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J.E. Leonard sheet music collection

J.E. Leonard sheet music collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: J.E. Leonard sheet music collection
Creator: Leonard, J. E.
Inclusive Dates: 1900-1930
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet 22 document boxes
Collection Number: ms2672
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The collection consists of sheet music for popular dance and show tunes collected by J.E. Leonard. The collection also includes musical arrangements for use with silent motion pictures, catalogues for motion picture music, orchestral arrangements, and sheet music, and music cue sheets for silent motion pictures.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

J.E. Leonard sheet music collection, ms2672, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Dance music -- United States.
Sheet music.
Silent film music.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11"Aces High" March
12"A fifi March"
13"Ain't We Got Fun" Fox Trot and "Broken Moon" Fox Trot
14"Alabama Ball" Fox Trot
15"The Alcoholic Blues" Fox-Trot
16"Alexandria" Fox Trot Song
17"Algerian Rose" Egyptian Fox Trot
19"All I Have Are Sunny Weather Friends" One Step March
110"All the Boys Love March" One Step
111"Angels (We Call Them Mothers Down Here)" Waltz & Fox - Trot
112"Angosciosamente" Incidental Dramatique
113"Answer" Saying That You Love Me Song - Fox Trot
114"Any Time Is Love Time" Ballad - Fox Trot
115"Apple Blossoms" One Step
116"Apple Sass Rag"
117"Arabian Nights" One-Step and "Topsy" One-Step
118"As Long As I Have You"
119"At The Grasshopper S'hop" Two Step
120"AT The Wedding Of The Lily And The Rose"
121"Avalon" Fox Trot or March
122"The Baboon Bounce" Rag Step
123"Baby & I'll Be Back There Some Day" Fox Trot and "Will O' Wisp" Slow Fox Trot
124"A Baby In Love"
125"A Bag of Rags" Two-Step
126-27"Because They All Love You" Fox Trot
128"Becky from Babylon" Fox Trot
129"Be-Hap-E Blues" One Step
130"Birmingham Blues"
131"Blacksmith Rag" Fox Trot
21Blossom Time "Keep It Dark"
22Blossom Time "Let Me Awake"
23Blossom Time "Only One Love Ever Fills The Heart"
24"Blue Devils"
25"Blue-Eyed Sally" Fox Trot
26"Blue Ribbon Rag"
27"Blue Rose" Waltz and "The Moonlight Waltz"
28"The Brat"
29"The Brazilian" Tango
210"Bright Eyes" Fox - Trot
211"Broken-Hearted Blues" Song and Fox Trot
212"Buddies" One-Step
213"Buddy" Fox Trot and "If You Would Care For A Lonely Heart" Waltz
215"Bugle Call Rag" Fox Trot
216"The Bull Frog Patrol"
217"By The Camp Fire"
218"The Cabaret Rag" Two Step
219"Canadian Capers" Fox Trot
220"Carmenella" Spanish Romance
221"The Carroltonian" March
222"Carry Me Back To My Carolina Home" Fox Trot
223"Cheops" Egyptian Intermezzo (Two Step)
224"Chewin' the Rag" Two Step
225"Chimes" Rag
226"Ching-a Lings' Jazz Bazaar" Fox Trot and "At The Moving Picture Ball" Fox Trot
227"Cinderella" Fox Trot and "O'er The Desert Wide" Fox Trot
228"Cindy Lou" Fox Trot
229"Come On Papa" One or Two Step and "Mickey" Waltz
230"Congo Nights"
231"The Conspirators"
232"Coo Coo" Song Fox Trot
233"Creole Belles" Rag Time March
234"Cuban Moon" Fox Trot
31"Dance of the Lunatics"
32"Dancing Neath The Dixie Moon" One Step
33"The Dardanella Blues" Fox Trot and "Pussy Willow Waltzes"
34"Darling" Fox Trot
35"Deenah" My Argentina Rose Fox Trot
36"Diabolo" March & Two-Step and "Firebrand" March
37"Ding-Toes" Fox-Trot
38"Dixie Kisses" Rag Two Step and "Tar Babies" Rag
39"The Dixie Rag" Two Step
310"Dont Take Away Those Blues" Fox Trot and "Nobody To Love" Fox Trot
311"Don't You Remember the Time?"
