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The History Of The Law School Papers Collected By Gwen Y. Wood

The History Of The Law School Papers Collected By Gwen Y. Wood

Descriptive Summary

Title: The History Of The Law School Papers Collected By Gwen Y. Wood
Creator: University of Georgia. School of Law
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1993
Language(s): English
Extent: 24.5 Linear Feet (27 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-126
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University of Georgia School of Law was founded in 1859 by Joseph Henry Lumpkin and T.R.R. Cobb. It is the second oldest of the University's schools and colleges, second only to the Franklin College.

In 1998 Gwen Y. Wood published a book on the law school entitled A Unique and Fortuitous Combination: An Administrative History of the University of Georgia School of Law.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of University of Georgia School of Law files compiled by Gwen Y. Wood for her book research. Files include meeting minutes, annual reports, constitution and by-laws, photographs, accreditation files, clippings, alumni files, and paperwork on the renovation and naming of Hirsch Hall.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

History of the Law School papers collection by Gwen Y. Wood, UA97-126, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2016.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records
Law schools.
University of Georgia. School of Law
Wood, Gwen Y.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Acts of the Legislature Which Pertain to The University of Georgia, undated
12Alumni Relations and Fund Raising, 1973-1986
13Ed. P. Artifacts to Be Traced, 1932-1956
14Dean Beaird's Letter to Committee, Legal Edu. and Admissions Considerations, 1977 February 15
15J. Ralph Beaird Speeches, 1977-1985
16UGA Bicentennial and Law School's 125th Anniversary Celebration, 1984-1985
17Board Of Visitors - Cold File, 1974-1975
18Board Of Visitors - Minutes, Cold File, 1965-1972
19Major Co-Curricular Programs: Moot Court; Law Review; GA Journal, 1940-1982
110Co-Curricular Programs Other than Moot Court, Journals, undated
111Order of The Coif - Establishment, 1938-1980
112Columns, 1977 June 27
113Columns, 1977 Rusk Center Dedication., 1977 November 7
114Columns, 1977 May 9
115Extra Copies of Columns, 1977
116Correspondence Regarding Inspection and Evaluations, 1978
117General Materials from Cowen Era, 1966-1970
118II Educational Programs Scholarships, Bar Results: Admissions; Enrollment, 1973-1986
119Financial Aid, 1960-1986
120Beginning of Talmadge Fund - UGA Foundation Committee for The School of Law, 1955
121Funds Development - Early Years, 1954-1965
122Georgia Law Review and Bar Journal: The Early Years., undated
123Funds Development Milestones, 1937-1988
124Georgia Law Review and Georgia Journal, 1973-1986
125Graduate Studies (LLM Program), 1950-1985
126ICLE And ICJE, 1973-1986
127Service Institutes - ICLE and ICJE, 1958-1975
128Proposal to Establish The Institute of Law and Government, undated
129The Red and Black/April 24, 1977 "Vance to Speak...", 1977 April 24
130The Red and Black/May 3, 1977 Cyrus Vance's Law Day Address on Human Rights., 1977 May 3
131Law School Association - Early Years., undated
132Legal Aid and Defender Society Prisoner Legal Counseling Project, 1973-1986
133Athens Legal Society, 1960-1961
134Library, 1953-1982
135Library, 1966 July 1- 1967 June 30
136Library, 1973-1986
137Library Autonomy, 1959-1979
138Joseph Henry Lumpkin House Project, 1975-1985
139Moot Court, 1972-1986
140National Rankings, Comparisons, Trends in Legal Education, Etc., 1975-1990
141Oral History Project, 1982-1991
142Overview - Summary, 1889-1959
143Faculty Policies: Summaries, Statistics, 1966-1980
144Placement, 1973-1986
145Placement/Admissions, 1955-1989
146Prosecutorial Clinic, 1973-1986
147Clinical Programs: Prosecutorial Clinic and Legal Aid., undated
148Centennial Celebration Roscoe Pound Lectures., undated
149Rusk Center, 1977-1986
150Establishment and Early Years., undated
41School of Law- G.Y Wood, The Talmadge Campaign, 1982-1986
21Dean Rusk Dedication: The Red and Black, 1977 October 28- 1977 October 31
22Special Events, 1973-1986
23Student Bar Association, 1973-1986
24Study Abroad Programs., undated
25Other Student Organizations Besides Moot Court, Law Review, Journal and SBA, 1973-1980
26Talmadge Biographical Material., undated
27Women and The School of Law, 1897-1958
28Faculty Minutes (Copies and Excerpts), 1947-1958
29Faculty Minutes, 1932 November 9- 1935 January 17
210Faculty Minutes, 1935 October 30- 1940 May 22
211Faculty Minutes, 1940 September 24- 1940 October 23
212Faculty Minutes, 1951 June 6- 1951 July 25
213Faculty Minutes, 1951 September 26- 1957 January4
214Faculty Minutes, 1957 March 27- 1961 November 1
215Faculty, 1961 November 22- 1962 August 30
216Hosch - Caldwell Correspondence.
