John Linley papers

John Linley papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Linley papers
Creator: Linley, John
Inclusive Dates: 1938-2001
Language(s): English
Extent: 10 Linear Feet (12 boxes)
Collection Number: UA99-162
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

John Linley (1916-1996) was a professor of landscape architecture in the School of Environmental Design (now the College of Environment and Design) at the University of Georgia from 1963 to 1986. Linley earned his bachelors degree in architecture from Clemson University in 1938 and his M.F.A. in architecture from Princton University in 1945. Prior to his academic career, Linley practiced professionally for many years by designing residences and office buildings.

Linley published two major works: Architecture of Middle Georgia: The Oconee Area (1972) and The Georgia Catalog: Historic American Buildings Survey, A Guide to Georgia Architecture (1982). He is noted in Georgia for his advocacy for historic preservation, and served in leaderhip roles with the Joseph Henry Lumpkin Foundation, the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation (now Historic Athens), the Athens Historical Society, and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of records related to Linley's private architecture practice, his research on historic buildings and sites with an emphasis on the state of Georgia, and overviews of landscape architecture and historic preservation courses he taught at the University of Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Private Practice

11Addresses, 1979
12Army Papers, 1938-1951
13Registration A.I.A. (American Institute of Architects)/N.C.A.R.B. (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)/A.C.S.A. (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture), 1994-2001
14Books - Rare Ste., 1957-1970
15Brumby House, 1994-1995
16Chair, 1965
17Civil War History, 1978
18Charleston, 1979-1984
19A (Architecture), LAR (Landscape Architecture), City Planning Charleston and Savannah, Undated
110Certificates - Birth, etc., Vaccinations, etc., 1941-1964
111Christmas Cards, 1964
112Clubs - Discussion Group, 1987-1990
113Calhoun House Museum, 1994-1995
114Charities, 1987-1993
115Cards, 1976-1997
116Denver Farms, 1978-1991
117Drawing and Drafting, 1974-1993
118Furniture, 1958-1965
119Friends of Kebyar, 1992-1994
120GA Agrirama, 1973-1974
121Gambrill, 1963
122Godfather, 1987
123Garden Tour, 1992-1993
124Historical Association, 1958-1961
125Hospice, 1993-1995
126Linley Furnishings, 1959
127Licenses - Personal and Auto, 1955-1986
128Correspondence, 1958-1996
129Miscellany - Personal, 1952-1981
130Murray Ave. Ext. (Extension), 1960-1961
131Monticello, 1993-1995
132Painting and Paintings, 1950
133Photos - Passport and Personal, 1964-1982
134Partnership Papers, 1958-1961
135Personal Correspondence Etc., 1956-1965
136Military, 1942
137Taxes and Demolition - Pulaski St., 1972
138Prints, 1975
139Parties, 1978-1994
140Real Estate, 1960
141Railing, 1957-1962
142Royalties on Book, 1974-1979
143Real Estate, 1961-1969
144Rankin Railing, 1988-1989
145Retirement Correspondence, 1986-1989
146Sunday School Lessons, Undated
147Services, 1972-1989
148Newsletters, 1986
149Time Clock, 1976
150Trip to Europe, 1964
151Theology, 1960
152Will - John L. (Linley), 1994-1995
153Corr. (Corrections) - Arch're (Architecture) of Middle GA, 1980-1984
154Architectural Work Bills Etc., 1975-1986
155Dunn Job, 1974-1975
156Gardens of GA, 1980-1990
157J.W.L. (John W. Linley) Correspondence Personal and Misc., 1990-1995
158Political Letters and Addresses, 1995
159Correspondence - School of Environmental Design - General, 1983-1987
160Letters to the Editor Etc., 1994
161Pine Isle Conference - J. M. Fritch Speech, 1977
162530 and 534 Pulaski St., 1989
163534 Pulaski St. Tool House Paint, 1973-1976
164534 Pulaski Leases and Correspondence, 1973-1995
165Athens Urban Renewal, 1966
166Devt. (Development) Pulaski St., 1968-1974
167Paint Schedules, 1976-1977
168Intown and Neighborhood Ass'ns (Associations), 1984
169House - J.W.L. (John W. Linley), 1976
170Athens Greenway, 1973-1974
171Zoning, 1971-1985
172530 Pulaski St., 1986
173530 Pulaski St., 1976-1977
174Pulaski St. Houses, 1972
175McLemore, 1989
176Recommendations, 1979-1993
177534 Pulaski St. - Insulate Pipes - Repair Tool Shed, 1994
178534 Pulaski St. - Pro '83, 1972-1976
179530 Pulaski - Office, 1987
180534 Pulaski St. - Parking Lot, 1986
181530 Pulaski - Office - Dormer Co., 1987
182530-34 Pulaski Painting, 1991-1992
183Burglar Damage 530 Pulaski, 1976
184Pulaski St. - Service Directory - Wood - Cut Trees - Etc., 1972-1975
