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Athens, Georgia city records

Athens, Georgia city records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Athens, Georgia city records
Creator: Athens (Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1860-1970
Language(s): English
Extent: 51.6 Linear Feet (81 document boxes, 15 half boxes, 12 oversized boxes, 2 oversized folders B, 16 oversized folders C)
Collection Number: ms1633
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Scope and Content

The collection consists of various official records of the City of Athens that were housed in the Mayor's vault. Included are some tax assessment books, tax digests, city engineer's correspondence, disbursement ledgers, mayor's general papers and large amounts dealing with the Athens Housing and Urban Renewal Project.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in chronological order.

Administrative Information

Restrictions on Access

This collection is on deposit.

Preferred Citation

Athens, Georgia - city records, 1860-1970. MS 1633. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 June 16.

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Subject Terms

Athens (Ga.) -- Politics and government -- History.
Athens Housing Authority (Athens, Ga.) -- Records and correspondence
Civil engineering -- Georgia -- Athens.
Government records.
Ledgers (account books)
Municipal officials and employees -- Georgia -- Athens -- Records and correspondence.
Tax assessment -- Georgia -- Athens.
Tax records.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Building plans and maps

1BContract between Athens and Athens Gas Light Co, 1884
Includes contract and map
2BPi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, Lumpkin St, 22 April, 1964
Includes specifications and drawings for construction
3CProposed warehouse for Athens Hardware, Thomas St and Strong St, 1969
Includes blueprints (2 sets) and specifications
4CSite plans- United States Post Office and Federal Building, Thomas and Hancock, 1967-1973
Includes United States Post Office and Federal Building, Thomas and Hancock, 2 pg, 1967, Federal Building, Thomas and Hancock, 5 pg, 1973
5CAerial views of Athens, area of South Church St, Cloverhurst, Baxter, South Lumpkin, Hull, and Florida Ave, nd but some may be, 1970 (7pg, one torn)
6CCode Enforcement Program-Athens, Area #1-First, Hillside and Oakridge, Area #2-Magnolia St and Magnolia Terr, nd (8 pg)
7C1Athens urban area
7C2Blueprints and description of house to be built at 239 Fields St by Kingsberry Homes, 1975 (15 pg)
7C3Morgan Townhouse blueprints, located in urban renewal area?, 1969 (15 pg)
7C4Athens urban area, 1964
7C5Athens street map
7C6Maps showing proposed location of Atlanta and Carolina Railway, 1913
7C7First AME Church, Hull and Dougherty, 1969 (6 pg)
7C8Survey for City of Athens, 1.810 acres bounded by Southern Railroad, 7-18-75
7C9Athens-location of minority population and existing recreational facilities
7C10Survey for Citizen's and Southern Bank, Hwy 29 and Aubrey Drive, 2-73
7C11Map of City of Athens, J. G. Beacham, 1-44
8CAthens Model Cities-fourth action year water and sewer improvements, nd
8CMap of portion of Athens bounded by Broad, Jackson, Hooper and Oconee River, nd
8CMaps showing proposed location of Atlanta and Carolina Railway, 1907
8CAthens street map, 1955
8CClarke County by voting districts, nd
8CMap of City of Hull, nd
8CAthens-street maps, 1969
3 pg
8CMercantile section of Athens, August 1953
8CProposed land utilization plan for Freddy Loef, North By-pass and Tallassee Road, 10-20-72 (2 pg)
8CSheet of estimated cost to develop balance of Double Gate subdivision, 1974
8CDouble Gate subdivision, off Hwy 29, Aubrey Dr and Nunnally St, 6-3-69 (2 pg)
8CMap of City of Athens, J. G. Beacham, 1-52
9CAthens History Village, Dougherty St, 1972-1973 (17 pg)
Includes description of materials and equipment
9CRestoration of the Brumby House, 4-10-71 (9 pg)
10CUniversity of Georgia-urban renewal area, project GA R-50, bounded by Waddell, Wray, Lumpkin, Cloverhurst and Baxter, 1961-1964
11CUniversity of Georgia-urban renewal area, project GA R-50, bounded by Waddell, Wray, Lumpkin, Cloverhurst and Baxter
12CCollege Avenue Redevelopment Project-project GA R-51, bounded by Seaboard RR, Southern RR, Hancock and Oconee River, disposition of parcels, 1963-1973
13CCollege Avenue Redevelopment Project-project GA R-51, bounded by Seaboard RR, Southern RR, Hancock and Oconee River, 1963-1973
14CCollege Avenue Redevelopment Project-project GA R-51, bounded by Seaboard RR, Southern RR, Hancock and Oconee River
15CCollege Avenue Redevelopment Project-project GA R-51, bounded by Seaboard RR, Southern RR, Hancock and Oconee River
16CCollege Avenue Redevelopment Project-project GA R-51, bounded by Seaboard RR, Southern RR, Hancock and Oconee River, includes property owners (3 of 3), 1963-1973
includes property owners
17CEast Oconee Urban Renewal Area-neighborhood development program, project GA A-16, (East Athens), c. 1972-1974
18CEast Oconee Urban Renewal Area-neighborhood development program, project GA A-16, (East Athens)

2. Tax Assessment Books

1Vol. 1, 1873-1874
1Vol. 2, 1875

3. Tax Digests

2Vol. 1, 1866
2Vol. 2, 1867
2Vol. 3, 1868
2Vol. 4, 1869
3Vol. 1, 1870-1871
3Vol. 2, 1872
3Vol. 3, 1873
3Vol. 4, 1875
4Vol. 1, 1876
4Vol. 2, 1877
4Vol. 3, 1878
4Vol. 4, 1879
4Vol. 5, 1880
5Vol. 1, 1881
5Vol. 2, 1882
5Vol. 3, 1883
5Vol. 4, 1884
5Vol. 5, 1885
6Vol. 1, 1886
6Vol. 2, 1887
6Vol. 3, 1888
6Vol. 4, 1889
7Vol. 1, 1890
7Vol. 2, 1891

4. City Engineer Letterbooks

8Vol. 1, 1890-1900
8Vol. 2, 1895-1902
8Vol. 3, 1903-1914
8Vol. 4, 1906-1912
8Vol. 5, 1912-1915

5. J. W. Barnett Correspondence

91A, 1923-1924
92B, 1923-1924
93C, 1923-1924
94D, 1923-1924
95E, 1923-1924
96G, 1923-1924
97H, 1923-1924
98K, 1923-1924
99M, 1923-1924
910O, 1923-1924
911P, 1923-1924
912R, 1923-1924
913S, 1923-1924
914T, 1923-1924
915W, 1923-1924
916Y, 1923-1924
101A, 1925
102B, 1925
103C, 1925
104D, 1925
105F, 1925
106G, 1925
107H, 1925
108L, 1925
109M, 1925
1010N, 1925
1011P, 1925
1012R, 1925
1013S, 1925
1014W, 1925
111A, 1926
112B, 1926
113C, 1926
114D, 1926
115F, 1926
116G, 1926
117H, 1926
118I, 1926
119M, 1926
1110N, 1926
1111P, 1926
1112R, 1926
1113S, 1926
1114T, 1926
1115W, 1926
121A, 1927
122B, 1927
123C, 1927
124D, 1927
125E, 1927
126G, 1927
127H, 1927
128K, 1927
129M, 1927
1210M, 1927
1211N, 1927
1212P, 1927
1213R, 1927
1214S, 1927
1215T, 1927
1216W, 1927
131A, 1928
132B, 1928
133C, 1928
134E, F, 1928
135G, 1928
136H, 1928
137K, L, 1928
138M, 1928
139N, 1928
1310P, 1928
1311R, 1928
1312S, 1928
1313T, V, 1928
1314W, 1928
141A - 3 notebooks, 1929
142A, 1929
143B, 1929
144C, 1929
145D, 1929
146E, F, 1929
147G, 1929
148H, 1929
149K, L, 1929
1410M, 1929
1411N, 1929
1412P, 1929
1413R, 1929
1414S, 1929
1415T, 1929
1416W, 1929
151A-B, 1930
152C-G, 1930
153H-L, 1930
154M-O, 1930
155P-S, 1930
156T-Y, 1930
161Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - A, 1928-1929
162Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - A, 1928-1929
163Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - A, 1928-1929
164Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - A, B, 1928-1929
165Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - C, 1928-1929
166Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - D, 1928-1929
167Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - E, F, 1928-1929
168Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - G, 1928-1929
169Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - H, 1928-1929
1610Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - K, 1928-1929
1611Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - M, 1928-1929
1612Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - N, 1928-1929
1613Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - P, 1928-1929
1614Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - R, 1928-1929
1615Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - S, 1928-1929
1616Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - T, 1928-1929
1617Stadium - UGA Athletic Association - W, 1928-1929
171Electric lights, 1895-1896
172Electric lights, 1896
173Electric lights, 1896-1897
174Electric lights, 1897-1898
175Electric lights, 1898-1902
176Electric lights - undated, 1895-1903
181Electric lights - A, 1899-1903
182Electric lights - B, 1899-1903
183Electric lights - C, 1899-1903
184Electric lights - D, 1899-1903
185Electric lights - E, 1899-1903
186Electric lights - F, 1899-1903
187Electric lights - G, 1899-1903
188Electric lights - R, 1899-1903
189Electric lights - S, 1899-1903
1810Electric lights - TB Hospital, 1925
1811Electric lights - Road improvements, 1925

6. Disbursement Ledgers


7. Receipt and Account Books

22Marshall's Receipt Book, 1930-1934
22Light Account Book, 1904-1930
22School Account Book, 1904-1907

