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Byron Herbert Reece family papers

Byron Herbert Reece family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Byron Herbert Reece family papers
Creator: Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958
Creator: Reece, Eva Mae
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1985
Language(s): English
Extent: 17.75 Linear Feet 32 document boxes, 7 half boxes
Collection Number: ms3055
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

"Byron Herbert Reece (1917-1958) was the author of four books of poetry and two novels. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, earned two Guggenheim awards, and served as writer-in-residence at the University of California at Los Angeles, Emory University in Atlanta, and Young Harris College in Towns County. For more information, see the article Byron Herbert Reece in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs, genealogy and financial papers. The correspondence consists mainly of letters between family members, and the personal and business correspondence of Byron Herbert Reece, some were written to him when he was a tuberculosis patient at Battey State Hospital in Rome, Georgia. After Reece's suicide in 1958, much of the correspondence of Eva Mae Reece pertains to memorials to her brother Byron Herbert Reece and copyright renewals of his works.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Byron Herbert Reece family papers, ms3055, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 April 7.

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Subject Terms

Authors, American.
Copyright -- Georgia -- History -- 20th century.
Financial records.
Poets, American -- 20th century.
Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958 -- Correspondence
Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958 -- Family
Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958 -- Finance, Personal
Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958 -- Photographs
Reece, Eva Mae -- Correspondence
Reese family -- Correspondence
Suicide victims -- Georgia -- Rome -- History.
Writings (document genre)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11Byron Herbert Reece
12Byron Herbert Reece
school items
13Byron Herbert Reece
funeral, memorial
14Juan and Emma Reece
15Eva Mae Reece
16Eva Mae Reece
school items
17Eva Mae Reece
medical information
18Nina Kathryn Reece Lane and children
19Emma Jean Reece
110Thomas Rispoli
111Other family members

2. Genealogy

21Byron Herbert Reece
maternal and paternal charts
22Patricia Rispoli McElroy
23Correspondence, 1981-1983
24Lentz/Lance family
25Lentz/Lance family
information from Robert Lentz
26John H. Lance
murder 1890
27Reece family
28Salem Methodist Church - Union County, GA
29Research - GA Dept of Archives and History
210Research - National Archives

3. Correspondence

Family Correspondence

311923 - 1939
321940 - 1941
341943 January - July
351943 August - December
391947 - 1948
3111950 January - July
3121950 August - December
411951 January - April
421951 May - December
431952 January - June
441952 July - December
451953 January - December
461953 March - August
letters to Byron Herbert Reece in Battey Hospital
531957 January - July
541957 August - December
561959 January - July
571959 November - December
581960 1964
591973 - 1978 July
5101978 August - December
611979 January - April
621979 May - August
631979 September - December
641980 January - February
651980 March - April
661980 May - July
671980 August - October
681980 November - December
73Ida Lance Allen
74Naomi Lance Allen
75Eula Lance Bryan
76Rachel Howell
77Undated correspondence
Lizzie Lance
78Kathryn Reece Lane and Jim Lane
79Lane children: Jerry, Rebecca (Butch), Penny, Mike
710Sarah McKinzey
711Byron Herbert Reece
712Emma Lance Reece
713Eva Mae Reece
714T. J. and Lorrena Reece
715Jean Reece Rispoli and Thomas Rispoli
716Patricia Rispoli
717Other family members
718Family invitations, 1944-1979
719Empty envelopes