312"Dotty Dimples" One Step
313"Down Home Rag"
314"Down Yonder" One Step Song and "The Melody Fox-Trot Delight"
315"Dream Boat"
316"Dream Girl" One Step and "Pretty Kitty Kelly" Waltz
317"A Dream of Your Smile"
318"Dreamy Oriental Melody" One Step
319"Drifting" Waltz and "Yo-San" Fox Trot
320"Driving Home With Angeline" and "The Isle Of Lost Romance"
321"Egyptian Nights" Oriental Waltz and "Our Sammieo" One Step
322"Ella" Fox Trot or One Step
323"Emaline" Fox Trot Song
324"Eskimo Shivers" Fox Trot and "Leading the Parade" March
325"Everybody Knows" Waltz and "Rosie" Fox Trot
326"Everybody Two Step" Rag
327"Evolution Rag"
328"Ev'rybody Shimmies Now"
41"Fate" Fox Trot It Was Fate When I First Met You
42"Feather Your Nest" Fox Trot
43"Fee Fi Fo Fum" One Step - Intermezzo and "Karavan" Fox Trot
44"Fidgety Feet" Jazz One-Step
45"Fighting Tommies" March
46"Florida Moon" One Step and "Rose" Fox-trot Song
47"Footlight March"
48"The Foot-Warmer" Rag
49"The Forest King" March
410"Forget Me Not" My American Rose
411"Forgive Me" Fox Trot Ballad
412"Francine Half-and-Half" and "Pussy Foot" Eccentric Rag
413"Freckles Rag" Rag
414"Freedom For All Forever" One Step and "Dear Little Boy Of Mine" Waltz
415"Frenchy Come To Yankee Land" One-Step
416"Friends" Fox Trot
417"Furs and Frills" One Step
418"Georgia Rose"
419"Gingham Girl" Fox Trot
420"Gingham Girl" One Step
421"Girl Of Mine" Fox Trot
422"Give Me The Sultan's Harem"
423"Glory For Yale" One Step, Two Step, or March
424"Good-bye, Good Luck, God Bless You" Waltz and "Old Berlin" March
425"The Gridiron" March and Two-Step
426"Grieving For You" Fox Trot
51"The Handicap" March and Two-Step Dance
52"The Hand That Rocked My Cradle" Fox Trot
53"Have A Smile" Fox Trot and "Tears"
54"Head Over Heels" - Medley Fox Trot
55"Hello Bill" and "Inspector General" March
56"He Picked a Wildflower" One Step
57"The Hesitating Blues" Slow Drag or Fox Trot
58"The Hikers" March and Two-Step
59"Hindustan" Fox Trot and "Valse Parisienne"
510"HI-YO" Chinese Fox-Trot and "Our Big Dance Hit" Ballad Fox Trot
511"Hold Me" Fox Trot and "The Japanese Sandman" Fox Trot
512"Homesickness Blues" Fox Trot and "The Wallabies" March
513"Honest and Truly" Fox-Trot and "You And I" Fox-Trot
514"Honeysuckle" One Step
515"How Are You Goin' To Wet Your Whistle?" Fox Trot
516"How Are You Goin' To Wet Your Whistle?" Fox Trot
517"How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm" One or Two Step "That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone" Waltz
518"The Hula Blues" Fox Trot and "In The Gloaming" Waltz
519"Hunkatin" One-Step
520"Hurrah! For The Liberty Boys Hurrah!" and "The Fight Is On" March Two Step
522"Hyacinth" Rag
523"Hypnotic Rag" Two Step
524"I Ain't-en Got-en No Time To Have The Blues" Fox Trot
525"Idle Dreams" Fox Trot
526"I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in Mammy's Arms"
527"If A Wish Could Make It So" Fox Trot
528"If I Could Just Stop Dreaming" Fox Trot
529"I Know" One Step March
530"I'll Be Your Baby Vampire"
531"I'll Say She Does" Fox Trot
532"I'll See You In C=U=B=A" Fox-Trot
533"ILO" A Voice From Mummy Land
534"I'm Always Falling In Love With The Other Fellow's Girl" Fox Trot and "In Your Arms" Ballad Fox Trot
535"I May Stay Away A Little Longer" One Step
