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W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project

W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project

Descriptive Summary

Title: W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project
Creator: Georgia Writers' Project
Inclusive Dates: 1930s-1940s
Language(s): English
Extent: 29.6 Linear Feet (70 document boxes, 8 half boxes)
Collection Number: ms1500
Repository: Hargrett Library
Abstract: The collection consists of a portion of the material given to the University of Georgia by the Georgia branch of the W.P.A. upon its termination in 1941. Most of the material in the collection was gathered from areas within the University of Georgia Libraries Special Collections Department, such as the Georgia Room vertical file and the Manuscripts Department. As one of the main purposes of the project was to preserve historical data relating to Georgia, the papers consist of transcribed legal documents, summaries of newspaper stories, personal interviews, and accounts of social and cultural events. The topics are extremely diverse, and represent only a sampling of the subjects covered by the project. The two main sections of the collection are the city and county files. Prominent in this area are several subheadings devoted to cultural concerns. These include sections covering Atlanta theater, arts, and a well documented section covering opera performances presented in Atlanta from 1866 through 1940. The county files document the establishment of each county in Georgia and include historic events and/or points of interest. Also included are a group of interviews with ex-slaves from around the state and two folders of general folklore relating to slavery. Another section of note includes colonial legal records (wills, deeds, receipts, etc.), but the records do extend into the mid 1800s. These records include transcriptions of Georgia House Journals, Executive Council Minutes, Governor's correspondence, Military affairs, Indian treaties, Indian depredation records, etc.

Collection Description

Historical Note

The WPA Federal Writers Project was a program established in the United States in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as part of the New Deal struggle against the Great Depression. It provided jobs for unemployed writers, editors, and research workers. Directed by Henry G. Alsberg, it operated in all states and at one time employed 6,600 men and women. The American Guide series, the project's most important achievement, included guides for every state and territory (except Hawaii), as well as for Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Philadelphia; for several major highways (U.S. 1, Ocean Highway, Oregon Trail); and for scores of towns, villages, and counties. The state guides, encyclopaedic in scope, combined travel information with essays on geography, architecture, history, and commerce. The project also produced ethnic studies, folklore collections, local histories, nature studies-a total of more than 1,000 books and pamphlets. Encyclopedia Britannica Online (Retrieved March 11, 2009)

Scope and Content

The W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project Collection represents a portion of the material given to the University of Georgia by the Georgia branch of the W.P.A. upon its termination in 1941. Most of the material in the collection was gathered from areas within the University of Georgia Libraries Special Collections Department, such as the Georgia Room vertical file and the Manuscripts Department. As one of the main purposes of the project was to preserve historical data relating to Georgia, the papers consist of transcribed legal documents, summaries of newspaper stories, personal interviews, and accounts of social and cultural events. The topics are extremely diverse, and represent only a sampling of subject headings which were given attention by the project.

The collection is assembled alphabetically by subject heading, with the exception of the biographical section which comprises the five boxes at the end of the collection. The entries in this section are ordered alphabetically by surname. As there is a good deal of overlapping information, researchers are advised to check the folder inventory thoroughly in order to avoid overlooking any pertinent references. For instance, a researcher interested in county government in Georgia will find information under the various county files as well as under one of the subheadings in the section marked "Courts" Similar overlapping occurs in the area of Indian treaties, cities and counties, and legal documents. Researchers should also note that the Manuscripts Department houses three additional collections of W.P.A. material; ms 916 (Ex-Slave Interviews), ms 996 (W.P.A. Photographs), and ms 1063 (W.P.A. Georgia Records Survey).

The two main sections of the collection are the city and county files. The series marked "Cities" extends from box two through box eight and contains a number of diverse subheadings. Prominent in this area are several subheadings devoted to cultural concerns. These include sections covering Atlanta theater, arts, and a well documented section covering opera performances presented in Atlanta from 1866 through 1940. Also included is a collection of interviews with members of the Greek community in Augusta and accounts of social events in that city between 1880 and 1938. The county files (Boxes 9-37) document the establishment of each county in Georgia (date established, size, county seat, etc.) and include historic events and/or points of interest.

Boxes 40 through 43 contain various anecdotes and sayings reflecting Georgia folklore. Materials of note in this section include a group of interviews with ex-slaves from around the state (see also ms 916). Also present are two folders of general folklore relating to slavery. Other folders in this section contain information on folk medicines, charms, sayings, music, and ghost stories.

