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Thomas Hubbard McHatton family papers

Thomas Hubbard McHatton family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Thomas Hubbard McHatton family papers
Creator: McHatton Family
Inclusive Dates: 1837-1956
Language(s): English
Extent: 16 Linear Feet 5 document boxes, 13 cartons, 1 oversize box
Collection Number: ms2855
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

James Alexander McHatton (d. 1874), planter, married Eliza Chinn (1832-1912) their child, Henry Chinn McHatton (1856-1917) physician, married Eliza Hubbard in 1880. Their son, Thomas Hubbard McHatton (1883-1956), educator and head of the Horticulture Dept. at the University of Georgia (Athens) from 1911-1951, married Marie Lustrat in 1911.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of papers of Thomas Hubbard McHatton and the McHatton and Lustrat families including account books, clippings, correspondence, diaries, financial records, legal documents, plantation accounts, postcards, printed material, and scrapbooks. The collection documents Thomas H. McHatton's activities in World War I, World War II, and the American Legion; activities of Joseph and Eleanor Lustrat including her involvement with the Red Cross in World War I; Marie L. McHatton's activities with the Garden Club of Georgia (Athens) including correspondence and printed material on gardens or garden clubs in Georgia and the United States; and James Alexander McHatton family papers pertaining to the family's flight to Cuba after the Civil War, their life on a plantation in Cuba, and their return to the United States.

The collection also includes photographs (1870-1900) of the Chinn, Lustrat, and McHatton families; printed material pertaining to Norwich (Conn.); publications (1903-1932, with gaps) of Spring Hill College (Mobile, Ala.); publications (1889-1908) of Dr. Henry C. McHatton; financial records (1919-1939) of Thomas H. McHatton; manuscripts of Eliza C. McHatton Ripley's book From Flag to Flag; and postcard albums.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Thomas Hubbard McHatton family papers, ms2855, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

The following series within this collection are described separately: World War I files, World War II files, Joseph and Eleanor Lustrat papers, and James Alexander McHatton family papers.

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Chinn family -- Photographs
Garden Club of Georgia
Gardening -- Georgia -- Societies, etc.
Gardens, American -- Georgia.
Lustrat family -- Photographs
McHatton, Marie Lustrat
McHatton, Thomas Hubbard, 1883-1956
Physicians -- Georgia.
Ripley, Eliza, 1832-1912
Spring Hill College
Women -- Georgia -- Societies and clubs.
Women authors, American -- Georgia.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. World War I materials

Series 1 contains records pertaining to Thomas H. McHatton's service in World War I. It consists of reports, correspondecne, and reference material. Most of this material documents Capt. McHatton's work as the supervisor of castor bean production for the Southeastern United States. Castor beans were needed by the War Dept. because their oil was used as a lubricant for aircraft engines. There is information in this series on problems Capt. McHatton encountered in negotiating contracts for the government with private growers and troubles with labor which arose as a result of these contracts.
11Photograph and Cover
13Reports, T.H. McHatton, 1918
14Reports, T.H. McHatton, 1918
16Memorandum No. 148, Discharge of T.H. McHatton, 1918 December 10
17New Orleans Times-Picayune, 1918 October 7
18 The Spiker , 1919 April
19Sub-contractors, Castor Beans, Dean & Malone, Dothan, Alabama
110Castor Bean Sub-contractors with J.M. Ashley, Valdosta, Georgia
111Names and Addresses of Castor Bean Contractors
112Castor Bean Contractor, Dothan, Alabama
113 The Florida Grower , 1918 January 12
114Memo on Castor Beans, Agriculture Department, Drug-Plant Investigations
115Contract, Blank, Castor Bean Production
116Memorandum for Captain T.H. McHatton, 1918 July 27
117Travel Orders, T.H. McHatton, 1918
118The Rating Scale, Instructions, Officers, 1918
119Transfer of Signal Corp Officers to Air Service, 1918
120Report on a Method of Milling Castor Beans in the Hull
121Pay Voucher, Thomas H. McHatton, Travel Orders, 1918
122A.G. Smith Castor Bean Survey, 1918
123Certificate For Clearance, T.H. McHatton
124Tentative Specifications For Castor Beans, 1918
125Travel Requests and Mileage Statements, 1918
126Travel Request Material
127Memorandum for Supplies
128Memorandum on Castor Bean Claims , 1919
129Memorandum, War Department, Walker & Helms, Contract, 1918
130Dean, Liles & Malone Castor Bean Contractor with the Government, 1918
131Instruction For the Shipment of Castor Beans, 1918
132Report, Castor Bean Production, Helm & Walker, 1918
133War Risk Insurance Pamphlet, 1919
134Blank Forms
135Government Requests For Transportation, Blank
136Register of the Commissioned Officers of the Bureau of Aircraft Production, 1918
137 The Journal of Heredity , 1919 January
138 The Observance of Armistice Day , 1925
139Service Clubs Association
140Blank Maps of States in The United States and The United States
141Page, El Figaro, 1918 February
142Application For Commission, 1917
143Request For Transfer, T.H. McHatton, 1918
144Airplane Nomenclature
145Instructions, Lewis Gun, Gasoline Engines
146Little Rock Arkansas Gazette, 1918 April 10
147Applications For Insurance, T.H. McHatton
148Oath of Office, Blank, No Date
149Notes on Contractor Correspondence
150Notes and References on Castor Beans
151Forms For Paragraphs in Answering Letters
152Memo, Growing of Castor Beans, 1918 April 5
153Memorandum, Castor Bean Contracting and Sub-contracting
154Bulletin, Castor Bean Growth in Oklahoma
155Memorandum, Aero Supply Company Literature, 1918 January 22
156Assignment to Duty, T.H. McHatton, 1918 February 2
157Officer's Pay Voucher, Blank
158Instructions For Squadron Commanders When Transferring Command
159Duties of a Disbursing Officer
160Copy of Biweekly Report, Blank
161Mileage Statments, Blank
162Memorandum, Travel Allowances, 1918
163Form, Blank, Acceptance of Commission
164Address List of State Institutions and Officers in Charge of Agricultural Extension Work, 1918 May
165Farmers' Bulletin, The True Army Worm and Its Control
166The New Food Regulations (pamphlet), 1918 October 21
167Miscellaneous Notes
168Statement Showing Totals of Seed Selection
169Memorandum, Castor Bean Growth, Houston, Texas, 1918
170Improper Accomplished Transportation Request Memorandum, 1918
171Photographic Notes
172Mileage Statements, T.H. McHatton, 1918
173Memo, Expense Accounts, 1918 October 31
174Memo, Personnel Reports, 1918 March 30
175Correspondence, 1918
176General Discharge of Officers, 1918 November 21
177Instructions For Squadron Commanders When Transferring Command
178Receipt of Equipment
179Personnel Form, T.H. McHatton, 1918 April 18
180Crop Estimations, Arkansas, 1918 November 8
181Pamphlet, Another Strain of Puccinia Graminis, 1918 May
182Equipment of Officers (list), 1918
183Contract, Castor Bean Production, Cuba, Ignacio P. Casteneda
184Catalog, The Foos Gas Engine Company
185Pamphlet, Algunos Datos Sobre El Cultivo Del Ricino En Cuba Habana, 1918
186Travel Orders, T.H. McHatton, West Indies, 1918 May 11
187Contract, Eliseo Espaillat, Santiago, Dominican Republic, 1918 January 9
188Questionnaire, Castor Bean Hulling Machines, 1918 May 8
189Receipt, Spanish, 1918
190Report, Castor Bean Growth, Bahama Island, Cuba, Central America, Dominican Republic, 1918 May
191Contract, H.P. Davis, Republic of Haiti, Castor Beans, 1918 February
192Memorandum, Eliseo Espaillat, Castor Bean Growth, Santo Domingo
193Lists of Growers of Castor Beans, Southeastern States, Number of Acres
194Blank Contract, Castor Bean Growth
195List of Contractors,Castor Beans, United States, Total Authorizations
196The Muscle Shoals Cyanamid News, No Date
197Contract, Castor Bean Growth, J.M. Ashley, Valdosta, GA., 1918 January 21
199List, Dothan, Alabama, Contractors For Castor Beans
198Contract, Castor Beans, J.H. Dean, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1917 December 16
1100Steamship Freight Quotations on Castor Beans
1101Instructions, Castor Bean Cultivation
1102Blank Stationary, Liberty Bean Farms, Valdosta, Georgia
1103Memorandum Regarding Sugar Cane Profits in Porto Rico and Cuba, 1918 April 2
1104Castor Bean Growth Bulletin, E.L. Long, Alvin, Texas
1105Poster, Dean & Liles, War Emergency Growth of Castor Beans
1106Pamphlet, Plant Castor Beans For a Sure Crop, Lowndes County, Georgia
1107Personal Statistics, Thomas Hubbard McHatton
1108Extract From The Farmer's Cyclopedia, Volume 4, The Castor Bean
1109Description, Miranda Sugar Cane Company, Cuba
1110Draft, Memorandum, Department of Agriculture and the Signal Corp in the Production of Castor Beans
1111Memorandum, Railroad Rates, Freight Duties
1112Memorandum, Baker Castor Oil Company Operations, New York City
1113Rating Card For Officers
1114Application For Membership in the Air Service Clubs Association, Blank
1115Notes on Cuba, T.H. McHatton
1116Memorandum, Contracting Malpractices, 1918 February 18
1117List of Contractors, Castor Beans, Texas and California
1118Report, Maj. John Marston, U.S. Marines, The Castor Bean Situation, 1918 March 5
1119Instruction, T.H. McHatton, Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, 1918 May 14
1120Report, Cuban Castor Bean Growth, 1918
1121Report, T.H. McHatton, Freight Rates, Shipping Duties on Cuban Castor Beans
1122Correspondence, Cuba, 1918
1123Memo, The Growing of Castor Beans
1124Arkansas Prospects, Castor Bean Growth
1125List of Castor Bean Acres in California, 1918
1126Officer's Evaluation Forms, T.H. McHatton
1127Specifications For Castor Oil For Aircraft Engine Lubrication
1128"Castor Oil For Airplanes" The Country Gentleman, 1918 March 23
1129Labor Conflicts, Castor Bean Production, 1918