536"I Might Be Your Once-In-A-While" Fox Trot
61"I'm Not Jealous" One-Step and "My Desert Fantasy" One-Step - Fox Trot - Intermezzo
62"I'm Only Dreaming" One-Step
63"I'm Sitting On Top Of The World" Fox Trot and "Sleep Time Gal" Slow Fox Trot
64"I'm Sitting Pretty In A Pretty Little City" Fox Trot
65"I'm Waiting For Tomorrow To Come"
66"In A Rendezvous With You" Fox Trot
67"I Never Knew" Fox-Trot
68"I Never Knew" Fox Trot
69"In Old California With You" Fox Trot
610"In Old Manila" Tango Fox Trot
611"In Old Manila" Tango Fox Trot
612"In Sweet September" Fox Trot
613"In The Shadow Of The Desert Palm" Fox Trot
614"In The Shadow Of The Desert Palm" Fox Trot
615"In Twilight (With You)" Fox Trot
616"The Invincible Empire" March and "The Clubman" March
617"In Your Arms" Ballad - Fox Trot
618"In Your Eyes" One-Step
619"Irene" One-Step
620"The Irish Were Egyptians Long Ago" Fox Trot
621"Isle of Sweethearts" Waltz and "Broken-Hearted Blues" Song and Fox Trot
622"I Still Believe In You" Waltz
623"It Gets Them All" Fox Trot
624"It Isn't What She Does That Makes Me Love Her" Fox Trot
625"It Must Be Someone Like You" Fox Trot
626"I Used To Call Her Baby" A Pippin One Step
627"Ivanhoe" March & Two-Step and "Spirit of Peace" March
628"I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now"
629"I Want You Morning Noon And Night" Novelty Fox Trot Song and "I've Got The Red White And Blues" Novelty Fox Trot Song
630"I Wonder If You Still Care For Me" Waltz
71"JA-DA!" Jazz Fox-Trot
72"The Jag Rag"
73"J'en Ai Marre" Fox Trot
74"Jim, Jim, I Always Knew That You'd Win" One Step, Two Step, or Trot and "Mary" Song Fox Trot
75"Joe Turner Blues"
76"The Jogo Blues" Rag
77"June" Fox Trot
78"Just A Week From To-Day" Fox Trot Song
79"Just For Me And Mary" One Step
710"KA-LU-A" Fox Trot
711"Kamel-Land" A Novel Fox Trot
712"Karavan" Fox Trot and "In The Gloaming"
713"Keep On Smiling" Fox-Trot and "Dearie" Fox-Trot
714"Keep Your Face To The Sunshine" March and "You Can Have It, I Don't Want It" Jazz Fox-Trot
715"Kentucky Blues" Fox Trot Novelty Song
716"Kentucky Home" Fox Trot and "Why, Dear?" Fox Trot
717"Kismet" Arabian Fox-Trot
718"Kisses" Fox Trot
719"A Kiss In The Dark" and "Chansonette"
720"Kiss Me Goodnight" Waltz & Fox Trot
721"The Kiss That Made Me Cry" One or Two Step
722"Korinthia" One-Step
81"La Coquette" Intermezzo One-Step
82"Lantern of Love" and "The Mooch"
83"La Veeda" Castillian Fox-Trot
84"Lazy Daddy" Fox Trot
85"Lead Me To It" One Step
86"Let Me Be The First To Kiss You Good Morning" Fox Trot
87"Let The Rest of The World GO By" Waltz
88"Listen To Me" Fox-Trot
89"List'ning One Some Radio" Fox Trot
810"Lonesome Mama Blues" Fox Trot and "Manila Memories" Waltz
811"Long Gone" Novelty Fox Trot
812"Longing Dear, For You" Fox-Trot
813"Look For The Silver Lining" Medley Fox-Trot
814"Look What You've Done With Your Dog-Gone Dangerous Eyes" Fox Trot
815"Love Blues" Fox Trot
816"'Loveless Love' Blues" Fox-Trot
817"Lovely Lucerne" Swiss Waltz
818"The Love Nest" Fox Trot
819"Love's Ship" Waltz and "Say You'll Be Mine"
820"Lovey Came Back" Fox Trot
821"Lovin' Sam" The Sheik of Alabam' Fox Trot
822"Madelon" I'll Be True To The Whole Regiment
823"Madriola" One Stp Espagnol
824"Ma Little Sun Flow's Good-Night" One-Step
825"Manoeuvres of the Corps" March
826"March 'G.M.B.'"