Byron Herbert Reece

82Abbott, Charles D.
83Ackermann, Henry A.
84Ackiss, Susan Davison
85Anderson, Katherine M.
86Andress, Robert P.
87Appleby, Ann
88Arnold, Sallie Bass
89Ashman, Richard
810Askew, Annette Chalker
811Auxier, Sylvia
813Banner, John and Theodora
814Barnard, Theta Reese
815Bartholomew, Charles
816Battey State Hospital (Rome, GA)
817Beazley, George G.
818Bell, David and Pauline
819Bennett, A. Herbert
820Benton, Mrs. George W.
821Beverly, Bryant L.
822Beyer, William
823Bidwell, Claire Lucille
824Biles, Jack
825Binns, Jerry
826Blackstock, Eva
827Blanton, Doris
828Bohannon, Bill and Betty
829Boswell, Elizabeth
830Bouffard, Marian
831Bowers, Elizabeth
832Boykin, Florence
833Brackett, Claud F.
834Branmblett, Agnes Cochran
835Branch, Vivian
836Bridges, Jack M.
837Broadrick, George H.
838Brock, Para Lee
839Brook, David
840Brown, Marel
91Bruce, Irene
92Brush, Albert, 1943-1953
93Brush, Albert
94Bstandig, Frank
95Buckmaster, Henrietta
96Bullard, Helen
97Burgess, Bernard
98Burke, Ruth, 1952-1955
99Burke, Ruth, 1956-1958
910Burns, Olive Ann
911Burrows, Walter F.
912Butler, F. J.
913Butler, Howard P.
915Campbell, Langdon
916Campbell, Marie
917Candler, Tom and Beulah
918Capps, Clifford Sheats
919Carey, Frederick M.
920Carnes, Grace
921Carter, Don and Carolyn
922Cassin, Maxine
923Church, Lillian
924Chylinski, Charles W.
101Clark, Maryann
102Clayton, Eva Swann (Chubbie)
103Clegg, Charles R. and Fay
104Close, Anna Belle
105Cole, Lois Dwight
106Collins, Barbara Ruth and Paul, 1937-1947
107Collins, Barbara Ruth
108Collins, M. D.
109Collins, Roslyn
1010Colwell, Ernest Cadman
1011Cook, Francis and Nancy
1012Cook, Mary
1013Coulson, Ed
1014Crawford, Nelson Antrim
1015Cremean, Robert
1016Crunkleton, Jane
1018Dance, W. L.
1019Daniel, Frank, 1945-1957
1020Daniel, Frank
1021Dawson, Martha
1022Decker, James A. and Dorothy
1023Derrick, Ruth
1024DeStefano, John
1025Dowis, Irma Smith
1026Downing, George A. and Lucia
1027Downs, Walter
1028Drewry, John E.
1029Duggar, Louise
1030Dunaway, Marson
1031Dykeman, Willard Jerome
111Edward Pratt Dickson, 1945 - 1946
112Edward Pratt Dickson, 1947 - 1948
113Edward Pratt Dickson, 1949 - 1950
114Edward Pratt Dickson, 1951-1958
122Eidson, John O.
123E. P. Dutton and Co., 1943-1948
124E. P. Dutton and Co., 1949-1951
125E. P. Dutton and Co., 1952-1954
126E. P. Dutton and Co., 1955-1957
127Ewing, Majl
129Finch, Mildred Austin (Aurelia Austin)
1211Garrett, Dickey
1212Gaskin, J. R.
1213Gassman, McDill
1214 Georgia Review , 1952-1956
1215Gibbs, Jeanne Osborne
1216Glauber, Robert H.
1217Goodman, Mae Winkler
131Graham, Elliott
132Greear, Caroline and John
133Greear, Philip and Mildred, 1938-1954
134Greear, Philip and Mildred, 1955-1956
135Greear, Sol
136Griffin, Marvin
137Griffith, Anne R.
138Griffith, E. V., 1947-1956
139Griffith, E. V., 1965
photocopies of letters from BHR published in Georgia Review
1310Griswold, Annette
1312Hall, Agnes K.
1313Hall, Steve and Mrs. J. L. Hall
1314Hambidge, Mary
1315Haralson, Patrick
1316Harris, Grace
1317Harris, Joseph B.
1318Harris, Robert Bascomb
1319Harrison, Henry
1320Hassler, Alfred
141Henry, Frances and Patricia
142Hereford, Eula Shaw
143Herren, Edna
144Hewitt, Andrew
145Hicky, Daniel Whitehead
146Hitchcock, James Guy
147Hodgson, Hugh
148Hullender, Martin
149Humphreys, Claud
1410Hutchings, Florence
1413Janes, Edmund Kelly
1414John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Henry Allen Moe, James Mathias, 1951-1958
1415Jones, Edward
1417Keith, Joseph Joel
1418Kiker, Charles W. Jr.
1419Kincaid, Robert L.
1420King, Carl
1421Kirkpatrick, Dow
1422Knight, Ray
1423Knox, James
1425Ladd, Paul
1426Lape, Fred
1427Lawrence, Helen J.
1428Leckie, Georgia
1429Lee, Anne
1430Leffelaar, Hendrik
1431Letters to the editor, 1952-1955
1432Lewis, Ann E.
1433Lewis. John R. Jr.
1434Lewis, Mary E.
1435Lewis, Oldin V.
1436Lipham, Ellen
1437Lord, Russell and Kate
151La Bomnbard, Joan, 1950-1951
152La Bomnbard, Joan, 1952-1953
153La Bomnbard, Joan, 1954
154La Bomnbard, Joan, 1955-1956
