George Wymberley Jones De Renne family papers

George Wymberley Jones De Renne family papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: George Wymberley Jones De Renne family papers
Creator: Smith, Julianna
Creator: Nuttall, Mary Wallace Savage
Creator: Jones, Inigo, 1735-1789
Creator: Jones, George, 1766-1838
Creator: De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe, 1891-1966
Creator: De Renne, Wymberley Jones, 1853-1916
Creator: De Renne, Letitia, 1860-1890
Creator: Jones, Noble Wimberly, 1723-1805
Inclusive Dates: 1732-1939
Language(s): English
Extent: 30 Linear Feet 38 document boxes, 24 half boxes, 4 oversize boxes
Collection Number: ms1064
Repository: Hargrett Library

Collection Description

Historical Note

George Wymberley Jones De Renne (1827-1880), planter and bibliophile, (son of George Jones (1766-1838), physician), was known for his collection of over 1300 volumes collected from 1844-1861; most of this collection pertained to Georgia history. He had three children with his wife Mary Wallace Nuttall De Renne: Wymberley Jones De Renne (1853-1916), Letitia De Renne (1860-1890), and Kentwyn De Renne (1862-1891), who continued their father's legacy of collecting and printing books related to Georgia's history. Wymberley Jones De Renne married Laura Norris and their children included Wymberley Wormsloe De Renne (b. 1891) and Elfrida De Renne (Barrow).

For more information, see the article De Renne Family in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of papers of the George Wymberley Jones De Renne family of Savannah, Georgia from 1732-1939. The papers include account books, correspondence, deeds, genealogical materials, indentures, inventories, land grants, legal documents, newspaper clippings, printed material, and transcripts of historical documents pertaining to Georgia history. The materials document the activities of the De Renne family and contain information on land transactions in Georgia; estate or plantation management, particularly Wormsloe Plantation (Savannah, Ga.) and Popular Grove; the Buena Ventura Stock Company and Buena Ventura Ranch (1883-1884) in Tom Green County (Tex.); book and wine purchases for Wormsloe; and the De Rennes' involvement in the Georgia Historical Society and the Georgia Bicentennial (1933).

The collection also contains correspondence and other materials pertaining to the George W. Smith family, the Campbell and Stewart families, and accounts and correspondence (1867-1880) with Thomas A. Biddle & Company (Philadelphia, Pa.). Other correspondents include Letitia De Renne, Wymberley Jones De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe De Renne, William Drayton, George Jones, Inigo Jones, Noble Wymberley Jones, Alva Konkle, Mary Wallace Savage Nuttall, and Julianna Smith.

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George Wymberley Jones De Renne family papers. MS 1064. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Family correspondence and documents

Inigo Jones (1735-1778), son of Noble Wymberly Jones and Sarah Davis
11Account of sale of estate of William Davis, 1784 January 6
Lists the sale of 19 enslaved people: Pompey, Flora, Patty, Joe, Nanny, March, Lucy, Sam, Lapool, Jeminah, Will, Paul, Chloe, Dick, Cudjoe, Jupiter, Abraham, Tom, Chloe
12Advertisement for sale of enslaved people, part of William Davis estate, 1784 April 15
13Genealogy - announcement of the birth of Inigo Jones, 1735
Statement to Dr. Jones from C. Jones giving date of birth of Inigo Jones.
14Genealogy - family tree of John and Theodora Davis and children, 1916 July 20
Memorandum showing date of marriage of John and Theodora Davis and names of their children with dates of birth.
15Genealogy - Thomas Savage family line
Facts concerning Thomas Savage and his descendants
16Letter from Susana Van Deren to William Garrigues re. payment for her granddaughter Susan V. Johnson, 1811 June 15
17Letter from Mrs. A. M. Fitzhugh to G. Washington Smith regarding the end of the War and the death of her two nephews, 1866 January 29
18Letter from R. H. Gardiner to Mrs. Mary De Renne re. death of her Aunt Fenwick Gardner, 1869 April 15
19Letter from Miss Mary Telfair and Mrs. Hodgson to Mrs. Mary De Renne re. death of Mrs. Fenwick Gardner, 1869 April 15
110Letter from William T. Goldsborough to G. Washington Smith, 1872 February 14
111Letter from William T. Goldsborough to George W. Smith. (incl. clippings) re. death of Anna M. Fitzhugh, 1874 April 25
112Letter from Charles Goldsborough to "Cousin Washington" death of his father, 1875 January 23
113Letter from R. H. Gardiner to G. W. J. De Renne, 1875 January 26
114Letter from William Harden to G.W.J. De Renne re. death of William B. Nuttall, 1880 May 31
115Letter from W.G. Stanard to W.J. De Renne re. Nuttall family history, 1905 November 21
116Letter from Deborah Anderson to Mrs. Mary Savage re. Savage and her child's illness, February 10
117License of William B. Nuttall to practice law, 1824 August 12
118List of enslaved people belonging to estate of John Davis, Sr. - lists those owned by William Davis, Mr. Paterson, Miss Davis, Jemmy Davis, circa 1780s
119Opinion of John Glenn as to the estate of Noble Wimberly Jones, 1792 June 15
120Receipt bill due by John Davis to Edward Telfair for cloth, tea,sugar, knives and forks, rum, etc., 1776 January 1
121Receipt. Charles Van Deren for funds for Susan V. Johnson, 1811 June 14
122Will of Mrs. Anna M. Fitzhugh. Probated. includes images of the property, 1874 April 21

2. Campbell and Stewart families

Anna Stewart (Mrs. Tennent), sister of Frederick Campbell Stewart
21Account of the trust estate of Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1829-1833
22Agreement by Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart to buy Chateau Mirabel, 1860 June 20
23Auditor's report on estate of Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart, 1869 February 4
24Bill. Undertaker's bill for Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart, 1867 May 18
25Coat of Arms of Frederick Campbell Stewart
26Extract from the minutes of the Mayor of Toulouse granting burial lot for Mary Campbell Stewart, 1829 December 14
27Grant of Coat of Arms of Frederick Campbell Stewart of Ascog, 1775 April 5
28Insurance policy for the estate of F.C. Stewart in Westmoreland, Virginia, 1837 August 3
29Legal opinion of P. Robinson re. Mrs. F. Campbell Stewart's rights in regard to her husband's will and the estate at Ascog, Scotland, 1832 September 11
210Legal opinion of Johnson re. will of F. Campbell Stewart, 1835 May 7
211Legal opinion of John Hope and J.S. More addressed to Miss Smith outlining Mrs. Maria C. Stewart's accountability to Ferdinand Stewart, 1839 October 21
212Letter from S. Jones to George Jones, 1820 May 11
213Letter from John Campbell to Frederick C. Stewart, 1820 August 3
214Letter from John Campbell to Frederick C. Stewart, 1821 May 24
215Letter from Ferdinand S. Campbell to Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1825 August 10
216Letter from Anna S. Tennent to Mrs. Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1832 March 9
217Letter from Anna S. Tennent to Mrs. Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1832 July 4
218Letter from Anna S. Tennent to Mrs. Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1832 August 27
219Letter from Juliana Smith to her sisters with postscript signed M.C. Stewart, 1833 August 8
220Letter from A.G. Ellis to Mrs. Campbell Stewart, 1839 November 28
221Letter from A.G. Ellis to Mrs. Campbell Stewart, 1841 August 7
222Letter from A.G. Ellis to Mrs. M.C. Stewart, with copy of the last letter prepared by Mr. Moore in cause between her and the Committee of the Estate of Ferdinand Stewart Campbell Stewart, 1841 November 23
223Letter from A.G. Ellis to Mrs. Campbell Stewart with copy of discharge to be granted, 1842 September 30
224Letter from A.G. Ellis to Maria Campbell Stewart with copy of discharge and order, 1843 January 17
225Letter from Luc Callaghan to M. Peridier, 1867 June 22
226Letter from G. Noble Jones to G.W. Smith, 1867 July 22
227Letter from Callaghan & Co. to G. Washington Smith, 1867 December 7
228Letter from Williamina E.Smith to E. regarding Chateau Mirabel, November 3
Includes description, history, and agreement about Chateau Mirabel.
229Passport to Frederick Campbell Stewart, 1820 July 18
230Passport to Frederic Campbell Stewart to travel in Paris, 1824 July 29
231Receipt. George Jones, 1813 April 12
232Receipt for taxes in London. M.C. Stewart, 1838 May 18
233Return of Macartan Campbell's taxable property, 1798
234Return of Macartan Campbell's taxable property in Georgia, circa 1790s
235Will of Frederick Campbell Stewart of Virginia, 1827 March 18
236Writing. Description and history of Chateau Mirabel

