
Martin Deadwyler to sister, 1859 February 18
Harrison Eberhart in 7 Leagues, Texas, to brother Isaac in Madison Co, Ga, 1859 December 8
Impressions of Texas; hasn't bought any land; prices of things; girls
12Letters, 1860-1861
Harrison to brother, Isaac, from Texas, 1860 February 24
will soon have a bulldog puppy, Talks about prices; mentions hearing from Ed
Harrison to Addis, 1860 April 5
hard to read
Mary to cousin from Paoli, 1860 June 28
went to church at Fork
Mollie Eberhart, Paoli, to Adaline, 1860 August 1
hard to read
EP to Adie from Philadelphia, 1860 August 24
Harrison to sister Addie Deadwyler from 7 Leagues, Tx, 1861 February 6
mentions Martha, who is ill; laws of state; moving around to see other areas to possibly settle; asks for Frank & Bill Eberhart post office in Miss
Harrison to Isaac at Deadwylers, 1861 March 29
asks about cotton & corn crops; no girls he likes in area
Harrison to sister, 1861 May 10
would visit but has no travel money
Harrison to sister, 1861 August 30
appeal to arms from Monty of Kansas, great excitement; Crops good
George to Addie from Hampton, 1861 June 15
needs wife-does she know of one?
Harrison to sister, 1861 August
George in Missouri; crops good; war excitement
George to sister from Camp Jackson, 1861 September 10
he a lst Lt in CSA for 12 months; McCalloah Co, Rgt E, McNair the Col.
George to sister from Benton Co Ark., 1861 October 28
Needs breeches, if no new ones available, he can make out of buffalo skin; 50 pieces of cannon; doesn't like cooking; would have had a wife by now but left her at home without any binding
George to sister, Benton Co, Ark, 1861 December 13
they in winter quarters; got some clothes; Troops got rid of those home sick and puny
13Letters, 1862
Article on McCown brigade sent to Adie
EP to sister Addie from Camp McDonald, 1862 March 31
with Capt Gholston, 9th Bn
JB to sister from Camp Van Dorn [Tenn], 1862 April 24
Isaac had measles; send His sword
JB to sister from Camp McDonald, 1862 April 11
Ed is here; Isaac sick
MV Deadwyler to brother from Camp Van Dorn, Tenn., 1862 April 23
Talks about Unionists
MP [husband ?] to Addie, 1862 May 17
Isaac better
JB to sister from Camp near Big Creek Gap, 1862 May 29
Tom Wilhite died; Capt Gholston ill; Isaac has fever; mentions sword at Isaac Vaughns
JB to sister
mentions girls in Oglethorpe & Elbert
Harrison to sister from Camp Bodcav Lousiana, 1862 May 5
bad storms, animals killed; Doesn't know where George is Note on back of letter-JM Pearce, Co B, 9th Bn, returned to duty From hospital on 2 June
JB to sister, Co E at Lookout Mt, 7 miles below Chattanooga, 1862 July
Pope may Have hard time finding them; bring Jack, boots, coat, 2 pr pants, etc., Cherry brandy, pound cake; has rained 14 of 15 days; Isaac there; Isn't much to eat; WB Strickland died, was Fanny Winn's sweetheart
JB to sister, camp near Rartledge, 1862 July 27
furloughs revoked; George near Chattanooga; Harrison in Arkansas, Ed at private house near here with Jaundice
JB to sister from Cumberland Gap, 1862 August 27
Ed & Isaac OK; they are near Yankees; had severe cold; waited on by 3 daus, desc of E Tenn women
Harrison to sister-Co C, Taylors Rgt, 17th Tex Dism Cav near Clarendon, 1862 September 7
Ark, 15,000 troops here
Isaac to sister from Camp Investment, 1862 September 15
talks about camp life
Isaac, 1862 October
hard to read
1862 October 7
Isaac from Murfresboro, 1862 November 4
Capt, in Danville
Harrison from Camp Nelson, Ark, 1862 November 16
news from that end
JB to Dr Deadwyler-Ray Co, E Tenn, near Smith Cross Roads, 1862 November 25
has been at private house, ill, but well now; can they get substitute?
