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DeVorsey collection

DeVorsey collection

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Title: DeVorsey collection
Inclusive Dates: 1900
Language(s): English
Extent: 1 Linear Feet
Collection Number: ms2778
Repository: Hargrett Library

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 June 29.

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1. Oversize Material

Cumming 411 - Saltzburger settlement
Cumming 413 Bethanian Settlement in Georgia
DeBrahm & Goffe Charter 1764 - PRO
Map of Savannah - William Noble de Braham, Lib of Congress, 1752
Cockspur Island - DeBrahm, Cumming 329A, 1762
Map of the Sea Coast of Georgia...George III. Henry Yonge & DeBrahm, Clements Library, U of Michigan - Cumming 331-2, 1763
Sappalo Island - Younge & DeBrahm
Survey 6250 ac for Mary Bosomworth, St Catherine's Island, 1760
Sappola Island including Bl Beard's Island, Younge & DeBrahm, 1760
A Plan of the Island of Sappola containing 9520 ac. Younge & DeBrahm, 1760
A Map of Inhabited part of Georgia, [PRO and GDAH] Cumming 289, 1755
Plan and Profile of Ft Loudoun, Cumming 308, c 1757
A Map of SC & part of Georgia plus lists of Proprietors of Land in SC & Georgia, 1780 (Several sheets/copies, overheads)
Georgia & SC - John Stuart, 1780
Georgia & SC - DeBrahm, 1757
Caroline Meridionale et Partiedo la Georgie, DeBrahm, 1777
Cours de la Riviere d'Hudson...Le Canada, 1771
Chart of the sea coast from latitude 20 to the Leech Shoal & Hillsborough River, DeBrahm, 1765
Special chart of Muskito Inlet, 1767
Chart of Cape Florida, DeBrahm, 1765
Chart of the Sea Coast from Lattitude 26 with head of Sharkshead River, DeBrahm, 1765
Chart of Midle Inlet
Chart of Sea Coast Inlet with Little Inlet and River into Hillsborough River, 1765
Plans & elevations of the forts Necessary in Gelrgia DeRenne III 1205 & Cumming 288, 1756
Map of Coxspur Island in the Enbuschure of Savannah River, DeBrahm, 1762
New Bermuda in East Florida, 1766
Tract of land of 1000 ac on St John's River to DeBrahm, 1768
Map of the General Survey of East Florida, DeBrahm, 1770
Plan of Amelia now Egmont Island, DeBrahm, 1770
Plan of St. Mary's Inlet, DeBrahm, 1770
[Augustine Inlet]
[DeBrahm's Bay Lagoon - Jacksonville - St John's River]
Chart of the South-End of East Florida and Martiers, DeBrahm, 1765-71
Ancient Tegesta now Promontory of East Florida, DeBrahm, 1771
Hydrographical map of Atlantic Ocean, 1771
A Sketch of the ancient figure of the southernmost part of the promontory Formerly called Tegeste now E Florida, DeBrahm, 1771
Hydrographical map of the S most part of the promontory of East Florida, nd
Gulf Stream off Miami Beach, 1765
Extent of Florida mapping by DeBrahm, 1765
Track of Ship Polly, 1771
Track of Ship Cherokee, 1775
Key Largo Comparison with DeBrahm and U S Coast & Geol Survey, 1976
Florida Stream
Atlantic Ocean

2. DeBrahm Research Collection

11Article DeVorsey, Jr., Louis. "Hydrography. A Note on the Equipage of Eighteenth-Century Survey Vessels". In The Mariner's Mirror, v 58, No. 2, May 1972
11Microfilm prints from DeBrahm's 'Report of the General Survey in the Southern District of North America' with copy of Maps and Plans in DeBrahm's survey manuscript in Harvard Library
11Letter to the King
11History of the 3 provinces of SC, Ga., and East Florida (ca 146 pages)
12Continuation of the Atlantic Pilot Chapter 9 (ca 157 pages, 2 maps)
13DeBrahm to Earl of Dartmouth
13East Florida (p 171-261, some pages not included)
14East Florida memo; 26 Tables of land surveys and observations (some pages not included)
15'Report to the Gen'l Survey in the Southern District of No America' - King's Ms 210 (pages 1-138, 168-9, 188-91)
15SC; Compendium of Cherokee Indian Tongue in English; Ga; E Florida
26Tome 2d of the continuation of the Report of the Gen'l Survey in the So Dist Of No America by DeBrahm (p 192 - 209; 238-98; 302-25. King's Mss 211 East Florida)
27DeBrahm. The Levelling Balance & Counter-Balance. London, 1774 (copy From British Museum)
28Reviews & notices re DeBrahm's Report, intro by DeVorsey
29DeBrahm personal information
210DeBrahm medals
includes photos, letters, articles: Charles S Coomes 'The DeBrahm Medlas' El Escribano. Scribe.,St. Augustine Historical Society, p 77-90, 1979.
L McCormick Goodheart. 'Two Anglo-American Gold Medals Relating to St. Augustine, Florida...The Numistic Circular
211DeBrahm bio, articles, misc papers, letters & notes (list in folder)
211Microfilm : King's Mss 210 & 211 - DeBrahm's Report - from British Museum
211DeBrahm's 'The Levelling Balance & Counter-balance'- from the British Library
211DeBrahm's Report from Harvard Library
211DeBrahm's 'Continuation of The Atlantic Pilot'
212Book - DeVorsey, Louis, Jr. The Georgia-South Carolina Boundry. A Problem in Historical Geography. Athens: The Univ. of Georgia Press, 1979