8. Mayor's General Administrative Records

231Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, 1976
232Application for sign, 1976
233Athens Area Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc., 1976
234Athens Housing Authority, 1976
235Athens Community Council on Aging, 1976
236Athens Zoning Appeals Board, 1976
237Annual State of City Message, 1976
238Athens Personnel Board, 1976
239Athens-City Engineer, 1976
2310Athens-City Marshall, 1976
2311Athens-Civil Defense, 1976
2312Athens-Clerk-Treasurer, 1976
2313Athens-Fire Department, 1976
2314Athens-Human Resources, 1976
2315Athens-Community Development, 1976
2316Athens-Permit and Inspection, 1976
2317Athens-Personnel, 1976
2318Athens-Planning Commission, 1976
2319Athens-Police Department, 1976
2320Athens-Sanitation, 1976
2321Athens-Housing Development Corp., 1976
2322Athens-Recreation and Parks, 1976
2323A-Miscellaneous, 1976
2324Action, Inc., 1976
2325Athens-City Attorney, 1976
2326Athens Public Transportation System, 1976
2327Bentley-personal, 1976
2328Budget, 1976
2329Budget, 1977
2330B-Miscellaneous, 1976
241Clarke County Grand Jury, 1976
242Clarke County Commissioners, 1976
243Clarke County School Districts, 1976
244Billy Cook correspondence, December 1976
245Billy Cook correspondence, November 1976
246Billy Cook correspondence, October 1976
247Billy Cook correspondence, September 1976
248Billy Cook correspondence, August 1976
249Billy Cook correspondence, July 1976
2410Billy Cook correspondence, June 1976
2411Billy Cook correspondence, May 1976
2412Billy Cook correspondence, April 1976
2413Billy Cook correspondence, March 1976
2414Billy Cook correspondence, February 1976
2415Billy Cook correspondence, January 1976
2416Committees of Council, 1976
2417Council on Aging, 1976
2418Councilmen-miscellaneous, 1976
2419C-miscellaneous, 1976
251Council Meeting Records, January 7, 1976
252Council Meeting Records, January 27, 1976
253Council Meeting Records, February 3, 1976
254Council Meeting Records, February 10, 1976
255Council Meeting Records, February 24, 1976
256Council Meeting Records, March 2, 1976
257Council Meeting Records, March 16, 1976
258Council Meeting Records, April 6, 1976
259Council Meeting Records, April 20, 1976
2510Council Meeting Records, May 4, 1976
2511Council Meeting Records, June 1, 1976
2512Council Meeting Records, June 15, 1976
2513Council Meeting Records, June 29, 1976
261Council Meeting Records, July 6, 1976
262Council Meeting Records, July 12, 1976
263Council Meeting Records, July 20, 1976
264Council Meeting Records, July 27, 1976
265Council Meeting Records, August 3, 1976
266Council Meeting Records, August 24,1976
267Council Meeting Records, September 14, 1976
268Council Meeting Records, September 7, 1976
269Council Meeting Records, September 21, 1976
2610Council Meeting Records, October 5, 1976
2611Council Meeting Records, October 12, 1976
2612Council Meeting Records, October 20, 1976
2613Council Meeting Records, October 26, 1976
2614Council Meeting Records, November 2, 1976
2615Council Meeting Records, November 9, 1976
2616Council Meeting Records, November 30, 1976
2617Council Meeting Records, December 7, 1976
2618Council Meeting Records, December 21, 1976
2619Council Meeting Records, December 28, 1976
271Department heads, 1976
272Downtown Exchange Idea Bulletin, 1976
273D-Miscellaneous, 1976
274Erwin, Epting, Gibson and Mcleod, 1976
275E-Miscellaneous, 1976
276Engineering Firms-Qualifications for 201 planning, 1976
277F-Miscellaneous, 1976
278Georgia Council for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts, 1976
279Georgia Dept of Transportation, 1976
2710Georgia Dept of Natural Resources, 1976
2711Georgia Dept of Natural Resources. EPA Division, 1976
2712Georgia State Crime Commission, 1976
2713Georgia Municipal Association, 1976
2714Georgia Representatives and Senators, 1976
2715Georgia Outdoor Advertising, 1976
2716Georgia Power Company, Franchise, 1976
2717Georgia, University of, 1976
2718G-Miscellaneous, 1976
2719HUD-Housing & Urban Development, 1976
2720Holiday Inn-Misc., 1976
2721H-Miscellaneous, 1976
2722Inter-office-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1976
2723Invitations, 1976
2724I-Miscellaneous, 1976
2725J-Miscellaneous, 1976
2726K-Miscellaneous, 1976
2727L-Miscellaneous, 1976
281Info & reservations, Mayor's Day. 1-19 & GMA Conv., June 20-23, 1976
282Mayor Bentley Correspondence, December 1976
283Mayor Bentley Correspondence, November 1976
284Mayor Bentley Correspondence, October 1976
285Mayor Bentley Correspondence, September 1976
286Mayor Bentley Correspondence, August 1976
287Mayor Bentley Correspondence, July 1976
288Mayor Bentley Correspondence, June 1976
289Mayor Bentley Correspondence, May 1976
2810Mayor Bentley Correspondence, April 1976
2811Mayor Bentley Correspondence, March 1976
2812Mayor Bentley Correspondence, February 1976
2813Mayor Bentley Correspondence, January 1976
2814Mayor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, 1976
2815M-Miscellaneous, 1976
2816N E Georgia Area Planning & Development Commission, 1976
2817National League of Cities, 1976
2818Miscellaneous, 1976
2819News Media-General, 1976
2820Newsletters, 1976
291O-Miscellaneous, 1976
292Proclamations, 1976
293P-Miscellaneous, 1976
294Q-Miscellaneous, 1976
295Revenue Sharing, 1976
296R-Miscellaneous, 1976
297Southern Bell, 1976
298S-Miscellaneous, 1976
299Thank You notes, 1976
2910Tourism & Convention Committee, 1976
2911T-Miscellaneous, 1976
2912U.S. Senators, 1976
2913U-Miscellaneous, 1976
2914U.S. Conference of Mayors, 1976
2915V-Miscellaneous, 1976
2916W-Miscellaneous, 1976
2917Wiedeman & Singleton, 1976
2918Welcome Wagon, 1976
2919Pamela Elizabeth Wright vs. City of Athens Midland Insurance, 1976
2920XYZ-Miscellaneous, 1976
2921Misc. certificates, 1976
301Athens Council on Aging, 1977
302Athens Housing Authority, 1977
303Athens-Animal control, 1977
304Athens-Administrative Assistant, 1977
305Athens-Project manager, 1977
306Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, 1977
307Athens-City Marshall, 1977
308Athens-Civil Defense, 1977
309Athens-Clerk-Treasurer, 1977
3010Athens-Fire Department, 1977
3011Athens-City Engineer, 1977
3012Athens-Permit and Inspection, 1977
3013Athens-Human Resources, 1977
3014Athens-Community Development, 1977
3015Athens-Personnel, 1977
3016Athens-Planning Commission, 1977
3017Athens-Police Department, 1977
3018Athens-Parks and Recreation, 1977
3019Athens-Sanitation, 1977
3020Athens-City Attorney, 1977
3021Athens-Transit System, 1977
3022Athens-A-Miscellaneous, 1977
3023Athens-B-Miscellaneous, 1977
3024Clarke County Commissioners, 1977
3025Clarke County School District, 1977
3026Committees of Council, 1977
3027Billy Cook Correspondence, December 1977
3028Billy Cook Correspondence, November 1977
3029Billy Cook Correspondence, October 1977
3030Billy Cook Correspondence, September, 1977
3031Billy Cook Correspondence, August 1977
3032Billy Cook Correspondence, July 1977
3033Billy Cook Correspondence, June 1977
3034Billy Cook Correspondence, May 1977
3035Billy Cook Correspondence, April 1977
3036Billy Cook Correspondence, March 1977
3037Billy Cook Correspondence, February 1977
3038Billy Cook Correspondence, January 1977
3039State of the City Message, 1977
311Council Meeting Records, January 5, 1977
312Council Meeting Records, January 18, 1977
313Council Meeting Records, February 1, 1977
314Council Meeting Records, February 8, 1977
315Council Meeting Records, February 11, 1977
316Council Meeting Records, February 15, 1977
317Council Meeting Records, March 1, 1977
318Council Meeting Records, April 5, 1977
319Council Meeting Records, May 3, 1977
3110Council Meeting Records, May 17, 1977
3111Council Meeting Records, May 24, 1977
3112Council Meeting Records, June 7, 1977
3113Council Meeting Records, June 21, 1977
3114Council Meeting Records, July 5, 1977
3115Council Meeting Records, July 19, 1977
321Council Meeting Records, August 2, 1977
322Council Meeting Records, August 16, 1977
323Council Meeting Records, August 23, 1977
324Council Meeting Records, September 6, 1977
325Council Meeting Records, September 20, 1977
326Council Meeting Records, October 4, 1977
327Council Meeting Records, October 11, 1977
328Council Meeting Records, October 18, 1977
329Council Meeting Records, October 25, 1977
3210Council Meeting Records, November 1, 1977
3211Council Meeting Records, November 29, 1977
3212Council Meeting Records, December 6, 1977
3213Council Meeting Records, December 20, 1977
3214Councilmen-Miscellaneous, 1977
3215The City Scene, 1977
3216Crime Commission, 1977
3217C-Miscellaneous, 1977
331Department Heads, 1977
332Downtown Revitalization, 1977
333Downtown Development Authority. Tourism and Convention Committee, 1977
334D-Miscellaneous, 1977
335E-Miscellaneous, 1977
336Family Counseling Service, 1977
337F-Miscellaneous, 1977
338G-Miscellaneous, 1977
339Georgia Power Company, 1977
3310Arts Council, 1977
3311Georgia Dept of Transportation, 1977
3312Georgia Dept of Revenue, 1977
3313Georgia Dept of Human Resources, 1977
3314Georgia Bureau of Community Affairs, 1977
3315University of Georgia, 1977
3316Georgia Municipal Association, 1977
3317H-Miscellaneous, 1977
3318I-Miscellaneous, 1977
3319J-Miscellaneous, 1977
3320Kelley workshop, 1977
3321K-Miscellaneous, 1977
3322L-Miscellaneous, 1977
3323League Of Women Voters, 1977
341Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977
342M-Miscellaneous, 1977
343Mayor Bentley Correspondence, December 1977
344Mayor Bentley Correspondence, November 1977
345Mayor Bentley Correspondence, October 1977
346Mayor Bentley Correspondence, September 1977
347Mayor Bentley Correspondence, August 1977
348Mayor Bentley Correspondence, July 1977
349Mayor Bentley Correspondence, June 1977
3410Mayor Bentley Correspondence, May 1977
3411Mayor Bentley Correspondence, April 1977
3412Mayor Bentley Correspondence, March 1977
3413Mayor Bentley Correspondence, February 1977
3414Mayor Bentley Correspondence, January 1977
3415Bentley-personal, 1977
3416Northeast Georgia Area Planning & Development Commission, 1977
3417N-Miscellaneous, 1977
3418O-Miscellaneous, 1977
3419P-Miscellaneous, 1977
3420Parade permits, 1977
3421Proclamations, 1977
3422R-Miscellaneous, 1977
3423Application for Sign, 1977
3424Southern Bell, 1977
3425S-Miscellaneous, 1977
3426T-Miscellaneous, 1977
3427Tourist & Convention Commission, 1977
3428U.S. Congress, 1977
3429U-Miscellaneous, 1977
3430W-Miscellaneous, 1977
3431XYZ-Miscellaneous, 1977

9. Athens Urban Renewal Projects

9.1 University of Georgia Urban Renewal Project Ga. R-50 Application

351University of Georgia Urban Renewal Project Ga. R-50 Part I - Application for Loan and Grant, Binder No. 3, May 1962
352University of Georgia Urban Renewal Project Ga. R-50, binder no. 3 [includes description, land acquisition and boundary maps, and land use plan], May 1962
353University of Georgia Urban Renewal Area Ga. R-50 Binder No. 7- Amendment part I & II, Application for loan and grant, May 1965

9.2 College Avenue Redevelopment Project Ga R-51 Application

361Resolution of Surveys and Plans for Urban Renewal Project and Application
362College Avenue Redevelopment Project Revised Survey & Planning Application, Ga. R-51, binder no. 2, 1962 February
363College Avenue Redevelopment Project Revised Survey & Planning Application, Ga. R-51, binder no. 3, 1962 February
364College Avenue Redevelopment Project Revised Survey & Planning Application, Ga. R-51, binder no. 4, 1962 February
365College Avenue Redevelopment Project Survey & Planning Application, Ga. R-51, binder no. 5
366College Avenue Redevelopment Area Final Project Report, Part I - Application for Loan and Grant, Ga. R-51, binder no. 7, 1963 June
37Legal description for property maps
37Part II application for Loan and grant, September 1964
37Application for loan and Grant, September 1964
37Part I-Amendment, November 1968
37Part II of Amendment No. 2, July 1969
37Part II of Amendment No. 2, July 1969
37A1Part I and II Amendment 4, February 1971
37A2Part I and II Amendment 4, February 1971
37A3Part I & II, April 1971