185Widening Pulaski St., 1970
186Athens Regional Attention Home, 1988
21Correspondence Etc. - Willie Lyles Lot, 1987-1989
22Letter, 1994-1997
23Correspondence, 1970-1997
24Correspondence, 1951-1995
25Vita - J.W.L. (John W. Linley), 1979-1982
26Vita, 1982
27Climate and Architecture, 1977-1978
28Augusta - Richmond Museum Gala, 1980
29Charlie Doyle Paper, 1979
210Student Letters, 1974-1987
211Real Estate - Linley Estate, 1959-1975
212Real Estate - Linley Trust - Distribution of Lots, 1965-1979
213Real Estate - Land Drawn Sections, 1975
214Prices of Lots - Real Estate, 1963-1975
215Real Estate Crowther Place, 1967
216Real Estate - General, 1957-1958
217Real Estate - Linley Trust and Heirs - Evaluation - Price Of, 1965-1971
218Organic Architecture a Common Sense Approach to Uncommon Design, Undated
219Conferences, 1995
220Faculty Activities Report, 1969-1981
221Fac. (Faculty) Activities, 1980-1981
222Public Speaking Course, Undated
223First Refresher Course for Landscape Architects, 1966
224Student Research Papers Evolution of American Architecture, 1978-1990
225Photos and Notebook, Undated
226Illustrations, 1981-1994
227Studies and Examples Ancient Rome, Undated
228Falling Water, Undated
229Studies and Examples Ancient Greece, Undated
230Studies and Examples - Xeroxes Gothic, 1995
231Gothic and Preliminary Examples and Studies, Undated
232The Coronation of Louis XI and the Melancholy Funeral of Charles VII, Undated
233Publications - Sun and Form, Undated
234Writings, 1958-1966
235Architecture of Middle Georgia Film, 1991
236John Linley News Coverage, 1996
237Dormer, 1989
238A Biologist/Artist Looks at Design in Marine Life, 1985
239Antebellum Trail, 1987
240Architecture of Middle Georgia the Oconee Area, 1986
241History Chaps. 1-2 w/Corrections Noted - Pages Missing, Undated
242Basics of Architectural Design Part I, 1985
243Correspondence - Sun and Form, 1976-1977
244Audio-Visual Oconee Archive, 1965-1975
245Tool House, 1989
246Corbett, 1991
247T.M. (Teaching Materials) LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322, 1986-1989
248John Linley House, 1989
249Tim Powell, 1980
250Garden Terrace and Walk, 1992
251A Comparison of Charleston and Savannah Domestic Architecture, 1810-1860
252Environmental Design Correspondence, 1965-1982
253Evaluations of Facades of Broad Street Buildings Augusta, Georgia, 1979
254Corrections for 3rd Printing - History of Middle GA Oconee, 1972-1973
255Truly Southern, Undated
31Commercial Specifications Index, Undated
32Cover Com. (Commercial), 1955-1960
33Title Page Com. (Commercial), 1955-1962
34Indexes Com. (Commercial), Undated
35Division I - Initiative for Bids Com. (Commercial), 1956-1962
36Division II - Instruction to Bidders Com. (Commercial), 1960
37Division III - Conditions of the Contract Com. (Commercial), Undated
38Definitions Com. (Commercial), Undated
39General Conditions Com. (Commercial), Undated
310Amendments to AIA (American Institute of Architects) General Conditions Com. (Commercial), Undated
311Special Conditions Com. (Commercial), Undated
312Summary of Work to be Done Com. (Commercial), Undated
313Division IV - Allowances and Contingencies Com. (Commercial), Undated
314Demolition Com. (Commercial), Undated
315Preparation of Site Com. (Commercial), Undated
316Excavating, Filling and Grading Com. (Commercial), Undated
317Landscaping Com. (Commercial), Undated
318Asphalt Paving Com. (Commercial), Undated
319Field Office Com. (Commercial), Undated
320Concrete Work Com. (Commercial), Undated
321Masonry Com. (Commercial), Undated
322Waterproofing and Tile Drains Com. (Commercial), Undated
323Weatherstripping Com. (Commercial), Undated
324Structural Steel Com. (Commercial), Undated
325Cofar Slabs Com. (Commercial), Undated
326Steel Joists Com. (Commercial), Undated
327Cellular Steel Subfloors Com. (Commercial), Undated
328Precast Concrete Slabs Com. (Commercial), Undated
329Insulrock Roof Deck Com. (Commercial), Undated
330Steel Roof Decks Com. (Commercial), Undated
331Roof Insulation Com. (Commercial), Undated
332Thermal Insulation, Vapor Barriers and Building Paper Com. (Commercial), Undated
333Sound Proofing and Acoustical Insulation Com. (Commercial), Undated
334Roofing and Sheet Metal Com. (Commercial), Undated
335Miscellaneous Metal Com. (Commercial), Undated
336Metal Doors and Trim Com. (Commercial), Undated
337Cold Storage Doors Com. (Commercial), Undated
338Metal Toilet Compartments Com. (Commercial), Undated
339Moveable Metal Partitions Com. (Commercial), Undated
340Metal Office Partitions Com. (Commercial), Undated
341Metal Fencing and Gates Com. (Commercial), Undated