162McCurdy, Hilda
163McGee, Helon
164McGill, Ralph
165McKee, Elmore McNeill
166MacMahon, Donald and Gertrude
167Mann, Addie Mae
168Manning, Florence and Lucy
169Marsh, Margaret Mitchell
1610Martin, Ed
1611Martin, Elizabeth L.
1612Martin, Harold
1613Massey, Gladys M.
1614Mathis, James and Frances
1615Maxey, Dan
1616Meagher, James
1617Menaboni, Sara
1618Meredith, Duke Cole
1619Meury, Eleanor
1620Miller, Birdie
1621Miller, Verdie
1622Mock, Grapelle Butt
1623Montgomery, Vaida Stewart
1624Moody, Minnie Hite
1625Moore, Orleana
1626Moore, Violet
1627Morehouse, Bert
1628Morrison, H. Stuart
1629Moser, Alice
1630Murfey, Etta Josephean
1631Myers, Garry Cleveland
1632Myers, Wilma
171Ruth Camp Malone, 1954 March -July
172Ruth Camp Malone, 1954 August - December
173Ruth Camp Malone, 1955 January - March
174Ruth Camp Malone, 1955 April - July
175Ruth Camp Malone, 1955 August - October
176Ruth Camp Malone, 1955 November - December
177Ruth Camp Malone, 1956-1958
182Neff, Lawrence W.
183Newton, Louis D.
184Nicholl, Louise Townsend
185Nicholson, George T.
186Nicholson, J. M.
187Nicholson, Nelle, 1940-1944
188Nicholson, Nelle, 1945
189Nicholson, Nelle, 1946-1954
1810Nunn, Alexander
1812O'Connor, Flannery
1813O'Donnol, Dion
1815Pafford, Ward
1816Paris, Edith
1817Pattillo, Penelope
1818Payne, Joan Balfour
1819Peeples, Edwin
1820Perkerson, Angus and Medora Field
1821Posey, Millard J.
1822Pratt, Theodore
1823Preaus, Jane Bryan
1824Pritchard, J. Carson and Marian
1825Publishers - permission to reprint, 1941-1954
1826Pyron, Dorothy Jo
1828Radway, Leon
1829Ragsdale, Theron E.
1830Ramsaur, Richard M.
1831Ramsden, Howard
1832Ramsey, Ralph L.
1833Rayburn, Otto Ernest
1834Raymund, Bernard
1835Redman, Peggy Dowst
1836Reed, Marguerite
1837Reeves, Oliver Franklin
191Rhea, Dorothy
192Rider, Joe Ann
193Roberts, Edith
194Roberts, Ruby Altizer
195Robison, Doris
196Rockwell, Alice
197Rockwell, Kenneth
198Rodgers, Bryna
199Ross, Irwin
1910Rush, William H.
1911Russell, Richard B.
1912Rustin, Florence
1913Rutledge, Archibald
1915St. John, Wylly Folk
1916Sands, Warren C.
1917Saunders, Marion
1918Saunders, Tom Byron
1919Savage, Norma
1920Schossberger, Emily
1921Scott, Thomas W.
1922Seiwell, Don
1923Sharber, Kate
1924Sheffield, Alice Austin
1925Shenkel, Winifred
1926Sibley, Celestine
1927Slayden, Thelma
1928Smith, D. Vincent
1929Smith, Lois Polhill
1930Snelling, Paula
1931Sparks, Andrew
1932Spearman, Fanny Turner
1933Steedman, Marguerite
1934Stephens, Genevieve
1935Stephens, Ralph H.
1936Stevenson, Elizabeth
1937Stewart, Albert
1938Stokely, James and Wilma
1939Streeter, F. B.
1940Stringer, Clintine
1941Strode, Hudson
1942Strong, Mary Mitchell
1943Stuart, Jesse
1944Swallow, Alan
201Sallee, Mary, 1950-1953
202Sallee, Mary, 1954
203Sallee, Mary, 1955 January-June
204Sallee, Mary, 1955-1957
205Sallee, Mary
212Talmadge, Herman
213Tate, William
214Taylor, Nelda
215Terrell, Sandra
216Thoroughman, Mrs. J. C.
217Todd, Alvin
218Tolan, Tollie
219Tolar, Florence
2110Tribble, Willie Mack and Mrs.
2111Trimble, H. Burton and Mattie
2112Tucker, Daisy S.
2113Twiggs, Clyde
2116Vinal, Harold
2117Vincent, John and Ruth
2119Wade, John Donald
2120Wagstaff, H. C.
2121Wald, Jerry
2122Waldrep, Jack
2123Walker, Mildred
2124Walton, Kenneth
2125Waring, A. J.
2126Warren, James E. Jr.
2127Watts, Connie N.
2128Webb, Donald E.
2129Weinstock, Herbert
2130Weir, Mrs. William H.
2131Wellborn, Mrs. A. C.
2132Wellborn, Bud
2133Wesley, Cecil Cobb
2134West, Donald L.
2135White, May Smith
221Wicke, Myron F.
222Wilkins, Bobby E.
223Wilkins, Laura
224Williams, Loring
225Williams, Nellie
226Williams, Preston H., 1949-1953
227Williams, Preston H., 1954-1956
228Williams, Preston H., 1957-1958
229Wilnert, Ruth
2210Wimberly, Lowry C.
2211Wolff, Bernard P.
2212Woodall, Linda Barnes
2213Woolfolk, Harrell
2214Wreden, Nicholas
2215X, Y, Z
2217Multiple signatures
2218Invitations, 1939-1953
2219Invitations, 1954-1957
2220Correspondence to Byron Herbert Reece after his death on June 3, 1958
2221Empty envelopes