827"March of the Anzacs" and "HILO" Hawaiian One Step
828"March 'Our Director'"
829"Margie" Fox Trot
830"Marie" One Step or Slow Fox Trot
831"Marimba" Fox Trot
832"Marriage Blues" Fox-Trot
91"Medley One Step" from Oh Lady! Lady!
92"Mello Cello"
93"Melody Rag" and "Tar Babies" Rag
94"Me Melican Man" Pigtail Rag
95"Midnight Rose" Fox Trot
96"'Mid The Pyramids" Fox Trot
97"Mimi" Fox Trot
98Molly On A Trolley By Golly WIth You Fox Trot Song
99"Mon Homme" Fox-Trot (My Man)
910"Monte Cristo" Fox Trot and "Flutter On By My Broadway Butterfly" Fox Trot
911"The Moon Shines On The Moonshine" Fox Trot
912"Morning Glory" One Step
913"My Baby-Talk Lady & The Galli-Curci Rag" Fox Trot and "Out of the East" Oriental Fox Trot
914"My Barney Lies Over The Ocean" One or Two Step and "Don't Cry, Frenchy, Don't Cry" Fox Trot
915"My Desert Love"
916"My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore" Fox Trot and "Will You Remember Me?" Fox Trot
917"My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore" Fox Trot and "Will You Remember Me?" Fox Trot
918"My Gal" Jazz Fox Trot
919"My Golden Dreams"
920"My Home Town Is A One Horse Town" Novelty One Step Song
921"My Isle of Golden Dreams" Waltz
922"Myra" Waltz and "Let Me Dream" Waltz
923"My Sahara Rose" Vocal Dance
924"Mystery" Fox Trot
925"Mystic Nile" A Breath of Old Egypt
926"Napoleon's Last Charge" March
927"The National Guard" March and "Nibelungen March"
928"The New Triumvirate" March
929"New York's Jubilee" March
930"Nigger-Toe" Rag One-Step and "Chili Sauce" Rag One-Step
931"Nightingale" Fox Trot
932"Noah's WIfe" One Step and "Who Wants a Baby?" Song - Fox Trot
933"Nobody Knows" Fox Trot
934"Notoriety" Rag Two-Step
935"No Wonder I'm Blue" Fox-Trot
101"OH! Boy (I've Found The Baby For Me)" One-Step
102"Oh! Harold!" Fox-Trot - Collegiate Walk One-Step
103"O-HI-O" and "That Naughty Waltz"
104"Oh! How I Laugh when I think how I cried about you" Fox Trot and "Desert Dreams" Fox Trot
105"Oh Joy!"