3. Smith family

31Account - estate of Francis Sophia Smith, 1830, 1832
Includes approval of Letitia and Rebecca Smith on the acts of Williamina E. Smith as executrix of Frances Sophia Smith.
32Account , 1833
Includes Rebecca Smith's approval of the acts of Williamina E. Smith, executrix of the will of Letitia Van Deren Smith. Includes shares in Schuylkill Bridge and Pennsylvania Canal
33Account of Maria Campbell Stewart with Williamina E. Smith, Trustee, 1837-1853
Includes Wabash & Erie Canal stock
34Account, 1853 June 28
Includes acknowledgement by Williamina E. Smith of the trust fund belonging to her sister, Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart, together with Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart's approval.
35Account of Mrs. Maria Campbell Stewart with Williamina E. Smith, Trustee, 1857-1864
36Appointment of Williamina E. Smith as Attorney-in-fact by George W. Smith, Mary Campbell Stewart, and Juliana Smith, 1838 September 15
37Appointment of Williamina E. Smith as Attorney-in-fact of Eliza Jones, 1839 January 31
38Auditor's report of estate of Juliana Smith, 1869 May
39Biographical information
Notes re. Dr. W. Smith
310Certificate, 1806 May 29
School certificate of Rebecca A. Smith given at Harmony Hall
311Certificate that letters testamentary to George W. Smith on the Estate of Williamina E. Smith, 1864 July 20
312Clipping. Obituary of Frances Sophia Smith, 1829
313Expense estimate of lot, sepulchre, etc. for Mrs. M.C. Stewart and Juliana Smith
314Extract from minutes of the Episcopal Female Tract Society expressing unanimous vote of thanks to Mr. H.J. Williams, signed by R. Smith, 1845 May 17
315Genealogy. Extract from Douglas' Baronage of Scotland showing origin of Smith family
316Legal opinion of W.H. Keating as to the disposition of property of Letitia Smith inherited from her father, Judge Smith, 1837 February 2
317Letter from Charles Smith to Washington Smith, 1815 September 8
318Letter from Miss R. Smith, Secretary of Episcopal Female Tract Society, to Bishop White with his reply on same letter, 1831 December 17
319Letter from Marguerite (Adele) Combeseure to G.W. Smith re. death of Juliana Smith, 1867 March 26
320Letter from Horace W. Smith to George Washington Smith re. history of William Smith, D.D., 1872 October 15
321Letter from Adele Combeseure to G.W. Smith re. death of Juliana Smith, circa 1867
322Printed material. Articles (2) re. Dr. William Smith
323Receipt, 1867 April 6
Bill for preparing grave for Mrs. M.C. Stewart and Juliana Smith.
324Receipt, 1867 May 18
Reduction given for the painting of fence around tomb of Maria Campbell Stewart and Juliana Smith.
325Receipt, 1867 May 18
Bill for iron fence placed around graves of Maria Campbell Stewart and Juliana Smith.
326Receipt, 1867 May 18
Bill for cost of monument, lots, etc. of Mrs. M.C. Stewart and Juliana Smith.
327Refunding bond based on Williamina E. Smith's gift of $10,000.00 to the Episcopal Church Hospital of Philadelphia, 1860 November 9
328Will, 1829 April 30
Certified copy of will of Frances Sophia Smith, probated
329Will and codicil, 1864 July 20
Williamina E. Smith probated
330Written statements by Juliana Smith in regard to the disposition of her estate, 1862 September 19, 1862 November 17

4. George W. Smith

41Account of George Washington Smith with his guardians. Settled 1822 January 29, 1816-1822
42Account, 1876 May 27
List of George W. Smith's stocks and loans.
43Bond. Refunding bond given by the Hospital of the Episcopal Church in Philadelphia to George W. Smith based on gift, 1869 July 16
44Certificate that George W. Smith is a member of the Washington Greys, 1825 May 7
45Certificate of election of George W. Smith as member of the American Philosophical Society, 1840 April 27
46Certificate of election of George W. Smith as a vice president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1872 February 12
47Certificate of election of George W. Smith as a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1874 October 6
48Clipping re. George Washington Smith's legacy to W.J. De Renne, 1876 November 9
49Clipping re. George W. Smith and W.J. De Renne, 1877 November 9
410Documents re. gifts made by George W. Smith to the Protestant Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia
411Indenture between George W. Smith and John Randel, Jr., 1839 November
412Indenture, 1842 January 27
Lease by George W. Smith to John Randel, Jr. and Letitia of 41 shares of stock in the Schuylkill Navigation Company. Receipt for the stock certificates.
413Letter from J.R. Ingersoll to George Washington Smith, 1840 November 23
414Letter from G.W. Lewis to G.W. Smith, 1844 February 6
415Letter from Townsend Ward to George W. Smith, 1872 January 22
416Letter from J.E. Carpenter to George W. Smith with extract from the minutes of the Vestry of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1876 February 11
417Letter from George W. Smith to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 16
418Telegram from W.H. Drayton to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 22
419Telegram from John Minis Hays to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 22
420Letter from J.M. Hays to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 23
421Copies of telegraphic dispatches of G.W.J. De Renne to W.H. Drayton, Dr. J. Minis Hays, and W. De Renne, 1876 April 23
422Letter from W.H. Drayton to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 24
423Letter from M.E. Swann to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 24 ?
424Letter from W.H. Drayton to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 26
425Letter from W.H. Drayton to G.W.J. De Renne, 1876 April 27
426Letter from E.H. Creighton to Mrs. De Renne, 1876 May 11
427Letter to George W. Smith from Letitia and Williamina, ? August 4
428Passport of George W. Smith, 1865 July 18
429Printed material, 1852 September 23
Brief of evidence delivered by George W. Smith as a machinery expert.
430Printed material, 1853 December 7
Depositions of George W. Smith.
431Receipt, 1874 April 4
Acknowledgement of contribution of George W. Smith to the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.
432Stock certificate, 1822 February 12
1 share in the Athenaeum of Philadelphia held by George W. Smith.

5. George Washington Smith/G.W.J. De Renne

51Account statements-G.W.J. De Renne, 1867-1875
52Account statements-G.W.J. De Renne, 1876-1877
53Account statements-G.W.J. De Renne, 1878-1880
54Account statements-G.W.J. De Renne (Adm.), 1871-1876
55Account statements-G.W.J. De Renne (Trustee), 1876-1880
56Account statements-George Washington Smith, 1870-1876
57Account statements-George Washington Smith (Adm.), 1871-1876
58Letters. Thomas A. Biddle to G.W.J De Renne, 1880
59Miscellaneous estate material
510Stock certificates, etc., 1855-1873

6. Noble and Mary Jones

Noble Jones (1702-1775), treasurer of the colony and president of His Majasty's Council
61Appraisal of estate of Mary Bulloch, Undated
62-5Biographical notes on Noble Jones
66Documents re. arms of Nobel Jones
66ALetter, etc. Noble Jones to James Oglethorpe, 1735 July
66BLetter. Noble Jones to Gov. Reynolds, 1756 August 21
67Letters written by Noble Jones (photostats of transcripts), 1760-1761
68Medical notes by Noble Jones
69Return of taxable property of estate of Noble Jones, 1785
610Will (photographs) of Noble Jones

7. George Jones

George Jones (1766-1838), son of Noble Wimberly Jones and Sarah Davis, married Mary Gibbons in 1785.
71Account due by George Jones to John Gibbons for the time period, 1790-1796
72Account current between Joseph Wiggins and Dr. George Jones as settled by arbitration, 1828 February 21
73Account between George Jones and estate of George Jones, 1845 January 2
74Affidavit, 1828 February 20
75Appointment by John Milledge of George Jones as judge of the Eastern Judicial District, 1804 July 27
76Award of arbitration between George Jones and Joseph Wiggins, 1828 February 21
77Biographical sketch of George Jones (incl. picture)
78Bond from George Jones to William Bainbridge, 1823 August 4
79Court orders (copied in 1907), Camden County Court, punishment to sand in the pillory, branding, lashes, and having ears nailed, 1804 and 1805
711Indenture between Selina Fenwick and George Jones, plantation on Onslow Island in Savannah River and upper plantation of George Kincaid, 1798 May
712Letter from George Jones to Edward Jones, mentions that peace has taken place "Governor proclaimed the same ... township was illuminated", 1783 May 20
713Letter from Edward Telfair to George Jones - mentions Yazoo, 1795 November 1
714Letter from Edward Telfair to George Jones - mentions Yazoo, 1797 February 4
715Letter from George Jones to Joseph Clay, 1799 January 31
716Letter from George Jones to Seaborn Jones, 1799 September 9
717Letter from Edward Telfair to George Jones, 1803 June 24
718Letter from William Drayton to George Jones, 1811 September 23
Re. land near Charleston belonging to John Fenwick
719Letter from George Jones (?) to William Drayton re. Fenwick land and sale, 1811 November 11
720Letter from William Drayton to George Jones re. sale of Wappoo lands, 1812 September 7
721Letter from William Drayton to George Jones re. sale of Wappoo lands, 1813 February 5
722Letter from Robert Habersham to George Jones re. house at Newton, 1825 November 30
723Letter from Robert Habersham to George Jones re. house at Newton, 1825 December 1
724Letter from Robert Habersham to George Jones re. house at Newton fire, 1825 December 9
725Letter from George Glen to George Jones re. tenants on lot 17, Liberty ward, 1830 January 8
726Letter from George Jones to Mrs. Eliza Jones re. income from George Jones estate, 1839 June 18
727Letter from Williamina Smith to G. Wymberly Jones, 1857 January 12
728Letter from Williamina Smith to G. Wymberley Jones re. death of Eliza Jones (pneumonia), 1857 January 15
729Letter from Aunt Willy to G. Wymberley Jones re. Eliza Jones illness, 1857 January 20
730Letter from Williamina Smith to G. Wimberly Jones, 1857 January 30
731Letter from Williamina Smith to G. Wimberly Jones, 1857 February 1
732Letter from Juliana Smith to G. Wymberley Jones re. death of Eliza Jones, 1857 February 11
733Letter from Wallace S. Jones to G.W.J. De Renne re. death of George Jones, 1876 May 7
734Letter (copy) from G.W.J. De Renne to S. Yates Levy, 1878 February 25
734Letter from Lee Roy Myers to Wymberly W. De Renne, 1926 April 7
735List of deeds to property on Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 1807
736List of lands, lots, improvements, dwelling houses, and enslaved people owned by George Jones, 1815 April 1
737Memorandum of expenditures of George Jones as administrator of William Davis, 1791
738Memorandum showing that George Jones was executor of N.W. Jones and Mrs. Sarah Campbell Jones and administrator of William Davis
739Monument inscription
Eliza Jones
740Newspaper announcements (transcription) re. death of George Jones, 1838 November
741Notice from George Jones, administrator of William Davis, 1792 June 20
directing the heirs and all persons concerned to inspect his schedule of the estate.
742Opinion of J.C. Habersham as to certain Forsyth County land, addressed to George Jones - "not been much investigated for gold"
743Presentment (copy) of, 1804 October
Camden Co. grand jury.
744Presentment of the Liberty Co. grand jury, 1804 November 13
745New Testament
New Testament belonging to George Jones
746Receipts for certain orders and certificates itemized, 1784-1787
Same being held by George Jones; includes list of certificates funded, list of vouchers in the hands of John Meals (includes issue to intended trustees of college), certificates brought foward
747Receipt, 1809 February 15
Bill due by George Jones to N.W. Glen.
748Receipt, estate of Edward Telfair to Dr. George Jones, 1813 April 12
Bill for account with Edward Telfair's estate.
749Receipt, 1809 June 20
George Jones share in the Horse Creek Farm for 1808.
750Receipt, 1820 January
amount contributed by George Jones to sufferers of Savannah fire of 1820
751Receipt, 1828 February 21
George Jones from Joseph Wiggins for amount being awarded by arbitration.
752Receipt, 1829 May 4
negotiable instrument signed by Mrs. Sarah Jones and Dr. George Jones. Note paid by Jones to the Bank of the United States
753Receipt and application from, 1849 April
G. Wimberly Jones to Mrs. Eliza Jones to pay John Struthers & Son a certain amount.
754Resolutions by citizens of Savannah (typed copy), 1796
755Return of George Jones as executor of estate of George Jones for 1838 and 1839, 1840 December 7
756Return of George Jones as executor of estate of George Jones for 1841-1843, 1842 November 24
757Return of George Jones as executor of estate of George Jones for 1846, 1847 February 26
758Schedule of estate of William Davis by George Jones, administrator, for the years 1773 to 1791, 1791
759Shareholders certificate showing, 1817 June 14
George Jones owns one share in the Theatre of Savannah.
760Speech to grand jury, 1804
761Speech to grand jury disapproving of long charges and naming jurors
762Charge to grand jury - presiding over Middle District
763Speech to grand jury regarding death of father
764Speech. Draft of speech accepting re-election of the judgeship
765Tax return of George Jones for land in five counties, naming three tracts - Poplar Grove, Wormsloe, and Newton Plantation, 1812-1815
766Tax return of George Jones for land in four counties, 1816
767Tax return of George Jones, 1817-1819
768Tax return of George Jones, 1836
769Tax return of George Jones, 1838
770Tax return for the estate of George Jones, 1845
771Will of George Jones, 1835 June 5