EP to Papa [Jacob Eberhart at Pt Peter] from Co B, 9th Ga near Murfresboro, Tenn, 1862 December 11
JB had Dr's certificate to fall out of ranks but still listed As deserter; mentions Capt Gholston; Geo on furlough in Ark; sent his clothes back with B; rec' letter from Addie & Uncle Asa
14Letters, 1863 January-July
Medical statement from J E Bell, Asst Surgeon, 1863 February 13
re Jacob B, wounded
JH to sister from Camp New Shelbyville, 1863 February 19
Jacob B to Addie from Shelbyville, 1863 March 31
mentions seeing George, Ed, Ike; ground so cold
JH to Addie, 1863 April 17
he, Be, Edward are well, Tommy Deadwyler, Uncle ben's George, Henry Bell
George to sister from Shelbyville, 1863 April 18th
Harrison may not have been captured; saw Daniel Winn
George to Addie, 1863 April 22
Harrison exchanged at City Point Va
Addie to brothers-JB answers in pencil, 1863 May 13
Methodist meeting going on ; John Birch's remains buried at Bapt Church; Enos Tate has substitute
Harrison to Addie from Tullomah TN, 1863 May 19th
hard to read
JB to sister from Hoover Gap VA, 1863 June 1st
Tommy Deadwyler listed as deserter
Harrison to sister from Alison, Tenn, 1863 June 1st
had outing in country, lots of girls; rations good; lots of troops going to Vicksburg
John Eberhart list of negroes, 1863 June 3rd
JB to Addie, Hardee's Corps lst Ga, Bate's Brigade, Johnson's Div, Hoover's Gap, Va, 1863 June 7th
Tommy Deadwyler back; up for lst Lt; mentions Ace Deadwyler
Harrison to Addie, 1863 June 16th
saw the boys, all well-Isaac, Ed, B; George in Yazoo City, Miss; talks about land investment, rations
George to sister-he 30 mi south of Yazoo City, 1863 June 18th
hears cannon at Vicksburg; they can't take V'burg by fighting; tired of living like this; May quit at Christmas
George, 1863 June 23rd
in same place, doing nothing there; sending his watch guard to her
JB to sister near Tullahoma Tenn, 1863 June 28th
he nearly captured; Isaac now well had 41 killed & wounded in Rgt
George near Black River, 25 mi from V'burg, 1863 July 3rd
Harrison at Kelly's Ford 10 mi W of Chattanooga, 1863 July 17th
can only see mts; clothes burned; talks of troops in Chattanooga; Geo in Miss; rations-food tastes have changed
JB to sister-near Chickamauga Station, 1863 July 21st
needs book, pants and shirt; may come home Christmas; tell Fannie hello & he thinks of her when he wears her socks; takes newspaper Weekly Magnolia from Richmond
JB to sister from near Tyners Station, 1863 July 31st
Harrison is near here; wishes Addie & Pope would visit & bring something Good to eat; also bring him a carpet sack ; mentions several getting furloughs
JB to sister from Tyners Station, 1863 July 28th
sorry to hear about John Oglesby getting killed in Pa. Ed, Isaac & Harrison well; James Deadwyler & Dru Oglesby have sent for their wives...they can get a house for them but no Provisions; bought a coat in Chattanooga for $150
15Letters, August -December 1863
Harrison in camp near Graysville, 1863 August 18
looks like Bate's Brigade preparing winter quarters near by; he just read all letters sent him in Ark last December to present; Uncle George here soon after you left; no prospect of a fight soon; hearing from the ladies cheers him up; tell Pope to write the news; when he expects to go into service; they have moved just over in Ga
JB near Tyner's Station, 1863 August 19th
was promised a furlough; will get married while home; tell Miss Sallie; promoted to 1st Lt; tell Pope to go to Bells and get some good peach brandy
George from Meridian, Miss, 1863 August 22nd
they been lying still a long time, low spirits, tired of fighting
George near Atlanta, 6 miles west of town, 1863 September 12
see many young boys and old men; decided to stay until end of war, need to whip the feds here or we are gone for good
JB near Camp on front line, 1863 September 19
hear continued roar of cannon; Longstreet's corps engaging them on right, no doubt we'll be in it this evening or tomorrow; a few wounded; Capt A Marcus and Capt Burch of 15th wounded, Lt Power killed; he wounded slightly in neck with shell, not at hospital; Tom Deadwyler seriously wounded, Drew Oglesby slightly; Isaac shot through bowels -can Pope come see him-expect he will die
JB near Chickamauga, 1863 September 22
Most terrific battle & afraid it isn't done; heavy losses; Harrison killed, Isaac mortally wounded, George slightly wounded on arm but on duty casualty list in Banner in Athens; lost 176 in our Rgt; glad you [Addie] came to see Harrison when you did; send overcoat and pants at 1st chance
George at Chickamauga, 1863 September 22
Harrison shot, he went 3 miles looking for Isaac; he will be sent down railroad-send someone to nurse him; feds whipped and in full retreat
George from Atlanta, 1863 September 25
Harrison is living and a little better; send someone to nurse him, he's 6 miles from Ringgold; Isaac where Harrison is; he [George] ordered to Miss
JB near Chattanooga Missionary Ridge, 1863 September 29
Thought Harrison was alive but he got a pass and horse and went to see him but he had died and buried with several others but could be identified by Sgts coat-his things will be sent to you-had about $60, gold pen and old letters; expect Isaac will die, neither had wills; I had rather lost a leg than loose Harrison-he is buried near Alexander's Bridge.
