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University of Georgia blueprints and plans collection

University of Georgia blueprints and plans collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia blueprints and plans collection
Creator: University of Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1908-2018
Language(s): English
Extent: 251.75 Linear Feet (132 tubes, 74 oversized boxes and 14 oversize folders)
Collection Number: UA97-112
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Scope and Content

This collection consists of various blueprints, architectural plans, floor plans, and renderings of buildings at the University of Georgia and a couple related to Fort Valley State University, Georgia State College of Agriculture, and Washington and Lee University.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection was created by the University Archives by separating blueprints and plans from various university collections.

Preferred Citation

University of Georgia blueprints and plans collection, UA97-112, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

The numbering for the rolls is not consecutive.

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Subject Terms

Architectural drawings (visual works)
Architecture -- Designs and plans.
Architecture -- Georgia.
Athens (Ga.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Buildings -- Repair and reconstruction -- Georgia -- Athens.
Landscape architecture -- Georgia.
University of Georgia

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

1Georgia Retardation Center Training Facility Hospital- Floor Plans, 1966
2Georgia Retardation Center Training Facility- Preliminary Floor Plans, 1966-1997
3Traffic and Security Building- Floor Plans and Elevations, 1964
4Conner Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Journalism-Commerce Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Chemistry Annex- Ground Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Terrell Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Chapel- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Fine Arts Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Farm Shop- Ground Floor, circa 1945
4Education Annex- First Floor, circa 1945
4Denmark Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Demosthenian Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Dawson Hall, Home Economic Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4North Wing, University Dairy- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Co-op Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4AAA Building- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Dewey Field House- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Food Processing Plant- Ground Floor, circa 1945
4Candler Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Barrow Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Art Annex- Ground Floor, circa 1945
4Academic Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Extension Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4General Library- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Air Force- Ground Floor, circa 1945
4Meat Lab Building- Ground Floor, 1944
4Forestry Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Gilbert Memorial Infirmary- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Hardman Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Landscape Architecture- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Hirsch Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Law Annex- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4College Laundry- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Leconte Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4South Branch Library- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Lustrat Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Meigs Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Memorial Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Military Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Old College- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Park Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Peabody Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Phi-Kappa Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Physical Education Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Physics Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Plant Pathology- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Poultry Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Poultry Annex and Chicken House- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Vet Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Woodruff Hall- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Snelling Hall- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Stegeman Hall- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4University Store and Post Office- Floor Plan, circa 1945