342Porcelain Enamel Facing Com. (Commercial), Undated
343Asbestos Facing and Siding Com. (Commercial), Undated
344Steel Windows Com. (Commercial), Undated
345Exterior Wall Panels Com. (Commercial), Undated
346Metal Windows Com. (Commercial), Undated
347Cold Storage Room Com. (Commercial), Undated
348Carpentry and Millwork Com. (Commercial), Undated
349Rough Carpentry and Framing Com. (Commercial), Undated
350Insect Screens Com. (Commercial), Undated
351Solid Laminated Wallboard Partitions Com. (Commercial), Undated
352Lathing and Plastering Com. (Commercial), Undated
353Wallboard and Wallboard Molding Cement Stucco Com. (Commercial), Undated
354Ceramic Tile Com. (Commercial), Undated
355Flagstone Com. (Commercial), Undated
356Terrazzo Com. (Commercial), Undated
357Interior Marble and Stone Com. (Commercial), Undated
358Mastic, Plastic, Rubber Com. (Commercial), Undated
359Acoustic Tile Com. (Commercial), Undated
360Wood Floors Laid in Mastic Com. (Commercial), Undated
361Suspended Ceiling Com. (Commercial), Undated
362Acoustical Treatment Com. (Commercial), Undated
363Basement Ceiling Com. (Commercial), Undated
364Hardware Com. (Commercial), Undated
365Finish Hardware Com. (Commercial), Undated
366Rough Hardware Com. (Commercial), Undated
367Miscellaneous Com. (Commercial), Undated
368Door and Shutter Hardware Com. (Commercial), 1963
369Sanding Com. (Commercial), Undated
370Porch Screening Com. (Commercial), Undated
371Painting Com. (Commercial), Undated
372Shades and Venetian Blinds Com. (Commercial), Undated
373Metal Canopy Com. (Commercial), Undated
374Alternates Com. (Commercial), Undated
375Electrical Com. (Commercial), 1956-1963
376Plumbing Com. (Commercial), 1956-1963
377Heating and Air Conditioning Com. (Commercial), 1956-1963
378Addendum, 1957-1963
379Extra Details Drawing and Index, 1959
380School Doors, 1963
381Proposal Forms (Commercial), Undated
382Revised Specifications, Undated
383Caulking Com. (Commercial), Undated
384Shielding Com. (Commercial), Undated
385Glass and Glazing Com. (Commercial), Undated
386Skylights, Roof Ventilators and Roof Scuttles Com. (Commercial), Undated
387Miscellaneous Equipment Com. (Commercial), Undated
388Special Equipment Com. (Commercial), Undated
389Elevator Com. (Commercial), Undated
390Kitchen Equipment Com. (Commercial), Undated
391Toilet Room Accessories Com. (Commercial), Undated
41Professional Practice, Undated
42Insurance - Linley and Watkins, 1956-1965
43Painting and Whitewashing, 1976
44Furniture Making - Parts For, 1958-1964
45General Correspondence, 1982
46Shutters, 1957
47Gamma Sigma Delta, 1975
48John Linley Jr., 1951
49A Guest House for Miss Susan Whaley, Undated
410Young Perry Building, 1960
411Remodeling House for Miss Anne Gambrill, 1961
412Building for the Journal Company, 1962
413Tri-County Technical Education Center, 1962
414Karl Sanders Job, 1976
415Scott Job, 1974
416Carolina Terrace Motel, 1959
417Anderson Building Remodel, 1959
418Kennedy Street School, 1960
419Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Browne Glenn, 1955
420Office Building Life Ins. Co. of VA, 1954
421McLean Trucking Terminal, 1953
422Mountain Creek Baptist Church Additions, 1958
423North Fant Street School, 1958
424Drs. Sims and Hearn's Medical Building, 1957
425Southside School Auditorium, 1960
426Tucker Motel, 1958
427L.R. Tucker Office Building, 1961
428West Carolina Rural Telephone Coop, Inc. - Office Building, 1955
429Young-Perry Building, 1960
430Reed Street School, 1957
431Anderson County Jail, 1956
432Preliminary Cost Estimate, 1960-1962
433Specifications, 1973
434Notice to Contractors, 1960
435Martin, Chuck, 1970-1972
436Architectural Jobs, 1970-1973
437McCurry Property, 1990
438Mary Helen Dunn Renovation, 1974
439Residential Specifications Index, Undated
440Residential Specifications Checklist, 1961
441House of J.K. Grisso, 1962
442Specifications in Order, 1963
443Outline Specifications, 1959-1963
444Cover Residential, 1956-1958
445Title Pages Residential, 1956-1963
446Indexes Residential, Undated
447Division I Invitation for Bids Residential, 1956-1963
448Division II Instructions to Bidders Residential, Undated
449Division III Conditions of the Contract Residential, Undated
450Definitions Residential, Undated
451General Conditions Residential, Undated
452Amendments to AIA (American Institute of Architects) General Conditions Residential, Undated
453Special Conditions Res. (Residential), Undated
454Division IV - Allowances and Contingencies Res. (Residential), Undated
455Demolition Res. (Residential), Undated
456Preparation of Site Asphalt Paving Res. (Residential), Undated