2. American Legion and Army Reserve Files, 1920-1928

Series 2 contains blank forms and reference pamphlets relating to the American Legion and the Army Reserve. Included also is a booklet describing the 301st Gas Regiment commanded by Colonel McHatton. Materials are arranged chronologically.
11Brochure, The Fifty Best Books on Warfare on Land and Sea, No Date
12Pamphlet, The Endowment Policies
13Forms, Application For Reinstatement of Yearly Renewable Term Insurance
14Forms, Application For Reinstatement of Yearly Renewable Term Insurance
15Premiums, Yearly Renewable Term Insurance Policies
16Pamphlet, The Ordinary Life Policy
17Form, Medical Examination in Connection With Reinstatement
18Pamphlet, The Limited Payment Life Policies
19Information Regarding United States Government Life Insurance
110Forms, Application For Reinstatement of Yearly Renewable Term Insurance
111Lists of World War 1 Veterans, Clarke County, Georgia
112Chemical Warfare, 301st Gas Regiment Edition (booklet), 1928 January 15

3. World War II, Civilian Defense materials

Series 3 contains records documenting Thomas H. McHatton's service in World War II. It includes lecture notes, clippings, correspondence, and reference material. The series primarily pertains to Col. McHatton's efforts to establish civilian protection schools at Edgewood Arsenal, the University of Maryland, the University of Florida, and Stanford University.
21Staff Manual, United States Citizens' Defense Corp
22Itinerary, T.H. McHatton, Speaking Tour, California, 1943
23Civil Defense Plans, Humboldt County, California
24Circular, Protection Series Number 13, April 10, 1943
25Lists of Hypothetical Bombing Incidences, Civil Defense Wardens
26Emergency Decontamination of 36 Gallons (1 Lister Bag) of Water For Use By Field Troops For Emergency Situations
27Hose Holders For Fighting Fire Bombs
28Pamphlet, Enemy Fire Bombs
29Air Raid Warning System First Interceptor Command Territorial Area
210Warning Message Signals and Communications Organization For Protection, Edgewood Arsenal Section "A"
211Chemical Agents and Symbols Comparison Chart
212Organization of the Office of Civilian Defense
213Pamphlet, Passive Protection For Industrial Plants
214Reference Notes of Wardens
215Lecture Notes, T.H. McHatton, Civil Defense (binder) ( 1 item(s) )
216Departmental Functions, Civilian Defense Corps
217Procedures For Night Incendiary Demonstrations
218The Development, Organization, and Operation of Civil Defense Services in the United Kingdom
219Pamphlet, How to Train the Responsibility of Every Instructor, June 1943
220Public Proclamation Number 12, October 10, 1942
221Light Control Tests of Incendiary Demonstration of the War Department Civilian Protection School, 1942 September 25
222Activities of Program, University of Maryland
223Control Center Exercise
224Control Board
225Conference Notes- Meteorology, 1942 November 21
226Organization and Training of the Auxiliary Police, San Francisco, 1943 February 23
227Citizens Defense Corps- Wardens- II, T.H. McHatton, 1942 April 26
228Control Center Exercise
229Officers Completing Employment of Cavalry Course, 1942 March 4
230Examinations, T.H. McHatton, Edgewood Arsenal, 1942
231Sulfadiazine on Burns, 1941 August
232Hypothetical Air Raid Incidents
233Identification Cards For Military Personnel, 1942 March 6
234Recommendation, Sam Hearn, T.H. McHatton, 1942 April 27
235Address, "Wardens, What Would You Do?"
236Newspaper Clippings
237Announcement, Plant Protection Course, Civilian Protection School, Stanford University , 1943 May 24-28
238Roster, Sixth Class, Civilian Protection School, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, 1942
239Training Circular On The Effectiveness Of Bombs, 1942 August 11
240T.H. McHatton Radio Address, National Defense, 1939
241T.H. McHatton, Lecture Notes, Civil Defense Lectures (binder) ( 1 item(s) )
242Addresses, First Civilian Defense Course, 1942 May 18-27
243Resolution of Appreciation to General Ray Avery, 1942 February 20
244Equipment List, 1942 February 21
245Civil Defense Map
246Post Regulations, Edgewood Arsenal, 1941 January 31
247T.H. McHatton, Persons to Contact in Atlanta and Why, 1942 May 1
248War Department Circular Number 61, 1942 March 2
249Address Roster, Fifteenth Civilian Defense Class, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, 1942 February 23- March 6
250Instructions at the Chemical Warfare School, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, 1942 February 5
251T.H. McHatton, Commendation of Private Steve Skrzydlak, 1942 February 25
252Index of Regulations
253Miscellaneous Notes
254Allotments, Civil Defense Schools, 1942
255Civilian Protection Course, Schedule, 1942
256Quotas, Civilian Protection Schools, 1942
257Roster of the Chemical Warfare Detachment, Gainesville, Florida, 1942 May 13
258Forwarding Addresses, Civilian Protection School, Gainesville, Florida, 1942 August 4
259Certificate of Attendence, Civilian Defense Course, 1942 April 1
260Roster, Third Civilian Defense Course, Edgewood Arsenal, MD., 1942 February 2-14
261Twelfth Civilian Defense Course, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, 1942 January 12-23
262Class Schedule, Civilian Protection School, Gainesville, Florida, 1942 July-August
263Booklet, Experiments on the Inheritance of the "Plus" and "Minus" Characters in Glomerella Cingulata
264Requisitions and Correspondence, T.H. McHatton, Gainesville, Florida, 1942
265Reconnaissance, Identification and Reporting of Unexploded Bombs, 1942 February 14
266Military Defense and Civilian Defense, 1941 October 6
267Chemical Warfare School Shop and Laboratory Tests, Report Number 102
268Civilian Defense Course, 1941 October 2
269War Department, Civilian Protection School Gainesville, Florida, First Class, Addresses, 1942 May 25
270Directors of State Defense Councils, Region IV, 1942 May 20
271List of Southeastern Newspapers
272Outlines of Technical Subject Matter Covered in Air Raid Warden Training
273Schedule, Civilian Protection School, Clearwater, Florida, 1942 July 23-24
274Roster, Civilian Protection School, Gainesville, Florida, July 13, 1942
275List of Civilian Defense Regional Directors
277Roster, Fourth Class, Civilian Protection School, Gainesville, Florida, 1942 July 8
278Telephone Directory, Chemical Warfare School, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, 1942 March 22
279Resolution of Appreciation, Second Class, Civilian Protection School, 1942
280Class Notes, Civilian Protection School, Syllabi, 1942
281Blank Form, Examination in Civilian Defense Organization
282Roster of Officers at Edgewood Arsenal, 1942 February 7
283Memorandum, T.H. McHatton, Persons to Contact in Atlanta, Georgia, and Why
284Resolutions of Appreciation to T.H. McHatton, 15th Civilian Defense Class
285The Second Civilian Protection Course, Class Record, 1942
286Notes For Bomb Disposal Classes, 1942 January 26
287Procedures, Field Exercise Number 39, Incendiaries- Field Evolutions, 1942
288Address Roster, Special Civilian Defense Course, Edgewood Arsenal, 1942 January 5
289General Orders, Officers, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, 1942 March 4
290Special Civilian Defense Course Orientation By Gen. Gasser, 1942 January 5
291Brochure, The Edison Hotel, New York City
292Memo, T.H. McHatton, Incendiary Display
293Request for Orders, 1942 February 9
294Communique, Department of the Army, the Closing of Civilian Protection Schools
295Clipping, Mrs. T.H. McHatton, Red Cross Work
296Memorandum, Night Incendiary Demonstration, 1942 September 28
297Editorial, Government Plan Would Doom Private Farming
298Address of Marshal Foch, World War I Paris Bombardment
299Lecture, Citizens' Defense Corps, Warden I, T.H. McHatton, 1942 April 27
2100Lecture, Citizens' Defense Corps, Warden II, T.H. McHatton, 1942 April 28
2101Pamphlet, Concannon Vineyards
2102Clipping, Atlanta Constitution, Marie McHatton
2103Clipping, The Mobile Alabama Press, 1942 August 25
2104Photographs, Thomas H. McHatton, Colonel, United States Army
2105Map, Southeastern Civil Air Raid Warning Districts
2106Civilian Defense Organization, Plant Protection Course
2107Protection Required By Certain Foods and Articles Included in Army Rations
21Name Plaque: T.H. McHatton
22Name Plaque: T.H. McHatton

