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Communist and Socialist pamphlet collection

Communist and Socialist pamphlet collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Communist and Socialist pamphlet collection
Creator: Unknown
Inclusive Dates: 1892-1971
Bulk Dates: 1900-1966
Language: English
Extent: 3.2 Linear Feet 8 document boxes
Collection Number: ms2731
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The collection consists of pamphlets relating to communism and socialism published by a variety of individuals and organizations, the pamphlets deal with communism, fascism, marxism, socialism; many relating to labor and labor unions.

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Communist and Socialist pamphlet collection, ms2731, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Labor unions -- United States.
Labor unions and communism.
Propaganda, Communist -- United States.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Box 1

11Unemployment Insurance and the A. F. of L., sponsored by the N. Y. A. F. of L., 1932
12What Means This Strike?, Daniel DeLeon, Address originally delivered February 11, 1898, reprinted, 1935
13The Decisive Year In The Soviet Union, by A. A. Heller, 1931
14"Soviet Dumping" Fable in the Soviet Union, by Maxim Litvinov, Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs, 1931
15The Real Huey P. Long, by Sender Garlin, 1935
16The Modern Thinker, by various authors, edited by Dagobert D. Runes, 1934
17Democracy and Revolution, Friedrich Adler, 1934
18One Big Union, published by Building Construction Workers' Industrial Union No. 330 of the I. W. W.
19NRA from Within, by William Ormonde Thompson and Mary Van Kleeck, 1934
110The Background of German Fascism, by Joseph Freeman
111A Jew Looks at the War, by Rabbi Moses Miller, 1940
112 What's Wrong In the Carpenter's Union? , 1925
113Build the United People's Front, by Earl Browder, 1936
114Working Class Unity-Bulwark Against Fascism, by Georgi Dimitrov, 1935
115British Imperialism In India, speech in the House of Commons by Shapurji Saklatvala, 1925 July 9
116Soviet Gold, by A. P. Serrrebrovsky, 1936
117Speaks to the Communist Youth, no author or
118Marxist Study Courses-Lesson 2-History of the Working Class, no author or
119The Rand School of Social Science, catalog, 1936-1937
120To the People of America-We Can Keep Peace, by the Dean of Canterbury
121The Taft-Hartley "Slave Bill" and What It Means to Labor, issued by the California State Federation of Labor, C. J. Haggerty, Secretary, 1947
122And In the U. S. Liberty Lies Crushed, sponsored by the General Defense Committee
123Labor Program for Better Housing, sponsored by the Committee on Housing of the Committee for Industrial Organization, 1938
124Where Do We Go From Here?, sponsored by I. W. W.
125Hard Work is to Blame, sponsored by I. W. W. (incomplete pamphlet-missing pages)
126Britain's Chance Has Come!. by Harry Pollitt
127The New Soviet Constitution, sponsored by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1936
128The Crimea Conference: Safeguard of the Future, by Harry Pollitt, 1945
129The Trade Unions and Socialist Construction in USSR, by Katerina Avdeyeva, 1929
130Marxism vs. Liberalism-An Interview, by H. G. Wells and Joseph Stalin, 1935
131Lincoln and the Communists, by Earl Browder, 1936
132An American Report on the Russian Famine, published by The Nation, 1922
133Captives of Capitalism, sponsored by International Workers Aid
134Free Labor Means Vistory. . . Slave Labor Means Defeat, sponsored by Congress of Industrial Organizations
135Adolf Hitler, Hitler's Address to the German Reichstag on, 1933 May 17
136Fascism Destroys Spain's Art-Treasures-The Duke of Alba's Palace (Madrid), sponsored by the Information Service of the Spanish State Tourist Department
137Chapei in Flames-Terror in Workers' Shanghai and After?, published by New York Workers' Library Publishers
138The American Welfare Plan, Henry P. Lockwood, 1935
139There are no master races!, Reprinted from "True Comics" magazine