8. Jones/Campbell

81Account of George Jones with Josiah Whitney for sale of rice, 1806 June
82Account of heirs of Macartan Campbell with M. Leavenworth, 1811-1813
83Account on lease of rice field by Gilbert Longstreet from N.W. Jones, 1819-1827
84Appointment by James Patton of William Patton as executor of estate of John Nuttall, 1832 December 4
85Appraisement of buildings and improvements, 1827 September 22
86Appraisement of, 1832 March
carpenter's shop and improvements.
87Appraisement of the
personal property belonging to the estate of Mrs. Sarah Jones.
88Bond of indemnity, 1810 April 17
Martha Campbell to George Jones.
89Bond of indemnity, 1810 April 17
Edward F. Campbell to George Jones.
810Bond of indemnity, 1 January 1812
Harriet Campbell to George Jones.
811Certificate of purchase of lots by Alfred Cummings and Paul Fitzsimmons, 1837 March 4
812Court announcement, 1810 May 21
re. will of Sarah Jones.
813Disclaimer by George Jones, 1810 May 21
re. last will and testament of Sarah Jones.
re. Jones
815Indentures, 1754 July 19
brought forth by W. Martin Campbell to be enrolled in the office of register.
816Indenture, 1793 November
between Ulrick Tobler and Macartan Campbell.
817Indenture tripartite of, 1796 March
marriage settlement between George Jones, Sarah Campbell, and Edward Telfair, Josiah Tattnall, and Ebenezer Jackson.
818Indenture, 1813 January
819Indenture, 1813 January 29
Division of real estate amongst the heirs of Macartan Campbell.
820Indenture, 1813 January 29
Division of real estate amongst the heirs of Macartan Campbell.
821Indenture, 1813 January 29
Division of real estate amongst the heirs of Macartan Campbell.
822Indenture, 1813 February 10
Sarah Jones and her deceased parents, Macartan Campbell and Sarah Jones.
823Indenture, 1817 January 25
between Noble W. and Sarah Jones and Daniel Meigs.
824Indenture, 1817 January 25
between Noble W. and Sarah Jones and Daniel Meigs.
825Indenture, 29 December 1824
between Edward F. Campbell, attorney of Mrs. Sarah Jones, and Robert Raiford.
826Indenture, 1827 May 8
between Edward F. Campbell, attorney of Mrs. Sarah Jones, and George Hill.
827Indenture, 1828 August 30
between Robert Raiford and Sarah Jones.
828Indenture, 1828 October 17
between Edward F. Campbell, attorney of Mrs. Sarah Jones, and John Finn.
829Indenture, 1830 September 11
between Edward F. Campbell, attorney of Mrs. Sarah Jones, and John C. Holcombe and William Johnston.
830Indenture, 1831 January 1
between Edward F. Campbell, attorney of Mrs. Sarah Jones, and Philip Crump.
831Letter from Edward F. Campbell to George Jones, 1804 December 10
832Letter from Edward F. Campbell to George Jones, 1806 December 1
833Letter from Josiah Whitney to George Jones, 1806 December 10
834Letter from Edward F. Campbell to George Jones, 1807 March 24
835Letter from Edward F. Campbell to George Jones, 1807 August 23
836Letter. George Jones to Edward F. Campbell (?) Fragment (?), 1807 September 24
837Letter from Daniel Meigs to N.W. Jones, 1816 August 10
838Letter from Richard Mason to Noble W. Jones, 1818 January 31
839Letters from George Jones to W.M. Spradley, 1831-1833
840Letter from Henry W. Massengale to George Jones, 1839 February 28
841Letter from ? to George Jones, 1842 January 1 (?)
842Letter from ? to George Jones, 1843 December 21
843List and description of lots and tracts of land in South Carolina belonging to the estate of Macartan Campbell
844Memorandum of agreement between Noble Jones and Nicholas Delaiglia and Mathurin Hervery (?), 1813 January 1
845Memorandum of agreement between Noble Jones and Nicholas Delaiglia and Mathurin Hervery (?), 1813 January 1
846Memorandum of agreement between Noble W. Jones and Cosby Dickinson, 1815 July 19
847Memorandum of agreement between Noble W. Jones and Cosby Dickinson, 1815 December 23
848Memorandum of agreement between Noble W. Jones and Cosby Dickinson, 1818 November 14
849Plat of Thomas Smith land, 550 acres, Granville County, South Carolina, 1737 November 4
850Plats (copies), 1791 December,1838 March 8
Land purchased by Cornelius Dysart and part of same lands claimed by Peter Lamar
851Receipts of heirs of Edward Campbell - shares of cotton from the plantation, 1811 April 27
852Receipt of amount due to the estate of George Hill from E.F. Campbell, attorney of Sarah Jones, 1832 April 16

9. Noble Wimberly Jones

Noble Wimberly Jones (1725-1805), son of Noble Jones and Sarah Davis
91Account (1753) and autograph note signed by Noble Jones, 1754 February 4
92Account book, 1815-1816
Accounts due by Dr. Noble Kimberly Jones, George Jones, executor.
93Biographical information on Noble Wimberly Jones
94Deed (copy) to Lot No. 6 Carpenter Tything assigned to Noble W. Jones, 1733 December 21
95Deed of marriage settlement, 1808 December 27
between Sarah Campbell of the first part, Noble Wimberly Jones of the second part, and George Jones, Dr. Lemuel Kollock, and Edward Fenwick Campbell of the third part.
96Deed (copy). Sarah Jones to George Jones. Poplar Grove. 1812 January (?). Petition and order for citation re. probation of will of Sarah Campbell Jones, 1925 February 26
97Estimate of property of N.W. Jones in Jefferson County, 1819 March 13
98Lancet of N.W. Jones
99Letter from Noble Jones to Noble W. Jones (?), 1760 July 17
910Letter (typed copy). Hannah Vincent to Noble Wimberly Jones, 1771 February 16
911Letter from Edward Langworthy to Noble Wimberly Jones, 1785 March 5
912Letter. from Noble Wimberly Jones to John Gibbons, 1796 August 16
913Letter from R. Wylly to N.W. Jones, 1800 June 25
914Letter from N.W. Jones to Mrs. N.W. Jones, 1803 December 14
915Letters re. Noble Wimberly Jones - 3 letters with Dr. John Grimes, 1805, 1894, 1916
916Letter from Mrs. N.W. Jones to Dr. G. Jones, 1827 December 27
917Letter from George Bancroft to N. Wimberly Jones, 1854 October 7
917Incl. a copy of letter from Samuel Adams to N.W. Jones, 1774 July 16
918Notes re. Noble Wimberly Jones
919Receipt, 1782 October 6
Bill of sale from Noble Wimberly Jones to Joseph Williamson of two geldings.
920Receipt, 1799 September 23
Bill of sale to N.W. Jones of a house on Lot No. 1, first Tything, Reynoldsheard (?).
921Receipt (?) for a House and buildings in Reynold's Ward Savannah, 1802
922Receipt, 1817 October 30
Bill from Thomas Traquair & Co. to Noble W. Jones for marble slab, engraving, and letters.
923Receipt book for debts paid, 1810-1816
by George Jones as executor of estate of Dr. N.W. Jones.
924Speech, 1805
Dr. Grimes' address to the Georgia Medical Society on Noble Wimberly Jones.
925Speech, 1805
Dr. Grimes' address to the Georgia Medical Society on Noble Wimberly Jones. (copy)
926Tax return of Noble W. Jones, 1770
927Tax return of Noble W. Jones, 1785
928Tax return of Noble W. Jones, 1796
929Tax return of Noble W. Jones, 1797
930Tax return of Noble W. Jones, 1800
931Tax return of property of estate of Noble W. Jones, 1819
932Tax return of property of Mrs. Sarah Jones and children, 1831
933Writing, 1781 February 6
Poetry written by, or in the possession of Dr. Noble W.Jones.

