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Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 4. Correspondence

Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 4. Correspondence

Descriptive Summary

Title: Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 4. Correspondence
Creator: Cuyler, Telamon Cruger Smith, 1873-1951
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1951
Bulk Dates: 1932-1948
Language(s): English
Extent: 20.6 Linear Feet (48 document boxes, 7 half boxes)
Extent: Series 4 consist of boxes 108-162 of the Telemon Cuyler collection.
Collection Number: ms1170.series4
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Telamon Cruger Smith Cuyler (1873-1951) was born in Rome (Ga.) to Captain Henry Hunter Smith and Estelle Cuyler Smith. He legally changed his surname from Smith to Cuyler in 1905. In 1893, he received a Bachelor of Law degree from the Univeristy of Georgia. In 1900, he married Grace Barton and they had two children. Between 1895 and 1905, he served as special counsel for the governements of Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and Chile. Cuyler authored sixty privately printed works on Southern, Confederate, and Georgia history. Upon his death in 1951, his large collection of historical documents and photographs were willed to the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Scope and Content

Series 4. Correspondence consists of correspondence of Telamon Cuyler from 1880-1951. The correspondence includes incoming letters and typed carbons of Cuyler's outgoing correspondence as well as contracts, receipts, and telegrams. The materials document Cuyler's activities and contain information on his real estate ventures; the cotton and textile industry, trade, and mills; Cuyler's law practice in Atlanta (Ga.) and New York (N.Y.); sales of ordnance and commodities to Europe, particularly Paris (France) during World War I and II; the flax trade and industry; Cuyler's book and autograph collections; Cuyler's involvement with the University of Georgia's War Memorial Board (1935-1939); and some sporadic (1905, 1942-1948) correspondence and reminiscences pertaining to his involvement in the Russo-Japanese Peace Conference (1905).

The series also contains correspondence with Marguerite Rathereedan regarding World War II which discusses life in Great Britain during the war, politics, and the Bundles for Britain program. Other correspondents include James W. Austin, Frank Butterworth, Herbert Choate, Barton Cuyler, Grace Barton Cuyler, Marmaduke Hamilton Floyd, John B. Gamble, Walter Hinton, Cuyler's father, Henry W. Smith, and William Warren.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged mainly chronologically, occasionally by topic.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Telamon Cuyler collection, MS 1170: Series 4. Telamon Cuyler Correspondence. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2010 May 24.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Austin, James W. (James Waddy), 1860-
Book collectors -- Georgia.
Butterworth, Frank
Choate, Herbert
Cotton trade -- Southern States.
Cuyler, Barton, 1908-
Cuyler, Grace Barton
Flax industry -- Southern States.
Floyd, Marmaduke Hamilton, 1888-1949
Gamble, John B.
Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1936-1945.
Hinton, Walter
Lawyers -- Georgia.
Lawyers -- New York (State)
Practice of law -- Georgia.
Practice of law -- New York (State)
Rathereedan, Marguerite
Real estate business -- Southern States.
Russo-Japanese Peace Conference (1905)
Smith, Henry H.