106"Oh Me! Oh My!" Fox-Trot
107"Oh! Susie Behave" One Step
108"Oh Those Eyes" Fox Trot
109"Oh You Bear cat Rag" Slow Drag Two Step
1010"Oh! You Sweetie" One-Step
1011"O Katharina!" Walk-Around (One-Step) and "When I Think of You" Fox-Trot
1012"Old Fashioned Garden"
1013"Old Man Jazz" Eccentric Fox Trot and "Gems" Fox rot
1014"One Kiss" Fox Trot
1015"One Little Dream Of Love" Song
1016"One Little Girl" Fox-Trot and "Smoke Rings" Waltz
1017"Only" Fox-Trot
1018"On the Q.T." March & Two-Step
1019"O" ("Oh!") Fox Trot
1020"Operatic Rag"
1021"An Orange Grove In California"
1022"Orang-Outang" Rag-Step
1023"Out Of A Clear Sky" Fox Trot
1024"Over the Top" Fox Trot
1025"Overture" (The Silver Bell)
1026"Oyama" March & Two-Step and "Jolly Fellows" March
111"Pahjamah" Oriental Novelty
112"Palesteena" Fox Trot
113"Pasha's Blues"
114"The Path of Glory" March and "City of Ballarat" March
115"Peacock Strut" Fox Trot
116"Peggy" Fox Trot
117"Pennant Winners" March and "Bouncing at the Rubber Ball" Fox-Trot
118"Pepper Sauce" A Hot Rag
119"Peter Gink" One-Step
1110"Peter Piper" One Step
1111"Piccalilli Rag" Two Step
1112"Pig Latin Love" One Step
1114"Preparedness" March Militaire and "Bull Frog Blues" Fox-Trot
1115"Prettiest Girl of All" Schottische and "The Iron King" March
1116"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" Fox-Trot
1117"Pride Of The Caravan" Oriental Fox Trot
1118"A Prohibition Episode"
1119"Rag Baby Rag" One Step and "Jack Rabbig Rag" One Step
1120"Ragtime Chimes" Intermezzo Two-STep
1121"Rain or Shine" One Step
1122"Rainy Day Blues" Fox Trot and "Just Blue" Fox Trot
1123"Ramshackle Rag"
1124"Rastus" Rag One-Step and "Fashion Rag" One Step
1125"Razz Berries" One Step and "Waters of Venice" Waltz
1126"Razzle-Dazzle" OneStep
1127"Red Onion Rag" Instrumental Rag and Two Step
1128"The Richmond Rag"
1129"Ritzi MItzi" Fox Trot
1130"Riverside Rag"
1131"The Rockin' Horse" Rag Song
1132"Rocky Mountain Moon" Waltz and "Falling" Fox Trot
1133"Rose of Spain" Fox Trot
1134"Russian Rag"
121"Sahara We'll Soon Be Dry Like You" Fox Trot and "Sugar Baby" Fox Trot
122"Sarasa!" Dance - March - Two Step
123"Say It While Dancing' Fox Trot and "Smilin' Through" Artistic Fox Trot
124"Say It With Music" Fox-Trot
125"Sensation" Jazz One Step
126"Shadows Will Fade Away" Fox Trot
127"The Sheik of Araby" Arabian Fox Trot
128"'Shimmy-Nods' From Chaminade" Fox Trot
129"Sonny O' Mine" Fox Trot
1210"The Sidewalk" Fox Trot
1211"Sight-Seers" March & Two-Step
1212"The Simple Simon Party" Fox Trot
1213"Since I Met Wonderful You" One Step
1215"Siren" Fox Trot and "Yearning"
1216"The Skeleton Rag" Medley March & Two Step
1217"Sleepy Hollow Days" Fox-Trot
1218"Slow and Easy" Fox Trot
1219"Smile A Little Bit" Fox Trot
1220"Smile Through Your Tears"
1221"Society Three-Step" and "Come Back To Erina Mona Darling" One-Step
1222"Somebody Misses Somebody's Kisses" Waltz and "Bangalore" Oriental Fox Trot
1223"Somebody" One-Step
1224"Somebody's Eyes" Ballad Fox Trot
1225"Some Day" Fox Trot
1226"Some Little Someone" Fox Trot
1227"Some Shape" One-Step
1228"Sometime" Fox Trot and "Why Don't You Answer Me?" Fox Trot
1229"Somewhere-Someday" One-Step
1230"Song Of Love" Waltz
1231"The Song That The Breeze Sings To Me"
1232"Sons of Britain March"
1233"South Sea Isles" Fox Trot
1234"Speed" One-Step
1235"Spirit Of The West" March
131"State Street Blues" Fox-Trot
132"The 'St. Louis Blues'" Rag
133"Stop It!" One Step
134"12th St. Rag" Fox-Trot
135"Sunflower Maid" Fox Trot
136"Sure As You're Born" Fox-Trot
137"Susan" Fox Trot"Susan" Fox Trot
138"Swanee Bluebird"
139"Swanee Butterfly" Fox Trot
1310"Swanee" One Step
1311"Sweetheart Waltz"
1312"Sweet Lady" Fox Trot
1313"Sweet Love" Fox Trot
1314"Sweet Mamma (Papa's Getting Mad)" Fox Trot
1315"Sweet Melody" "The Song That The Breeze Sings To Me" "Ever Since You Told Me That You Cared"
1316"Sweetness" Rag Two Step
1317"Sweet'n Pretty (Gee! I Wish You Were Mine)" Fox Trot
1318"Sweet Siamese" Fox Trot
1319"Switchback Rag" and "Oriental Maidens" Two-Step
1320"Tackin"em Down & She Was Not So Bad For A Country Girl" Fox Trot
1321"Take It From Me" and "The Call of The Cosy LIttle Home"
1322"Take It From Me" One-Step
1323"Take Me" Fox Trot
1324"Tar Babies" Rag
1325"Taxi" One Step
1326"Tears" (of love) One-Step and "OH HELEN!"
