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Right-wing political collection

Right-wing political collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Right-wing political collection
Creator: Unknown
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1971
Language(s): English
Extent: 1 Linear Feet 2 document boxes
Collection Number: ms2790
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The collection consists of pamphlets, newsletters, or political tracts relating to white supremacy and anti-communist movements from 1950-1971. Many of the items were privately published or sponsored by organizations centered in the Southeast or California.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Right-wing political collection, ms2790, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 October 16.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Anti-communist movements -- United States.
Propaganda, Anti-communist -- United States.
White supremacy movements -- United States.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Advertisement; printed in Canada, "The Caffeine in Coca-Cola Can Cripple You For Life," (1 p.)
12The American Klansman; "World Threatened by Communists...,", 1950 (4 pp. 2 copies)
13The American Klansman; "Old Glory, Our Flag, Our Stars and Stripes,", 1952 (4pp.)
14Anti-UN (Liberty Party) Convention Grips America's Interest; Columbus, GA, "Messages from Gen. and Mrs. Douglas MacArthur..," (4pp.)
16The Atlantic Monthly, reprint; "Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood", 1956
17Augusta Courier, reprint; "The Big Question,", 1956 (1 p.)
18Augusta Courier, reprint; "The Negro problem in America isn't new,", 1967 (1 p. 2 copies)
19Bible Institute News; November 1966, "Where do you Stand?." (8 pp.)
110The Birth of a Nation: And England's Effort to Destroy It; Atlanta, by Mrs. J.E. Andrews, reprint of "The Ga. Woman's World," (2 pp.)
111Christian Anti-Jewish Party; Atlanta, "Jews Behind Race Mixing," (1 p.)
112The Citizens Council; Columbus, GA, published by the Georgia Tribune (5 pp.)
113Citizens United, Inc.; announcement of Gov. of Calif.'s membership in NAACP, 1955
114Defensive Legion of Registered Americans, Inc., letter listing all kosher products & how to avoid them, 1962
115Equality v. Liberty: The Eternal Conflict; by R. Carter Pittman of the Ga. Bar, 1960 (27 pp.)
116Eternal Truth Never Changes, quotes from Abraham Lincoln (similar to earlier A. Lincoln pamphlet)
117The Georgia Tribune; "Baptist Minister Burns 'Mess' Called 'New Bible',", 1952 (8 pp.)
118The Georgia Tribune; "Chief Justice Phelps--Supreme Ct. Arizona writes Pres.,", 1959 (4 pp.)
119The Georgia Tribune; "Radio Commentator Attacks Ga. Tribune", 1960
120The Georgia Tribune; "I Agree For The First Time That the Main Issue is Religion...", 1961
121The Georgia Tribune; "Mother's Day", 1961
122Georgia Farmers' Market Bulletin; Atlanta, "The Prophetic Mind,", 1951 (4 pp.)
123Imperial Nighthawk; Stone Mountain, GA, "Fervent Appeal to American Patriots"
124Introduction to The Avengers; Marietta, GA, by Dr. Edward R. Fields (4 pp.)
125Keep America Committee; Los Angeles, "Just like this, your town will be taken...,", 1963 (10 pp. pp.5/6 missing)
126Letter; South Pasadena, CA, from secty. of Sen. Richard B. Russell to H.D. Allen, 1956
127Letter; from Herman Talmadge to Ruth Van Sykes of Los Angeles, 1957
128Letter; Atlanta, GA, form letter from James R. Venable, 1964
129Militant Truth; "The Grand Strategy of Freedom, 1958
130Militant Truth; "What's Happening to Religious Liberty in This Country,", 1966 (4 pp.)
131Militant Truth; "Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve,", 1966 (4 pp.)
132More Words of Abraham Lincoln that the Race-Mixers Never Quote; Decatur, GA
133The National Patrick Henry; Columbus, GA, "A Challenge to All Good Americans...," (20 pp.)
134National States Rights Party; "Jews Behind Race Mixing", n/d
135N.S.R.P.; ad for speech in Oak Grove, NC, "J.B. Stoner Speaks", 1966
136N.S.R.P.; ad for Rally in Santa Anna, CA, 1966 (1 p.)
137N.S.R.P. c/o Mrs. Eliza Rucker; Savannah, plea for money to help Rucker family of Ky. (1 p.)
138N.S.R.P. Candidates Begin Massive Indoctrination Drive; n/d, Augusta, GA
139N.S.R.P. Petition to Impeach President Nixon; Savannah, GA (1 p.)
140National States Rights Party's Complete Program; n/d, "Details How to Ship Negroes Back to Africa," (4 pp.)
