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Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation oral history tapes

Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation oral history tapes

Descriptive Summary

Title: Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation oral history tapes
Creator: Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation
Inclusive Dates: 1978-1980
Language(s): English
Extent: 2 Linear Feet 1 document box, 4 custom card file boxes
Collection Number: ms2209
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

William Tapley "Tap" Bennett, Sr. (1891-1982) was a leader in the successful effort to modernize and diversify Georgia farming. A 1913 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Agriculture, Bennett made a career of practical innovation. As a county extension agent in Spalding County and associate of the Central of Georgia Railway, he started Georgia's first 4-H club, first 4-H camp, and helped expand poultry production. His greatest contribution was in the area of livestock production, where he helped free the region from the cotton economy by promoting and facilitating cattle farming. He loaned bulls to new stock breeders, introduced parasite control methods, began the seeding of permanent pastures, helped operate dairies, and put on Georgia's first cattle shows in Macon, Albany and Savannah. President Roosevelt, having heard of Bennett's work, hired him to run his model farm at Warm Springs. Bennett moved on to a post as supervisor of the Pine Mountain Valley Project, a New Deal Community based on diversified farming. Here he established the state's first assembly-line poultry processing plant. In 1944, Bennett returned to Central of Georgia as Director of Agricultural Development. He retired not long after suffering a stroke in 1959, but continued to work as Livestock Director of the Southeastern Fair. In addition to many other honors, Bennett was Progressive Farmer Magazine's Man of the Year in 1955, and elected to the College of Agriculture hall of fame in 1977. His son, William Tapley Bennett, Jr., was U.S. Ambassador to NATO.

William Tate (1903-1980), son of Philip May Tate and Edna Tate, educator and Dean of Men at the University of Georgia. Tate married Susan Barrow.

Susan Frances Barrow was born in Athens in 1908. She attended the University of Georgia and received an A.B. in 1930 and a M.A. in 1938. In 1932, she married William Tate. She worked for the University of Georgia from 1954-1976 and died in 2003.

"Ellis Merton Coulter, a University of Georgia professor and historian of the South, helped shape the southern public's interpretation of its heritage in general and Georgia's in particular. He taught at the state's flagship university in Athens from 1919 to 1958 (serving as chair of the history department from 1940 until retirement), edited the Georgia Historical Quarterly for fifty years, and produced 26 books, 10 edited volumes, more than 100 articles, and numerous book reviews and newspaper columns. He was also a founding member of the Southern Historical Association, serving as its first president in 1934 and nurturing it throughout its early years."--"E. Merton Coulter (1890-1981)," New Georgia Encyclopedia. Retrieved February 18, 2008:

Scope and Content

The collection consists of typed transcripts and tapes made during the late 1970s of various people, including William Tapley Bennett, dean emeritus William Tate, Sue Fan Tate, Mrs. James Barrow, and E. Merton Coulter.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in two series: 1) Transcripts of interviews, in alphabetical order; 2) Taped interviews, in alphabetical order.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation oral history tapes, ms2209, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 November 13.

General Notes

Related audiovisual materials are housed in the Walter J. Brown Media Archive:

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Subject Terms

Barrow, Phyllis Jenkins -- Interviews
Bennett, W. Tapley, 1891-1982 -- Interviews
Coulter, E. Merton (Ellis Merton), 1890-1981 -- Interviews
Educators -- Interviews.
Oral histories (document genres)
Tate, Susan Frances Barrow, 1908- -- Interviews
Tate, William, 1903-1980 -- Interviews
University of Georgia -- Faculty