4Pharmacy Building- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Pent House- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4New Library- Sub Basement Plan, circa 1945
128Visual Arts Building and cemetery - Landscape Development Plan, 1962 April 6
4Baldwin Hall- Floor Plans, circa 1945
4Major, Non Residential Building- Floor Plans, 1968
4Science Center- Site Plan, 1955
5University of Georgia- Master Property Plan, 1969
5Main Library- View from Old College, 1946
5Main Library- View from foot of Law School Entrance Steps, 1946
5Main Library- View from Herty Drive, 1946
6Campus Development Plan
6East Campus Development Area, 1995
6Campus Development Plan, 1953
7Campus Map, 1975
7Building Identification Map
7Campus (Major Buildings)
7General Plan: North and South Campus Authorized Campus Parking, 1947
7Campus Map, 1995
8Hoke Smith Annex- Storage Addition, 1980
9Bookstore Facility- Intercom System Plan and First Floor Plan, 1980
10Intramural Fields- Student Affairs Equipment Building and Facility, 1980
12Washington and Lee University- Proposed Stadium Scheme No. 2, 1923
13Botanical Garden- Visitors' Center and Conservatory Complex: Site Architectural Structural Drawings, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical, 1982
14Botanical Garden- Visitors' Center and Conservatory Complex: Structural Drawings, 1982
15Botanical Garden- Visitors' Center and Conservatory Complex Mechanical Drawings, 1982
16Botanical Garden- Visitors' Center and Conservatory Complex Electrical Plans, 1982
17Georgia Center for Continuing Education- Renovation, 1984
18Georgia Center for Continuing Education- Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical Plans, 1984
19Botanical Garden- Visitors' Center and Conservatory Complex Plumbing Plans and Water Riser Diagram, 1982-1983
20Seney-Stovall Chapel Lucy Cobb Institute- Exterior Rehabilitation, 1980
21University of Georgia- Stadium Layout, 1927
22Sanford Barn- Heating System and Electrical Work, 1980
22Plant Introduction Headhouse- Electrical Work, 1980
22Absorption Field- Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, 1980
22Hoke Smith Annex- Storage Addition, 1980
22Intramural Fields- Student Affairs Equipment Building and Facility, Lighting and Power Plan, 1980
22College of Agriculture- Miscellaneous Asphalt Paving, 1980
22Dekalb Farms- Nematode Wash Facility, 1980
22Livestock Poultry- Addition to Swine Surgery Building, 1980
22Veterinary Medical Building No. 1- Ceiling Layout, Renovation 1st Floor, S.E. Wing, 1980
22Veterinary School- Renovation of Building 4, 1979
22Plant Science Building- Renovation of Laboratory, 1979
22Bookstore Facility- Intercom System Plan and First Floor Plan, 1980
22Forest Resources- Offices for Headhouse and Foundation and Basement for Fish and Wildlife, 1980
22Fence Location Plan- Security Fencing and Fisheries Extension Building, 1980
22Georgia Center- Air Condition Lower Auditorium and Offices, 1980
23College of Agriculture- Miscellaneous Asphalt Paving, 1980
24Miscellaneous Landscape Studies
29Plant Sciences Greenhouse- Master Plan, 1970
29Surveying Laboratory Area- Topographic Map, 1971
29Plant Sciences- Planting Plan, 1973
29Physical Plant Division- Department of Grounds Maintenance Lumpkin Street
29Campus View Georgia State College of Agriculture
29Physical Plant- Topographic Map
29Botany Department- Greenhouse
29Campus Map
29Dawson Hall- Planting Plan, 1932
29President's house - Planting Plan, 1950
127President's house - sprinkler system, camelia walk and lawn area, boxwood hegdes, rose garden, grading and staking plan for drive, and planting plan, 1949-1952
10President's house - planting plan, 1949-1952
29Herty Field- Proposed Paved Walk, 1959
29Modern Foreign Languages Building- Landscaping, 1959
29Proposed Plan for New Roadway, 1931
29Whitehall Land- Survey, 1970
30Georgia State College of Agriculture- Plan, Elevation and Construction Detail of Summer Cottage, 1924