Box 2

21Socialist Planning in soviet Russia, by Corliss Lamont
22Who Are the Aryans?, by Margaret Scholauch, 1940
23Contract work, issued by Educational Bureau of the I. W. W. (2 copies)
24Craft Distinctions or Industrial Unionism-Which Do You Want?, sponsored by the A. F. of L.
25Gollancz in German Wonderful, by Curt Geyer and Walter Loeb, 1942
26Blood on the Sugar (Terror in Cuba), by Sam Olvgin, 1935
27What Are You Doing?, sponsored by Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union
28Weerbare Democratie, no author given, 1946
29This 4th of July, by Milton Howard, 1938
210Taxes and Tax Dodgers, by Daniel W. Hoan, 1933
211Let Our People Live-A Plea for a Living Wage, by Joseph Gaer
212The Yellow Dog Contract, by Elliot E. Cohen, 1932
213Bretton Woods is No Mystery, by Joseph Gaer
214The Fascist and Communist Dictatorships, by William Montgomery Brown, 1937
215Call a Cop, sponsored by Progressive Party
216Marxism and Darwinism, by Anton Pannekoek, 1912
217Workers of the World Unite!, sponsored by the Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union
218Liberal Party-Declaration and Platform, sponsored by the Liberal Party of New York, 1944
219Socialism-What's In It For You, by A. B. Magil, 1946
220Progressive Labor Library-Labor's Share in the Late Lamented Prosperity, sponsored by the Labor Bureau, Inc., 1930
221American Labor Turns a New Page, by John L. Lewis and Francis Gorman, 1935
222Culture and the Crisis, published by the League of Professional Groups for Foster and Ford, 1932
223Stalin Speaks to the World, speech by Joseph Stalin, 1941
224What is Capital?, by Ferdinand Lassalle, 1900
224America and Russia, by Corliss Lamont
225Uncovered-Things Which Have Deceived Millions To Their Hurt Now Exposed For Your Protection, sponsored by Watch Tower, 1937
226Bolschewisierung, Written in German
227The Communists in the People's Front, by Earl Browder, 1937
228What is the C.I.O. ?, sponsored by the Committee for Industrial Organization, 1937
229Daily Worker Debate. The Speech of W. Gallacher, M.P., given in the House of Common, 1941 January 28
230Resolutions of 10th Convention of the Communist Party, U. S. A., sponsored by National Convention of the Communist Party, U. S. A., 1938
231Political Guide, published by the National Citizens Political Action Committee, 1946
232The Truth Is On the March, by John Dewey, speech given, 1937 May 9
233Peace or War-The People Against the Warmakers', by Eugene Dennis, 1946
234How Mellon Got Rich, by Harvey O'Connor, 1933
235The Fascist Menange in the U. S. A., by Bruce Minton, 1934
236Are You One of the 5 Million?, sponsored by the Daily Worker, 1937
237The Most Buring Question-Unity of Action, by Bela Kun, 1934
238Company Unions Today, by Robert W. Dunn, 1935
239The Struggle Against the Imperialist War, by Georgi Dimitroff, 1940
240Spying on Workers, by Robert W. Dunn, 1932
241The Unity of the French Nation, by Maurice Thorez, 1936