4. Publications of Dr. Henry McHatton, 1889-1908

Series 4 contains publications of Thomas H. McHatton's fatherm Dr. Henry McHatton of Macon, Georgia. The subjects of these publications include railroad surgery, infant teething, the need for a state board of health, and various aspects of gynecology. The files are in chronological order.
21 Sketches of Eminent Railway Surgeons of the Medico-Legal Journal
22Our House and Our Servant. Why We Should Have a State Board of Health by Dr. H. McHatton
23Our House and Our Servant. Why We Should Have a State Board of Health by Dr. H. McHatton
24One Hundred and Seventy Consecutive Cases of Railroad Surgery by Dr. H. McHatton
25Teething by Dr. H. McHatton
26Report on Surgery From the Sixth District. Two Unusual Cases of Obstretics by Dr. H. McHatton
27Report on Surgery From the Sixth District. Two Unusual Cases of Obstretics by Dr. H. McHatton
29Four Women Who Refused Oophorectomy, and Their Subsequent Histories by Dr. H. McHatton
28General Rules for Infant Feeding by Dr. H. McHatton, 1900
210Four Women Who Refused Oophorectomy, and Their Subsequent Histories by Dr. H. McHatton
211Malarial Haemoglobinuria by Dr. H. McHatton
212Teething by Dr. H. McHatton
213Weaning by Dr. H. McHatton, May 1908
214The Sexual Status of the Negro- Past and Present by Dr. H. McHatton
215Report on Surgery From the Sixth District. Two Unusual Cases of Obstretics by Dr. H. McHatton
216Tuberculosis by Dr. H. McHatton
217The Sexual Status of the Negro- Past and Present by Dr. H. McHatton
218Is Tuberculosis a Disease of Environment Only? by Dr. H. McHatton
219Weaning by Dr.H. McHatton, May 1908
220Ectopic Pregnancy in Later Months by Joseph Tabor Johnson
221The Albuminuria of Pregnancy by Dr. H. McHatton
222The Albuminuria of Pregnancy by Dr. H. McHatton
223Tuberculosis by Dr. H. McHatton, June 1902
224One Hundred and Seventy Consecutive Cases of Railroad Surgery by Dr. H. McHatton
225One Hundred and Seventy Consecutive Cases of Railroad Surgery by Dr. H. McHatton
226One Hundred and Seventy Consecutive Cases of Railroad Surgery by Dr. H. McHatton
227One Hundred and Seventy Consecutive Cases of Railroad Surgery by Dr. H. McHatton
228Some Remarks on Chronic Conditions by Dr. H. McHatton
229Some Remarks on Chronic Conditions by Dr. H. McHatton
230Malarial Haemoglobinuria by Dr. H. McHatton
231Photograph, Dr. Henry McHatton

5. 250th Anniversary of Norwich, Connecticut records , 1909

Series 5 regards the birthplace of McHatton's mother Eliza Hubbard McHatton. This series contain booklets, pamphlets, and post cards commemorating the 1909 celebration of Norwich, Connecticut's 250th birthday.
22Norwich, The Rose of New England, Official Program, 1909
23Invitation, Norwich Welcomes Home Her Children, 1909
24The Inland City: A Letter and a Poem By Edmund Clarence Stedman Norwich, Connecticut, 1659-1909
25 Notes on Persons and Places in the Ancient Town of Norwich in Connecticut , 1909
26Badge, Norwich, Connecticut, The Rose of New England, Celebration, 1909
27Post Cards, Norwich, Connecticut, 1909
28Souvenir of Norwich, Connecticut Booklet, 1909
29Norwich, Connecticut, Celebration, Committee on Invitations, 1909 July 5-6
210Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Norwich, Connecticut, Literary Exercises, 1909
211Norwich, Henry Ward Beecher, 1909

6. Spring Hill College records

Series 6 contains copies of various campus publications from the alma mater of Thomas H. McHatton- Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, from which he graduated in 1903. Included are copies of The Spring Hill Review, The Springhillian, and the Spring Hill College Catalog for 1903, 1908, 1914, 1915, and 1932. These publications contain records of McHatton as a student and later as a guest speaker. Arranged chronologically.
31 The Springhillian , 1935 May-June
32 The Spring Hill Review , 1908 January
33 The Springhillian , 1914
34 The Spring Hill Review , 1903 June
35The Spring Hill College Catalogue, 1903-1904

