Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 5. Writings, Notes, and Photographs

Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 5. Writings, Notes, and Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Telamon Cuyler Collection, Series 5. Writings, Notes, and Photographs
Creator: Cuyler, Telamon Cruger Smith, 1873-1951
Inclusive Dates: 1904-1940
Language(s): English
Extent: 20 Linear Feet (30 document boxes, 1 half box, 3 card file boxes, 3 oversized boxes)
Extent: Series 5. consists of boxes 163-199 of the Telamon Cuyler Collection.
Collection Number: ms1170.series5
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

Telamon Cruger Smith Cuyler (1873-1951) was born in Rome (Ga.) to Captain Henry Hunter Smith and Estelle Cuyler Smith. He legally changed his surname from Smith to Cuyler in 1905. In 1893, he received a Bachelor of Law degree from the Univeristy of Georgia. In 1900, he married Grace Barton and they had two children. Between 1895 and 1905, he served as special counsel for the governements of Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and Chile. Cuyler authored sixty privately printed works on Southern, Confederate, and Georgia history. Upon his death in 1951, his large collection of historical documents and photographs were willed to the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Scope and Content

Series 5. consists of Telamon Cuyler's historical and literary writings and notes, his transcripts of some historical documents, as well as photographs depicting Telamon, his friends and family, places and topics of interest.

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Telamon Cuyler collection, MS 1170: Series 5. Telamon Cuyler Writings, Notes, and Photographs. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2010 May 24.

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Series 1. Historical Manuscripts; Series 2. Family Papers; Series 3. Personal Materials; Series 4. Correspondence; Series 5. Writings, Notes, and Photographs (this guide covers series 5)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Writings and Notes: Historical and Literary

1.1 Historical Notes

Includes notes re: John Wesley.
Includes lists of books in office of Secretary of State in 1901.
Includes Cuyler's index to London Chronicle of December 1763, transcript of will of John Martin Boltzius, 1766
Includes extracts from White's Historical Collections of Georgia...
Includes extracts from Register of Grants for Wilkes County, "Two letters from Brigadier-General Lachlan McIntosh."
Includes "Index to rest of drawers in Secretary of States Office 1732-1788"
Includes extracts from Register of Grants for Wilkes County and Franklin County.
Includes list of living Confederate Generals as of 1904.
1649Historical material not related to Georgia
Includes photograph and information re: John Wilkes Booth.

1.2 Colonial wills, transcripts, notes

1651Transcripts of wills, Book A, pp. 1-99
1652Transcripts of wills, Book, Section II, pp. 100-199
1653Transcripts of wills, Book A, Section III, pp. 200-299
1654Transcripts of wills, Book A, Section IV, pp. 300-399
1655Transcripts of wills, Book A, Section V, pp. 400-
1656Typed transcripts of wills in alphabetical order, Book A
1657Handwritten transcripts of wills, Book A, some Book B
1661Index to wills in alphabetical order, pp. 1-53
1662Transcripts of wills probated in Georgia, Book AA, pp. 238-494 with gaps
1663Index of colonial and provincial wills, Book A, pp. 495-520
1664Index to wills, Book A., pp. 521-535
1665List of names in wills, Book AA, pp. 536-544
1666List of names in wills, Book AA
1667Index of wills, Book A, Book AA
1668Typewritten transcripts of wills, Book A, Book AA
1669Typed index to will [?], pp. 232-709

1.3 Land Grant Transcripts

1671Handwritten transcripts by Cuyler from original entries in Book B, Auditor's Office 1772-1775, pp. 1-196
1672Handwritten transcripts by Cuyler from original entries in Book B, Auditor's Office 1772-1775, pp. 197-392
1673Handwritten transcripts by Cuyler from original entries in Book B, Auditor's Office 1772-1775, pp. 394-699
1674Handwritten transcripts by Cuyler from original entries in Book B, Auditor's Office 1772-1775, pp. 700-1187
1675Handwritten transcripts by Cuyler from original entries in Book B, Auditor's Office 1756-1772
1676Land grant transcripts 1732-1752
1681Typed transcripts, 1732-1752
1682Typed transcripts, grants of commissioners of confiscated estates, Book B3 conveyances, 1783-1802
1683Typed transcripts, Book HH conveyances 1777-1805
1684Typed transcripts, grants of commissioners of confiscated estates, Book DD conveyances 1775-1798
1685Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 2-71
1686Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 72-137
1687Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 138-197
1688Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 198-274
1689Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 275-334
16810Typed transcripts 1765-1770, pp. 335-[4]12
16811Typed indexes