Eva Mae Reece

Aycock, Louise
Burke, Ruth and Ted
Byron Herbert Reece Memorial, 1958-1959
Byron Herbert Reece Memorial, 1975-1983
Campbell, Langdon
Collected poems - selected by Eva Mae Reece and sent to E. P. Dutton and Co., 1959-1960
Collins, Hazel
Cook, Raymond A.
Copyright, 1967-1977
Crunkleton, Jane
Donations of Byron Herbert Reece material, 1958-1982
England, Lawson and Maudie
E. P. Dutton and Co., 1958-1980
Frier, Ruth Crumley
Georgia Review , 1958-1985
Greear, Mildred
241Hill, Vallarie
242Lance, Frankie
243Lance, Inez
244Lance, Jack and Annie Rose
245Malone, Ruth Camp
246Munson, Mary and Bob
247Sampson, Barbara Ruth
248Saunders, Thomas Byron
249Saunders, Thomas Byron
2410Smith, Daisy Frances
2411Unknown or multiple signatures
2413Empty envelopes
2414Christmas gift tags
2415Matchbook covers

Juan and Emma Reece, other family members

Juan and Emma Reece, A-M
Juan and Emma Reece, N-W
Juan and Emma Reece, Blairsville Methodist churches
Juan and Emma Reece, Burke, Ruth
Juan and Emma Reece, Downing, George A.
Juan and Emma Reece, Miller, Mary Jo
Juan and Emma Reece, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Juan and Emma Reece, Wright, Harry
Juan and Emma Reece, unknown correspondents
Juan and Emma Reece, empty envelopes
Other family members

