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Plant systematics (manuscript)

Plant systematics (manuscript)

Descriptive Summary

Title: Plant systematics (manuscript)
Creator: Luchsinger, Arlene E.
Creator: Jones, Samuel B., 1933-
Inclusive Dates: 1979
Language(s): English
Extent: 5.2 Linear Feet (10 document boxes, 1 oversized)
Collection Number: ms1575
Repository: Hargrett Library
Abstract: The collection consists of the manuscript and notes to the book Plant Systematics by Samuel B. Jones and Arlene E. Luchsinger. The book, which concerns classification of plants, is intended to be a textbook. It was published by McGraw-Hill in 1979.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Samuel B. Jones, Jr. was a professor of botany at the University of Georgia. Arelene E. Luchsinger was a librarian with the University of Georgia Libraries.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in chronological order.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Plant systematics (manuscript), 1979. MS 1575. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Jones, Samuel B., 1933- -- Plant systematics
Manuscripts for publication.
Plants -- Classification.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Book Outline
12Arthur Conquist's Revision
13Dr. Walker's Revisions
14Other Revisions
21First Draft
22First Draft - Drawings
23First Draft - Preface
24-7First Draft - Chapter One
28-9First Draft - Chapter Two
210-12First Draft - Chapter Three
31-3First Draft - Chapter Four
34-8First Draft - Chapter Five
36First Draft - Chapter Five
41-3First Draft - Chapter Six
44First Draft - Chapter Seven
45First Draft - Chapter Eight
46First Draft - Chapter Eleven
47First Draft - Chapter Thirteen
51-10First Draft - Chapter Fourteen
61Second Draft - Chapter One
62Second Draft - Chapter Two
63Second Draft - Chapter Three
64Second Draft - Chapter Four
65Second Draft - Chapter Five
66Second Draft - Chapter Six
67Second Draft - Chapter Seven
68Second Draft - Chapter Eight
69Second Draft - Chapter Ten
610Second Draft - Chapter Eleven
611Second Draft - Chapter Twelve
612Second Draft - Chapter Thirteen
613Second Draft - Chapter Fourteen
614Second Draft - Appendix I
615Second Draft - Appendix II
616Second Draft - Appendix III
71Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Two
72Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Three
73Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Four
74Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Five
75Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Six
76Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Seven
77Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Eight
78Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Nine
79Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Ten
710Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Eleven
711Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Twelve
712Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Thirteen
713Revisions by Arlene Luchsinger Chapter Appendix I
81Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter One
82Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Two
83Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Four
84Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Five
85Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Six
86Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Seven
87Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Eight
88Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Nine
89Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Ten
810Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Eleven
811Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Twelve
812Revisions by T.M. Barkley Chapter Thirteen
813Revisions by T.M. Barkley Appendix I
814Revisions by T.M. Barkley Appendix II
91Final Draft - Chapter One
92Final Draft - Chapter Two
93Final Draft - Chapter Three
94Final Draft - Chapter Four
95Final Draft - Chapter Five
96Final Draft - Chapter Six
97Final Draft - Chapter Seven
98Final Draft - Chapter Eight
99Final Draft - Chapter Nine
910Final Draft - Chapter Ten
911Final Draft - Chapter Eleven
912Final Draft - Chapter Twelve
913Final Draft - Chapter Thirteen
914Final Draft - Chapter Fourteen
915Final Draft - Appendix I
916Final Draft - Appendix II
917Final Draft - Appendix III
101Photocopy of Final Draft
111Galley Proofs