141Operation '76 and the Universal Church; by W. Henry MacFarland (1 p.)
142Patriotic Legal Fund; "Special Legal Fund Report,", 1967 (1 p.)
143Personal newsletter; Savannah, GA, "Cohen Pushes Total School Mixing...,", 1968 (4 pp.)
144Personal newsletter; Savannah, GA, "Opposing Mixing-North, West and South,", 1970 (4pp.)
145Personal newsletter; Savannah, GA, "Nixon's Incredible Sell-Out,", 1971 (3 pp.)
146Personal newsletter; n/d, Savannah, "Blacks Launch Hot Summer," (4 pp.)
21Policy-Making in Democracy, reprint; "The Law of the Land,", 1958 (10 pp.)
22Reprints from national newspapers; letter from Mrs. Lester Maddox, 1966 (1 p.)
23Right On, a publication of the UGA Conservative Club, "Chrome Policy Endangers National Security", 1971
24The Sandtown Story; Bulletin #38, 1962 (12 pp.)
25The Sandtown Story; Bulletin #40, 1962 (6 pp.)
26The Sandtown Story; #40, 1962 (6 pp.)
27The Sandtown Story; #44, 1962 (8 pp.)
28The Sandtown Story; #50, 1963 (10 pp.)
29The Sandtown Story; #51, 1963 (8 pp.)
210The Sandtown Story; #52, 1963 (12 pp.)
211The Sandtown Story; #56, 1963 (12pp.)
212The Sandtown Story; #74, 1965 (2 pp.)
213The Sandtown Story; #78, 1965 (6 pp.)
214The Sandtown Story; #79, 1965 (6 pp.)
215The Sandtown Story; #83, 1966 (6 pp. torn across)
216The Sandtown Story; #85, 1966 (6 pp. 3 copies)
217The Sandtown Story; #86, 1966 (6 pp.)
218The Sandtown Story; #87, 1966 (6 pp. torn across)
219The Sandtown Story; #89, 1966 (6pp.)
220The Sandtown Story; #90, 1966 (6 pp.)
221The Sandtown Story; #92, 1966 (6 pp.)
222The Sandtown Story; special supplement; "Pertinent Letters to Public Officials,", 1967 (6 pp.)
223Senate Resolution, No. 39; by Senator Hawes, attempting to declare 14th and 15th Amendments null and void, 1957 (4 pp.)
224Sons of Liberty; Hollywood, CA, letter to gain support, 1966
225The Southern American; "We Must Publicly Identify and Lock Horns With Mankind's Enemy", 1958
226The Spider; Macon, GA, "He Belongs To The Ages", 1951
227The Thunder Bolt; advance supplement, "Keep Stoner in Front,", 1974 (1 p.)
228The Thunder Bolt; n/d, "Science "Proves..." & "Test Proves Mixed Classes Harmful to Whites," (1 p.)
229The Thunder Bolt; n/d, "Blacks Taking Over Inglewood, CA," (1 p.)
230The Thunder Bolt; n/d, "The Tempter of Eve"
231The Thunder Bolt; mailing list form, "Awaken the People-Send in Mailing Lists," (1 p.)
232The Thunder Bolt; mailing list form, "Will Americans Die For Israel," (1 p.)
233The Thunder Bolt; subscription bulletin
234The Truth About the Foreign Policy Assn.; Fighting Communism in America, 1960 (114 pp.)
235The Ugly Truth About the NAACP; Atlanta, GA, by Atty. Gen. Eugene Cook (11 pp.)
236U.S. District Court Civil Action No. 1316; Savannah; Ralph Stell v. Savannah-Chatham Co. Board of Education, 1963 (35 pp.)
237The Voice of Liberty; "Dictatorship Through Executive Orders,", 1964 (2pp. some pp. missing, 2 copies)
238The Voice of Liberty; "Voter Rights Struggle Planned 1956,", 1965 (10 pp.)
239The Voice of Liberty; "Rhythm, Riots & Revolution,", 1967 (10 pp.)
240Walla Walla Statesman, special edition, 1956 (24 pp.)
241Washington Report; by Congressman James B. Utt, 1963 (1 p.)
242Wendell Wilkie Said It; pamphlet re. trip to Russia
243What Thomas Jefferson Wrote Against Race-Mixing; Atlanta, GA, re. Jefferson Memorial
244Why Race-Mixing Is Anti-Christian; reprinted by the Thunder Bolt (8 pp.)
245Wielding a Sword for the Prince of Peace; Marietta, GA (1 p.)
246Women's Voice; "The Races Are Different the Encyclopedia Brittannica Admits It,", 1957 (1 p.)