Sympathy, 1958

A - C
D - K
L - S
T - W, unknown
Florist gift cards

4. Writings


Byron Herbert Reece

"The Abstract Professor"
"And I At My Harp"
"And I Not Care"
"At the Talking House"
"Ballad of Coulson's Wood"
"A Ballad of Robert Mallard"
"Ballad of the Rider"
"The Bird in the Giddy Garden"
"The Birds"
"The Birds (on the Worn Path)"
"A Boy Sings to the Wind"- collection of poems
"Bulldozer in Eden"
"By the Hearthstone"
"The Circus"
"Collected Ballads"- collection of poems
"Collected Ballads"- collection of poems
"Come In"
"The Count"
"Cussin' Tom at the Gates of Paradise"
282David and Jonathan poems
283Diary, 1933-1938
284Diary in California, 1957 June 19-August 19
286"Eastern Road"
287"An Easter Service"
288"Eye- Witness"
2810"The Fairy"
2811"Famous Heads"
2812"The First Words at Christmas"
2813"Flight 911", 1957
2814"The Flower Tender"
2816"From a Sanitorium Porch", 1954
2818"A Good Joke"
2819"The Green Bride and Pale Groom"
2821"His Wrath"
2822"The Hope I Thought to Carry"
2823"A Host of Furious Fancies"
2825"If I But Had a Little Coat" - from "The Adoration"
2826"I'll Take My Stand"
"The Immortal Flame"
2828"Inscription for a School House Door"
2829"In Sheep's Clothing"
2830"I Shall Go Back"
2831"The Knower"
2833"A Leave-Taking"
2834"A Little Anthology of Georgia Poetry"
2836"The Man From Over the Mountain"
2837"The Mask"
2839" A Need of Green"
2840"The Nets"
2841"No Fences Make Good Neighbors"
2842"Not Without Sorrow"
292"On Yonder Mountain Top"
295"Pasture Song" (Pastoral)
collection sent to E. P. Dutton in 1959 by Eva Mae Reece
298"A Psalm of Victory"
2910"Remembered Summers"
2911"Return to Remembrance"
2912"Ruthless Moon"
2914"The Sage and the Wayfarer"
2915"Sea Shells"
2916"Shadow of the Raven's Wing"
2917"Shine Sun"
2918"Sing Holly-Loo"
2921"So Marry"
2922"Sonnets for an Ill Season"
2923"Spring Day in the Woods"
2924"Spring Song"
2926"The Thin Woman Upon the Road"
"This Grief"
2928"Those Who Conquer"
2929"The Three Crosses"
2930"Three From Rustic Canyon"
2931"Through the Pained and Pregnant Air"
2932"Tracks Seen From a Sanatorium"
2933"The Traveling Musicians"
2934"Treasure in the Earth"
2935"The Tree, the Bird, and the Leaf"
2937"Under the Laurel"
2938"Usual Day"
2941"The Water Witch - A Legend of Trahlyta"
2942"Weaving Song"
2943"The Wet and the Cold"
2944"When I Think of Christmas Time"
2945"Where and Away"
2946"Wind in the Willows"
2947"Winter Equation"
2948"With You Away"
2949"Wolf Creek"
2950"The Word"
2951"The World in the Wind" - semi-autobiographical material
302Notes, address book
303Notes and clippings for possible use in "Axe and Sword"
304Notes re: the teaching of writing
305Poems - cited by reviewers
306Poems - multiple titles on same page
307Poems - revised from published volumes
308Poems - unfinished and fragments
309Poems - unfinished and fragments
3010Prose - unfinished and fragments
3011Publishers - acceptance for publication
3012Reviews and judging
3013Short verse - light

Writings by others

Allen, Ida
Allen, Naomi Lance
Brush, Albert
Burke, Ruth
Campbell, Langdon
Cassin, Maxine
Collins, Barbara Ruth
Collins, C. R.
Cook, Virginia Glover
Crowe, R. McFerran
Dickson, Edward Pratt (pen name - Manfred Wise)
Evatt, Julia Eubanks
Finch, Mildred Austin (pen name - Aurelia Austin)
Frier, Ruth Crumley and Thomas
Gallaway, June Reece
Greene, Edith
Hereford, Eula Shaw
LaBombard, Joan - poems A-Z
LaBombard, Joan - poems untitled
LaBombard, Joan - poems sent to E. P. Dutton and Co.
LaBombard, Joan- poems excluded from ms, and "Elegy"
LaBombard, Joan- "Sign in the Garden"
Lee, Bob [?]
Lozier, Rocky
Millay, Edna St. Vincent
321Nicholson, J. M.
322Raymund, Bernard
323Reece, Eva Mae - biography of Byron Herbert Reece
324Reece, Eva Mae - calendar diaries, 1974-1978
325Reece, Eva Mae - calendar diaries, 1979-1983
326Reece, Eva Mae - notes and poem
327Reece, Eva Mae - school papers
328Rispoli, Jean Reece (Jean Reece Rispoli Rich)
329Rispoli, Patricia
3210Rodgers, Bryna
3211Sheffield, Alice Austin
3212Swallow, Alan
3213Teal, Charles B.
3214Weatherford, Bill
3215Williams, Preston
3216Authors A - Z
3217Authors unknown