The collection contains several bound volumes of W.P.A. materials, mostly relating to colonial legal records (wills, deeds, receipts, etc.), but the records do extend into the mid 1800's. These include transcriptions of Georgia House Journals, Executive Council Minutes, Governor's correspondence, Military Affairs, Indian Treaties, Indian depredation records, etc. Much of this information was transcribed by W.P.A. workers from original documents held in the Telamon Cuyler Collections. The cuyler Collection is also housed in the University of Georgia Special Collections Department (ms 1170), and is available to researchers.

As mentioned above, the subject headings continue in alphabetical order through box 72. The final section of the collection, (Boxes 73 and 77) contains a series of short biographical sketches of prominent Georgians.

The W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project Collection represents a sample of the areas of study where the project concentrated its effort. Absent from the collection (with the exceptions of several radio plays in box 71) is a representative body of some of the creative writing which was done within the project. However, the collection does stand as an adequate cross section of the project's work in consolidating historical information. Therefore the focus of the collection becomes twofold; the papers stand both as a record of the activities of the W.P.A. Writers Project itself, and as a collection of various historical data relating to Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

W.P.A. Georgia Writers Project, MS 1500. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2009 October 16.

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Subject Terms

Arts -- Georgia -- Atlanta.
Counties -- Georgia -- History.
Folklore -- Georgia.
Freedmen -- Georgia.
Georgia -- History.
Georgia -- Social life and customs.
Indians of North America -- Georgia.
Indians of North America -- Treaties.
Legal documents -- Georgia -- History.
Legal documents.
Opera -- Georgia -- Atlanta.
Theaters -- Georgia.
United States. Works Progress Administration

Related Collections in this Repository

Related materials available in the following collections of this repository: W.P.A. material; Ex-slave interviews, W.P.A., 1932-1937; Works Progress Administration in Georgia, 1936 - photographs; Works Progress Administration, Georgia records survey, 1935-1940; Telamon Cuyler collection, 1754-1951.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subject Files