9.3 General Project Files for Ga. R-50 and R-51

381Acquisition Appraisal Contracts and Correspondence with Julian Diaz for R-50 and R-51, 1963-1968
382Acquisition Appraisal Contracts and Correspondence with John Schneider for R-51, 1965-1968
383Acquisition Appraisals and HUD prices by parcel no. for College Ave Redevelopment R-51
384HUD Acquisition Handbook 1320.1
385Amendment to loan and grant contract, First Amendatory Contract for R-51, 1967
386Amendment to loan and grant contract. Project No. Ga. R-51 Correspondence. Eric Hill Assoc., Inc., 1965-1971
387Annual Administrative Budget, 1966-1969
388Annual Administrative Budget, 1969-1974
3810Audit Report. No 5, GA. R-51, 1966-1969
391Bank deposit, 1968
392Bookkeeping, 1966-1973
393Property survey College Avenue Redevelopment Project GA R-51, 1966
394Brumby House rehabilitation , 1966-1971
395Brumby House Bills
396Bureau of the Census Monthly Survey of Public Construction Forms, 1966-1970
397City of Athens Business & Occupation License & Fees
398Business concerns in project Ga R-51 [list of businesses, owners, and location]
401Cash disbursement voucher, January 1973
402Certificates of Eligibility (FHA) Forms, 1961-1967
403Certified Area handbook, HUD standard forms
404Citizens Advisory Committee
405Citizens Advisory Committee, 1961-1966
406Citizens Advisory Committee. Sub Committee on Minority Housing, 1967
407Citizens Advisory Committee. Sub Committee on Minority Housing, 1968
408Citizens Advisory Committee. Sub Committee on Minority Housing, 1969
409Community Development Committee, 1970-1972
4010Completion Certificates R-51
4011Concurred-in prices. Project Ga. R-51 request for concurrence in acquisition prices
4012Contract for Engineering Services. Project No. Ga. R-51. Urban Engineers, Inc., 1965-1971
4013Contract for Planning Advance. Project No. Ga. R-51, 1961-1965
4014Contract for Transient Housing Study. Contractor: Stewart Wight, 1966
40156202 forms certificate of costs of non-cash local grant-in-aid and construction agreements for Ga. R-51, 1972-1973
4016General Correspondence, 1962-1973
4017107 Credits, parcels acquisitions and demolition costs of parcels
411Demolition Contracts, Inspection Reports, and Sample Documents R-50 and R-51
412Demolition & Site Clearance Info, 1967
413Demolition and Site Clearance, 1965-1967
414Demolition Bids [blank forms]
415Demolition-Project No. Ga. R-51, 1965-1972
416Dix, S. M. & Associates Consultants [example relocation proposal and brochure]
417Daily Activity Sheets [starting Monday], 1966 September-December
418Direct Federal Financing and Documentation, Including Budget Revision, R-51, 1970-1973
419Employment References, letters
4110Fair Housing [HUD blank forms and marketing materials]
4111Feasibility Review - College Ave Urban Renewal Area Project No. Ga. R-51, Part I, 1963
41125th amendatory contract financing R-51, 1974
421Georgia Association of Redevelopment Agencies correspondence, newsletters, and membership lists, 1962-1971
422Georgia Association of Redevelopment Agencies constitution, correspondence, and meeting materials
423Notes on houses available for sale or rent in Athens
424Housing & urban development act of 1949 and related laws amended, HUD, 1968
425Information Concerning acquisition. Appraisals and contracts, Project Ga. R-51, 1961-1969
426Informational statement to business concerns
427Investments - Treasury Bills
428Investments-Project No. Ga. R-51
429Invoices for office supplies
431Land acquisition - Ga. R-51
432Pending or threatened litigation [HUD guidelenes]
434Loan & Grant Amendment No. 2 Ga. R-51 correspondence, 1965-1969
436Loan & Grant contracts. Project Ga. R-51
437Loan & Grant contract. Third Amendatory Contract Ga. R-51
438Loan & Grant contract. Fourth Amendatory Contract, Ga. R-51
439Loan & Grant Amendment No. 4. Ga. R-51 correspondence
4310Loan & Grant Activities [HUD guideline documents]
4311Loan & Grant Applications, part I and II, correspondence, 1964
441Machinery & equipment appraisal contract. Felts & Assoc., Project No. Ga. R-51, 1966
442Marketability study GA R 51 College Ave Redevelopment Project, 1962
443Milledgeville application - Project Area Committee of the Old Capitol Neighborhood Project, 1972
444Miscellaneous [includes notes, maps, forms, information on racial breakdown of families relocated]
445Model Cities program, 1968-1975
446Monthly Insurance report
447Monthly report of project acquisition, 1966-1969
448Monthly progress reports, 1965-1969
449National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
Includes promotional materials, correspondence, and reports for Southeastern Regional Council and Atlanta Housing Authority
4410Negotiator's contract-Project Ga. R-51 (Hutchins, Cox and Stroud commissions)
4411New Housing Projects. Jack R. Wells Homes
4412Newspaper clippings
4413Northeast Georgia Area Planning & Development Commission meeting announcement
4414North Oconee Neighborhood Park : A Park for a Low-income Neighborhood, Athens, Ga., 1975
4415Photographs of housing on Madison Ave, Bridge Street, and others. Project No. Ga. R-51, 1969
4416Notice of public hearing on urban renewal plan Project Ga R-51, 1962-1964
451Parking lots-Project No. Ga. R-51
452Pledged securities
453Pre-construction conference & equal opportunity. Ga. R-51
454Preliminary loan notes. 1st series 1970 Ga R-51
455Preliminary loan notes. 1st series B. Project Ga. R-51
456Preliminary loan notes. 1st series B. Project Ga. R-51
457Preliminary loan notes. 2d series B. Project Ga. R-51
458Preliminary loan notes. 3d series B. Project Ga. R-51
459Preliminary loan notes. 4th series B. Project Ga. R-51
461Proclaimer information R-51 includes resolution approving land acquisition policies and procedures, 1970
462Project expenditure budget - GA-51, 1967-1968
463Project finances, 1971-1972
464Project loan notes first series, capital grant payment, 1971
465Project loan notes first series correspondence, agreements, 1972
466Project loan notes third series certificate of cash needs, 1973
467Project Loan notes third series correspondence and agreements, 1973
468Property rehabilitation standards. Non-residential [blank form]
469Public reuse appraisal Project Ga. R-51 by John S. Schneider , 1964-1969
4610Action Inc. community resource survey
471Real Estate appraisers, 1972-1973
472Georgia Association of Redevelopment Agencies, 1968
473Uniform relocation assistance and land acquisition policies and requirements, 1970-1972
474Relocation of project structure to Oconee County, Elbert Whitmire property, 1963
475Relocation of structure - off-site. Site clearance. Example from Elbert County, 1963
476List of names
477Relocation office - Warrants
478Relocation Ga R-50
479Relocation Assistance and land acquisition policies, Public Law 91-646, correspondence, 1971-1972
4710Relocation data and requirements for displaced families, Project Ga. R-51, 1962-1968
4711HUD-666, Report of relocation of families & individuals GA R-50, 1963-1964
4712HUD 666B, Report of relocation payments made for settlement costs Ga R-51, 1966-1969
4713Report on project family survey, circa 1961
4714Relocation payments, Rent roll control, GA R-50, 1963-1966
4715Relocation payments, rent roll control, GA R-51, 1963-1971
481Rent roll for project Ga. R-51, 1965-1966
482Rents charged all projects, 1965-1968
483Charge off of uncollectable rent, Ga. R-51, 1968-1969
484Requisitions for capital grant, payments & relocation grants, Ga. R-51, 1965-1972
485Rent reports for project, Ga. R-51, 1965-1969
486City of Athens resolutions and progress reports, Ga R-51, 1968-1974
487City of Athens resolutions and progress reports, Ga R-51, 1971-1973
488Reuse and Market Study Contract, Stewart Wight Co., GA R-51, 1961-1969
491Guide Form of Contract Documents for Demolition and Site Clearance H-673 and Sample of Demolition of Structure Bid
492Second reuse appraisal - PHA Site. Project No. Ga. R-51 College Ave. Redevelopment blank form
493Site-clearance Relocating of structure off-site, 248 Madison Avenue, block 14, parcel 4 - Project No. Ga. R-51 College Ave. , 1966
494HUD 6163 Status of land acquisition, disposition, and redevelopment R-50
495HUD 6163 Status of land acquisition, disposition, and redevelopment R-51
496Survey of relocation housing
497Tenant's ledger for Ga. R-51, listing tenant and rent , 1966-1969
498Tenant ledger control, operating income, Ga. R-50, 1963-1966
499Tenant ledger control Ga R-51, 1965-1971
4910Time Reports [blank]
4911Vacate notice Ga R-50 [blank]
4912Vacate notice Ga R-51 [blank]
4913Workload breakdowns for forms 666 & 666A, 1967