1.4 Historical Transcripts. Miscellaneous

1691Transcripts-Thomas Christie and William Clavert grant for the town of Savannah 1733
1692Transcripts-General Index of Georgians 1861-1865
1693Transcripts-material given to Cuyler by Thomas A. Emmett
1694Transcripts-Index to Names of Those Employed in the Navel Service of Georgia 1776-1783
1695Transcripts-re: Georgia Brigade Continental Line
1696Transcripts-Lives of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, The Great Seal of Georgia
1697Transcripts-Correspondence to Cuyler from Wymberley Jones DeRenne 1903-1905
1698Transcripts-re: Georgia history 1700's
1699Transcripts-re: Civil War, 1861-1865
16910Transcripts-Extract from Naval Operations of the War of 1812
16911Transcripts-A Scrutiny of the Sermons Preached Before the Georgia Trustees
16912Transcripts-Extract from the Historical Collections of Georgia re: Sheftall family
16913Transcripts-re: proclamations by Governor James Wright
16914Transcripts-A Historical Sketch of the Georgia Archives
16915Transcripts-re: Georgia 1700's
16916Transcripts-extract from C.C. Jones, Jr. "Anniversary Address..." 1881
16917Transcripts-Miscellaneous letters and historical notes by Cuyler
1701Genealogical data
1702Transcript of William Henry Drayton's letter to Humphrey Wells
1703Samples of paper
1704Prints of Confederate half dollars
1705Maps of Georgia
1706Index and transcripts of Georgia documents 1779-1783
1708Ribbons, badges, stamp, etc.
1709Printed material
Georgia documents 1787-1866
17010Printed material
Postcards, ads, Lyric Theater program 1908
17011Empty envelopes, covers, etc.
1711Writings by Cuyler
1712Writings by Cuyler
1713The Talk from the White Bird King, Mico of the Cusetahs 1791
1714The Navy of Georgia in the American Revolution 1776-1783
1715Military Operations in Georgia during the War Between the States
1716Material re: Ferdinand Julius Dreer, collector
1717Grants re: Cuyler family 1770-1774
1718Extracts from Watkins' Digest 1778, 1781
1719Lists of names in Georgia history
17110The Commission of Archibald Bulloch as President and Commander in Chief of the Colony of Georgia 1776
17111Volume I- "How my researches into Georgia history began"
Includes transcripts of documents from Secretary of State's Office re: Cuyler family
17112Transcripts from documents in Secretary of State's Office
About Cuyler family, includes registry of grants 1771-1774, sales of confiscated property, fiat book, conveyances 1769-1802, and bonds, bills, and deeds of gift 1772-1792.
1721Extract from Book Z Administrations 1771-1775, letters of administration on the estate of Telamon Cuyler 1772, 1771-1775
1722Transcripts from Records of Wills-Book AA
1723Photostats of historical documents
1725Transcripts of various historical documents
Anthony/Smith, on back of certificate electing Thomas Hamilton as member of Georgia Historical Society 1841.
1731Diagrams of Aboriginal structures in Georgia
1732"A roster of the Georgians who held positions of trust, command and honour under the State of Georgia and the CSA 1861-1865" by Cuyler
1733Re: Nancy Hart of Georgia
1734Re: Georgia Governors 1732-1902, 1754-1783
1735Re: Great Seals of Georgia
1736Transcript of "Reminiscences of the Late War" by Capt. Henry Hunter Smith
1737Transcript of index to Hugh McCall's "History of Georgia Volume I"
1738Transcript of index to Hugh McCall's "History of Georgia Volume II"
1739List of notable Georgia women, list of letters relating to Georgia history
17310Re: "March to the Sea" by Rev. Thomas Sherman 1906
17311Re: "The printed broadsides of the Declaration of Independence"
17312Printed material "Roster of the Surviving General Officers of the CSA" by Cuyler
17313Printed material "The Life and Services of Ex-Governor Charles Jones Jenkins" by C.C. Jones, Jr.
17314Printed material on Georgia history
17315Notes on Georgia history
1741Sir John Tenniel's cartoons from Punchmagazine
1742Notes of C.S.A. Alabama
1743"The first visit of General William Tecumseh Sherman to Georgia 1844-1845" by Cuyler
1744"Rules and Regulations for the Dancing Assembly of Savannah 1790" by Cuyler
1745Historical notes
1746Printed Materials-University of Georgia
1747Printed Material-Georgia
1748Printed Material
Includes "Purple Cow," "Separation of Venus and Mars," photographs of Harry Sommers car dealer building