7. Joseph and Madame Lustrat records, 1890-1923

Series 7 contains articles written by Dr. Joseph Lustrat, Head of the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Georgia; McHatton married Lustrat's eldest daughter Marie in 1911. The series also contains recipes written by Madame Joseph Lustrat and much material pertaining to her work in the Red Cross during World War I, as well as some correspondence. Soe of the material is in French; file arrangement is chronological.
11Miscellaneous papers from loose-leaf cover notebook
32Account Book, 1929-1930
33Account Book
35Account Book
36Receipt Book
37Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
38Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
313Record Notebook, 1910
314Agenda, 1910
41"The Story of a Coronation"
42Article, The French Revolution, 1908
43Correspondence, 1919
44Clippings, Madame Joseph Lustrat, Red Cross Work, 1919
45Names and Addresses, French, 1916
46Cancelled Check, Veuve Charton, 1920
47Cancelled Check, A.F. Winecoff, 1920
48Correspondence , 1921
49Program, The Georgia State Conference, American National Red Cross, 4 July 1918
410Correspondence, 1917
411Correspondence, 1918
412American Red Cross Canteen Directory, 1918
413Concert, Royal Belgian Trio, 1918
414Stock Certificate, Elenor M. Lustrat, Gulf States Oil Company, 1920
415Cards, Identification, Madame Joseph Lustrat
416Members, Athens Chamber of Commerce, Undated
417Joseph Lustrat, Article, La Medee de Pierre Corneille, Undated
418Correspondence, Madame Joseph Lustrat, Undated
419Diploma, Joseph Lustrat, French
420An Account of Christmas in France
421Notes, French and Latin, Undated
422Christmas in France, Madame Joseph Lustrat, No Date
423Report, Athens Red Cross, Madame Joseph Lustrat, 1919
424Minutes, Georgia Division of the Womens Committee Council of National Defense, 1917
425Athens Chapter of the American Red Cross, 1918
426The Junior Red Cross Handbook, No Date
427Certificate, American Defense Society, Madame Joseph Lustrat, 1918 October 9
428Death Once Been at Our Hearth Leaves a Shadow There Which Abideth Forever
429The Economy of the Country Woman in France, Madame Joseph Lustrat, Undated
430Cards, Undated
431Photographs, Red Cross Workers, Undated
432Birth Announcement, French, 1897
433A Few Comparative Notes Between French and Latin and Greek, 1916 January 22
434Article, Simplification of the French Language
435The Religious Origin of Drama, Notes
436Card, Joseph Lustrat
437Article on Rousseau, Undated
438Articles, Joseph Lustrat, Undated
439Article, France Before and After the War
440Correspondence, Lustrat, Undated
441Receipts, Joseph Lustrat
442Quelque Remarques Sur La Question de L'amour dans Les Oeuvres de Corneille et de Racine
443Script of Play, French, No Date
444Joseph Lustrat, "The Teaching of Modern Languages in Normal School", Undated
445Articles, Joseph Lustrat, French and Spanish
446Article, French Orthography and Pronunciation
447Elementary Rules of Pronunciation in French
448The Influence of the French Revolution on Literature
449Invitation, China Wedding, 1891
450Account Book, Joseph Lustrat
451Correspondence, Madame Joseph Lustrat, 1923 December 1
452Correspondence, 1918
453Correspondence, Building of the Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 1909
454Correspondence, 1923
455Clipping, Madame Joseph Lustrat, 1919 March 28
456Correspondence, 1918
457Advertisement, San Tox Preparations, No Date
458Correspondence, 1917
459Appointment, Joseph Lustrat, University of Georgia, 1897 June 19
460Correspondence, French, 1891
461Address to the "Scroll and Pen", Joseph Lustrat, 1899 March 9

8. Eleanor Lustrat postcard albums, 1906-1909

Series 8 contains postcard albums compiled by Miss Eleanor Lustrat, youngest daughter of Professor Joseph Lustrat, during the early 1900's. Cards are from both Europe and America.
41Post Card Album
42Post Card Album
43Post Card Album
44Post Card Album
45Post Card Album
46Post Card Album

9. Garden Club of Georgia records, 1930-1936

Series 9 contains the administrative correspondence of the Garden Club of Georgia during the Presidency of Marie Lustrat McHatton, who was President from 1935-1936, as well as some correspondence of the Presidents who preceeded her. In addition there is reference material consisting of booklets, pamphlets, and brochures describing gardens and garden clubs throughout the United States. Arrangement is chronological.
51-5Untitled - (1936)- No Date
56Correspondence, 1936
57-18Untitled , 1935-1936
519Correspondence, 1935
520Correspondence, Marie McHatton, 1935
521Mrs. Thomas H. McHatton, Newspaper Clippings, Georgia Garden Club
522Untitled, 1934 October-December
523Untitled, 1934 January-February
524Correspondence, 1934
525Untitled, 1934 March-April
526Untitled, 1934 May-August
527-37Correspondence, 1930-1934
538-40Untitled, undated
541Article, An Appreciation, Marie McHatton
61Blank Form, Garden Club Report
62The President's Message, Mrs. Thomas Hubbard McHatton, Eighth Convention, Garden Club of Georgia, 1936
63Minutes of the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Georgia Forestry Association, 1936 May 7-8
64Garden Gateways, 1936 April
65The President's Message, Mrs. T. H. McHatton, 1935
66Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Georgia Forestry Association, 1935 September 27
67The Federated Garden Clubs of New Jersey, 1935
68Invitation, Eleventh Annual Convention of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, 1936
69Fifth Annual Pilgrimage, Natchez Garden Club, 1936 March-April
610Third Annual National Air Mail Flower Show, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1935 September 11-13
611October Message to Garden Club, Marie McHatton, No Date
612Application Form, Blank Gardening Courses, Habersham Garden Club, Atlanta
613Martha Berry, Pamphlet, 1933
614 Garden Gateways , 1934 October
615Unique Lectures in Costume, No Date
616Convention, The Federated Garden Clubs of Michigan, No Date
617An Appreciation, Marie McHatton, No Date
618The Report of the Garden Club of Georgia, 1933-1934
619Christmas Season, Tallulah Falls, 1934
620Schedule For the Second Annual Atlanta Flower Show, 1935 May 9-10
621Fourteenth Annual Convention, Georgia Forestry Association, 1935 May 17-18
622Southern School of Gardening, Summer Session, 1935
623Blank Form, Removal of Advertising Signs
624Announcement of Garden Institute to be Held at The University of Georgia, No Date
625Safety Week, Mrs. T. H. McHatton, President, The Garden Club of Georgia, No Date
626Blank Stationary
627Garden Centers, Sallie B. Breckmans, No Date
628Report, Druid Hills Garden Club, 1936
629Wildlife in the Balance, Booklet, National Association of Audubon Societies, 1936
630How the Women Organizations of Georgia Can Promote Forestry, No Date
631Report of the State Garden Club Chairman, No Date
632Let's Go to Mexico, No Date
633Members of the Druid Hills Garden Club, No Date
634Garden Gossip, No Date
635Year Book Edition, Garden Gateways, 1935-1936
636Invitation, Dedication of Stratford Hall, Arlington, Virginia, 1935
637Invitation, Garden Party, "Pinebloom," No Date, Home of Mrs. Preston Arkwright
638Constitution and By-laws of The Garden Club of Georgia, No Date
639Minutes of the Sixth Annual Meeting of The National Council of State Garden Club Federations, Los Angeles, California, 1935
640Invitation, Annual Meeting, Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, 1935
641The National Council of State Garden Club Federations Executive Board, 1932
642NRA Handbook For Speakers, 1933
643 Athens Daily Times , 1934 June 7
644Blooms Throughout the Year in the Lower South, The Albany Garden Club, 1936
645Invitation, Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, Annual Convention, 1936
646Invitation, National Council of Garden Clubs, Dinner, Dallas Country Club, 1936
647Ferrell's Gardens, No Date
648Crystal Hill, No Date
649Silvermoon, No Date
650Lists of Prizes Offered, 1935-1936
651National Council of State Garden Club Federations, Minutes of Board Meeting, 1931
652The Garden Club of Virginia, Visiting Garden Week, 1932 April 25-30
653Circular, Annual Meeting of the Garden Clubs of Georgia, Columbus, No Date
654Minutes of the Fifth Annual Convention of the Garden Clubs of Georgia, 1933 April 7-8
655Officers and Committee Chairmen, 1933-1934
656Presidents of the Garden Club of Georgia, No Date
657 The Forestry- Geological Review , 1936 March
658Book of Reports, Garden Club of Georgia, 1934-1935
659Book of Reports, Garden Club of Georgia, 1934-1935
660Descriptions of Flowers, No Date
661The Garden of the Prophet, Kahil Gibran, 1933
662Manual of Gardening, Elizabeth Claiborne, No Date
663Year Book, Louisiana Garden Club Federation, 1935-1936
664The Garden Club of Alabama, Year Book Number Two, 1935-1936
665Garden Club of Atlanta's Official Board, 1935-1936
666Constitution, Garden Club of Georgia, No Date
667The National Council of State Garden Club Federations Incorporated, By-laws, 1929
668Executive Board Meeting of the National Council of State Garden Club Federations, Los Angeles, California, 1935 April 10
669Lists of Clubs and Presidents in Georgia, No Date
670The Ninth Annual Convention of the Garden Club of Georgia (program), 1937
671The Garden School, 1931
672The Garden of Mr. and Mrs. Lamar C. Rucker, No Date
673Invitation, The City Garden Club, "City Gardening in America,", New York City, No Date
674Extracts Translated From the Journal of Andre McHaux, 1787-1796
675Program, Convention of the Garden Club of Georgia, Macon, Georgia, 1935
676Book of Reports, Garden Club of Georgia, 1934-1935
677Judges Accredited and Recommended by the Garden Club of Georgia, No Date
678Plan of Operations For February Georgia Better Housing Campaign, No Date
679The Institute For Gardeners and Garden Clubs, No Date
680Important Announcements to Club Presidents, Marie McHatton, 1936
681Reports Received by the Chairmen, No Date
682Message to the Decatur Woman's Club, No Date, Marie McHatton
683The Garden History of Georgia, 1933
684Message to Garden Clubs, Marie McHatton, No Date
685Circular, Marie McHatton, Conservation Week, No Date
687The Garden Club of Georgia's Conservation Program
688Clippings, Newpaper Articles
689Information Concerning Billboard Legislation
690Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, 1934-1935
691 The Southern Garden , 1938 September
692The Annual Meeting of the Garden Club of Kentucky, 1934
693The Habersham Garden Club of Atlanta, Suggestions for Organizers, Judges, Exhibitors of Amateur Flower Shows, No Date
694 Rainbow's End, Or Journey of an Iris Lover , 1935
695 Symbolic Flowers , 1934