30Georgia State College of Agriculture Camp Wilkins- Contour Map/ General Layout/ Mess Hall and Dormitory/ Planting Table of Lake, 1924
30Georgia State College of Agriculture- Section of Oconee Cemetery, 1914
30Agriculture Department- Plot Orchard Site For, 1908
30Agriculture Hall- Grounds, 1909
31Working Drawing New Addition to Existing Dwelling, Floor Plan, 1970
31Viburnum Collection Worksheet, 1979
31Clarke County T.B. Sanatorium- General Plan
31Campus Plan Crisp County High School Cordele Georgia
33Georgia State College of Agriculture Country Estate- Grading and Planting Plans, 1930
33Georgia State College of Agriculture Department of Horticulture- Landscape Map, 1914
33Oconee Hill Cemetery- Extension, 1913
35Plant Sciences Building- Renovation of Laboratory, 1979
36School of Veterinary Medicine- Floor Plans
36Veterinary Medicine Building- Renovations, Ceiling Layout, 1978
36Veterinary Laboratory- Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, 1980
36Livestock Poultry- Addition to Swine Surgery Building, 1980
37Athens, Clarke County- Planning Commission, 1969
38University of Georgia Botanical Gardens- Survey of, 1971
39University of Georgia Botanical Gardens- New Base Map/ Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972-1973
40University of Georgia Botanical Garden- New Base Map, Boundaries, 1973
41Botanical Garden- Master Plan Synoptic Shrub and Ornamental Tree Garden Plant Groupings, 1975
42Botanical Garden- Topographic Map Azalea Collection Site/Entrance Roadway Preliminary Landscape Plans/ Headquarters Building, 1975
43Arboretum- Property Line Survey, 1969
44Botanical Garden- Revised Trails and Tree Line and New Base Map, 1972-1973
45Candler/Herty Area- Base Map
46Botanical Garden- Gate House Details/ Gate and Fence Details, 1976-1977
46Campus Areas- Standard Benches and Trash Containers, 1969
47Botanical Garden- Construction Details, Centerline Profile, Roadway, Parking Lot, Site Plan, 1973-1976
48Botanical Garden- Engineering Restrictions for Development use Areas, 1973
49Botanical Garden- Entrance Roadway Preliminary Landscape Plans
50State of Georgia Executive Center- East Garden, 1967
51Executive Center for the State of Georgia- Swimming Pool Site Plan, Site Plan, 1967-1971
51Preliminary Landscape Plan East and West Garden, 1971
52Center for Continuing Education- Design of Courtyard
53Georgia, Lincoln County- General Highway Map, 1961
54Georgia Map- Proposed Interstate Highway Routes, Georgia Area Planning and Development Commissions, 1962, 1972
55Botanical Garden Headquarters Building- Landscape Planting Plans, 1975
56Botanical Garden- Visitor's Center Floor Plan, 1977
56Botanical Garden Headquarters Building- Preliminary Site plan, Floor Plan, and Elevations, 1973
57Botanical Garden- Headquarters Building, 1974
58Botanical Garden- Master Plan, 1973
59Botanical Garden- Preliminary Master Plan, Concept 1-3, 1973
60Parking Area Outside Entrance Gate
61Botanical Garden- Plant Communities of Special Value, Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972
62Botanical Garden- Preliminary Road Alignment, 1974
63Botanical Garden- Scenic Values, Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972
64Richard B. Russell Memorial Sculpture Competition, 1973-1974
65Botanical Garden- 1972 Site Features, Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972
66Botanical Garden- Slope Exposure, Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972
67Botanical Garden- Slope Study
68Botanical Garden- Revised Trails and Tree Line, Soil Map, 1972
69Aiken County, South Carolina- Polyconic Projection, County Population Census, 1960
70Botanical Garden- Memorial Juniper Collection, 1978
70Botanical Garden- Topographic Map Rhododendron Collection Site, 1976
70Botanical Garden- Junior Ladies Garden Club Holly Garden, 1975
70Botanical Garden- Shade Garden, 1974
71Planting Plan and Details for: Rev. Wesley D. Stephens- Master Planting Plan, Vining Post Detail, 1977
72Botanical Garden- Survey of Main Gate and Parking Lot Area, Arboretum
73Botanical Garden- Synoptic Shrub and Ornamental Tree Garden Plant Groupings Master Plan, 1975
74Botanical Garden- Synoptic Shrub and Ornamental Tree Garden Plant Groupings, 1973
75Botanical Garden- Toilet Facilities, 1978
76Botanical Gardens- Water Line, Headquarters Building Topographic Map, 1973
77Botanical Gardens- Topography Analysis Revised Trail and Tree Line, 1972
