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Theatrical Cabinet Photographs

Theatrical Cabinet Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Theatrical Cabinet Photographs
Creator: Unknown
Inclusive Dates: 1890-1899
Language: English
Extent: 17.8 Linear Feet 28 card file boxes, 1 oversized box
Collection Number: ms2547
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

British and American theater was very productive during the 1890s which brought the beginning of comedic musicals in Britain, while in America, comedies thrived on stage. With rapid industrialization in both Britain and America, the number of patrons visiting the theater increased dramatically, and in turn increased the popularity of collecting cabinet cards.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of theatrical cabinet photographs, post cards, and playbills mainly of American actors, actresses, and entertainers with a very few British, French, and German performers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Theatrical cabinet photographs, ms2547, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 December 30.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Actors -- United States.
Actresses -- United States.
Cabinet photographs.
Entertainers -- Photographs.
Theater -- United States.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Theatrical Cabinet Photographs


1Abbey, Mr.
1Abbey, Mrs.
1Abbott, Emma
1Abbott, Nellie
1Acton, Thomas C.
1Adams, A.
1Adams, Edwin
1Adams, Mrs. Edwin
1Adams, Maude
1Adams, May
1Adams Sisters
1Addams, Augustus A.
1Adel, Helen
1Adelaide "La Petite"
1Adelaide, Mary
1Adine (?), Miss
1Adorado, Laraine
1Agnes (?)
1Ahrendt, Carl
1Aiken, Alma
1Aiken, Frank E.
1Aimee ?
1Albani, Emma
1Alberta, Laura
1Alcott, Miss L.
1Aldrich, Ethel
1Alexander, George
1Alhaiza, Aline
1Allen, Angeline
1Allen, C. Leslie
1Allen, E. Heron
1Allen, Eleonora
1Allen, Ethel
1Allen, Harry
1Allen, Katie [see John C. Fox &]
1Allen, Louise
1Allen, Mr. "Two Beats" [see Mr. Weaver &]
1Allen, Octavia
1Allen, Miss Ray
1Allen, Viola
1Allen, William
1Allen Sisters
1Alliger, J. H.
1Alliston, Lillie
1Allyne, Kitty
1Alvary, Max
1Alves, Mrs. Carl
1Alwyn, Miss ?
1Amber, Mabel
1Ambrose, Leona
1Ames, Amy
1Ames, Helen
1Ames, Miss ?
1Amrose, Rose
1"An Artist's Model"
1Ancona, Mario
1Anderson, Blanche
1Anderson, Mary
1Anderson, May Lizzie
1Andrews, Pearl
1Anglin, Margaret
1Annandale, Lizzie
1Anscel, Mina
1Anselle, Mabel
1Antrim, Bessie
1Apesworth, E. A.
1Arayon, Lotta
1Archer, Belle [see E. H. Sothern, C. B. Bishop &]
1Ardeck, Agnes
1Arden, Edwin
1Arden, Ethel
1Arlington, Maggie
1Armstrong, Sydney
1Arnaud, Yvonne
1Arnold, Hattie
1Arnold, Loie
1Arnold, Virgie
1Arnold Sisters
1Arnoldson, Sigrid
1Arnott, Miss B.
1Arthur, Julia
1Arthur, Paul
1Ashley, Evelyn
1Ashton, Daisy
1Ashwell, Lena
1Aslan, Raoul
1Atherton, Alice
1Atherton, Mittie
1Atwell, Grace
1Aubrey, Harriet
1Augarde, Amy
1Austen, Ramie
1Aylward, Gertrude
1Ayrton, Mary


2Bach, Minnie
2Bache, Walter
2Bachelor, Lena
2Bageard, Jeanette
2Baggeson, Mr.
2Baggeson, Mrs.
2Bainbridge, Rolinda [see Chauncey Olcott &]
2Baird, Dorothea
2Baker, Josephine
2Baker, Kate
2Baldwin, Annie
2Baldwin, Oscar
2Bamkratz, Charlotte
2Bancker, Emily
2Bancroft, Jean
2Bancroft, Mr.
2Bandemann, Mrs. Daniel E.
2Banison, Sophie
2Bankhardt, Florence
2Banker, Ed
2Banks, Maud
2Bannister, Miss M.
2Baranco, Phyllis
2Barker, Eva G.
2Barker, Kate
2Barlow, Billie
2Barnabee, H.C.
2Barnes, Courtney
2Barnes, Mr. J.H.
2Barney, Marion
2Barnum, Tillie
2Baron, Madge
2Barrett, Lawrence
2Barrett, Miss
2Barrett, Mrs.
2Barrett, Wilson
2Barrington, Ethel
2Barron, Charles
2Barry, Billy
2Barry, Mrs. Thomas
2Barry, Mrs.
2Barrymore, Georgia Drew
2Barrymore, Maurice
2Bars, Lillian
2Bartlett, Katie
2Bartlett, Meta
2Bartlett-Davis, Jessie
2Barton, Harry
2Barton, James
2Batcheller, George
2Bateman, Isabel
2Bateman, Kate
2Bates, Louise
2Baufeld, M.
2Baum, Edgar
2Baylan, Annie
2Bayley, Miss
2Beafort, Ethel
2Beafort, Mabel
2Beard, Charles J.
2Beatrice ?
2Beattie, Aubrey
2Beauclerc, Julia
2Beaudel, Rose
2Beaudet, Louise
2Beecher, Mr. & Mrs. H. Ward
2Beecher, Mrs. Henry Ward
2Beecher, Rosalba
2Beere, Annie
2Beere, Mrs. Bernard
2Beggs, Tessie
2Behrens, Charlotte
2Belford, Charles
2Belgarde, Adele
2Bell, Bessie
2Bell, Digby [see also DeWolf Hopper &]
2Bell, Hamilton
2Bell, Ida
2Bell, Laura [see Digby Bell &]
2Bellamy, A.
2Bellew, Kyrle
2Bellows, William
2Belmont, Jose A.
2Belmore, Lillian
2Belocca, Miss
2Belton, Mabel
2Bemister, Florence (Aronson)
2Benefi, Maria
2Benjamin, Miss
2Bennett, Miss
2Bensberg, Helena
2Benson, Mr.
2Bentley, Irene
2Beresford, Harry
2Berg, Ellen
2Bergen, Nella
2Bergere, Valerie
2Berlein, Annie Mack
2Bernard, Hattie
2Bernard, Marion
2Bernard, Vivian
2Bernhardt, Jeanne
2Berolde, Judith
2Bertram, Helen
2Besant, Anna
2Best, Sir Edward
2Beveridge, Kuhne
2Beverly, Alfred
2Bigelow, Sadie
2Biglon, Miss ?
2Biglow, Lenore
2Billington, Fred
2Bilton, Belle
2Bishop, C.B. [see also E.H. Sothern &]
2Bispham, David
2Bird, Mary
2Birdsall, Lurline
2Bixley, Edgar
2Blackburn, Mary A.
2Blacksom, Harry
2Blaine, Mrs. J.G. Jr.
2Blake, Lillie Devereux
2Blamey, Frederick
2Blanchard, Kitty
2Blancke, Annie
2Blancke, Kate
3Blandick, Clara
3Blane, Julia [see O. Wilbur &]
3The Blaney Brothers
3Blauvelt, Lillian
3Blessing, Christine
3Blocke, Miss
3Bloomfield, Fannie
3Blomfield, Gertrude
3Bloodgood, Clara
3Blossom, Nat
3Blow, Lilia
3"Blue Jeans"
3Blythe, Helen
3Boag, William
3Bockel, Marie
3Bond, Fred
3Bonelli, Signor
3Boniface, George C.
3Boniface, Stella
3Booth, Agnes
3Booth, Edwin
3Booth, Junius Brutus
3Booth, Miss
3Booth, Hope
3Boshell, Carrie
3Boucicault, Dion
3Boucicault, Dion Jr.
3Boucicault, Nina
3Bouton, Madeleine
3Bowen, Marie
3Bowers, Mrs. D.P.
3Bowser, Charles
3Boyd, Anna
3Boyd, Jennie
3Bradbury, Jessie
3Bradlaugh, Charles
3Bradley, James
3Brady, Katy
3Brady, Wm. A.
3Braham, Leonore
3Bramble, Maude
3Brand, John E.
3Brandes, Miss
3Brandon, Harry
3Brandon, Olga [see Harry Brandon &; Walden Ramsey &]
3Brandt, Mariane
3Branscombe, Dora
3Branscombe, Maude
3Branson, Mae
3Bray, Virginia
3Brennan, H.R.
3Brennan, Maggie
3Bresen, Louis
3Brevoor, Anna
3Brice, Stewart
3Bridger, Anita
3Bromley, Allie
3Brooke, Frances
3Cast from "Brother John"
3Brougham, John
3Broughton, Mamie
3Broughton, Phyllis
3Broughton, Rhoda
3Brown, Alice
3Brown, Harry
3Brown, Henrietta
3Brown, Mr. [see Estelle Mortimer &]
3Bruce, Merian
3Bruno, Helen
3Brush, Lillie
3Brutone, Mrs. Julia
3Bryant, Jennie
3Buck, Dudley
3Bucklin, Belle
3Bunnell, George
3Burbank, A.T.
3Burbeck, F.N. [see W.H. Thompson]
3Burges, Miss ?
3Burgess, Neil
3Burke, Charles
3Burke, Ione
3Burke, Mrs. ?
3Burlington Sisters [Elsie & Cora]
3Burmester, Willy
3Burns, Thomas H.
3Burroughs, Claude
3Burroughs, Marie
3Burroughs, Venie
3Burrows, Ida
3Burt, Hazel
3Burt, Ida
3Burt, Laura
3Burton, Blanche
3Burton, Carrie
3Burton, Harry
3Busby, Amy
3Butler, Emma
3Butler, Miss
3Butler, Etta
3Butler, Nellie
3Byndon-Ayres, D.
3Byrne Brothers [John, Andrew, James & Matthew]
3Byron, A.S.
3Byron, Kate
3Byron, Mr.