10. Gibbons family

101Account - Sarah Gibbons Jones' share in estate of William Gibbons, 1805-1819
102Estimate of Stores and Passages (?) from New York to Savannah, 1802
104Letter from Mrs. Sarah Gibbons Jones Cuthbert to Dr. George Jones, 1828 January 21
105Letter from Mrs. George Jones to Mrs. Sarah Gibbons Jones Cuthbert, 1833 February 26
106Letter from R.H. Gardiner to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 October 24
107Letter from Rev. W.H. Harrison to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 November 8
108Receipt from Alexander Telfair, executor of estate of Barack Gibbons, 1816 May 13
of money due by Sarah G. Jones.
109Tax return of Barack Gibbons, 1793

11. Van Deren family

111Affidavit as to executors of estate of John Van Deren, 1818-1819
112Executor's deed, 1819 December 14
conveying lands of Charles Van Deren, deceased, to the following: Eliza, Maria, Williamina Elizabeth, Juliana, Letitia, Rebecca, Frances Sophia, and G. Washington Smith.
113Summons in the matter of the will of Chas. Van Deren, 1819
114Plats of land granted to John Van Deren, 1776
Original survey made in
115Indenture, 1758 September 23
Mortgage of John Van Deren and wife to Mrs. Magdalen Robeson.
116Bond and warrant of attorney from John Van Deren to Mrs. Magdalen Robeson, 1758 September 23
117Records of survey made of Westmoreland lands bought by John Van Deren, 1776 December 2-3
118List of lands unsold of the estate of John Van Deren now owned, 1841
by George Smith and his sisters
119Account of lands of John Van Deren, 1786 December 9
1110Letter of attorney from Charles Van Deren et al, executors of John Van Deren, to William Tilgham, 1814 July 16
1111Agreement, dividing by lot, lands of John Van Deren, deceased
1112Copy of conveyance to John Hackett, executor of Charles Van Deren, of certain land rights, 1819 July 23
1113Letters of administration to W.H. Keating, with copy of will of John Van Deren, 1838 July 2
1114Certificate that letters of administration were granted to George W. Smith, 1841 October 16

12. George Wymberley Jones De Renne

George Wymberley Jones De Renne (1827-1884), son of George Jones and Eliza Smith, married Mary Wallace Nuttall in 1852
121Savannah Tax receipts, 1854-1855
122Power of attorney for George Wymberley Jones to act as trustee for M.W. Jones, 1858
122Report of the Episcopal Female Prayer Book Society, 1847
123Conveyance by George Jones, executor of George Jones, to George Wymberley Jones, 34 Negro slaves, 1849 February 23
124Letter from John Clayton to diplomatic and consular agents of the United States in Europe in regard to George W. Jones, 1850 May 4
124Passport for George W. Jones, 1850 May 10
125Letter from George Jones to Charles Goldsborough, 1827 July 24
126Certificate of marriage of George Wymberley Jones and Mary Wallace Nuttall, 1852 October 21
127Clipping. Announcement of marriage of George W. Jones and M.W. Nuttall, 1852 October
128Surgeons' certificates of exemption from military duty for G.W. Jones, 1862-1863
129Travel permit for G.W. Jones, 1863 November 12
1210Letter from W.B. Hodgson to George Washington Smith re. property losses from Sherman's Army, 1865 March 29
1211Permit for G.W. Jones to carry a revolver, 1865 June 9
1211G.W. Jones oath of allegiance to United States, 1865 June 9
1211United States pardon of G.W. Jones, 1865 August 29
1212Certified copy of G.W. Jones' acceptance of U.S. pardon, 1865 December 21
1212Name change to De Renne, 1866 January 12
1212Passport of G.W.J. De Renne, 1870 August 2
1213Letter from Edward C. Anderson to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 October 7
1213Letter (copy) from G.W.J. De Renne to Edward C. Anderson, 1875 October 12
1213Letters (2) from Jones family members to G.W.J. De Renne, 1874 December 29
1213Receipt from Redwood Library (Newport, RI), 1873 July 7
1213Letters of administration to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 March 1
1213Clipping (copy) re. election of G.W.J. De Renne as alderman
1214Letter from E.W. Cubbedge to G.W.J. De Renne, 1878 March 13
1214Letter from G.W.J. De Renne to Nathan Platshek, 1878 September 28
1214Letter from W. Hunter to G.W.J. De Renne, 1878 June 1
Incl. Clippings re. proposed park in Savannah
1215Letter from William Hunter to G.W.J. De Renne, 1878 June 4
1215Letter from William Hunter to G.W.J. De Renne, 1878 July 12
1215Agreement between G.W.J. De Renne and Henry Hull & Co., 1878 July 12
1215Charter of The Savannah Trust and Safe Deposit Company, 1879
1216Letters and clippings re. death of G.W.J. De Renne, 1880
1216Will of G.W.J. De Renne, 1880 June 23
1217Letter. ALS from A.R. Lawton to Mrs. De Renne, 1883 June 12
1217Clippings re. life and literary works of G.W.J. De Renne, 1880 September
1218Letter from Sarah Butler Wister to G.W.J. De Renne, 1873 December 16
1218Letter from Isaac Solomon to G.W.J. De Renne, 1879 January 4
1218Letter from G.W.J. De Renne to W. De Renne, 1880 July 30
1218Clipping (copy) re. G.W.J. De Renne and Massie School, 1895 February 19
1219Passports for G.W. Jones, wife, and servant, 1852
1220Letter from W. Grayson Mann to G.W.J. De Renne, 1873 June 3
1220Letter from William Hunter to G.W.J. De Renne, 1873 June 3
1220Letter (copy) from G.W.J. De Renne to W. Grayson Mann, 1873 June 7
1220Letter from William Neyle Habersham to G.W.J. De Renne, 1873 June 10
1220Letter (copy) from G.W.J. De Renne to W. Grayson Mann, 1873 June 19
1221Letters dismissary G.W.J. De Renne, administrator of estate of Edward Jones, 1879 June 7
1221Receipts for book purchases, etc. by G.W. Jones, 1833-1855
1222Notes, etc. by G.W.J. De Renne
1223G.W.J. De Renne miscellany
1224De Renne bookplates
1225Estate record book
1226Account book of Samuel Street, 1852-1853
1226Ledger book, 1880-1916
1227Notebook of G.W.J. De Renne
incl. lecture notes, memoranda, lists, etc.
1227Notebook of G.W.J. De Renne
incl. notes on chemistry, books relating to the early history of Georgia, Noble Jones, Noble Wimberly Jones, George Jones, and James Oglethorpe.
131Estate Papers
132Estate Papers
133Estate Papers
134Estate Papers
135Letters re. research, 1852-1905
136Name change to De Renne (extract), 1870
137Notebook including: Diary (1876-1880). Wine lists (1874, 1879-1880). Account (1876), 1874-1880
138Notebook re. estate records, etc. - Williamina Smth, M.C. Stewart, Juliana Smith, Jane Gray
139Notebook re. estate records and other miscellany
1310Notebook re. farming, recipes, and remedies
1311Receipts, letters, etc. - includes Savannah Club, Philadelphia Association and Reading Room, Dr. Bulloch for advice and bleeding of woman Katrine and advice to boy Palmer, 1850s
1312Receipts, letters, etc., 1860s
1313Receipts, letters, etc., 1870s
1314Receipts, letters, etc. - includes letter re. Indiana Canal, 1890
1315Sketch of tomb of Noble Jones
1316Slave purchase, 1859

13. W.J. De Renne

141Account book. George Fenwick Jones, 1863-1865
142Account books, 1916-1917
143Account with Thomas A. Biddle
144Certificate of marriage, 1880
145Certificate of baptism
146Certificate of health, 1897
147Certificates, etc. re. legal profession
148Certification as commissioner, 1882
149Clippings re. death of W.J. De Renne
1410Letters, 1875-1894, undated
1411Letters re. death of W.J. De Renne, 1916
1412Letters re. G.W.J. De Renne portrait, 1878-1879, 1894-1895
1413Notebooks-Family history and date book, 1916
1414Notes-Family history
1415Passports, etc.
1416Photograph. Unidentified location (France?)
1417Receipts, 1876-1916
1418School material
1419Will of W.J. De Renne (copy)
1420Writing. Autobiography of W.J. De Renne, 1865
151Account books, 1899-1916
152Account book, 1912-1916
153Account book, 1916-1917
154Account book re. estates
155Accounts, 1916
156Address book
157Bank statements, cancelled checks, etc., 1915-1916
158Documents re. Chatham Hunt Club, 1906
159Insurance papers, 1901
1510Letters, 1900-1914
1511Photographs. Hussars at Wormsloe, 1908 December 14
1512Printed material
1513Writing. Ground itch
161Empty envelopes
162Extract from minutes of Georgia Historical Society, 1880
163Index to autographs and letters, 1896
164Letters, 1873-1907
165Letters, 1908
166Letters, 1909-1912
167Letters re. family history, 1896-1902
168Notebook re. Georgia history
169Notebook re. lots (?)
171Business papers. Accounts, 1883
172Business papers. Buena Ventura Stock Co., 1891
173Business papers, re. John Twohig, 1879-1881
174Business papers, re. John Twohig, 1882
175Business papers, re. John Twohig, 1883
176Business papers, re. John Twohig. Account, 1881-1883
177Business papers. Leases, 1880-1881
178Business papers, miscellaneous, 1879
179Business papers, miscellaneous, 1880-1882
1710Business papers, miscellaneous, 1883 January-July
1711Business papers, miscellaneous, 1883 August-November
1712Business papers, miscellaneous, 1883 December
1713Business papers, miscellaneous, 1884
1714Business papers, miscellaneous, 1885
1715Business papers, miscellaneous
1716Maps and plans
1717Printed material