1.5 Miscellaneous Literary Efforts

1751Literary Efforts (Cotton in Georgia)
1752Manuscript copies of Series in Atlanta Georgian "40 Years Ago"
1753Misc. Exerpts from a Proposed Autobiography
1755Miscellaneous Literary Efforts
1756Misc. Literary Efforts
1757Misc. Literary Efforts
1758Newspapers clippings of Cuyler articles
1759Newspaper articles and Letters to Editors
17510Notes from novel General Mudge
176Folder I
176Folder II
176Folder III
176Folder IV
176Folder V
176Folder VI
176Folder VII
177Folder I-Misc.Mss.
(outline for a work to be titled "Great Crimes in Georgia 1733-1913.
177Folder II
177Folder III
177Folder IV
177Folder V
177Folder VI
1781Drafts of Articles published in Atlanta Journal of Labor, March-May, 1936 June-July, 1936 August-December, 1936 1937
1782Drafts of articles published in Atlanta Georgian
1783Drafts of articles published in The Augusta Chronicle
1784Drafts of articles published in Jones County News
1785Drafts of articles published in Lavonia Times
1786Drafts of articles published in Macon Telegraph
1787Drafts of articles published in Georgia Market Bulletin
1788Drafts of articles published in Savannah Morning News
1789Draft of Article Published in The Statesman
17810Copies of articles in Union Recorder. (Milledgeville)
17811Drafts-dated but no publisher
1793"A current list of Georgians who served under the Presidents of the United States."
1794"Some Remards and Notes on the Life & Services of John Adam Treutlen, Gov. of Ga., 1777-1778"
1795[Roll of surviving General Officers of the Confederate States Army] Draft Copy
1796[Roll of surviving General Officers of the Confederate States Army], 1907
1797Draft Copy Roll of surviving General Officers of the Confederate States Army, 1908
1798Yazoo Land Fraud
1799Misc. Literary Efforts
17910Misc. Literary Efforts-Religious
17911Misc. Literary Efforts-Speeches

1.6 Periodical Contributions

1831American Magazine, August 1907 April 1912
1832Century Magazine, July 1896 April 1912 July 1903 November 1913 July 1913
1833Confederate Veteran, April 1908
1834The Cosmopolitan, February 1894 September 1894
1835Everybody's Magazine, June 1907 June 1908 December 1909 October 1913, nd
1836Harper's Monthly, July 1911 July 1912, n.d.
1837The Independent, August 1906 April 1915 July 1915
1838McClure's Magazine, March 1908
1839Munsey's Magazine, June 1910
18310Pearson's Magazine, June 1906 April 1911
18311Scribner's Magazine, February 1892 January 1907
1841Garnault Aqassiz "Glorious Old Georgia"
1842Augustus O. Bacon "Speech Before U.S. Senate", March 18, 1902
1843Archibald Bullock, "A Biographical Sketch of Hon. Archibald Bullock"
1844Holon J. Buck. "Let's Look At The Record"
1845E. Merton Coulter. "Edward Telfair"
1846Joseph T. Derry. "Address"
1847Dumont, William H. "Burke County, Georgia"
1848Thomas Addis Emmett. "The Battle or Harlem Heights"
1849J. H. Means, Gov. of Georgia; "Report...On...The Augusta Bridge..."
18410Henry R. Jackson. The Wanderer Case
18411Charles Francis Jenkins. "Address"
18412-15Charles C. Jones. Jr., Misc. Reprints
18416 Life , May 11, 1916
18417T. K. Peters. "The Story of the Crypt of Civilization"
18418U. B. Phillips. "The Archives of Georgia"
18419Vance Thompson. "People Talked About in Paris"
Periodicals. Miscellaneous
1961Bath-Historical Pageant, 1909
1962Harper's Bazaar, 1937
1963Le Rire, 1897 1899 1922
1964Life, 1936 1941
1965Park Avenue Social Review, 1932
1966Sewanee University
1967Town and Country, 1937
Periodicals. Miscellaneous. Early Automobile Ephemera
1971-2Early Automobiles
1973"As Others See Us"
1974"The Georgia Arch", 1939
1975Flax Industry
1976Manufacturing and Agriculture in Georgia
1977"Punch", 1928
1978WW II
1979King George V Coronation, 1911
19710Misc. Printed Material
19711Calling Cards
19712Empty Envelopes