78Botanical Garden- Trail Development Plan, New Base Map, 1973
79Botanical Garden- Tree Canopy Inventory, Revised Trails and Tree Line, 1972
81Botanical Garden- Vegetational and Successional
82Botanical Garden- Waterline Construction, Roadway Horizontal and Vertical Alignment, 1973
83Botanical Garden- Water Resources, Revised Trails and Tree Line and Winter Springs, 1972-1973
84Botanical Garden- Watershed Zones
85Spring House, Pennsylvania- Landscape Exchange Problems, Resort Hotel, 1954-1956,1964-1965
85City Park, 1966-1967
86Forest Resources- Offices for Headhouse, Foundation and Basement for Fish and Wildlife, 1980
88Proposal for a Law School Addition- Floor Plan Plans, 1986
90Delta Tau Delta Beta Delta Chapter- Revised Plans, 1970
90Memorial Hall- Proposed Layout for Pool Room Mezzanine, Old Book Store Area, and Floor Plans, 1969
90Bolton Hall- Planter Scale and Dining Hall Renovations, 1972
90Student Union Building- Bulldog Room Layout Plan, 1969
90Lipscomb Hall Area, 1969
90Mary Lyndon Hall- Additions and Alterations, 1969
90Master Property Map, 1969
91Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Delta Upsilon Chapter House- Floor Plans, 1962
91Bernstein Building- Floor Plans
91Fort Valley State College Science Building- Floor Plans, 1961
91Continuing Education Building- Site Plan, 1954
91Methodist Student Center- Preliminary Plans, 1958
924-H Club Center Dublin, GA- Type "A" Cottage, 1954
92Northwest Georgia Branch Experiment Station Calhoun, GA- Preliminary Study Auditorium Administration Building, 1958
92Tulsa, Oklahoma- Floor Plans
92Campus Development Plan, 1961
92Proposed Laundry- Site Plans, 1961
92Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority House- Preliminary Site Plan and Floor Plans, 1966
92White Hall Tract- Madison Toll "A" Cable, Encroachment Permit, 1937
92Department of Plant Operations- Academic Building, Metal Partitions, Proposed Addition, 1964-1965
93Fraternities- Proposed Division of Property, 1955
93River Road Property- Contour Map, 1941
93Coliseum- Relocate Plant Carlton Street for, 1961
93Permit for Proposed Manhole and Conduit
93Faculty and Student Parking- Zones
93Lumpkin Street Property- University and Affiliate Owned Distinctions, 1953
93Trinity Lutheran Church and Student Center- Plot Plan, 1954
93Sanford Stadiums- Additional Seats, 1958
94Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority- Addition, 1964
95College of Agriculture- Experiment Stations Perchloric Acid Fume Exhaust System, 1980
95College of Agriculture Experiment Stations- Plant Introduction Headhouse Electrical Work, 1980
95Campus Planning- Fence Location Plan, 1980
95Dekalb Farms- Nematode Wash Facility, 1980
96Georgia Center- Air Condition Lower Auditorium and Offices, 1980
114Franklin Campus and Agricultural Campus- The Student Scholarship Fund Map, 1946
115Campus View Georgia State College of Agriculture
125Coliseum architectural rendering
126Dormitory for Women, Brumby Dormitory, architectural rendering
1Park Hall - incomplete base map, undated
1E. Campus Road - RR underpass site plan (1 sheet missing), 1973
1E. Campus Rd at Green St - bus stop survey, 1976
1Biosciences - new dumpster pads, 1975
1Psychology-Journalism ("General Classroom Bldg") - amendment #1 for entrance gate, 1969
1Psychology-Journalism ("General Classroom Bldg") - landscape construction plans (6 sheets), 1969
1Rutherford Hall - landscape base map (demolished), undated
1Campus Land Area - chart of square foot/acreage for sidewalks, landscaping, pavement and buildings, 1974
1Campus Land Area - map keyed to chart, 1974
1UGA Land Use Map - Clarke County, 1970
1Land Use Map - area of VTM, Botany, Ag greenhouses and General Research building, 1970
1Moore College - sidewalk renovation at Herty Dr, 1968
1Agriculture greenhouses and General Research Building at College Station Rd - utility base map, undated
1General Research Building - initial landscape design, 1973
1USDA SE Lab - cafeteria planting plan, circa 1982
1USDA SE Lab - planting plan, 1982
1Main Library - unfinished base map, undated
1Main Library Annex - landscape concept rendering (2 sheets), undated
1Lipscomb - tree survey and sidewalks, undated
1Jackson Street - bus stop at Library, 1976
1Wilkins Farm - survey, undated
1Research building, Tifton - review of preliminary plans project Z-24, 1971
1Animal Disease Lab, Tifton - phase 1 paving plan, 1968