14. Wymberley Wormsloe De Renne

181Birth certificate and receipt, 1891
183Insurance policy
184Letters, 1900-1906
185Letters, 1922 July
186Letters, 1922 August
187Letters, 1922 September
188Letters, 1923-1924
189Letters, 1925
1810Marriage license, 1918
1811Memoranda book
1813Press permit, 1913
1814Printed material
1815Receipts, 1924
1817Visiting cards

15. Letitia, Everard, and Kentwyn De Renne

Letitia De Renne (d. 1890), Everard De Renne (1857-1894), and Kentwyn De Renne (1862-1891), children of George Wymberley Jones DeRenne and Mary Wallace Nuttall
191Account of Mary De Renne, guardian of Kentwyn De Renne, 1881-1883
192Agreement between (1) Ludlow Ogden, Francis W. Murray, Charles S. Ward, and Margaret E. Wallbridge and (2) Wymberley J. De Renne, 1884 March 24
193Agreement between (1) Ludlow Ogden and Margaret E. Wallbridge and (2) Wymberley J. De Renne, 1894 May 26
194Certificate, 1865 June 10
baptism of Everard Jones De Renne.
195Certificate, 1875 September 10
good conduct of Kentwyn De Renne.
196Clipping, 1890 February 14
re. death and funeral of Letitia De Renne.
197Clippings, 1894
re. death of Dr. Everard De Renne.
re. gymnastic contest in which Everard De Renne was one of 2 who took top honors.
Miss Telfair's letter to Mrs. Thompson, intercepted and published in a northern paper, about Kentwyn.
1910Court order (1880) and account re. Kentwyn De Renne (1875-1881), 1875-1881
1910ADrawings of Letitia De Renne
1911Letter from C.W. Everest to G.W.J. De Renne, 1871 December 4
1912Letter from G.W.J. De Renne to Rev. Dr. Gibson, 1875 April 14
1913Letter from J.B. Gibson to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 April 17
1914Letter from J.B. Gibson to Everard De Renne, 1875 June 25
1915Letter from J.B. Gibson to G.W.J. De Renne, 1875 September 10
1916Letter from Lawton & Cunningham to Wymberley De Renne, 1891 May 7
1917Letter (telegram) from Ludlow Ogden to Wymberley J. De Renne, 1894 March 8
1918Letter from Ludlow Ogden to Wymberley J. De Renne, 1894 March 9
1919Letters dismissary of Mary De Renne, guardian of Kentwyn De Renne, 1883 July 2
1920Letters of guardianship appointing Mary De Renne guardian of Kentwyn De Renne, 1881 January 18
1921Notice of appraisal of the property of Everard De Renne, 1894 May 24
1922Petition to probate Letitia De Renne's will in solemn form
1922APoem about Letitia De Renne
1923Receipts, 1866-1867
Bills for tuition and expenses of Letitia De Renne.
1924Receipt, 1890
School bill of Letitia De Renne.
1925School report of application and conduct of Kentwyn De Renne, 1871 February
1926Testimonial, 1875 June 23
from Rev. J. Breckinridge Gibson as to character and habits of Everard De Renne.
1927Will and codicil to will of Everard De Renne, 1890 July 14 1893 December 16
1928Will of Kentwyn De Renne, 1888 October 17
1929Will of Letitia De Renne, 1888 April 19

16. Various De Renne

201Application for membership into Children of the Confederacy. Eudora De Renne, 1941
202Calendar, 1938
203Diploma-Jr. High School. Kentwyn Floyd De Renne, 1937
204Empty envelope
205Letters, 1924-1962
206Map. University of Georgia and Athens, w/related material. Kentwyn De Renne, 1946-1947
207Notebook re. birds
208Notes and other miscellany
209Photograph. Georgia Hussars en route to Wormsloe, 1908 December 14
2010Printed items
2011Printed items by Kentwyn De Renne
2013Scrapbook. W.J. De Renne
2014Specifications for the building of an apartment house to be built at 119 Liberty St. East, Savannah Georgia, for the estate of G.W.J. De Renne
2015Transcriptions of various older documents, letters, etc.
2016Transcriptions of various older documents, letters, etc.
2017Writing (poem). James W. Riley. "The Passing of the Backhouse"

17. Clippings, Photographs, Calendars, and Printed Material

212Photograph: Winning boat team. Regatta, Columbus, 1870
213Printed material, miscellaneous
214 Official Souvenir Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Ratification bv the State of Georgia of the Constitution of the United States of America
215Calendars. Georgia Bicentennial, 1933
216Calendars. Georgia Bi-centennial, 1933
217Calendars. Garden calendars, 1936 & 1942
21A1Calendar of the Colonies, 1923
21A2Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1926
21A3Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1927
21A4Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1928
21A5Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1930
21A6Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1931
21A7Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1932
21A8Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1943
21A9Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar, 1944
21A10Girl Scout Calendar, 1946

18. W.J. De Renne, W.W. & Augusta De Renne

221Account book
223Diary (travel). Augusta De Renne
224Empty envelopes
225Letters, 1904-1910
226Letters, 1911-1925
227List of books
229Photograph envelopes (empty)
2219Receipts, 1922-1925
22APrinted Material (mostly re. Europe)
22APurse and wallet

19. Mary Wallace Nuttall (Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne)

Mary Wallace Nuttall (b. 1835), daughter of William B. Nuttall and Mary Wallace Savage
231Bill for portrait of Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne, 1873 July 15
232Carte de visite and letters re. portrait painting, 1873
234Journal book of Mary W. Jones, 1854
235Letter re. birth of Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne, 1833 May 11
236Letter from Mrs. M.T. Hodgson to Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne, 1872 September 4
237Letter to Mrs. De Renne from ?, 1880 December 9
238Letter to Mrs. De Renne from ?, 1881 December 14
239Lock of hair of Mrs. Mary Wallace Nuttall De Renne
2310Passport, 1871 June 23
2311Will and codicil (2 copies), 1885 February 4

20. Nuttall-Wallace-Savage families

241Account of Mrs. Mary Savage with the Habershams, 1825
243Letter from John Anderson to "My dearest Sister", 1810 November 12
244Letter from Mrs. Susan Wylly to Mrs. Thomas Savage, 1810 December 19
245Letter from John Anderson to his mother, 1810 August 19
245With letter from J. Randolph Anderson to Wimberly W. De Renne, 1932 October 16
246Letter from John Anderson to "My Dearest Sister"-Mrs. Wallace, 1812 February 21
246With letter from J. Randolph Anderson to W.W. De Renne, 1920 June 28
247Letter from Louisa Juliette (?) to Mrs. Savage, 1815 November 16
248Letters to Mrs. Mary Wallace, 1837 January 30, March 08
249Letters from Mary Wallace Savage to her mother, Mary Anderson Wallace, 1837, 1839
2410Letter from M.W. Savage to "My Dear Mother"-Mrs. Mary Wallace, 1838 March 20
2411Letter from Susan Howard to Mary, 1840 December 14
2412Letter from Jane Howard to Mrs. George Jones, 1840 December 27
2413Letter from M.W.J, to "My Dear Aunt" (transcript), 1850 July 24
2414Letter from E.C. Clay to Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne, 1869 November 12
2415Letter from Wallace S. Jones to "My dear Sister", 1876 May 7
2416Letter from Eliza Floyd (?) to Mrs. Mary Savage (transcript), March 18
2417Letter from Mary Wallace Savage to Mrs. Mary Wallace, July 9
2418Letter from Maria Campbell to Mrs. Thomas Gardner, May
2419Letter from John Anderson to Mary Savage
2420Promissory note made by Mary Savage, due Thomas Clay on behalf of the estate of Joseph Clay, 1823 May 21
2421Testamentary memorandum of Mrs. M.W. Jones
2422Writing. Poem

21. Camblos

252Legal documents, 1874-1882
253Letters, 1880-1889
254Letters, 1906-1915
256Notes on envelopes

22. Poplar Grove and Savannah Property

261Bonaventure Cemetery, 1848-1916
262Residence at Bull and Liberty Streets, 1890
263Long Island and Isle of Hope, 1856-1893
264Wharf Lot, 1759-1875
265Poplar Grove, 1858-1879
266Poplar Grove, 1911-1916
271Property at NE corner of Liberty and Drayton Streets
272Property on Montgomery St.
273Property on Liberty St.
274Property on Liberty St.
275Property in Brown Ward
276Lot No. 3, Carpenter Tything, Decker Ward
281Lot Nos. 2 and 3, Carpenter Tything, Decker Ward
282Property on corner of West Broad and Pine Streets
283Miscellaneous documents re. Savannah property
284Miscellaneous documents re. Savannah property

23. Wormsloe

292Subscribers to the Skidaway Ferry Bridge, 1857
295Documents re. name "Wormsloe", 1878
2911Photographs, 1897