457Asphalt Paving Res. (Residential), Undated
458Landscaping Res. (Residential), Undated
459Clearing - Excavating and Grading Res. (Residential), Undated
460Concrete Work (For House With Wood Frame Floor) Res. (Residential), Undated
461Concrete Work (For House With Conc. Floor, w/o Heat in Floor) Res. (Residential), Undated
462Masonry Res. (Residential), Undated
463Waterproofing and Tile Drains Res. (Residential), Undated
464Structural Steel Res. (Residential), Undated
465Thermal Insulation, Vapor Barriers and Building Paper Res. (Residential), Undated
466Roofing and Sheet Metal Res. (Residential), Undated
467Miscellaneous Metal Res. (Residential), Undated
468Metal Doors and Trim Res. (Residential), Undated
469Asbestos Facing and Siding Res. (Residential), Undated
470Metal Windows Res. (Residential), Undated
471Carpentry and Millwork Res. (Residential), Undated
472Lathing and Plastering Res. (Residential), Undated
473Wallboard - Sheetrock Res. (Residential), Undated
474Gypsum Wall Board Res. (Residential), Undated
475Bathroom Wainscot Res. (Residential), Undated
476Ceramic Tile Res. (Residential), Undated
477Field Stone Res. (Residential), Undated
478Flagstone Res. (Residential), Undated
479Interior Marble and Stone Res. (Residential), Undated
480Mastic, Plastic, Rubber Floor and Counter Coverings Res. (Residential), Undated
481Wood Floors Laid in Mastic and Resilient Covering Res. (Residential), Undated
482Acoustical Treatment and Ceiling Res. (Residential), Undated
483Caulking Res. (Residential), Undated
484Glass and Glazing Res. (Residential), Undated
485Special Equipment Res. (Residential), Undated
486Finish Hardware Res. (Residential), Undated
487Rough Hardware Res. (Residential), Undated
488Miscellaneous Res. (Residential), Undated
489Sanding Res. (Residential), Undated
490Painting Res. (Residential), Undated
491Wall Paper and Applied Wall Finishes (Coverings) Res. (Residential), Undated
492Alternates Res. (Residential), Undated
493Addenda Res. (Residential), 1961
494Electrical Res. (Residential), 1956-1963
495Plumbing Res. (Residential), 1956-1963
496Heating and Air Conditioning Res. (Residential), 1956-1961
497Bid Proposal Form Res. (Residential), 1958-1961
498Notice to Contractors and Subcontractors, 1961-1962
499Changes From Original Plans, 1961
4100Detail Drawing, 1958-1963
4101Preliminary Outline, 1961-1962
4102Stock House Plan No. 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 2-A, 1959
4103Prelim. Outline Specs, 1961

2. Research

51The Melancholy Funeral of Charles VII, Undated
52The Education of an Architect, Undated
53The Beautifullest Prince, 1957
54What Ever Became of the Beautiful?, Undated
55Introduction, Undated
56Private Architecture Work While at UGA, 1970
57Publishing Info., 1994
58Publishing, 1951
59Sign Patent, 1949-1955
510Sheet Water Proofing Patent, 1956-1994
511Etchings, Plans, Letters, Documents, Undated
512Illustrations Needed, Undated
513Form and Function Illustrations, Undated
514Sun and Form Preface, 1976
515Sun and Form, 1977
516A Letter From the Georgia Collection, 1978
517Linley House Lot - Not Correct, 1957
518Cove Lighting Detail, 1965
519Mural - Sims and Hearn, Undated
520Patents, 1956-1997
521Latest Letters to Editor, 1995
522Letters to Editor - Old, 1995
523Disasters, 1958-1996
524Organic Architecture a Common Sense Approach to Uncommon Design, Undated
525Organic Architecture a Common Sense Approach to Uncommon Design Notes, Undated
526HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey) Catalog After Publication, 1982-1984
527Historic Am. (American) Eng. (Engineering) Record, 1980
528Natl. Register of Historic Places, 1980
529Prof. John Linley Env. Design Companion Bibliography, Undated
530National Historic Landmarks in Georgia, 1980
531Located HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Entries Within Counties, Undated
532Photo Permission, 1978-1981
533Photos and Illustrations, 1980-1981
534Historic American Buildings Survey Part 1, Undated
535Historic American Buildings Survey Part 2, Undated
536Basics of Architectural Design (Revised), 1989
537Basics of Architectural Design, 1989
538Basic of Architectural Design Part III, Undated
539Basics of Architectural Design Part IV, Undated
540Basics of Architectural Design Part VII, Undated
61Architecture of Middle Georgia Notes, Undated
62Architecture of Middle , Undated
63Oconee Architecture Whence Why Whither Boards, Undated
64Outline for Oconee Area Architectural History Study, Undated
65Oconee Architecture Whence Why Whither Draft, Undated
66Oconee Architectural History Outline, Undated