4Caden, Laura
4Cadman, Ethel
4Cagli, Gilbert
4Cahill, Marie
4Caine, Georgie
4Caldara, Orme
4Calders, Louise
4Caldwell, Miss Gwendolyn
4Calef, Jessie
4Calice, Myron
4Callahan, Joseph
4Camera, Marie
4Cameron, Isadora
4Cameron, Violet
4Campanini, Sig.
4Campbel, Shirly
4Campbell, Bartley
4Campbell, Cornie
4Campbell, Emma
4Campbell, Evelyn
4Campbell, Leo
4Campbell, Mrs. Patrick
4Canfield, Wm. F.
4Capine, M.
4Cardinali, Franco
4Carew, May
4Carey, Elicia R.
4Carey, Helen
4Carhart, Mrs. J.L.
4Carle, Alice
4Carleton, Wm. T.
4Carlisle, Katherine
4Carlstedt, Claudia
4Carlyle, Francis
4Carlyle, Frank
4Carpenter, Mat
4Carreno, Ms. T.
4Carrington, Ella
4Carroll, Laura
4Carson, Emma
4Carter, Alice Ruth
4Carter, Mrs. Leslie
4Carter, R.P.
4Carus, Emma
4Cary, Annie Louise
4Cary, E.
4Cash, Lizzie
4Cassini, Mlle.
4Castles (?)
4Castle, Miss
4Castle, William
4Castleton, Kate
4Cathcart, Maude [see Fred Ross &]
4Cavendish, Ada
4Caverly, Annie
4Cayvan, Georgia [see W. LeMoyne &]
4Cerf, Blanche
4Challis, Edith
4Chaloner, Marie
4Chandler, Maude M.
4Chanfrau, Frank S.
4Chanfrau, Mrs. F.S.
4Chantore, Lillian
4Chapin, Benjamin
4Chappie, Effie
4Chase, Florence
4Chase, Miss ?
4Cheatham, Frances
4Cheatham, Kitty
4Cherry, Charles
4Chester, Lillian (Kate)
4Chester, Leslie
4Chester, Marie
4Cherubini, M.
4Chimay, Princess & Rigo the Gypsy
4"A Chinese Honeymoon"
4Chiroug, Miss
4Chisnell, Newton C.
4Christopher, Marian
4Cine, M.
4Clancey, Venie G.
4Clapper, Hattie
4Clare, Attalie
4Clarges, Verner
4Clark, Annie
4Clark, Dean
4Clark, E.A.
4Clark, George
4Clark, H.E.
4Clark, Hilda
4Clark, Kitty
4Clark, Lillian Cleeves
4Clark, Mabel
4Clark, Miss ?
4Clark, Richard
4Clark, Rose
4Clarke, Eugene
4Clarke, Harry
4Clarke, John
4Clarke, Lulu (Lutie)
4Clawson, Caroline
4Claxton, Kate
4Clayburgh, Edward
4Clayton, Bessie
4Clayton, Eda
4Clayton, Estelle
4Cleary, Ms.
4Cleaves, Robert C.
4Cleveland, Bessie
4Clifford, Alice
4Clifford, Camille
4Clifford, Harry
4Clifford, Miss ?
4Clifton, Marie
4Clifton, Marion
4Clifton, Viola
4Clifton, William F.
4Cline, Maggie
4Clyde, Minnie
5Cochran, Gertie
5Coe, Isabelle
5Coffin, Hayden
5Coghlan, Charles
5Coghlan, Rose [see also Osmond Tearle &]
5Cogill, Charles W.
5Cohen, Mr. [see Mr. Wolf]
5Colbin, Major Charles
5Colden, Grace
5Cole, Belle
5Cole, N.
5Cole, Clara
5Coleman, Clara
5Coleman, Miss J.
5Coleman, Kitty
5Coleman-Pilsen, Mrs. L.
5Collier, Lizzie
5Collins, Billy
5Collins, Dan
5Collins, Lottie
5Collins, Monte
5Collins, Mr.
5Comaught, Miss
5Comstock, Nannette
5Compton, Edward
5Cone, Margaret
5Conley, J.C.
5Connelly, Patrick
5Connor, Frank A.
5Connor, Harry
5Connor, Jeanette
5Conor, Harry
5Conquest, Ida
5Conried, H.
5Conroy, John
5Convere, Lila
5Conway, Lillian
5Conway, Mamie
5Conway, Miss ?
5Conyers, Addie
5Cook, Augustus
5Cook, J. Harvey
5Cook, Madge Carr
5Cook, Millie
5Cook, Tom [see Charles Fisher &]
5Cooke, Miss ?
5Coombs, Miss ?
5Cooper, Gladys
5Cooper, Helen
5Cooper, Kitty
5Copleston, Florence
5Corden, Juliet
5Cordona, Adelaide
5Corinne (daughter of Jennie Kimball)
5Corlette, Helen
5Cortelyou, Sadie
5Corty, Fanny
5Cottrelly, Minnie
5Couldock, C.W.
5Courtaine, Harry
5Courtleleigh, William
5Courtney, Edna
5Coutts, Bindette
5Cowles, Ida
5Cowell, Florence
5Cowell, Miss Sidney [see Mr. Lewis &]
5Cowper, Archibald
5Cox, Hon. S.S.
5Crabtree, Lotta
5Craft, Paul
5Craighead, Kathleen McCook
5Crandall, Harry
5Crane, William H.
5Crawford, Edna
5Crawford, Miss ?
5Cray, John
5Creese, Lizzie
5Creighton, Bertha
5Cripps, H.A.
5Croix, Elvis [see Edm. Stanley &]
5Croizette, Mlle.
5Crompton, W.H.
5Cronin, Mr.
5Crosby, Fanny
5Crossley, May
5Cuart, Kate
5Cumberland, Stewart C.
5Cummings, Minnie
5Cummings, Ralph E.
5Cummings, Miss ?
5Curtis, Miss Diane (?)
5Curtis, Laura
5Curtis, May
5Curtiss (Curtiser), Blanche
5Cushman, Adelaide
5Cushman, Charlotte
5Cushman, Sadie & Herbert Holcombe
5Cutler, Robert J.
5Cutter, Margaretta
5Cutting, Florence


6Dabrowsky, Madame
6DaCosta, Linda
6Daily, Alice
6Dale, Violet
6Dallas, Mervyn
6Daly, Augustin
6Daly, Mr. C.
6Daly, Lucy [see Marguerite &]
6Daly, Marguerite
6Daly, Maurice
6Daly, Peter
6Dalzell, Geraldine
6Dames, E.D.
6Danby, Charles Tompkins [see E.J. Lonnen &]
6Dancla, Charles
6Daniels, Carrie
6Daniels, Charlotte Wade
6Daniels, Frank
6Dantes, Marie
6Darcey, Mavis (?)
6Darcy, Maurice
6Dare, Leona
6Dargan, May
6Darling, Bessie
6Darling, Maie
6Darling Sisters
6D'Arville, Camille
6D'Ary, Armand
6Daubigny, Lloyd
6Daugherty, Hugh
6Dauvray, Helen [see also Louis James &]
6Davenport, A.H.
6Davenport, Blanche
6Davenport, Dolly
6Davenport, E.L.
6Davenport, Mrs. E.L.
6Davenport, Fanny
6Davenport, Florence
6Davenport, Ira
6Davenport, Louis
6Davenport, May
6David, A.
6Davidge, William W.
6Davidson, Mr. D.
6Davidson, J.D.
6Davidson, Mrs.
6Davies, Henry E.
6Davis, Florence
6Davis, Jesse Bartlett
6Davis, Kate
6Dawson, Bertie
6Dawson, Jennie
6Day, Edith
6Day, Edmund
6Day, Florence
6Day, Marie Louise
6Dayton, Annie
6Dayton, Thomas
6Deagon, Arthur
6Dean, Dorothy
6Dean, Julia
6DeAngelis, Jefferson
6Deaves, Ada
6Deaves, Rillie [see Ada &]
6DeBeauvoisin, Dorothy
6DeBelleville, Frederick
6DeBelocca, Anna
6Decker, Nelson
6DeForrest, Mr.
6DeForest, Wilda
6The Deforests
6DeGranville, Miss
6De Haas, Mr.
6Deitz, Ella
6Deitz, Linda
6Deland, Annie
6Delare, Miss
6Delarme, Felicie
6Delaro, Elma
6Delaro, Hattie
6Delaro, Selina
6Delehanty, Mr. W.H.
6Delespar, Isabel
6Dell, Helen
6Delmanning, Mr.
6Delmar, Emily
6Delmont, Chris
6Delmont, Mrs.
6DeLussan, Zelie
6Demi..., Mr. ?
6Demougeot, Mlle.
6Dene, Dorothy
6Denham, George W.
6DeNicholls, M.
6Denier, Kate
6Denning, Dorothy
6DePibrac, Clemence
6De Reszke, Edward [see J & E De Reszke]
6De Reszke, Jean
6De Rosa, Josephine
6Derious, Lizzie [see Allie Smith]
6Desclauzies, Mme. ?
6Desmond, Alma
6Detchon, Adelaide
6De Treville, Yvonne
6Devere, Clementine
6De Voe, Edna
6DeVoy, Madeline
6DeWolfe, Elsie
6Dexter, Miss
7Di Cisnereos, Eleonore
7Dickenson, Anna
7Dickenson, Mary L.
7Dietz, Linda
7Dillen, Herbert
7Dillon, Barbara
7Dillon, Ben T.
7Dillon, John
7Dillon, Louise [see Charles Walcott]
7Dingens, Eugenie
7Dingeon, Helen
7Dion, Joseph
7Dippel, Andrew
7Dixey, H.E.
7Dixey, Isabelle
7Dixon, Daisy
7Dixon, Little Ollie
7Dixon, LuLu
7Dobson, Ed
7Dockery, Henry R.
7Dockery, Ida
7Dockery, Johanna
7Dockrill, Mme.
7Dockstader, Charles
7Dockstader, Lewis
7Dolaro, Selina
7Don, Laura
7Donat, Miss ?
7Doran, Marie
7Dorgere, Mlle.
7Dorr, Dorothy
7Dorrington, Allie [see Maud Harrison &]
7D'Orsay, Lawarance
7Doty, Mrs. Watson
7Dou, Laura
7Douglas, Byron
7Douglas, Ethel
7Douglas, Lady Sholto
7Douglass, Clara
7Douglass, Kate
7Douglass, Lillian
7Dowd, Anna
7Dowling, Joseph J.
7Downing, Robert
7Downs, William W.
7Drake, Gwendoline
7Drake, Mary
7Dreher, Virginia
7Dreux, Lorraine
7Drew, Beatrice
7Drew, Georgianna
7Drew, John
7Drew, Mrs. John
7Drew, Sidney
7Drew, Mrs. Sidney
7Dubois, Camille
7DuCoe, Teddie
7Dueth, Leonie
7Duffy, P.
7Dugdale, Miss Emmie
7Duggan, Maggie
7Dumare, Anetta
7Dunbar Sisters
7Duncan, Miss ?
7Duncan, Carrie
7Dungan, Charles W.
7Dunning, Alice
7Dunscombe, Annie
7DuPree, Minnie
7Durand, Rita
7Duret, Marie
7Durell, Edward
7Durrell, Frank
7DuSauld, Miss Gabriel
7Duse, Eleonora
7Duter, L.
7Dwyer, William
7Dyas, Ada
7Dyllan, Bernard
7Dysart, Florence