11Administration (W.P.A.)
13Architecture; Checklist (points of Interest)
14Architecture; Directories
15Architecture; Noted Architects
16Architecture; Publications
17Architecture; State Buildings
18Blacks; Cemeteries
19Blacks; Churches
110Blacks; Colleges
111Blacks; General
112Blacks; Nursing
113Blacks; Religion
114Churches; General
21Cities: Athens; General
22Cities: Athens; Guidebook
23Cities: Athens; Cuisine
24Cities: Atlanta; Art, Interview with Mrs. Wood
25Cities: Atlanta; Art, Interview with Hale Woodruff
26Cities: Atlanta; Art, General
27Cities: Atlanta; Biographics
28Cities: Atlanta; Blacks
29Cities: Atlanta; Blacks, Gambling
210Cities: Atlanta, Blacks, Hospitals
211Cities: Atlanta; Blacks, Nightclubs
212Cities: Atlanta; Blacks, 1906 Riot
213Cities: Atlanta; Cemeteries
214Cities: Atlanta; Churches
215Cities: Atlanta; Clubs/Organizations
31Cities: Atlanta, Education
32Cities: Atlanta, General
33Cities: Atlanta, General
34Cities: Atlanta, Government
35Cities: Atlanta, History
36Cities: Atlanta, Industry and Commerce
41Cities: Atlanta; Labor
42Cities: Atlanta; Libraries
43Cities: Atlanta; Minorities, Greeks
44Cities: Atlanta; Music
45Cities: Atlanta; Newspapers
46Cities: Atlanta; Points of Interest
47Cities: Atlanta; Public Welfare (A.)
48Cities: Atlanta; Public Welfare (B.)
49Cities: Atlanta; Public Housing
410Cities: Atlanta; Social Life
411Cities: Atlanta; Sports
412Cities: Atlanta; Transportation
413Cities: Atlanta; Theater
51Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1866-1899
52Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1900
53Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1901
54Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1905
55Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1909
56Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1910
57Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1910-1913
58Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1911
59Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1912
510Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1913
511Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1914
512Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1915
513Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1916
514Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1917
515Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1918
516Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1919
517Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1910-1920
518Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1920
519Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1921
520Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1922
521Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1923
522Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1924
523Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1925
524Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1926
525Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1927
526Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1928
527Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1929
528Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1930
529Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1936
530Cities: Atlanta; Opera, 1939-1940
61Cities: Augusta; General
62Cities: Augusta; General
63Cities: Augusta; Social Event and Costumes, 1871
64Cities: Augusta; Social Events and Costumes, 1880-1886
65Cities: Augusta, 1888-1900
66Cities: Augusta, 1894-1895
67Cities: Augusta, 1895-1896
68Cities: Augusta, 1896
69Cities: Augusta, 1899
610Cities; Augusta, Social Events and Costumes, 1895-1902
611Cities; Augusta, 1903-1906
612Cities; Augusta, 1905
613Cities; Augusta, 1905-1906
614Cities; Augusta, 1909
615Cities; Augusta, 1910
616Cities; Augusta, 1914
71Cities: Augusta; Social Events and Costumes, 1887
72Cities: Augusta, 1890-1900
73Cities: Augusta, 1899-1900
74Cities: Augusta, 1899-1901
75Cities: Augusta, 1900-1902
76Cities: Augusta, 1901-1904
77Cities: Augusta, 1901-1902
78Cities: Augusta, 1902