Box 3

31I Accuse Baldwin, by Harry Pollitt, 1954
32Amalgamation, by Jay Fox
33The Fascist Road to Ruin, by George Seldes, 1933 (2 copies)
34Which way for the Socialist Party?, by Paul Porter, 1937
35The Answer is Full Employment, by Joseph Gaer and Robert K. Lamb-illustrations by William Krokyn
36The History of the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, by V. Adoratsky, 1938
37The Declaration of the Federation of the World, sponsored by Congress on World Federation, 1941-1943
38Political Education-The Two Worlds, published by International Publishers Co., Inc., 1935
39Political Education-The Ultimate Aim, published by Western Printing Services Ltd.
310DeLeon-Carmody Debated-Individualism vs. Socialism, debated between Daniel DeLeon and Thomas F. Carmody, 1912
311The Un-American Dies Committee, by Adam Lapin, 1939
312The Mark, by Frederick Engels, 1902
313As a Trade Unionist I Hereby Pledge. . ., by A. R. Coleman, Victor S. Swanson, illustrated by Giacomo Patri
314Fifteen Questions, published by National Executive Committee, Socialist Labor Party, 1918
315Youth and the Fight for Unemployment and Social Insurance, by Israel Amter (2 copies)
316Scouting and the Boy Scout Jamboree, by Martha Millet and Sam Strong-published by New Peioneed Publishing Co., 1935
317What's the Matter with Our America, by Phillip Francis, 1919
318Who are the Reds, by Roy Hudson, 1937
319The Unequal Treaties, issued by the American Committee for Fair Play in China, 1927
320Communism and Education, by Ted Bramley, 1945
321Organized Labor's Modern Wage Policy, sponsored by the A. F. of L., 1927
322The Gotha Program, by Karl Marx, 1922
323Going left, by Alex Bittelman, 1936
324Speeding up the Workers, by James Barnett, 1930
325A Blueprint for Fascism, by Frank B. Blumenfield, 1937
326The Constitution and By-Laws of the Communist Party of the U. S. A., sponsored by the Communist Party of the U. S. A., 1938
32720 Years, by William Gallacher, M. P., 1940-1949
328Youth in Industry, by Grace Hutchins, 1923
329Peace versus War-The Communist Position, by P. Lang, 1936
330The Church and the Workers, by Bennett Stevens, 1932
331A Labor Party for the United States, the Social Economic Foundation, 1936
332American Imperialism, by Jay Lovestone
333America's "Thought Police", Civil Rights Congress, 1947
334Hitler Over Latin America, Lawyers Committee on American Relations with Spain, 1939
335Patriot Digest, by Patriot Digest, Inc.
336A Letter, An Editorial, and a Reply Concerning the Activities of the Better America Federation, sponsored by the Better America Federation
337Recapitalize America, by Harold G. Aron, 1934

Box 4

41Danger! Warning! White Man, Awaken!, by J. E. Perkins
42Tampa-Tar and Terror, sponsored by Committee for the Defense of Civil Rights in Tampa, 1936
43The New Industrial Revolution-The Story of Russia's Factories and workshops, by K. W. Watkins, 1944
44The Jubilee and How, by Thomas Alfred Jackson
45Why You Should be a Communist, by Harry Pollitt, 1945
46The Communist Party and the National Front, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain (2 copies: 1. no date; 2; 1942 Edition)
47Friendship with Russia Now!, by the Dean of Canterbury
48Our Aim is Socialism-Communist Party Syllabus for New Members, sponsored by the Communist Party of Great Britain Central Education, 1962
49The Path to Power-The Communist Party on Trial, by William Paul, 1925
410A People's Peace, by Commander Edgar P. Young, R. N., 1941
411The Communist Party and the Labour Party, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1943
412Germany the Threat and the Peaceful Alternative, by Gordon Schaffer, 1954
413The Workers United Front-A Challenge to the Ruling Class, sponsored by National Congress and March Council
414Communist Policy for Peace-Negotiate Now, by Harry Pollitt, 1951
415Organise to Mobilise Millions, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1943
416Books on Trial-The Case of Alexander Trachtenberg, sponsored by the Committee to Defend Alexander Trachtenberg, 1952
417People's Theatre, sponsored by Unity Theatre Society
418The March to Death, by John Olday, 1943
419Peace on Earth, by Walter Lowenfels, 1954
420People's Democracy for Britain, by John Gollan, 1952
421Pulling the Strings-A Handbook of Puppetry, by Eleanor Vanderwoude-Socialist publication sponsored by National Jr. Committee International Workers Order
422Two Letters from Germany, introduction by Thomas Bell, 1942
423Eye-Witness In Hungary, by Charlie Coutts, 1957
424I saw the Truth in Korea, by Alan Winnington, 1950
425Terror in Tampa, sponsored by the Worker's Defense League, 1937
426Poems and Recitations for Workers' Children, sponsored by International Workers Order
427Britain To-day, Number 58, by Janet Trevelyan, Col. Lord Gorell and Richard Church, 1941
428Youth of Britain Advance!-Report and Resolutions of the 9th National Congress of the Young Communist League, sponsored by the Young Communist League of Great Britain, 1937
429France's hour has Struck!, by Andre Pierre Marty, 1943
430Culture In a changing World-A Marxist Approach, by V. J. Jerome, 1947

