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Clarence L. Jordan papers

Clarence L. Jordan papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Clarence L. Jordan papers
Creator: Jordan, Clarence
Inclusive Dates: 1920-1984
Language: English
Extent: 14 Linear Feet 32 document boxes, 1 carton, 1 half box
Collection Number: ms2340
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Clarence L. Jordan (1912-1969) was born in Talbotton, Georgia. He was raised in the Baptist Church and at an early age was interested in becoming a Baptist minister. Jordan earned his B.S. degree at the University of Georgia, and his Th.M. and Ph.D. from the Southern Baptist Seminary. After graduating, he became superintendent of City Missions for the Long Run Baptist Association. Jordan married Florence Kroeger in 1936 and had four children. He founded Kiononia Farms, a religious and interracial community near Americus, Georgia in 1942. Jordan was the author of The Sermon on The Mount, The Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles, and The Cotton Patch Version of Luke and Acts.

Scope and Content

Correspondence, audiotapes and transcripts, and other papers, relating to Clarence Jordan, Koinonia Farm, a religious and interracial community near Americus, Ga., which he founded in 1942, and his Cotton Patch Gospels; together with correspondence to his wife, Florence (Kroeger) Jordan, concerning his death and legal matters. Includes correspondence to his mother while a student at University of Georgia and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, original Koinonia commitment, and coroner's report on Jordan's death. Topics include an alleged insurance claim scandal and racial violence.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

Gift of Mrs. Clarence Jordan, 1971, 1984, and 1985.

Preferred Citation

Clarence L. Jordan papers, ms2340, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 November 13.

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Audiotapes, broadcasting equipment.
Baptist theological seminaries -- Kentucky.
Baptists -- Clergy.
Baptists -- Georgia.
Clergy -- Georgia.
College students -- Georgia.
Farms -- Georgia.
Georgia -- Agriculture -- Farms and farming.
Georgia -- Education -- Universities and colleges.
Georgia -- Race relations.
Jordan, Florence Kroeger, -1987 -- Correspondence
Kentucky -- Education -- Theological seminaries.
Koinonia Farm
Property insurance -- Georgia.
Property insurance claims.
Race relations.
Religious communities -- Georgia.
Seminarians -- Kentucky.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary -- Students
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Athens.
Universities and colleges -- Georgia.
Violence -- Georgia.
Women -- Georgia -- History -- 20th century.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence, 1942-1981

In the early years of correspondence, Clarence Jordan and other members of Koinonia write joint letters explaining their living situations, the reasoning behind their settlement in Georgia, and appealing for financial support. There is much correspondence with Hans-Hermann Arnold of the Society of Brothers/Bruderhof at Woodcrest, a similar religious community started in 1954 in Rifton, New York. Correspondence is not exclusively with Christian organizations.In the middle years, correspondence to Clarence Jordan includes positive topics such as prospective donations but also negative topics such as accusations of Jordan being a Communist. In one reply, Jordan specifically lists the economic, legal, phsyical, and psychological attacks levied against Koinonia. In other correspondence, Jordan expresses stress over a trail about stealing tainted by the court's opinion of his treatment of race. Despite these struggles, Jordan is asked many times to speak at religious conferences across America.Later correspondence prominently features many requests for Jordan to speak at churches and events. Carbon copies of Jordan's replies are often attached to the original letters. Millard Fuller's replies to Jordan's correspondence and later letters of condolences starting in late October 1969 after Jordan's death are also included. Letters after 1971 are mostly addressed to Florence Jordan.

2. Sound Recordings


41Love Enemies (Part 1 of Goshen Series)
42Jesus the Rebel (Part 2 of Goshen Series)
43Jesus and Processions (Part 3 of Goshen Series)
44Metamorphosis (Part 4 of Goshen Series)
45Man from Gadera (Part 5 of Goshen Series)
46Substance of Faith Parts A-C
47-8Teaching from Luke Parts A-E
49New Testament Evangelism Part 1 Content of
51New Testament Evangelism Part 2 Methods of
5210 Commandments and Lord's Prayer #1 Parts A and B
53Introductory Translation - Sermon on the Mount
57Koinonia Story
58-9God Movement A-C
61-2God Movement D-F
63God Movement A-B
64God Movement
65New Testament Evangelism
66Ministers Under Pressure
67New Testament Evangelism
68I Corinthians 12-13 Study
71Parables of Jesus; Power from Parables I Ministers Conference. Union Seminary NYC.
72ACTS American Baptist Convention. Seattle, Washington.
73Being a Christian in A World of Violencce
74Adventures of 3 Students in the Firey Furnace.
75Koinonia - Work Life. Morehouse College. Lectures 1, 2, and 3.
77Draft the Boys at 65
78-9Sermon on the Mount and James
710Luke 6 and 7
711Goofed Up Bible - Luke
712Report to the People
713Christian Life and Renewal Week, Goshen
81Death of Jesus Christ; Hidden Springs Conf.
82-4Stony Point
85I and II Peter