1327"Tell Me" Ballad-Fox Trot
1328"Tell Me Daisy"
1329"Tell Me Little Gypsy" Fox Trot
1330"Tell Me Why (I'd Like To Know The Reason Why" Fox Trot
1331"Ten-Ten-Tennessee" Fox-Trot
141"That Banjo Rag"
142"That Certain Party" Fox Trot
143"That Dramatic Rag" Two-Step
144"That Pyramid Jazz" Fox Trot or Camel Walk
145"That Sneaky Glide"
146"That Tangoing Turk" One-Step or Two-Step
147"There's a Little Blue Star in the Window" One-Step and "Dallas Blues"
148"There's A Long, Long Trail" One-Step and "The World In Arms" March
149"Theres A Typical Tipperary Over Here" One Step
1410"There's Silver in your Hair"
1411"The Talk Of The Town" One or Two Step
1412"The Trumpet-Major" Polka and "Falcon March"
1413"Those Days Are Over" Fox Trot
1414"Those Flippity, Floppety Flappers"
1415"Three O'Clock In The Morning" Waltz
1416"Thy Troubodour" One Step and "The Wonder Waltz Sweet and Low" Waltz
1417"Tickle The Ivories" Rag
1418"Tiger Rose" Waltzes and "Jazzin' The Blues Away" Jazz One-Step
1419"Till We Meet Again" Waltz
1420"Toboggan Rag" Two-Step
1421"Tricks" Fox Trot
1422"Tulip Time" Fox Trot
1423"Tumble In" Fox Trot
1424"Turkestan" Oriental Fox Trot
1425"Typhoon" Fox Trot
1426"Underneath the Dreamy Oriental Moon" Fox Trot
1427"Underneath The Southern Skies" Fox Trot - One Step Intermezzo
1428"The Vamp" Novel Oriental Fox-Trot and "Sand Dunes" Fox Trot
1429"Venetian Moon" Fox Trot
151"Wabash Blues" Fox-Trot
152"Wabash Blues" Fox Trot
153"Wait'n For Me" One or Two Step
154"Weaving Around Rag"
155"When A Peach in Georgia Weds a Rose from Alabam" Fox-Trot Song
156"When Chu-Ching-San Weds Paddy McCann" Fox Trot
157"When Dreams Come True"
158"When My Baby Smiles At Me" Fox Trot
159"When Shall We Meet Again" Waltz and "My Darling" Fox Trot
1510"When The Cherry Blossoms Fall" and "In A Kingdom Of Our Own"
1511"When You Come Back" One Step and "Liberty For All" One-Step March
1512"When You Gave Your Heart To Me"
1513"When You Hold Me In Your Arms" Waltz and "When I Met You" Fox-Trot
1514"When You're Alone" Fox Trot
1515"Where's My Sweetie Hiding" Fox Trot
1516"Where The Volga Flows" Russian Love Song
1517"While Others Are Building Castles In The Air" Fox Trot
1518"Whistling Blues"
1519"Who'll Be The Next One (To Cry Over You)" Fox-Trot
1520"Why?" Song Fox Trot
1521"Why Should I Cry Over You" Fox Trot
1522"Wig Wag Rag" Boston-Two Step
1523"Wig Wam" Indian Fox Trot
1524"William Tell Me" Fox Trot
1525"Wond'ring" Fox Trot
1526"Won't You Send a Letter to Me?" Fox-Trot
1527"A World Of Pleasure"
161"The Yellow Dog Rag" One Step - Two Step or Trot
162"You And I" Fox Trot and "Honesty and Truly" Fox Trot