9.4 Acquisitions for Ga. R-51 College Avenue Redevelopment Project

The acquisition files are organized by Block Number, Parcel Number, and street address. The files include notices of acquired property, title certificates, and court judgements.
501B1 P3 Ed Bazelle and National Divine Spiritual Association, 547 Madison Avenue, 1965-1968
502B1 P4 William Dorsey, 527 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
503B1 P5 Estate of Phyllis Cunningham, 489 Madison Ave, 1965-1967
504B1 P6 Francis Dean Smith, 495 (rear) Madison Ave, 1967
505B1 P7 Ludie Dean, 499 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
506B1 P8 Myrtle Bell, rear 491 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
507B1 P9 Olivia Johnson, 489 Madison Ave (rear), 1966-1967
508B1 P11 Pallas Jordan, 477 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
509B1 P12 Arlene Kelly, 487 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
5010B1 P14 Mrs R A Burpee, 443 Madison Ave, 1965-1967
5011B1 P15 Eugenia Arnold Friend, 439 Madison Ave, 1967
5012B1 P16 The Pure Oil Co., 425 Madison Ave, 1965
5013B1 P18 Estate of Sarah Moss,1-8 Hoyt Street, Whites Alley, 1965-1966
5014B1 P20 Mary D Stiles and Kathryn H. Stiles, 194, 184, 174, 164 & 154 State Street, 1965
5015B1 P21 Mrs J R Griffeth, 144 State Street, 1965
5016B1 P22 Leon Thomas Wilson, 134 State Street, 1965
5017B1 P23 Mrs Evie Fields, 124 State Street, 1965
5018B1 P24 Marion C. Thomas, 337 Hoyt Street, 1965
5019B1 P25 Mrs John C Stiles, 349 Hoyt Street, 1965
5020B1 P26 James Clarence Guest, 359 Hoyt Street, 1965
5021B1 P27 & 28 Curtis Bennett, 886, 890 & 898 College Ave, 1967
5022B1 P29 James Boyd Fortson, 880 College Ave, 1965-1966
5023B1 P30 C M Driskell, vacant lot, Monroe St, 1965-1967
5024B2 P2A City of Athens, 1969
50252A-3 NTBA First Christian Church, 268 West Dougherty, 1964, 1966-1968
5026B2A P1 J Swanton Ivy, Inc., 1965-1966
5027B2 P3 Pattie Richardson, Russell and Vivian Harrington, vacant lot, Hull St, 1965-1968
5028B2 P4 Pattie Strickland Richardson (Charlotte Johnson), 645 Hull St, 1965-1968
5029B2 P5 Louis Eberhart, Bessie M Carter, 635 Hull St, 1965-1966, 1968-1969
5030B2 P6 Mrs Grover C Moon, 621-23 Hull St, 1967, 1970
5031B2 P8 & 9 Mattie Ellington, 139 Plum St., & West-South Plum St, 1968
5032B2 P10 Etta Mae Strange, 129 Plum St, 1968, 1970
5033B2 P11 & 12 J Swanton Ivy, vacant lot west side of Plum St, 1968
5034B3 P1 Seaboard Coastline Railroad Co., southwest corner of Ware St & College Ave, 1967-1969
5035B3 P2A Louise R Darrisaw, 856 Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5036B3 P3 Mildred V Rhodes, 828, 836, 844 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5037B3 P4 Claud Mahaffey, 820 Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5038B3 P5 Hattie Taylor Harper, 816 North Lumpkin, 1967
5039B3 P6 John Williams, 812 Lumpkin St, 1966-1967
5040B3 P7 Emoziah & Trudy Mitchell, 804 N Lumpkin, 1967
5041B3 P8 Emoziah Mitchell, 804 N Lumpkin, 1967
5042B3 P9 B A Hogan, 123 Hoyt St, 1965-1966
5043B3 P10 & 11 Hattie Taylor Harper, 133 & 143 Hoyt St, 1967-1968
5044B3 P12 Mary Haygood Stiles, 153 & 147 Hoyt St, 1965-1966
5045B3 P14 Estate of Jake Bernstein, 809 College Ave, 1965-1967
5046B3 P15 Mary A Lockhart, 815 College Ave, 1965-1966
5047B3 P16 Annie Arnold, 819 College Ave, 1965-1966
5048B3 P17 Lonnie W Dickerson Sr., 825 College Ave, 1965-1966
5049B3 P18 Pearlie S Holifield, 833 College Ave, 1965-1966
5050B3 P19 Hugh Mack Brown, Sr. [Mrs Pearl D Brown] 837 College Ave, 1965-1966
5051B3 P20 Ruth M Thaxton, 843 College Ave, 1965-1966
5052B3 P21 Amelia Peek Barrett, 847 College Ave, 1965-1966
5053B3 P22 Clyde M Basham, 853 College Ave, 1965-1966
5054B3 P23 Beulah G Joel, 857 & 867 College Ave, 1965-1966
5055B3 P24 Katherine Roberts, 877 College Ave, 1967
5056B3 P25 Alwyn B. Stiles, 881 & 883 College Ave, 1965-1966
5057B4 P2 Millard M Epps, 876 College Ave, 1965-1966
5058B4 P3 John T & Nina P White, 870 College Ave, 1968
5059B4 P4 W A Wood & Mrs Floy L Wood, 860 College Ave, 1965-1966
5060B4 P5 Lee H Guest, 856 College Ave, 1965-1966
5061B4 P6 W T Dickerson, 846 College Ave, 1968
5062B4 P7 Lillie G Ray, 830 College Ave, 1965-1966
5063B4 P8 Janie B Lester, 824 College Ave, 1965-1966
5064B4 P9 Lillian Hubert [Walter L] 818 College Ave, 1965-1966
5065B4 P10 Mrs Hubert J Ray, 806 College Ave, 1965-1966
511B5 P1 William Jordan, Jr. & Eugenia Arnold Friend SE corner Madison & Bridge Street, 1966-1968
512B5 P2 Heirs & creditors of Henrietta Lewis, 288 Bridge Street, 1967
513B5 P3 Ed Bazzelle, 280 Bridge Street, 1965-1968
514B5 P4 Otis Shaw, et al, 276 Bridge Street, 1967
515B5 P5 Robert Brown & Iola Frazier, 268 Bridge Street & 420 Water Street, 1968
516B5 P6 Emma Eula Bell, 264 Bridge Street, 1967-1968
517B5 P7 Marion E Foster, et al, 256 Bridge Street, 1968
518B5 P8 & 9 Leroy Jones, 248 & 252 Bridge Street, 1967
519B5 P10 Pearl Huff, 242 Bridge Street, 1968
5110B5 P11 Lena Smith, 236 Bridge Street, 1965, 1967
5111B5 P12 J W Early, 228 Bridge Street, 1965-1966
5112B5 P13 (Mary Evans) Willie Davis, et al, 190 Berry Street, 1966-1967
5113B5 P14 Edward Bacon, Jr, heirs & creditors of Ed Bacon, 180 & 170 Berry Street, 1968
5114B5 P15 Robert H Bacon, 160 Berry Street, 1967
5115B5 P16 Zeda Byrd & Pauline Curry Johnson, 150 Berry Street, 1966-1967
5116B5 P17 Henrietta Simmons, 130 Berry Street, 1966
5117B5 P18 Juanita L Brewer & O J Tolnas, 112 Berry Street, 1968
5118B5 P19 Lula Mae Witcher Bullock, 1969
5119B5 P20 Georgia Railroad & Banking Co, vacant lot, Willow Street, 1966-1967
5120B5 P22 Atlanta Gas Light Co, Willow Street, 1968-1969
5121B5 P23 Georgia Railroad & Banking Co, Athens Butchers-Abattoir Company, 200 Willow Street, 1967-1969
5122B5 P24 H E and Lucy Outlaw, vacant lot, Willow Street, 1965-1967
5123B5 P25 & 26 C O Baker estate (Peoples Bonding Company), 172 & 180 Willow Street, 1965, 1968-1969
5124B5 P27 Sam Evans, 168 Willow Street, 1968
5125B5 P28 Peoples Bonding Co, Inc., 160 & 164 Willow Street, 1965-1967
5126B5 P29 Odena Johnson heirs, 156 Willow Street, 1965, 1967
5127B5 P30 Peoples Bonding Co (C O Baker estate) 152 Willow Street, 1962-1963, 1966, 1968-1969
5128B5 P31 Mrs O L Epps, 120, 124, & 132 Willow Street, 1965, 1968-1969
5129B5 P32 Pearl M Wood, 901 E Broad Street, 1965-1966
5130B5 P33 Reba Seagraves, 911 East Broad Street, 1965-1966
5131B5 P34 Clara May Payne, 921 E Broad Street, 1965-1966
5132B5 P35 Sarah Adams, 941 E Broad Street, 1966
5133B5 P36 & 37 Robert J Hammond, 951 Broad Street & vacant lot, 1969
5134B6 P1 Mrs Aubie Robertson, 498 Madison Ave, 1967
5135B6 P3 Laura Reid, 478 Madison Ave, 1967
5136B6 P4 Cora Oglesby, et al, 472 Madison Ave, 1967
5137B6 P5 Nora Harris, 462-68 Madison Ave, 1967
5138B6 P6 & 7 J W Early, 442, 448 and 456 Madison Ave, 1965-1966
5139B6 P8 Frank Johnson, Thelma Faust, Lincoln Faust, 432-438 Madison Ave, 1967-1968
5140B6 P9 The Pure Oil Co, 430 Madison Ave, 1965, 1967
5141B6 P10 Eugenia Arnold Friend, 420 Foundry (Madison Ave.), 1966-1967
5142B6 P11 Central of Georgia Railway, Foundry Street (Madison Ave.), 1967
5143B6 P12 & 13 Elizabeth Harris & estate of C O Baker, vacant lot & 636 Bridge Street, 1966-1967
5144B6 P14 George Harris, 197 Bridge Street, 1965, 1967
5145B6 P15 Carrie M Johnson, 221 Bridge Street, 1968
5146B6 P16 Callie V Winkfield, 229 Bridge Street, 1968
5147B6 P17 Lillian Davis Lee, Janet Lee (Jennie L Davis), 237 Bridge Street, 1965, 1967-1968
5148B6 P18 Lorenzo Reid, Fannie Reid, executrix of estate of Laura Reid, 243 Bridge Street, 1967-1968
5149B6 P19 Fannie Reid, executrix of estate of Laura Reid, 253 Bridge Street, 1967
5150B6 P20 Harvey Wilson, 271 Bridge Street, 1968
5151B6 P21 John Winfrey, 277 Bridge Street, 1965-1967
5152B6 P22 Mrs Aubie Robertson, 285 Bridge Street, 1967
5153B6 P23 Son Appling, 289 Bridge Street, 1968
5154B6 P24 Chief Pontiac Co (Jim Hadaway Motors, Inc.), vacant lot, Bridge Street, 1965-1966
521B7 P3 & 5 John Parnell Bondurant, 380 Madison Ave-vacant lot NE corner Madison & Thomas St, 1965-1967
522B7 P4, B8 P1- O. H. Arnold, N. A. Hardin; Hazel Hardin; and Katherine Hardin, 1966-1969
523B8 P2 Equitable Loan Co., 348 Hoyt St, 1965-1966
524B8 P3 Eulah Autry [by Trustee, H C Ridgeway], 336 Hoyt St, 1965-1966
525B8 P4 & 5 Basham Welding & Machine Co, 744 N Jackson, 1966-1967
526B8 P6 T. J. Allen, 764 Jackson St, 1966
527B8 P7 & 8 Mary Farris, 748 N Jackson St, 1965-1967
528B8 P9 & 11 Gertrude Causey & John N Causey Jr., Athens Glass & Mirror Company, 736 N Jackson St. & 253 Madison Ave, 1964-1967
529B8 P10 Naomi Pendergrass, 712 Jackson St, 1964-1966
5210B8 P12 Benson's Realty Co., 277 Madison Ave, 1965-1966
5211B9 P1 M. P. O'Callaghan Estate, 775 Jackson St, 1965-1966
5212B9 P2 Robert Chandler Ray, 252 Hoyt St, 1965-1966
5213B9 P3 Piedmont Investors, Inc. 770 College Ave, 1965-1966
5214B9 P4 Mrs. Jurelle K Bramblett, 768 College Ave, 1965-1966
5215B9 P5 Mrs A C Park, 764 College Ave, 1965-1966
5216B9 P6 Georgia Motor Express, Inc., Sol Schauer, 740 College Ave, 1965-1967
5217B9 P6B Lurline B. Stephens, 141 Madison Ave, 1965-1966
5218B9 P7 Lewis B. Nichols, et al, 715 N Jackson St, 1965-1966
5219B9 P8 Mary Farris, 737 Jackson St, 1965-1966
5220B9 P9 & 10 Mrs [Florence] M. P. O'Callaghan, 749 & 765 Jackson St, 1965-1966
5221B10 P2A Sarah Brown Swindel, vacant lot west side of College Ave, 1968-1969
5222B10 P2, 3, 4, & 24 Lewis P. Chick and Eula Prather Chick, 178, 182, & 184 Hoyt St. and 763, 765 & 769 College Ave, 1967
5223B10 P5 Charles M Johnson, 152, 152 rear, 156, 158 Hoyt St, 1967-1968, 1970
5224B10 P7 Janie Favors, 766 & 788 Lumpkin St, 1966
5225B10 P8 Robert Nesbit, 724 N Lumpkin St, 1966
5226B10 P9 B. H. Wofford, 696 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5227B10 P10 Elizabeth V. Williams, 680 & 688 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5228B10 P11 Eleanor Hunnicutt Hopkins-Dupree Hunnicutt, Jr. 664 & 672 N Lumpkin, 1966-1967
5229B10 P12 G F Spearman & Robert T. Spearman, 656 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5230B10 P13 Alwyn B Stiles, 648 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1967
5231B10 P14 The Salvation Army, 125 Strong St, 1965-1966
5232B10 P15 Jackson L Fields, 145 Strong St, 1965-1966
5233B10 P16 Mabell S Hopkins, 165 Strong St, 1965-1966
5234B10 P17 Nona S. Myers, trustee, Sophie S. Myers 635 College Ave, 1965-1966
5235B10 P18 E. B. Scarborough, 653 College Ave, 1965-1966
5236B10 P19 Maude Lunceford, 677 College Ave, 1965-1967
5237B10 P20 John H. T. & Robert B. McPherson, 685 College Ave, 1965-1966
5238B10 P21 Mildred Brooks, 699 College Ave, 1965-1966
5239B10 P22 H. E. Stevens, 747 College Ave, 1965-1966
5240B10 P23 Southern Railway Company, 753 College Ave, 1968
531B11 P1 Southern Railway Company, corner of Hull & Hoyt St., 1966-1968
532B11 P2, 8, 9, 10. Mildred V. Rhodes, 146 Hoyt St; 775, 735, 759, 767, 773, 779 Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
533B11 P3 Katie H Thomas, 748 N Hull St, 1968
534B11 P4 Ed Bazzelle, 728 Hull St, 1965-1966, 1968
535B11 P4A Susie Thomas, 178 Warsaw St, 1968
536B11 P5 Emma Glenn, 168 Warsaw St, 1968
537B11 P6 Sylvia Colbert 158 Warsaw St, 1968
538B12 P1 & 27 Mildred V. Rhodes, 135-145 Warsaw ; 665 Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
539B12 P2 Samuel Curry and Joseph T. Neal, 157 Warsaw St, 1968
5310B12 P3 Carrie Lou Smith, 167 Warsaw St, 1967
5311B12 P4 Mae Bell Davis & Epp Meadows 177 Warsaw St, 1968
5312B12 P5 J. C. Stiles (Mary Lou Heard), 189 Warsaw St, 1965, 1968
5313B12 P6 & 7 Dorothy Jones Price & Delia Goolsby, 680 & 690 Hull St, 1968
5314B12 P8 William Carlton Thornton, Jr (S. T. Griffith), 670 N Hull St, 1965-1966
5315B12 P9 Herbert Griffith, estate of, 668 Hull St, 1965, 1968
5316B12 P10 Grady Robinson, vacant lot, Warsaw Alley, 1965, 1967
5317B12 P11 W C Thornton, Jr., 664 Hull St, 1965-1966
5318B12 P13 Bessie E Allen and Roger Allen, 656 N Hull St, 1966-1967
5319B12 P14 Griffin & Cooper (John E. Griffin and Joe B. Cooper) 652 & 654 N Hull St, 1965-1966
5320B12 P15 Wallace Butts, 188 Strong St rear, 1965, 1967-1968
5321B12 P16 Della Mae Joiner, 644 Hull St, 1965-1966
5322B12 P17 & 18 Ed Bazzelle, 628 and 634 Hull St & 190 Strong St, 1965-1966
5323B12 P19 Mattie Bates; Rosie Varnum, 188 W Strong St, 1965-1967
5324B12 P20 James Davis and Minnie Reid Davis, estate of, 178 Strong St, 1964, 1967
5325B12 P21 O W Weaver, Sr., 160 Strong St, 1967
5326B12 P22 Eliza Phillips, 150 Strong St, 1967
5327B12 P23 Mattie Pounds, 148 Strong St, 1965-1966
5328B12 P24 Harvey C. Holland, et all for Emma J. Fears estate, 609 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5329B12 P25 Mildred V. Rhodes, vacant lot, Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5330B12 P26 Anna Belle Edwards, 649 N Lumpkin St, 1965-1966
5331B12 P28 & 29 James D Harris, 138 Warsaw Alley, 1965, 1968
5332B12 P30 Grady Robinson, 140 Warsaw Alley, 1965, 1967
5333B13 P1, 2, 3 Central Baptist Church of Athens, 142 Madison Ave, 1965, 1967
5334B14 P1 M. R. Huff, 631 Thomas St, 1966-1967
5335B14 P2 Jessie Tolbert, 278 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
5336B14 P3 Paul Wayne Robertson, 268 Madison Ave, 1966-1967
5337B14 P4 A B Griffith, 248 Madison Ave, 1965-1966
5338B14 P5, 6, 7, A. B. Griffith, Southeast Corner, Jackson St, 1965-1966
5339B14 P9 S. T. Alewine, 367 East Strong St, 1966-1967
5340B14 P8 S. T. Alewine, 357 East Strong St, 1966-1967
5341B14 P10 Mrs H. G. Beard, 601 N Thomas St & 377 East Strong St, 1966-1967
5342B16 P1 Lula Mae Witcher Bullock, 196 Bridge St, 1967
5343B16 P2 & 4 C. O. Baker, estate of, 147 Berry St; 482 Foundry St, 1965, 1969
5344B16 P7 Lizzie Whitlock 523 East Strong St, 1968
5345B16 P8 Boston Edwards, 555 Willow St, 1967
5346B16 P9 Charlie L. Upshaw, 163 Berry St, 1967-1968
5347B16 P10 Gladys Aycock Grissom, 179 Berry St, 1966-1967
5348B17 P1 Wash Harden, 574 Willow St (574 E Strong St), 1969
5349B17 P2 Susie Porter, 554 Strong St, 1968
5350B17 P3 John Harden, Augusta Harden, Barfield Hardin (Jeretta Shaw estate), 524 E Strong St, 1968
5351B17 P5 Crawford Coal and Mattress Co. (Georgia Railroad & Banking Co.), Dead End of E. Dougherty at Foundry St, 1966, 1969-1970
5352B18 P1 Seaboard Coastline Railroad Co; Georgia Wrecking Co., Athens Terminal Company, Southeast corner Foundry & Strong St, 1963-1964, 1966-1969
5353B18 P4 & 6 S. T. Alewine, 548 N Thomas St; 435 E Dougherty, 1966-1968
5354B18 P 2, 3, 9 Howard Streetman, 550 N. Thomas St, 1965-1969
5355B18 P5 Athens Seed Co NTBA, Dougherty St and Thomas St, 1965-1966, 1968
541B19 P1 Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co., SW corner Strong & Thomas Sts
542B19 P2 S. T. Alewine, Esque Alewine, Janie B. Whitehead, 356 & 366 Strong St
543B19 P 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 Donald G Joel, 333 Dougherty St., 346 Strong St., 550 & 574 Jackson St.
544B19 P10 Elmer E Carithers, vacant lot, north side 343 Dougherty St
545B19 P11 Charles Parrott, vacant lot, Dougherty St
546B19 P12 Arkansas Fuel Co., north side Dougherty St
547B19 P13 S. T. Alewine, 531 N Thomas St
548B20 P1 Dorothy H Barrett, vacant lot, Strong & Jackson Sts
549B20 P2 Laura Y Carithers, estate of, 253 E Dougherty St
5410B20 P3 Jennie Lee Whitehead, 564 college Ave
5411B20 P4 Eugene Alewine, 546 College Ave
5412B20 P5 Allie Lou Alewine, 536 College Ave
5413B20 P6 North Georgia Production Credit Corp., 215 E Dougherty St
5414B20 P7 Mollie Welch, 243 E Dougherty St
5415B20 P8 Doris E Moseman, 513 N Jackson St
5416B20 P9 Hilda Mullis & Henrietta Maddox, 523 Jackson St
5417B20 P10 Mattie Lee Huff, 549 N Jackson St
5418B21 P1 W. H. Benson, 565 College Ave
5419B21 P2 Margaret B Broun, 174 Strong St
5420B21 P3 Cecil M & Ruth M Cartey, 164 E Strong St
5421B21 P5 Pete Petropol, estate of, 169, 179 & 189 Dougherty St
5422B21 P6 J D Parham, 549 College Ave
5423B22 P1 Mildred Swanson, 125 Strong St
5424B22 P2 Mrs. Harry W Parr, 148 W Dougherty St
5425B22 P3 Trustees of First AME Church, 147 Strong St
5426B22 P4 Hassie B. Leathers, 158 W Dougherty St
5427B22 P5 O. W. & Carolyn E Weaver, 179 Strong St
5428B22 P6 Better Maid Dairy Products, Inc. (Athens Cooperative Creamery), Dougherty St
5429B22 P7 Harrison A Birchmore, 178 W Dougherty St
5430B22 P8 & 9 Brown's of Athens, 120 & 138 W Dougherty St
5431B24 P1 The Atlantic Company, corner Dougherty & Jackson St
5432B24 P3 The Salvation Army, 454 College Ave
5433B24 P4 Georgia Power Company, NE corner, Hancock & College St
5434B24 P6 Lenora Chandler, 283 E Hancock Ave
5435B24 P7 Mrs Grover C Moon, 469 N Jackson St
5436B25 P1 Hebert H. Carter, 378 E Dougherty St
5437B25 P2 O. H. Arnold, estate of, vacant lot, Dougherty St
5438B25 P3 Bunice C Adams & Mrs J. B. Pope, 362 E Dougherty St
5439B25 P4A Eunice Fowler Robertson, vacant lot, S side of E Dougherty St
5440B25 P4 Mary Harris Brumby, 343 E Hancock Ave
5441B25 P5 trustees, Congregation Children of Israel, N side, Hancock Ave
5442B25 P6 Earl B & Mrs Johnie B Braswell, vacant lot, 323 Hancock Ave
5443B25 P7 Mrs C. A. Trussell, 363 E Hancock Ave
5444B25 P8 & 10 Athens Banner Herald Publishing Co, 375 E Hancock & 431 N Thomas St
5445B25 P9 Pure Oil Co, corner, Hancock & Thomas St
5446B25 P11 trustee, Felton Christian, 443-445 Thomas St
5447B28 P1&2 N G & G F Slaughter, 331 N Thomas & 370 E Hancock Ave
5448B28 P3 Mrs William J Russell, Washington St NTBA
5449B28 P4 & 5 Edward D. Sledge Jr., 377 Washington St
5450B28 P6 Lamar Sledge, 383 E Washington St
5451B28 P7 Lamar C. & Edward D. Sledge, Jr., vacant lot, w side of Thomas St
551Appraisal correspondence, 1962-1968
551aIndex to Parcel Appraisal Reports - GA R-51
552Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 1 [includes photographs and sketch of properties]
553Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 2 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
554Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 3 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
555Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 4 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
556Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 5 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
557Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 6 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
561Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 7 [including photographs and sketches of properties]
562Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 8 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
563Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 9 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
564Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 10 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
565Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 11 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
566Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 12 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
567Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 13 & 14 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
568Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 15 & 16 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
569Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 17 & 18 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
5610Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 19 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
5611Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 20 & 21 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
571Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 22 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
572Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 23-25 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
573Parcel Appraisal Reports - Block 26-30 [includes photographs and sketches of properties]
574Parcel reuse appraisals, 1962
575Parcel reuse appraisals, 1964
576Parcel reuse appraisals, 1965
577Parcel reuse appraisals, 1966
578Parcel reuse appraisals, 1968
579Parcel reuse appraisals, 1969
581Estimate market value appraisals, 1964
582Appraisals Blocks 1-3 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965
583Appraisals Blocks 4-6 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965
591Appraisals Blocks 7-10 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965
592Appraisals Blocks 11-16 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965
593Appraisals Blocks 17-23 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965
594Appraisals Blocks 24, 25, 27, 28, 30 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1965