8Eagle, Mrs.
8Eame, Miss G.
8Eames, Emma
8Earle, Miss ?
8Earle, Ella A.
8Earle, Mable
8Earle, Marion A.
8Earle, Virginia
8Eastlake, Miss Mary
8Eastwood, Charles
8Edding, Lillian
8Eddinger, Lawrence
8Eddinger, Wallie
8Eddy Trio
8Edgar, Mr. George
8Edgerton, Maud
8Edmunds, Leslie
8Edmundston, Annie
8Edsall, Cora
8Edwardes, Madge
8Edwardes, Paula
8Edwards, Annie
8Edwards, Sam
8Edwin, Mr. ?
8Egberts, Nannie
8Eldridge, Charles E.
8Elliott, Gertrude
8Elliott, Lottie
8Elliott, Mary
8Elliott, Maxine [see also Nat Goodwin &]
8Elliott, Mr.
8Ellis, Celia
8Ellis, Sid R.
8Ellison, Frank
8Elliston, Grace
8Ellsler, Annie
8Ellsler, Effie
8Ellsworthy, Miss ?
8Elma, Lillian
8Elmerach, Miss
8Elmore, Marion [see Maggie Moore &]
8Elton, Daisy
8Elton, Lily
8Emerald, Anna & May
8Emerson, Mortimer
8Emery, Winifred
8Emmett, J.K.
8Emmons, Charles [see Mortimer Emerson &]
8Emmons, Julia [see Mortimer Emerson &]
8Endicott, Miss
8England, Daisy
8Englebert, Irene
8Enyel, Jenny
8Errington, Bertha
8Escarlona, Alice
8Esmond, Elsie
8Essifroff, Annette
8Estelle, Miss Mai
8Ethel, Agnes
8Eustace, Jennie
8Evans, Agnes
8Evans, Alice
8Evans, Bessie
8Evans, Charles
8Evans, Florence
8Evans, Frank J.
8Evans, Lily
8Evans, Rose
8Evans, Tellula
8Evarts, William
8Everett, Frances
8The Everett Sisters
8Everleigh, Kate
8Eversson, Isabelle
8Eyre, Sophie
8Eytinge, Pearl
8Eytinge, Rose
8Faber, Ettie
8Fales, Bingley
8Fansel, George
8Farkos, Gladys
8Farno, Josef
8Farnsworth, Dottie
8Farrell, Lelia
8Farren, Henry
8Farren, Nellie
8Farrington, Alice
8Farrington, Marie
8Farwell, C.L.
8Fauchon, Emma
8Faver, Miss
8Faversham, William
8Fealy, Maude
8Fechter, Charles
8Fedy, Mandy
8Fellows, Kate
8Felten, Selena
8Fenton, Mabel
8Fergueson, Mollie
8Ferguson, Mattie
8Fernandez, Bijou
8Ferrell, Jeanette
8Ferris, Ida
8Fessler, Walter
8Fetter, Selena
8Feuillet, M.O.
8Fey, Carl
8Fiebach, Bertha
8Field, Emma
8Field, Kate
8Fielding, May
8Fielding, Nellie
8Fields, Marguerite
8"La Fille de Madame Anjob"
8Findlay, Miss Jose
8Findley, Agnes
8Fisch, Bertie
8Fischer, Adolph
8Fisher, Charles
8Fischer, Emil
8Fish, Marguerite
8Fisher, Alexander
8Fisher, Charles
8Fiske, John
8Fiske, Marion
8Fiske, Minnie Maddern
8Fitzgerald, Cissy
8Fitzhugh, Ida
8Fitzsimmons, J.J.
9Flagg, Georgine
9Flanigan, Dyas
9Fleming, Mrs. Mina
9Fletcher, Miss Lizzie
9Flocton, Mr. C.P.
9Florence, Katherine [see also Gerge Cayvan "Amazons"]
9Florence, William J.
9Flower, Elliott
9Floyd, Mr.
9Flynn, Joe
9Fogmire, Rose
9Folsom, Agnes
9Fontainbleu-Clifton, Blanche
9Forbes-Robertson, J.
9Ford, Miss Day
9Ford, Mr.
9Ford & Francis
9Forrest, A.H.
9Forrest, Capitola
9Forrest, Edwin
9Forrest, Kate
9Forsythe, Kate
9Fort, Gertrude
9Fortescue, Miss G.K.
9Fortescue, Miss May
9Foster, Mrs. A.
9Foster, Mrs. Fanny
9Foster, Florence
9Foster, Miss J.
9Fougere, Miss
9Fowler, Imogene
9Fox, Della
9Fox, Grace
9Fox, John C.
9Fox, Lilly
9Fox, Louise
9Foy, Bertha
9Foy, Eddie
9France, Rose
9"Francesca da Rimini"
9Francis, LuLu
9Francis, Fanny
9Frank, Betty
9Frank, Miss C.
9Frank, Eugen
9Frankau, Joseph
9Franklin, Caroline
9Franklin, Estelle
9Franks, Ada
9Franks, Flora
9Frantzell, Fanny
9Franz, Robert
9Freeman, Gracie
9Freidman, Charline
9French, Eva
9French Twins (Minnie & Lena)
9Frew, Charles
9Frey, Albert
9Frohmann, Miss
9Frothingham, Dr.
9Fuehring, Anna
9Fuller, Loie
9Fuller, E.
9Fuller, Mollie
9Fursch-Madi, Mme. Amy
9Fyffe, Charles J.


9Gale, Adeona (see Hannah Gale &)
9Gale, Florence
9Gale, Hannah
9Gale, Minna
9Gallagher, Abbie Lamoureux
9Gallagher, May
9Galland, Bertha
9Galloway, Louise
9Gardiner, Gertrude
9Gardner, Charles
9Gardner, May
9Garland, Joseph
9Garlicks, Mary E.
9Garnella, Robert
9Garrick, Thomas E.
9Garthorne, Charles W.
9Garvagh, Lady
9Gannon, Miss M.
9Gaunt, Frances
9Gasparini, Adelina
9Geistinger, Marie
9George, Grace
9George, Marie
9Gerard, Florence
9Gerasch, Alfred
9Germaine, George
9Gerrish, Sylvia
9Gerster, Etelka
9Giardin, Bertha
9Gibson, F.W.
9Gibson, Kitty
9Gilbert, Belle
9Gilbert, Francesca
9Gilbert, John [see also Osmond Tearle &]
9Gilbert, J.M.
9Gilbert, Miss (1)
9Gilbert, Miss (2)
9Gilbert, Mrs.
9Gilbert, William
9Gilchrist, Connie
9Gillespie, Laura
10Gillette, Fanny
10Gillette, Florence
10Gillette, W.H.
10Gilliland, Helen
10Gilman, Miss
10Gilmore, Barney
10Gilmore, Helen
10Gilmore, W.S.
10Gilmour, J.H.
10Gilroy, Marie
10Gilson, Lottie
10Girard, Bettina [see J.J. Rafael &]
10Girard, Emile
10Girard, Florence
10Girard, Joseph W
10Girard, Kate
10Girard, Vic ?
10Glaser, LuLu
10Glassford, Jessie
10Glenn, Hope
10Glover, Amelia
10Glover, Lillie
10Glover, Marie
10Godrey, Carrie
10Goettler, Mrs. C.
10Golde, Beatrice
10Grey, Sylvia
10Grigolatis, Preciosa
10Grinell, Miss
10Griswold, Grace
10Griswold, Putnam
10Grossmith, George
10Grossmith, Weedon
10Groves, Charles
10Grubb, Lillian
10Gruber, Abe
10Gubelman, May
10Guidotti, Mme. F.
10Guion, Netta
10Gunther, Mr. A.C.
10Guyer, Charles
10Gwynette, Harry


11Hableman, Theodore
11Hackett, James K.
11Hadaway, Tom H. (Jr.)
11Hadfield, Harry
11Hadi, Fimsch
11Hading, Jane
11Haines, Carrie
11Haines, Master Louis [M.A. Kennedy &]
11Haines, Robert T.
11Haines, William
11Hall, Fannie
11Hall, Josie
11Hall, Louis Leon
11Hall, Maud Edna
11Hall, Minnie
11Hall, Pauline
11Hamilton, Belle
11Hamilton, May
11Hamilton, Miss
11Hamilton, W H.
11Hamlin, George
11Hamon, Berta
11Hampton, Alf
11Hampton, Mary
11Hanbury, Lily
11Hanchett, Julia
11Hanford, Charles B.
11Hanford, Edwin
11Hanford, Mr.
11Hanlan, Edward
11Hanley & Jarvis
11Hanley, Emma
11Hanley, Josie
11Hanley, May
11Hans, Lion (& Baby Coquette)
11Hanson, Alice
11Harcourt, Miss
11Hardenburg, Frank
11Hardy, Cecile
11Hardy, Fred
11Harkins, Mr. D.H.
11Harlow, Richard
11Harned, Virginia
11Harrald, Maggie
11Harrigan, J.C.
11Harris, Anita
11Harris, William
11Harrison, Maud
11Harrold, Lizzie
11Hart, Joe
11Harris, W.T.
11Harrington, Helen
11Harrison, Alice
11Harrison, Hindie
11Harrison, Rose
11Harrison, Mrs.
11Harrold & Henson
11Hart, Annie
11Hart, Bob
11Hart, Joe
11Hartelius, Jennie
11Hartwig, Nathaniel
11Harty, Belle
11Harvey, Bertha
11Harwood, Flora & Kitty
11Harwood, Harry
11Hassey, Mrs. Frank
11Hasson, Sadie
11Hastings, Christ
11"Hasty Pudding"
11Haswin, C.A.
11Hatch, Mr. R.H.
11Hatter, Will C.
11Hauk, Minnie
11Hawley, Ida
11Haworth, Joseph
11Hawthorne, Kate
11Hawthorne, Lillian
11Hawthorne, Lola
11Hawthorne, Louise
11Hawthorne, Miss
11Hawthorne, Nell
11Hawtrey, Charles
11Hayden, Blanche
11Haydn, Charles
11Healton, Marie
11Heather, Rose
11Hedley, King
11Held, Anna
11Henderson, A.
11Henderson, Flo
11Henderson, Louise
11Henderson, Nellie
11Henrey, Bobby
11"The Henrietta"
11Henriques, Madeline
11Henschel, Mr. G.
11Henschel, Mrs.
11Hensey, Mark E.
11Herbert, Franz
11Herbert, Miss
11Herford, Beatrice
11Herndon, Agnes
11Herne, Julie
11Heron, Bijou (Mrs. Henry Miller)
11Heron, Mathilda
11Herrick, May
11Herring, F.
11Herrman, Mr. H.W.
11Hess, Seymour G.
11Hesse, LuLu
11Heubner F.C.
11Hewitt, Belle
11Hickey, George
11Hicks, Mr.
11Hight, Lizzie
11Hill, Barton
11Hill, Caroline
11Hill, David B.
11Hill, Eunice
11Hill, Lucille
11Hiller, Mr.
11Hilliard, Robert
11Hinckley, Daisy
11Hind, Tom
11Hobson, Maude
11Hodgkinson, Daisy [see also Harry Allen & Walden Ramsey &]
11Hoey, Iris
11Hoey, William
11Hoffman ?
11Hoffman, Maud
11Hogan, Gus
11Hogan, Harry
11Hogan, Miss ?
11Holbrook, Alice
11Holcombe, Herbert [see Sadie Cushman &]
11Holland, E.M.
11Holland, Frank
11Holland, Maud
11Holland, Mildred
11Holland, Miss
12Hollbrook, Miss
12Hollinger, Anne
12Hollins, Maud
12Holloway, Maggie
12Hollowsley, Mrs.
12Holly, Jane
12Holt, "Baby"
12Holt, Blanche
12Holte, Sylvia
12Holtzmeyer, Genie
12Homan, Gertie [see Alice Leigh &]
12Homans, Olive
12Honald, Grace
12Hopekirk, Helen
12Hopkins, Miss ?
12Hopper, Edna Wallace
12Hopper, Charles H.
12Hopper, De Wolf
12Houey, George
12Houghton, Henry, O.
12Howard, Barry (Benjamin?)
12Howard, Blanche
12Howard, George
12Howard, Grace
12Howard, Miss E.
12Howard, Mabel
12Howard, May
12Howard, Nellie
12Howard, Rollin
12Howe, Emma
12Howe, Mary
12Howell, Ida
12Howitt, Belle
12Howland, Jobyna
12Howson, Emma
12Houston, Adela
12Houliston, Miss
12Hubbard, Mrs.
12Huested, Effie
12"Hugh," Mr.
12Hughes, Andy
12Hughes, Jennie
12Hummell, Sophie
12Hunt, Jay
12Hunter, Clara
12Hunter, Edna
12Hunter, Harry
12Hunting, Percy
12Huntington, Agnes
12Huntington, Grace
12Huntley, Barbara
12Hutchins, Alice
12Huth, Maud [see Billy Clifford & in oversize]