217Hosch - Cheatham Correspondence.
218Hosch - Staff Correspondence.
219University Administrative Matters/Issues. Also Funding.
220Legal Opinions Called upon to Render (Hosch, Shinn) to Regents, UGA President.
221State of Law School During World War II.
222General Data on Admissions, Enrollment Curriculum.
223Faculty Matters: Salaries, Etc.
224Relationship with Emory, Mercer and State Bar of Georgia. Also, National Comparisons.
225Georgia Bar Journal.
226Student Organizations During Hosch Era.
227Institute of Law and Government.
228Law Library During Hosch Years.
230Fund-Raising Attempts.
231Academic Prizes.
232Georgia Bar Examination and Bar Membership.
234Special Lecturers.
235Alumni Relations.
237Manuscript. History of The University of Georgia School of Law [1 of 3].
238Manuscript. History of The University of Georgia School of Law [2 of 3].
239Manuscript. History of The University of Georgia School of Law [3 of 3].
31Prominent Alumni Leaders Photos
32Artistic Photos of Law School Architecture.
33Artistic Photos.
34Succession of Buildings Occupied by The Law School Photos.
35President Fred C. Davison Photos
36Photos Of Deans Morris, Caldwell, Hosch, Cowen, Alford, Beaird, Elllington.
37Distinguished Visitors to The Law School other than Law Day and Sibley Lecture Photos
38Law Faculty Group Photos.
39Individual Faculty Photos.
310Firsts - First Female Graduate Photos
311Founders: Lumpkin, Cobb And Hull Photos
312Human-Interest; Light-Hearted Photos.
313Law Day Speakers Photos
314General Collection Photos From Pre-1935 Era.
315Dean Rusk Photos
316Sibley Lecturers Photos
317Color Slides.
318Photos of Special Events other than Law Day
319Student Activity Photos; Candids: Using Library, Dances; Socials.
320Student Awards and Student Organizations Photos
321Student Group (Class) Photos.
322Extra Photos [1 of 2]
323Extra Photos [2 of 2]
324Annual Reports During Deanship of Sylvanus Morris.
325Annual Report by Dean H. N. Edmunds., 1928-1929
326Dean's Report., 1933-19354
327Annual Report., 1935-1936
328Annual Report., 1936-1937
329Dean's Report., 1943-1944
330Dean's Report., 1944-1945
331Dean's Report., 1945-1946
332Excerpts from Dean's Reports, 1947-1953
333Dean's Annual Report, 1947-1948
334Ten Year Period Report, 1950-1960
335Report which Placed School on "ABA Approved" List., 1929
336Inspection Report which Led to Accreditation., 1931
337Reaccreditation Inspection Report., 1936
338Reaccreditation Inspection Report., 1947
339ABA Inspection Report., 1958
340Reaccreditation Inspection Report., 1964
341Reaccreditation Inspection Report., 1978
342Reaccreditation Inspection Report., 1985
343Evaluation as Part of University Wide Self-Study., 1957
344School of Law: Blueprint for Excellence.
345Points of Pride.
346Materials Relating to the Reorganization of The Law School., 1925-1930
3471859 Reorganization Plan.
348Self-Study, 1985
349School of Law: Self-Study #3 [1 of 3], 1970
350School of Law: Self-Study #3 [2 of 3], 1970
351School of Law: Self-Study #3 [3 of 3], 1970
352State of The Law School Report to Academic Affairs Advisory Committee by J. Ralph Beaird Dean.
353Statement of Goals and Objectives.
354School of Law: Strategic Plan.
355Minorities Policies.
356Petition for the Chartering of a Chapter of The Order of The Coif. [Faculty & Student Body]
357Petition for the Chartering of a Chapter of The Order of The Coif. [Educational]
358Petition for the Chartering of a Chapter of The Order of The Coif. [Financial & Other Facets]
359The Order of The Coif - Application.
360The Order of The Coif - Application Supplement.
361Proposal for School of Law Conversion to the Semester System.
362Desegregation in the 1950s, 1946-1962
363Correspondence Relating to Reorganization and Accreditation of The Law School
364Correspondence Relating to Possible Suspension of Law School in 1942 re: Governor Eugene Talmadge Political Intervention.
42Juris Doctor Degree Conversion, 1967
43Attrition: Graduate School Autonomy, 1970
44Resignation of Dean Neill Alford, 1976
45Accreditation/Relations with Other Law Schools During Morris Deanship
46Admissions Standards During Morris Deanship
47Alumni Relations During Morris Deanship
48Bar Admission Policies During Morris Deanship
49Curriculum Development During Morris Deanship.