United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
University of Georgia. War Memorial Board
Warren, William
World War, 1914-1918 -- Equipment and supplies.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

1081Drawing, 1880
by Telamon Cuyler at age 7
1082Letter, 1882
Mr. Gladstone to Theodore Bryant
1083Telegram, 1883
J. Howard Nichols to H. H. Smith
1084Receipts, 1884
Bar Association banquet menu
includes letter about Katie Cox
includes book of notes and lists by Cuyler
includes prophecy of Cuyler's future, and a letter from Eugene R. Black
108141897 January-March
108151897 April-September
108161897 October
includes "steamer letters" to Cuyler aboard S. S. St. Paul from Katherine Dillon and Patricia Cosgrave, also writing by Cuyler re: cotton trade
108171897 November
108181897 December
108191897 undated
10911898 January-June
includes correspondence to Cuyler from Katherine Dillon and Patricia Cosgrave
10921898 July-December
includes correspondence to Cuyler from Katherine Dillon and Patricia Cosgrave
1093Empty envelope, dried flowers, 1898
10941899 January
includes letters to Cuyler in Philadelphia from his father
10951899 February-May
10961899 June
includes letters to Cuyler in California from his parents
10971899 July
includes letters to Cuyler in California from his parents
10981899 August-September
includes letters to Cuyler in California from his parents
10991899 October
109101899 November
109111899 December
business letters re: cotton mills
109121899 undated
legal forms re: cotton mills
1101Business letters and clippings, 1900 January
11021900 February
includes clippings, letter to Grace Barton
11031900 March
11041900 April
11051900 May
11061900 June
11071900 July
11081900 August
includes clipping
11091900 September
110101900 October
includes clipping
11011Letters and clippings, 1900 November
re: wedding of Telamon Cuyler/Grace Barton
110121900 December 1-25
110131900 December 26-30
business letters of J. Howard Bromley and others
11111901 January
includes clippings
11121901 February
includes clipping
11131901 March
includes information re: estate of John Barton, clipping
11141901 April
includes letter from H. H. Smith
11151901 May
includes clippings
11161901 June
includes clipping
11171901 July
11181901 August
11191901 September
111101901 October
includes clipping
111111901 November
111121901 December & nd
111131902 January
includes clippings, coat of arms drawing
111141902 February
includes medical instructions
111151902 March
includes cotton mill stock quotations
111161902 April
includes letter from Fielding G. Smith
111171902 May
111181902 June
111191902 July
includes letters re: birth of daughter
111201902 August
111211902 September
111221902 October
111231902 November & nd
11211903 January-March
includes list of tenants on plantation
11221903 April
letters and clippings re: death of Henry H. Smith, printed material of reunion of Confederate Veterans of Richmond 1896
11231903 May-June
includes letters and articles by Gen. John B. Gordon, clippings
11241903 July
11251903 August-September
includes letter to Cuyler from Mother
11261903 October
includes letters to Cuyler from Mother
11271903 November-December
includes clippings
1128Business letters, 1904 January
Carl Mayer & Co. and others, letter from Mother
1129Business letters and personal letters, 1904 February
between H. H. Smith Co. in New York and Atlanta, some Cuyler genealogy and
11210Business letters and personal letters, 1904 March
between H. H. Smith Co. in New York and Atlanta, also
11211Business letters and personal letters, 1904 April
between H. H. Smith Co. in New York and Atlanta, also
11212Business letters, 1904 May
includes Cuyler's notes on sailing to Europe, between J. D. Patterson, Jr. and H. H. Smith Co.
11311904 July
includes society clippings
11321904 August
11331904 September
11341904 October
11351904 November
includes society clippings
11361904 December
1137Personal letters, 1904-undated
11381905 January
11391905 February
includes letter to wife, clippings re: Cuyler's name change
113101905 March
includes printed material
113111905 April
includes copyright application, U.C.V. report
113121905 May
113131905 June
includes letter to wife
113141905 July
113151905 August
includes University of Georgia campus expansion plan
113161905 September
business letters including lawsuit K. Egan & Co. vs T. Cuyler, clippings
113171905 October
113181905 November
includes program of 1 st Squadron North Atlantic Fleet, clippings
113191905 December
113201905 undated
11411906 January
11421906 February
includes clippings
11431906 March
includes clippings
11441906 April
11451906 May
includes clipping
11461906 June
business letters re: roster of the surviving general officers of CSA
11471906 July
business letters re: roster of the surviving general officers of CSA
11481906 August
11491906 September
114101906 October
114111906 November
114121906 December
114131906 undated
includes clippings, poem by Hendrick Cuyler
114141907 January
includes Travellers Club (Paris) booklet
114151907 February
114161907 March
includes Rector's Restaurant menu
114171907 April
includes clipping
114181907 May
114191907 June
11511907 July