1.7 "Belles of the 90's" Articles

1811November 1934 December 1934 January 1935 February 1935 July 1935
1812Mrs. James L. Dickey, March 9, 1936
1813Mrs. Frank Stafford Ellis, March 13, 1936
1814Mrs. John Marshall Slaton, March 16, 1936
1815Mrs. William Bailey Lamar, March 20, 1936
1816Mrs. Mirabeau B. McWilliams, March 23, 1936
1817Mrs. Eugene Edmond Murphy, March 27, 1936
1818Mrs. Ivan Allen, March 30, 1936
1819Mrs. Henry Grady, Jr., April 3, 1936
18110Mrs. William P. Hill, April 6, 1936
18111Mrs. John Williams Grant, April 19, 1936
18112Mrs. John S. Spalding, April 13, 1936
18113Mrs. A. D. Adair, April 17, 1936
18114Mrs. F. Phinizy Calhoun, April 20, 1936
18115Mrs. Stephen H. Watts, April 24, 1936
18116Mrs. William H. Kiser, April 27, 1936
18117Mrs. John K. Ottley, May 1, 1936
18118Mrs. George W. McCarty, May 4, 1936
18119Mrs. Charles T. Henry, May 8, 1936
18120Mrs. Aaron Cohan, May 11, 1936
18121Mrs. James Buchanan Duke, May 15, 1936
18122Mrs. Ben Z. Phillips, May 18, 1936
18123Mrs. Thomas B. Paine, June 1, 1936
18124Mrs. Joseph Somerville Hall, June 8, 1936
18125Names with no Accompanying Article
18126Gay 90s
18127Texts 2-10
18128Texts 11-20
18129Texts 21-30
1821Texts 31-40
1822Texts 41-50
1823Texts 51-60
1824Texts 61-70
1825Texts 71-80
1826Texts 81-90
1827Texts 91-100
1828Texts 101-110
18211Photo labels
18212Gay 90s
18213Correspondence with Jacobe Pharmacy
re display