410Faculty Development/Relations During Morris Deanship
411Development of The Law Library During Morris Deanship
412Student Relations During Morris Deanship.
414Historical Roster of Administrative Succession: Deans, Presidents, Chancellors, Governors.
415Performance on Georgia Bar Examination: Historical Summary.
416Chart of Vital Statistics Since 1964., 1964
417Chronology of Degree Program and Admission Requirements.
418Dendy Materials: Course of Study Every Ten Years - Taken from Law Bulletins.
51Law School Bulletins (c. 19th and 20th Centuries).
419The University of Georgia School of Law Alumni Directory 1985., 1985
420Chronological Listing of Law School Association Council Members and Presidents.
421Chronological Listing of Board of Visitors.
422The University of Georgia School of Law Diploma Ceremony, 1975-1989
423Historical Rosters of Elected Leaders Who Are University of Georgia Law Graduates.
424Dendy Materials: Lists of Graduates by Class Year, 1860 - 1980.
425Public Service by Law Graduates Written by Gwen Wood.
52Dendy Materials: List of Faculty - Cumulative (1881 - 1899 Missing).
53Joseph Henry Lumpkin.
54Thomas R. R. Cobb and William Hope Hull.
55Chairholders' Information: More Material on Lumpkin, Morris - Early Personalities Compiled by Sewell Brumby.
61Dean Sylvanus Morris.
62Dean H. N. Edmunds.
63Harmon Caldwell.
64Dean Alton Hosch.
65Dean Henry A. Shinn.
66Dean Lindsey Cowen.
67Dean Ralph Beaird.
68Dean Neill Alford.
69Professors Prior to 1928. George Dudley Thomas, Andrew Cobb, Walter Cornett, Green Sr., Mitchell.
610Faculty Members During Sylvanus Morris Deanship.
71George Gober.
72Faculty Members - School Of Law.
73Ashley Sellers; James Spruill, Brainerd Currie; James Lenoir.
74Robert McWhorter.
75Articles By Dr. Green.
76Dr. Thomas F. Green, Jr.
77Dr. Sigmund Cohn.
78D. Meade Feild.
79Epps, Lucille.
710Non-Faculty Personnel.
711Rees, Leavell.
712Verner Chaffin.
713Perry Sentell.
714Librarians: Sarah Lamar, Jane Oliver, Sewell Brumby.
715Sewell Brumby.
716Professor Dean Rusk.
717Richard Wellman, Vaughn Ball, Gabriel Wilner, Ray Phillips.
718Bill Futrell, Al Pearson, Paul Kurtz, Larry Blount, Ellen Jordan, Milner Ball.
719John O'Byrne.
720Tom Schoenbaum, Erwin Surrency, Frederick Huszagh.
721Brussack, Hellerstein, Ponsoldt, Wells, Eaton, Thomas, Love, Smith.
722Louis Sohn.
81Ronald Carlson.
82Visiting Professors.
83Part-Time Instructors.
84James Curtis, Robert Peckham.
85Gwen Wood, Frank Polster, Jill Birch.
86Chronological Lists of Presidents or Chairmen of Student Organizations and Co-Curricular Activities.
87Advance Sheet (Law School Newspaper).
88The Docket., 1976-1977
89The Fine Print., 1979-1980
8101928 Georgia Law Review and First Issue (Dean Cowen's Copy) of First Modern Law Review.
811Lists Of Symposia: Law Review and Journal.
812In House., 1982-1983
813Law School Newspaper (Law Lore, Vol. 1, No. 1).
814The Law School Paper., 1985-1986
815Lumpkin Law Revue., 1985-1987
816Moot Court and Mock Trial Competition Programs., 1978-1981, 1986, 1989
817The Slip Sheet., 1976-1977
818The Slip Sheet., 1978-1980
819Commencement Ceremony Speakers.
820Edith House Lecturers, 1983 -1989
821List of John A. Sibley Lecturers, 1964 -1989
822Law Day Printed Programs, 1954 - 1965., 1954-1965
91Law Day Programs, 1953, 1968-1989 [1 of 2], 1953, 1968-1989
92Law Day Programs, 1953, 1968-1990 [2 of 2]
93Index of Audio and Visual Cassette Tapes - Law School Speeches and Ceremonies.
94Law Day Advance Mailing Brochures.