Addie to brothers from Elberton, 1863 October 4
heart full of sorrow and anxiety Pope went to Stewart's Div hosp near Ringgold-will come back if Harrison & Isaac not there or bring them back; Jim Birch improving
George at Meridian, Miss, 1863 October 10th
fear to hear more of Isaac & Harrison ; camped now near Ector's Texas Brigade; mentions Gen Walker, an old rascal
MP Deadwyler to 'my dear child' from Graham's, 1863 October 11th
Isaac improving, fever not too high, ball near back bone near kidney [more] Tom no better; talks about mountains around Chattanooga; will try find Harrison's grave; heard someone from Elbert took his money, ring and knife to bring to you [Addie]
JB to sister from Missionary Ridge or Chattanooga, 1863 October 15th
needs some clothing and food that will keep
George to sister from Meridian, Miss., 1863 October 16th
has not heard from anyone since the Chattanooga battle. Rumors that will go back to Tenn or Little Rock; can get potatoes; 3 men shot for deserting; asks what county Uncle Frank lives in
JB from Missionary Ridge, 1863 October 27th
We are well but lots of sickness, cold, little bed clothing; Many going into winter quarters; James A Sanders promoted to Capt; come and see us and bring some of the girls; tells who he hears from & who would like to hear from; heard from Margaret Eberhart
Ringgold-Pope to Addie, 1863 October 30
He had found Isaac-shot between ribs, has had little attention; he will try to move him to better place; suffering from lots of pain
JB to sister from Missionary Ridge, 1863 November 1st
He is fine, Ed has bed itch. They just off picket, close to Feds, can hear them talking. He has log cabin he bought for $10; Isaac is going along finely; sent Ed with Mr Anderson. Come to see them; will try get Harrison's things-he had a gold pen and about $65, probably some old letters. He was shot Sunday morning & d following Thursday evening, September 24th & buried above Alexanders bridge; does not need Any more clothes except maybe shoes, before Christmas. Eating good
George to sister from Brandon, Miss., 1863 November 2nd
Just heard from B that Harrison was dead; nothing going on there at present; wants to come home on furlough in about two weeks; glad to hear Pope went to see about Isaac.
George to sister from Loudon, Tenn., 1863 November 4th
left some 3 mo ago for Ky-lists of things the cavalry took with them-under Kirby Smith who ranks Brag now
JB to sister from picket near Chattanooga, 1863 November 6th
got her letter saying she sending a box by Hodge Alexander-JB says cannot depend on him-send by Drew Oglesby, Jimmie Deadwyler; had not heard from Ed since he went down to stay with Isaac; 15th Ga leave tonight; took supper last night with Lt; mentions girls in Elberton; have one of the best Brig Gens in the world [Bates]; still on picket leaning against a tree with plank in lap while boys cutting ditches for pickets; Rgt goes on picket every 4-5 days and stays 24 hours
Ltr from Lt Proudfoot to JB, 1863 November 13th
saying he still has brother's things-wrote to sister but has heard nothing; will send them to Rgt, Capt Marsh if cannot find you; -gives contents of things
JB to sister from Missionary Ridge, 1863 November 12th
rec'd box via JL Deadwyler- pound cake so nice. Would have suffered had it not been for her [sister]; He & Capt Gholston having dinner with George Alexnder if he can get off Regimental Court Martial; mentions Col Smith throwing an ax at a man, Rudler wanting Funds for music teacher-he and some free negroes in copartnership; boys Living very hard; reported they will transfer from this brig-hates to leave Bates & Stewart-Bates allowing Ed to go to Isaac; more transfer information
JB to sister from Dalton, 1863 December 5th
election yesterday, Ed chosen by large majority; getting 10 days furlough to come home; some wives being sent for; by spring the enemy will try take Atlanta; would like to talk with Verona and see how she feels about matrimony ; how is Miss Id & others.
JB to sister, 1863 December 16th
heard from George while making out muster roll & he says Isaac will certainly die-place roll in my box; Ed will be examined today.