67Oconee Architectural History Notes, Undated
68Oconee Architectural Notes, 1971
69Oconee Architecture Notes, 1971
610Oconee Architecture Information Requests, Undated
611Oconee Architecture Information Requests, Undated
612Oconee Architecture Information Requests, Undated
613Oconee Architecture Information Requests, Undated
614Oconee Architecture Whence Why Whither Notes, Undated
615Oconee Architecture Information Requests, Undated
616Architecture of Middle Georgia Research Materials, 1953-1965
617Architecture of Middle Georgia Photos, Undated
618Architecture of Middle Georgia Promotional Materials, 1972-1973
619Oconee Architecture Correspondence, 1968-1972
71Seneca, Undated
72Research Report, 1972-1979
73Photos for Gershwin Garden, Undated
74Atlanta - Misc. Briarcliff Apt., 1989
75Atlanta Environment - Marietta, 1976
76Atlanta Fox Theatre, Undated
77Baldwin County, 1976
78Brown Stetson-Sanford House - GA 136 Milledgeville Baldwin Cy. (5), 1969
79The Cedars (GA-191) Milledgeville - Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
710The Homestead (Williams-Ferguson) GA-134 Milledgeville - Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
711Lockerly - GA 1151 Milledgeville, Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
712Old Governor's Mansion (156) Milledgeville - Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
713Powell Bldg. GA-1156 State Hosp'l, Milledgeville Baldwin (5), Undated
714Old State Capitol - GA 137 Milledgeville Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
715Rockwell - GA 135 Milledgeville Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
716Stovall-Conn House Milledgeville GA-132 Baldwin (5), 1976
717Williams-Saller House GA-133 Milledgeville - Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
718Bell House GA 192 Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
719Old Governor's Mansion Baldwin County (5), 1969
720Boykin Hall GA 170 Milledgeville Vic - Baldwin Cy. - (5), Undated
721Mt. Nebo - 14-4 Milledgeville Vic. - Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
722Westover 14-31 Milledgeville Vic., Baldwin Cy. (5), Undated
723Milledgeville Historic District Baldwin County (5), 1969
724Baldwin County Genl. (5), 1987
725Andrews House - GA-141 Macon - Bibb County (11), Undated
726Baber House GA-190 (Clinic Hospital) Macon - Bibb County (11), 1973
727Callaway House (Bibb Cy. GA-189) (Macon Hospital) Macon - Bibb County, Undated
728Canning House GA-142 Macon - Bibb County, 1968
729Birdsey House GA-165 Macon - Bibb County Coleman-Soloman, Undated
730Coleman House Macon - Bibb Cy., 1971
731Cowles House GA 14-27 Macon - Bibb Cy., 1968
732Emerson and Holmes Bldg. GA-195 Macon - Bibb Cy., 1981
733First Presb'n (Presbyterian) Church Macon, 1970
734Holt House GA-144 Macon - Bibb County, 1971
735Poe House (Chapman) GA-139 Macon - Bibb County, 1971
736Ralph Small House GA-143 Napier Macon - Bibb Cy., 1971
737Slade House and Old State Bank GA-168 Macon - Bibb Cy., Undated
738Dr. Miller House GA-145 Macon - Bibb Cy. Raines, Undated
739Rectory of Christ Ch. (Church) GA-1100 Macon, Bibb Cy., Undated
740Hay House - Macon (Johnston), 1971-1986
741BIbb County (11) Accepted for Index, Undated
742Bibb County #11 General, 1969-1978
743Chatham County Habersham House, Undated
744Harbor Beach, Undated
745Chatham County House 115 W. Oglethorpe, Undated
746Chatham County Houses 312 and 314 E. Broughton, Undated
747Chatham County Houses @ 118 and 124 E. Harris St., Undated
748Chatham County Ind. Presb. Ch. (Independent Presbyterian Church), Undated
749Chatham County Le Page House, Undated
750Chatham County MacIntosh House, 1958
751Chatham County McAlpin House, Undated
752Chatham County Minis House, Undated
753Chatham County Newspaper Office 17 E Bay St., Undated
754Chatham County Low House, 1972
755Chatham County Houston Screven House, Undated
756Chatham County Savannah, Undated
757Chatham County Arnold House 128 State St. E, Undated
758Chatham County Bank 19 E. Bay, Undated
759Chatham County Barclay-Wetter House Savnnah, Undated
760Chatham County Bettersley-Anderson House, Undated
761Chatham County Branch of U.S. Bank, Undated
762Chatham County Cent. (Central) of GA R.R. (Railroad) Bridges, Undated
763Chatham County Christ Ch. (Church), Undated
764Chatham County Clark House Savannah 26, Undated
765Chatham County Custom House, 1973
766Chatham County Davenport House, 1972
767Chatham County Denis House, Undated
768Chatham County Dickenson House, Undated
769Chatham County Hunter-Mackey House Belcher, Undated
770Chatham County Factor Warehouse, Undated
771Chatham County 1st Af. Bap. Ch. (African Baptist Church), Undated