Materials in this subseries are on magnetic reel-to-reel tape; an appropriate playback device must be reserved before they can be used.
91-2The Ethics of Jesus, 1963 and undated
93Personal Faith
94Detroit Lecture on Ephesians 4-63 Master
95Lecture on Ephesians
96-12Sermon on the Mount and James (dub 1-7)
913Clarence Jordan Reading Sermon on the Mount
914Love Your Enemies
101Love Your Enemies, 1965 and undated
102-3Jesus the Rebel
104-5Jesus and Possessions
108Jordan-Intro. Translation-Sermon on the Mount
109Man from Gadera
111Parables-I, 1956-57 and undated
115Parables #2 Painesville, Ohio
116God at Work-I
117God at Work-II
118God at Work-III
119God Movement-I
121-2God Movement-II, 1968-69 and undated
123-4God Movement-III
125-6God Movement-IV
127Tape #3 Midwinters Pastor's Conference
128New Testament Evangelism-Content of
129New Testament Evangelism-Methods of
1210#1 Sides 1 & 2 Ministers Conf. 4/69
131New Testament Evangelism
1223I Peter
133-4I & II Peter
135Stoney Point Conference-I
136-7Stoney Point Conference-II
138-9Stoney Point Conference-III
1310Lecture Series #1 Baptist Ministers Conf./Morehouse College 7/4-7 1950
141Power from Parables-I
142-3Power from Parables-II
144Power from Parables-III
145Power from Parables-IV
146Detroit Lecture on Ephesians #1 4/63
147Whiskey #1 WSB 7/22/69
148Teaching from Luke
149"Lectures on Luke" #1 Side 1+2 Wisc. Baptist Convention.
141010 Commandments and the Lord's Prayer
151Lesson on the Mount
152Ministers Under Pressure dub-12 Aug 74
153I Cor. 12-13 Bible Study
154Substance of Faith
155Study of Acts
156Being a Christian in Today's World.
157Adventures of Three Students in the Firey Furnace
158"Luke 6" "Goofed Up Bible" #1
1510Clarence Jordan- Findlay St.
1511Christian Pacifism
1512Unknown Tape #1
153Tape 45 Part 3, Tape 44, Tape 69 Pt. 1
154Tape #69 Part 2
161Sermon on the Mount
162Incarnating Brotherhood
163Prodigal Son
164American Baptist Seattle '69
165Sermon on the Mount
166"Christian Life + Renewal Wee" #1 "Judas" WGCS Goshen, Ind 2/11/65
167Koinonia Story
168Record if there's anything on it
169Hidden Springs
1610Report to the People
1611Americus Meeting
171Scott Morrison Interview with Clarence Jordan
172Ephesians 1+2
173Ephesians 3+4
174Ephesians 1+2 Master Tape
175Ephesians 3+4 Master Tape
176Ephesians 1+2 Detroit 1963 Master
177Ephesians Copy B
178Ephesians 3+4 Copy C
179Ephesians Lectures 1 and 2 ABC Detroit 1965 Copy D
181Ephasians 1+2 Detroit 1965 Copy E
182Letter to Ephisians
183"Whiskey" #1 WSB
184Memorial Service for Clarence Jordan
185Clarence Jordan tells the Koinonia Story
186National Public Radio Koinonia Farm segment. Air date: Sept. 7, 1971.
187Bible Lectures of Ephesians #1 ABC Detroit 1963
189Draft the Boys at 65
1810Draft the Boys at 65