12Illington, Margaret
12Ince, John E.
12Ingersoll, William
12Ingham, Hannah May (Mrs. E.T. Stetson)
12Interlaken Trio
12Irquhart, Isabelle
12Irschick, Magda
12Irving, Alice
12Irving, Henry
12Irving, Isabella
12Irving, John
12Irwin, Florence
12Irwin, May [see also Hamilton Bell &; Mrs. Gilbert &]
12Italia, Emma
12Jachos, Miss ?
12Little Jack
12Jackson, Belle
12Jackley, Miss
12Jackson, Mrs. F.S.
12Jackson, Virgie
12Jacobs, Esther
12Jacobson, Mamie
12James, Louis
12James, True S.
12Jameson, Mr.
12Jan..., Albert
12Janauschek, Fanny
12Janish, Miss
12Jansen, Marie [see also Francis Wilson &]
12Jarbeau, Verona
12Jarvis, Lee
12Jecks, Clara
12Jefferson, Joseph
12Jeffries, Ida
12Jennings, J.W.
12Jenoure, Aida
12Jepson, Mr. E.O. [see also Maude Adams &]
12Jeremy, Lizzie
12Jerome, Miss ?
12Jerome, William
12Jewett, Henry R.
12Jewett, Sara
12Jobson, E.C.
12Johnson, Alice
12Johnson, Ben
12Johnson, Clara
12Johnson, Ezekiel
12Johnson, Fannie R.
12Jonnson, Gertrude
12Johnson, Rachel
12Johnston, Miss (1)
12Johnston, Miss (2)
12Johnston, Robert
12Jones, Aronia
12Jones, Mr. ?
12Jones, Mr. William G.
12Jonphe, Annie
12Jordan, Constance
12Jordan, Mabel
12Jordan, Mrs. George C.
12Jordan, Louise
12Jorn, Mr. ?
12Joseffy, Raphael
12Josephs, Fanny
12Jourdan, Alecia
12Joyce, Jennie
12Joyce, Laura
12Juch, Emma
12Judah, Mrs. ?
12Judic, Mme.
12Julian, Mrs. F.
12Juteau, Mr. ?


13Karl, Mr.
13Karsmer, Miss
13Kavenaeh, Lila
13Kean, Charles
13Keating, Helen
13Keeler, Harry
13Keene, L.
13Keene, Rose
13Keene, Tom
13Keim, Adelaide
13Kelcey, Herbert [see also Walden Ramsey &]
13Kelley, Charlotte
13Kellogg, Clara Louise
13Kellogg, Gertrude
13Kelly, G.F.
13Kelly, James A.
13Kelly, John S.
13Kelly, Kathleen
13Kemble, Frankie
13Kemble, Grace
13Kemb, Alice M.
13Kendal, Mr. ?
13Kendal, Mrs. ?
13Mr. & Mrs. Kendal
13Kendall, Ezra
13Kennedy, Mr. M.A.
13Kennedy, Nellie
13Kent, Eleanor
13Kent, Minnie
13Kent, S. Miller
13Kenward, Miss Edith
13Kerker, LuLu
13Kernell, Harry
13Kerr, Frederick
13Kerrigan, Kathleen
13Kidder, Kathryn
13Kidney, Ella
13Kieth, Bertie
13Kilday, Frank
13Killgour, Joseph
13Kilvert, Max
13Kimball, Grace
13Kimball, Jennie
13King, Mr. A.L.
13King, Miss A.M.
13King, Julie Rive
13King, Mrs. S.
13King, Miss
13Kingdon, Dorothy
13Kingdon, Edith [see also Hamilton Bell &]
13Kingsland, Myrtle
13Kinzey, Camille
13Kirby, Mamie
13Kirk, Miss
13Kirschmann, Olivia
13Kirwin, Susie
13Knapp, Josephine
13Knowles, Priscilla
13Knowlton, Dora
13Koenen, Tilly
13Koenig, Marie
13Kohnle, Mr. W.H.
13Konstantin, L.
13Kourath, Miss
13Kramer, Leopold
13Kutschera, Tilly
13Kutschera, Victor


13LaCass, Nellie
13Lackaye, Wilton
13Lackner, Hans
13Lacy, Harry
13La Granadina
13L'Allemand, Pauline
13Lamb, Walter J.
13Land, Belle
13Lane, Clara
13Lane, Eleanor
13Lane, Elsie
13Lane Sisters (3)
13Lanford, Mr.
13Lang, C.F.
13Lang, Sam
13Langdon, Kate
13Langford, Mrs.
13Langley, Frank
13Langtry, Mrs.
13LaRose, Harry
13Latham, Emma
13Lathrop, Florence
13Lauge, Louis
13La Verde, Lillie
13Lawrence, Atkins [see Maud Granger &]
13Lawrence, Eweretta
13Lawrence, Miss ?
13Lawrence & Harrington "The Original Bowery Spielers"
13Layton, Frank
13Leach, Lillian
13Learer, Grace
13Lease, Mrs. N.E.
13Le Baron, Lizade
13LeBrun, Marie
13Leclercq, Charles
13Leclercq, Miss
13Lee, Ada
13Lee, Amy
13Lee, Flora
13Lee, Henry
13Lee, Hillard
13Lee, James Frances
13Lee, James S.
13Lee, Jennie
13Lee, Lillian
13Lee, Rosa
13LeFeave, Miss
13Leib, Beatrice
13Leigh, Alice
13Leigh, Clifford
13Leigh, Mercedes
13Leigh, Lisle
13Leigh, Miss ?
14Leighton, Grace
14Leighton, Rose
14Leland, A. (child)
14Leland, Miss
14Lemaistre, H.
14Le Moyne, William J.
14Leonard, Addie
14Leonard, Agnes
14Leonard, John T.
14Leonard, Mabel
14Leopold, Harry
14LeRoy, Angele
14LeSeure, Jessie
14Leslie, Annie
14Leslie, Belle
14Leslie, Edward
14Leslie, Elsie
14Leslie, Enid
14Leslie, Fredrick
14Leslie, Grace
14Leslie, Mr.
14Leslie, Noel
14Leslie, Mr. W.
14Lesee, Mr. ?
14Lessing, Madge [see also Fred Soloman &]
14Lester, Helene
14Lester, Miss
14Lethcourt, Mr. H.
14Leuvitta, Miss
14Levan, Miss
14Levere, Grace
14Levere, Rose
14Levien, Constance
14Levy, Florence
14Lewis, Ada
14Lewis, A. Sheldon
14Lewis, Annie
14Lewis, Catherine
14Lewis, Emily
14Lewis, Frank
14Lewis, James
14Lewis, Miss Jeffreys
14Lewis, Lillian
14Lewis, Marie
14Lewis, Mr.
14Lewis, Ollie
14Lewis, Ottile
14Leyton, Ada
14Leyton, Helen
14L'Huillier, Isabelle
14Lillian, Grace
14Lillian, Lena
14Lillie, Beatrice
14Lind, Letty
14Linda, Beatrice
14Lindberg, Emma C.
14Linde, Lindie
14Lingard, Alice Dunning
14Lingard, Dickie
14Lingard, Georgia
14Lingard, William Horace
14Linneo, Alice
14Linton, Miss
14Linyard, Katherine
14Lionel, Amy
14Lipman, Clara
14Lippman, Jennie
14Lisle, Rose
14Liston, Effie
14Littie & Pritzkow
14Little, Charlotte
14Livingston, Bertha
14Livingston, Kate
14Livingston, Mr.
14Lloyd, Florence
14Lloyd, Mr. [see Msrs Gilbert, Sefton & Lloyd]
14Lockwood, Miss
14Loder, Minnie
14Loevry, Angele
14Loftus, Cissie
14Loney, Mr.
14Long, Eliza
14Lonnen, E.J.
14Lonsdale, Gertrude
14Lonsdale, H.B.
14Loraine, Emma
14Lorella Brothers
14Lorenze, John
14Lori, Mlle.
14Lorimer, Daisy
14Lorine, Jeannette
14Loring, Agnes
14Loring, Lucille
14Loughlin, Major
14Lovell, Miss
14Lowry, Jeanette
14Lowther, Hon. Mrs.
14Lube, Max
14Lucca, Madame
14Lucette (Lusette?), Madeline
14Lucier, Charles N.
14Lucier, Rosalie Marie
14Lucille, Millie
14Luck, Mr. G.
14Lunn, Madame Kirkby
14Lyford, Nettie
14Lynch, Baby
14Lynch, Miss Franklyn
14Lyndon, Agnes
14Lynn Sisters (Minnie, Emma & Jennie)
14Lyons, Esther
14Lyons, Grettine
14Lyster, Maud
14Lytell, Bert
14Lytton, Genevieve [see also William Thompson &]