1K-Zone parking lot - contour and proposal at Forest Resources and Ecology, 1975
1K-Zone parking lot - paving plan at Green St. and Forestry, 1976
1"Jake Tingas" horticulture - landscape plan for greenhouse at Thomas and Baldwin, undated
1Herty Drive at Park and LeConte - topography with utilities, undated
1Campus Notice Boards - frame design elevation (3 sheets), 1970 and 1975
1Campus Notice Boards - Grad Studies with landscape design, 1973
1Campus Notice Boards - Herty Mall at Law School, 1973
1Campus Notice Boards - Main Library, 1973
1Typical Step Detail - 3 sheets with retaining wall and "gas light", undated
1Banner boards for University Union - design elevation, 1979
1Park Hall and Terry College - contour with trees, steam and MH, undated
1Bike Rack - design rendering, undated
1Bike Rack - materials detail sheet, undated
1"Campus" - map with elevation: tentative location of standard benches and trash containers, 1969
1Traffic Bollard - standard design with material list, 1971
1Proposed grade railroad crossing at Central of Georgia - design, 1979
2Boggs Hall - sidewalk survey (2 sheets), 1969
2Hill Hall at Legion Pool - planting plan, 1978
2Agriculturericulture Dr. at Cedar Street - plot plan, 1969
2Agriculturericulture Dr. at Cedar Street - preliminary site plan, 1969-1970
2Cedar St at Sanford Dr. - sidewalk, undated
2Cedar St at Sanford Dr. - utilities, 1977
2Middle Campus - sidewalk improvement program, 1969
2Middle Campus - missing links and barriers in pedestrian ways between Russell, Grad Studies and Sanford Bridge, 1969
2Cedar, Agriculture Dr, Green St. and Sanford Drive - traverse for control, 13.4 acres, 1970
2Carlton St. at Agriculture Dr - intersection improvement, 1974
2Carlton St. at Agriculture Dr - realignment, 1974
2Cedar St at Lumpkin St - landscape plan with gas line, 1977
2Field Street at E. Campus Rd - existing sidewalk, undated
2Sanford Dr. at E. Baxter - base map, undated
2Cedar St. at E. Campus Rd - street realignment, 1973
2Bocock St at Lumpkin St - intersection realignment, 1974
2Hooper Street - Hooper at Sanford Dr street changes (2 sheets), 1978
2Hooper Street - curbs and sidewalks, 1977
2Hooper Street - planting beds, 1977
2Field Street Pedestrian Mall - base survey (2 sheets), undated
2Field Street Pedestrian Mall - tree survey with utilities, 1971
2Field Street Pedestrian Mall - landscape, benches and handrails (Field to Sanford Stadium); 2 sheets, 1972-1973
2Field Street Pedestrian Mall - planting plans, mall at stadium, 1973
2Pinecrest Dr. at Lumpkin St - SE corner plot plan, 1971
2Florida St. at Hull St. - landscape plan with gas line (demolished), 1977
2Sanford Bridge and Central Campus - concept design with topography (sheets missing), undated
2Lipscomb Hall - concept design at Tanyard Branch with post office kiosk (7 sheets), 1969-1970
3Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance - proposed greenhouse topography, undated
3Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance - drainage, sewer and stairs, 1970
3Boyd Grad Studies - blank area map (4 sheets), 1972
3Boyd Grad Studies - parking lot layout, 1972
3Boyd Grad Studies - resurvey Ag Dr-Grad Studies lot, 1972
3Boyd Grad Studies - parking lot planting plan (4 sheets), 1972
3Boyd Grad Studies - ADA ramp, 1975
3Lustrat House - entry drawing with façade porch elevation, undated
3Joe Brown Hall - planting plan, 1976
3Memorial Hall - general site plan, 1969-1970
3Brumby and Russell - preliminary paving plan, undated
3Russell Hall - site plan parking lot addition, 1969
3Russell Hall - X-Zone parking lot, 1976
3Russell Hall - survey of gravel parking, 1971
3People's Park - tennis court survey, 1972
3People's Park - Russell Hall parking lot, 1971
3McWhorter Hall (old) - additional tennis courts, 1975
3Memorial, Reed and Payne halls - parking, 1969
3Memorial, Reed and Payne halls - Memorial site plan, undated
3Memorial, Reed and Payne halls - Memorial planting plan, undated
3Memorial, Reed and Payne halls - Payne planting plan, undated
3College of Education - initial landscape planting, 1973
3Food Tech - proposed stairs (parking to plaza), 1970-1971
3Science Center - service parking at Cedar Drive (E. Chem auditorium/Lumpkin House), circa
3Cedar Street at Chemistry - sidewalk improvements, 1974
3BioChem Annex - utility map, 1979
3Science Center - prelim planting at Chemistry, n.d.
3Creswell Hall - ADA ramp Bolton-Creswell, 1979
3Creswell Hall - planting plan, n.d.