79Cities: Augusta; Newspaper Articles, 1888-1939
710Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1897-1917
711Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1905-1910
712Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1910-1920
713Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1918-1920
714Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1919-1923
715Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1921-1923
716Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1922-1926
717Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1927-1929
718Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1929-1939
719Cities: Augusta; Minorities, Greeks, 1931-1938
720Cities: Augusta; Pertinent Facts
721Cities: Augusta; Interview with A. Angelakos
722Cities: Augusta; Interview with Gus Antonakos
723Cities: Augusta; Interview with James Antonakos
724Cities: Augusta; Mrs. A. Antonopolus
725Cities: Augusta; Nick Blanos
726Cities: Augusta; Leonidas Calamas
727Cities: Augusta; Aristides Catrevas
728Cities: Augusta; Mrs. Anastasia Coclin
729Cities: Augusta; Gavalas Family
730Cities: Augusta; Theos Heos
731Cities: Augusta; George Holmes
732Cities: Augusta; Dora Holmes
733Cities: Augusta; Mrs. Demetria Moutos
734Cities: Augusta; Mrs. Elizabeth Pappas
735Cities: Augusta; John Patterson
736Cities: Augusta; James Rigos
737Cities: Augusta; George Skordas
738Cities: Augusta; Gus Smaragdis
739Cities: Augusta; George Thevaos
740Cities: Augusta; John Zervos
741Cities: Augusta; Peter Zaras
81Cities: Brunswick
82Cities: Columbus
83Cities: Elberton
84Cities: Macon
85Cities: Rome
86Cities: Rome
87Cities: Savannah
88Cities: Savannah (Legal Documents)
89Cities: Sunburg
810Cities: Valdosta
811Cities: Waycross
8A1Civil War
8A3Communal Experiments in Georgia
91Counties: Appling
92Counties: Atkinson
93Counties: Bacon
94Counties: Baker
95Counties: Baldwin
96Counties: Banks
97Counties: Barrow
98Counties: Bartow
101Counties: Ben Hill
102Counties: Berrien
103Counties: Bibb
104Counties: Bibb
105Counties: Bleckley
106Counties: Brantley
107Counties: Brooks
108Counties: Bryan
109Counties: Bullock
111Counties: Burke
112Counties: Butts
113Counties: Calhoun
114Counties: Camden
115Counties: Candler
116Counties: Caroll
121Counties: Catoosa
122Counties: Charlton
131Counties: Chatham
132Counties: Chatham
133Counties: Chatham; Plantation, Bonaventure
134Counties: Chatham; Plantations, a.
135Counties: Chatham, b.
136Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Lebanon
137Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Mulberry Grove
138Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Thunderbolt
139Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Vallambrosa
14Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Brampton, Causton's, Bluff, Colerain (4 Bound Volumes)
15Counties: Chatham; Plantations, Drake Rae's Hall, Richmond, OK Grove (4 Bound Volumes)
161Counties: Chattahoochee
162Counties: Chattooga
163Counties: Cherokee
164Counties: Clark
171Counties: Clay
172Counties: Clayton
173Counties: Clinch
174Counties: Cobb
175Counties: Coffee
176Counties: Colquitt
181Counties: Columbia
182Counties: Cook
183Counties: Coweta
184Counties: Crawford
185Counties: Crisp
186Counties: Dade
187Counties: Dawson
191Counties: Decatur
192Counties: Dekalb
193Counties: Dekalb
194Counties: Dodge
201Counties: Dooly
202Counties: Dougherty
203Counties: Douglas
204Counties: Early
205Counties: Echols
206Counties: Effingham
211Counties: Elbert
212Counties: Emanuel
213Counties: Evans
214Counties: Fannin
215Counties: Fayette
216Counties: Floyd
221Counties: Forsyth
222Counties: Franklin
23Counties: Franklin; Minutes of Ordinary (4 Bound Volumes)
23Court, 1829-1844 (4 Bound Volumes)
232 Deed Books, 1786-1792 (4 Bound Volumes)
23Wills (4 Bound Volumes)
24Counties: Franklin; Minutes of Ordinary (5 Bound Volumes)
24Court, 1804 (5 Bound Volumes)
24Court, 1807 (5 Bound Volumes)
24Court, 1807-1813 (5 Bound Volumes)
24Court, 1814-1823 (5 Bound Volumes)
24Deed Book, 1786-1792 (5 Bound Volumes)
251Counties: Fulton