10. Photographs

Series 10 contains personal photographs of the McHatton, Lustrat, and Chinn families. Most of the photographs were taken between 1870 and 1900 and depict scenes in Georgia, Cuba, Honduras, and Norwich, CT. Approximately half of the photos are identified.
696-98Unidentified Photographs
699Photograph, 1881 August
6100Assorted Unidentified photographs and postcards
6101-102Unidentified Photographs
6103Photograph, At Waube Keego
6104-112Unidentified Photographs
6113Photograph, Clipping, Mrs. Thomas Hubbard McHatton
6114-120Unidentified Photographs
71El Morro Con Parte De La Punta, Cuba
72An Avenue of Palms in Havana, Cuba
73-4Eliza McHatton Ripley
75Eliza Ripley Portrait at 24
76-7Thomas H. McHatton
78Photograph, Henry McHatton, T. H. McHatton, Undated
79"Woodbine", 1905
710Marie Lustrat McHatton
711C. M. Jackson, 1873
712Louisiana Bowie
713Ramon Laboada, 1870
714Dr. Carleton and Dog
715Aunia Williams, 1872
716-17T. H. McHatton
718J. H. Shropshire
719Marie Lustrat McHatton
720Henry McHatton
721M. P. Wilson, 1904
722T. H. Mchatton
723Spring Hill College Baseball Team
724Geraldine M. Hubbard, 1897
725-26Marie Lustrat McHatton
727T. H. McHatton, Spring Hill College
728Henry McHatton, T. H. McHatton
729Father Winkelreid, St. Joseph's Church
730Lustrat House
731Mrs. George B. Ripley
732The Stone Creek Train Wreck
733Henry McHatton
734Untitled Photograph
735Untitled Photographs, 1908
736Scott B. Lelly, 1907
737Henry McHatton
738Henry McHatton
739T. H. McHatton
740Dodd Family, Havana, Cuba, 1880
741T. H. McHatton
742Henry McHatton
743Sprin Hill College Baseball Team
744T. H. McHatton and Shark
745Pine Grove House, South Waterford, Maine, 1879
746Henry McHatton
747Henry McHatton
748T. H. McHatton
749Henry McHatton, Frank Tripp, Marie Lustrat McHatton
750Henry McHatton
751Isaac W. Turner
752Thomas H. McHatton
753Docwhol Wild, 1892
754Minor McHatton
755St. Roehs, New Orleans
757Marshall Foch, Athens, 1919
758Madame Joseph Lustrat and Red Cross Nurses, World War I
759C. A. Coombs, 1885
760C. A. Coombs, 1885
762Maude and Geraldine Hubbard, 1894
763Mrs. L. G. Davidson, 1873
764Dr. W. F. Holt
765Maude Hubbard, G. M. Hubbard, 1898
766Charles M. Carleton, 1878
767Geraldine, 1894
768Cuthbert Wigg, 1880
769Geraldine Claude Hubbard, 1893
770T. H. McHatton
771T. H. McHatton
772Anne Rogers
773A. J. Carpenter, 1907
774Elk Horn Ranch
775Henry McHatton, T. H. McHatton
776Henry McHatton
777Team at Mineral Bluff
778Untitled Photograph
779Martha Johnson Kuntz
780T. H. McHatton
781T. H. McHatton, 1930
782Elk Horn Ranch, Vaca Valley, California
783Elk Horn Ranch
784Annella McHatton
785"Rube" and Wife, 1908
786D. P. Henderson
787Lon Schofield
788Elk Horn Ranch, Vacaville, California
789Dr. Henry McHatton
790Elk Horn Ranch, Vaca Valley, California
791Dr. Stone
792T. H. McHatton
793T. H. McHatton
794T. H. McHatton
795T. H. McHatton
796Ralph Howard Nesmith
797H. B. Werks
798The Early Birds, Spring Hill College
799"Ashland," Lexington, Kentucky
7100Lustrat House, 1917
7101Sigma Nu Fraternity, Lucy Cobb Institute
7102Marie Lustrat McHatton
7103Marie Lustrat McHatton
7104Russell S. Canfield
7105Band, Spring Hill College, T. H. McHatton
7106Frederick Harold Chinn and Bolling Robertson Chinn, 1901
7107John C. Breckenridge, Lexington, Kentucky
7108Elkhorn Ranch, Vacaville, California
7109"Rube" and Wife, 1908
7110Henry McHatton
7111Henry McHatton, T. H. McHatton
7112Henry McHatton
7113McHatton Williams, 1899
7114Hazel Chinn
7115"Bobby," Hunting Dog
7116Henry McHatton Feeding Dogs
7117Henry McHatton and Dogs
7118House at 112 South Street, Stamford, Connecticut
7119Henry McHatton, Lanark, Michigan, 1906
7120Henry McHatton
7121Henry McHatton
7122Orchestra, Spring Hill College, Thomas H. McHatton
7123James Slidell, Presented to James A. McHatton
7124Baseball Team, Spring Hill College, T. H. McHatton
7125Band, Spring Hill College, T. H. McHatton, 1903
7126Baseball Team, Spring Hill College, Thomas H. McHatton, 1902
7127Spring Hill College Football Team, Thomas H. McHatton, 1901
7128Baseball Team, Thomas H. McHatton, Spring Hill College
7129Island Carriage, Santiago, Cuba
7130Thomas H. McHatton, "By the Seaside"
7131Dr. Henry McHatton
7132Thomas H. McHatton
7133"Rover," Dog Belonging to Professor Lustrat
7134Dr. and Mrs. Charles Strahan
7135London Brown
7136Marie Lustrat McHatton
7137Marie Lustrat McHatton
7138"Rush", 1907-1908
7139Baseball Team, Spring Hill College, Thomas H. McHatton
7140Duster Brigade, Spring Hill College, Thomas H. McHatton, 1903
7141Picture, Corner of the Camp
7142Fort Morgan Football Team
71Album of Hunting Trip to Honduras, 1901