9.5 Urban Renewal Project Ga. A-16

601Appraisals by Frank McGinnis, blocks 1-4 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1973
602Appraisals by T. S. Medernach, blocks 1-4 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1973
603Appraisals by R. M. Thornton, blocks 1-4, GA A-16 [includes photographs and sketches of properties], 1973
604Parcel reuse appraisals by R. M. Thornton, GA. A-16 [includes photographs], 1973
605Parcel reuse appraisals by Nathan McWaters, GA A-16, 1973
606Parcel reuse appraisals by J. G. Beacham, GA A-16, 1973

9.6 Bank statements and account records

611Project Expenditure Account Ga. R-51 Citizens & Southern National Bank, April-November 1965
612Project Expenditure Account. 1st American Bank & Trust Co., 1965
613Project Expenditure Account. National Bank of Athens, 1965 (April-July)
614Project Expenditure Account. National Bank of Athens, 1965 (August-December)
615Survey & Planning Account. C & S National Bank, November 1961-April 1965
616Survey & Planning Account. Hubert State Bank, January 1962-April 1965
621Project Expenditure Account. C & S Nat'l Bank, 1966
622Project Expenditure Account C & S Nat'l Bank, 1967
623Project Expenditure Account National Bank of Athens, January-August 1966
624Project Expenditure Account National Bank of Athens, September-December 1966
625Project Expenditure Account First American Bank, 1966
631Project Expenditure Account. C & S Nat'l Bank, 1968
632Project Expenditure Account. C & S Nat'l Bank, 1969
633Project Temporary Loan Repayment Fund. C & S Nat'l Bank, 1966-70
634Project Expenditure Account. National Bank of Athens, January-June, 1967
635Project Expenditure Account. National Bank of Athens, July-December, 1967
63A1Project expenditure account. National Bank of Athens, January-June 1968
63A2Project expenditure account. National Bank of Athens, July-December 1968
63A3Trust deposits. National Bank of Athens, 1969-70
63A4Project expenditure account. National Bank of Athens, 1971
63A5Project expenditure account. First American Bank, 1968

9.7 Code enforcement project CE-2

641HUD instructions for appraisers, 1967
642Athens Credit Bureau bulletins, 1971-1973
643Code Enforcement Area 2 [ includes map]
644Bank Statements, CE-2, 1972-1974
645Cash Disbursement Vouchers, September 1972
646Cash Disbursement Vouchers, October 1972
647Cash Disbursement Vouchers, November 1972
648Cash Disbursement Vouchers, December 1972
649Cash Disbursement Vouchers, January 1973
6410Cash Disbursement Vouchers, February 1973
6411Cash Disbursement Vouchers, March 1973
6412Cash Disbursement Vouchers, April 1973
6413Cash Disbursement Vouchers, May 1973
6414Cash Disbursement Vouchers, June 1973
6415Cash Disbursement Vouchers, July 1973
6416Cash Disbursement Vouchers, August 1973
6417Cash Disbursement Vouchers, September 1973
6418Contractors registration application [Blank form]
651Equipment bid
652Exhibit A
653Exhibit B
654Exhibit C
655Exhibit D
656Exhibit E
657Exhibit F
659HUD correspondence 1972-73
6510Forms FHA-2013-R application for project mortgage insurance
6511HUD forms 4R-4004
6512HUD forms 6090.1 report of relocation activities
6513HUD forms 6171 code enforcement project budget
6514HUD forms 6172 semiannual progress reports
6515HUD forms 6173, 6174, 6175
6516HUD forms 6230B report of application not recommended to HUD
6517HUD forms 6230c cancellation of approved rehabilitation loan application
6518HUD forms 6231 terms & conditions-Federal rehabilitation loan
6519HUD 6232 As-is property appraisal
6520HUD forms 6236 request for rehabilitation loan check
6521HUD forms 6237 promissory note
6522HUD forms 6238 security deed
6523HUD forms 6239 request for verification of mortgage or deed of trust
6524HUD form 6240 truth in lending disclosure statement
6525HUD form 6241 public body certification as to compliance with truth in lending act
6526HUD form 6243 application for rehabilitation loan
6527HUD form 6243A personal financial statement
6528HUD form 6245 certification of final inspection
6529HUD form 6260 application for section 115 rehabilitation grant
6530H-6232; H-6235; H-6236; rehabilitation loan
6531HUD 6501 report on real property acquisition
6532Property appraisal-form FHA 2800
6533Progress reports, 1973
6534Superceded HUD publications
Housing code Inspection Forms
661Aaron, Ernest
662Boone, James Lamar Jr.
663Brown, Curtis G
664Baker, J O (Montie)
665Chandler, John H
666Christopher, Robert
667Dove, Blanton, Sr
668Draper, Mozelle
669Duane, Arbie S (Mrs.)
6610Duncan, Columbus
6611Eberhart, Marie B
6612Edwards, Hubert L
6613Edwards, Lottie
6614Elder, Katie
6615Elder, Raymond & J. D.
6616Epps, Willie J.
6617Farr, Annie Mae
6618Fleeman, L. J.
6619Fowler, Otis
6620Gearing, John D & C. M.
6621Guest, M. V. Sr
6622Hawkins, J. T.
6623Jarrell, John Weldon (Mrs.)
6624Lunsford, Alice
6625Moore, Cecil
6626McMullen, Robert A
6627Nix, Nellie Mae
6628Patrick, Marie
6629Payne, Charlie
6630Richards, Walter
6631Roling, W M
6632Scogin, Juanita
6633Shaw, Myrtle
6634Smith, Everett D
6635Smith, Leonard James
6636Spratlin, Willie
6637Todd, W T
6638Tuck, C A
6639Ward, Mary
6640Wheelis, Pat
6641White, Donald
6642Williams, Spirgen (Mrs.)
6643Wood, Edward
6644Vandiver, Otie T
6645Escrow Account Journal
6646Journal vouchers & payroll sheets, 1972-1973
6647Time sheets, September 1972 December 1973
6648Travel expense account forms
6649Ferguson, Charles W
6650Kitchens, J. H & Vera
6651Ward, Frances
1065Proposal for site improvements, project GA A-16

GA R-50. Daily summary

671October 1963
672November 1963
673December 1963
674January 1964
675February 1964
676March 1964
677April 1964
678May 1964
679June 1964
6710July 1964
6711August 1964
6712September 1964
6713October 1964
6714November 1964
6715December 1964
6716January 1965
6717February 1965
6718March 1965
6719April 1965
6720May 1965
6721June 1965
6722July 1965
6723August 1965
6724September 1965
6725October 1965
6726November 1965
6727December 1965
681GA R-50, January 1966
682GA R-50, February 1966
683GA R-50, March 1966
684GA R-50, April 1966
685GA R-50, May 1966
686GA R-50, June 1966
687GA R-50, July 1966
688GA R-51, April 1965
689GA R-51, May 1965
6810GA R-51, June 1965
6811GA R-51, July 1965
6812GA R-51, August 1965
6813GA R-51, September 1965
6814GA R-51, October 1965
6815GA R-51, November 1965
6816GA R-51, December 1965
6817GA R-51, January 1966
6818GA R-51, February 1966
6819GA R-51, March 1966
6820GA R-51, April 1966
6821GA R-51, May 1966
6822GA R-51, June 1966
6823GA R-51, July 1966
6824GA R-51, August 1966
6825GA R-51, September 1966
6826GA R-51, October 1966
6827GA R-51, November 1966
6828GA R-51, December 1966
6829GA R-51, January 1967
6830GA R-51, February 1967
6831GA R-51, March 1967