24. Wormsloe and Skidaway Bridge

304Account book, circa 1928-1937
305Guest book/Scrapbook, 1925-1929
306Documents and clippings re. Skidaway Bridge, 1780-1898
307Printed material, 1936-1937

25. Wormsloe printed material

311Clippings, 1926-1927
312Clippings, 1928
313Clippings, 1929
314Clippings, 1929
315Clippings, 1930
316Clippings, 1930
317Clippings, 1931
318Clippings, 1932
319Clippings, 1933
3110Clippings, 1933 April 23
3111Letters re. publicity, 1934
3112Miscellaneous printed material

26. Boating Clubs

321Letters, 1869-1872
324Newspaper, 1877 May 16
326Printed material
327Receipts, 1869
328Transcriptions of newspaper articles

27. Georgia Historical Society

331Annals. Galleys, 1916
332Annual Report, 1916
334Letters, 1872-1880
335Letters, 1908-1918
337Material re. 75th Anniversary
338Material re. Joseph Clay letters
339Material re. Montiano's attack on Frederica, 1912-1913
3311Printed material
3312Resolution, 1908
3314Summary of Proceedings. 77th annual meeting, 1916

28. Georgia Bicentennial

341Guest book for reception at Wormsloe, 1933 February 11
342Letters, 1932-1933
343Letters of Regret/Acceptance to De Renne reception A-C, 1933 February 11
344Letters of Regret/Acceptance to De Renne reception D-J, 1933 February 11
345Letters of Regret/Acceptance to De Renne reception. K-R, 1933 February 11
346Letters of Regret/Acceptance to De Renne reception. S-Z &?, 1933 February 11
349Printed material
3410Souvenir stamps
3411Souvenir stamps
3412Souvenir stamps

29. Spanish Documents regarding Montiano

351List of documents and other notes
352Document no. 2
353Document nos. 3, 4, and 5
354Document no. 6
355Document no. 7
356Document no. 9
357Document no. 10
358Document no. 11
359Document no. 12
3510Document no. 13
3511Document no. 14
3512Document no. 18
3513Document no. 19
3514Documents. No numbers (?)
3515Extracts of various documents
3516Letters, 1904-1906
3517Translation of letter from Montiano to Fernando Trivino, 1742 August 3

30. Miscellaneous Clippings, Brochures, and Ephemera

36Clippings, brochures, ephemera

31. De Renne Library Receipts, 1810-1927

3721906, 1911
3741916 February
3751916 March
3761916 April
3771916 May
3781916 June
3791916 July
37101916 August
37111916 September
37121916 October
37131916 November
37141916 December
37161917 January
37171917 February
37181917 March
37191917 April
37201917 May
37211917 June
37221917 July
37231917 August
37241917 September
37251917 October
37261917 November
37271917 December
37291918 January
37301918 February
37311918 March
37321918 April
37331918 May
37341918 June
37351918 July

32. Correspondence

381Candler, Allen D., 1905-1909
382Cate, Margaret Davis, 1907-1954, undated
383Freeman, Douglas, 1910
384Freeman, Douglas & others, 1911
385Freeman, Douglas, 1912-1913
386Freeman, Douglas & others, 1914-1915
387Hook, C.S., 1905-1909
388Jones, Charles Edgeworth, 1905-1909
389The Morning News (& others), 1905-1911
3810Phillips, U.B., 1905-1910
3811Putnam Sons (& others), 1907-1916
3812Miscellaneous correspondence & other documents, 1819-1932, undated

33. Wormsloe Clippings


34. DeRenne Library Correspondence

401Abrahams, Edmund H.
402Adams, Samuel (?) B.
403Alexander, J. A.
404American Antiquarian Society
405American Library Annual
406American Philosophical Society
407Anderson, J. Randolph
408Anderson, Lily
409Anderson, Luther
4010Armstrong, William
4010Arthur H. Clark Co. See: Clark (Arthur H.) Co. (40:42)
4011Bacon, A.O.
4012Baldwin, Lucy H
4013Barrow, Craig
4014Barrow, David C.
4015Basinger, T.
4016Bassett, Victor H.
4017Bell, ?
4018Bennett, John
4019Bixby, W.K.
4020Blunt, Roberta
4021Boggs, Thomas R.
4021ABorglum, Gutzon
4022Bradley, J.S.
4023Brantley, William G.
4024Breckenridge, William C.
4025Brooks, R.P.
4026Brown, Francis A.
4027Brown, Julius L.
4028Buckingham, Mary H.
4029Bulloch, J.G.B.
4030Burnet, Duncan
4031Burroughs, W.B.
4032Burrows, Charles W.
4033Cadby (?), J.H.W.
4034Caldwell, A.B.
4035Camden County, Ga.
4036Carnegie Library of Atlanta
4037Castellanos, A.W.
4038Chappell, J. Harris
4039Charlton, Walter G.
4040Chisholm, Frank M.
4041Clark, A.S.
4042Clark (Arthur H.) Company
4043Clay, Thomas S.
4044Cobb, Andrew J.
4045Cole, T.L.
4046Colonial Dames of America
4047Colquitt, Neyle
4048Cosens, Margaret A.
4049Cunningham, Henry C.
4050Cuyler, Telamon
4051Dodd & Livingston
4052Doonan (J.T.) & Co.
4053Dorsett, Charles H.
4054Drayton, ?
4054Edward Stanford, Ltd. See: Stanford (Edward) Ltd. (40B:38)
4055Eldershaw, Thomas
4056Eliot, John
4057Elzas, Barnett A.
4058Estes, Claud
4059Estes, Lillian
4060Estill, J.H.
4061Flandé, Nina
4062Foster, Sophie
4063Franklin Printing & Publishing Co
4064Fries, Adelaide L.
4065Gamble, Thomas Jr.
4066Garderes, Mathilde
4067Gardiner, Robert H.
4069Gaston, William
4070Gensler, H.J.
4071Georgia Historical Society
4072Georgia Hussars
4073Georgia Medical Society. Library
4074Georgia State Library
4075Gordon, William W. Jr.
4076Gorie, E.S.
40A1Harper, Francis P.
40A2Harper, Lathrop C.
40A3The Harrison Co.
40A4Hart, Charles H.
40A5Harvard Classics
40A6Harvard College
40A7Hendrick, Ellwood
40A7Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles See: Stevens (Henry), etc. (40B:40)
40A8Heyward, James B.
40A9Hill, Walter B.
40A10Hinton, E.H.
40A11Hobeika, John E.
40A12Hoffman, Frederick L.
40A13Hook, C.S.
40A14Howard, J.W.
40A15Huger, M.D.
40A16Hull, A.L.
40A17Hunt, Benjamin W.
40A18Hurd, Henry M.
40A19Huxley, Florence A.
40A19J.T. Doonan & Co. See: Doonan (J.T.) & Co. (40:52)
40A20Jackson, Hall N.
40A21Jameson, J. Franklin
40A21John E. Scopes & Co. See: Scopes (John E.) & Co. (40B:28)
40A22Jones, C. Lucian
40A23Jones, Charles Edgeworth
40A24Jones, F.F.
40A25Kashnor & Mackenzie See: The Museum Book Store (40A:61)
40A26King, George G.
40A27Knight, Lucian L.
40A28Konkle, Burton A.
40A29Lamar, J.R.
40A30Launder, Arthur W.
40A31Lawrence, James B.
40A32Lawton, Alexander R.
40A33Lewis Publishing Co.
40A34Library of Congress
40A35Lincoln, Charles H.
40A36Longstreet, F.R.
40A37Lowdermilk (W.H.) & Co.
40A38Lucas, Rebecca M.
40A39McCain, J.R.
40A40McCarthy, L.A.
40A41McElreath, Walter
40A42Mackall, Leonard L.
40A43Mackall, William W.
40A44Manning, James H.
40A45Maurice, Charlotte M.
40A46Mayo, Lawrence S.
40A47Meader, R.D.
40A48Meegan, James F.
40A49Meldrim, Fannie (?)
40A50Mercer, George A.
40A51Miller, M.
40A52Minis, A
40A53Minis, J. Florance
40A54Minis, Louisa
40A55Mitchell, James
40A56Montgomery, C.J.
40A57Moore, John B.
40A58Morris, John
40A59Murray, Francis W.
40A60Murray, ? H.
40A61The Museum Book Store (London)
40A62Myers, Albert C.
40A63New York Historical Society
40A64New York State Library
40A65Norris, Walter B.
40A66Norris, ?
40A67Norwood, T.M.
40A68Oglesby, T.K.
40A69Owens, G.W.
40A70Owens (?), Margaret W.
40B1Park, R.E.
40B2Perrine, Howland D.
40B3Phillips, U.B.
40B4Pickett, Theodore J.
40B5Pierce, John
40B6Pinckney, S.H.
40B7Poole, Franklin O.
40B8Pottinger, W.
40B9Pound, Jere M.
40B10Price, C.J.
40B11Quaritch, Bernard
40B12Ravenel, T.P.
40B13Reid, Madge
40B14Reppald (?), R.B.
40B15Rhoads, Samuel N.
40B16Richardson, Thomas E.
40B17Rockwell, W.O'D.
40B18Roller, John E.
40B19Rosenbach, A.S.W.
40B20Rouquette, A.
40B21Rowland, Dunbar
40B22Rutherford, M.
40B23Sabin, Joseph F.
40B24Sainsbury, W. Noel
40B25Sargent, George H.
40B26Saussy, Fred T.
40B27Saussy, J.R.
40B28Scopes (John E.) & Co.
40B29Shipp, J.E.D.
40B30Shipp, Kate Pope
40B31Slaton, John M.
40B32Smith, George D.
40B33Sons of the Revolution in the State of Georgia
40B34South Carolina Historical Society
40B35South Carolina Women of the Confederacy
40B36Southern History Association
40B37Stanard, William G.
40B38Stanford (Edward) Ltd.
40B39Steloff, I. Francis
40B40Stevens (Henry), Son & Stiles
40B41Stewart, Joseph S.
40B42Stiles, John C.
40B43Stiles, K.C.
40B44Stovall, Pleasant A.
40B45Strong, Charles K.
40B46Tattnall, John R.F.
40B47Taylor, Walter H.
40B48Theus (?)
40B49Thomas, Edward J.
40B50Thomas, L.
40B51Thompson, C. Mildred
40B52Travis, Robert J.
40B53United Daughters of the Confederacy (Savannah)
40B54University Club of Atlanta
40B55University of Pennsylvania
40B56Virginia (Commonwealth)
40B57Virginia Historical Society
40B57W.H. Lowdermilk & Co. See: Lowdermilk (W.H.) & Co. (40A:37)
40B58Waller, Robert T.
40B59Wallingford, CT. Board of Park Commissioners
40B60Webb, De Witt
40B61Weeks, Stephen B.
40B62Wegelin, Oscar
40B63Wilder, Frank J.
40B64Wilder, Georgia P.
40B65Wilkins, Emma C.
40B66Williams, Chauncey C.
40B67Winship, George Parker
40B68Withington (?), Lothrop
40B69Wylly, Charles S.
40B70Unidentified letters
40B71List and notes