Box 5

51Culture and the Crisis, sponsored by the League of Professional Groups for Foster and Ford, 1932
52New Writing in England, by John Lehmann, 1939
53Why I am A Candidate, by Norman Thomas, 1948
53Which Candidates for Peace and Security, broadside
53What is Youth For?, Thomas
54Winter Soldiers-The Story of a Conspiracy Against the Schools, Text by Louis Lerman, foreword by Franz Boas, 1941
55 National Platform Socialist Party, U. S. A. , 1948
56Intellectuals and the War, by V. J. Jerome
57For Peace-For Britain Close all U. S. Bases, by Bill Wainwright, 1958
58Dynamite in the Dock, Harry Pollitt, 1935
59A Socialist Solution to the Crisis, by J. R. Campbell, 1948
510Mr. Brogan opens wide his Mouth, by William Gallacher, M. P., 1949
511To Trumpet Bourgeois Literature and Art Is to Restore Capitalisam, by Shanghai Writing Group for Revolutionary Mass Criticism, 1971
512Marxism and Modern Art, by F. D. Klingender, 1945
513Course for New Members, published by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1940
514Horizons of the Future for A Socialist America, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1959
515Big Business Bandits-Organising for World War III, by Erwin Van Swol and James Parlatore, Illustrated by Political Cartoonist John Pierotti
516The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1932
517Poems for Workers-An Anthology, edited by Manuel Gomez
518A Noon Hour Talk on the Communist Party, by Harrison George
519Films for Victory, by International Workers order, 1945
520Great Proletarian Poems, Edited by E. Haldeman Julius
521Direct Legislation, by J. W. Sullivan, published from One-Hoss Philosophy, 1892
522Unity, Peace and Security, Pollitt's reply to Morrison, 1936
523Economics or Political Economy? A Study Guide in Five Lessons, by John East, 1947
524Grasp The Weapon of Culture, by V. J. Jerome, 1951
525Full Text of the Resolutions Adopted at the Seventh Congress, published by Seventh World Congress Communist International
526History and Conscience-The Case of Howard Fast, by Hershel D. Meyer, 1958
527The Docker's Next Stop, by Ted Kirby, 1962
528Britain's Chance Has Come, by Harry Pollitt, 1941
529Polish Patriots Made in Moscow, by Aleksander Junosza Galecki, 1945
530A Plan for Science, sponsored by Science Advisory Committee of the Communist Party, 1947
531Bombers Over London, by Ted Bramley, 1940
532The Soviet Transition from Socialism to Communism, by Emile Burns, 1950
533Youth! Win your future Save Peace Build Socialism, by George Bridges, 1951
534Communist Policy, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1943
535The People's Convention Movement, by W. J. R. Squance, 1941
536I Appeal, by Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, 1952
537Hitler's Friends in Britain, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1938

