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LeConte Family papers

LeConte Family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: LeConte Family papers
Creator: LeConte family
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1916
Language(s): English
Extent: 1 Linear Feet 2 document boxes
Collection Number: ms2085
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

The LeConte brothers were born at Woodmanston Plantation near Savannah. They were the sons of Louis LeConte, famous for his botanical research and for setting up a botanical garden on the plantation. Both LeContes graduated from the University of Georgia and practiced briefly as physicians in Savannah and Macon. They later taught at the University of Georgia until they were forced to leave by controversy. President Church charged both professors with insubordination because of their belief in the then-developing evolutionary theories and their refusal to enforce some of the strict disciplinary rules at the university. The LeContes moved to California after teaching at the University of South Carolina and working as chemists for the Confederate army. They helped to found the University of California at Berkeley and John became the first president of this university. Joseph became its first professor of geography. The biology building at the University of Georgia was named for Joseph LeConte.

Scope and Content

This collection contains primarily the writings, in pamphlet form, of John and Joseph LeConte-Georgia scientists and educators.

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LeConte Family papers, ms2085, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2009 October 16.

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Subject Terms

Earth sciences.
Evolution (Biology)
LeConte, John, 1818-1891
LeConte, Joseph, 1823-1901
Life sciences.
University of Georgia