3Creswell Hall - ADA ramp, 1977
3Biosciences - outdoor seating, 1973
3Biosciences - sidewalk improvements, 1974
3Boggs Hall - proposed steps, 1974
3Geology-Geography Building - ADA ramp, circa 1977
3Lumpkin St. Park - topography, undated
3Lumpkin St. Park - topography w/ utilities, undated
3Ecology - utility map, undated
3Ecology - courtyard arbor material specs, undated
3Ecology - planting plan, 1974
3Ecology - courtyard planting plan, 1977
3Ecology - landscape plan, 1978
3Forest Resources, Ecology and Hardman - bus stop sidewalks, 1976
3- bus stop planting plan, 1976
3Milledge and Payne - drainage plan, undated
3Industrial Arts (Barrow Annex?) - planting plan, 1972
3Psychology-Journalism - courtyard drainage, undated
3Psychology-Journalism - general classroom complex, 1969
3Psychology-Journalism - courtyard landscape plan, 1973
3Psychology-Journalism - courtyard landscape plan, 1974
3Psychology-Journalism - blank base map, undated
3Grad Studies and Soule Hall - sidewalk layout, 1973
3Grad Studies and Soule Hall - revised sidewalk layout, 1973
3Soule Hall - general site plan, 1971
3Family and Consumer Sciences - base map, 1970
3Family and Consumer Sciences - additional sidewalks, B and C, undated
3Livestock Poultry - temporary ADA ramp, 1978
3Poultry Disease Rsch Ctr - site improvements, 1972
3Poultry Disease Rsch Ctr - supplemental planting, 1973
3Animal Psychology - alternate site plan with topo, 1968
3Animal Psychology - location plan, 1968
3Animal Psychology - site prep plan/proposed lab, 1968
3Animal Psychology - new kennels site, 1969
3Animal Psychology - dog runs (sewer), 1969
3Public Safety - landscape plan/traffic island flagpole (demolished), undated
3Public Safety - addition preliminary landscape, 1974
3Public Safety - planting plan, 1976
3Public Safety - sewer or water elevation, undated
3Public Safety - sewer elevation, undated
3Pharmacy - ADA ramp (5 sheets), 1978, undated
3Lumpkin at Baldwin Street - proposed addition to student lot (2 sheets), 1969
3Conner Hall - survey parking lot, 1969
3Conner Hall - plot plan, 1969
3Conner Hall - site review, 1972
3Conner Hall - planting plan, 1977
3Peabody St. at Church St. - parking lot site plan, 1974
3Peabody St. at Church St. - campus lot site plan, 1975
3M-Zone lot at E. Campus Rd. - site plan, 1978
3Snelling Hall - entrance improvements, undated
3Dawson Hall - Sanford at Cedar survey (with trees), 1971
3Dawson Hall - Cedar at Ag Dr. tree survey, 1972
3Mary Lyndon - planting plan, 1974
3Myers Quad - PE field survey with some trees, undated
3Myers Quad - storm drainage improvements, 1980
3Rutherford Hall - planting plan (2 sheets) (demolished), 1974
3Hardman Hall - building survey (demolished), 1970
3Stegman Hall - partial planting plan (demolished), 1976
3School Forest Resources - utilities, 1978
3Physics - asphalt removal plan parking lot, 1974
3Physics - topography, undated
3Laundry Building - floor plan, 1969
3Chemistry - landscape plan, 1973
3Clark Howell Hall - supplemental planting, 1974
3Clark Howell Hall - planting plan, 1977
3Oglethorpe House - parking lot improvements, 1979
3Bookstore - preliminary site plan (2 sheets), 1968
3Bookstore - landscape plan, 1968-1969
3Bookstore - additional planting, 1972
3Plant Sciences - planting plan (2 sheets), 1973
3Plant Sciences - site plan, 1974
3Plant Sciences - Bog area, 1974
3Plant Sciences greenhouses - site preparation profile elevations, 1968-1969
3Plant Sciences greenhouses - topography, 1969
3Plant Sciences greenhouses - parking layout, 1969
3Plant Sciences greenhouses - master plan, 1970
3Plant Pathology greenhouses - survey, 1969
3Plant Pathology greenhouses - site plan (2 sheets), 1969
3Plant Pathology greenhouses - site layout and construction details, 1970
3Plant Pathology greenhouses - general site plan, 1971
3Facilities ManAgricultureement Divison (FMD) Ground Shops - preliminary floor plan, undated
3Facilities ManAgricultureement Divison (FMD) Ground Shops - alterations and additions, 1974
3Facilities ManAgricultureement Divison (FMD) Ground Shops - pole barn, 1975
3Facilities ManAgricultureement Division offices (current Statistics) - plot plan, 1971
3Facilities ManAgricultureement Division offices (current Statistics) - planting plan, 1971
3Steam Plant - temp boiler location, 1971
4President's House - construction detail, 1949
4President's House - outdoor sprinkler, 1953
4President's House - preliminary terrace and rose garden renovation, 1968-1969
4President's House - rose garden renovation, 1976
4President's Club Garden - site plan, undated
4Founders Garden - LAR 354 project (tree survey; plant survey; etc.), 1970's
