Thomas Carr family papers

Thomas Carr family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Thomas Carr family papers
Creator: Carr family
Creator: Carr, Thomas, -1820
Inclusive Dates: 1730-1891
Language(s): English
Extent: 4.5 Linear Feet (11 document boxes, 1 oversize folder A)
Collection Number: ms21
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the papers of Thomas Carr and his son, William A. Carr of Columbia County, Georgia from 1730-1891. Includes correspondence, bills, receipts, land grants, court records, bonds, and slave records. Materials mainly related to late 18th and early 19th century land speculation in Camden County (Ga.), Yazoo purchase, and northeast Georgia. Also includes some material relating to William Low (Mrs. Carr's grandson by her first husband).

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in chronological order by record type.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Thomas Carr family papers, ms21, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 April 2.

General Notes

Acquired from Marian Lumpkin Walbridge in 1936.

Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online through the Digital Library of Georgia, Thomas Carr family papers.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Correspondence, 1733-1740 Access Online
12Correspondence, 1766-1780 Access Online
13Correspondence, 1781-1784 Access Online
14Correspondence, 1784-1786 Access Online
15Correspondence, April-September 1786 Access Online
16Correspondence, October 1786-June 1787 Access Online
17Correspondence, July 1787-October 1788 Access Online
18Correspondence, November 1788-1789 Access Online
19Correspondence, January-August 1790 Access Online
110Correspondence, August 1790-January 18, 1791 Access Online
111Correspondence, January-August 1791 Access Online
112Correspondence, 1791-August 1792 Access Online
21Correspondence, September-December 1792 Access Online
Includes T. Carr Diary.
22Correspondence, January-May 1793 Access Online
23Correspondence, June 3, 1793 Access Online
24Correspondence, June-September 1793 Access Online
25Correspondence, September-December 1793 Access Online
26Memoranda Book, 1793 Access Online
27Correspondence, 1794 Access Online
28Correspondence, 1795 Access Online
29Correspondence, 1796 Access Online
210Carr, Thomas. Listed Properties, 1796, 1798-1812, 1812-1820 Access Online
31Correspondence, November 1798-July 1799 Access Online
32Correspondence, 1797-October 1798 Access Online
33Correspondence, 1799 Access Online
34Correspondence, 1800 Access Online
35Correspondence, 1801 Access Online
36Memoranda Book, 1801 Access Online
T. Carr
37Receipt Book, 1801 Access Online
T. Carr
38Receipt Book, 1802 Access Online
39Receipt Book, 1803 Access Online
310Receipt Book, 1804 Access Online
41Correspondence, 1805 Access Online
42Correspondence, 1806 Access Online
43Correspondence, 1807 Access Online
44Memoranda & Debt Book Access Online
45Correspondence, 1808 Access Online
46Correspondence, 1809 Access Online
47Papers relating to Brownson, Reuben Estate, 1804-1809 Access Online
48Correspondence, January-October 1810 Access Online
49Correspondence, November 1810-May 1811 Access Online
410Correspondence, June-December 1811 Access Online
51Correspondence, January-June 1812 Access Online
52Correspondence, July-December 1812 Access Online
53Correspondence, 1813 Access Online
54Correspondence, 1814 Access Online
55Correspondence, 1815 Access Online
56Correspondence, January-August 1816 Access Online
57Correspondence, September - December 1816 Access Online
58Correspondence, 1817 Access Online
59Correspondence, 1818 Access Online
510Carr, Elijah W. = Translation of Juvenal's Satires, 1818 Access Online
511Correspondence, 1819 Access Online
512Correspondence, 1820 Access Online
513Correspondence, 1823 - 1832 Access Online
61Correspondence, 1833 - 1840
62Correspondence, 1841 - 1842
63Correspondence, 1843 - 1845
64Correspondence, 1846 - 1847
65Correspondence, 1848 - 1849
66Correspondence, 1850 - 1854
67Correspondence, 1855 - 1859
68Correspondence, 1860 - 1868
69Correspondence, 1869 - 1877
610Lumpkin, E.K. Memoranda Book, 1877
611Correspondence, 1878 - 1891
71Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1782-1793 Access Online
72Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1794-1796 Access Online
73Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1797 Access Online
74Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1798 Access Online
75Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1799 Access Online
76Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1800-1801 Access Online
77Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1802 Access Online
78Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1803 Access Online
79Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1804-1805 Access Online
710Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1806 Access Online
711Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1807 Access Online
712Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1808 Access Online
81Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1809 Access Online
82Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1810 Access Online
83Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1811 Access Online
84Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1812-1813 Access Online
85Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1814-1815 Access Online
86Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1816 Access Online
87Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1817 Access Online
88Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1818-1820 Access Online
89Carr, Thomas. Payments by, Undated Access Online
810Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1783-1802 Access Online
811Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1803-1808 Access Online
812Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1809-1820 Access Online
813Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1793-1814 Access Online
814Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1819-1826 Access Online
815Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1827-1828 Access Online
816Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1829-1832 Access Online
817Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1833-1841 Access Online
818Carr, Thomas. Payments by, 1843-1845 Access Online
91Carr, William A. Payments to, 1846
92Carr, William A. Payments to, 1847
93Carr, William A. Payments to, 1848-1849
94Carr, William A. Payments to, 1850-1851
95Carr, William A. Payments to, 1852-1854
96Carr, William A. Payments to, 1855-1859
97Carr, William A. Payments to, 1860-1867
98Carr, William A. Payments to, 1868-1870
99Carr, William A. Payments to, 1848-1857
910Promissory Notes, 1820-1826
911Promissory Notes, 1827-1828
912Promissory Notes, 1829-1831
913Promissory Notes, 1832-1836
914Promissory Notes, 1837-1839
915Promissory Notes, 1840-1848
916Promissory Notes, 1849-1851
917Promissory Notes, 1852-1876?
918Freight Bills, 1847-1848
919Freight Bills, 1849-1850
101Low, William. Papers, 1786-1802 Access Online
102Low, William. Papers, 1803-1807 Access Online
103Carr, William A. Freight Bills, 1852-1871 Access Online
104Low, William. Papers, 1808-1812 Access Online
105Low, William. Papers, 1813-1819 Access Online
106Miscellaneous, 1779-1798 Access Online
107Miscellaneous, 1799-1802 Access Online
108Miscellaneous, 1803-1810 Access Online
109Miscellaneous, 1811-1816 Access Online
1010Miscellaneous, 1817-1883 Access Online
1011Maps Access Online
1012Slaves, 1781-1832 Access Online
1013Slaves, 1833-1864 Access Online
111Tax Receipts, 1789-1805 Access Online
112Tax Receipts, 1806-1830 Access Online
113Tax Receipts, 1831-1859 Access Online
114Tax Receipts, 1860-1881 Access Online
115Undated & Unidentified Items Access Online
116Undated & Unidentified Items Access Online
117Undated & Unidentified Items Access Online
118Correspondence, March - December 1845 Access Online
119Correspondence, January - May 1846 Access Online
1110Correspondence, June - December 1846 Access Online
1111Carr - Greer Papers, January - February 1845 Access Online
1112Carr - Green Papers, 1847-1857 Access Online
1AFranklin County land survey (copied from original by GA Sec. of State in 1874), 1784 March 10 Access Online

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