11521907 August
includes Cuyler's pathology report
11531907 September
includes printed material re: Church of St. Leonard
11541907 October
includes printed material re: NY Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
11551907 November
includes engravers proof for Leslie's Monthly, NY theater listing
11561907 December
11571908 January
11581908 February
includes Lincoln Fellowship material
11591908 March
115101908 April
115111908 May
includes dinner program for NY Society of Order of Founders & Patriots of America
115121908 June
includes information on birth of Cuyler's son Barton
115131908 July
includes letter from former slave, photographs of H. H. Smith
115141908 September
115151908 October
115161908 November
115171908 December
11611909 January
includes letter from Tuskegee Institute, incomplete letter to J.R.Lamar
11621909 February
11631909 March
includes letter from C. O Howard
11641909 April
11651909 May
11661909 June
includes booklet re: Confederate Veteran Camp of NY
11671909 July
11681909 August
includes Huguenot Society of America program
11691909 September
116101909 October
116111909 November
116121909 December
includes Cuyler's account of 2 ndvisit to Weymouth, England and account of Sarah Brooks who could "see" Napoleon
116131910 January
116141910 February
116151910 March
includes printed material re: Huguenot Society of America, R.M.S. Mauretania
116161910 April
includes information re: Thomas Fuller, autographed Authors' Club menu
116171910 May
includes information re: funeral of King Edward VII
116181910 June
includes letter from Cuyler with details of funeral of King Edward VII
116191910 July
116201910 August
includes Fulton County Democratic Primary ballot
116211910 September
includes photograph of Thomas Fuller memorial tablet, letter from daughter to grandmother, letter re: Coca-Cola
116221910 October
116231910 December and nd
includes leases to tenants on Mrs. Smith's farm
11711911 January
personal letter to Mrs. E. S. Cuyler
11721911 February-March
11731911 April
11741911 May
11751911 June
11761911 July
11771911 August
11781911 September
11791911 October
117101911 November
117111911 December
117121912 January
117131912 February
includes letters to Estelle Smith in Pennsylvania hospital, clipping re: Col. Constantine Perkins
117141912 March
includes letters to Estelle Smith in Pennsylvania hospital
117151912 April
117161912 May
117171912 June
117181912 July
117191912 August
117201912 September
117211912 October
117221912 November
117231912 December and nd
11811913 January
11821913 February
11831913 March
11841913 April
11851913 May
11861913 June
11871913 July
11881913 August
11891913 October
118101913 November
118111913 December
118121914 January
118131914 February
includes Piedmont Driving Club items
118141914 May
includes clippings
118151914 July
118161914 September
118171914 November
118181915 February
118191915 April
118201915 June
118211915 July
118221915 August
includes writings by Cuyler re: politics
118231915 September
118241915 October
includes letters re: manufacturing of weapons/ammunition
118251915 November
includes letters re: manufacturing of weapons/ammunition
118261915 December
includes letters re: manufacturing of weapons/ammunition
11911916 January
includes letters re: divorce proceeding
11921916 February
includes letters re: barbed wire
11931916 March
11941916 April
includes letters re: ammunition/barbed wire sales
11951916 May
includes letters re: ammunition/barbed wire sales
11961916 June
includes letters re: ammunition/barbed wire sales
11971916 July
11981916 August
11991916 September
119101916 October
119111916 November
includes legal release form from Isabella Barton to Telamon Cuyler, estate of Estelle Smith, election ballots
119121916 December and nd
119131917 January
119141917 February
119151917 March
119161917 April
119171917 May
includes seating list for dinner honoring British and French War Commissioners
119181917 June
119191917 July
119201917 August
119211917 September
119221917 October
119231917 November
119241917 December and nd
12011918 January
includes Beverwyck menu with autographs
12021918 February
includes Hallock/Graffenried wedding announcement
12031918 March
12041918 April
includes Liberty Loan address by W. G. McAdoo
12051918 May
12061918 June
includes commencement program Georgia Normal and Industrial College in Milledgeville
12071918 July
12081918 September
12091918 October
120101918 November
includes Cuyler's application for commission in Army, Oglethorpe University brochure
120111918 December
120121919 January
120131919 February
120141919 March
120151919 April
120161919 May
120171919 June
includes writings by Cuyler re: cotton sales
120181919 July
120191919 August
includes Cuyler's note re: trip from Arizona to California
120201919 September
includes Sons of Confederate Veterans reunion material
120211919 October
includes letters re: NC4 seaplane
120211919 November
includes dinner program for Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, booklet re: visit of Prince of Wales to NY
120221919 December
includes letters re: NC4 seaplane, Prince of Wales visit
12111920 January
includes Jackson Day dinner program, Princeton Dinner seating list
