WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 6. Correspondence and Business Files

WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 6. Correspondence and Business Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 6. Correspondence and Business Files
Creator: WSB (Radio station : Atlanta, Ga.)
Creator: WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1952-1980
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet 12 boxes
Collection Number: ms2137_6
Repository: Hargrett Library

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Historical Note

The first broadcast of Atlanta's first radio station, WSB, occurred on March 15, 1922. The call letters, which had been assigned that afternoon by the U.S. secretary of commerce, had formerly been used by a ship's wireless. The station was owned by the Atlanta Journal. On September 29, 1948, the first live commercial television program was broadcast in Georgia. Broadcasting on channel eight from the state's tallest structure at the time, a tower higher than 800 feet, the television arm of WSB Radio and its parent, Cox Broadcasting, began regular service.

For more information, see the article " WSB Radio" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The correspondence and business files include general adminstrative files for WSB-TV and Radio, Cox Broadcasting Corp. (CBC), Clear Channel, and KTVU; departmental meeting minutes; correspondence regarding programming and WSB anniversaries; Elmo Ellis' files including scripts from speeches and broadcasts; and information about the Shining Light Award, a joint award give by Atlanta Gas Light Company and WSB.

Organization and Arrangement

The WSB-TV and WSB Radio records are organized into 6 series: sales; programming; press releases and clippings; awards; promotional/public relations; and correspondence and business files.

The correspondence and business files are organized into four subseries: general; correspondence; Elmo Ellis files; and Shining Light Award.

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Conditions Governing Access

Though the collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies can be made available upon request. Availability is dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

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WSB-TV and WSB Radio records, ms2137, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2014.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