35. De Renne Library Subject Files

414Book lists
415Book lists
416Book lists
418Expense list
419Holdings. Alphabetical list
4110Holdings. Copyrights & related papers
4111Holdings. Duplicates list
4112Holdings. Duplicates of Wormsloe editions list
4113Holdings. Loan requests
4114Holdings. Missing volumes
421Map lists, etc.
422Newspapers, Georgia. List & notes
423Printed materials
424Published works. Books Relating to the History of Georgia. Related correspondence, etc.
425Published works. Books Relating to the History of Georgia. Reviews, etc.
426Published works.The Colonial Records of Georgia. Related correspondence, etc.
427Published works.The Contract for the Purchase of Western Territory Made with the Legislature of Georgia, etc. Typescript
428Published works. Davis, Jefferson. Letter re. Egmont Journal, 1886 November 7
429Published works. Lee's Dispatches. Clippings, etc.
4210Published works. Lee's Dispatches. Related correspondence, etc.
4211Published works. The Life and Times of Thomas Smith,1745-1809. Related correspondence and receipts
4212Published works. Men of Mark in Georgia. Related correspondence
4213Published works. The Removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia. Page proofs (incomplete)

36. Glass Negatives of Title Pages of Early Georgia Books (Facsimiles for 1911 De Renne Catalog)

Prints from these are located in Box 56 (oversize).
42A1Account of the Siege of Savannah, etc.
42A2An Account Shewing the Progress of the Colony of Georgia, etc.
42A3Acts Passed bv the General Assembly of Georgia, etc.
42A4Americanisches Ackerwek Gottes, etc.
42A5 A Compendious Account of the Whole Art of Breeding, Nursing, and the Right Ordering of the Silk-worm
42A6 The Constitution of the State of Georgia
42A7A Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia, etc., 1800
42A8A Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia, etc., 1801
42A9The Methodists, etc.
42A10 Observations Upon the Effects of Certain Late Political Suggestions
42A11Report of the Committee Appointed to Examine into the Proceedings of the People of Georgia, etc.
42A12A True and Historical Narrative of the Colonv of Georgia, etc.
42A13 A Vovage to Georgia Begun in the Year 1735
42A14 A Vovage to Georgia Begun in the Year 1735
42A15Pages from an unidentified title (top of pages headed "Octobre 1779")
564Prints of Title pages of early Georgia books
(facsimiles for 1911 De Renne Catalog-photocopies from glass negatives in Box 42A)

37. De Renne Library- L.L. MacKall correspondence

Box 43 now includes Boxes 43 and 43A
431Abel, Annie H., 1918
432Ackerly, Orville B., 1917
433Alabama. Dpt. of Archives and History, 1918
434American Antiquarian Society, 1918
435American Historical Asso. See: Jameson, J. Franklin
436American Historical Review See: Jameson, J. Franklin
437Americus Book Co., 1918
438Art Commission of the City of New York, 1916
439Arthur H. Clark Co., 1916-1918
4310Benjamin, Walter R., 1917
4311Bixby,W.K., 1918
4312Boston Public Library, 1917-1918
4313Bradley, J.S. Jr., 1918
4314Brown University. Library, 1917
4315Burrage, Champlin. See: John Carter Brown Library
4316Cadmus Book Shop, 1917
4317Campbell, William J., 1921
4318Candler, W.A., 1917
4319Carnegie Institution of Washington See: Jameson, J. Franklin
4320Carnegie Library of Atlanta, 1918
4321Century Magazine, 1917
4322Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917
4323Charlestown Library Society, 1917-1918
4323ACobb, Maud B. See: Georgia State Library
4324Cole, T.L. See: Statute Law Book Co.
4325Colonial Office (London), 1917-1918
4326Columbia University, 1915
4327Cosens, Margaret A., 1917
4328Cuyler, Telamon, 1906
4329Dailey, Carrie L., 1917
4330De Renne, W.W., 1916-1918
4331Dodd, Robert H., 1918
4332Dodd,W.F., 1918
4333Dreen,W.W., 1918
4334Elzas, Barnett A., 1916-1918
4335Foley, P.K., 1918
4336Ford, Worthington C., 1917
4337Fridenberg, Robert, 1917
4338G. A. Baker & Co., 1916
4339Gamble, Thomas Jr., 1918
4340Garrard, William Jr., 1917
4341Georgia Bar Association, 1917
4342Georgia. Compiler of Records. See: Knight, Lucian L.
4343Georgia. Geological Dpt., 1916
4344Georgia State Library, 1916-1918
4345Georgia. University. Library, 1915-1918
4346Godfrey, C.E., 1917
4347Goodspeed's Book Shop, 1921-1922
4348Harper, Lathrop C., 1916-1917
4349Harrison Co., 1916-1918
4350Harvard College Library, 1916-1918
4351Henkels, Stan. V., 1916
4352Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, 1916-18
4353Historical Commission of South Carolina See: Salley, A.S.
4354Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1916-1917
4355Hoffman, Frederick L., 1917
4356Hook,C.S., 1916-1918
4357Hunter, Paul, 1916-1917
4358Hyde, Mrs. Charles R., 1917 & undated
4359Jameson, J. Franklin, 1913-1918
4360John Carter Brown Library, 1916-1918
4361Jordan, John W. See: Historical Society of Pennsylvania
4362Knight, Lucian L., 1917-1918
43A1Lawton, A.R., 1917
43A2Leiter, Joseph, 1917
43A3Library Co. of Philadelphia, 1917-1918
43A4Library Journal, 1916-1917
43A5Library of Congress, 1916-1918 & 1930
43A6Longstreet, F.R., 1908 & 1917
43A7M.S. & D.A. Byck Co., 1916-1918
43A8Maggs Bros., 1917
43A9Maryland Historical Society, 1917
43A10Massachusetts Historical Society See: Ford, Worthington C.
43A11Massachusetts State Library, 1917
43A12Meader, R.D., 1918
43A13Methodist Book Concern, 1917
43A14Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, 1917
43A15Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S. See: Nicholson, John P.
43A16Mills, Dudley A., 1916-1922
43A17Mingledorff & Co., 1917
43A18Moore, George, 1880
43A19Nation, The, 1917
43A20New Orleans Picayune, 1917
43A21New York City. Association of the Bar, 1912 & 1916-1918
43A22New York Public Library, 1905 & 1916-1918
43A23New York State Library, 1917-1918
43A24Nicholson, John P., 1916-1917
43A25O'Leary, H.A., 1917
43A26Osgood, H.L., 1918
43A27Phillips, Ulrich B., 1917-1918
43A28Pickett, G.E., 1863
43A29Poole, Franklin O. See: New York City. Association of the Bar
43A30Quaritch, Bernard, 1918
43A31R.R. Bowker Co., 1917
43A32Rand, Benjamin, 1915
43A33Robinson, E.R., 1917-1918
43A34Rutherford, M., 1916
43A35Sabin, Joseph F., 1916-1918
43A36Salley, A.S., 1917-1918
43A37Samuel T. Freeman & Co., 1917
43A38Saussy, F.T., 1917
43A39Savannah, Ga. Office of the Chief Engineer, 1917
43A40Smith, George D., 1916-1917
43A41Smithsonian Institution, 1917
43A42Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1916 ?
43A43South Carolina Historical Society, 1916-1919
43A44South Carolina. State Library, 1918
43A45Southern Historical Society, 1917
43A46State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1918
43A47State House Book Shop, 1917-1918
43A48Statute Law Book Co., 1908 & 1916-1918
43A49Stikeman & Co., 1918
43A50Thorp, Thomas, 1916
43A51Turner, Thomas S., Undated
43A52Virginia State Library, 1917
43A53Wade, John D., 1916
43A54Wallingford, CT. Board of Park Commissioners, 1916
43A55Watkinson Library, 1917
43A56Webber, Mabel L. See: South Carolina Historical Society
43A57William Harvey Miner Co., Inc., 1917
43A58Worcester County Law Library, 1917
43A59Wright, R.R., 1917
43A60Unidentified, 1916 & 1917
43A61Miscellaneous notes