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11"Preliminary researches on the alleged influence of Solar light on the Process of combustion", by John LeConte, from The American Journal of Science and Arts, 2nd Series, Vol. XXIV, 1857 November
12The Principles of a Liberal Education, an address delivered by Dr. Joseph LeConte, 1859, at Solumbia, S.C. (2 copies)
13"The Relation of Organic Science to Sociology", published in the Southern Presbyterian Review, for, no author given, 1860 April
14"Article I, On the Optical Phenomena", from the American Journal of Science and Arts, Second Series, Vol. XXXI, No. 91, by John LeConte, 1861 January
15"On the Nature and Uses of Art", by Joseph LeConte, from The Southern Presbyterian Review, Vol. XV, No. 3, 1863 January
16Memorial of Mrs. Annie LeConte Stephens, late of Baker County, Georgia, 1867
17"Article IX, Vital Statistics: Illustrated by the Laws of Mortality from Cancer", by John LeConte, 1872
18Address; of Ex-president Dr. John L. LeConte before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at Detroit, Michigan, 1875 August 13
19Man's Place in Nature, by Joseph LeConte, 1877
110"Evolution in Relation to Materialism", The Princeton Review, by Joseph LeConte, 1878
111Some Thoughts on the Glycogenic Function of the Liver, by Joseph LeConte, 1879
112Effect of Mixture of Races on Human Progress, by Joseph LeConte, 1880 April
113"Relation of Berkeley to Certain Phases of Modern Thought", from The Berkeleyan, by Joseph LeConte, 1880
114The Higher Utilities of Science, by Prof. Joseph LeConte, 1881
115"Influence of Modern Methods of Popularizing Science", an address by Prof. John LeConte, 1882
116"On Sound Shadows in Water", from The American Journal of Science, Vol. XXIII, by John LeConte, 1882 January
117On Certain Remarkable Tracks, found in the Rocks of Carson Quarry", from the Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, by Joseph LeConte, 1882 August 27
118"Apparent Attractions and Repulsions of Small Floating Bodies", from The American Journal of Science, Vol. XXIV, by John LeConte, 1882 December (2 copies)
119"Physical Studies of Lake Tahoe", by John LeConte, 1883
120The Botanical Gazzette, with article titled "Some North American Botanists" by John LeConte, 1883 April
121Sketches from the Early History of Athens, Georgia, 1801-1825, by Dr. Henry Hull, edited by A.L. Hull, 1884
122"Horizontal Motions of Small Floating Bodies in Relation to the validity of the postulates of the Theory of Capillarity", from The American Journal of Science, Vol. XXVII, by John LeConte, 1844 April
123A Biographical Sketch of Dr. John Lawrence LeConte, by Samuel H. Scudder, read before the National Academy of Science, 1884 April 17
124Dr. John Lawrence LeConte, a memoir read to the National Academy of Science, with an appendix on the ancestry of the family by Samuel H. Scudder from the Transactions of the American Entomological Society, 1884 April 17 (2 copies)
125"Are Not Dynamite Catastrophes Intimately associated with Electric Phenomena?", from The Technical Society of the Pacific Coast, Vol. II, by L.J. LeConte, 1885 August
126"Article XVIII, A Post-Tertiary Elevation of the Sierra Nevada shown by the River Beds", from the American Journal of Science, by Joseph LeConte, 1886 September
127"Facts connected with the explosion of a cargo of dynamite aboard the Schooner 'Parallel' while trying to clear the entrance to San Francisco Harbor", from The Technical Society of the Pacific Coast, by J.L. LeConte, 1887 July 1 (2 copies)
128Article Xii, "On some phenomena of Binocular vision", from The American Journal of Science, Vol. XXXIV, by Joseph LeConte, 1887 August
129The Flora of the Coast Islands of California in Relation to Recent Changes of Physical Georgraphy, by Joseph LeConte, 1887 September
130"Vital Statistics and the True Coefficient of Mortality Illustrated by Cancer", from the Tenth Biennial Report of the State Board of Health of California, by John LeConte, 1888
131 Pacific Educational Journal , March 1888
132"Minor Contributions on a Curious Visual Phenomenon", reprinted from The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. III, No. 3, by Prof. Joseph LeConte, 1890 (2 copies)
133University of California Philosophical Union, Bulletin No. 8, contains addresses made by Prof. Joseph LeConteand Prof. Howison, 1890
134In Memoriam: Professor John LeConte, reprinted from the Overland Monthly, for, 1891 June (5 copies; 2 badly torn)
135"The Race problem in the South", lectures and discussions before the Brooklyn Ethical Association, by Joseph LeConbe, 1892 May 1
136Proceedings at the Banquet given to Professor John LeConte by the Alumni Association of the University of California, 1892 September 24
137"Sketch of a Philosophy That Might Fitly be Named Evolutiona Idealism", by Joseph LeConte, 1893 March
138Addresses at the Inauguration of Martin Kellogg, LI.D., as President of the University of California, Berkeley, 1893 March 23
139Memoir of John LeConte, 1818-1891, by Joseph LeConte, read before the National Academy, 1894 April
140"For the Beauty of An Ideal", from The Contemporary Review, 1895 May
141Address by W. LeConte Stevens, August 1895, from the Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Vol. XLIV, 1895
142"Ramblings through the High Sierra", by Joseph LeConte, Publication No. 21 of the Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1900
143The University of California Magazine, Vol. VI, No. 4, 1900 May
21"Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus", Science, Vol. XIII, No. 338, 1901 June 21
22"Joseph LeConte", by Andrew C. Lawson, reprinted from Science, N.S., Vol. XIV, No. 347, 1901 August 23
23"The Greatness of Joseph LeConte", from The University of California Magazine, Vol. VII, No. 5, by Thomas R. Bacon, 1901 September
24"Biographical Notice", by Joseph LeConte, by S.B. Christy, reprinted from Vol. XXXI of the Transactions, 1902
25"Sierra Club Bulletin", Vol. IV, No. 1, 1902 January
26"The Metric System", reprinted from Science, N.S., Vol. XIX, No. 483, by W. LeConte Stevens, 1904 April 1 (3 copies)
27In Memoriam of Eugene Woldemar Hilgard, reprinted from The University of California Chronicle, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1916
28List of published writings of John and Joseph LeConte, to, 1886
29A Century of Geology, by Joseph LeConte
210"The Essential Characteristics and Mutual Relations of the School, the College and the University", from the Princeton Review, by Joseph LeConte
211"Evolution in Relation to Materialism", The Princeton Review, by Joseph LeConte
212Furman's Intensive Farming, Atlanta, Ga.
213"The General Principles of Art and Their Application to the Novel", reprinted from the Overland Monthly by Joseph LeConte
214"Illustrations of a law of Evolution of Thought", from The Princeton Review, by Joseph LeConte
215"Mars and His Moons", from The Popular Science Monthly, Vol. XVI, No. 6, by John LeConte
216Memoir of John LeConte, 1818-1891, by Joseph LeConte
217"Morphology and its Connection with Fine Art", by Joseph LeConte
218Mutual Relations of Intellectual & Moral Culture, by Joseph LeConte
219"On the optical phenomena presented by the Silver Spring in Marion County, Florida", by Prof. John LeConte, reprinted from Physics of the Globe
220"The Relation of Evolution to Religious Thought", by Professor Joseph LeConte
221Remarks of Professor Joseph LeConte, [pp. 13-20]
222A Study of Browning, by Caroline LeConte
223Fragments of LeConte writings
227Scrapbook [copies]