GA R-51

691April 1967
692May 1967
693June 1967
694July 1967
695August 1967
696September 1967
697October 1967
698November 1967
699December 1967
6910January 1968
6911February 1968
6912March 1968
6913April 1968
6914May 1968
6915June 1968
6916July 1968
6917August 1968
6918September 1968
6919October 1968
6920November 1968
6921December 1968
6922January 1969
6923February 1969
6924March 1969
6925April 1969
6926May 1969
6927June 1969
6928July 1969
6929August-December 1969
6930January-December 1970
6931January-August 1971
701Parcel No. 3 (to Loef & Blumberg)
702Parcel No. 4 (to Athens Housing Authority)
703Parcel No. 5, 7 & 10 (Bethel Church Homes, Inc. II)
704Parcel No. 6 (to H. H. Robinson)
705Parcel No. 8A (to Clarke Co Library)
706Parcel No. 8B (to First A. M.E. Church)
707Parcels No. 9 and No. 1 (to Athens Housing Authority)
711Parcel No. 12A (Costa Bldg.) (to City of Athens)
712Parcel No. 14 (to Clarke Co)
713Parcel No. 18 (to Gen Ser. Admin.-Federal Office Building; corresp. 1964-1973
714Parcel No. 18 resolutions, deeds, plats, notes, clippings
715Parcel No. 18A (to Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation
721Parcel No. 21 (to George T.Heery-History Village)
722Parcel No. 22 & 23 (to City of Athens-Lyndon House Community Center)
723Parcel No. 24 & 24A (to Evans & Mitchell)
724Parcel No. 25 (to Loef & Blumberg)
731Parcel No. 26 (to City of Athens)
732Parcel No. 27 (to Loef & Blumberg)
733Parcel No. 28A (to City of Athens-Kelley workshop)
734Parcel No. 28B (to Loef & Blumberg)
735Parcel No. 28C (to Loef & Blumberg)
741Parcel 29 (to Athens Hardware)
742Parcel 31 (to Loef & Blumberg)
743Parcel 33 (to Georgia Power)
744Parcel 33B or 33-1 (to First American Bank)
745Parcel No. 36 (to City of Athens)
746Parcel No. 37A (to Norman Grayson)
747Parcel No. 37B-37C (to City of Athens)
748Parcel No. 49
749Parcel No. 50A (to Forest Heights Development Co)
7410Parcel No. 51 (to G. Fain Slaughter)
Relocation. Athens Boiler & Machine Works. B1 P19
751Correspondence, 1967-1971
752Correspondence, 1972
753Correspondence, 1973
754Appraisal of moving
755Bid for moving business concerns...
756Claim for relocation payment
757Escrow agreement
759Lease agreement
7510Legal documents
7511Moving instructions
7512Relocation-instructions to bidders
761Relocation bid documents-Southern Machinery Erectors, Inc.
762Relocation bid documents-Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.
763Relocation bid documents-blank forms
764Status reports
765Structure inspection reports
766General material
Relocation. Loef Company B15 P 2 & 3
771Correspondence, 1965-66
772Correspondence, 1967
773Correspondence, 1968
774Correspondence, 1969
775Correspondence, January-June 1970
776Correspondence, July-December 1970
777Correspondence, 1971
778Correspondence, 1972-1973
782Claims for relocation payment
783Escrow agreement
785Invoices & receipts
786Legal documents
788Relocation analysis-Roberts Electric Co
789Relocation analysis-Allied Industrial
7810Scope of moving Loef Co
7811Status report
7812Structure inspection reports
7813Weight sheets
7814General material
791B1P3 National Divine Spiritual Assoc. 543 Madison
792B1P3 Riverside Barber & Beauty Shop, 545 Madison
793B1P4 William Dorsey, 527 Madison Ave
794B1P5 Charlie Foster, 493 Madison Ave
795B1P7 James Powers, 499 Madison Ave
796B1P8 James Bell 491 Madison Ave
797B1P9 Henry Johnson, 489 Madison Ave
798B1P11 Willie Thomas Dean, 479 Madison Ave
799B1P11 Pallas Jordan, 477 Madison Ave
7910B1P12 Arlene Kelley, 487 Madison Ave
7911B1P15 Joe Joyner, R., 439 Madison Ave
7912B1P15 Willie & Elizabeth Huff, 439 Madison Ave
7913B1P15 Bennie Walters, 439 Madison Ave (rear)
7914B1P16 Arthur Hillsman, Pure Oil Station, 425 Madison Ave
7915B1P18 Minnie Swanson, 468 Hoyt St
7916B1P18 Frank Brooks, 462 Hoyt St
7917B1P18 Mary Smith, 462 Hoyt St
7918B1P18 Eula M Johnson, 464 Hoyt St
7919B1P18 Darlena Warren, 464 Hoyt St
7920B1P18 Robert Lee Howard, 465 Hoyt St., 5 White's Alley
7921B1P18 Hattie W Sims, 465 Hoyt St
7922B1P18 462-464-465-468 Hoyt St-demolition
7923B1P19 Clifford Davis, 373 Hoyt St
7924B1P20 Aubrey Simmons, 174 State St
7925B1P20 Lois Finch, 154 State St
7926B1P20 154-164-174-184-194 State St
7927B1P21 John R Griffeth, 144 State St
7928B1P22 Leon T Wilson, 134 State St
7929B1P23 Robert Anglin, R, 124 State St
7930B1P23 Louis Fields, 124 State St
7931B1P23 H G Morgan, 124 State St
7932B1P23 Evie Fields Kesler, 124 State St
7933B1P23 Homer McCarty, 124 State St
7934B1P24 Robert McCarty, 337 Hoyt St
7935B1P24 L J Gooch, 337 Hoyt St
7936B1P24 Lester Gooch, 337 Hoyt St
7937B1P24 Marion C Thomas-owner, 337 Hoyt St
7938B1P25 Will Self, 349 Hoyt St
7939B1P26 Carvin Brock, 359 Hoyt St
7940B1P26 George Vaughn, 359 Hoyt St
7941B1P27 Athens Building & Well Supply, 890 College
7942B1P29 James Boyd Fortson, 880 College Ave
801B2P6 Mrs Grover C Moon, 621 N Hull St
802B2P7 Odies Walker, 147 Plum St
803B2P7 Ossie M Smith, 147 Plum St
804B2P7 James Yearby, 147 Plum St
805B2P8 Mattie Ellington, 139 Plum St
806B2P10 Etta M Strange, 129 Plum St
807B2AP1 J Swanton Ivy, Inc., corner Dougherty & Hull
808B3P2A Louise Darrisaw, 856 N Lumpkin St
809B3P2A Josephine Thomas, 856 N Lumpkin St
8010B3P3 Arthur Watts, 828 ½ N Lumpkin St
8011B3P3 Lula B Watts, 828 N Lumpkin St
8012B3P3 Lucy Derricott, 844 N Lumpkin St
8013B3P5 Parilee Moon, 816 N Lumpkin St
8014B3P5 Massie Lee Craig, 812 N Lumpkin St
8015B3P8 Lillie Johnson, 804 N Lumpkin St
8016B3P8 Emizie Mitchell, 804 N Lumpkin St
8017B3P8 Joseph Jennings, 804 N Lumpkin St
8018B3P9 Hazel Smith, 123 Hoyt St
8019B3P9 Laura Creamer, 123 Hoyt St
8020B3P9 Charlie Spring, 123 Hoyt St
8021B3P10 Hattie Harper & Fannie Harmon, 133 Hoyt St
8022B3P10 Cecil Stroud, 133 Hoyt St
8023B3P12 Edna Mae Jackson, 153 Hoyt St
8024B3P12 Odessa Sims, 147 Hoyt St
8025B3P12 Leroy Echols, 153 Hoyt St
8026B3P16 Annie Arnold, 819 College Ave
8027B3P17 Della M Patterson, 825 College Ave
8028B3P17 William Hardman, 825 College Ave
8029B3P17 Lonnie Dickerson, 825 College Ave
8030B3P17 Boyd Coker, Sr & Jr, 825 College Ave
8031B3P19 Mrs H M Brown, 837 College Ave
8032B3P20 Ruth Thaxton, 843 College Ave
8033B3P21 Frank Barrett, 847 College Ave
8034B3P22 Clyde Basham, 853 College Ave
8035B3P23 Luther P Drake, 867 College Ave
8036B3P23 R O Breazeale, 857 College Ave
8037B3P24 Arthur England, 877 College Ave
8038B3P24 William McClain, 877 College Ave
8039B3P25 Cartey Electric Motor Service, 883 College Ave
8040B3P25 Norman Cartey, 883 College Ave
811B4P2 Millard Epps, 876 College Ave
812B4P3 J T White, 870 College Ave
813B4P4 W A Wood, 860 College Ave
814B4P5 Bert B Cox, 856 College Ave
815B4P6 W T Dickerson, 846 College Ave
816B4P7 Lillie Ray, 830 College Ave
817B4P7 M A McDonald, 830 College Ave
818B4P8 Janie Lester, 824 College Ave
819B4P9 Lillian Hubert, 818 College Ave
8110B4P10 Mrs H J Ray, 806 College Ave
821B5P1 Faust Grocery, 500 Madison Ave
822B5P2 Howard Roebuck, 288 Bridge St
823B5P4 Otis Shaw, 276 Bridge St
824B5P6 Mary Taylor, 254 Bridge St
825B5P6 Emma Bell, 264 Bridge St
826B5P7 Marion Foster, 256 Bridge St
827B5P9 Will Maxey, 248 Bridge St
828B5P9 Leroy Jones, 252 Bridge St
829B5P10 Pearl Huff, 242 Bridge St
8210B5P11 Florine Thomas, 236 Bridge St
8211B5P12 Wesley Mitchell, 228 Bridge St
8212B5P12 Jessie Stevens, 228 Bridge St
8213B5P13 Willie Foster, 190 Berry St
8214B5P14 Edward Bacon Jr, 170 Berry St
8215B5P14 Harold Lunsford & Paul Clayton, 180 Berry
8216B5P15 Boston Edwards, Jr., 160 Berry St
8217B5P15 Hoyt McCurry, 160 Berry St
8218B5P16 Johnny Franklin, 150 Berry St
8219B5P17 Willie Simons, 130 Berry St
8220B5P18 Juanita Brewer, 112 Berry St
8221B5P18 Bridey Roebuck, 112 Berry St
8222B5P23 Athens Butchers Abattoir Co, 200 Willow
8223B5P27 Sam Evans, 168 Willow St
8224B5P28 Gladys Kimbro, 164 Willow St
8225B5P28 Sam Sims, 160 Willow St
8226B5P30 Hazel Richardson, 144 Willow St
8227B5P31 Emma Johnson, 124 Willow St
8228B5P31 Lille Leard, 120 Willow St
8229B5P31 Joe Kidd, 120 Willow St
8230B5P31 Lucille Clink, 124 Willow St
8231B5P32 Mrs Emmett Wood, 901 E Broad St
8232B5P32 O'Neal Adkins, 901 E Broad St
8233B5P34 Charlie Payne, 921 E Broad St
8234B5P34 Minette Cooper, 921 E Broad St
8235B5P35 F M Harris, 941 E Broad St
8236B5P36 John R Hammond, 951 E Broad St
831B6P1 Duncan's Grocery, 498 Madison Ave
832B6P2 Fannie Fleming, 486 Madison Ave
833B6P3 Frank Johnson, 478 Madison Ave
834B6P4 CoraLee Oglesby, 472 Madison Ave
835B6P5 Eura Stokes, 468 Madison Ave
836B6P5 Nora Harris, 462 Madison Ave
837B6P6 Mrs R D Williamson, 456 Madison Ave
838B6P6 Bertha Knight, 456 Madison Ave
839B6P7 Paul Booth, 442 Madison Ave
8310B6P8 Robert Moses, 432 Madison Ave
8311B6P8 Joseph Brown, 432 Madison Ave
8312B6P8 Lincoln Faust, 438 Madison Ave
8313B6P10 Lois Howard, 408 Foundry St
8314B6P10 Frank Johnson, 420 Foundry St
8315B6P12 Willie Smith, 618 Foundry St
8316B6P12 Jessie M Cook, 636 Foundry St
8317B6P12 John Maxey, 616 Foundry St
8318B6P13 Murry Lunsford, 634 Foundry St
8319B6P14 Sadie Walters, 197 Bridge St
8320B6P14 Erskin Kendrick, 197 Bridge St
8321B6P15 Carrie Johnson, 221 Bridge St
8322B6P15 Willie Lois Brumby, 221 Bridge St
8323B6P16 Callie Winkfield, 229 Bridge St
8324B6P17 Joe Jordan, 237 Bridge St
8325B6P18 Fannie Reid, 243 Bridge St
8326B6P19 Artis Jackson, 255 Bridge St
8327B6P19 Hoyt Stevens, 253 Bridge St
8328B6P20 Harvey Wilson, 271 Bridge St
8329B6P21 Eleanor Foote, 277 Bridge St
8330B6P21 Amanda Moses, 277 Bridge St
8331B6P21 Mary Frances Jordan, 277 Bridge St
8332B6P22 Ossie Woods, 285 Bridge St
8333B6P22 Jo Ann Kelly, 285 Bridge St
8334B6P23 Son Appling, 289 Bridge St
841B7P4 Roy F Michael-demolition contractor, 2 bldgs on Hoyt St, between Thomas & Madison
842B8P5 Basham Welding & Machine Co., 744 N Jackson
843B8P6 Odell Chapman, 764 N Jackson
844B8P7 Mary Farris, 748 N Jackson St
845B8P7 & 8; B9P8 Mary Farris-Apts & rooming houses; 737, 748, 748-1/2 N Jackson St
846B8P7 Weldon Hix, 748 N Jackson
847B8P7 Ralph Whitehead, 748 N Jackson
848B8P7 Tony Cheleves, 748 N Jackson
849B8P7 J C Davis, 748 N Jackson
8410B8P8 Uzie Finch, 748 N Jackson, rear
8411B8P8 Fred S Crowe, 748-1/2 N Jackson
8412B8P8 James Brady, 748-1/2 N Jackson
8413B8P8 Andrew Getter, 748-1/2 N Jackson
8414B8P8 Minette Cooper, 748-1/2 N Jackson St
8415B8P10 Naomi Pendergrass, 712 N Jackson St
8416B8P10 Lester Skelton, 712 N Jackson St
8417B8P11 Athens Glass & Mirror Co., 253 Madison Ave
8418B8P11 Athens Glass & Mirror Co., 253 Madison Ave (metal bldg)
8419B8P12 Benson's Realty Co., 277 Madison Ave
8420B9P2 Ruby Woodly, 252 Hoyt St
8421B9P2 Glenn E Scoggins, 252 Hoyt St
8422B9P3 Edward Woods, 770 College Ave
8423B9P3 Pete Peacock, 770 College Ave
8424B9P3 Mae Sue Sorrow, 770 College Ave
8425B9P3 Billy Espy, 770 College Ave
8426B9P4 Jurelle Bramblett, 768 College Ave
8427B9P4 Dorothy Johnson, 768 College Ave
8428B9P4 Claudia Griffith, 768 College Ave
8429B9P5 Bob Mathis, 764 College Ave
8430B9P5 Bertha Smith, 764 College Ave
8431B9P5 Frank Griffith, 764 College Ave
8432B9P6 McLean Trucking Co., 740 College Ave