6.1 General

11Accounting - Controller, 1974-1977
12Administrative Systems Association Speech, 1973 June
13American Cancer Society - Georgia Division, 1973-1975
14American Cancer Society - Fulton County Executive Board, 1977
15American Cancer Society - Fulton County Unit, 1973-1977
16American Cancer Society - Georgia Cancer Management Network, Inc., 1975
17American Cancer Society - Task Force on Uterine and Breast Cancer, 1972
18ARB Correspondence, 1978-1980
19Atlanta Journalism Review, 1971
110-11Audience Mail, 1978
112Biographical Material - Former Employees, 1965-1970
113Bio Profiles Sales, 1974-1976
114Bio Materials and Profiles (On Present Employees), 1965-1976
115Announcers, 1976-1977
116Bio Info - Personalities, 1973
117Old Personality Profiles, 1964
118Past Profiles, 1967-1975
119Holt Gewinner, 1974, 1977
120RA [Robert Arthur] Holbrook, 1961
121Clifford M. Kirtland, 1976
122Jerry Price, 1977
123J. Leonard Reinsch, 1962-1971
124Updated Bios, 1972-1974
125-26Biographies, 1965-1967, 1981
127BPA [Broadcast Promotion Association] Convention - Houston, 1970 November
128Broadcast Education Association Seminar, 1973 October
129Budget, 1978
130-31Buildings and Grounds (White Columns), 1965-1974
132Capital Expenditures, 1971
133CATV, 1978
134Cox Broadcasting Corporation, 1964-1966
135CBC [Cox Broadcasting Corporation] Broadcast Standards, 1977-1978
136CBC [Cox Broadcasting Corporation] Engineering, 1975-1977
137CBC [Cox Broadcasting Corporation] Financial Correspondence, 1978
138-40CBC [Cox Broadcasting Corporation] Managers' Meeting, 1969 June, 1970 June, 1972 June
21CBC Managers' Meeting, 1973 December 12
22CBC News Bureau - Washington, 1970-1977
23CBC News Correspondence (Mallary), 1975-1977
24CBC News Directors Meeting, 1967 October
25CBC News Releases, 1964-1975
26-7Program Directors' Meeting, 1972 April, 1973 April
28CBC Program Managers Meeting, 1969
29CBC Promotion Meeting, 1967-1968
210CBC Radio General Sales Managers Meeting, New York, 1973 February 13
211CBC Radio Program Meeting, 1971 October
212-14Radio Sales Meeting, 1967 January, 1971 October, 1972 May
215-21CBC Sales Managers Meeting, 1966-1973
222Cox Research Correspondence, 1978-1979
223CBC Sales Correspondence, 1975-1977
224-27CBC Staff Meeting, 1973
228CBC Station Managers Meeting, 1967-1968
229Station Manager (Smith), 1971-1975
230-31Cox Broadcasting Corporation (Stations), 1964-1968
31-6CBC Stations, 1969-1975
37CBC TV Managers' Meeting, Atlanta, 1973 June
38CBC TV Program Directors' meeting, 1970 February, 1971 March
39CBS Broadcast Division Managers' Meeting, 1968 June
310Clear Channel: Current and Future Role and Value of the Clear Channel Radio Station, 1976
311Clear Channel: Engineering Feasibility Study and Other Data, undated
312Clear Channel: Economic Impact and Sales Data, 1975-1976
313Clear Channel: Format and Hours of Operation, 1976
314Clear Channel: Emphasis on News and Public Affairs, 1974
315Clear Channel: Special Interest Programming and Weather and Disaster Information, 1975-1976
316Clear Channel: Statement by Elmo Ellis of WSB Programming - Philosophy with Higher Power, undated
317Clear Channel Information, 1973-1974
318Cox/GE Merger, 1978-1980
319Engineering Matters and Equipment, 1973-1975
320-21FCC Ascertainment, 1975-1978
322FCC Atlanta Community, 1975
323FCC Dahlonega/Lumpkin County Community, 1975
324FCC Gainesville Community, 1975
325-26FCC - Equal Employment Practices, 1969-1972
41-3FCC - Equal Employment Practices, 1973-1975
44FCC - GE Transfer Ascertainment (DEH), 1979
45FCC Hearing - Washington, DC - Cross Ownership, 1974 July 24
46-7Fourth of July Parade, 1977-1978
48General Matters, 1970-1973
49Heald - Weekly Department Heads Minutes, 1975-1977
410Highlights Program Study, 1972 October
411Historical Information, 1952-1953, 1970
412History, undated
413-18Human Relations Committee, 1968-1974
51International Radio and TV Society, Inc (Dinner Honoring Mr. Reinsch), 1973 March 15
52KFI Correspondence, 1973
53KTVU Children's Survey, 1971 September
54KTVU Oakland Community Problem Survey, 1970
55KTVU Correspondence, 1970-1971
56-7KTVU - Television Analysis, 1970-1973
58KTVU Television Correspondence, 1972-1973
59-10Legal, 1970-1976
511Lists of Employees, 1946-1973
1List of employees from 1930s-1967
512McDonald and Little, 1971-1977
513Memos from Elmo Ellis, 1976
514Memos about Elmo Ellis, 1974
515Memos from Jack Lenz, 1976
George Fischer - "Matson" audio, possibly related to Kannenberg v. Richardson (1/4" open reel audio)
516George Fischer - Kannenberg v. Richardson legal memo, 1975 November 6
517George Fischer - Miscellaneous Memos, 1976
518Operational Memos, 1976
519-24Memos, 1970-1975
525-26Minutes - Department Heads, 1968-1969, 1972-1974
61Minutes - Department Heads meetings, 1969-1975
62Mutual Network, 1976
63NAB [National Association of Broadcasters] Research Workshop Presentation, Chicago, 1972 April
64Independent Television Presentation - NAB [National Association of Broadcasters] Convention, 1973 March
65National Association of Broadcasters, 1975-1976
66NBC, 1975-1976
67NBC Rate Increase, 1978 August 24
68-9NBC Rate Information, 1967-1980
610Mike Kievman, 1969-1970
611Nielsen Correspondence, 1968-1970
612Public Service Weekly Reports, 1978-1979
613-14Promotion Department, 1977-1978
615Promotion Department - News Releases, 1978
616Public Relations Reports, 1977-1978
617Department Head Meeting, 1974
618Sales Projections, 1977-1978
619Service Pin Ceremony, 1967
620Sister Stations, 1963-1964
621Staff Meeting Minutes, 1975
622Stanford Court Hotel - San Francisco "Changes in Business That Will Affect Advertising in the 70's", 1972 May 9
623-24TvB - Television Bureau of Advertising, 1973-1978
625Truscon Tower, 1974
626Vacation and Holiday Policies - WSB Radio, 1970
627WSB Philosophy, 1973
628WSB Radio RAB Presentation, 1970

