Popular film and women's magazine collection

Popular film and women's magazine collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Popular film and women's magazine collection
Creator: Unknown
Inclusive Dates: 1916-1950
Language(s): English
Extent: 5.5 Linear Feet 11 document boxes
Collection Number: ms2956
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

During the 1920s, American culture was rapidly expanding, earning the name, "The Roaring Twenties." Magazines were increasingly popular, particularly ones that concentrated on women and cinema. By the end of the decade, before the crash, movies had experimented with color, talking sequences, music, and sound effects. In terms of women in this period, the women's movement succeeded in 1920 as the 19th Amendment was ratified. Everyday luxuries increased for the average woman, and there was great, public discussion about marriage, divorce, career, beauty, and health.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of various popular film and women's magazines from the first half of the 20th century. Some of the titles included are Motion Picture Classic, Motion Picture Magazine, Photoplay, and Picture Play Magazine. Almost all of magazines concern cinema, only a few are women's magazines, found in Box 1.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Popular film and women's magazine collection, ms2956, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Beautiful Womanhood, 1922 October
12Beautiful Womanhood, 1923 January
13Beauty, 1924 June
14Classic, 1923 January
15Classic, 1923 January
16Hearst's International with Cosmopolitan, 1925 November
17Hearst's International with Cosmopolitan, 1926 March
18Motion Picture Classic
19Motion Picture Classic
110Motion Picture Classic
111Motion Picture Classic
112Motion Picture Classic
21Motion Picture Classic, 1916 October
22Motion Picture Classic, June 1917
23Motion Picture Classic, 1917 December
24Motion Picture Classic, 1918 April
25Motion Picture Classic, 1918 May
26Motion Picture Classic, 1918 December
27Motion Picture Classic, 1919 May
28Motion Picture Classic, 1920 February
29Motion Picture Classic, 1920 September
210Motion Picture Classic, 1921 December
211Motion Picture Classic, 1927 July
212Motion Picture Magazine, 1916 September
213Motion Picture Magazine, 1916 December
214Motion Picture Magazine, 1917 January
215Motion Picture Magazine, 1918 February
31Motion Picture Magazine, 1918 August
32Motion Picture Magazine, 1918 October
33Motion Picture Magazine, 1918 November
34 - 5Motion Picture Magazine, 1918 December
36Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 January
37Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 February
38Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 April
39Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 April
310Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 May
311 - 12Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 June
313Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 August
41Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 September
42Motion Picture Magazine, 1919 November
43Motion Picture Magazine, 1920 March
44Motion Picture Magazine, 1920 April-May
45Motion Picture Magazine, 1920 August
46Motion Picture Magazine, 1920 October
47Motion Picture Magazine, 1921 February
48Motion Picture Magazine, 1921 March
49Motion Picture Magazine, 1921 April
410Motion Picture Magazine, 1922 April
411Motion Picture Magazine, 1922 November
412Motion Picture Magazine, 1923 January
413Motion Picture Magazine, 1923 February
414Motion Picture Magazine, 1923 March
51Motion Picture Magazine, 1924 April
52Motion Picture Magazine, 1928 February
53Motion Picture Magazine, 1943 February
54Motion Picture Magazine, 1948 January
55Motion Picture Magazine, 1950 February
56Motion Picture Magazine, 1950 October
57Motion Picture Magazine, 1950 November
58Motion Picture Stories, 1923 January 5
59Motion Picture Stories, 1924 January 22
510Motion Picture Stories, 1924 March 25
511Motion Picture Stories, 1924 April 1
512Motion Picture Stories, 1924 April 22
513Motion Picture Stories, 1924 April 29
514Motion Picture Stories, 1924 May 6
515Motion Picture Stories, 1924 May 13
516Motion Picture Stories, 1924 May 20
517Motion Picture Stories, 1924 May 27
518Motion Picture Stories, 1924 July 29
519Motion Picture Stories, 1924 September 2
520Motion Picture Stories, 1925 October 13
521Motion Picture Stories, 1925 November 3
522Motion Picture Stories, 1925 December 8
523Motion Picture Stories, 1926 July 13
524Motion Picture World, 1919 June 14
525Motion Picture World, 1919 December 27
61Photoplay, 1917 June
62Photoplay, 1917 September
63Photoplay, 1917 October
64Photoplay, 1917 November
65Photoplay, 1917 December
66Photoplay, 1918 January
67Photoplay, 1918 February
68Photoplay, 1918 March
69Photoplay, 1918 April
610Photoplay, 1918 June
611Photoplay, 1918 September
612Photoplay, 1918 October
613Photoplay, 1918 December
614Photoplay, 1919 January
71Photoplay, 1919 February
72Photoplay, 1919 March
73Photoplay, 1919 April
74Photoplay, 1919 August
75Photoplay, 1919 August
76Photoplay, 1919 September
77Photoplay, 1919 October
78Photoplay, 1919 November
79Photoplay, 1920 March
710Photoplay, 1920 April
711Photoplay, 1920 July
712Photoplay, 1920 July
81Photoplay, 1920 September
82Photoplay, 1920 November
83Photoplay, 1921 January
84Photoplay, 1921 March
85Photoplay, 1921 April
86Photoplay, 1921 May
87Photoplay, 1921 November
88Photoplay, 1921 December
89Photoplay, 1922 February
810Photoplay, 1922 April
811Photoplay, 1922 May
812Photoplay, 1922 July
813Photoplay, 1922 August
91Photoplay, 1922 December
92Photoplay, 1923 February
93Picture Play, 1923 March
94Picture Play, 1923 June
95Photoplay, 1923 July
96Photoplay, 1926 June
97Photoplay Magazine, 1928 February
98Photoplay , 1928 August
99Photoplay , 1930 July
910Photoplay , 1947 May
911Photoplay , 1947 June
912Photoplay , 1950 February
913Picture Play Magazine, 1916 December
101Picture Play Magazine, 1917 May
102Picture Play Magazine, 1918 July
103Picture Play Magazine, 1919 April
104Picture Play Magazine, 1919 August
105Picture Play Magazine, 1919 October
106Picture Play Magazine, 1919 November
107Picture Play Magazine, 1919 December
108Picture Play Magazine, 1920 February
109Picture Play Magazine, 1920 March
1010Picture Play Magazine, 1920 March
111Picture Play Magazine, 1920 October
112Picture Play Magazine, 1920 November
113Picture Play Magazine, 1921 January
114Picture Play Magazine, 1921 May
115Picture Play Magazine, 1922 October
116Picture Play Magazine, 1922 November
117Picture Play Magazine, 1922 December
118Screenland, 1927 February
119Miscellaneous Covers

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