15McCann, Geraldine
15McCarthy, Charlotte
15McCarthy, Dan
15McCarthy, L.
15McCauley, James
15McCaull, Angela
15McConnell, Miss Dean
15McConnell, Olive
15McCoy, Lizzie
15McCullough, John
15McDonald, Christie
15McDonald, Ida
15McDonald, Kate
15McDonough, Harry [see Bertha Ricci &]
15McDowell, Melbourne
15McElroy, Mary E.
15McGlenn, Harry
15McHenry, Nellie
15McIntosh, Burr
15McIntosh, Nancy
15McIntyre, Fanny
15McIntyre, Lily
15McIntyre, Maude
15McKeever, John
15McLeidley, Bartley
15McLellan, Miss
15McMahon, Mrs. Lucy
15McNulty, Jennie
15McNutt, Howard
15McVickers, Miss
15MacDonald, Margaret
15MacDonnell, Idella
15Macey, Cora
15Mack, Andrew
15Mack, Miss
15Mack, William B.
15Mackay, Mr. F.F.
15Mackay, John A.
15Mackaye, Jessie
15MacKintosh, Louise
15Maddick, Mrs. Alfred
15Maddira, Donna
15Madigan, Ida
15Madison, Miss
15Madison, Mathilde
15Maehl, Lillian
15Maflin, Alfie
15Magnus, Julian
15Magri, Count/Countess & Baron
15Mahoney, Jere
15Maider, Rena
15Maitland, A.S.
15Majilton, Miss ?
15Major Sisters
15Majori, Antonio
15Malavini, Miss
15Mallon, Kate
15Manchester, Robert
15Maneoza, Miss
15Mann, Louis
15Mannering, Mary
15Manola, Marion
15Mansfield, Josie
15Mansfield, Richard
15Mantell, Anna
15Mantell, Robert B.
15Mantelli, Eugenia
15Manton, Lydia
15Mapleson, Laura Schrimer
15Mapleton, Miss
15Marcotts, Mr. E.
15Marden, Mary
15Marden, Mr. E.E.
15Marian, Miss
15Marians, Mr.
15Marible, Miss
15Marie, Paolo
15"Marie Antoinette a la Conciergerie"
15Mario, Miss Minnie
15Marion, Leslie
15Marion, Lily
15Marion, Susie
15Marius, Mons.
15Markham, Pauline
15Marks, May A. Bell
15Marlowe, Catherine
15Marlowe, Julia
15Marsh, Fanny
15Marshall, Augusta
15Marshall, Harry
15Marteau, Henri
15Martell, Annie
15Martens, Alexandria
15The Martens
15Martin, Lee Hobbs
15Martin, Luke
15Martinetti, Louis
15Martinez, Lillian
15Martinot, Sadie
15Mary, Mr. Jules
15Mascotte, Violet
15Mascre, Mrs.
15Maskell, Ray
15Mason, Helen
15Mason, Minnie
15Mason, W. (J.B.)
15Massen, Louis
15Massett, Mr.
15Masson, W.C.
15Massy, Rose
16Mather, Margaret
16Matthews, Ethel
16Matthews, Miss ?
16Maude Sisters
16Maxwell, Mr.
16May, Alice
16May, Edna
16May, Eleanor
16May, Jane
16May, Olive [see Harry Harwood &]
16May, Mr. Phil
16Maye, Geraldine
16Mayer, Miss
16Mayhew, Katie
16Maynard, Eugenia
16Mayo, Eleanor
16Mayo, Frank
16Mayor, Annie
16Meade, James H.
16Mealey, Joseph
16Measor, Adela
16Meek, Edith R.
16Meffert, Emmie
16Melba, Nellie
16Melrose, Ada
16Melvin, Louise
16Mendelssohn, Felix
16Menken, Adah Isaacs
16Meredith, H.E.
16Merivale, Clara
16Merrick, May
16Merrill, Florence A.
16Merron, Eleanor (Mrs. A.C. Cowpen)
16Merten, Claudius
16Mertens, Christine
16Merville, Lina [see also Maggie Moore]
16Mestayer, Dolly
16Mestayer, William
16Meta, Johanna
16Mexican Juvenile Opera Company
16Meyers, Annie
16Middleton, Maud
16Midgley, Mr. Sager
16Miers, Mabel
16"The Mikado"
16Milburn, Annie
16Miles, Lizzie
16Miliken, Miss Sandol
16Millar, Gertie
16Millen, Peggy
16Miller, Agnes
16Miller, George B.
16Miller, Henry
16Miller, Maude
16Miller, Mr. [see Kelcy, Wheatcroft &]
16Miller, Mr. (2)
16Miller, W.C.
16Millett, Mabel
16Milletts, Mittens
16Mills, Genevieve
16Mills, Margaret
16Mills, Mary
16Mills, Minette
16Mills, William J.
16Millward, Jessie
16Miner, Henry
16Mines, H.C.
16Minte, Louise
16Miskell, Caroline
16Mitchell, Julian
16Mitchell, Louise
16Mitchell, Maggie
16Mitchell, Mr.
16Moffert, Emmie
16Moncreiff, Rose
16Monk, Miss Ada
16Monkhouse, Harry
16Monmouth, Blanche
16Monri, Miss C.
16Monstery, Thomas
16Montague, Alice
16Montague, Henry J. [see also Ada Dyas &]
16Montague, Louise
16Montaine, C.F.
16Montgomery, H.W.
16Montgomery, Miss
16Montgomery, Walter
16Montrose, Kate
16Montrose, Louise
16Moore, Elie
16Moore, Haidee
16Moore, Hattie
16Moore, Ira T.
16Moore, Laura
16Moore, Louise
16Moore, Lucia
16Moore, Maggie
16Moore, Mary
16Moore, Maud
16Moore, Raymon
16Moore, Victor
16Mora, Helene
16Moran, Ellen
16Moran, Tessie
16Morant, Fannie
16Mordaunt, Nellie
16Morden, May
16Moreland, A.C.
16Morgan, J.L.
16Morgan, Marie
16Morgan, Maude
16Morris, Camille
16Morris, Clara
16Morris, D.L.
16Morris, Felix
16Morris, Isabel
16Morris, Katherine
16Morris, Mabel
16Morris, William
16Morrison, Florence Roberts
16Morrison, Lewis
16Morrison, Louis
16Morse, Carrie
16Morse, Louisa
16Morse, Mr. W.E.
17Mortimer, Estelle
17Mortimer, Lottie
17Mortimer, LuLu
17Mortimer, Nellie
17Morton, James J.
17Morton, Jennie
17Moulton, Arthur
17Moulton, Miss M.
17Mouri, Camille
17Mowbray, Jennie
17Mowbury, Miss
17Cast From "Mrs. Dane's Defense"
17Muhlanbring, Maggie
17Muldener, Louise
17Mulle, Ida
17Mulle, Marie
17Muller, Poldi
17Munroe, Kate
17Murdoch, Daisy
17Murdoch, Harry
17Murdoch, James
17Muriell, Constance
17Murphy, Mark
17Murphy, Martha
17Murphy, Tim
17Murray, Alma
17Murry, Miss
17Myers, Annie
17Myers, "Little Irene"
17Myers, J.W.
17Myers, Mrs. Mary
17Mynte, Miss ?


17"Nadjy" Ballet
17Nash, Helen
17Nash, John
17Nash, John E.
17Nash, Marietta
17Nash, Miss Sinclair
17Nassim, Mrs.
17Neal, Alice
17Nefflen, Hattie
17Neilson, Adelaide
17Neilson, Alice
17Neilson, Julia
17Neilson, Nesta
17Nellini, Marie
17Nelson, Lillian [see George Hickey &]
17Nelson, Virginia J.
17Nestel, Charles and Eliza
17Nethersole, Olga
17Netrissa, Baroness
17Neupert, Edmund
17Nevada, Emma
17Neville, Millie
17Neville, Richard
17Newcomb, Theresa
17Newcombe, Blanche
17Newham, May
17Newham, Rose
17Newman, May
17Newton, Kate
17Nichols, Mabel
17Niccolini, Ernesto
17Nilsson, Christine
17Noonan, Will
17Norczi, Erdelyi
17Noria, Jane
17Norman, A.
17Norris, James M.
17Norris, William
17Northern, Jeanette
17Northrup, H.S.
17Norwood, Roberta
17Note, Jean
17Nuendorf, A.
17Nugent, Maud
17Nusson, L.


17Oates, Alice
17O'Brien, Frank
17O'Brien, Mr. F.
17O'Brien & O'Brien
17O'Brien Sisters
17Ochiltree, Thomas P.
17O'Connor, James Owen
17O'Connor, Loyola
17Oesterle, Kate
17O'Keefe, Annie
17Olcott, Chauncey
17Olcott, Lilian
17Oldfield, Emily
17"Old Heads and Young Hearts"


18Pacard, Sandre
18Page, Mabel
18Page, William [see Harry Blacksom &]
18Palladino, Emma
18Palliser, Edith
18Palliser, Esther
18Palmer, Minnie
18Palmer, Mr. ?
18Palmer, Nannie
18Palmoni, Christie
18Paloma [see Mrs. DeBelleville]
18Paris, Clara
18Paris, Francescina
18Parker, George
18Parker, Forrest H.
18Parker, Lewis
18Parker, Pauline
18Parker, Miss (Parker Sisters)
18Parkes, George
18Parnell, Mrs.
18Parr, Miss
18Parselle, John
18Parsons, C.K.
18Pastor, Fernando
18Pastor, Tony
18Pateman, Bella
18Patrice, Miss
18Patti, Adelina
18"Paul & Virginia"
18Paul, Isabelle Howard
18Paullin, Louise
18Paulton, Harry
18Payton, Corse
18Payton, Joseph
18Payne, Lydia
18Peabody, George
18Peak, Miss F.
18Pearson, "Little"
18Peart, William A.
18Pease, Alta
18Pealby, Mrs.
18Pelby, William (Phelps?)
18Pelham, Walter
18Pendergast, Lillian
18Perine, Oscar A.
18Perkins, Eli
18Perl, Clara
18Perry, A.R.
18Perry, Irene
18Perry, Sara
18Persse, Thomas
18Peters, Maud
18Pettit, Mr.
18Phelps, Mrs. Edmund
18Philips, Edwin R.
18Phillips, Edith
18Phillips, Kate
18Phillips, Minna
18Phillips, Mrs. E.J.
18Phillips, Will F.
18Phyllis, Nora [see Kate Tally &]
18Picquette, Miss
18Pierce, Emma
18Piper, Vandyke
18Pitt, Fanny Addison
18Pixley, Annie
18Placide, Tom
18Platt, Miss
18Plunkett, Percy
18Plunkett, Viola
18Plympton, Eben
18Polk, J.B.
18Pomeroy, M.M.
18Ponisi, Madame
18The Pony Ballet
18Poole, Mrs. Charles W.
18Porter, Miss
18Porteus, Martha
18Possart, Mr.
18Post, Guy Bates
18Post, Lily
18Potter, Mr. H.C.
18Potter, Helen
18Potter, Mrs. J. Brown
18Pounds, Courtice
18Powell, Connie
18Powell, Maude
18Power, W.H. Jr.
18Powers, James T.
18Praeger, Miss
18Pratt, Lynn
18Pratt, Mayme
18Prescott, Marie
18Presell, Anne
18Price, Bijou
18Price, Fred
18Price, Lillian
18Price-Dow, Millie
18Primrose, Mr. G.H.
18Prince, Miss Adelaide
18Prince, Jennie
18Prior, LuLu
18Proctor, Annie E.
18Provost, Mary
18Pullin, Miss G.
18Purdy, Mr. P.Q.
18Purvis, Miss
18Putnam, Boyd
18Putnam, Frank