11. Financial records, T.H. McHatton, 1919-1939

Series 11 contains bank statements, receipts, and cancelled checks collected by Professor McHatton over a period of 20 years, filed in chronological order.
81-23Cancelled Checks and Bank Statements, 1936
91Receipts, T. H. McHatton
92Blank Check Book, The Georgia National Bank of Athens
93Receipts and Deposit Slips Bearing No Date
94-21Receipts and Deposit Slips, 1938
922Cancelled Checks, 1911
923Bank Books, 1927-1928
924Check Stubs, Undated
925Check Stubs, Undated

12. Draft Copies- From Flag to Flag- Eliza McHatton Ripley manuscript

Series 12 contains draft copies of From Flag to Flag, an account of the journey of Eliza McHatton Ripley, Thomas H. McHatton's paternal grandmother, with her husband James McHatton from Louisiana through Texas and Mexico to Cuba during the Civil War. Eliza and James McHatton accompanied a wagon train loaded with cotton slated for sale to the Confederate Government. From Flag to Flag was published in 1889.
926From Flag to Flag Chapters 9-17
927From Flag to Flag Introduction & Chapters 1-3
928Arlington, Chapters 1-3
929Arlington, Chapters 1-8

13. James Alexander McHatton Family Papers, 1837-1959

Series 13 contains the private papers of the McHatton family for a period of over a century. Materials include correspondence, deeds, licenses, travel logs, and diaries. Some material relates to the Thomas McHatton's grandparents' trek across Texas during the Civil War. Correspondence in this series also relates to a claim brother against the United States Government by the heirs of Stephen A. Douglas. (The Douglas family was seeking compensation for a plantation in Mississippi which was destroyed by Federal troops during the Civil War; the plantation was jointly owned by Stephen Douglas and James McHatton.) Other correspondence in this series pertains to Henry McHatton's education at a private academy in Norwich, CT, and the management of his deceased father's plantation in Cuba, called Desengano. There is also considerable information regarding relations between the McHatton, Ripley, Chinn, Hubbard, and Lustrat familes. Because of the McHatton family's twelve year residence in Cuba following the Civil War, some material in this series is written in Spanish. File arrangement is chronological.
102Deed, Robert P. Snell to James A. McHatton, 1840
103Deed, Evens Stevenson to James A. McHatton, 1841
104Certificate, Charles A. Chinn, Public School and Lyceum Soc., New Orleans, 1846
105Circular, The Industrial Exhibition of 1851
106Appointment of Richard H. Chinn, Administrator of Succession, New Orleans, 1851
107Statements of Payments Maturing in the Purchase of Plantation Slaves, 1852
108Correspondence, 1853
109Map of New Orleans, 1857
1010Receipt, James A. McHatton, 1858
1011Appointment As Commissioner For the State of Louisiana, J. A. McHatton, 1858
1012Map of Cuba, 1857
1013Map of Cuba, 1860
1014Tax Receipt, Douglas-McHatton Plantation, 1860
1015Balance Statements, Plantations, James A. McHatton, 1860, 1861
1016Legal Document, Confederate, Garnishment, James A. McHatton, 1861
1017Deed, Lafayette Caldwell to James A. McHatton, 1861
1018Will of Fenelon McHatton, 1861
1019Deed, J. A. McHatton to R. H. Chinn, 1861
1020Authorization of Passage Through Union Lines, James A. McHatton, 1862
1021Receipt For Two Horses, CSA, James A. McHatton, 1862
1022Letters of Introduction, James A. McHatton, 1862
1023Order For Negroes, CSA, James A. McHatton, 1862
1024Legal Document, Cotton Transaction, James A. McHatton, Spanish, 1863
1025Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, 1862
1026Correspondence, 1863
1027Statement, Cotton Sale, James A. McHatton, Texas, 1863, 1865
1028Correspondence, 1864
1029Legal Document, Spanish, 1864
1030Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, 1864
1031Accounts of Cotton Sales, James A. McHatton, 1864
1032Sale of Cotton, Statement, Mexico, James A. McHatton, 1864
1033Correspondence, 1864
1034Receipt of Cotton Sale, Liverpool, 1865
1035Letter of Introduction, James A. McHatton, 1865
1036Invoice of Freight Shipped on Mule Team, James A. McHatton, 1865
1037Correspondence, 1865
1038Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, 1865
1039Record of Movement in Cuba, James A. McHatton, 1865-1866
1040Correspondence, 1865
1041Correspondence, 1866
1042Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, 1866
1043Legal Document, Spanish, 1866
1044Correspondence , 1867
1045Contract For Chinese Labor
1046Account Book, 1867
1047Legal Document, Spanish, 1867
1048Correspondence, 1867
1049Legal Documents, Spanish, 1868
1050Correspondence, 1868
1051Correspondence, 1868
1052Correspondence , 1868
1053Legal Document, Spanish, 1868
1054Account Book, Cuba, 1868
1055Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1868
1056Contract For Chinese Labor, 1868
1057Correspondence, 1868
1058Receipt, Spanish, 1868
1059Account Book, Desengano Plantation, Cuba, 1868
1060Correspondence, 1868
1061Deed, Spanish, 1869
1062Deed, Spanish, 1869
1063Legal Document, Spanish, 1869
1064Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1869
1065Correspondence, 1869
1066Legal Document, Spanish, 1869
1067Legal Document, Spanish, 1869
1068Legal Document, Spanish, 1869
1069Payment For Chinese Labor, 1869-1870
1070Plantation Diary, Cuba, 1870
1071Soil Analysis, Cuba, 1870
1072Correspondence, 1870
1073Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, 1870
1074Legal Document, Spanish, Henry McHatton, 1870
1075Report, Henry McHatton, New Haven Collegiate and Commercial Inst., 1870
1076Cancelled Check, Henry McHatton, 1870
1077Receipt for Book Purchases, Henry McHatton, 1870 December 18
1078Receipt, Clothing and Supplies, 1870
1079Legal Document, Spanish, 1870
1080 Hearth and Home , 1870 August 20
1081Legal Document, Spanish, 1871
1082Correspondence, 1870
1083Correspondence, 1871
1084Legal Document, Spanish, 1871
1085Rules and Regulations of the Commisioners of Claims, 1871
1086Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1871
1087Correspondence, 1871
1088Poem, Spanish, 1871
1089Certificate of Bankruptcy Protection, James A. McHatton, 1871
1090Correspondence, Douglas Cotton Claim, 1871
1091McHatton Geneology, Diary, Henry McHatton, 1871
1092Legal Document, Spanish, 1871
1093Invitation, Closing Exercises, Collegiate Commercial Institute, 1871
1094Account Book Fragment, Henry McHatton, 1871
1095Regulations, New Haven Collegiate and Commercial Institute, 1871
1096Check, $282.77, Eliza McHatton, 1871
1097Travel Visa, Henry McHatton, 1871
1098 The New Orleans Times , 1871 February 11
1099Visa, Eliza McHatton, 1871
10100Correspondence , 1872
10101Deed, Spanish, 1872
10102Insurance Premium Notice, 1872
10103Dispersion of Property, Spanish, 1872
10104Agreement, R. W. Douglas and James A. McHatton, Douglas Cotton Claim, 1872
10105Correspondence, Douglas Cotton Claim, 1972
10106Death Certificate, James A. McHatton, 1872 March 7
10107Legal Document, Spanish, 1872
10108Legal Document, Spanish, 1872
10109Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1872