252Counties: Fulton
253Counties: General
254Counties: General
261Counties: Gilmer
262Counties: Glascock
263Counties: Glynn
264Counties: Gordon
265Counties: Grady
266Counties: Greene
267Counties: Gwinnett
271Counties: Habersham
272Counties: Haralson
273Counties: Hall
274Counties: Hancock
275Counties: Harris
276Counties: Hart
277Counties: Heard
278Counties: Henry
279Counties: Houston
281Counties: Irwin
282Counties: Jackson
283Counties: Jasper
284Counties: Jeff Davis
285Counties: Jefferson
286Counties: Jenkins
287Counties: Johnson
291Counties: Jones
292Counties: Lamar
293Counties: Lanier
294Counties: Laurens
295Counties: Lee
296Counties: Liberty
301Counties: Lincoln
302Counties: Long
303Counties: Lowndes
304Counties: Lumpkin
305Counties: Macon
306Counties: Madison
306ACounties: Marion
307Counties: McDuffie
308Counties: McIntosh
311Counties: Meriwether
312Counties: Mitchell
313Counties: Miller
314Counties: Monroe
315Counties: Montgomery
316Counties: Morgan
317Counties: Murray
321Counties: Muscogee
322Counties: Newton
323Counties: Oconee
324Counties: Oglethorpe
325Counties: Paulding
326Counties: Peach
327Counties: Pickens
328Counties: Pierce
329Counties: Pike
331Counties: Polk
332Counties: Pulaski
333Counties: Putnam
334Counties: Quitman
335Counties: Rabun
336Counties: Randolph
337Counties: Richmond
338Counties: Rockdale
341Counties: Schley
342Counties: Screven
343Counties: Seminole
344Counties: Spalding
345Counties: Stephens
346Counties: Stewart
347Counties: Sumter
348Counties: Taliaferro
349Counties: Talbot
351Counties: Tattnall
352Counties: Taylor
353Counties: Telfair
354Counties: Terrell
355Counties: Thomas
356Counties: Tift
357Counties: Toombs
358Counties: Towns
359Counties: Treutlen
3510Counties: Troup
361Counties: Turner
362Counties: Twiggs
363Counties: Union
364Counties: Upson
365Counties: Walker
366Counties: Walton
367Counties: Ware
368Counties: Warren
369Counties: Washington
3610Counties: Washington
371Counties: Webster
372Counties: Wheeler
373Counties: White
374Counties: Whitfield
375Counties: Wilcox
376Counties: Wilkes
377Counties: Wilkinson
378Counties: Worth
381Courts: City Courts
382Courts: County Courts
383Courts: Dourt of Appeals
384Courts: District Courts
385Courts: Federal Courts in Georgia
386Courts: Federal Courts, 1789-1800
387Courts: Federal Courts, 1801-1835
388Courts: Federal Courts, 1835-1861
389Courts: Federal Courts, 1861-1874
3810Courts: Federal Courts, 1874-1888
3811Courts: Federal Courts, 1888-present
3812Courts: Georgia Courts
3813Courts: Georgia Under the Crown
3814Courts: Inferior County Courts
3815Courts: Peace Courts
3816Courts: Justices, U.S. Circuit Court
3817Courts: Justices; U.S. Supreme Court
3818Courts: Juvenile Courts of Georgia
3819Courts: Municipal Courts
3820Courts: Ordinary Courts
3821Courts: Territorial Arrangement of Georgia Districts
3822Courts: Cuisine
391Dead Towns: A-C
392Dead Towns: D-F
393Dead Towns: G-I
394Dead Towns: J-O
395Dead Towns: P
396Dead Towns: Q-S
397Dead Towns: T-Z
398Dead Towns: Bibliography
401Education: General
403Fact Book
411Folklore: Animals
412Folklore: Anecdotes
413Folklore: Atlanta
414Folklore: Augusta
415Folklore: Bibliography
416Folklore: Biographics
417Folklore: Blacks
418Folklore: Character Indications
419Folklore: Charms
4110Folklore: Dance
4111Folklore: Death/Burial Customs
4112Folklore: Dirt Eaters
4113Folklore: Dreams
4114Folklore: Farming
4115Folklore: Fishing
4116Folklore: General
4117Folklore: Ghost Stories
4118Folklore: Hart, Nancy
4119Folklore: Hunting
421Folklore: Indians
422Folklore: Interviews
423Folklore: Language; Contributions
424Folklore: Language; Dialect
425Folklore: Medicine
426Folklore: Middle Georgia
427Folklore: Mountain Regions
428Folklore: Music
429Folklore: Mythology
4210Folklore: Religion
4211Folklore: Sayings
4212Folklore: Slavery
4213Folklore: Slavery
431Folklore: Miscellaneous
432Folklore: Miscellaneous
433Georgia Writers Project; Bibliography
442Government: General
443Government: State
45Georgia Colonial Wills Vol. I, II (5 Bound Volumes)
45Receipt Books, 1787-1798 (5 Bound Volumes)
