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Albert Colbey Smith papers

Albert Colbey Smith papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Albert Colbey Smith papers
Creator: Smith, Albert Colbey, -1985
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1985
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (5 document boxes, 4 half boxes, 2 large card file boxes)
Collection Number: ms2526
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Albert Colbey Smith (d. 1985) was a historian who earned a master's degree and PhD at the University of Georgia.

Scope and Content

This collection includes a copy of his dissertation, research material, drafts, revisions, notes, and photocopies and reprints of much of the material cited in his bibliography.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

Gift of Art A. Stanley, executor of the estate of Albert C. Smith, 1987.

Preferred Citation

Albert Colbey Smith papers, ms2526, Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2010 March 22.

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Subject Terms

African Americans -- Georgia.
African Americans -- History.
Baldwin County (Ga.)
Crime -- Georgia.
Georgia -- Race relations.
Graduate students -- Georgia.
Historians -- Georgia.
McIntosh County (Ga.)
Racism -- Georgia.
Social classes -- Research -- Georgia.
Terrell County (Ga.)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Writings by Smith


11Chapter I : "pre-Holmes"
12Chapter I : "post-Holmes"
13Chapter II : "pre-Holmes"
14Chapter II ; "post-Holmes"
15-Copies, Chapters I & II
16Chapter III: "pre-Holmes"
17Chapter III: "post-Holmes"
18-Copy, Chapter III
19Chapter IV : "pre-Holmes"
110Chapter IV : "post-Holmes"
111Chapter V : "pre-Holmes"
112Chapter V : "post-Holmes"
113Chapter VI : "pre-Holmes"
114Chapter VI : "post-Holmes"
116Computations and Tables
21Outlines, Chronologies
22Bibliography, Sources

Other Writings

24HIS 814C Term Paper. "Crime and Instability in Terrell County, Georgia: 1866 to 1894", 1972
25"Myths and Realities in Southern Violence: Women as Suspects and Victims in Black-Belt Georgia, 1866-1910"
26"Race, Class, and Property Crime in Georgia's Black-Belt, 1866-1910"
27"Race, Class, and Violent Property Crime: A Study of the Social and Economic Origins of Arson in Rural Georgia, 1866-1910"
28Organization of American Historians. "Barn Burning, 'Matches in the Cotton,' and Violent Property Crime: A Study of Arson and Black Protest in Rural Georgia, 1866-1910", 1982
Paper delivered at Annual Meeting
29Journal of Southern History Resubmission Draft of Article. "'Southern Violence' Reconsidered: Arson as Protest in Black-Belt Georgia, 1865-1910"
210Journal of Southern History Resubmission Draft Footnotes
211Journal of Southern History Notes on Resubmission Draft Changes
212Journal of Southern History Resubmission Draft Addition and Notes
213Journal of Southern History Article as Published. "'Southern Violence' Reconsidered: Arson as Protest in Black-Belt Georgia, 1865-1910", November 1985

2. Research Materials


215Copy, Altamaha Ledger

Baldwin County Research

3A1County History
3A2Tax Digests
3A3Court Records

McIntosh County Research

3B1County History
3B2Tax Digests
3B3Court Records

Terrell County Research

3C1County History
3C2Tax Digests
3C3Court Records
3C4Court Records

General Research (Diss.)

42Census by Profession
43Class Structure
44Economic Indicators
45Planter Persistence
46Government Documents
47Tunis G. Campbell
48Whitfield County Court Records
49Crime by Case Code
410Prison Records
412Suicide and Vandalism
414Politics, Voting
415Other, Later Tax Digests
416Maps and Tables
417Housing: Milledgeville
418Notes from the Diaries of John Girardeau Legaré
419Notes from the Diary of Archibald C. McKinley
420Miscellaneous Reading Notes

3. Source Material

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6A21BOOK REVIEWS of various authors by various authors
7Note Cards
8Note Cards