10110Account Book, Mrs. Henry McHatton, 1872
10111Correspondence, 1872
10112Correspondence, 1872
10113Affidavit, James A. McHatton, Douglas Claim, 1872
10114Poem, Spanish, 1872
10115Correspondence, 1872
10116Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1872
10117Correspondence , 1873
10118Correspondence, 1873
10119Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1873
10120Correspondence, 1873
10121Pledge to Not Use Alcohol, Henry McHatton, 1873
10122Correspondence, 1873
10123Correspondence, Spanish, 1873
10124Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1873
10125Debts and Obligations of Desengano Plantation, 1873-1879
10126Insurance Policy Premium Notice, 1873, 1874
10127Legal Document, Spanish, 1874
10128Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1874
10129Lottery Tickets, Cuban, 1874
10130Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1874
10131Testimony, Stephen Douglas Claim, 1874
10132Correspondence, 1874
10133Correspondence, 1874
10134Miniature Books, The New York Reader, 1874
10135Autograph, Henry McHatton, Norwich Free Academy, 1874
10136Correspondence, 1874
10137Correspondence, Spanish, 1875
10138Correspondence , 1874
10139Certification of Henry McHatton's Attendence of Norwich Free Academy , 1874
10140Correspondence , 1874
10141Correspondence, 1874
10142Legal Document, Spanish, 1874
10143Correspondence, 1875
10144Receipt, John P. Moore's Sons, New York City, Henry McHatton, 1875
10145-150Correspondence, 1875
10151Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1875
10152Account Book, Spanish, 1875
10153Correspondence, Spanish, 1875
10154Correspondence, Dwight Ripley, 1875
10155Diary, Henry McHatton, 1875
111Correspondence, Dwight Ripley, 1876
112Correspondence, Eliza Ripley, 1876
113Correspondence, 1876
114Correspondence , 1876
115-6Account Book, Spanish, 1876
117Account Book, Spanish, 1876
118Account Book, Desengano Plantation, 1876
119Page, Account Book, Henry McHatton, 1876
1110Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1876
1111Correspondence, 1876
1112Correspondence, Death of Anastasio Millet, 1876
1113Correspondence, 1877
1114Legal Document, Spanish, 1877
1115Correspondence, 1877
1116Correspondence, Eliza Ripley, 1877
1117Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1877
1118Correspondence, 1879
1119Correspondence, 1878
1120Correspondence, Richard H. Chinn, 1878
1121United States Travel Permit, Henry McHatton, 1881
1122Correspondence, 1882
1123Ripley Correspondence, 1885
1124-26Correspondence, 1886
1127Clipping, Address of Dr. Talmadge, Long Island College Hospital, 1888
1128Correspondence , 1889
1129Clippings, Reviews of From Flag to Flag, 1889
1130Invitation, Henry McHatton, Brunswick Medical Society, 1890 April
1131-34Correspondence, 1890
1135Certificate of New York Medico-Legal Society, Henry McHatton, 1893
1136Account Book, E. H. McHatton, 1894
1137Poem and Cards, First Communion, T. H. McHatton, 1895
1138Notebook, Spanish Exercises, T. H. McHatton, 1896
1139Hunting Journal, T. H. McHatton, 1896
1140Examples of the Work of Thomas H. McHatton at the Whittle School, 1898
1141Notebook, History, Arithmetic, English, T. H. McHatton, 1897-1898
1142Arithmetic Examination, Whittle School, T. H. McHatton, 1898 May 16
1143Check, Hubbard McHatton, Three Cents, 1898
1144"The Novena of Grace", 1898
1145Grade Cards, Whittle School, T. H. McHatton, 1897-1898
1146"The Roudebush Writing System" Gresham High School, T. H. McHatton, 1899
1147Account Book, T. H. McHatton, 1899
1148Map of Honduras, 1899
1149Program, Romeo and Juliet, Macon, GA, 1900 February 24
1150Account of a Trip Through Honduras, T. H. McHatton, 1900
1151Travel Journal, Honduras Trip, T. H. McHatton, 1900
1152Correspondence, 1900
1153Correspondence, 1900
1154Account Book, Mrs. Henry McHatton, 1900
1155Notebook, T. H. McHatton, English, Mathematics, History, 1900
1156Travel Log, South American Trip, 1901
1157Correspondence, 1901
1158Class Grade Cards, T. H. McHatton, Spring Hill College, 1901-1903
1159Travel Journal, South American Trip, T. H. McHatton, 1901
1160T. H. McHatton, Diary of Honduras Trip, 1901
1161Cash Journal, Mobile, Alabama, 1901
1162Correspondence, 1901
1163Correspondence, 1901
1164Program, King Robert of Sicily, Spring Hill College, 1902 June 19
1165Catalogue, The Michigan State Agricultural College, 1902-1903
1166Correspondence, 1902
1167Third Grammar, Class A, Spring Hill College, 1903 May 6
1168Correspondence, 1903
1169Biographical Sketch, Dr. Henry McHatton, Atlanta Journal Record of Medicine, 1903
1170Program, Monroe Park Theatre, Mobile, Alabama, 1903
1171Correspondence, 1903
1172Notes of Congratulation, 1903
1173Official Program, Michigan Music Teachers Association, 1901 June
1174Poster, Boarding Clubs, 1904
1175Account Book, T. H. McHatton, 1904
1176Correspondence, 1904
1177Report of Standing, Michigan, T. H. McHatton, Agricultural College, 1905-1906
1178Invitation, Fancy Dress Masque Ball, Maids of Athens, 1905 February 17
1179Account Book, T. H. McHatton, 1905
1180Pamphlet, "A First Step," Simplified Spelling Board, 1906 March 21
1181Poster, Oh! the Devil, 1906
1182Correspondence, 1906
1183 The M.A.C. Record , 1906 May 22
1184Correspondence, 1906
121Travel Log, South American Trip, T. H. McHatton, 1900
122Application For Membership, Knights of Columbus, T. H. McHatton, 1903
123-5Correspondence, 1907
126Commencement Program, The Michigan Agricultural College, 1907
127Correspondence, 1907
128Clipping, Star and Review, Wedding Account, 1907 September 5
129Commencement Program, Spring Hill College, 1907
1210Correspondence, 1907
1211Speech, By Dr. T. H. McHatton, Spring Hill College, 1907
1212Certificate of Membership, American Association For the Advancement of Science, T. H. McHatton, 1908
1213 The M.A.C. Record , 1908 April 14
1214-16Correspondence, 1908
1217Pamphlet, Ellwanger & Barry's Trees, 1908
1218-22Correspondence, 1908
1223Card, Richard Healy, Barnesville, Ohio, 1909
1224Correspondence, 1909
1225 Brooklyn Life , 1909 December 11
1226-29Correspondence, 1909
1230Receipt, Park & Tilford, Mrs. Henry McHatton (Macon, Georgia), 1909
1231Bank Book, T. H. McHatton, 1909-1910
1232Correspondence, 1909
1233Receipt, Mrs. Henry McHatton, Park & Tilford, 1910
1234-38Correspondence, 1910
1239 The Georgian's Weekly , 1910 December 23-29
1240Meeting Cards, Macon Medical Society, 1910
1241-44Correspondence, 1911
1245Song, "Hesperus" , 1911
1246Will, Susan Hamar Lanman, 1911
1247Map of North Carolina, 1911
1248Receipt, T. H. McHatton, The Higgins Manufacturing Company, 1911
1249Deaf School Dispute Clippings, 1911
1250Correspondence, 1912
1251Correspondence, 1912
1252New York Tribune, Eliza Ripley, "Social Life in New Orleans", 1912 November 30
1253Receipt, Macon Tea and Coffee Company, Henry McHatton, 1912
1254Circular, Phi Delta Theta, 1912
1255Receipt For Seed Purchases, J. M. Thorburn, 1913
1256Map, The Atlantic Highway, 1915 September
1257Map of Georgia, 1915
1258Correspondence, 1915
1259Correspondence, Henry McHatton, 1915
1260-63Correspondence, 1917