45Index Book "D" (Bonds, Bills, Deeds), 1792-1813 (5 Bound Volumes)
45Minutes of House Assembly (5 Bound Volumes)
45Board of Commissioners, 1786 (5 Bound Volumes)
46Executive Council Index, 1785-1786 (3 Bound Volumes)
46Executive Council Minutes, 1786-1788 (3 Bound Volumes)
46Executive Council Minutes, 1788-1789 (3 Bound Volumes)
47Executive Council Minutes, January-May 1789 (4 Bound Volumes)
47Executive Department Minutes, 1792-1799 (4 Bound Volumes)
48Executive Council Minutes, 1789 (4 Bound Volumes)
48Executive Council Minutes, 1792-1793 (4 Bound Volumes)
48Executive Council Minutes, 1793-1797 (4 Bound Volumes)
48Executive Council Minutes, 1797-1799 (4 Bound Volumes)
49General Assembly Journal, 1787-1788 (3 Bound Volumes)
49Senate Journal, November-December 1799 (3 Bound Volumes)
49Senate Journal, 1789-1803 (3 Bound Volumes)
50Governor's Letter Book: Walton, Telfair, Matthews, Handly (4 Bound Volumes)
51Governor's Letter Book (3 Bound Volumes)
51Matthews, Jackson (3 Bound Volumes)
52Georgia House Journal, 1783-1784 (4 Bound Volumes)
52Georgia House Journal, 1784-1785 (4 Bound Volumes)
52Georgia House Journal, 1785-1786 (4 Bound Volumes)
52Georgia House Journal, July-August 1786 (4 Bound Volumes)
53Georgia House Journal, January-February 1789 (4 Bound Volumes)
53Georgia House Journal, November-June 1790 (4 Bound Volumes)
53Georgia House Journal, November-June 1789-1790 (4 Bound Volumes)
53Index, House Journal, 1796-1797 (4 Bound Volumes)
54Georgia House Journal, November 1800 (2 Bound Volumes)
54Georgia House Journal, 1799-1802 (2 Bound Volumes)
551History: State History
552History: State History
553History: State History
554Historic American Buildings
555Holidays: Georgia Holidays
556Horse Traders
557Industry and Commerce
561Indians: Archeological
562Indians: General
563Indians: Treaties
57Indian Depredations: Volume I, parts 1-4 (5 Bound Volumes)
57Georgia Force Transcripts, 1782-1789 (5 Bound Volumes)
58Indian Depredations: Vol. II, Parts 1-2 (3 Bound Volumes)
58Indian Depredations: Vol. V (3 Bound Volumes)
59Indian Depredations Vol.III (Two parts) (3 Bound Volumes)
59Indian Depredations Various Dates (3 Bound Volumes)
60Creek Indian Letters and Treaties 1813-1821 (3 Bound Volumes)
60Creek Indian Letters and Treaties 1822-1939 (3 Bound Volumes)
60Indian Treaties and Cession of Land 1705-1837 (3 Bound Volumes)
61Indian Letters 1782-1839 (4 Bound Volumes)
61Creek Indian Letters (4 Bound Volumes)
61Talks, Treaties, Part IV1 (4 Bound Volumes)
61Talks, Treaties, Part IV2 (4 Bound Volumes)
61Report on Georgia Indian situation 1825 (4 Bound Volumes)
62Creek Indian Letters, Talks, Treaties Part I1 (4 Bound Volumes)
62Creek Indian Letters, Talks, Treaties Part I2 (4 Bound Volumes)
62Creek Indian Letters, Talks, Treaties Part II (4 Bound Volumes)
62Creek Indian Letters, Talks, Treaties Part II (4 Bound Volumes)
631Life Stories (a)
632Life Stories (b)
633Life Stories (c)
641Life Stories (d)
642Life Stories (e)
643Life Stories (f)
644Life Stories (g)
65Military Affairs Vol. 1 (2 Bound Volumes)
65Military Affairs Vol. 2 (2 Bound Volumes)
66Military Affairs Vol. 3 (2 Bound Volumes)
66Military Affairs Vol. 4 (2 Bound Volumes)
67Military Affairs Vol. 5 (3 Bound Volumes)
67Military Affairs Vol. 6 (3 Bound Volumes)
67Military Affairs Vol. 8 (3 Bound Volumes)
68Military Affairs Vol. 7 (2 Bound Volumes)
68Military Affairs Vol. 9 (2 Bound Volumes)
69Military Record Book (Index) (2 Bound Volumes)
69Military Record Book 1779-1839 (2 Bound Volumes)
701Military Installations
707Penal Institutions
708Place Names
709Post Offices
7010Power Companies
7011Public Health
711Radio Plays (a)
712Radio Plays (b)
713Radio Plays (c)
714Radio Plays (d)
715Radium Springs
718Rivers and Streams
7110Secret Organizations
7111Senators (Georgia)
7114Soil Conservation
721Spanish Missions
723State Flag, Bird, Flower
724State Capitol
725State Seal
726Tallulah Falls School
7210Warm Springs
7212Washington, Southern Tour
7213Water Supply
7215Woodward Academy
7216World War II
7217Yazoo Fraud