12121920 April
12131920 May
12141920 June
12151920 July
12161920 August
12171920 September
12181920 October
12191920 November
121101920 December
includes pamphlet re: exhibition of art by Richard Ederheimer
121111920 undated
includes Cuyler's notes re: California trip
121121921 March
includes printed material re: Count Spiridovich
121131921 April
121141921 June
121151921 July
includes letter from L. A. Kloor with scrap of flag flown over Rockaway Air Station
121161921 September
121171921 October
includes dinner program for Admiral Earl Beatty
121181921 November
includes dinner program for General Armando Vittorio Diaz
121191921 December
includes letters to ex-wife and daughter, Cuyler's calendar for season of 1921-1922
12211922 January
includes dinner program for Brethren of the Amen Corner
12221922 February
12231922 March
12241922 April
12251922 May
12261922 June
12271922 August
12281922 September
includes dinner menus
12291922 October
122101922 November
122111922 December
122121923 January
122131923 February
includes correspondence with son Barton
122141923 March
includes correspondence with son Barton
122151923 April
122161923 May
includes letters to ex-wife and children
122171923 June
includes letter from Cuyler re: ex-wife's behavior and his children
122181923 July
includes letters re: ex-wife's behavior
122191923 August
122201923 September
122211923 October
122221923 November
122231923 December
12311924 January
includes letter from Burwell of South African Breweries
12321924 February
12331924 March
12341924 April
includes letters re: Cuyler's plan to export peaches to Europe
12351924 May
includes letter from Burwell of South African Breweries
12361924 June
12371924 July
12381924 August
includes legal agreement between Cuyler and National Natatoriums
12391924 September
includes banquet program for John J. Pershing, agreement with National Country Club Bureau
123101924 October
123111924 November
123121924 December
123131925 January
123141925 February
includes Isabella Barton estate inventory
123151925 March
includes banquet menu & clippings re: Museum of Legion of Honor in Paris, Hilditch & Key vs. Cuyler
123161925 April
123171925 May
123181925 June
123191925 July
includes letters to ex-wife
123201925 August
123211925 September
includes Cuyler's notes re: talks and visits with ex-wife and children
123221925 October
123231925 November
123241925 December
12411926 January
12421926 February
12431926 March
12441926 April
includes program re: charity fete on board "Transatlantique"
12451926 May
12461926 June
includes photostat of Richard E. Byrd letter
12471926 July
includes letters to son and plans for house for him on Cuyler's plantation
12481926 August
12491926 September
124101926 October
includes invitation to dedication of Persia Building in Philadelphia
124111926 November
124121926 December
includes letters to ex-wife, yearbook of France-America Society
124131927 January
includes wedding announcement of Edith Loughborough/Justice William Harman Black
124141927 February
124151927 March
124161927 April
includes clippings of daughter's wedding to Count de Mun
124171927 May
124181927 June
124191927 July
124201927 August
includes letters re: Jeremiah Cuyler
124211927 September
124221927 October
124231927 November
124241927 December
124251928 February
124261928 May
124271928 June
includes letters re: Jacobs Pharmacy
124281928 July
includes letters re: Jacobs Pharmacy
124291928 August
includes letters re: Jacobs Pharmacy
124301928 September
124311928 October
124321928 November
124331928 December
12511929 January
12521929 February
12531929 April
12541929 June
12551929 July
12561929 August
12571929 September
12581929 October
12591929 December
125101930 February
125111930 March
125121930 April
includes information re: debt of Cuyler to B. A. Judd
125131930 May
includes information re: debt of Cuyler to B. A. Judd
125141930 June
125151930 July
125161930 August
125171930 September
125181930 October
125191930 November
125201930 December & nd
125211931 January
125221931 February
125231931 March
125241931 April
includes Cuyler's diary notes for April 6
125251931 May
Cuyler is in Toombs Prison in New York
125261931 June
includes telegrams from Cuyler seeking bond money
125271931 July
125281931 August
includes clipping re: indictment against Cuyler for swindling scheme
125291931 September
125301931 October
125311931 November
includes autographed menu from Thanksgiving dinner at Clower Plantation
125321931 December
12611932 January
includes notes for Cuyler's article on American genealogy
12621932 February
12631932 March
includes clipping and letter re: George Eastman suicide
12641932 April
12651932 May
12661932 June
12671932 July
12681932 August
includes clipping "Radio address of Tom Hardwick", letters from Eugene Talmadge
12691932 September
includes letters from Eugene Talmadge and Margaret Davis Cate
126101932 October
126111932 November
includes letter re: Stone Mountain Spring Water
126121932 December
includes many letters from Catherine Radziwill, printed material re: Armstrong Seadrome
12711933 January
12721933 February
12731933 March
includes letters to daughter re: Estelle Smith estate