2. Photographs

1851Anatcha Bay
1852Athens, Ga. Brumby's Boarding House
1853Athens, Ga. People
1854Athens, Ga. Tree That Owns Itself
1855Atlanta, Ga. Pittsburgh Riot.*, 5/16/02
1856Atlanta, Ga. Views*, ca. 1890's
1992Berry, Martha
1858Blacks. Fldr. 1*
1859Blacks. Fldr. 2
18510Blacks. Fldr. 3
18511Boxing match?
18512Buildings (unidentified)
18515Central Valley New York. Burrwood
18516Charleston, SC. Views*, ca. 1900
18518Civil War*
18519Confederate Patriotism*
18520Cotton & Cotton Mills *
1993Cotton Bale
18522Cumberland Island, Ga. Views*, ca. 1890's
1861Cuyler, Telamon (as a child) *
1862Cuyler, Telamon (as a young man)Fldr. 1
1863Cuyler, Telamon (as a young man) Fldr. 2
1864Cuyler, Telamon(as an older man) Fldr. 1
1865Cuyler, Telamon (as an older man) Fldr. 2
1866Cuyler, Telamon (as an older man) Fldr. 3
1994Cuyler, T.
1995Cuyler- Trip, 1892
1996Cuyler, T.- with others
1867Cuyler Family. Fldr.1
1868Cuyler Family. Fldr. 2
1997Cuyler Family Members
1998Dutch scenes
18610Europe (unidentified locations)
19910Felton, Rebecca
18611"The First Flight" by Albert Bruce-Joy
19912Fort Hawkins- Macon, Ga.
18614Georgia Weekly Press Asso. *, 1892 & 1894
18615Georgia. University. Academic Bldg. *
18616Georgia. University. Campus View. *, 1893
18617Georgia. University. Candler Hall *
18618Georgia. University. Chapel *
18619Georgia. University. Chapel bell *
18620Georgia. University. Class*, 1893
18621Georgia. University. Conner Hall *
18622Georgia. University. Demosthenian Hall *
18623Georgia. University. Ivy Bldg. *
18624Georgia. University. Law Bldg. *, 1893
18625Georgia. University. Law Class. , 1893
1871Georgia. University. Moore College *
1872Georgia. University. New College *
1873Georgia. University. Old College *
1874Georgia. University. Old Tub *
1875Georgia. University. Phi Kappa Hall *
1876Georgia. University. Sanford Field *
1877Georgia. University. Students *
19913Georgia. University. Students
1878Georgia. University. Terrell Hall *
1879Georgia. University. "Yahoo Hall Boys" *
19914Gordon, John Brown
18711Grady, Henry *
18712Griffin, Ga. Tent encampment *
19915Griffin, Ga.- Military Encampment
19916Harris, Joel Chandler
18713Historical miscellany
18714re. Hitler
18716Horse & Buggies, Wagons, etc. *
19918Horse Riding, etc.
18718Jones Co., Ga. Cemetary
18719Jones Co., Ga. Houses
19919Jones Co., Ga. "Old Julius" Cabin
18720Jones Co., Ga. People
18721Jones Co., Ga. Scrapbook
18722Jones Co., Ga. Sketches
18723Jones Co., Ga. Views *
18724Kennesaw Mt., Ga. *
19920Lane, James H.
19921Lewis River
19922Long, Crawford W.
18725Louisville, Ga. Old market *
18726Macon, Ga. Monument *
18729Milledgeville, Ga. Masonic Bldg. * old Exec. Mansion old State house
18731Monticello, Va.*
1881Moonshine * *
1882Mt. Vernon
1883Natchez, Miss. Houses
1884New York
19923New York City, NY- Metropolitan Museum
19924New York City, NY- Waldorf Astoria Hotel
1885Notes, etc. that couldn't be matched with photos
19925Peabody, George Foster. Loving Cup
19926People, identified
1886People, miscellaneous (identified) Fldr. 1
1887People, miscellaneous (identified) Fldr. 2
1888People, miscellaneous (identified) Fldr. 3
1889People, miscellaneous (identified) Fldr. 4
1891People, miscellaneous (unident.) Fldr. 1
1892People, miscellaneous (unident.) Fldr. 2
1893People, miscellaneous (unident.) Fldr. 3
1894People, miscellaneous (unident.) Fldr. 4 (Carte-de-visites)
1895Pilgramage Garden Club
1896Places (unidentified)
19927Play (unidentified) Cast
1898Rome, Ga. (View & Bone House)*, ca. 1880-90
1899St. Louis Exposition *, 1902
18910San Francisco, Ca.
18911Savannah, Ga.
19930Savannah, Ga.- Bonaventure monument
19931Savannah, Ga.- Hutchinson's Island
18912Ships and Ships' Officers
19932South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition
19928S.S. Etruria
19929S.S. Tutonic
19933Stanton, Frank L.
18915Steamboat "Sidney P. Smith" *
18917Talmadge, Eugene
19934Toombs, Robert
18918Vinings Station, Ga. Picnic *, ca. 1891-92
19935Well. East Rome House, Rome, Ga.
18919Wilson, Woodrow
18920World War I. Training Camp *
19936Yorktown, Va. cannon
190Negatives (Georgia related)
191Negatives, miscellaneous
192Negatives, miscellaneous
192Glass negatives
192Negative holder
193Photographs 1-350, contact prints from negatives
19937Unidentified People, Places, etc.
19938Cyanotypes- unidentified
19939Postcards- Europe
19940Postcards- Ft. Myers, Fl.
19941Postcards- Hampton, Va.
19942Postcards- Japanese-Russian Peace Conference, 1905
19943Postcards- New York City, NY
19944Postcards- Painting- "The Grain"
19945Postcards- Pan Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
19946Photo Album/Sketchbook (Cuyler's)
Photographs: Aircraft
1941Balloon, 1921
1943NC 2 [n.d. ]
Postcard picture of Mingola, Aviation Field, Long Island
1944NC 4, 1919
1945NC 4 Telamon Cuyler Flight, September 22, 1919
1947Sindbergh's Arrival, 1927
1949Printed Material
Oversized Photographs
1951Portraits of Telamon Cuyler
1952Portraits of Men
1953Portraits of Women
1954Group portraits
1955Images of Houses and Buildings
1956Images of Cemeteries
1957Images of Aircraft
1951Photograph Album- containing carte des visites of various individuals, men and women, most likely prominent figures of Georgia or the South
1952Photograph Album- snapshots depicting a possible trip to Europe

3. Miscellaneous

1981Vellum Fragments-Unidentified
1982Vellum Fragments-Unidentified

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