18Queen, John
18Quick, Miss
18Quigley, Jay
18Quinland, Lola
18Radamma, Ivy
18Radcliffe, Minnie
18Rae, Mrs. Frank
18Raffaelli, M.
18Ralph, Dick
18Ramsey, Mai
18Ramsey, Walden
18Rand, Rosa
18Randall, Adelaide
18Randall, Mr.
18Randell, Miss ?
18Rankin, McKee
18Ranous, William
18Ransom, Nellie
18Ratcliffe, E.J.
19Ravasz, Miss
19Ravelli, Signor
19Ravoli, Julia
19Ravoli, Sophie
19Rawlinson, Grace
19Rawlston, Zelma
19Ray, Miss
19Raymond, Alice
19Raymond, May Belle
19Raymond, Mollie
19Raymond, Mr. T.
19Rayne, Eveleen
19Raynham, Kate
19Rechell, Lizzie
19Redmund, William
19Reed, Etta
19Reed, Sam
19Reed, Mrs. G.
19Reed, Biddy
19Reeves, Fanny
19Reeves, Jenny
19Reeves, Mrs. W.H.
19Rehan, Ada [see also John Drew &]
19Reichenberg, Ms. ?
19Reid, Margaret
19Reiger, W.H.
19Reignolds, Georgiana
19Reignolds, Kate
19Reignolds, William
19Reiss, Albert
19Renold, Therese
19Renwood, Minnie
19Renyson, Gertrude
19Revare, Pearl
19Revelle, Maude [see Jas. J. Morton &]
19Reynier, William G.
19Reynolds, Fanny
19Reynolds, Genevieve
19Reynolds, Hazel
19Rhodes, John F.
19Rial, Louise
19Ricard, Amy
19Riccardo, Corona
19Ricci, Bertha
19Rice, Fannie
19Rice, Miss T.
19"King Richard III"
19Richards, Irene
19Richardson, Hattie
19Richardson, Mr.
19Richmond, Adah
19Richmond, Hattie
19Richter, Mr. R.
19Rickardt, Harry
19Ried, Frank T.
19Ried, Fred T.
19Rigl, Emily
19Rignold, George
19Rindloss, Tom
19Ring, Blanche
19Ringold, Mr. B.T.
19Ristori, Miss ?
19Ritchie, Adele
19Ritchie, Gertrude
19Rivers, Gertrude
19Rivers, Mrs.
19Roach, Johnny
19"The Road to Ruin"
19Robbins, Bessie
19Robb, Thomas
19Robe, Annie
19Roberts, Albert
19Roberts, Blanche
19Roberts, Florence
19Roberts, May
19Robertson, Agnes
19Robertson, J.G.
19Robertson, W.T.
19Robeson, Stewart
19Robins, Elizabeth
19Robinson, Anna
19Robinson, Bertine
19Robinson, Charlotte
19Robinson, Forrest
19Robinson, George K.
19Robson, May
19Robson, Stuart
19Roche, Augusta
19Rochefort, Henri
19Rockwell, Charles H.
19Rodgers, Jessaline
19Roe, Edward P.
19Rogers, Benjamin
19Rogers, Jessie
19Rogers, Kate
19Rogers, Rowland
19Roland, Eva
19Ronaldo, William
19Ronaldo, George
19Ronsby, Mrs. Clara
19Rook, Theodore L.
19Rooke, Irene
19Rooke, Jack
19Rooney, Kate
19Rooney, Muttie
19Rooney, Pat [see Muttie Rooney &]
19Ronsby, Mrs. Clara
19Rorke, Kate
19Rorke, Mary
19Rosa, Mad. Parepa
19Rosa, Patti
19Rose, Minnie
19Rosebud, Nellie
19Rosenfeld, Master Herbert
19"Rosenfeld's Liliputians"
19Rosenquist, Thea
19Rosevelt, Blanche
19Ross, Charles J.
19Ross, Emma [see Ida Ross &]
19Ross, Fred
19Ross, Hope
19Ross, Ida
19Ross, Minnie
19Ross, Thomas W.
19Rossi, Ernesto
19Rossmore, Dorothy
19"Rossow's Midgets"
19Rouse, Miss F.D.
20Routt, Cora
20Rowe, Estelle
20Rowe, George Fawcett
20Rowe, Miss
20"Royal Comedy Trio"
20Roze, Marie
20Ruche, Miss A.
20Runnells, Bonnie
20Runnells, Frederick
20Runnells, Mabel
20Ruscher, Mad.
20Rush, Isadora
20Russell, Adelaide
20Russell, Annie C.
20Russell, Edmund
20Russell, Frank [see T. Seabrooke &]
20Russell, Hattie
20Russell, Helen
20Russell, Lillian
20Russell, Mabel
20Russell, May
20Russell, Sol Smith
20Russell, Susie [see also C.W. Dungan &]
20Russell, Tommy
20Rutledge, Gertrude
20Rutledge, Maude
20Ryan, Elsa
20Ryan, Mary
20Ryley, J.H.


20Sadler, Josie
20Safford, Lizzie
20St. Aubins, Miss
20St. George, Cissy
20St. George, Julia
20St. John, Florence
20St. John, Mae
20St. John, Marie
20St. Martin, Mr. C.
20St. Martin, Mrs.
20St. Quentin, Lizzie [see also William Gilbert &]
20Sadler, Josie
20Sakens, Miss
20Saker, Horatio
20Salvini, Alexander
20Salvini, Mrs. Alexander
20Sanders, Zelda
20Sandis, Dr.
20Sands, W.A.
20Sanford, Eleanor
20Sanford, James
20Sanford, Louise
20Sanger, Rachel
20Santley, Charles
20Santley, Kate
20Saracco, Elisa
20Sarisee, Mr. D.
20Sarony, Ida B.
20Satterlee, Jennie
20Saunders, Mary
20Sawtelle, Mr. C.E.
20Scalchi, Mme Sophie
20Scanlan, William J.
20Schaable, Robert
20Schell, Hattie
20Schilling, Victoria
20Schirmer-Mapleson, Laura
20Schlke, Augusta
20Schonberg, James
20"School for Scandal"
20Schott, Werner
20Schweigehofer, Felix
20Scott-Siddons, Mary F.
20Seabrooke, Thomas Q.
20Seaman, Julia
20Sedgewick, Anne Douglas
20Sedgewick, Helen
20Seebola, Emma
20Sefton, Mr. [see Msrs Gilbert, Sefton & Lloyd]
20Segond-Weber, Mrs.
20Seguin, A.E.S. [see Miss Castle &]
20Seguin-Wallace, Zelda
20Seligman-Cutting, Minnie
20Selkirk, Mr.
20Selwyn, Ethel
20Sembrich, Marcella
20Sennach, Henriette
20Serrano, Vincent
20Seward, Emily
20Sexton, William
20Seymour, Blanche
20Seymour, Harry F.
20Seymour, Katie
20Seymour, Lottie
20Seymour, Mr. W. N.
20Seymour, Will
20Shaffer, Annie
20Shaler, Eleanor
20Shaler, Eva
20Shaler, Gussie
20Shandley, Lillian
20Shannon, Effie
20Shannon, Winona [see also M.A. Kennedy &]
20Sharpe, Dollie
20Shaw, Mary
20Shaw, Mrs.
20Shayne, Eddie
20Shaw, Dora
20Shaw, Alice J.
20Sheehan, Joseph
20Sheldon, A.H.
20Shelton, Mr. Lee
20Shepard, Marta
20Shepard, Alice
20Sherer, May
20Sheridan, Una
20Sherwood, Grace
21Shewell, Livingston Robert
21Shields, Tillie
21Shirley, Madeliene
21Shirley, Madge
21Shirley, W.R.
21Scott-Siddons, Mary F.
21Sigerson, Nora
21Siguson, Nora
21Simmons, Edith
21Simpson, Miss Chiridal
21Simpson, Edmund
21Simpson, Elise
21Sims, Hattie L.
21Sinclair, Edith
21Sinclair, Lillie
21Sinding, Professor
21Singer, Helen P.
21Singer, Susie
21Sinigaglia, Leone
21Sinkell, Nellie
21Sinnett, Lottie
21Sivori, Mr.
21Skinner, Otis
21Slater, Florence
21Slivinski, Josef
21Smith, Allie
21Smith, C. Phillip
21Smith, "Old Mark"
21Smith, E. McP.
21Smith, J.A. "Smitty"
21Smith, Jennie
21Smith, May
21Smith, Ms. Beaumont
21Smith, Sidney
21Smith, Master Walter H.
21Smock (Smoek?), Mr.
21Snow, B.M.
21Snow, Ernest
21Sohlke, Sophie
21Solee, Ida
21Solomon, Fred
21Somers, Ada
21Somerville, Amelia
21Somerville, Annie
21Somerville, Marie
21Somerville, May
21Soomer, Walter
21Sothern, E.H.
21Spencer, Attie
21Spencer, Lillian
21Spooner, Cecil & Edna
21Sprague, Estelle
21Stacey, Delia
21Stadon, Grant
21Stahl, Irma
21Stahl, Rose
21Standing, Guy [see also Maude Adams &]
21Standish, Helen
21Stanhope, Constance
21Stanley, Alma
21Stanley, Arline
21Stanley, Burton
21Stanley, Charles
21Stanley, Edmund
21Stanley, Elizabeth Cody
21Stannard, Anna
21Stanope, Mrs.
21Stanope, Miss
21Stanwood, Nelly
21Starr, Frances
21Starr, Mr.
21Steele, Mrs. Dora
21Steger, Mr. Julius
21Stehmann, Gerhardt
21Steintacht, Miss
21Stella, Rose
21Stephens, E.H.
21Stephens, Sadie
21Stephenson, Mabel
21Sterling, Miss
21Sternroyd, Vincent
21Sterrett, Lee
21Stetson, Mrs. John
21Stetson, Ruth
21Steuarte, Mabel
21Stevens, Adine
21Stevens, Fanny
21Stevens, Lulu
21Stephens, Miss
21Stephens, Yorke
21Stewart, Ethel Irene
21Stewart, Julia
21Stewart, Miss
21Stirling, Earle
21Stockman, Emma
21Stockwell, L.R.
21Stoddard, J.H.
21Stokes, Belle
21Stokes, Charles M.
21Stokes, Kate
21Stokes, Wilma
21Stoll, Gisellaa
21Stone, Agnes
21Stone, George
21Stone, Isabella
21Stone, Marie
21Stone, Saloma
21Storms, Ettie
21Stowe, Nellie
21Stramezzi, O.
21Stricker, Florence
21Strong, Alma
21Stuart, Jane
21Stuart, Mary
21Stuart, Maud
21Stuchmere, Ollie
21Studholme, Marie
21Sturges, James A.
21Sturgis, G.S.
21Suarez, A.
21Sudlow, Bessie
21Sugden, Charles
21Suits, Annie
21Sullivan, Arthur
21Sullivan, Mr. R.F.
21Sully, Daniel
21Sulley, Miss
21Summerville, Annie
21Sutherland, Annie
21Swing, David
21Sydney, Ethel
21Sykes, Jerome
21Sylvester, Emily
21Sylvester, Henrietta
21Symonds, Lottie West
21Syndin, Agnes