12741933 April
includes Cuyler's ideas for a log cabin restaurant
12751933 May
12761933 June
12771933 July
12781933 August
12791933 September
includes menu from Les Charmettes in NY
127101933 October
includes letters re: Armstrong Seadrome (see 126:12)
127111933 November
includes letters re: President Roosevelt's visit to Savannah, Seadrome, Oscar Tschirky and the Waldorf-Astoria
127121933 December
includes material re: exchange of Whitehall Street property for Atlanta Linen Towel Supply
12811934 January
12821934 February
12831934 March
12841934 April
12851934 May
includes Cuyler's proposal for a wildlife preserve in Georgia
12861934 June
12871934 July
12881934 August
12911934 September
12921934 October 1-21
includes letters re: Cuyler's articles in Atlanta Georgiantitled "40 Years Ago"
12931934 October 22-31
includes Cuyler's writings about Woodrow Wilson and articles in Atlanta Georgian
12941934 November 1-10
includes letters re: articles "40 Years Ago"
12951934 November 11-30
includes letters re: articles "40 Years Ago"
12961934 December 1-20
includes letters re: articles "40 Years Ago"
12971934 December 21-31 & nd
includes letters re: articles "40 Years Ago"
13011935 January
13021935 February
13031935 March
includes Cuyler's letter re: divorce and children, and "scrapbook" of letters, etc. re: son Barton
13041935 April 1-14
13051935 April 15-30
includes material re: Rollins College, "scrapbook" of letters, etc. re: son Barton
13061935 May
13071935 June
13111935 July
13121935 August
includes correspondence with ex-wife Grace
13131935 September
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13141935 October 1-19
includes correspondence with ex-wife, Cuyler's thoughts on war in Europe
13151935 October 20-31
includes correspondence with ex-wife, folder of notes re: renovations and furnishings at farm
13161935 November
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13171935 December & nd
includes correspondence with ex-wife, "Just 40 Years Ago" Christmas card, notes and writings by Cuyler
13211936 January
includes correspondence with ex-wife Grace
13221936 February
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13231936 March
includes letters re: articles by Cuyler "Belles of the 90's"
13241936 April
includes correspondence with ex-wife, letters re: "Belles of the 90's"
13251936 May
13261936 June
includes correspondence with ex-wife re: son
13271936 July
includes correspondence with ex-wife re: son
13281936 August
13291936 September
includes correspondence with ex-wife re: son
132101936 October
includes correspondence with ex-wife, E. Merton Coulter
132111936 November
includes correspondence with ex-wife and son, corr. with Ernest Henderson re: Margaret Mitchell
132121936 December
includes correspondence with ex-wife and son
13311937 January
includes correspondence with ex-wife Grace, son Barton, and E. Merton Coulter
13321937 February 1-12
includes correspondence with ex-wife, son., E. M. Coulter, & letters re: Cuyler's stamp collection
13331937 February 13-28
includes correspondence with ex-wife, son, Coulter, letters re: stamp collection, issue of "Southern Lawyer"
13341937 March
includes correspondence with ex-wife, Coulter, & re: stamp collection, Barton is with Cuyler at farm
13351937 April 1-19
includes correspondence with ex-wife and Coulter
13361937 April 20-30
includes correspondence with ex-wife, & re: stamps
13371937 May
includes correspondence with ex-wife re: son's treatment for alcoholism, correspondence with Coulter
13381937 June 1-20
includes correspondence with ex-wife, letters re: Cuyler's gift to University of Georgia
13391937 June 21-30
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13411937 July
includes correspondence with ex-wife Grace
13421937 August 1-20
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13431937 August 21-31
includes correspondence with ex-wife and son
13441937 September
includes correspondence with ex-wife re: Barton's girlfriend Vera
13451937 October
includes correspondence with son, letters re: donation of carriages to University of Georgia
13461937 November
includes letter to ex-wife re: son
13471937 December & nd
includes correspondence with ex-wife
13511938 January
includes correspondence and information re: Cuyler's speech "Days of 1893" at Atlanta Historical Society
13521938 February
13531938 March
includes correspondence with E. Merton Coulter re: Cuyler's donation to University of Georgia, correspondence re: UGA law class of 1893 reunion
13541938 April
includes Hugh Howell Bulletin (candidate for Governor)
13551938 May
includes correspondence with son and photographs, corr. re: UGA law class reunion and memorial tablet
13561938 June 1-9
includes correspondence re: UGA law class reunion and memorial tablet
13571938 June 10-30
includes mention of Cuyler's fall and broken arm
13611938 July
includes correspondence with ex-wife Grace and son Barton
13621938 August
13631938 September
includes loan deed for Whitehall Street property (Atlanta)
13641938 October
includes 3 radio addresses of Rear Admiral C. H. Woodward re: Navy
13651938 November
13661938 December
includes many letters from "Mech"[?]