6.2 Correspondence

71-2Mr. Tom Dykes Correspondence, 1974-1975
73-5Elmo Ellis Correspondence, 1974-1975
76Aubrey Morris Column, 1975
77-9Aubrey Morris Correspondence, 1976, 1979, 1982
710Aubrey Morris Memos, 1975
711-12Aubrey Morris Thank You Letters, 1977-1978, 1982
Aubrey Morris - E. A. Ware Elementary School 5th graders audio from S. Heller, 1976 February 5 (Audiocassette)
713Richard Payne Correspondence, 1974-1975
714Roger Whitaker, 1975
715Rebuilding Fellowship Fund, 1977-1978
716-17Summer Fellowship, 1976
718Mailed to Christal Company, 1975
719Publicize Letters, 1974
720Competition Ads, 1975
721-23Anniversary, 1972
724WSB Birthday, 1972
725WSB Birthday Greetings from Other Stations, 1972
726WSB Birthday - Special Guest Announcers
727Community Coalition on Broadcasting, 1974
728Contests, Promotions, etc., 1969-1974
729FCC, 1972
730"Welcome South, Brother" History Book, 1970-1974
731History Book Mailing List, 1973
732WSB History Book Requests, 1974
81-3WSB History Book Thank You Letters, 1971-1974
84Human Relations, 1972-1976
85-6Mail Count, 1975-1976
87Seat Belt Campaign, 1972-1973
88Special Days, 1971
89Tornado Coverage, 1975
810-13WSB Correspondence, 1970-1973, 1977
814-16Letters, 1972-1973
817Memos - Mr. Ellis, Mr. Fischer, and Mr. Payne, 1972-1973
818-19Memos, 1974-1975
820-22Thank You Letters to WSB, 1973-1975
831Memoranda - Bob Thomas, 1968-1978
832Correspondence - Bob Thomas, 1976

6.3 Elmo Ellis Files

823Banks and Banking: Advertising, Publicity, and Public Relations, 1959-1966
824Bryan Ellis, 1927-1928
825-26Scripts, undated
827-28Elmo Ellis Personal File, 1953-1966
829Personnel - Job Analysis, 1958-1963
830Radio, TV, and the Presidential Campaign, 1964
91Broadcasting Speeches, 1963
92"The Joys of Reading" Speech, 1963-1964
93Radio News Speech, 1964
94"Selling by Television", undated
95Viet-Nam, 1965
96You Gotta Communicate, 1965
97-20Speeches, 1948-1966
921Speech Material, 1962
922Gaither's Speeches, 1963
923-24Publicity and Public Relations, 1956-1961
101AFTRA [American Federation of Television and Radio Artists] Proposed Minimum Basic Agreement, 1965-1967
102Careers in Radio TV and Journalism, 1958-1963
103Democratic National Convention, 1964
104Sydney J. Harris, undated
105Viewpoints, 1963-1965
111Broadway Digest, 1951-1952

6.4 Shining Light Award

112Shining Light Master File, 1971-1973
113Shining Light Information, 1963-1981
114Shining Light Presentation, 1965
115Shining Light Pics, 1974
116-36Shining Light Award , 1963-1980
121-6Shining Light Award, 1981-1983
har-ms2137_0011Shining Light Awards Ceremony (1 of 2), 1976 June 8 (1/4" open reel audio)
har-ms2137_0012Shining Light Awards Ceremony (2 of 2), 1976 June 8 (1/4" open reel audio)

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