4Green Street - extension and parking lot projects, 1973 and 1979
4Family and Consumer Sciences - plans; planting plans, construction details; revisions, 1968-1974
4Brumby, Russell and Boggs - parking lots and planting plans, 1968-76
4Russell Hall - entrance realignment and parking lots, 1971-1974
5Franklin Quad - trees, 1969
5- sidewalk improvements, 1973
5Old College - service parking survey, 1971
5Bishop House - landscape plan; planting plan; bench detail; planting detail, 1973-1974
5- site plan, 1974
5Business Service Bldg - ADA ramp, 1977
5Meigs Hall - outdoor seating, 1973-1974
5- site plan, undated
5LeConte Hall - cooling tower slab and specs, circa 1977
5LeConte Hall - plot plan, 1968
5LeConte Hall - concept plan, undated
5Military Building - plan for automatic gate, 1969
5Brooks Mall - concept and topography, undated
5Lustrat House - landscape plan, circa 1975
5Lustrat House - ADA ramp, 1978
5Lustrat House - planting plan, undated
5Academic Building - planting plan, circa 1973
5Academic Building - service area, 1970
5Academic Building - ADA ramp, circa 1978
5Main Library - annex elevation concept rendering, 1969
5Main Library - chair lift, 1976
5Main Library - landscape plan, 1974
5Main Library - planting plan, 1978
5Chapel - planting plans, 1973
5Gilbert Hall - planting plans, 1973-1977
5Gilbert Hall - parking lot proposal, undated
5NW corner Wray and Lumpkin - plot plan, 1969
5NW corner Wray and Lumpkin - parking lot plot plan, 1969
5North Campus - parking lots topography, 1969
5Bishop House and JSB - parking lot renovation, 1969
5Baldwin St and Herty Drive - topo with sewer, water and electric, undated
5Joe Brown Hall - plot plan, 1972
5Joe Brown Hall - planting plan, 1972-1973
5Joe Brown Hall - sidewalks, 1974
5Joe Brown Hall - walkway, undated
5University Print Building - planting plan, 1977
5Waddel Hall - landscape plan, 1977
5Memorial Hall - ground cover beds, 1977
5Jackson St at Main Library - proposed bus stop, 1972
5College of Environment and Design - schematic connector, 1977
5Peabody Hall - entrance; planting plan, 1971
5Peabody Hall - site plan ("Peabody Hall at Hole in the Ground"), 1972
5Candler Hall - parking lot addition, 1967
5Candler Hall - proposed benches and paving, 1968
5Waddell Street - parking lot, undated
5Human Resources building - landscape and planting plans; addition improvements/parking, 1970-75
6Carlton St parking lot proposal - topography (2 sheets), undated
6Lake Kirota - drainage, 1969
6Vet School - improvements and planting, 1969-1980
6Poultry Disease Rsch Ctr - improvements; planting plans, circa 1972-1974
7Married Housing - landscape and planting plans; improvements; playgrounds; Area 4, 1973
7Married Housing - married housing office planting, 1971
7Married Housing - TV and phone, undated
7Married Housing - tennis courts Area 4, undated
7Married Housing - hydrant and sewer, undated
71088 S. Lumpkin - improvements and planting, 1969
7Soil Testing Lab - site and planting plans, 1969
7White Hall - planting and landscape plans, circa 1975-1976
7Beef Cattle Facility - planting plan, undated
7Dairy Research - topography, undated
7Dairy Research - planting plant, 1975
7Dairy Research - asphalt, 1977
7Boar Test Station - planting list, circa 1975-77
7US Forestry Research - planting plans, circa 1975-1976
7Graduate Studies - preliminary site concept, undated
7Graduate Studies - base composite, 1974
7Graduate Studies - base map, undated
7Hoke Smith Annex - east end survey, 1980
7Safety Services - radiation dump topography, 1975
7Coop Ext / Poultry Rsch - planting plans, 1975-1977
7Swine Research - planting plan and list, 1975
7Central Research Stores - survey and improvements, 1968-1969
74 Towers - paving plan, 1977
7BF Grant Memorial Forest - HQ building plant specs, 1973
8Intramural Fields - signs and improvements; new fields; site plans; sewer elevation, 1974-1981
8Lake Herrick - chain link fence location map, 1983
8Lake Herrick - access walk and picnic, 1983
8Woodruff Plaza/Alumni - proposal and project (demolished), 1973
8Alumni House - practice field entrance, 1974
8Sanford Stadium - site plan; grade plan; demo, 1984
8Sanford Stadium - improvements; Gate 9, 1966 -1984
8Golf Course - improvements, 1968-1977
8Stegman Coliseum - landscape plan, 1968
8Stegman Coliseum - site plan; grade plan; demo, 1975
8Varsity Tennis - improvements; landscape plan, 1972-1982
9Botanical Garden - signage, 1977
9Park Hall - additions and improvements/ plot plans; planting plans; sidewalks, circa 1972-1975
9Greek Houses - TEO prelim site plan, 1968