163"You Can Have It, I Don't Want It" Jazz Fox Trot and "Hawaiian Moonlight"
164"You'd Be Surprised" Fox Trot
165"You Don't Know" Slow Fox-Trot and "After All" Fox Trot
166"You Know" Fox Trot
167"A Young Man's Fancy" Fox Trot
168"A Young Man's Fancy" and "That Reminscent Melody"
169"You Ought To See Her Now" Fox Trot
1610"You're Only A Baby" Fox Trot
1611"You're Still An Old Sweetheart Of Mine" Fox Trot
1612"You're The One (That I Want)" One Step
1613"You're The Only Girl That Made Me Cry" Fox Trot
1614Fragments - by title
171Andina, J.E. "Agitato No. 2"
172Arends, H. "Suits From The Ballet Salammbo"
173Ball, Ernest R. "Under the Harvest Moon"
174Beethoven, L. Van "Egmont Overture"
175Bela, Keler "Lustspiel Overture"
176Bendix, Theo. "The Girl from Maxim's"
177Berg, S. M. "Review March Triumphant"
178Bizet, Georges "L'Arlesienne Suite, No. 1"
179Boieldieu, F. A. "La Dame Blanche"
1710Borch, Gaston "Perpetual Motion"
1711Borch, Gaston "The Crafty Spy"
1712Borch, Gaston "Battle of Ypres"
1713Borch, Gaston "Mountain Music"
1714Borch, Gaston "Allegro Misterioso Nottumo"
1715Borch, Gaston "Agitate con moto"
1716Borch, Gaston "Victorious Democracy"
1717Borch, Gaston "Turbulence"
1718Clement, Fred W. "To Arms Overture Militaire"
1719Conrad, A. "Berlin in Smiles and Tears"
1720Dargomijsky, A. S. "Cosatschoque"
1721Falck, Edward "Dramatic Allegro"
181Gabriel-Marie "Angosciosamente"
182Gabriel Marie "Lamento"
183Goldmark, Carl "Sakuntala"
184Gounad, Ch. "Funeral March of a Marionet"
185Hirsch, Louis A. "Mary"
186Iwannow, M. Ippolitow "Caucasin Sketches"
187Kern, Jerome "Very Good Eddie"
188Kern, Jerome "OH BOY!"
189Kretschmer, William F. "Masaniello"
1810Kretschmer, William F. "The Bartered Bride"
1811Lake, M. L. "The Tempest"
1812Lake, M. L. "Fourteen Fathoms Deep"
1813Langey, Otto "Furioso No. 2"
1814Langey, Otto "Mysterious Furioso"
1815Langey, Otto "Agitato No. 3"
1816Langey, Otto "Song of the Boatmen of the Volga"
191Levy, Sol. ?. "Furioso No. 1"
192Nevin, Ethelebert "Carizone Amorosa" "Un Giorno in Venezia" " Buona Notte" "Gondolieri"
193Paradis, H. "Pastel Menuet Vif."
194Roberts, Chas. J. "Canzonetta"
195Roberts, Chas J. "Poet and Peasant"
196Rossini, G. A. "Overture - Semiramis"
197Rossini, G. A. "William Tell Overture"
198Sanford, Harold "Naughty Marietta"
199Stahl, R. "Overture 'A Day In Camp'"
1910Tschaikowsky, P. "Chant Elegiaque"
1911Vos Burgh, L. L. "Stasny's Medley Overture No. 1"
1912Von Suppe, Franz "Pique Dame"
1913Von Weber, C. M. "Overture-Oberon"
1914Wagner, Richard "The Flying Dutchman"
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