Box 6

61Organising to win the Offensive On to 1943, by D. F. Springhill, 1942
62In Memory of Joseph Stalin and Klement Gottwald, by Harry Pollitt, 1953
63War in Africa-Italian Fascism Prepares to enslave Ethiopia, by James W. Ford and Harry Gannes, 1935
64Czechoslovakia, by Harry Pollitt, 1938
65The Supreme Court's Challenge to Labor, by William F. Dunne, 1935
66Falsifiers of History, an introduction by Frederick L. Schuman, 1948
67Unemployment-Why it Occurs and How to Fight it, by Earl R. Browder
68Make 1943 The Decisive Year, by Earl R. Browder, 1943
69Social and National Security, by Earl R. Browder
610I didn't raise my boy to be a Soldier for Wall Street, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1940
611Whig Policy-Analyzed and Illustrated, by Joseph Quincy, 1856
612Social and National Security, by Earl R. Browder, General Secretary Communist Party, U. S. A., 1938
613Moscow, Cairo and Teheran, by Earl R. Browder, 1944
614The National Dividend-Free Money for You, by Oscar Bush, 1935
615Stalin Speaks, speeches given by Joseph Stalin, 1935
616We See Russia, by Elizabeth Allen, Joyce Brown, Rose Carr, Jessie Kiddie, Leah Manning, M. P., Tamara Rust and Dr. Nora Wooster
617 Marxism-An Introductory Course in Five Parts: 1. The Aims of the Communist Party, 1946; 2. Capitalist Society (Elements of Political Economy), 1946 and 4. The Labour Movement in Britain , 1949
618Wanted Ten Million Salesman, sponsored by the American Legion, 1948
619Communism and Culture, by Earl R. Browder, 1941
620Milestones in the History of the Communist Party, by Alex Bittelman, 1937
621In Defense of Culture, sponsored by the Fourth American Writers Congress and Congress of American Artist, 1941
622The Abolition of War-The Case Against War and Questions and Answers Concerning War, by Sherwood Eddy and Kirby Page, 1924
623Six Songs for Democracy, by various authors and contributors, 1940
624The People's Convention Fights for British-Soviet Union, by Harry Adams
625The Plot to Gag America, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1950
626The McCarran Act-Fact and Fancy, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1961
627The Gospel of War, by James W. Johnson, 1915
628Doing Well out of the War?, by J. R. Campbell, 1941
629Jobs, Homes, Security, by Emile Burns, 1944
630America War Aims and Peace Program, compiled by Carl L. Becker, 1918
631American Spider, by Arthur Clegg, 1947
632Poland's Case, by Dr. Stefan Litauer, 1945
633Mobilising the Party for the Second Front, sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britain, 1942
634Lancashire 1848-1948-Communist Manifesto Centenary, sponsored by the Communist Party of Great Britain
635More Pay for Engineers, by Peter Morgan, 1962
636No jobs Today, by Phil Bard
637The Truth, sponsored by A. F. of L.