772Chatham County Ft. (Fort) Wayne, Undated
773Chatham County Gibbons Block, Undated
774Chatham County Gordon Row - 2145, Undated
775Chatham County Green-Meldrim House, 1973
776Savannah - City Plan Chatham County, 1979
777Savannah Chatham County Margravate of Azilia, Undated
778Savannah Chatham County (26) Genl., Undated
779Victorian District - Sav. (Savannah) Chatham County, Undated
780Coweta County Shenandoah, 1977
781Athens Camak House Clarke Cy. (30), 1975
782Crawford Cy. (40), Undated
783Clarke County, Undated
784Athens GA Bullock House, Undated
785Athens Chase (Reed) House - Old Manse, 1974
786Clarke County Athens - Lucy Cobb, 1971
787Athens - Clarke Cy. White Hall, Undated
788GAPC (Georgia Alliance of Preservation Commissions) Brochure, 1996
789Effingham Cy. (52), Undated
790New Echota Gordon Cy. (65), 1975
791Harris County (73), 1977
792Hancock Cy. (71), 1976-1991
793Indians, Undated
794Jackson County - 7, Undated
795Jackson Cy. - Genl., 1975
796Bell Maddox Hse. (House) GA-11 Jefferson - Jackson Cy., Undated
797Ethridge-Stanton House GA-184 Jefferson - Jackson Cy., Undated
798Harrison Hotel GA Jefferson - Jackson Cy., Undated
799Presb'n (Presbyterian) Church GA-17 Jefferson - Jackson Cy., Undated
7100Pendergrass Store GA-16 Jefferson, Jackson Cy., Undated
7101Jefferson County (82), Undated
7102Jasper County, 1982
7103Jones County Extra, 1976-1980
7104Lamar County - 86, Undated
7105Laurens County White Hall, Undated
7106Liberty Cy., Undated
7107Lumpkin County - 94, 1972
7108McDuffie County, 1979
7109McIntosh Cy. - Sapelo Island, Undated
7110McIntosh County - Darien Vicinity, 1984
7111Marshallville Macon Cy. (97), Undated
7112Marshallville Vic. Macon Cy. (97), Undated
7113Macon County (97) - Misc., Undated
7114Macon County (Buena Vista), Undated
7115Meriwether County, 1978
7116Murray County, 1976
7117Muscogee County, 1971
7118Morgan County (106), Undated
7119Peachtree City, 1977
7120Club of 1000, 1977
7121Natural Human Habitat, 1979
7122Oconee County 110, 1971
7123Putnam Cy., Undated
7124Putnam County, Undated
7125Photos, Undated
7126Mayor White House 226, Undated
7127Academy of Richmond Cy. - Augusta 229, Undated
7128Appleby-Kilpatrick House - 233, Undated
7129Azalea Cottage - Augusta 272, Undated
81Bennoch House - 230 Augusta, Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
82Broad Street Stores - 273 582-590 Broad St. - Augusta, Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
83Broad St. Stores - 600 Block - 274 Augusta, Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
84Carnes House 14-6 (GA 26)? Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
85Chew-Dearing-Battey House - 260 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
86Clanton House 224 August Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
87Old Powder Works Confederate Powder Works Chimney Augusta - Richmond Cy. (123), Undated
88Court House - 239 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123 , Undated
89Zachary Daniels House Augusta - Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
810First Presb. Ch. (Presbyterian Church) 642 Telfair Augusta, Undated
811Fruitlands - 252 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
812Harper House 14-69 Augusta Vic. (Vicinity) Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
813Harper-Cohen House 221 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
814High Gate - 266 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
815House 467 Greene St. - 263 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
816House 261 Watkins St. - #265 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
817Meadow Garden - 2100 Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
818Montrose Reid-Jones-Carpenter House - 227 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
819Oertel House - 297 August Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
820Murphy House Old Govt. House - 268 (14-68) Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
821Old Jail - Watkins and Elbert Streets - 264 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
822Old Medical College Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
823Phinizy House - 223 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
824Platt House - 262 Augusta Richmond Cy. - 123, Undated
825St. Paul's Church 241 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
826St. Paul's Parish Cemetery 231 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
827Woman's Club 267 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
828Sacred Heart Ch. (Church) Corner Green and 13th, Undated