21Taber, Eugenie
21Taber, Robert
21Taber, Miss
21Tally (Talby?), Kate
21Talliaferro, Mabel
21Taliansky, Leonie [see Harry Walden &]
21Tannehill, Frank Jr.
21Tannehill, Mrs. Frank Sr.
22Tanner, Cora
22Tavernier, Ida
22Taylor, Jay
22Taylor, Louise
22Taylor, Mamie
22Taylor, Miss ?
22Taylor, Mr.
22Taylor, Robbie N.
22Tearle, George Osmond
22Tempest, Marie
22Temple, Daisy
22Temple, Hope
22Templeton, Fay
22Ten Broek, May
22Tennant, Dorothy
22Terriss, William
22Terry, Edwin
22Terry, Ellen
22Terry, Marion
22Teutien, Carrie
22Thalberg, Miss Zare
22Thaler, Eva
22Thaler, Willy
22Thill, Alice
22Thomas, Edith M.
22Thomas, Theodore
22Thompson, Blanche
22Thompson, Della
22Thompson, Denman
22Thompson, Mr. E.
22Thompson, Lydia
22Thompson, Mrs. N.C.
22Thompson, W.H.
22Thomson, Fred A.
22Thorn, Sylvia
22Thorndyke, Louise
22Thorne, Blanche
22Thorne, E.J.
22Thorne, Edwin
22Thorne, Rebel
22Thorne, Virginia
22Thornton, Ethel
22Thornton, Frank [see also Walden Ramsey]
22Thornton, Ruby
22Thorpe, Courtenay
22Thorpe, Laura
22"The Three Muskateers"
22Thursby, Emma
22General Tom Thumb & Family
22Thurston, R.H.
22Tighe, James
22Tighe, Joseph
22Timberman, Mary
22Tinny, Cara
22Tissington, Henry
22Tittell, Minnie
22Tittle, Charlotte
22Tobie, Mr. J.
22Toler, Edwin
22Tookes, Louise
22Tori, Miss
22Tostulle, Charles
22Townsend, Camille
22Tracy, Hettie
22Tracy, Virginia
22Travis, W.J.
22Traynor, Ted
22Tredenick, H.W.
22Tree, H. Beerbohm
22Tree, Ellen [see also Charles Kean &]
22Tremont, Miss
22Tressler, Otto
22Trevelyan, Florence
22Trewey, "The Great"
22Trice, Augusta
22Trimble, Ada
22Triticue, Carrie
22Truax, Sarah
22True, Augusta
22Tuck, Suzette
22Tucker, Mary
22Tully, James M.
22Tupper, Sheridan
22Turner, Bessie
22Turner, Carrie
22Turner, W.C.
22Tutien, Carrie
22Tybury, Miss
22Tyler, Cyril
22Tyler, Georgia
22Tyler, Odette [see also M.A. Kennedy &]
22Tyree, Bessie [see Georgia Cayvan & the Amazons]
22Tyrell, Esther
22Tyson, Lillian


22Uart, Kate
22Ulmer, Geraldine
22Ulmer, Lizzie Mae
22Ulmer, Maud
22Urbanska, Miss
22Urquart, Isabelle
22Valares, Juniori
22Valdi Sisters
22Valentine, Edgar
22Valliere, Florence
22Van Breydal, Mrs.
22Vanbrugh, Violet
22Vance, Adelaide
22Vanderflet, Consuela
22Vanderveer, Miss
22Van Dorn, Miss
22Vane, Lilla [see also Boyd Putnum &]
22Van Leer, Sara
22Van Lile, Hortense Eugenia
22Van Linden, Louise
22Vanoni, Marie
22Van Rooy, Anton
22Van Tassel, Cora
22Varcham, Lotta
23Varian, Nina
23Varney, Edwin
23Varonia, Miss
23Vassar, Queenie
23Vaughan, Beatrice
23Vaughn, Blanche
23Vaughan, Harry
23Vaughn, Julia
23Vaughn, Kate
23Vaughan, Mabel
23Vaughan, Maria [see Kate Vaughan]
23Vauen, Miss
23Vaugn, Theresa
23Vaugn, Virginia
23Verbeck, Eugene
23Verge, Mlle.
23Verna, Millie
23Verner, Linda
23Vernon, Adelaide
23Vernon, Harriet
23Vernon, Ida
23Vernon, May
23Vernon, Mrs.
23Vernon, Paul
23Verona, Irene
23Vesey, Clara
23Vickers, Mattie
23Vignaux, Maurice
23Villa, Lucie
23Villers, Rita
23Vincent, Ada
23Vincent, Alice
23Vincent, Ellen
23Vincent, Miss Emil
23Vincent, Helen
23Vincent, Lottie
23Vincent, Mary Ann
23Virvian, Gladdy
23Vivian, Allie
23Vivian, Bessie
23Vockey, Ellen
23The Vokes Family
23Vokes, Fred
23Vokes, Harry [see Happy Ward &]
23Vokes, Rosina
23Vokes, Victoria
23Volmer, Louise
23Vondele, Julia
23Von Finkelstein, Lydia
23Von Flotow, F.
23Von Janauchowsky, Georgiana [see also Helena Bensberg &]
23Von Mayburg, Miss
23Von Oster, Ida
23Von Ottinger, Leonora
23Von Rohr, Otto
23Von Schleninitz, Marie Valenca
23Von Stamwitz, Elizabeth
23Von Strohlendorf, Else Strohl
23Von Trautman, Ida
23Von Zanten, Cornelia
23Vroom, Mr. ? [see Mr. Hanford &]
23Vrooman, Mr.
23Vyne, Lettie Lee


23Wagenhalls, L.A.
23Wagner, Erika
23Wainwright, Marie
23Wakely, Louise
23Wakeman, Emily
23Walcott, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
23Waldemere, Maud
23Walden, Harry
23Waldo, Minnie
23Waldron, Daniel
23Walker, Edith
23Wallace, Edna
23Wallace, Gladys (Mrs. Insull)
23Wallace, Jennie
23Wallace, Laura
23Wallace, Thomas
23Wallace, Yolande
23Wallack, Lester
23Wallandigham, C.
23Waller, Emma
23Waller, Lewis
23Walley, William H.
23Wallis, Gladys
23Walsh, Blanche
23Walsh, Evelyn
23Walters, Clara Jean
23Walters, Lillian
23Waltzinger, Bertha
23Ward, A.
23Ward, Fannie
23Ward, Genevieve
23Ward, Happy
23Ward, Marian
23Ward, Myra
23Ward, Ruth
23Ward(e?), Fred
23Waring, Bertha [see J.W. Wilson &]
23Warner, Neil
23Warren, Marion
23Warren, William
23Washburne, Lillian & Blanche
23Waterman, Miss
23Waters, Hattie
23Waters, Miss
23Watrous, Laverne Dockery
23Watrous, William
23Watson, Mrs. C.
23Watts, A.
23Waverly, Mr.
23Wayland, Jennie
23Wayne, Edwin
23Weathersby, Eliza
23Weathersby, Emma
23Weathersby, Jennie [see also Nat Goodwin &]
24Weaver, H.A. Jr.
24Weaver, Mr.
24Webb, Mrs. Harriet
24Webb, Margaret
24Webling, Josephine
24Webling, Lucy
24Webling, Peggy
24Webling, Rosalind
24The Webling Sisters
24Webster, Lizzie
24Weddell, Ina
24Weffing, Mathilde
24Welby, Bertha
24Welch, William
24Weldon, Ella
24Wellman, Minnie
24Wells, Amy
24Wells, C.B.
24Wentworth, Fanny
24Wentz, Alice
24Werbezirk-Piffl, Gisela
24Werner, Edward
24Werner, Maud Stanley [see Edward Werner]
24West, Billy
24West, Eva
24West, J.R.
24West, Jessie
24West, W.H. [see also Primrose & West]
24West, Miss ?
24Westberg, Henrik
24Weston, Flora
24Weston, Frank
24Weston, Jennie
24Weston, Kendall
24Westbrook, Lillian
24Wetherill, Nellie
24Wetmore, Mrs. M.A.
24Whaley, Mr. ?
24Whalley, Norma
24Wharton, Belle
24Wheatcroft, Mr. [see Kelcey &]
24Wheatleigh, Charles
24Wheeler, May
24Wheeler, Mrs.
24Whiffen, Mr.
24Whiffen, Mrs. Thomas [see Walden Ramsey &; Frank Thorton &; Frank Putnam &]
24Whilside, Walter
24White, Miss A.
24White, Helen Marr
24Whitfield, John G.
24Whitehouse, Francis W.
24Whiting, Joseph E.
24Whiting, Nellie
24Whitland, Kitty
24Whitman, Frank
24Whittand, Kitty
24Whittridge, Ella
24Whitty, Gertrude
24Wieland, Clara
24Wier, Eleanor
24Wilbur, O.
24Wilburn, Annie
24Wilder, Marshall
24Wiley, Dora
24Wilhelmj, August
24Wilke, Hubert
24Wilkes, Marguerite
24Wilkens, Mrs. Marie
24Willard, Charles
24Willard, E.S.
24Willetts, Marie Mittens
24Williams, Annie
24Williams, Barney
24Williams, C. Jay
24Williams, Esther
24Williams, Fritz
24Williams, Gus
24Williams, Hattie
24Williams, Jennie
24Williams, Marie
24Williams, May
24Williams, Mr. O.
24Williams, Sallie
24Williamson, Miss Amy
24Wills, John B.
24Wilmot, Maud
24Wilson, A.B.
24Wilson, Ellie
24Wilson, Francis
24Wilson, Grace
24Wilson, J.W.
24Wilson, James E.
24Wilson, Julia
24Wilson, Katie
24Wilson, Lenora
24Wilson, Mollie
24Wilson, Mrs.
24Wilson, Rose
24Wimmer, Polly
24Winans, John [see F.S. Chanfrau &]
24Windsor, Helen
24Winsted, Jennie
24Winston, Jennie
24Wintin, Mrs. E.
24Winter, Maud
24Winthrop, Ethel
24Witherby, George F.
24Witherspoon, Herbert
24Witt, Lottie
24Wolf, Mr. A.A.
24Wolf, Mr. ?
24Wolfe, Catherine
24Wolfe, Harrison J.
24Woman, Gertie [see Alice Leigh &]
25Wood, Annie
25Wood, Jessie
25Wood, Laura
25Wood, Mrs. John
25Wood, Rose
25Wood, Theresa
25Wood, William
25Woods, Fanny
25Woodthrope, Georgia
25Woodward, Irene
25Worms, M.
25Worms-Baretta, Madame
25Worthing, Frank
25Wright, C.B.
25Wright, Fred Jr.
25Wright, Mrs. Edmund
25Wrightington, Mr.
25Wurml, Amalia
25Wyatt, Carrie
25Wyatt, Florence
25Wyman, Alf
25Wyndham, Charles
25Wyndham, Sibyl


Yeamans, Annie
Yeamans, Emma
The Yeamans
Yorke, Madge
Yorke, Mr.
Young, Miss A.
Young, B. Jr.
Young, Emmie
Young, Mary
Young, Maude
Young, May
Young, Miss (1)
Young, Miss (2)
Young, Ollie
Zallio, Adele
Zeiss, Carlotta
Zerrahn, Carl
Ziemer, Madame
Zimmerman, Miss
25Unidentified Women
25Unidentified Burlesque
26Unidentified Men
26Unidentified Groups
26Uncertain Identification
26Oddities & Circus
26Non-Performing Arts
Cadogan, Lord
Carrigan, Cardinal
Crosby, Reverend Dr. Howard
"Das Deutsche Kaiserheim"
Princess Isabel of Brazil
Princess Charlotte
King of Sweden
Count Johannes
Kate & Albert
Havemeyer, Honorable William F.
MacDonald, George
Parkhurst, Charles H.
Parks, Sir Joseph
Pettie, J. R.A.
Rivere, Briton
Queen Victoria's husband
Baroness Vrainzain
Wood, Colonel Anson
Duchess of Leinster & Lady Duncombe
Unidentified Non-Performing Arts