5. Printed material

335. Printed material

Byron Herbert Reece and family

Byron Herbert Reece, 1940-1960
Byron Herbert Reece, 1961-1967
Byron Herbert Reece, 1968-1992
Byron Herbert Reece writings
Byron Herbert Reece music - "If I Had But a Little Coat" and "Homeless"
Byron Herbert Reece memorials, 1959-1985
Reece/Lance family
Reece family writings


Atlanta (GA) Book Fair, 1946
"Aurora" - Agnes Scott College, 1956
Battey State Hospital - Rome (GA)
"The Bridge" - Edward Pratt Dickson
The Charitable Muse - anthology of poetry selected by BHR
Colleges and universities
Elbeetian Legion, 1955
Georgia - Pickens County "Documents and Memoirs..."
Georgia - Union County "1850 Census of Georgia (Union County)"
Georgia - Union County - "Moonshadow" vol. 2,5,6,7
351Georgia - Union County "Mountain Relic", 1980-1981
352Georgia - Union County "Our North Georgia in Song and Verse" scrapbook, 1955-1971
353Georgia - Union County "Sketches of Union County History" V.1,2
354Greear, Philip
355Griffith, E. V.
357High Schools
358John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
359Keith, Joseph Joel
3510Lance, Jack and Bert Lance
3515"Quill Club Anthology" vol. 3
3517Religion - North Georgia Conference, Methodist Church, yearbook and minutes, 1922
361Sandburg, Carl
362School and teaching material
363Scrapbooks - Emma Reece. Byron Herbert Reece
364"Seydell Quarterly"
365Stuart, Jesse
366Swallow, Alan/ Swallow Press
367Todd's Farm - Sarah/Suches, GA
368Waldrep, Jack
369West, Don
3610Wolfe, Thomas
3611Writers' clubs and associations
3612Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA
3613Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA - "The Enotah Echoes"
3614Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA - newsletters, 1963-1978
3615Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA - newsletters, 1979-1984
3616Various subjects

6. Photographs and Art

376. Photographs and Art
Photographs - Albert Brush
Photographs - Ruth Burke
Photographs - Barbara Ruth Collins
Photographs - Edward Pratt Dickson
Photographs - Nina Kathryn Lane and Jerry Carole
Photographs - George T. Nicholson
Photographs - Byron Herbert Reece
Photographs - Emma Reece
Photographs - Reece family
Photographs - Reece memorial dedication, 1959 September 26
Photographs - Jean Reece Rispoli and Thomas
Photographs - unidentified people
Photographs - places
Artwork - George Biddle
Artwork -Ruth Burke
Artwork -Kathy Howell
Artwork - Byron Herbert Reece
Artwork - Patricia Rispoli
Sketch - Grandfather Lance's Marsh Board
Artwork - unidentified

7. Financial

387. Financial

Byron Herbert Reece

Accounts ledger, 1953
Bank statements, 1949-1950
Bank statements, 1951
Bank statements, 1952
Bank statements, 1953
Bank statements, 1954-1956
Bank statements, 1957
Bank statements, 1958
Farm ledger, 1943-1946
Income tax
391Publishers: book sales, 1949-1957
392Publishers: book sales, 1958
393Publishers: contracts
394Publishers: copyright
395Publishers: copyrights, 1958
396Publishers: Curtis Publishing Co.
397Publishers: royalty reports, 1945-1957
398Publishers: royalty reports, 1958

Juan and Emma Reece

Eva Mae Reece

3913Eva Mae Reece
3914Banking, 1966-1984
3915Cash journal, 1969-1974