13711939 January
includes letters re: Cuyler's connection with "Gone with the Wind" movie
13721939 February
13731939 March
includes letters to ex-wife Grace and son Barton
13741939 April
includes letter to son
13751939 May
includes letters re: Cuyler's donation of carriages to University of Georgia
13761939 June
includes letters re: Cuyler's donation of carriages to UGA, letters re: 1 st transatlantic airmail
13771939 July
includes correspondence with ex-wife, letters and sketch re: Pritchard & Ford plantations near Savannah
13781939 August
13791939 September
includes correspondence with ex-wife, letters re: war
137101939 October
137111939 November
includes correspondence with ex-wife, letters re: "Gone with the Wind" premiere
137121939 December
13811940 January
includes letter telling of ex-wife's death
13821940 February
13831940 March
includes letter re: Little Tybee Island
13841940 April
13851940 May
includes case Juanita Floyd vs. Telamon Cuyler
13861940 June
includes letters re: war
13871940 July
includes letters re: war
13881940 August
includes letters re: war, and re: Georgia politics
13911940 September
includes letters re: war, Georgia politics
13921940 October
includes "Early photography in Atlanta" by Cuyler, deed re: Whitehall Street property in Atlanta
13931940 November
includes page from Illustrated London Newsre: flax
13941940 December 1-17
includes correspondence re: war, Bundles for Britain letter
13951940 December 18-31
1396Christmas cards, 1940 December
1397Correspondence, 1940
information re: flax culture
information re: flax culture
14011941 January
14021941 February
includes information re: Richmond Hill Plantation in Bryon County, Georgia
14031941 March
includes correspondence and information re: flax culture, printed program for Bundles for Britain
14041941 April
includes Cuyler's flax questionnaire & correspondence with William Warren in Portugal
14051941 May
includes correspondence with William Warren (Portugal)
14061941 June
includes correspondence with William Warren (Portugal)
14071941 July
14081941 August 1-15
includes correspondence re: flax culture
14091941 August 16-31
includes letters from Lord Rathcreedan who is a P.O.W. in Germany
14111941 September
includes correspondence re: flax culture
14121941 October
includes correspondence re: flax culture
14131941 November
includes Green Clower plantation deed
14141941 December 1-25
14151941 December 26-31
1416Correspondence, 1941 undated
14171941 undated
information re: flax culture
14211942 January 1-15
14221942 January 16-31
includes correspondence re: flax culture and Bundles for Britain
14231942 February 1-15
14241942 February 16-28
includes correspondence re: flax culture
14251942 March
includes letter from daughter Grace
14261942 April
14271942 May
14281942 June
includes material re: flax culture
14311942 July
includes clippings re: Cuyler's grandson Phillipe de Mun
14321942 August
includes correspondence re: flax culture
14331942 September
includes telegram from daughter, poster re: Congressman Ramspeck rally
14341942 October
14351942 November
includes letter from son
14361942 December & nd
includes letters to son
14411943 January
includes receipts and letters re: pulpwood sales
14421943 February
includes letters to son Barton and re: pulpwood sales
14431943 March
includes receipts and letters re: pulpwood sales, printed circular re: flax machinery
14441943 April
includes correspondence with son
14451943 May
includes letters to son, pulpwood receipts, letters re: 50 threunion of Cuyler's UGA law school class, certificate of appreciation to Cuyler from UGA faculty
14461943 June
includes correspondence re: 50 thlaw school reunion
14511943 July
includes pulpwood sales receipts, letter to son Barton
14521943 August
includes correspondence re: flax culture, letter to son
14531943 September
includes correspondence with son
14541943 October
includes correspondence with son
14551943 November
includes correspondence with son
14561943 December & nd
includes booklet on flaxseed production
14611944 January
includes letter from son Barton in Army Air Force
14621944 February
includes letter to son