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Transcripts

11Adams, Floyd/Sinha, R.
Side one & two are fairly good
12Aycock, Pearl/Long, J.
First interview/many gaps
13Aycock, Pearl/Garrett, B.
Second interview/few gaps
14Barrow, James (Mrs.)/Jones, V.
Fairly clear/needs better paragraphing; Original tape recorded at 7 1/2 ips; copy recorded at 3 3/4 ips.
15Beacham, Jack/Schretter, T.
Clear/could use better paragraphing
16Bell, H. G./Cantrell
Clear/few gaps
17Bennett, William Tapley/Burton, A.
Clear/few gaps
18Bishop, Julius/Perry, M.
Clear/a few gaps/could use better paragraphing
19Bondurant, John/Haggard, P.
Clear/a few gaps
110Booth, G. A./Senter, C.
Clear/a few gaps
111Branch, Fred/Mitchell, T.
Clear/a few gaps
112Brantley, Addie (Mrs.)
Audible; no transcription
113Brown, Rupert/Paul, D.
Clear/a few gaps
114Comer, Martha (Mrs.) and sisters/Beckett, J.
Clear/could use better paragraphing
115Cornelison, James Mrs.) and son/Bloemer, E. & Mennell, M.
Clear/a few gaps
116Costa, Joseph and James/Hendricks, Et al
Clear/spelling needs to be checked
117Coulter, E. Merton/Jones, K.
Clear/spelling needs to be checked
118Crawford, King/Cleghorn, D.
Not clear/many gaps
119Davison, Ida/Paul, D.
Clear/a few gaps
120Dodd, Lamar/Hidell, R.
Tape 1-spelling needs to be checked and in need of editing
121Dodd, Lamar/Jones, K.
Tape 2-Clear/a few gaps/needs editing
122Dozier, Rene (Tuck)/Faucher, E.
Clear/a few gaps
123Drewry, John E./Abney, S.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
124Erwin, Lucy (Mrs.)/Senter, K.
Clear/a few gaps
125Fanning, J. W./Jones, K.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
126Fickett, Richard III/Busbin, L.
127Flanigen, B. L., Col./Winkie, H.
Clear/a few gaps
128Harrell, Daisy Billups/Heacock, M.
Clear/needs editing & better paragraphing
129Hartman, Ruby (Mrs.)/Arnold, L.
Clear/a few gaps
130Jarrell, Odella (Mrs.)/Bloemer, Et al
Many gaps/needs editing
131Jones, Wilbur/McLendon, K.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
132King, George/Senter, K.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
133Livingston, Richard (Mrs.)/Irby, J.
Tape not clear/perhaps if other tape recorder is used we may get more from this tape
134Logan, Henry/Senter, K.
135Magill, Dan/Ledet, D.
Clear/a few gaps/better paragraphing needed
136McWhorter, Howard/Senter, K.
Clear/a few gaps/may need better paragraphing
137Minder, Robert/Sengupta, P. & Browne, D.
Clear/a few gaps
138Murray, C. C./Paul, D.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
139Nicholson, Bob/Long, J.
Many gaps/needs to be heard on different tape recorder for better transcription.
140Paddock, David (Mrs.) Aunt Lollipop/Bloemer, et al.
A few gaps/needs better paragraphing and editing.
141Parr, Jack E./McLendon, K.
Clear/needs editing and better paragraphing
142Quillian, D. D./Paul, D.
Clear/a few gaps
143Robertson, Hoyt/McLendon, K.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
144Rumsey, H. K./Grant, K.
Fairly clear
145Sanford, Shelton P./Hoyt, T.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
146Scoggins, Roy /(no catalogue sheet)
Clear/a few gaps
147Sheffer, C. M. (Mrs.)/Paul, D.
Many gaps/needs to be heard again and retyped
148Slaughter, Fain/Oglesby, P.
Clear/needs better paragraphing
149Strickland, Rosabella/Yates, W.
Better paragraphing needed and needs to be retyped
150Talmadge, Harry, Dr./Baker, K.
Clear/better paragraphing needed & should be retyped
151Tate, Sue Fan/Hamby, K.
Recorded on TAPE 9 (Bondurant); Clear/a few gaps/needs better paragraphing and should be retyped
152Tate, William, Dean emeritus/Thompson, C.
Many gaps/needs editing & should be retyped
153Thomas, Jack/Moran, M.
Clear/better paragraphing needed & should be retyped
154Thompson, W. C./Davis, L.
Many gaps/needs better pragraphing and should be retyped
155Treanor, Helen (Mrs.)/Spratlin, K.
Clear/better paragraphing needed & and should be retyped
156Vincent, Otey (Miss)/Chamberlain, N.
Clear/a few gaps/needs to be listened heard again on different equipment & retyped
157Whitehead, Tom/Finnerty, D.
158Willey, J.T./Fears, E.
Many gaps/needs to be heard on different equipment, edited & retyped
159Wimberly, Alice (Ms.)/Brown, R. & Bloemer, E.
Many gaps/needs editing and should be retyped
160Woods, Mary/Bloemer, E. & Johnson, T.
Gaps/needs to be heard again and re-typed