1811"The Death of Jesus Christ" #1 Nashville, Tenn.
191The Death on Jesus Christ. #1 Nashville, Tenn.
192Prodigal Son.
193Rich Man and Lazarus
194Hidden Springs Conf.
195Man from Gadera
196Sermon on the Mount
197-9Stoney Point Conf. 1/69 Reels 1-3
201Clarence Jordan tells Koinonia History 1959
202The Sabbath is the Way of Life
203The Death of Jesus Christ. Nashville, Tenn.
204Teaching from Judge 17 and 18.
205Episode from Acts
206-10Koinonia Conference Parts 1-5
211-7Koinonia Conference Parts 6-12
218Koinonia Conference 8-20-68 #13
219Koinonia Conference 8-12-68 #14 (Part of Side 1)
212340-1Koinonia Farms Scrapbooks microfilm
241Millard Fuller, 1 reel
242W.S.A. Darker Brother "All men are Created Equal," #6 , 1972 November 20
243Clarence Jordan- Sermon on Mt. and James, reel 2-B
244Boyce Van Osdell- Now is the Time and a Half- ABC (on reel with Baptists in Asian Church Mission), 1969
244U Kyaw Than- Baptists in Asian Church Missions (on reel w/ Now is the Time...)
245Gardner Taylor- A New Creation- ABC, Seattle (on reel w/ We Walk the Edge), 1968
245James Christison- We Walk the Edge of the New (on reel w/ A New Creation)
246James Cone #1- Human Relations Council, B[irming]ham Symposium, 1971 october 21
247Midwinters Pastors Conference #3, undated
248Unidentified reel
249Bird calls
251Misc. Music.
25264 Man from Godera
254Clarence Jordan. Bible Study 5-A&B 3 3/4ips Dual Track
255-6Christian Involvement Seminar Reel
257ABC Seattle '69
258-11Ladon Sheats Address
2512Coordinators tape #3 Ben Johnson
11The Koinonia Story as told by Clarence Jordan.33 1/2 record.
11Adventures of Three Students in the Firey Furnace
12Methods of New Testament Evangelism, 1966
13Being a Christian in Today's World
14New Testament Evangelism - Content of
15Personal Faith
16New Testament Evangelism - Copy
17New Testament Evangelism - Methods of
19Stoney Point Conference I
110N.T. Evangelism. No. Bapt. Theo. Sem. Master.
111God Movement. #1 Yokefellow Institute 3/4-6/68
112God Movement II
113Master New Testament Evangelism - Methods
114New Testament Evangelism
115Power from Parables
116Clarence Jordan reading Sermon on the Mount
117Love Your Enemies
118Memorial Service for Clarence Jordan
119Satire on Smoking. #1 8/11/67
120Episodes from Acts
121I Cor. 12-13 Bible Study
122Stoney Point Conference II
123Man from Gadera
125God at Work II
126God at Work I
127Jesus the Rebel
128New Testament Evangelism
129Man from Gadara
130Ephesians #1 Master
131Jesus and Possessions
132Incarnating Brotherhood
133Sermon on the Mount and James III
134Koinonia Story. #1 West Cincinnati, Ohio. 1956 or 1957.
13510 Commandments and the Lord's Prayer
136Ladon Sheats Address
137Ramone S. Eaton. Am Nat'l Red Cross
138Sermon on the Mount Green Lake Aug 64
331-3Sermon on the Mount and James I, II, and III

