Wylly Folk St. John papers

Wylly Folk St. John papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Wylly Folk St. John papers
Creator: St. John, Wylly Folk
Inclusive Dates: 1928-1975
Language(s): English
Extent: 17 Linear Feet 37 document boxes, 10 half boxes, 1 oversized folder
Collection Number: ms2145
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Wylly Folk St. John (1908-1985) was an award-winning Georgia author of children's mystery fiction. After graduating from the University of Georgia's School of Journalism (1930), St. John began writing novels, and short stories, and as a staff writer for the Atlanta Journal Magazine. Her most acclaimed writing are eight mystery novels for juvenile readers, while she also produced many adult short stories published as back-of-the-book novels in magazines such as Redbook. Ms. St. John grew up in Savannah, Georgia, but moved to Social Circle, Georgia, where she was an active member of many citizen and community councils. St. John has also received many writing awards including Georgia Author of the Year, Georgia Author of the Year for Fiction, and Theta Sigma Phi's award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism.

Scope and Content

This collection contains business and personal items, manuscripts and writings. The highlights of this collection are St. John's many published and unpublished manuscripts. Included are several letters from friends and admirers in and around Social Circle, Georgia, where she lived.

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Wylly Folk St. John papers, ms2145, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2010 January 28.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Christmas Tree Mystery

11TMS draft-carbon w/ revisions
21Correspondence (Personal)
22-3Correspondence (Business), 1968-1969
24Correspondence (Business & Personal), 1969
25Correspondence (From readers), 1969
26-7Correspondence (Business & readers), January-May 1970
28-13Correspondence (From readers), 1971-1979
32Galley w/ corrections
33Mailing List
34Publication Agreement with Viking Press
35Book cover
36-8Clippings, 1969
310Printed Materials (Magazines & Programs)
311Financial Statements

2. Ghost Next Door

41Manuscript notes
42TMS draft-original & carbon
43-4TMS draft with revisions
45-7TMS draft-carbon
51Correspondence (Personal)
52Correspondence (Business)
53Correspondence (Publisher)
54-7Correspondence (Business), 1971
58-11Correspondence (From readers), 1972-1974
512Book covers
516-19Printed Materials

3. The Mystery Book Mystery Files

61John E. Drewry Book Review
63Page proofs, author's copy with some corrections
62TMS draft with revisions, notations
64TMS draft-carbon
65TMS draft-carbon with corrections
66TMS draft with revisions
67TMS draft-carbon
68TMS draft-carbon with revisions
71-2Correspondence (Personal)
73Correspondence (From readers), 1968
74-11Correspondence (Personal), 1968-1971
712-14Correspondence (Viking Press), 1974-1975
715-16Correspondence, 1976
717Correspondence (From readers), 1978
718-19Correspondence - Undated
81Book covers
85Poster and Book covers
86Printed Material (Viking Press)
87Personal Papers ragarding Anne Dyer, 1969

4. The Mystery of the Ginger Bread House Files

91TMS draft-carbon
92TMS draft w/ revisions
93Transcipt draft
101Author's Galley
102Correspondence (Children's Book Council, New York), 1967
103Correspondence (Viking Press), 1968
104-14Correspondence, 1969-1980
111MS notes
112Book covers
113Book illustrations-camera ready
115Drawings & Reproductions
117-8Printed Materials (Magazines & Journals)
119Honorary Pin from The United Daughters of the Confederacy
1110 The Atlanta Journal Constitution Magazine , 1969 April 27
1111One page biography

5. The Mystery of the Other Girl Files

121MS draft w/revisions (incomplete)
122TMS draft w/revisions (first copy of second draft)
131-10Correspondence, 1969-1973
1311Correspondence (Viking Press), 1970
1312Correspondence - Undated
141Book cover
145-6Drawings-camera ready
147 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine , 1968
149Printed Materials
1410Royalty earnings, summaries

6. The Secret of the Seven Crows Files

151MS draft
152TMS draft (First 31 pages)
154TMS w/revisions
157Galleys-marked set

6.1 Manuscripts

161-9Correspondence, 1972-1975
1610Correspondence (Viking Press), 1976
1611-12Correspondence, 1976-1982
1613Correspondence - undated
1614Book covers
1615-18Clippings, 1968-1974
1620Photograph Negatives
1621Author's Notes
1624-25Printed Materials

7. The Secrets of Hidden Creek Files

171TMS-First draft
172TMS draft w/revisions
173-4TMS draft-carbon
175TMS draft with corrections
181-5Correspondence (Business & Personal), 1963-1966
194 Christian Observer , 1968
195 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine , 1966
197Notes, Incomplete TMS carbon
198-11Printed Materials