829U.S. Arsenal 251 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
830Institute of Art Ware-Sibley Clark House 2128 Augusta Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
831Walton-Harper House Richmond Cy., Undated
832White House 14-7 Augusta Richmond Cy., Undated
833Glascock House 250 Augusta Vic. (Vicinity) Richmond Cy. 123, Undated
834Augusta, 1976-1979
835Richmond County - Genl. 123, 1976
836George W. Pearce, Carpenter Augusta , 1984
837Stephens County (129), Undated
838Sumpter County (Plains) 131, Undated
839Thomas Cy., Undated
840Walker Cy. - 148, Undated
841White Cy. - Nacoochee Valley, Undated
842Acknowledgement and Introduction Sponsors, Undated
843Advertising Outline - HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Catalog, Undated
844Antebellum History - Athens GA Log Cabin Include - Various Items, Undated
845Architects and Bldgs., Undated
846HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Buildings, 1980
847Additions - Revised Catalog, Undated
848HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Corrections, 1978-1983
849Blurb, Undated
850Bldgs. by County, Undated
851Counties - HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Sites, Undated
852Contract, 1983
853Design of Book, Undated
85420th C. (Century) Buildings, 1980
855Reviews etc., 1980
856Addresses, Undated
857History - Industry, 1975-1978
858Index, Undated
859County Numbers and Hist. Sites in Counties, Undated
860Editing, Undated
861Natl. Landmarks, 1980
862National Register, 1982
863HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) - Corrections - 1st Group - Muscogee, Troupe, Talbot, etc. Not Final, Undated
864HAER (Historic American Engineering Record) From Copy in Carroll, 1980
865Changes, 1981
866Changes, 1982
867Historic Architecture in Lamar, Meriwether, Muscogee, Pike, Spalding, Talbot and Troupe Counties, Undated
868Preliminary, Undated
869Contract, 1979
870Georgia Research Materials, 1965-1978
871Bibliography HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey), Undated
872Adv. (Advanced) Misc., Undated
873Part 1 Bicentennial Catalog First Part, 1974-1975
874Afro Art and Architecture, 1985
875Catalog of Buildings, Undated
876Introduction - Preface, 1979
877Chap. 3 - Fed. (Federal) Period, 1967
878Civil War of 20th C. (Century), Undated
879Chap. 6 - 20th C. (Century) Reminder, Undated
880Corrections, 1982
881Expenses - HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Study, 1979
882HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) - Related Correspondence, 1975-1977
883HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Correspondence w/in University, 1977-1981
884HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Style Sheet Style and Sample Entries, Undated
885HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) Manual for Participants, 1975
886Historic American Buildings Survey Historic American Engineering Record, 1984
887Photos Sent and Ready to be Sent to Washington, 1980-1981
888Bldgs. Added, 1977-1980
889The Georgia Catalog Historical American Buildings Survey Index, 1983
890The Georgia Catalog Historical American Buildings Survey Manuscript pt. 1, 1983
891The Georgia Catalog Historical American Buildings Survey Manuscript pt. 2, 1983
91Specifications, Undated
92Heating Specifications, Undated
93Film Production Notes, Undated
94Architecture of Middle Georgia Presentation, 1973-1974
95National Council of Architecture, 1951-1995
96Architecture of Middle Georgia Notes, Unknown
97Historic American Buildings Survey Notes, Undated
98Press and News Clippings, 1972-1996
99HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey) Reviews, 1982-1984
910Book Reviews and Press Clippings, 1972-1995
911Awards and Memberships, 1963-1981
912Bookkeeping, Undated
913Last Will and Testament, Undated
914Historic American Buildings Survey Notes, Undated
915Canals and Railroads in the Development of Antebellum Augusta Georgia, Undated
916Discards, Undated
917Amateur's Guide to Terms Commonly Used in Describing Historic Buildings, 1970
918Xeroxes, Undated
101Photos, 1950
102Photo Permission GA Catalog HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey), 1980-1989
103Copies of JWL's (John W. Linley's) Photos, 1997
104Photos Ordered from Washington after Oct. 30, 1980
105Photos and Xeroxes, 1975
106Photographs, 1974-1983
107Photos, Undated
108Photos, 1977
109Photos and Xeroxes, 1972-1997
1010Augusta Photos, Undated
1011Savannah Photos, Undated
1012Athens Photos, Undated
1013Atlanta Photos, Undated
1014Columbus Photos, Undated
1015Milledgeville Photos, Undated
1016Plains Photos, Undated