38. De Renne Library Subject Files- Published Works

441Published works. The Ulster County Gazette. Notes, etc.
442Published works. The Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library. Correspondence, etc. 1924-1924
443Published works. The Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library. Correspondence, etc. 1925-1927 & undated
444Published works. The Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library. List
445Published works. The Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library. Printed material
446Publishers and dealers (notebook)
447Purchasing catalogs, etc.
448Wormsloe visitors' record

39. Historical Documents, Transcripts, etc.

451Arraignment of Governor Reynolds, 1756 July
452Barnwell Family. Genealogy
453Board of Sanitary Commissioners. Savannah, Ga.
454Broadside list
455Calendars of events
456Chatham Artillery
457"Colours of the South"
458"Commissions, Book B, in Sec'y of States office, Atlanta", etc., 1754-1806
459"Constitutional Conventions of Georgia"
4510Continental Dragoons. Lee's Dragoons
4511Cottineau de Kerloguen, Denis
4512"Egmont's Journal of the Transactions of the Trustees of Georgia". Index
4513Elbert, Sam and Lachlan Mcintosh. Letter extracts
4514Ellis, Henry (Governor). Trip south, 1758
4515Georgia. 1870 Census. Excerpts
4516Georgia Continentals (1st Rgt.)
4517Georgia Convention. Name file
4518"Georgia Laws printed by James Johnston" etc., 1763-70
4519Georgia Medical Society
4520Georgiana, Miscellanea. George F.T. Jones
4521Georgia. Miscellaneous papers
4522Georgia Penal Code, 1817-1819
4523Gwinnett, Button. Facsimile of signature
4524Gwinnett, Button to Edward Mease. Bond, 1770
461Harden, William. Letters to (from Benjamin Long Harper, C.C. Jones, Jr., & Joseph Henry Lumpkin)
462"History of the Catholic Church in the United State". Extracts
463Horton, William
464Indian lands
465Indian treaties
466Invasion of East Florida by General Seymour. J. Gardner's Recollections, 1864 February
467Invasion of the Spaniards into Georgia, (account as published in the Daily Advertizer), 1742
468"Instructions for W. Pickering Robinson"
469"Itinerant Observations in America"
4610Jackson, James. Letter to Edward Longworthy, 1790
4611Jones, Charles Colcock, Jr. Correspondence with William Duncan
4612Jones, Charles Colcock, Jr. The History of Georgia. Excerpts
4613Journal of the Battle of Bloody Marsh. Extract, remarks, and map
4614Journal of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America. Index
4615Letters, 1790-1791
4616Longstreet, William
4617"The Loyalists in the American Revolution"
471McCall, Hugh. The History of Georgia. Excerpts
472Mcintosh, Lachlan. Correspondence with George Washington
473Map list
474Martyn, Beijamin. Letter to Thomas Hawkins, 1743
475Martyn, Benjamin. Letter to W. Stephens & Assistants, 1749
476Masonic Lodge of Savannah. Minutes, 1757
477The Minutes of the Common Council of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America. Index
479Name File
4710"The Negro"
4711New York Historical Society
4712Niles' Register. Excerpts
4713Oglethorpe, James. Monument
4714Papers relating to Georgia in the Public Records Office in London. List
4716"Printed Publications of Early Georgia History", etc.
4717"Proceedings of Council", etc. Extracts, 1749, 1754
4718"Report of Sir Mathew Lamb on seven Acts passed in Georgia in June 1761"
4719"Report of Sir Mathew Lamb upon eleven Acts passed in Georgia in January, February & May 1764"
4720"Report of the Attorney and Solicitor General on the proposal of the Trustees of Georgia to surrender their Trust to the Crown dated. Copy, 1752 February 6
4721Salzburgers. Medals. Report
4722Sheftall, Mordecai. Ration book entries
4723Soldier rosters
4724Soldier rosters
481Soldier rosters
482Soldier rosters
483Soldier rosters
484Soldier rosters
485Soldier rosters
486Soldier rosters
487Soldier rosters
488Tabby structure. St. Mary's, Ga. (vic.)
489Telfair, Mary. Will
4810United States government documents
4811Wright, James. Correspondence

40. Calendar, Maps, Photographs, Postcards, & Prints

491Calendar (Peruna Drug Co.), 1903
493Photographs: Independent Presbyterian Church, Unidentified lady (Nancy ?), Unidentified campus (?)
494Postcards: Steamship "Savannah"
495Print: Unidentified steps and door
496Prints: Magnolia-on-the-Ashley (Charleston, SC vic.)

41. Printed Material regarding Wormsloe, De Renne Publications, and Georgia Bicentennial

501Catalogue of the Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library. Announcement of Publication
501re. Books Relating to the History of Georgia, etc.:
502 The American Historical Review , 1905 October
503 Publications of the Southern History Association , 1905 November
504Georgia Bicentennial stamps
505re. Lee's Dispatches:
505 The American Historical Review , 1916 January
505re. Wormsloe:
506 AAA Travel , 1931 April and 1933 January
507 Atlantic Coast Line News , 1934 March-April
508 Carolina Resorts , 1930 March 20
509 Central of Georgia Magazine , 1930 April
5010 The Chatham Home Owner , 1930 April
5011 Delaware Motorist , 1934 March and 1935 Febraury
5012 Garden Digest , 1932 February
5013 The Greeter , 1930 April 4
5014 Halifax Topics , 1935 March 8
5015 Horticulture , 1931 March 15
5016 The Junior League Magazine , 1930 June
5017 The Motor Bus Traveler , 1930 April
5018 The Ohio Motorist , 1934 March
5019 Resorts Life , 1931 March 19
5020 Savannah Scenes , 1934 September
5021 Southerner , 1933 April
5022 Travel , 1937 January
5023 Where To Stay in Savannah... , 1934-35
5024 Winter Resort and Travel Guide , 1930-1931
51Miscellaneous Printed Material

42. Additional Correspondence and Other Items

521Clipping re. Confederate Constitution, 1909
522Americus Book Co.
523Blake, George A.
524Clizbee, Azalea
525Georgia Historical Society
526Lane, James H.
527Library of Congress
528The Morning News
529Rhoads, Samuel N.
5210Richardson, Samuel E.
5211The Rosenbach Co.
5212Smith, George G.
5213The Thomson-Pitt Book Co.
5215Photograph. Fountain (?)
5216Printed material. Re. Poems by Robert M. Charlton & Thomas J. Charlton
5217Printed material. Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Georgia. Membership list, 1906
5218Stamps (Virginia)

43. De Renne Library- Receipts, etc.

5331905 January-July
5341905 August-December
5351906 January-June
5361906 July-December
5371907 January-July
5381907 August-December
5411909 January-June
5421909 July-December
5431910 January-July
5441910 August-December
5451911 January-April
5461911 May-December
5481913, 1917

44. Diplomas, Photocopies, Document, and Confederate Treasury Department Seal

551Diplomas. Claude C. Wilson
552Document re. John Penn, etc.
553Historical documents and pages from books (photocopies)
554Seal of the Treasury Dpt. of the Confederate States of America
(impression from original). With note from Telamon Cuyler

45. De Renne Library

561Books Relating to the History of Georgia in the Library of Wymberley Jones DeRenne. Binding
562Books Relating to the History of Georgia in the Library of Wymberley Jones De Renne. Typescript
563Pages from various books, documents, etc. Photocopies

46. Account Book and Albums

571Account book of George Wymberley Jones (De Renne), 1850s-1870s
572Postcard album
573Scrapbook, ca. 1830's-1870's

47. Miscellaneous Material

Box 58 now includes Boxes 58 and 58A (oversize)
582Coerr, Wymberly Jones De Renne (2 days old). Photograph
583De Renne, Everard. Certificate, 1879
584De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Correspondence, 1918-1932
585De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Correspondence, 1933
586De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Correspondence, 1934
587De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Correspondence, 1935 1952 & undated
588De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Empty envelopes
589De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Lists, miscellaneous notes, etc.
5810De Renne, Wymberley Wormsloe. Miscellany
5811Historic American Building Survey
List & description of Georgia buildings
5812Jones, G. Wymberley, 1864
Agreement w/Edward M. Nelson for Wormsloe.
5813Jones, George. Agreement, 1828
5814Jones, George. Indenture, 1800
5815Jones, George. Memorandum of agreement, estate of Ann Reid, Wormsloe Plantation, 1819
5816Jones, George. Receipt, 1799
5817Jones, Noble W. Estate list, etc.
5818Middleton, Artie. Letter and receipts, 1965-1966
5819Postcards, miscellaneous
5820Printed material. Menus
5821Printed material, miscellaneous
5822Printed material. Programs
5823Roebling, Eudora. Letters and clipping, 1970
5824Wormsloe. Brochures, etc.
5825Wormsloe. Clipping
5826Wormsloe. Description
5827Wormsloe. Maps
5828Wormsloe. Photographs: 1. Grounds 2. Coachman driving couple (includes clipping)
5829Wormsloe. Pictures, drawings, etc.
5830Wormsloe. Postcards
5831Wormsloe. Programs
5832Wormsloe. Tickets
5833Wormsloe. Visitors' register, 1934-1935
58A1Genealogical material
58A2Map. Wormsloe
58A3Maps, miscellaneous
58A4Printed material. The Court Masques of Inigo Jones. Publication announcement
58A5Printed material, miscellaneous
58A6Printed material re. Wormsloe
58AWooden medallion in 2 pieces (part missing)
58APoem inscribed on medal plate attached to a wood base: "Here's to A Long Life and A Merry One", etc.
58AUniversity of Buenos Aires Centennial medal
59Autographs Album
This album includes mainly letters from Charles C. Jones, Jr. as well as R. A. Brock to G.W.J. and Mary De Renne. Also included are a few clippings, receipts, and letters from other people.

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