8. The Secrets of Pirate Inn Files

201-16Correspondence, 1951-1973
211Agreement with Viking Press
212Royalty Statements
213Book Covers
216TMS draft with revisions
217TMS draft with publisher's notes
218-9TMS draft-carbon
2110 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine , 1968 May 19
221TMS draft-incomplete
222MS notes
224Drawings-Book Illustrations
225Newspapers, 1968
228Printed Materials
2210 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine , 1968

9. Uncle Robert's Secret Files

231Author's notes
232TMS draft with revisions
233TMS draft-items
234TMS draft-carbon with some corrections
235TMS draft
236Galley proof
241-8Correspondence, 1971-1974
251Book cover
256-7Photographs of illustrations
259-10The Walton Tribune copies, 1972-1973
2511 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine , 1973 June
2513Printed Material
2514Book catalogues

10. Year Before Next Files

263-4TMS draft-carbon
265TMS draft with revisions
266MS notes

11. Short Stories-Manuscripts

271TMS-carbon "A Big Day"
272TMS-"A Case of Environment"
273TMS-"A Good Joke in Bracciano"
274TMS-"A Time to Love" (three copies)
275TMS-"A Whole Lot Older" with revisions
276TMS-"Act of God"
277TMS-"Adam and Eve"
278TMS-carbon "Aftermath" (see also "Debt of Honor")
279TMS-"Arrowheads" with revisions
2710TMS-"Ask Him for a Raise"
2711TMS-"Aura of Doubt"
2712TMS-"Candies are for Christmas"
2713TMS-"Castles" (two copies)
2714TMS-"Christmas in a Trailer"
2715TMS-"Debt of Honor" (two copies)
2716TMS-"Dog vs. Delinquency"-carbon
2717TMS-"Double Jeopardy"
2718TMS-"Escape Reading"
2719TMS-"Everybody Brings Home a Cuckoo Clock"
2720TMS-"Easter Egg" carbon w"revisions
2721TMS-"Four Kids are Better than three"
2722TMS-"Ghosts" with revisions
2723Paper on Georgia State College for Women
2724TMS-"The Heidelburg"
2725TMS-"I Love Your Truly" (two copies)
2726TMS-"If You're Going to West Germany---"
2727TMS-"International Culture Center"
2728TMS-"Invitation to the Wedding"
2729TMS-"It's Hard to Say Goodbye"
2730TMS-"Jenny and the Roly-Polys"
2731TMS-"Just One More"
2732TMS-"King Solomon and the Enoch Ardent Case"
2733TMS-"Lady of the Japonicas"
2734TMS-"Last Night in Thebes"
2735TMS-"Let's Not Call it Love"
2736TMS-"Likewise a Levite"
2737TMS-"Lover's Leap" by Ira Avery
281TMS-"Majority Vote" (two copies)
282TMS-"Mice" with revisions
283TMS-"Middle Aged Girls" (two copies withrevisions)
284Paper on Muscular Dystrophy
285TMS-"My Child has Two Fathers"
286TMS-"My Hot and Cold War with the Plumbers"
287TMS-"Mother Goes Home" original & carbon
288TMS-"Name Sake" withrevisions
289TMS-"Never to be Forgotten"-carbon
2810TMS-"Not a Chance in the World"
2811TMS-"Of Course I Told Her I Was Married"
2812TMS-"Our Volkswagon is a Sweetheart" (three copies)
2814TMS-"Overnight Bag"-carbon withrevision
2815TMS-"Polka Dot Bandit" ("The Aura of Doubt") with revisions
2816TMS-"Price Above Rubies"
2817TMS-"Juan Edwardo in the U.S. War Corps"-carbons
2818TMS-"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" (two copies)
2819TMS-"Run,Run,Run" with revisions
2820TMS-"The Shadow Trader" withrevisions
2821TMS-"Six Easy Lessons" (two copies)
2822TMS-"Sixth Day"
2823TMS-"So Much to Remember"
2824TMS-"Stretch Out Your Hand"-carbon
2825TMS-"The Crown"-carbon
2826TMS-"The Delicate Balance" carbon (two copies)
2827TMS-"The Embezzler" (two copies)
2828TMS-"The Forefinger of God" (two copies)
2829TMS-"The Greatest is Carity"
2830TMS-"The Killer"
2831TMS-"The Lonesomest Christmas" carbon
2832TMS-"The Lost Man" (Half hour T.V. drama)
2833TMS-"The Maddening Crowd"
2834TMS-"The Man Who could not Kill" (two copies)
2835TMS-"The Ludwig" with revisions incomplete
291TMS-"The Magic Pill that Helps the Wives of Alcoholics"
292TMS-"The Miracle"
293TMS-"Stretch Out Your Hand"
294TMS-"The Nymph's Last Garment"
295TMS-"The Obvious Suspect"-carbon
296TMS-"The Off-White Lie" withcarbon
297TMS-"The One that was Different" carbon
298TMS-"The Overnight Bag"
299TMS-"The Phone is Ringing"
2910TMS-"The Second Stone" carbon with revisions
2911TMS-"The Separation"
2912TMS-"The Shining Lie" with carbon
2913TMS-"The Spinster" with carbon
2914TMS-"The Warm Place" with carbon
2915TMS-"The Way to Napoleon" with carbon
2916TMS-"There Might be Something in it" with carbon
2917TMS-"There was an Old Lady"
2918TMS-"Sunny Hours" (two copies)
2919TMS-"Trial by Jury"
2920TMS-"Welcome to the Club"
2922TMS-"Upside Down for God"
2923TMS-"Weavers" with revisions
2924TMS-"Welcome to God" with revisions
2925TMS-"When Savannah had Christmas Bonfires" carbon with revisions
2926TMS-"Who Needs a Repairman Anyway" (two copies with revisions)
2927TMS-"Winter in the Heart"