9Greek Houses - BSU-Sigma Chi parking lot, 1969
9Greek Houses - AT? proposed parking lot, 1974
9Greek Houses - Sigma Nu parking lot paving (original building demolished), 1977
9Greek Houses - Alpha Psi landscape plan, 1978
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - plot plan, 1972
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - boundary and topography for addition, 1968
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - parking lot plan (2 sheets), undated
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - north side plot plan, undated
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - courtyard planting, 1972
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - proposed sidewalk, 1972
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - topo with trees, 1972
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - front courtyard, 1973
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - front courtyard planting plan, 1973
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - front courtyard planting plan, 1974
9Business Admin Bldg (Terry) - service parking, 1974
9E. Campus Road - improvements, 1975
9Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance - construction and road construction, 1968-1977
9Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance and Greenhouse Rd - paving, 1977
54Central Campus Underground Utility Corrider (0000), Environmental Health Sciences (1050), Jekyll Island 4H dining hall-demolished (5804), Rock Eagle Wildlife Ecology (5151), circa 2000s
55Recording for the Blind (2614), Vidalia Onion Research Center (5994), 1966
13Recording for the Blind elevations and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical plans, 1964, 1994
56Family Housing Building L (2231), Public Safety-demolished (0180), 1974
57Dean Water's School of Pharmacy (1041), 1963
58Dean Water's School of Pharmacy (1041), 1963
59Dean Water's School of Pharmacy (1041), 1963
61Parking and Mail Services-demolished (2133), Public Safety-demolished (2133), 1240 South Lumpkin Street (2628), UGA Master Property Map (0000), Vet Med I (1070), 1969, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986,
62Bledsoe Service Building-Farm Facilities for UGA CAES 4502 Pesticide Building Not Built (4501), Savannah River Ecology Lab Conference Center (6395), Tybee Island 4-H Center Dining Hall (5662), 1974, 1993, 2003
63Bamboo Farm Well #2 (5754), Camp Wahsega Cabins (5301-5316), Savannah River Ecology Lab Greenhouse/Headhouse, Tifton Coastal Plain Experiment Station Research Building, Negro 4-H Center Assembly Building-Dublin GA (5112), Negro 4-H Center Cafeteria-Dublin GA (5113), 1957, 1996-1997, 2002, 2007
64Boys Dormitory, 1951
65Cowart Street Griffin (0000), Fisheries Building-Brunswick (7025), Plant Research Building (4384), Redding Building (4475), 1972, 1989, 2007, 2012
66Married Student Housing , 1961
67Married Student Housing, 1964
68Poultry Sciences Research Facilities , 2018
69Bledsoe Farm Residence-Farm Facilities for UGA CAES 4502 Pesticide Building Not Built (4503), Fisheries Building-Brunswick (7025), Pesticide Building-Experiment Station Griffin (4476), Swine Research Building (4732), 1972, 1974, 1978
70Garden Education Building (4550), Griffin Experiment Station Sewer System (0000), Integrated Management Building (3186), 1964-1974
71Dairy Cattle Facilities-Tifton (4736), Envirotron Building and Coolers (4486), Lab and Storage Building-Tifton (4902), Northwest Georgia Branch Station-Calhoun (3614), Pesticide Storage Building (3522), 1958, 1974-1975
73Clark Howell Hall (0290), 2016
74Clark Howell Hall (0290), 2016
129Kappa Sigma fraternities, 1960
130Chick-Fil-A, 2001
131Tate Dining, 1981
11Master Property Map of the University of Georgia, 1969 April 2
12Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1968 March
12Putnam and Morgan Counties property map and Rock Eagle 4H Center
12Master Property Map, 1969
12Botanical Garden
12Plan and Profile of Proposed Cedar Street to Baldwin Street, 1963
12Plan and Profile of Proposed S.R.15 to East Campus Drive
12University of Georgia Research Park, 1967
12Proposed Green Street extension, 1973 February 13
12Property to be annexed into City of Athens, 1989 September 6
12Proposed Student Parking Lot, 1971 July 26
12University of Georgia - Clarke, Oconee, and Morgan County, 1973 June
12Skidaway Institute of Oceanography preliminary master plan, 1971 October 7
14Farm house remodeling plans by Fred Orr, University of Georgia Agricultural Extension and United States Departments of Agriculture, 1934
132Sapelo Island and UGA Marine Institute plans , 1936-1988