Biographical sketches

731Biographical sketches, A
Abercrombie, Thomas Franklin, M.D.
Adair, George W.
Aiken, Warren
Allgood, Andrew Perry
Amatis, Nicholas
Anderson, George Thomas
Arnaud, William Edward
Arnold, Richard Dennis
Atkinson, William Yates
Avery, Isaac Wheeler
Austell, Alfred
732Biographical Sketches, B-Boe
Baber, Ambrose
Bacon, Augustus Octavius
Baker, Thomas Hudson
Baldwin, Abraham
Bard, Samuel, M.D.
Barnard, Timothy
Barnett, John L.
Barnsley, Godfrey
Barrow, Pope
Bass, William
Battey, Robert, M.D.
Berrien, John McPherson
Berry, Martha McChesney
Bethune, Thomas Greene (Blind Tom)
Bibb, William W.
Black, Eugene R.
Bleckley, Logan Edwin
Blount, James Henderson
Boehler, Peter
733Biographical Sketches, Bol-Bro
Boltzius, Johann Martin
Bomar, Benjamin F., M.D.
Bosomworth, Thomas and Mary
Bowen, Eliza
Bowen, Oliver
Bowles, William Augustus
Boynton, James S.
Braithwaite, William Stanley
Brittain, Marion L.
Brown, Joseph Emerson
Brown, Joseph Mackey
Brown, Thomas
Brownson, Nathan
734Biographical Sketches, Bru-Bu
Brumby, James Remley
Brumby, Richard Trappier
Brumby, Thomas M.
Brumby, Thomas Mason, Lieut
Bryan, Jonathan
Bryan, Mary Edwards
Buell, Willis
Bulloch, Archibald
Bulloch, James Dunwoody
Bullock, Rufus Brown
Bumstead, Horace
Butler, Pierce
Butt, William M.
735Biographical Sketches, Ca
Cabaniss, Eldridge Guerry
Calhoun, James M.
Calhoun, William Lowndes
Campbell, Henry F.
Candler, Allen Daniel
Candler, Asa Griggs
Candler, Warren A.
Capers, William
Carnes, Thomas
Carnochan, John Murray
Carr, Patrick
Caruthers, William Alexander
Casey, John A., M.D. (contains account of Dr. R.M. Berrien)
Causton, Thomas
736Biographical Sketches, Ch-Co
Charlton, Robert M.
Charlton, Thomas Usher Pulaski
Chivers, Thomas Holly
Clarke, Elijah
Clarke, John
Clay, Alexander Stephens
Clay, Joseph, Rev.
Clements, Judson Claudius
Clopton, David
Cobb, Thomas W.
Collier, George Washington
Colquitt, Alfred Holt
Colquitt, Walter T.
Conley, Benjamin
Cook, Philip
Cooper, Mark Anthony
Coppee, Henry
Couper, James Hamilton
737Biographical Sketches, Cr-Cu
Crawford, George Walker
Crawford, Martin Jenkins
Crawford, William H.
Crisp, Charles Frederick
Crowe, Bonita
Culberson, David Browning
Cumming Family
Cuthbert, Alfred
741Biographical Sketches, D
Dabney, Austin
Dale, Samuel
Davis, Jefferson
Dawson, William Crosby
DeBrahm, William Gerard
DeRenne, George Wimberly Jones
Dill, John
Dobbs, Samuel Chandler
Dooly, John M.
Dorsey, Hugh M.
Driesler, John Ulrich
742Biographical Sketches, E
Early, Peter
Echols, Robert M.
Edwards, Harry Stillwell
Elbert, Samuel
Elliot, John
Ellis, Henry
Emanuel, David
English, James W.
Erskine, John
Evans, Clement Anselm
Evans, Lawton Bryan
Ewan, William
743Biographical Sketches, F
Fannin, James Walker
Felton, Rebecca Latimer
Felton, William Harrel
Few, William
Field, John W., M.D.
Fite, Augustus Warren
Fitzgerald, Oscar Penn
Flannery, John
Floyd, Charles Rinaldo
Floyd, John
Formwalt, Moses W.
Forsyth, John
Fremont, John Charles
Fuller, William Allen
Furlow, Floyd Charles
744Biographical Sketches, G-Go
Gachet, Charles
Galphin, George
George, James Zachariah
George, Walter Franklin
Gibbons, William
Gibbs, Thomas F.
Gibson, William
Gilbert, Joshua, M.D.
Gilmer, George Rockingham
Gordon, George
Gordon, John Brown
Gordon, William Washington
Goodrum, Charles Lane
Goulding, Francis Robert
745Biographical Sketches, Gr-Gw
Grace, Bishop
Grady, Henry Woodfin
Graham, John
Graves, John Temple
Gray, Edmund
Green, Duff
Greene, Nathaniel
Grier, Robert
Grieve, Miller
Gunn, James
Gwinnett, Button
746Biographical Sketches Ha-Han
Habersham, Joseph
Hale, William Gardner
Hall, Lyman, M.D.
Hammond, Nathaniel Job
Hammond, Samuel
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo
747Biographical Sketches Har-Hy
Harben, William Nathaniel
Hardee, William Joseph
Hardwick, Thomas W.
Harris, Corra May
Harris, Francis
Harris, Joel Chandler
Harris, Julia Collier
Harris, Julian LaRose
Harris, Nathaniel Edwin
Harris, Sampson
Harris, William J.
Harrison, George Paul
Harrison, William Pope
Hart, Nancy
Hastings, Selina
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hayes, Roland
Haygood, Atticus Green
Haygood, Laura Askew
Hayne, Paul Hamilton
Heard, Stephen
Herbert, Henry
Herndon, Angelo
Herring, Augustus Moore
Herty, Charles H.
Hill, Benjamin Harvey
Hill, Joshua
Hillhouse, Sarah Porter
Hillyer, George
Hodgson, Hugh
Hoke, Michael, M.D.
Holcombe, Henry
Hopson, Elizabeth Louise
Horton, William
Houstoun, John
Houstoun, William
Howard, Charles Wallace
Howell, Evan Park
Howley, Richard
Hurt, Joel
Hutcheson, Arthur
Hutcheson, R.B.
Hyer, Robert Stewart