16Letters, 1864
JB to sister from Dalton, Ga, 1864 January 12
on a general courts martial & have the power to have a man shot-put on court on account of sound judgment; Capt Gholston sent up furlough for 14 days; Ed will come home for 10 days; All quiet on the front-nothing until next spring; He coming home soon to marry
In line of battle near Kennesaw Mt, 1864 January 19
troops slept on arms last night, loud report of cannon; Capt Kendrick, the smartest man in our rgt, was killed wile out skirmishing; too much wet weather [on envelope ] 4 of our men have died of wounds in the past 2 wks
From Dalton, 1864 February 4th
rec'd ltr from RF Hartsfield-he anxious for Martin Deadwyler; Ed & Little George have 15 days furloughs, starting home Tonight; lots getting furloughs [names several]; authorities trying to get men To reenlist-does not think he will; most pleased with Gen Johnson but He gives furloughs; have Isaac's watch fixed by time Ed gets home
JB to sister from Dalton, 1864 February 14th
Valentine's day-expect Ed having a time about now; would give a thousand dollars to see Miss Ida-she sent violet & hyacinth & they smelled delicious; Gen Breckenridge ordered to Va-very sorry to give him up; tell Miss Ida if she will marry me I will come Home-she needs to make up her mind
[JB] to Dr Deadwyler, 1864 March 26th
GE Deadwyler to Pope from Wallstreet, Jackson Co Ga, 1864 March 31st
no harness leather at present but will fix a piece lst chance & carry it to old man Martin or Asa
JL Deadwyler to aunt [envelope to Dr & Mrs Deadwyler] from Bulls Gap Tenn., 1864 March 5th
First time writing-old man Cleaveland leaving for home this evening; he is about 75 miles below Bristol; hear they may be put in Longstreet's corps or be mounted.; Gen Buckner in command of our division; seems that all the girls getting married; 1st thing a man is asked when he comes from homes is are you a married man
From JT Deadwyler to aunt, 1864 June 5th
has been acting ordnance sgt but he has returned from the hospital; fighting every day along the line; division battle a month-fighting has got to be like all other duties; Yankees have charged 7 & 10 lines deep and we would mow them down like grass
From JB to sister-In line of battle, Kennesaw Mt, Tenn, 1864 June 19th
Mr Goolsby will get some of his things & let him have things wife may Send for [written on back of letter-partially readable]
Jas Deadwyler to aunt from line of battle near Darbytown, Virginia, 1864 October 15th
had a fight at this place & Capt Marcus was killed, shot though the neck; Lieut Norman missing, Wm R Buffington killed; fought the negroes, killed 36 in the Ditch; captured 10 pieces of artillery; building fortifications; 2 divisions on this Side of the river;
RC Wilhite to Dr Deadwyler, Harmony Grove Ga, 1864 December 29th
he will be at M Deadwylers on 11th of January 65 if nothing happens
Letter faded, unreadable
Part of letter from JB
Div was called out to see a man from 8th Fla Rgt shot for desertion
17Letters, 1865-1871
JB to sister form 2d Ga Cav Reserves near Athens, 1865 January 24
everybody wants peace-think the war is coming to an end; may have a job; wants property in land or horses; will probably leave here soon if Sherman marches on Augusta; come see him in Athens & come by home & bring Lou & Rona
Poem, 1865 April 1
From B E Deadwyler, 1866 June 9
giving 'orders' to come to preaching by T G Gibson at Doves Creek the third Sabbath
From Walton Co, to cousin [Addie], 1866 July 9th
talks about negroes, crops, rain
Pope to my dear child, 1866 October 12th
Isaac still about the same tho may be improving; Tommy gradufally getting worse-wrote for Phil to come get him but now Think he would die on the road; he will come home soon-Isaac well attended Here; he [Pope] broke down; wounded were ordered off from field hospitals in Ringgold-awful-many with broken bones have no splints and suffer hauled And thrown about; intends to go over the battlefield tomorrow; cannon Booming away heavy; [next day] Tommy suffered all night, is very bad
Elsie Matthews to Mrs Deadwyler, 1866 November 15th
she forgot Mrs D's riding skirt ; will get it here shortly
JB, EC, John Deadwyler & others to Addie, 1868 May 9
sorry to hear you are sick & not coming; sorry to hear of little Robert Hester's death; can you come to the Union meeting the 5th Sunday at Mill-stone?; Bee had a fat [sheep] killed for you [coming] & a big cake
JB poem about daily camp life, 1869 April 1
JB to sister from Co K, 9th Ga Bn Folks Corps, McCowns Div, Bates Bigade, 1869 April 9
having a good time here, nothing to do, drill morning and night; trying to get them to have an election in our company-Ed & he will be elected, if appointed, he and Young; Lt Meadows not received his resignation yet but leaving on furlough tomorrow; He may have a substitute for $2500 & had rather do that than be a Lt in the Army. Won't stay for less than Capt [more about admin changes]; remember him to girls [by name]
To Aunt Ader from her niece, ? Griffeth, 1871 July 7th
News of family. She has been away from home for 6 months, will come and visit in the fall.
18Letters, undated
19Empty envelopes; Almanac (1862, 1864)
111Transcripts of letters
112Women of Georgia , 1927