Box 7

72Czechoslovakia, by Harry Pollitt, 1938
73The Russian Trade Unions in 1923, by M. Tomsky, 1923
74The Communist Election Platform, National Nominating Convention of the Communist Party, U. S. A., 1936
75The Legal System of German Fascism, Reply to Herr Ribbentrop by Georgi Dimitroff, 1936
76Wages and Profit in Wartime, prepared by Labor Research Association, 1941
77Starving Admist Too Much, by T-Bone Slim
78Communism Answers Questions of a Communist, by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen, D. D., 1937
79How to Win the War, by Harry Pollitt, 1939
710The Watson-Parker Law-The Latest Scheme to Hamstring Railroad Unionism, by William Z. Foster
711The Frame-Up Syster, by Vern Smith, 1932
712Facism, by League for Independant Political Action
713The Bolshevisation of the Communist Parties, by Osip Piatnitsky
714Labor and the Next War, by James Oneal
715Heresy-"Bad Bishop Brown's" Quarterly Lectures No. 1, The American Race Problem, by Rev. William Montgomery Brown, D. D., 1930
71What is Philosophy?, Harold Chapman Brown, 1943-1944
716Labor Fights for Social Security, sponsored by the A. F. of L., 1935
717The Case for Industrial Organization, sponsored by the Committee for Industrial Organization, 1936
718In Memorian of David and Helen Woodward, sponsored by Student Aid Committee Report, 1930-1931
719Unemployment Insurance and the A. F. of L., issued by the New York A. F. of L. Trade Union Committee, 1932
720The Civil War in France, by Karl Marx
721Technocracy and Socialism, by Paul Blanshard, 1933
722The Fight for Bread, speech given by Earl R. Browder at the Communist Party National Nominating Convention, 1932 May 28-29
723Dimitroff Accuses, introduction by William L. Patterson, speech by Georgi Dimitroff, 1933 December 16
724"Full Employment in Un-American!", sponsored by the National Citizens Political Action Committee
725Cut Down the Hours of Work!, sponsored by the Industrial Workers of the World
726A Youth Fraternal Order, sponsored by National Committe-International Workers Order, 1931
727The Constitution and By-Laws of the Communist Party of the U. S. A., published by Workers Library Publishers, 1938
728"In Flanders Field Where Poppies Grow"-The Truth About Decoration Day, by Max Weiss, 1934
729The North Atlantic Pact-For Peace or War, by Abraham Chapman, 1949
730Night Riders in Gallup, by Louis Colman, 1935
731Fighting to Live, by Harry F. Ward, 1934
732Soviet 'Dumping' and 'Forced Labor', compiled by John J. Ballam, Secretary, Friends of the Soviet Union, 1932
733Passaic, by Mary Heaton Vorse
734The History of May Day, by Alexander Trachtenberg, 1935
735Why Fascism Leads to War, by John Strachey, 1935 (2 copies)
736Beyond the American Youth Act, published by Young People's Socialist League
737William F. Dunne's Speech at the A.F. of L. Convention, by William F. Dunne, 1923
738Leninism the Only Marxism Today, A Discussion of the Characteristics of Declining Capitalism, by Alex Bittelman and V. J. Jerome, 1934
739The Labor Lieutenants of American Imperialism, by Jay Lovestone
740Trotskyism Against World Peace, by Earl R. Browder, 1937
741Anarchy, by Enrico Malatesta, 1942
742The Advance of the United Front, introduction by Alex Bittelman, 1934
743Arsenal of Facts, issued by international Publishers Co., Inc. for labor Unions and Organizations, Fraternal Societies, etc., 1938
744Coal and the Nation, by Arthur L. Horner, 1943

Box 8

8Box 8
"The Communist International Answers the I.L.P" sponsored by Communist Interntational Executive Committee, 1932
"Wages Increase for Miners," Alex Moffat , 1953
"The Arts Under Socialism," J.B. Priestly, 1947
"Poems de L'age Terrible," Georges Soria, 1945
"I Call to You Across the Continent," Edith Segal, 1953
"Marxism and Poetry," George Thompson, 1946
"Essentials of Communist Theory," R.W. Rolsson, 1944
"The Keynes Budget," William Gallacher, 1941
"Britian's Millions Against Britian's Millionaires," sponsored by Communist Party of Great Britian, 1938
"Tha War and The Labor Movement," Harry Pollitt, 1940
"Economics and Foreign Policy," Dr. J.F. Cairus, 1966
"Hitler's Agents Exposed," John Mahon, 1943
"Century of the Common Man," Henry A. Wallace, 1943
"Crisis in Greece," Communist Party of Great Britian, 1945
"Tenant Versus Landlord," Communist Party of Great Britian
"The German Menace - A Damning Exposure," John Gallan, 1960
"May Day 1886-1959," sponsored by the Trade Union Committee, 1959
"May God Forgive Us," Robert H.W. Welch, Jr., 1952
"International Brotherhood of Pulp Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers," sponsored by Rayomer Incorporated Fernandina Division, 1941
"In New Poland," David I. Zaslavskii, 1946
"British Road to Socialism Draft," Communist Party of Great Britian, 1957
"Peace Depends on the People," Harry Pollitt, 1950
"What is Industrial Unionism," Jacob Silbert
"We Can Stop War," Harry Pollitt
"Fascist Front in Dixie Symposium" clipping