2. Postcards

27Adams, Maude
27Albach-Retty, Wolf
27Allen, Viola
27Altchewski, Mr.
27Andergast, Maria
27Anderson, G. M.
27Angarde, Adrienne
27Anglin, Margaret
27"The Arcadians"
27Archbutt, Gladys
27"As We Sow"
27Asche, Oscar
27Ash, Maie
27Ashwell, Lena
27Auber, Francois-Daniel-Esprit
27Avondale, Sybil
27Baer, Mr.
27Baird, Dorothea
27Ballasko, Viktoria
27Balser, Ewald
27Bancroft, Sir Squire
27Bankhead, Tallulah
27Bard, Wilke
27Barrington, Rutland
27Barrymore, Ethel
27Barton, Dora
27Bastow, George
27Bateman, Jessie
27Baynton, Henry
27Beaumont, Muriel
27Bell, Crissie
27Benkhoff, Fita
27Bernard, Sam
27Bingham, Amelia
27Blande, Edith
27Booth, Lillian
27Borissoff, Wanda
27Boucicault, Nina
27"Bought & Paid For"
27Bourchier, Authur
27Bowen, Eugenia
27Bowmen, Nellie & Sisters
27Braithwaite, Lillian
27Brasseur, Mr.
27Braun, Hermann
27Brayton, Lily
27Bruneau, Mr.
27Brunot, Mr.
27Buchholz, Mr.
27Burke, Billie
27Burt, Harriet
27Byron, Oliver Doud
27Calviere, Lina
27Carbonne, Mr.
27Campbell, Mrs. Patrick
27Carter, Leslie
27Castelle, Stella
27Chabert, Mr.
27Chalmers, Grace
27"Chantecler" Acts I-IV
27Chase, Pauline
27Chevalier, A.
27Chietien, Marguerite
27Chietien, Suzanne
27Clifford, Camille
27Coffin, C. Hayden
27Collier, Constance
27Collier, William Jr.
27Colonne, Mr.
27Cooper, Gladys & daughter Joan
27Coral, Hilda
27Cornell, Katherine
27"Cranberry Corner"
27Crews, Laura Hope
27Crichton, Madge
27Crosman, Henrietta
27Cunliffe, Whit
27Cutler, Kate
27Dainton, Marie
27Danger, Jack
27Dare, Phyllis
27Dare, Zena
27The Dare Family
27David, Felicien
27Davies, Madame Clara Novello
27Deagon, Arthur
27Dean, Priscilla
27Dearly, Max
27Decori, Mr.
27de Feraudy, Mr.
27Defreyn, Mr.
27Delibes, Leo
27Delmar, Georgina
27de Silva, Miss N.
27Devant, David
27Diehl, Karl Ludwig
27Diessl, Gustav
27Doro, Marie
27Dranem, Mr.
27Drew, John
27Dubosc, Mr.
27Duelos, Raphael
27Du Maurier, Gerald
27Dumeny, Mr.
27Dupree, Minnie
27Duquesne, Mr.
27Duse, Eleonora
27Eastbury, E. Powell
27Edeson, Robert
27Elliott, Gertrude
27Elliott, Maxine
27Elsie, Lily
27Eltinge, Julian
27Emery, Winifred & children
27Evarts, William
27Fairbrother, Sydney
27Fairfax, Lettice
27Farrar, Geraldine
27Faversham, William
27Faw..., George
27Fealy, Maude
27Featherstone, Bessie
27Feiler, Hertha
27Fenoux, Mr.
27Fernandel, Mr.
27Fields, Fanny
27Finkenzeller, Heli
27Fitch, Clyde
27Ford, Harry
27Forst, Willi
27Fox, Della
27Fragson, Harry
27Fraser, Agnes
27Frohlich, Gustav
27Frostick, Dorothy
27Fugere, Paul
27"The Garden of Allah"
27Gastelle, Stella
27Genee, Mme.
27"A Gentleman from Mississippi"
27George, Grace
27Gilbert, Mrs.
27Gill, Basil
27Gilette, Mr.
27Glaser, Lulu
27Goode, Reginald
27Graves, George
27Green, Mabel
27Greene, Evie
27"Guest in the House"
27Hackett, James H.
27Hackney, Mabel
27Haigh, Dorothy
27Hanbury, Lily
27Harding, Lyn
27Hardt, Karin
27Hare, John
27Hare, Winifred
27Harell, Marte
27Harned, Virginia
27Hartmann, Paul
27Harvey, Martin
27Hatheyer, Heidemarie
27Hawkins, Iris
27Hawtrey, Charles
27Held, Anna
27Hellberg, Ruth
27Heesters, Johannes
27Hicks, Seymour
27Hilliard, Robert
27Hirst, Mabel
27Hohn, Carola
27Hollander, Alice
27Holt, Hans
27Hoppe, Marianne
27Hopper, Edna Wallace
27Horney, Brigitte
27Huff, Louise
27Huguenet, Mr.
27Hunter, Ruth & Philip
27Huntley, C. P.
27Irving, Ethel
27Irving, Lawrence
27Jacobbsen, Hilda
27Jay, Isabel
27Jefferson, Joseph
27Jeffries, Miss Ellis
27Jerome, Daisey
27Johnson, Jack
27Keane, Doris
27Kendal, Madge
27Kenyon, Neil
27Kublar, Richard
27Kimball-Young, Clara
27King, Hetty
27Klinger, Paul
27Klipstein, Ernst v.
27Knoteck, Hansi
27Koch, Lotte
27Kowa, Viktor de
27Kusserow, Ingeborg v.
28"Lace on Her Petticoat"
28Lackave, William
28Lambert, Albert Sr.
28Lambert, Albert Jr.
28Lamoureux, M. Charles
28Landrock, Maria
28Lang, Matheson
28Langtry, Mrs.
28Lashwood, George
28Lauden, Harry
28"The Law and the Man"
28Leavitt, M. B.
28LeBargy, Mr.
28Legarde, Miss Millie
28Leighton, Queenie
28Leitner, M.
28Leloir, M.
28Lewis, Mabel Terry
28Lindon, Millie
28"Little Billy"
28"The Littlest Rebel"
28Lloyd, Marie
28Love, Mabel
28McAllard, Mr.
28McAllister, A.
28McCarthy, Lillah
28Mac, Ada
28MacKinder, Lionel
28MacLeod, Elsie
28Mannering, Mary
28Mansfield, Richard
28Mantell, Robert B.
28Marberg, Lili
28Markus, Winnie
28Marlowe, Julia
28Marsden, Millicent
28Matterstock, Albert
28Maude, Cyril
28May, Edna
28May, Olive
28Mayen, Maria
28Mayerhofer, Elfie
28Mayol, M.
28Merode, Cleo de
28Meyendorff, Irene v.
28Millar, Gertie
28Millard, Evelyn
28Miller, Henry
28Millward, Jessie
28Monteaut, M. R.
28"The Moon is Down"
28Moore, Miss Carrie
28Moore, Eva
28Moore, Mary
28Morrell, Olive
28Mounet, Paul
28Mózant, Geo
28Neilson, Julia
28Neilson-Terry, Phyllis
28Nesbitt, Evelyn
28Nethersole, Olga
28"The New Sin"
28Oss, Edith
28Palmer, Minnie
28"Pantages Circuit 1918-19"
28Passmore, Walter
28Pemberton, Max
28Penley, W. S.
28Phibbean, Alice
28Pindar, Grace
28Polaire, Mme.
28Polin, Mr.
28Pounds, Miss Louie
28Powl, Jane
28Price, Nancy
28"The Princess Pat"
28Quadflieg, Will
28"The Quaker Girl"
28Raddatz, Carl
28Ray, Gabrielle
28Ray, Ruby
28"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"
28Reeve, Ada
28Richman, Charles
28Richter, Rotraut
28Riemann, Johannes
28Ring, Blanche
28Robbins, Don
28Robertson, Beatrice Forbes
28Robertson, Forbes
28Robey, George
28Rokk, Marika
28Romberg, Hermann
28Rorke, Kate
28Rothmann, Carl
28Rowlands, Gaynor
28Ruhmann, Heinz
28Russell, Anna
28Russell, Lillian
28Sachs, Hans
28Schneider, Magda
28Schoenhals, Albrecht
28Schonbock, Karl
28Schroth, Hannelore
28Scott, Malcolm
28Serrano, Rosita
28Sessack, Hilde
28Sevening, Nina
28Shand, Ernest
28Sheppell, Harry
28Silvain, M.
28"Simple Simon Simple"
28Sindon, Topsie
28Smith, Aubrey
28Smithson, Florence
28Soderbaum, Krista
28Sohnker, Hans
28Sorel, Mme.
28Starr, Frances
28Stratton, Eugene
28Studholme, Marie
28Sulbac, Mr.
28Sully, Mariette
28Sully, Mounet
28Swanson, Gloria (home of)
28Talmadge, Constance
28Tate, Harry
28Temple, Madge
28Terriss, Ellalaine (Mrs. Seymour Hicks)
28Terry, Fred
28Terry, Marion
28Tesla, Nickola
28Theaters (Nationwide-USA)
28Theaters (International)
28Thompson, Denman
28Tich, Henry "Little Tom"
28Tilley, Vesta
28"The Top O'TH'World"
28Torin, Mr.
28Tree, Viola
28Trevelyan, Hilda
28Tschechowa, Olga
28Uhlig, Anneliese
28Ullrich, Luise
28Lenore Ulric
28Vanbrugh, Violet
28"The Vanderbilt Cup"
28Vautier, Sidney
28"The Virginian"
28Waldmuller, Lizzi
28Waller, Lewis
28Walter, Reta
28Ward, Fannie
28Ward, Mary A. (Mrs. Humphrey Ward)
28Warfield, David
28Warwick, Robert
28"Watch on the Rhine"
28Weber, Gerhild
28Webster, Ada
28Weih, Rolf
28Weisgerber, Antje
28Weissner, Hilde
28Welch, James
28Werner, Jise
28Wessely, Paula
28Widor, Charles M.
28Williams, Bransby
28Williams, Hattie
28Wilson, Marie
28"Within the Law"
28Woodruff, Henry
28Wyndham, Sir Charles
28Unidentified Actors
28Unidentified Actresses
28Unidentified Actors - other countries
28Unidentified Actresses - other countries

3. Oversized Theatrical Photographs and Playbills

1Anderson, Mary
1Binelli, William
1Cardew, Juliette
1Carson, Emma
1Cavendish, Ada
1Chanfrau, Mrs.
1Clifford, Billy & Maud Huth
1Davidge, Ms. M.H.
1De N. Quinlin, C.
1Douglass, Mrs.
1Ellsler, Effie
1Fuller, Loie
1Granger, Maud
1Grubb, Lillian
1Haase, Fredrich
1Hanold, Miss ?
1Hill, Caroline
1Hill, C. Bartin & George Bectis
1Judge Brothers
1Keene, Thomas Wallace (a.k.a. Thomas Eagleson)
1Lyon, Esther
1McCann, Geraldine
1Maddern (Fiske), Minnie
1Mitchell, Mamie
1Potter, Cora Urqubart
1Ray, John & Emma
1Roach, Abby McGuire
1Rubner, Cornelius
1Stockbridge, Fanny Yantis
1"Trip to Africa"
1Von Possart, Ernst
1White, Porter J.
1Unidentified Actors & Actresses