1264Correspondence, Leonard Wood to T. H. McHatton, 1917
1265Statement, Luther Williams Baking Company, Macon, Georgia, 1917 May 2
1266Southern Express Company Receipts, 1917
1267Bank Statement, T. H. McHatton, 1917
1268Account Book, T. H. McHatton, 1918
1269Receipt, Abercrombie and Fitch, T. H. McHatton, 1918
1270Correspondence, 1918
1271Correspondence, 1918
1272Clipping, Formation of the Star Farming and Trading Corporation of Georgia, 1919
1273Correspondence, 1919
1274Correspondence, 1919
1275Insurance Policies, 1919
1276Pamphlet, The Chelsea Savings Bank of Norwich, Connecticut, 1919
51Correspondence, 1920
52Account Book, 1922
53Correspondence , 1922
54Order For Weather Stripping, 1923
55Purchase Order, Screens, T. H. McHatton, 1923
56Correspondence, 1923
57Insurance Policy, T. H. McHatton, 1923
58Removal Permits, 1923
59Clipping, Death of Eleanore Lustrat, 1924 January 20
510Blotter, Dunn Fan Blower Hand Dust Gun, 1924
511Insurance Policy, T. H. McHatton, 1924
512Correspondence, 1924
513Receipt, T. H. McHatton, Southern Mutual Insurance Company, 1924
514Receipt, T. H. McHatton, The Southern Mutual Insurance Company, 1925
515Correspondence, 1925
516Correspondence, 1925
517Receipt, T. H. McHatton, The Southern Mutual Insurance Company, 1926
518Correspondence, 1927
519Endorsement, Insurance Policy, T. H. McHatton, 1927
520Receipt, Southern Mutual Insurance Company, T. H. McHatton, 1927
521-23Correspondence, 1928
524Certificate of Membership, T. H. McHatton, The Georgia State Horticultural Society, 1929
525Corespondence, 1930
526Membership Certificate, The Georgia State Horticultural Society, T. H. McHatton, 1930
527-30Correspondence, 1930-1931
531The Telephone News, The State of Connecticut, 1932 December
532Membership Certificate, T. H. McHatton, The Georgia State Horticultural Society, 1932
533-37Correspondence, 1932
538Correspondence, Marie McHatton's Presentation at The English Court, 1935
539Correspondence, 1935
540Address to Spring Hill College, T. H. McHatton, 1935
541-43Correspondence, 1935-1938
544Ledger, Room Rents, 1938
545Correspondence, 1940
546Correspondence, 1942
547Certificate, T. H. McHatton, Plant and Building Protection School, 1942
548-50Correspondence, 1943
551Clipping, Civil Defense, Salinas, Calif., 1943
552Correspondence, 1945
553Correspondence, 1947
554Reprint, E. Merton Coulter, Franklin College As a Name for the University of Georgia, 1950
555Correspondence, 1956
556Letter from E. Merton Concerning the Thomas H. McHatton Collection, 1959
131Biographical Sketch, Henry McHatton, The National Cyclopedia, No Date
132Biographical Sketch, Thomas H. McHatton, The Dictionary of American Biography
134Information Concerning the Revolutionary McHattons and the Descent of T. H. McHatton Therefrom
133Thomas H. McHatton Autobiography
136McHatton-Hanson Wedding, Undated Account
137Correspondence, Eliza McHatton, Undated
138Card, Tour of Estates, Rose Show, No Date
139A Petition for Letters of Dismission from Administration, No Date
1311Postcards from Honduras, Undated
1312Poetry, Undated
1313Drawing of a Cadet, Undated
101Letter of Introduction, James A. McHatton, 1837
1314Pictures of Wild Turkeys, Undated
1315Drawings of Ballerinas, Undated
1316Valentines, Undated
1317Certificate, Thomas H. McHatton, Undated, Alpha Zeta
1318Drawing, The Original Roof Garden, Undated
1319Sash, Undated
1320Account Book, Undated
1321Account Book, Undated
1322Military Identification Card, T. H. McHatton, World War One
1323Map of Texas, Undated
1324Drafts of Publications, Undated, Fragments
1325Correspondence, Undated
1326Blank Envelopes
1327Proposal for Sale of Land, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Blank
1328Card of Introduction, James A. McHatton, England, Undated
1329Identification Card, Richard H. Chinn, No Date
1330Notecards, T. H. McHatton, Undated
1331Notecards, "The Meeting of Science and Farming," No Date, T. H. McHatton
1332Note Cards, T. H. McHatton, Undated, Diseases
1333Correspondence, Undated
1334Membership Cards, T. H. McHatton
1335Program, "As You Like It," the Coburn Players, No Date, New York City
1336Card, F. W. Gremse, Tailor, Brooklyn, New York
1337Little Chaplet of the Precious Blood, No Date
1338Identification Card, Mrs. McHatton, Woodbine, Macon, Georgia
1339Card, Mrs. Dwight Ripley, 24 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
1340Letterhead, "The Bellevue," Bayhead, New Jersey
1341Names, Henry McHatton, Macon, Georgia, No Date
1342Card, Cross and Heart, Undated
1343Clipping, Augustus Sparks, No Date
1344Songs, Michigan Agricultural College, No Date
1345List of Names, Undated
1346Directions, McCoy Hall and Hospital
1347Fish Hooks, Undated
1348Clipping, A Ballade of Dead Actors, Undated
1349Blank Post Cards
1350Poetry, Valentine, T. H. McHatton, Undated
1351Blotter, The Leader, Bibb County Public Schools, No Date
1352Short Story, Fragment, Undated
1353Invitation, Debut, T. H. McHatton, Undated
1354Program, Teacher's Institute, Undated
1355Checkbook Holder, Henry McHatton, Undated
1356Poetry, Undated, Photographs, Undated
1357Undated and Blank Notebook
1358The Value of Portraits, Pamphlet, The National Cyclopedia of Biography, No Date
1359Newspaper Clippings Concerning Confederate Officers, Various Dates
1360Draft, Article, Undated, Chinese Murder, Cuban Plantation, Eliza Hubbard McHatton
1361Notes, History of the School of Agriculture, Undated
1362Cards, Blank
1363Easter Card, Undated
1364Notes, History of the Agricultural College, Undated, T. H. McHatton
1365Identification Name Cards, James A. McHatton
1366Poetry, Undated, T. H. McHatton
1367Correspondence, Undated
1368Henry McHatton, Undated Correspondence
1369Correspondence, Undated
1370Clipping, Undated, Deaf School Controversy
1371Pi Epsilon Mu Society Certificate, Henry McHatton, Collegiate Institute, Undated
1372Fragment of Letter, Undated
1373Legal Document, Undated
1374Legal Document, Spanish, Undated
1375Insurance Statement, Eliza McHatton, No Date
1376List of Names for Wedding Cards, T. H. McHatton, 1911
1377Correspondence, Undated, Spanish
1378"Minnie Armstrong," Creative Writing, T. H. McHatton, Undated
1379"Lumber City Talk," Undated, T.H. McHatton
1380Dime Banjo Music, Pamphlet, No Date
1381Poetry, T. H. McHatton, Undated
1382Clippings, Undated
1383Blank Post Cards
1384Card, Clem Phillips, Chicago, No Date
1385Correspondence, Undated
1386Legal Document, Spanish, Undated
1387List of Negroes and Their Ages, No Date
1388Life Insurance Policy, Robert McHatton, Undated
1389Legal Document, Spanish, Undated
1390Legal Document, Spanish, Undated
1391Descriptive Album, The Royal College of Belen, Cuba, No Date
1392Blank Stationary
1393Membership Cards, T. H. McHatton
1394Estimate of the Residence of T. H. McHatton, Undated
1395Card, W. S. Basinger, Omaha, Union Pacific System, No Date
1396By-laws of the Star Farming and Trading Corporations of Georgia, Undated
1397Minutes of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Georgia Society of the Colonial Dames of America
1398Notes, Undated
1399Miscellaneous Notes
131Verna Ladies Vests Box