14631944 March
includes correspondence with son
14641944 April
includes correspondence with son
14651944 May
includes correspondence with son, timber sale agreement with hand-drawn map of farm
14661944 June
includes correspondence with son, bamboo information
14671944 July
includes correspondence with son
14681944 August
includes correspondence with son, notes, clippings, & photograph re: Kate Dillon, Emory Winship
14691944 September
146101944 October 1-15
146111944 October 16-31
includes letter from son
146121944 November 1-15
includes letter to son
146131944 November 16-30
includes biographical information re: Barton
146141944 December 1-15
includes letters to son
146151944 December 16-31
includes correspondence with son, information re: Pinola Company in Savannah
14711945 January
includes letters to son Barton, will and estate papers of Fielding G. Smith
14721945 February
includes correspondence with son, information re: death of Cuyler's aunt Agnes Smith Dean
14731945 March
includes correspondence with son
14741945 April
includes V-Mail from son
14751945 May
includes correspondence with son in Army Air Force in France, information re: flax
14761945 June
includes correspondence with son
14771945 July
includes correspondence with son, information re: bamboo
14781945 August
includes correspondence with son
14791945 September
includes correspondence with son who is returning from France, information re: seedflax
147101945 October 1-15
includes letters to son, letters and information re:flax
147111945 October 16-31
includes letter and reprint of article by Capt. Harry Baldridge
147121945 November
includes letters from son now out of Army and in Texas, information on brick manufacturing
147131945 December & nd
includes telegram from son
14811946 January
14821946 February
includes correspondence with son Barton
14831946 March
14841946 April
includes correspondence with William Warren in Portugal re: flax
14851946 May
14861946 June
14871946 July
includes correspondence with son
14881946 August
14891946 September
148101946 October
148111946 November
148121946 December & nd
includes correspondence with son mentioning Barton's marriage, Cuyler's emergency surgery on December 18
14911947 January
includes letter & photographs from daughter-in-law Cordia
14921947 February
includes letter from Cordia
14931947 March
includes correspondence with son
14941947 April
14951947 May 1-15
14961947 May 16-31
includes letter to son
14971947 June 1-15
includes correspondence with son, & information re: sale of Pinola Company in Savannah
14981947 June 16-30
14991947 July 1-15
149101947 July 16-31
includes correspondence re: Pinola Company
15011947 August 1-15
includes correspondence re Pinola Company in Savannah
15021947 August 16-31
15031947 September 1-15
includes letter to son Barton
15041947 September 16-30
includes correspondence with son
15051947 October 1-15
15061947 October 16-31
15071947 November 1-15
15081947 November 16-30
15091947 December 1-15
150101947 December 16-31 & undated
includes information re: Design, Inc. (a ceramic plant in Marietta, GA)
15111948 January
15121948 February
15131948 March
15141948 April
15151948 May
Includes letters re: sale of portion of Cuyler's farm, genealogy on back of letter from May 21, 1948.
15161948 June
15171948 July
15181948 August
15191948 September
151101948 October
151111948 November
151121948 December and undated
15211949 January-May
15221949 June-July
15231949 August
Includes Cyler's notes re: past history with unidentified woman, letters re: Margaret Mitchell's accident and death.
15241949 September-October
Includes letters re: Margaret Mitchell
15251949 November-December and undated
15261950 January-June
Includes letter from son Barton, Cuyler is in hospital in April
15271950 July-December and undated
15281951 January-March
Includes letter from son.
15291951 April-May
15210Undated notes, 1951
Includes notes by Cuyler re: his illness.
1531Undated correspondence
1532Undated correspondence
1533Undated correspondence
1534Undated correspondence
1535Undated correspondence
Includes Cuyler's handwriting analysis done by J. Holbert Byram.