Audio cassette tapes

Materials in this subseries are on audiocassette tape; an appropriate playback device must be requested for their use, or a personal audiocassette player may be brought in with approval from the reference archivist. Tapes may take up to four hours for delivery due to the need to bring them up to room temperature for safe playback.
22Lecture on Ephesians
22Sermon on the Mount and James
22Love your Enemies; Metamorphosis
22The God Movement
221st and 2nd Peter
22Stony Point Conference
22Power From Parables
22Teaching from Luke
22Ministers Under Pressure
22Substance of Faith
22A Christian in Today's World
231Three Students in a Fiery Furnace, copy 2
232-5Episodes from Acts I-IV, 2 sets, Koinonia Records (not transcribed)
236-7God at Work part 1 and 2, copy 3, Koinonia Records (not transcribed)
238-9Personal Faith part 1, Koinonia Records (not transcribed)
2310-14Dr. Swomley #1-5 (not transcribed)
2315-22Dr. Swomley #6-10 and 2 test dupliates of #10 (not transcribed)
2323Millard Fuller: Marble Young Adults- NYC (not transcribed), 1971 March 21
2324-28Graham Polkingham parts #1-5 (not transcribed)
2329-32Graham Polkingham parts #1, 3-5 (not transcribed) [unclear if duplicate of above]
2333-37Graham Polkingham parts #6-10, copy 4 (not transcribed)
2338-41Graham Polkingham, Session 2-5 (not transcribed)
2342-46Graham Polkingham tapes #1-5, copy 4 Koinonia Records (non-transcribed) [probable duplicate of above]
151Tape #45 Part 1
152Tape #45 Part 2
163Tape #51
164Tape #54 Hidden Springs Conference
161-2Americus Meeting
171Scott Morrison Interview with Clarence Jordan
181NPR Koinonia Farm Segment. Airdate Sept. 7, 1971.
201-5Koinonia Conference Duplicates Parts 1-5
191-3Stoney Pt. Conference 1/69 Reel 2 Duplicate
211-9Koinonia Conference Duplicates Parts 6-14
251-2Miscellaneous tapes
11-2Bratcher 1st session. King or God?
13Bratcher 2nd session. Unknown.
14-5Bratcher 3rd session. Kingdom and Posesssions. Life in the Kingdom.
16Bratcher 4th session. Discussion on Jesus the Revolutionary. Life in the Kingdom.
17-8Bratcher 5th session. Life in the Kingdom. Christmas and the World.

3. Subject Files

Agricultural Information and Farm Management

261Beef Cattle Management
262Building Plans
263Coastal Bermuda Grass
265Electric Motors
267Equipment-Misc; Operating Instructions
271Field Crops-Business
272Field Crops-Crop Plans
273Field Crops-Records
275Fruits and Nuts
279Insect Poisons
2711Limestone and Fertilizer Orders
2712Meat Inspection
2713Meat Processing
2714Muscadine Grapes
283Repair of Household and Farm Equipment
284Roadside Market
285Soil Test
286Transportation-Business-Gasoline Refund Permit No. 7974
288War Surplus
289Water and Septic Tank Diagrams
2810Weed Killer
2812Winter Grazing
291Articles and Essays
292Clippings: Kesin, Mayor Elenor of Elkhart
293"Clarence", July 8, 1957
294The Church
295Boyle, Sarah-Address to Congregation of Second Baptist Church, L.A., California, "Rocketship to Freedom" (Includes clippings.)
296Braden, Carl First Amendment-House Un-American Activities
297Carter, Jimmy (clippings and publications)
298Clippings: News re: Clarence Jordans' death
299Clippings: Koinonia and Jordan
2911Church (Programs and Bulletins)
2912The Church (Sermons, Papers, Lectures, Printed material)
2913Cotton Patch Gospel: Clippings, pamphlets
2914Directions to Koinonia Farm
2915Daniel: Chapter 11 Notes
2916Drafts: Israels' Prophets and Their Preaching
301List of Transcriptions, Tapes and Summaries
302Lecture Series: Power From Parables
303Lecture: A People, Its Leader and Its God. The Life Work of Moses
304The Koinonia Story: Offprints
305Koinonia Pamphlets
307Finances: Annual Report
308Finances: Business Purchasing
309Finances: Citizens' Trust Company
3010Finances: General
3011Finances: Monthly Reports
3012Finances: Reports
3013Habitat for Humanity Conference; Report
3014The Hutterites, includes clippings
3016Israel, Report on Trip
3017The Kiplinger Washington Letter
3018Kotźe, Theo
3019Kotźe, Theo: Correspondence
3020Landscaping: Printed material
311McCracklin, Maurice Clippings, Newsletters, Misc. Information re: Arrest and Trial
312My Friend the Enemy (Book)
313The New Testament (Book)
316Outlines: Speeches
318Personal Memos
3110Play: The Hair-Shirt Republic by McLeod Bryan
3111Poems, Quotations, etc.
3112Printed Material-Misc.
3113Racial Violence: Newspaper Reports and Injunction
3114Reba Place Fellowship
3115Price Lists
3116Profile of Georgia (Clippings)
3117Property in Lucerne Valley, California
3118Relationship with Community Churches
3119Religious Publications
321Religious Publications
322Sermons: New Testament Preaching and the Liberation of Personality. Edward A. McDowell
323Study Guide on the Gospel According to St. John
325U.S. SERVAS Committee
326Term Deeds
327Sumter County vs. Koinonia Farm Inc. and Clarence Jordan
329Sumter County Grand Jury Presentments; includes clippings