8433B9P6B Lurline Stephens, 141 Madison Ave
8434B9P7 Olive L Nichols, 715 N Jackson St
8435B9P8 Martha Moon, 456 Madison Ave
8436B9P8 James Allen, 737 N Jackson
8437B9P8 Laura Jones, 737 N Jackson St
8438B9P8 Josie Sanders, 737 N Jackson St
8439B9P8 Coy Whitley, 737 N Jackson
8440B9P10 Thelma Harrison, 765 N Jackson St
8441B9P10 Oliver J Bailey, 765 N Jackson St
8442Blocks 7-blocks 9 vacant
851B10P2 Jimmy Smith, 182 Hoyt St
852B10P2 Rosa B Echols, 182 Hoyt St
853B10P2 Bertha Powell, 182 Hoyt St
854B10P2 Chick Piano Company, 773 College Ave
855B10P2 Navada Ware, 182 Hoyt St
856B10P2 Dorothy Jackson, 183 Hoyt St
857B10P2 Mary Carithers, 182 Hoyt St
858B10P2 Willie Dowdy, 162 Hoyt St
859B10P3 Mary E Mitchell, 178 Hoyt St
8510B10P3 Mozell Strickland, 178 Hoyt St
8511B10P5 Nancy Smith, 158 Hoyt St
8512B10P5 Willie Haynes, 152 Hoyt St (rear)
8513B10P5 Neal Patman, 152 Hoyt St
8514B10P5 Robert Howard, 152-1/2 Hoyt St
8515B10P5 Eugene Jones, 158 Hoyt St
8516B10P7 Henry Scott, 788 N Lumpkin St
8517B10P7 Loraine Brown, 148 Hoyt St
8518B10P7 William Wauler, 148 Hoyt St
8519B10P7 Olin Moon, Jr, 766 N Lumpkin St
8520B10P7 Alexander Jeter, 766 N Lumpkin St
8521B10P8 Robert Nesbit Sr, 724 N Lumpkin St
8522B10P9 Hannah Spearman; Howard Long, 696 N Lumpkin
8523B10P9 Betty Asberry, 696 N Lumpkin St
8524B10P10 Florine H Wyatt, 688 N Lumpkin St
8525B10P10 Raymond Chester, 680 N Lumpkin St
8526B10P13 Dock Stephens, 648 N Lumpkin St
8527B10P14 Salvation Army, 125 Strong St
8528B10P15 Jackson Fields, 145 Strong St
8529B10P16 Mabell S Hopkins, 165 Strong St
8530B10P16 Linda Johnson, 165 Strong St
8531B10P17 Kermit Eberhart, 635 College Ave
8532B10P18 E B Scarborough, 653 College Ave
8533B10P19 Maude Lunceford, 677 College Ave
8534B10P21 Mildred & Leroy Brooks, 699 College Ave
8535B10P22 Lillie Mae McCarty, 747 College Ave
8536B10P24 Fuller's Grocery, 675 College Ave
8537B10P24 Loretta Griffith, 763 College Ave
8538B10P24 Mamie Clark, 763 College Ave
8539B10P24 Edward Hull, 765 College Ave
8540B10P24 Joyce Griffith, 763 College Ave
8541B10 vacant
861B11P2 Sue Pope & Lois Howard, 758 N Hull
862B11P2 Bertha Smith, 146 Hoyt St
863B11P3 Katie Thomas, 748 N Hull
864B11P4 Hubert Jones, 728 N Hull St
865B11P4 Jerry Green, 728 N Hull
866B11P6 Rosa Moore, 158 Warsaw
867B11P7 Hattie Bailey, 144 Warsaw St
868B11P7 Emma Glenn, 144 Warsaw
869B11P8 Charles Armstrong, 735 N Lumpkin
8610B11P9 Jimmy Hill, 767 N Lumpkin
8611B11P9 Willie Ruth Johnson, 767 N Lumpkin
8612B11P9 Willie Mae Frazier, 759 N Lumpkin
8613B11P9 Betty J Ware, 759 N Lumpkin
8614B11P9 Dorothy Johnson & Claudia Griffith, 759 N Lumpkin
8615B11P10 Ellen Echols, 775 N Lumpkin
8616B11P10 Albert Rucker, 779 N Lumpkin
8617B11P10 Evie Clemmons, 775 N Lumpkin
871B12P1 Lucy Johnson 135 Warsaw St
872B12P1 Curtis Johnson, 145 Warsaw St
873B12P2 Irene Johnson, 157 Warsaw
874B12P2 Samuel Curry, 157 Warsaw
875B12P3 James Brown, 167 Warsaw
876B12P3 Carrie Smith, 167 Warsaw
877B12P6 Olivia & Rufus Jackson, 690 N Hull
878B12P7 Delia Goolsby, 680 N Hull
879B12P8 Nina Thrasher, 670 N Hull
8710B12P9 Julia Mae Watkins, 668 N Hull
8711B12P11 Lillian Ford, 664 N Hull
8712B12P12 Cora Harden, 658 N Hull
8713B12P14 J T Johnson, 654 N Hull
8714B12P14 Marie Zachery & Albert Flannigan, 654 N Hull
8715B12P14 Betty Morton, 654 N Hull
8716B12P14 Sonny Flanigan, 652 Hull
8717B12P15 Minnie Johnson, 188-1/2 Hull
8718B12P15 Ples Starks 188-1/2 Hull
8719B12P16 Lucille Richardson, 644 N Hull
8720B12P16 Esther Watkins, 644 N Hull
8721B12P16 Louise Johnson, 644 N Hull
8722B12P16 Annie L Edwards, 644 N Hull
8723B12P16 Jimmie Smith, 644 N Hull
8724B12P17 Lizzie Fanning, 634 N Hull
8725B12P18 Florine Brown & Luirene Johnson, 628 N Hull
8726B12P19 Walter Varnum, 188 W Strong
8727B12P19 Junior Mitchell, 188 W Strong St
8728B12P19 Homer Yearby, 188 W Strong St
8729B12P19 Alvin Sims, 188 Strong St (rear)
8730B12P20 O. W. Weaver, 178 Strong St
8731B12P21 Lula B Edwards, 160 Strong St
8732B12P22 Eliza Phillips, 150 Strong St
8733B12P22 Mary Davenport, 150 Strong St
8734B12P23 Gertrude Daniel, 148 Strong St
8735B12P26 Roy Howard, 649 N Lumpkin
8736B12P26 Leo Hawkins ® 649 N Lumpkin
881B13P1 W R Epps Sr, 665 N Jackson St
882B13P2 & 3 Central Baptist Church, 142 Madison & 698 College St
883B14P1 Owensby's Grocery, 673 N Thomas
884B14P1 Andrew Wilson Evans, 671 N Thomas
885B14P1 Charley Odell Martin, 671 N Thomas St
886B14P1 M C Owensby, 631 Thomas St
887B14P2 Grace Tolbert, 278 Madison Ave
888B14P3 P W Robertson, 268 Madison
889B14P7 Binkley Construction Co, 636 N Jackson
8810B14P7 A B Griffith, 636 N Jackson
8811B14P7 Monroe International Inc, 636 N Jackson St
8812B14P7 West Bookkeeping Service, Inc. 636 N Jackson
8813B14P7 Reserve Life Ins Co, 636 N Jackson
8814B14P7 Hancock Construction Co, 636 N Jackson
8815B14P8 Homer Couch, 357 Strong St
8816B14P8 J W Shields, 357 Strong St
8817B14P8 & 9 S T Alewine, 357-367 Strong St
8818B14P10 Melvin Nettles, 377 E Strong
8819B14P10 Ora Beard-Apts 601 N Thomas & 377 E Strong
8820B14P10 Russell Harrell, 601 N Thomas
8821B16P1 Lula Mae Witcher Bullock, 196 Bridge St
8822B16P4 Evaline Thomas, 482 Foundry St
8823B16P4 Pauline Freeman, 147 Berry St
8824B16P4 Joe L Mattox, 482 Foundry St
8825B16P7 Lizzie Whitlock, 523 E Strong St
8826B16P7 Thomas Annie, 523 E Strong St
8827B16P9 Charlie Upshaw, 163 Berry St
8828B16P10 Early Grissom, 179 Berry St
8829B17P1 Silas Bufford, 574 E Strong St
8830B17P2 Boston Edwards, Jr., 554 Strong St
8831B17P3 Beatrice Cross, 524 E Strong St
8832B17P3 Rufus Davis, 524 E Strong St
8833B17P3 Augustus Harden, 524 Strong St
8834B17P3 John Harden, 524 Strong St
8835B18P2 & 3 Georgia Wrecking Co, 550 N Thomas St
891B19P1 Brown's Grocery, 597 N Thomas
892B19P3 Calvin Butler, 346 Strong St
893B19P3 Charles B Whitehead, 346 Strong St
894B19P3 Beatrice Lord, 346 Strong St
895B19P3 Eleanor Griffith, 346 Strong St
896B19P6 Guy Robert Williams, 550 N Jackson
897B19P6 Paul Addington, 550 N Jackson St
898B19P6 Joe C Tiller, 550 N Jackson St
899B19P7 &P8 American Oil Company/Amoco Service Center 315 E Dougherty St
8910B19P9 Mrs Jake Joel, 331 E Doughtery
8911B19P9 Quilla A Graham, 333 Dougherty St
8912B19P10 northside of Dougherty St-vacant lot
8913B19P11 northside of Dougherty St-vacant lot
8914B19P12 Cities Service Station (Richard Floyd), 515 N Thomas
8915B19P12 Cities Service Station (J E Williams), 515 N Thomas
8916B19P12 Cities Service Station, 515 N Thomas
8917B19P13 S T Alewine (also B14P8) 513 N Thomas St
8918B20P1 vacant lot, Strong & Jackson Streets
8919B20P2 estate of Mrs Laura Y Carithers, 253 E Dougherty St & 250 E Strong
8920B20P2 Terrell Wehunt, 250 Strong St, Apt # 1
8921B20P2 Junior Wehunt, 250 Strong St, Apt # 2
8922B20P2 H E Kidd, 253 E Dougherty St
8923B20P2 Bertha Dye, 253 E Dougherty, apt # 1
8924B20P2 Jimmy Moore, 253 E Dougherty St, Basement
8925B20P2 Louise Patrick, 253 E Dougherty St, Apr # 3
8926B20P2 Melvin Gibby, 253 E Dougherty
8927B20P2 Harris C Moore, 253 E Dougherty
8928B20P3 Janice Lee Whitehead, 564 College Ave, Whitehead Apts
8929B20P3 George H Muller, Jr., Apt 1, 564 College
8930B20P3 Jerry Griffith, apt 2, 564 College Ave
8931B20P3 S O Seagraves, 564 College Ave, Apt # 3
8932B20P3 Wayne L Stephens, Apt # 4, 564 College Ave
8933B20P3 Lawrence M Peck, 564 College Ave., Apt 5
8934B20P4 Eugene Alewine, 546 College Ave
8935B20P5 Allie Lou Alewine, 536 College Ave
8936B20P5 Waymon Alewine, 536 College Ave
8937B20P6 North Georgia Production Credit Corp, 215 E Dougherty
8938B20P7 Russell Welch, 243 E Dougherty Street
8939B20P8 Doris Moseman, 513 N Jackson
8940B20P9 Bobby Sosbee, 523 Jackson St
8941B20P10 Mattie Lee B Huff, 549 N Jackson St
901B21P1 William F Epps, 565 College Ave
902B21P2 vacant, 174 Strong St
903B21P3 vacant, 164 E Strong St
904B21P5 Anita Shelnut, 169 E Dougherty
905B21P5 James M Humphries, 169 E Dougherty
906B21P5 Lucille Kidd, 179 E Dougherty St
907B21P5 169, 179, 189 E Dougherty-demolition
908B21P6 William Floyd, 549 College Ave
909B21P6 Willard Herring, 549 College Ave
9010B21P6 J D Parham Insurance Agency, 549 College
9011B22P1 Lorine Marable, 125 & 190 Strong St
9012B22P1 Katie Anderson, 125 & 190 Strong St
9013B22P1 Mrs Roy Bell, 125 Strong St
9014B22P1 125 Strong St-demolition
9015B22P2 Mrs Harry Parr, 148 W Dougherty St
9016B22P2 Pauline Parr, 148 W Dougherty St
9017B22P3 vacant, 147 Strong St
9018B22P4 Hassie B Leathers, 158 W Dougherty St
9019B22P5 Ida M Gordon, 179 Strong St
9020B22P5 Ethel Odom 179 Strong St
9021B22P5 Lucinda Rooks, 179 Strong St
9022B22P5 Shirley Thornton, 179 Strong St
9023B22P5 O W Weaver, owner, 179 Strong St
9024B22P5 Claude Watkins, 178 Strong St
9025B22P6 Corner Dougherty & Hull
9026B22P7 Mrs F G Birchmore, 178 W Dougherty St
9027B22P8 Georgia Butler & Vera King 138 W Dougherty
9028B22P8 Beacham Office Systems Co, 138 W Dougherty
9029B22P9 Jessie Kubitzky, 120 W Dougherty St
9030B22P9 Viola Brooks, 120 W Dougherty St
9031B22P9 James Farr, 120 W Dougherty St
9032B22P9 120 W Dougherty & 543 N Lumpkin St-demolition
9033B24P1 Atlantic Co., 290 E Dougherty St
9034B24P3/B10P14 Salvation Army, 454 College Ave & 125 E Strong St
9035B24P4 Georgia Power Bldg, corner Hancock & College
9036B24P6 Chandler Home (dining room), 283 Hancock Ave
9037B24P6 Chandler Boarding Home, 283 E Hancock
9038B24P6 Robert L Gordon, 283 E Hancock
9039B24P6 Jesse Mann, 283 E Hancock
9040B24P6 Lenora Chandler, 283 Hancock Ave
9041B24P6 Ralph J Bailey, 283 E Hancock Ave
9042B24P6 Joe Brown, 283 E Hancock
9043B24P7 Mrs Grover C Moon, 469 N Jackson St
9044B24P7 Moon's Beauty Shop, 469 N Jackson St
9045B24P7 Moon's Rooming House, 469 N Jackson St
911B25P1 Carter's Carburetor & Electric Co, 378-382 E Dougherty St
912B25P1 Russell Daniel Inc, 382 E Dougherty St
913B25P2 vacant lot-S/S Dougherty St
914B25P3 Bunice Adams, 362 E Dougherty St
915B25P4 Brumby House, 343 E Hancock
916B25P4A Easy Parking, 332 E Dougherty St
917B25P5 Congregaton Children of Israel, corner of Hancock Ave & Jackson St
918B25P6 vacant-north side of Hancock Ave
919B25P7 Mrs C A Trussell, 363 E Hancock
9110B25P8 & 10 Athens Banner Herald, 375 Hancock Ave & 431 N Thomas
9111B25P9 Pure Oil Company, corner Hancock & Thomas
9112B25P9 Wiley's Pure Oil Station, 379 E Hancock
9113B25P10 Athens Banner Herald, 431 N Thomas St
9114B25P11 John Browning, 443 Thomas St
9115B25P11 Mabel Chambers, 445 Thomas St
9116B25P11 443 & 445 Thomas St-demolition
9117B28P1 Tweedell & Van Buren Oil Co, 331 N Thomas
9118B28P2 Athens Auto Supply & Electric Co, 370 E Hancock
9119B28P1& 2 331 N Thomas & 370 E Hancock-demolition
9120B28P3 vacant lot, Washington St [missing 1999]
9121B28P4 Huggins Parts Co, 371 E Washington
9122B28P5 Jordan Auto Service, 377 E Washington St
9123B28P6 Standard Oil Company, 383 E Washington
9124B28P6 Berryman's Service Station, 383 E Washington
9125B28P6 383 E Washington-demolition
9126B28P7 vacant lot, Thomas St
9127B30P2 Board of Regents, 133 Washington St [Costa Bldg]
9128M B Logan & Sons, 236 Dougherty St