Hymes, Lula
751Biographical Sketches, I
Inman, Samuel Martin
Irwin, Jared
Iverson, Alfred
Ivy, Hardy
752Biographical Sketches, J
Jacobs, Thornwell
Jackson, James
Jasper, William
Jay, William
Jenkins, Charles Jones
Jones, Bobby
Jones, George
Jones, Joseph Cranston
Jones, Samuel Porter
Johnson, Hershal Vespasian
Johnson, James
753Biographical Sketches, K
Kemble, Frances Ann
Kemeys, Edward
King Family
King, John P.
Knight, Clara Corinne
Knight, Lucia Lamar
Knox, William
754Biographical Sketches, L
Lafayette, Marquis de
Lamar Family
Lamar, Joseph Rucker
Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus
Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Jr.
Lanier, Sidney
LeConte, John
LeVert, Octavia Walton
Lindner, George Frederick
Little, William
Long, Crawford W., M.D.
Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin
Longstreet, Ellen Dortch
Longstreet, William
Loveman, Robert
Lowry, Robert J.
Lumpkin, Wilson
755Biographical Sketches, M-Mc
Mackay, Hugh
Maddox, Robert Flournoy
Maddox, Robert Foster
Malbone, Edward Greene
Maquino, Antonio
Markham, William
Martin, John
Mathews, George
Mattingly, Jane McFarlin
Mayes, Joel Bryan
McAllister, Hall
McAllister, Matthew Hall
McCall, Hugh
McCay, Henry Kent
McDaniel, Henry Dickerson
McDonald, Charles James
McGillivray, Alexander
McGirth, Daniel
McIntosh, James Simmons
McIntosh, Lacheln
McIntosh, Roley
McIntosh, William
McKinley, Carlyle
McLeod, Hugh
756Biographical Sketches, M
Mercer, Jesse
Mell, Patrick Hues
Menendez de Aviles, Pedro
Michael, Moina
Milledge, John
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Homer Virgil Milton
Milner, John Turner
Mims, J.F.
Mitchell, David Bradie
Montgomery, Edmund Duncan
Moore, Francis
Musgrove, Mary
Munn, William O.
761Biographical Sketches, N-O
Napier, George Moultrie
Newman, William T.
Nichols, Julia (Julie Nickerson)
Nicholson, William Perrin
Nitschmann, David
Norcross, Jonathan
Norris, William
Northen, William J.
Norwood, Thomas M.
Oemler, Arminius
Oglethorpe, James Edward
762Biographical Sketches, P-Q
Palmer, Benjamin Morgan
Pardee, Don Albert
Parker, Henry
Payne, John Howard
Penfield, Josiah
Peters, Richard
Pierce, William Leigh
Pierson, Hamilton Wilcox
Pinchback, Pickney Benton Stewart
Pound, Jere M.
Priber, Christian Gottlieb
Prince, Oliver H.
Pulaski, Casimir
Quincy, Samuel
763Biographical Sketches, R
Rabun, William
Reynolds, John
Ribaut, Jean
Rice, Frank P.
Ridge, Major
Rivers, Eurith Dickinson
Rogers, Moses
Ross, John
Root, John Wellborn
Roy, Charles Dunbar
Rubinstein, Beryl
Ruger, Thomas Howard
Russell, Richard Brevard Jr.
Rutherford, Mildred Lewis
Ryan, Abram Joseph
764Biographical Sketches, Sa-Sl
Sallette, Robert
Sanford, Steadman Vincent
Saunders, William Lawrence
Savy, John
Scarborough, William, Ph.D.
Scarbrough, William
Schley, William
Scott, Thomas Fielding
Scott, Winfield
Shannon, William
Sharpe, John J.A.
Sheftall, Mordecai
Sheldon, Charles A. Jr.
Sherwood, Adiel
Shorter, Alfred
Shorter, John Gill
Simons, Abraham
Slaton, John M.
765BIographical Sketches, Sm
Small, Sam W.
Smith, Bridges
Smith, Charles Henry (Bill Arp)
Smith, Hadden
Smith, Hoke
Smith, James Milton
766Biographical Sketches, Sp-St
Spangenberg, Augustus Gottlieb
Sparks, William Henry
Speer, Emory
Spencer, Samuel
Stanton, Frank Libby
Stephens, Alexander H.
Stephens, Nan Ba by
Stephens, Thomas
Stephens, William
Stimson, Alexander Lovett
Straus, Isidor
Stribling, William L.
767Biographical Sketches, T-Ti
Tailfer, Patrick
Tait, Charles
Talbot, John
Talbot, Matthew
Talmadge, Eugene
Tate, Sam
Tattnall, Josiah
Taylor, Charlotte DeBernier
Telfair, Edward
Terrell, Joseph Merriwether
Teusler, Rudolf Bolling
Thomas, Charles Spalding
Ticknor, Francis Orray
Tift, Nelson
768Biographical Sketches, To-Tw
Toombs, Robert
Towns, George W.
Townsend, William Benjamin Franklin
Townsend, William Thomas
Traub, Peter Edward
Treulten, John Adam
Troup, George M.
Turner, Henry McNeal
Twiggs, John
771Vann, James
772Biographical Sketches, Wa
Walker, Clifford M.
Walker, Freeman
Walker, William Henry Talbot
Walton, George
Ward, John Elliot
Ware, Edmund Asa
Ware, Nicholas
Waters, Thomas
Watie, Stand
Watson, Thomas Edward
Wayne, Anthony
773Biographical Sketches, We-Z
Wereat, John
Wesley, Charles
West, William Stanley
Westmoreland, Willis Foreman, M.D.
White, George
Whitefield, George
Whitney, Eli
Wilcox, Jefferson
Wilde, Richard Henry
Williams, James Etheldred
Williams, Luther
Williamson, Micajah
Williamson, Sarah Gilliam
Wilson, Augusta Evans
Winkler, Edwin Theodore
Woodruff, Hale
Wright, James
Wylie, Lollie Belle
Young, Pierce Manning Butler
Zubly, John Joachin