12. Novels and Plays-Manuscripts

301TMS-draft "A Husband, St. Catherine" carbon
302TMS-"A Prospect of Flowers" (two carbons with revisions)
303TMS-"Daphne's Ghost" (three copies)
304TMS-"Deferred Payment" (three copies)
305TMS-"Diamond in the Rough" T.V. Drama (two copies)
306TMS-"Elizabeth has to Solve a Mystery" with revisions
307TMS-"Identity Unknown" with revisions
311TMS-"Murder by the Book" carbon with revisions
312TMS-"No Mistake" carbon with outline T.V. Drama
313TMS-"Of Some Have Compassion"
314TMS-"She Used to Live Here" (two acts)
315TMS-"Silence In Heaven" with revisions
316TMS-"Silence In Heaven"
321TMS-"Silence In Heaven"
322TMS-"The Hideout" carbon
323TMS-"The Intimate Stranger"
324TMS-"Diamond in the Rough" carbon
325TMS-"The Other Side of the Mountain" second draft (Three Act Play)
326TMS-"The Other Side of the Mountain" carbon
327TMS-"The Other Side of the Mountain"
328TMS-"The Secret in the Basket" draft with publisher's notes
329TMS-"The Thin Glass Wall"
331TMS-"No Vacancy" carbon
332TMS-"Double Jeopardy" originally titled "Take Away This Guilt"
333TMS-"The Day the Lord Made" carbon
334TMS-"The Desparate Woman" with revisions
335TMS-"The Grass is Greener" (four copies)
336TMS-"The Intimate Stranger" carbon

13. News Clippings


14. Correspondence

351From publisher, 1948
352Personal, 1952
353-4From publisher, 1953-1955
355-6From publisher and personal, 1956-1957
357-17Business and personal, 1958-1962
361-14Business and personal, 1963-1967
371-15Business and personal, 1968-1974
381-18Business and personal, and undated material, 1975-1977

15. Manuscripts, Book Notes, and Royalty Statements

391Biographical Information
392Book Reviews
393TMS-"Edgar" carbon
394TMS-"McMaban on South Carolina Graham Story"
396-8Book notes
399Notes and drafts
3910Book notes
3911Royalty Statements

16. Print Materials

401-8 Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazines , 1950-1970
411-6 Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazines , 1970-1971
421-7 Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazines , 1971-1972
431-4 Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazines , 1972-1973
441-5 Literary Guild Bulletin , 1958-1966
446Other Printed Material
447Script, miscellaneous
451Writer's journals
452Medical and writer's journals
453Women's and writer's journals
454Reports on Georgia Railroad & Banking Company
455Reports on employment and women
456Christian materials - Spiritial Frontiers
461Miscellaneous Magazines
462 Writer's Yearbook , 1955
463 Redbook , 1955 January
464Redbook and Miami Herald Magazine, 1960, 1971
465 Writer's Magazine , 1958-1966
466Writer's Digest and Writer's Magazine
467 Life Magazine , 1959 April 6
471-7Publications-Writer's Journals, 1956-1973

17. Oversized Materials

1APhotograph - pages 42, 43, 1968 May
1AIllustration - title page
1AIllustration - Chapter 6, page 72
1AArticle - "Darien, Where History Happened" - photocopy
1AIllustration - pages 30,31, 1972 November 5

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