GA R-50 and GA R 51

Employee Time Sheets
921Time Sheet, 1961-1962
922Time Sheet, 1963
923Time Sheet, 1964
924Time Sheet, 1969-70
925Time Sheet, 1971
Vouchers, revolving fund account
931C & S Bank, October-December 1963
932C & S Bank, January-March 1964
933C & S Bank, April-June 1964
934C & S Bank, July-September 1964
935C & S Bank, October-December 1964
936C & S Bank, January-March 1965
937C & S Bank, April-June 1965
938C & S Bank, July-September 1965
939C & S Bank, October-December 1965
9310C & S Bank, January-March 1966
9311C & S Bank, April-June 1966
9312C & S Bank, July-August 1966
941C & S Bank, surveying & planning expenditures, November 1961-December 1962
942C & S Bank, surveying & planning expenditures, February 1963-March 1965
943Hubert State Bank, surveying & Planning expenditures, July 1962-September 1963
944Hubert State Bank, surveying & planning expenditures, October 1963-January 1965
945C & S Bank, project expenditure acct, 1965-66
946The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, April-May 1965
947The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, June 1965
948National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, July 1965
949The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, August 1965
9410The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, September 1965
9411The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, October 1965
9412The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, November 1965
9413The National Bank of Athens, project expenditure acct, December 1965
951The National Bank of Athens, project expenditures account, January 1966
952The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, February 1966 & March 1966
953The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, April-May 1966
954The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, June 1966
955The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, July 1966
956The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, August 1966
957The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, September 1966
958The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, October 1966
959The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, November 1966
9510The National Bank of Athens expenditures account, December 1966
961The National Bank of Athens-project expenditure account, January-February 1967
962The National Bank of Athens-project expenditure account, March 1967
963The National Bank of Athens-project expenditure account, April 1967
964The National Bank of Athens-project expenditure account, May 1967
965The National Bank of Athens-project expenditure account, June 1967
966First American Bank, project expenditure account, December 1965-66
971Journal voucher-revolving fund GA R-50 & GA R-51
972Journal voucher, GA R-51
973Receipt book GA R-50, 1963-1966
974Receipt book GA R-51, 1966 February-July
975Receipt book GA R-51, October 1966-March 1967
976Receipt book GA R-51, December 1967-March 1969
977Receipt book, 1968
Acquisition & relocation
981B1P1 Mildred L Dearing, 298 S Lumpkin St
982B2P1 Bible Mission, Inc., 249 Waddell St
983B2P2 Caroline Becker, 227 Waddell St
984B2P3 Willie Mae Gambrell, 219 Waddell St
985B2P4 Beula G Joel, 120 Florida Ave
986B2P5 Leroy F Bray, 130 Florida Ave
987B2P6 Nellie G Price, 140 Florida Ave
988B2P7 B L Adams (owner), 150 Florida Ave
989B2P7 James F Daniel, W H Couch (tenants), 150 Florida
9810B2P8 L L Johnson, 160 Florida Ave
9811B2P9 Blance S Winn, 170 Florida Ave
9812B2P10 Hattie W Whitmire (owner) 180 Florida Ave
9813B2P10 James D Anderson (tenant) 180 Florida Ave
9814B3P2 Maggie Benton & Grace Penland, 149 Waddell St
9815B3P3 George F & Jewell A Allgood, 135 Waddell St
9816B3P5 Pauline Hancock, 149 Florida Ave
9817B3P6 William L Garner, vacant lot, 155 Florida Ave
9818B3P7 J N McDuffie Jr 165 Florida Ave
9819B3P8 Martha & Frances Comer (owners) 424 S Lumpkin St; 370, 380, 390, Hull St
9820B3P8 James Doran (tenant) 424 S Lumpkin
9821B3P8 Cleophas Sturghill (tenant) 370 Hull St
9822B3P8 Joe Kidd (tenant) 380 Hull St
9823B3P8 Eula Pearl Williams (tenant) 390 Hull St
9824B3P9 Mrs A G Hargrove & Lula B Cooper (owners), 428 S Lumpkin & 117 Baldwin Ext
9825B3P9 Patrick Shields (tenant), 428 S Lumpkin St
9826B4P1 William H Moseman, 199 Wray St
9827B4P5 Vallie Betts, Kathleen Smith (roomer), 311 S Hull
9828B4P7 Louis Green, et al, 370 S Lumpkin St
9829B5P1 Harold G Westcott (owner), 177 Florida Ave
9830B5P1 Harry Kent/Ronald Arnholm (tenants), 177 Florida
9831B5P2 L C & Alma T Walker Jr 342 Florida Ave
9832B5P3 Howard Thomas, 264 Florida Ave
9833B5P5 Belle Branyon & Sybil Moran, 490 S Lumpkin
9834B5P6 Baptist Student Center, 564 S Lumpkin St
991B6P1 Fred E Falk, 519 Baxter (also 220 Peabody)
992B7P1 James T Winfrey, 495 Baxter St
993B7P3 Josephine Wilson (owner), Roy Walker (tenant) 168 Peabody St
994B7P8 Robert Adkins, 420 S Finley St
995B7P9 Clara Williams (owner) 422 S Finley St
996B7P9 Keiphus James (tenant) 422 S Finley St
997B7P10 Bessie Brannan, 424 S Finley St
998B7P11 Lillie Bell Hunter, westside of S Finley St
999B7P13 Susie Simmons, westside of S Finley St
9910B9P1 Roy & Nancy Williams, 185 Peabody St
9911B9P2 & 3 Roy & Essie Cook, 167 Peabody St
9912B9P4 & 5 Ben Taylor, 194 & 196 Lyndon Row
9913B9P6 Josephine D Wilson, (owner) 163 Peabody St
9914B9P6 Claude King (tenant), 163 Peabody St
9915B9P6 Mary Sherrer 194 Lyndon Row
9916B9P7 Octavia Daniel Portlock, 161 Peabody St
9917B9P8 Charles Williams, 163 Peabody St
9918B9P9 Harold Taylor, 184 Lyndon Row
9919B9P10 Stella S Jones (owner) 178 Lyndon Row
9920B9P10 Charles Shaw, B C Howard (tenants) 178 Lyndon Row
9921B9P11 Nellie Johnson, 147 Peabody
9922B9P12 John Henry Griffin, 143 Peabody St
9923B9P13 W C Thornton, Jr (owner), Ab Thomas (tanant) 141 Peabody St
9924B9P14 Joseph & Marie Smith, 170 Lyndon Row
9925B9P15 Gertrude Johnson, 160 Lyndon Row
9926B9P16 Emma Davis, 142 Lyndon Row
9927B9P17 Jake Billups, 127 Peabody
9928B9P18 Lillie Bell Hunter, et al, 540 S Finley St
9929B9P19 Lois Hunter, Nellie Cherry, 548 S Finley St
9930B9P20 Mell estate
9931B9P21 Katherine M Decker (owner) 580 Finley St
9932B9P21 Alice Morton, Cleveland Payne (tenants), 580 Finely St
9933B9P22 Connie Lanier & Luther Lanier, 128 Lyndon Row
9934B9P23 Clara Ashley & John Wright, 122 Lyndon Row
9935B9P24 O J Tolnas (owner) & Jim Thomas (tenant), 590 S Finley St
1001B10P1 Otis Favors, 620 S Church St
1002B10P2 Mary Alice Johnson, 624 S Church St
1003B10P3 Matilda Lyons 630 S Church St
1004B10P4 Addie & William Russell north side of Talmadge
1005B10P5 Jeanette Conley Jones north side of Talmadge
1006B10P6 Ed Bazzelle (owner) 195 Lyndon Row
1007B10P6 Arlene Hill (tenant) 195 Lyndon Row
1008B10P7 Chaney Lee Davis, 193 Lyndon Row
1009B10P8 Josie Adkison 189 Lyndon Row
10010B10P9 John Henry Dillard, 187 Lyndon Row
10011B10P10 Fred D Brown, 183 Lyndon Row
10012B10P11 Annie B Thomas (owner) 181 Lyndon Row
10013B10P11 Callie Jackson, Harold Powers (tenants) 181 Lyndon Row
10014B10P12 Corry Lyons 171 Lyndon Row
10015B10P13 Ida Bloodsaw 161 Lyndon Row
10016B10P14 Aaron P Kendrick 147 Lyndon Row
10017B10P15 Fred D Brown (owner) 141 Lyndon Row
10018B10P15 James E Brown, Hattie Mae Pittard (tenants) 141 Lyndon Row
10019B10P16 Gertrude W Clarke, 131 Lyndon Row
10020B10P17 Stella S Jones (owner) 325, 363, 383 E Cloverhurst Ave
10021B10P17 Claude McDonald (tenant) 355 Cloverhurst
10022B10P17 H B Dunaway (tenant) 363 Cloverhurst
10023B10P17 Troy Watson (tenant) 383 Cloverhurst
10024B10P18 John Williams, & Mary Hickey 345 E Cloverhurst
10025B10P19 O J Tolnas, vacant lot, Cloverhurst Ave
10026B10P20 C P Conaway, vacant lot, northside of Hall St
10027B10P21 Mrs Harvey Segars, vacant lot, northside of Hall St
10028B10P22 Davis Johnson, 123 Lyndon Row
10029B10P23 Sidney L Moore 255 Hall St
10030B10P24 J A Hitchcock & Jeanette Conley Jones (owners) 747 S Church St
10031B10P24 Atlanta Newspapers, Inc. (tenants) 747 S Church St
10032B10P25 C E McGraw (Athens Venetian Blind Co) 749 S Church St
10033B11P1 C P Conaway, (owner) 270 Hall St
10034B11P1 E M Dillard (tenant) 270 Hall St
10035B11P2 & 6 Carrie V Becker, E Cloverhurst St
10036B11P3 Lucy S Seagraves 273 E Cloverhurst St
10037B11P4 & 5 Zenobia Pittman (owner) 263 E Cloverhurst
10038B11P4 & 5 Carlton Jackson (tenant) 263 E Cloverhurst
10039B12P1 Mrs M G Nicholson & Christian College of Ga 298 S Hull St
10040Unnumbered family survey forms
1011GA R-50 general information
1012GA R-50 examples of forms from Augusta GA R-45 Cordele GA R-41; Elberton GA R-54
1013GA R-50 blank forms
1014GA R-51 blank forms for site occupants
1015GA R-51 blank forms re: relocation & demolition
1016GA R-51 blank forms HUD
102General cash ledger, 1963-1973
102Cash disbursement ledger, 1968-1973
102Real estate tax credits

10. Other City Records

103Mortuary records, 1898-1924
103Health department record book, 1936
1041Prohibition act, alcohol license, near beer ordinances, 1891-1911
1042Animals-cruelty or animals ordinance, 1908
1063Annual arrangement, 1972
1043Athens Engineering Company-cement contract, 1915
1044Athens Gas Light Co, 1884-1916
1045Athens Manufacturing Co, 1924 1928
1046Athens Railway & Electric Co, 1898-1925
1047Athens Terminal Company, 1907-1908
1048Automobile-ordinances re: speed, minors, tags, lights, 1908-1909
1049Bonds, 1908-1909
10411Charter-amendments, 1913-14
10412City Limits-mile posts, 1911
10413Claim-for damage, Mitch Barnett, 1906
10414Clerk of Court-ordinance to create office, 1912
10415Election-for alderman, 1907
10416Entertainment licenses, 1908
10417Georgia Development Company, 1914
10418Georgia Power Company-street & traffic lights, 1929
10419Grass-ordinance, 1909
10420Health-act to create board of health, 1908
10421Insurance-fire insurance committee, 1912
1066Labor Profile & Construction Forecast, undated
1051Paving, 1901-1926
1052Petitions-trespassing of chickens on Grady Ave, 1910
1053Physicians-ordinance, 1908
1054Property levies, A-W, 1934-1935
1064Proposal for constructing First Street Bridge, 1973
1061Proposal for constructing new Broad St bridge, 1970
1055Railroads, 1887-1909
1056Railroads, 1910-1912
1057Railroads, 1913-1919
1058Railroads, 1922-1936 undated
1059Seal-resolution to adopt city seal, undated
10510Sewer-ordinances, 1908-1910
10511Sidewalks-ordinances, 1908-09
10512Surveys, 1847 1872
10513Telegraph agreement, 1918
1062Survey of current operations, 1970
10514Telephone Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co, 1901
10515Water works, 1908
10516Water works-ledger, 1893
10517Waterworks-monthly distributions, 1907-1919