95Law School - Law Day Speakers and Highlights, 1952-1989
96Student Directories, 1971/72 - 1989/90 [1 of 3], 1971-1990
97Student Directories, 1971/72 - 1989/90 [2 of 3], 1971-1990
98Student Directories, 1971/72 - 1989/90 [3 of 3], 1971-1990
101Law Faculty Biographical Data A-K
102Law Faculty Biographical Data L-M
103Biographical Materical C. Ronald Ellington
104Biographical Materical Ronald Carlson
105Biographical Materical Dr. Louis Sohn
106Biographical Materical Dean Rusk
107Biographical Materical- famous visitors
111Dean Beard Award Nomination
112Special Events Planning Food Services
113Special Events Planning Accommodations
114Law Day Planning Materials
116Parking Maps
117Songs, Skits, and Musical Groups
121Script-writing and Rehearsal for: Law School Libel Show 125th Anniversary, 1984 October 12
122Alcohol Policy
123Liquor Consumption Estimates
124Student Lounge Renovation
125Joint Meeting Weekend 1980 [1 of 2], 1980
126Joint Meeting Weekend 1980 [2 of 2], 1980
131Joint Meeting Weekend 1982, 1982
132Law Day 1981 [1 of 2], 1981
133Law Day 1981 [2 of 2], 1981
134Law Day 1983 [1 of 2], 1983
135Law Day 1983 [2 of 2], 1983
141Endowment Accounts: Scholarships
142Endowment Accounts: Chairs and Other
143Gilmore Memorial Fund [1 of 2], 1982-1983
144Gilmore Memorial Fund [1 of 2], 1982-1983
151Law Day 1982 [1 of 2], 1982
152Law Day 1982 [1 of 2], 1982
153Joint Meeting Weekend 1983, 1983
154Joint Meeting Weekend 1981 [2 of 2], 1981
155Joint Meeting Weekend 1981 [1 of 2], 1981
161Newsletters from Deans to Alumni Prior to 1972
162Deans Fall Newsletters
163Georgia Advocate, 1965-1970
164Script of Audio-Visual Slide Show on History, 1984 October
165Script of The Law School Film, 1979
166History of The Board of Visitors, 1965-1989
167History of The School Written by Dean Alton Hosch (No Date Given) [1935 Penciled In]
168Sylvanus Morris' History of The Law School - GA Law Review, 1927
169Tom Reed's History of The Law School (No Date Given)
1610Allison Wade's History of The Law School, 1959
1611Historical Notes (Chronology of Faculty Members and Degree Requirements)
1612Brief Historical Sketch
1613Legal History of The University of Georgia by Russell - GA Law Review
1614Three Decades Of The Law School's Growth. Cornett, 1928
1615Time Line of The Law School's History, 1984
171Correspondence Relating to Building of Hirsch Hall
173Dedication of Hirsch Hall
174Correspondence Relating to Building of 1967 Addition
175Dedication of 1967 Addition, 1967
176History of The Iron Grillwork on Second Floor Patio
177Justification for Building
178Physical Plant, 1973-1986
179Strahan House - Physical Plant
1710Chart of Endowment Growth, 1964-
1711Fund-Raising Case Statements
1712The Loridans Foundation History
1713Clippings, 1932-1960
1714Newspaper Clippings - Cowen Era [Clippings from Beaird Era Located in Scrapbook - In Publications Info Office of Law School
1715General Newspaper Clippings from Hosch Era
1716Constitution and By-Laws of University of Georgia Law School Association
1717Georgia Alumni Record, 1978
1718Resolution by The Georgia General Assembly and Proclamation by Governor of Georgia Commemorating Law School's 100th Anniversary, 1960., 1960
181Alumni Programs Printed Material
182Special Editions of The Alumni Record Pertaining to The Law School.
184Diploma Ceremony Programs.
185Law School Fund Brochure
186Graduate Assistantships Folder
187Miscellaneous Printed Material
188Portrait Presentation Brochures
189Admissions Office Printed Brochures
1810Placement Office Printed Brochures
1811Printed Invitations
1812Ground-Breaking and Dedication Programs for Law Library Annex. Also for Law School Addition, 1967
1813Other Special Events and Ceremonies - Printed Programs.
1814Rusk Center Description Brochure/Dedication Program
1815Brochures Senior Banquet
1816Sibley Lecture Brochures and Posters
1817Lecture Programs other than Sibley Lectureships
1818Special Symposia and Colloquia
191Alumni Biographies A - L
192Alumni Biographies M - Z
193General Alumni Biographies
194Pre - 1940 Law Alumni Leaders
195Alumni Leaders of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, 1940-1969
196Alumni Leaders of the 1970s and 1980s, 1970-1989
197Alumni Leaders and Graduates Who Became Famous/Served in Public Office
198Ellis Arnall
199Harold Hirsch
1910Harrison Jones
1911Non-Alumni Affiliates
1912John A. Sibley
1913Marion Smith
1914Hugh Spalding
1915Herman Talmadge
201Ellis Arnall
202Charles Gowen
203Spencer Grayson
204Thomas F. Green, Jr.
205Roy Harris
206William King Meadow
207Joseph M. Oliver
208Oral History Project
209Oral History Transcripts - School of Law
21University of Georgia slides