1536Undated correspondence
Anne Brookes (Savannah friend)
1537Undated correspondence
Elfrida Barrow
1538Undated correspondence
Telamon Cuyler.
1539Undated correspondence
Family letters.
15310Undated calling cards/business cards
15311Undated invitations
15312Undates writings and notes
15313Undated business papers
Includes sketch of Cuyler's farm from land lottery of 1807.
15314Undated printed material
Autograph and book collecting
Includes correspondence with Munroe D'Antignac.
1547Notes on Button Gwinnett
1548Notes on Thomas Lynch
Includes notes for Cuyler's book on autograph collecting, The Collector magazine 1948 issues.
15411Price Lists
Includes "Roster of the Surviving General Officers of the Confederate States Army" by Cuyler.
1562Catalogs-American Autograph Shop (PA)
1563Catalogs-Bodley Book Shop (NY)
1564Catalogs-Dauber & Pine Bookshops (NY)
1565Catalogs-Harry A. Levinson (CA)
1566Catalogs-Parke-Bernet Galleries (NY)
1567Catalogs-Puttick & Simpson (London)
1568Catalogs-Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge (London)
General Correspondence-"Gone With The Wind"
15731939 January
Includes photograph of a girl in patriotic costume.
15741939 February
15751939 March-May
15761939 September-October
15771939 November
15781939 December
15791940, 1942
Includes letters re: death of Margaret Mitchell.
15714Correspondence, undated
Includes Cuyler's description of Gone With the Wind premiere.
15716Draft of short story by Cuyler based on the movie Gone With the Wind, 1950
15717Gone With the Wind movie program, 1966
15718Junior League World Premiere Ball for Gone With the Wind program, undated
15719Junior League World Premiere Ball for Gone With the Wind program with Nunnally's Candy promotional cover
General Correspondence-Korea, 1905-1949
1586Portsmouth (NH) Conference
Russian-Japanese peace conference, Cuyler was Special Counsel for the Korean government, 1905.
1587Writings and notes
1588Printed material, March 1948
University of Georgia Class of 1893
1591Correspondence, 1904
1592Correspondence, 1938
50th anniversary of McGregor Company (Athens), 45th reunion of the UGA Law Class of 1893.
1593Correspondence, 1943
1594Correspondence, 1947
1595Correspondence, 1948
Greeting to the law class written on vellum.
1596Correspondence, 1949
1597Correspondence, undated
1599Speeches and writings
15910Printed material
15911Printed material
"Achievements of the Class of 1893" by Judge E.T. Moon
15912Printed material
15913Printed material
1601Printed material - Pandora, 1888
1602Printed material - Pandora, 1893
UGA War Memorial Fund
1611Correspondence, 1933
1612Correspondence, 1934 January
1613Correspondence, 1934 February
1614Correspondence, 1934 March
1615Correspondence, 1934 April
1616Correspondence, 1934 May
1617Correspondence, June 1934
1618Correspondence, July 1934
1619Correspondence, August 1934
16110Correspondence, September 1934
16111Correspondence, October 1934
16112Correspondence, November 1934
16113Correspondence, December 1934
1621Correspondence, January 1935
1622Correspondence, February 1935
1623Correspondence, March 1935
1624Correspondence, April 1935
1625Correspondence, May 1935
1626Correspondence, June 1935
1627Correspondence, July 1935
Includes H.K. Burns vs. Board of Trustees of War Memorial Fund
1628Correspondence, August 1935
1629Correspondence, September 1935
16210Correspondence, October 1935
16211Correspondence, November 1935
16212Correspondence, December 1935
16213Correspondence, January 1936
16214Correspondence, February 1936
16215Correspondence, March 1936
16216Correspondence, April 1936
16217Correspondence, May 1936
Includes Ada Van Ormer vs. Walter Harris et al.
16218Correspondence, June 1936
16219Correspondence, July 1936
16220Correspondence, August 1936
16221Correspondence, September 1936
16222Correspondence, October 1936
16223Correspondence, November 1936
16224Correspondence, December 1936
Includes information re: sale of lot on Lumpkin Street in Athens.
16227Alumni Society minutes (extracts), 1920-1930
16228Lists of pledges and subscriptions
16229Undated material