1017Rock Eagle Photo, Undated
1018White Hall-Montrose Vicinity Photos, Undated
1019Clinton Photos, Undated
1020Covington Photos, Undated
1021Jefferson Photos, Undated
1022Orange Hall St. Mary's Photos, Undated
1023Nacoochee Valley Photos, Undated
1024Macon Photos, Undated
1025Casulon - N. High Shoals Photos, Undated
1026Chief Vann House Photos, Undated
1027Washington Photos, Undated
1028Lagrange Photos, Undated
1029GA Catalog Photos, Undated
1030530 Pulaski Street, 1967-2001
1031Anderson, South Carolina Photos, Undated
1032In HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey) but Different Views Photos, Undated
1033Unusual Photos, Undated
1034Nacoochee, Undated
1035Projection Drawings, 1964-1966
1036Plans and Prints, 1965
1037Various Slides of Georgia Architecture, Undated

3. Teaching

111Linley Grant Proposal (Master), 1996-1997
112School of Environmental Design, 1963-1996
113Vita, 1985-1987
114Alumni Society's Faculty Service Award, 1979-1984
115UGA Folks, 1957-1997
116Design Examples from Linley's Work, 1941-1978
121General Pre-Course Survey, Undated
122LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1973
123LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1975
124LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1975
125LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1976
126Arch'l (Architectural) Design Sequence - Importance of, Description, etc., Fall 1976
127LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline and Calendar, Spring 1978
128LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1979
129LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Winter 1980
1210LAR (Landscape Architecture) 333 Course Outline and Calendar, Winter 1980
1211LAR (Landscape Architecture) 373 History of Architecture Course Outline, Winter 1980
1212LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322-6 Course Outline, Spring 1980
1213LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1980
1214LAR (Landscape Architecture) 343 Course Outline, Fall 1980
1215LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Winter 1981
1216LAR (Landscape Architecture) 373 Course Outline, Winter 1981
1217LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1981
1218LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1981
1219LAR (Landscape Architecture) 373 Course Outline, Winter 1982
1220LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1982
1221LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1982
1222LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320-G Course Outline, Fall 1982
1223LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Winter 1983
1224HP (Historic Preservation) 753 Course Outline, Spring 1983
1225LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1983
1226LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1983
1227LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1984
1228LAR (Landscape Architecture) 753 Course Outline, Spring 1984
1229HP (Historic Preservation) 682 Course Outline, Fall 1984
1230LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1984
1231LAR (Landscape Architecture) 373 Course Outline, Winter 1985
1232HP (Historic Preservation) 753 Course Outline, Spring 1985
1233LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Spring 1985
1234LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Fall 1985
1235LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1985
1236LAR (Landscape Architecture) 373 Course Outline, Winter 1986
1237LAR (Landscape Architecture) 320 Course Outline, Fall 1986
1238LAR (Landscape Architecture) 504 Course Outline, Spring 1988
1239LAR (Landscape Architecture) 504 Course Outline, Spring 1988
1240LAR (Landscape Architecture) 322 Course Outline, Fall 1989
1241HP (Historic Preservation) 753 Course Outline, Spring 1990
1242HP (Historic Preservation) 753 Course Outline, Spring 1991
1243Building LAR (Landscape Architecture) - B, 1963-1973
1244Buildings, Historical (B), 1965
1245Solar Lamp (S), 1976-1977
1246Talks - White Hall Mill and Village, 1977
1247Bob Gamble Manuscript, 1981-1987
1248Southern Homeplace, 1990
1249Talks Given - Restoration - Talk for Women's Club, Undated
1250Talks - Greek Revival Architecture, Undated
1251Grits and Bourbon, Undated
1252Anderson Sesquicentennial, 1983
1253ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) Mtg. Similitudes: Architecture and LAR (Landscape Architecture), 1986
1254What's Southern About the S. Homeplace, 1990
1255Charleston and Savannah, Undated
1256TV Talks and Radio and Classroom, 1967
1257Linley Lectures, 1975
1258Research Projects, Undated

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